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Rev Deps
Last U/L
Last Version
3d-graphics-examples141.751Examples of 3D graphics programming with OpenGL (bsd3, fractals, graphics, program)2016-07-
4Blocks30.01A tetris-like game (works with GHC 6.8.3 and Gtk2hs 0.9.13) (bsd3, game, program)2010-05-070.2AndrewCalleja
AERN-Basics (deprecated in favor of aern2-mp, aern2-real)30.04foundational type classes for approximating exact real numbers (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, math, program)2011-05-112011.1.0.1MichalKonecny
AERN-Real-Double (deprecated in favor of aern2-mp, aern2-real)20.01arbitrary precision real interval arithmetic (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, math, program)2011-05-112011.1.0.2MichalKonecny
ActionKid10.01An easy-to-use video game framework for Haskell. (bsd3, game-engine, library, program)2014-11-
Adaptive20.01Library for incremental computing. (algorithms, bsd3, library, program)2013-01-280.23DustinDeWeese, MagnusCarlsson, PeterJonsson
Adaptive-Blaisorblade10.01Library for incremental computing. (bsd3, control, library, program)2013-01-260.23PaoloGiarrusso
Advgame20.01Lisperati's adventure game in Lisp translated to Haskell (bsd3, game, program)2010-06-110.1.2TimWawrzynczak
Advise-me10.00Assessment services for the Advise-Me project (apache, education, library, program)2019-10-300.1BastiaanHeeren
Agda5412.758A dependently typed functional programming language and proof assistant (dependent-types, program)2023-01-302.6.3AndreasAbel, AndresSicardRamirez, NilsAndersDanielsson, UlfNorell
Agda-executable (deprecated in favor of Agda)10.01Command-line program for type-checking and compiling Agda programs (dependent-types, deprecated, program)2012-03-, UlfNorell
AlgoRhythm30.00Algorithmic music composition (algorithmic-music-composition, automatic-music-generation, bsd3, chaos-music, generative-music-grammars, library, program)2018-04-
AlgorithmW60.01Example implementation of Algorithm W for Hindley-Milner type inference. (bsd3, development, program)2015-05-
Allure622.01Near-future Sci-Fi roguelike and tactical squad combat game (agpl, game, library, program, roguelike)2021-12-
AndroidViewHierarchyImporter20.01Android view hierarchy importer (bsd3, development, program)2012-12-
Ansi2Html40.01Convert ANSI Terminal Sequences to nice HTML markup (bsd3, program, web)2011-09-100.9JensStimpfle
ApplePush00.01Library for Apple Push Notification Service (bsd3, library, network, program)2009-07-130.1ChrisMoos
Attrac10.01Visualisation of Strange Attractors in 3-Dimensions (bsd3, graphics, program)2010-03-150.1.3RubenZilibowitz
Aurochs00.01Yet another parser generator for C/C++ (bsd3, development, program)2011-11-080.1XinyuJiang
BCMtools20.00Big Contact Map Tools (bioinformatics, library, mit, program)2015-05-050.1.1kaizhang
BNFC802.252A compiler front-end generator. (bsd3, library, parsing, program)2023-07-262.9.5AndreasAbel, GregoireDetrez, MarkusForsberg, ThomasHallgren
BPS20.00Translations of classic Truth Maintenance Systems (gpl, library, program, truth-maintenance)2022-09-
Barracuda10.01An ad-hoc P2P chat program (library, network, program)2008-04-051.0.2GwernBranwen
Befunge9310.01An interpreter for the Befunge-93 Programming Language (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, program)2010-05-200.1BrandonSimmons
BigPixel20.01Image editor for pixel art (bsd3, development, program)2014-01-241.3.0ManuelChakravarty
BiobaseFasta40.04streaming FASTA parser (bioinformatics, bsd3, library, program)2021-06-
BiobaseHTTPTools20.00Tools to query Bioinformatics HTTP services e.g. Entrez, Ensembl. (bioinformatics, gpl, program)2018-12-131.0.0FlorianEggenhofer
BiobaseInfernal80.03Infernal data structures and tools (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2017-03-
BiobaseNewick110.02Newick file format parser. (bioinformatics, bsd3, library, program)2017-07-
BiobaseTrainingData80.02RNA folding training data (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2011-09-
BiobaseXNA240.017Efficient RNA/DNA/Protein Primary/Secondary Structure (bioinformatics, bsd3, library, program)2021-06-
BirdPP40.01A preprocessor for Bird-style Literate Haskell comments with Haddock markup. (development, program)2012-08-021.1SeanMcLaughlin
Blobs20.01Diagram editor (graphics, library, program)2012-06-190.3AlanZimmerman
BlogLiterately410.02A tool for posting Haskelly articles to blogs (gpl, library, program, web)2023-02-, RobertGreayer
BlogLiterately-diagrams190.01Include images in blog posts with inline diagrams code (bsd3, library, program, web)2023-08-220.3.1BrentYorgey
Blogdown91.51A markdown-like markup language designed for blog posts (agpl, library, program, web)2018-02-050.2.4alexbecker
Bookshelf60.01A simple document organizer with some wiki functionality (program, text)2016-01-110.6EmilAxelsson
Buster20.01Hits a set of urls periodically to bust caches (mit, program, web)2013-05-220.1.1MichaelXavier
CCA40.03preprocessor and library for Causal Commutative Arrows (CCA) (bsd3, development, library, program)2015-05-
CMCompare20.01Infernal covariance model comparison (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2012-11-
CPBrainfuck10.01A simple Brainfuck interpretter. (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, program)2008-11-061.1ThomasDavie
CPL140.01An interpreter of Hagino's Categorical Programming Language (CPL). (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, program)2018-02-160.0.9MasahiroSakai
CSPM-cspm10.01cspm command line tool for analyzing CSPM specifications. (bsd3, concurrency, formal-methods, language, library, program)2017-10-
CabalSearch10.01Search cabal packages by name (bsd3, program, utils)2012-01-260.0.2JohanBrinch
CarneadesIntoDung10.01A translation from the Carneades argumentation model into Dung's AFs. (ai, argumentation, bsd3, embedded, library, program)2014-05-031.0BasVanGijzel
Chart-tests10.00Tests of the Charts library. (bsd3, graphics, program)2020-01-191.9.3bravit
CheatSheet190.01A Haskell cheat sheet in PDF and literate formats. (bsd3, help, program)2013-07-222.9JustinBailey
Chitra10.01A platform independent mechanism to render graphics using vnc. (bsd3, graphics, program)2011-05-010.2.2KashyapChatamballi
ClustalParser150.03Libary for parsing Clustal tools output (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2019-11-141.3.0FlorianEggenhofer
Combinatorrent30.01A concurrent bittorrent client (bsd3, network, program)2010-05-060.3.2JesperLouisAndersen
Commando20.01Watch some files; Rerun a command (development, library, mit, program)2014-03-
ConClusion172.00Cluster algorithms, PCA, and chemical conformere analysis (agpl, chemistry, library, program, statistics)2023-09-070.2.2phillipseeber
Condor00.01Information retrieval library (bsd3, library, program, search, text)2014-01-200.3klangner
Conscript20.01Restart a command on STDIN activity (mit, program, system)2013-07-
ContextAlgebra10.00Implementation of the context algebra. (bsd3, math, program)2016-08-
Craft3e200.01Code for Haskell: the Craft of Functional Programming, 3rd ed. (education, library, mit, program)2019-01-
CurryDB10.01CurryDB: In-memory Key/Value Database (bsd3, database, library, program)2013-01-300.1.1.0HideyukiTanaka
DAG-Tournament00.01Real-Time Game Tournament Evaluator (game, program)2009-10-100.1JoachimBreitner
DAV620.01RFC 4918 WebDAV support (gpl, library, program, web)2020-01-061.3.4ClintAdams
DBFunctor200.00DBFunctor - Functional Data Management => ETL/ELT Data Processing in Haskell (bsd3, data-processing, etl, library, program)2021-05-
DBlimited20.01A command-line SQL interface for flat files (tdf,csv,etc.) (bsd3, database, program)2010-12-060.1.1JohnMayer
DMuCheck10.01Distributed Mutation Analysis framework for MuCheck (gpl, program, testing)2015-01-
DPM20.01Darcs Patch Manager (development, library, program)2011-12-
DSH20.02Database Supported Haskell (bsd3, database, library, program)2015-06-, JeroenWeijers, AlexUlrich, AlexUlrich2
DSTM60.01A framework for using STM within distributed systems (distributed-computing, library, program)2010-08-050.1.2FrankKupke
Dao00.01Dao is meta programming language with its own built-in interpreted language, designed with artificial intelligence applications in mind. (gpl, library, program, unclassified)2014-11-
DataIndex40.00A package for adding index column to data files (data, library, mit, program)2016-10-090.1.1steven_yhw
Deadpan-DDP20.01Write clients for Meteor's DDP Protocol (library, mit, program, unclassified)2015-10-
DefendTheKing10.01A simple RTS game (frp, game, program)2015-05-280.3.1YairChuchem
Delta-Lambda20.01A demonstration interpreter for type system delta-lambda (of N.G. De-bruijn) (compilers-interpreters, mit, program)2017-05-
DisTract00.01Distributed Bug Tracking System (bsd3, library, program, system)2008-02-170.2.5GwernBranwen
Dish20.01Hash modules (currently Murmur3) (bsd3, data, library, program)2017-11-
DnaProteinAlignment30.01Frameshift-aware alignment of protein sequences with DNA sequences (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2013-12-
DocTest (deprecated in favor of doctest)110.01Test interactive Haskell examples (deprecated, mit, program, testing)2015-04-
DrHylo40.01A tool for deriving hylomorphisms (bsd3, language, library, program)2008-12-090.0.2HugoPacheco
DrIFT50.01Program to derive type class instances (bsd3, data-structures, library, program)2013-11-112.4.2KiwamuOkabe
DrIFT-cabalized (deprecated in favor of DrIFT)30.01Program to derive type class instances (bsd3, data-structures, deprecated, program)2013-09-032.3.0GwernBranwen, KiwamuOkabe
Dung10.02An implementation of the Dung argumentation frameworks. (ai, argumentation, bsd3, embedded, library, program)2015-03-301.1BasVanGijzel
Dust-tools20.01Network filtering exploration tools (library, network, program)2013-12-171.3.2BrandonWiley
Dust-tools-pcap00.01Network filtering exploration tools that rely on pcap (network, program)2013-12-171.3.1BrandonWiley
DynamicTimeWarp30.01Dynamic time warping of sequences. (data, lgpl, library, program)2015-02-
Ebnf2ps80.01Peter's Syntax Diagram Drawing Tool (bsd3, language, program)2015-08-261.0.15PeterThiemann, FranklinChen
EditTimeReport00.01Query language and report generator for edit logs. (program, utils)2010-01-151.0BartSpaans
Elm (deprecated in favor of elm-compiler)160.06The Elm language module. (bsd3, compiler, deprecated, language, library, program)2014-09-220.13EvanCzaplicki
Emping80.01derives heuristic rules from nominal data (data-mining, program)2009-05-290.6HansVanThiel
Encode70.02Encoding character data (codec, library, program, text)2016-05-261.3.8OtakarSmrz
Eq (deprecated)50.01Render math formula in ASCII, and perform some simplifications (bsd3, deprecated, language, math, program)2013-05-281.1.3VincentBerthoux
EtaMOO10.01A new implementation of the LambdaMOO server (bsd3, network, program)2016-02-
Etage-Graph30.01Data-flow based graph algorithms (data-structures, lgpl, library, program)2014-05-100.1.8MitarMilutinovic
Eternal10Seconds10.01A 2-D shooting game (bsd3, game, program)2010-05-240.2HirotoKoyama
Etherbunny10.01A network analysis toolkit for Haskell (library, network, program)2008-01-180.3NicholasBurlett
FComp20.01Compose music (gpl, library, music, program)2014-09-251.0.2JosePedroMagalhaes
FM-SBLEX10.01A set of computational morphology tools for Swedish diachronic lexicons. (natural-language-processing, program)2010-11-243.0.1MarkusForsberg
FTPLine50.01A command-line FTP client. (bsd3, network, program)2016-06-
FermatsLastMargin10.01Annotate ps and pdf documents (program, web)2008-03-120.1GwernBranwen
Feval12.01Evaluation using F-Algebras (language, mit, program)2015-09-
Files10.00File content extraction/rearrangement (io, library, mit, program)2016-10-
Flippi10.01Wiki (bsd3, program, text)2008-03-160.0.5AudreyTang, GwernBranwen
Folly60.01A first order logic library in Haskell (bsd3, library, program, theorem-provers)2015-10-
Foster30.01Utilities to generate and solve puzzles (data, mit, program)2015-01-191.1.2Jefffrey
FractalArt32.01Generates colorful wallpapers (graphics, mit, program)2016-05-
Fractaler10.01 (graphics, mit, program)2015-10-113serprex
Frames-streamly30.00A streamly layer for Frames I/O (bsd3, data, library, program)2023-05-
Frank10.01An experimental programming language with typed algebraic effects (languages, program, public-domain)2012-06-080.3ConorMcBride
FunGEn210.01A lightweight, cross-platform, OpenGL-based game engine. (bsd3, game, game-engine, library, program)2023-09-011.2MiloslavRaus, SimonMichael
Fungi30.01Funge-98 interpreter written in Haskell (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, program)2015-02-161.0.6ThomasEding
GGg10.01GGg cipher (mit, program, text)2015-02-
GLFW-b-demo20.01GLFW-b demo (bsd3, graphics, program)2013-12-121.0.6BrianLewis, SchellScivally, javjarfer
GLM10.00Simple Gridlab-D GLM parser and utilities. (language, library, mit, program)2015-10-
GPipe-Examples00.01Examples for the GPipes package (graphics, program)2010-04-140.1KreeColeMcLaughlin
GPipe-GLFW420.00GLFW OpenGL context creation for GPipe (graphics, library, mit, program)2021-04-112.0.0srk, pippijn
Ganymede30.01An Io interpreter in Haskell. (bsd3, language, program)2011-04-
GeBoP10.01Several games (bsd3, game, program)2015-09-231.7.5HenkJanVanTuyl
GenI80.04A natural language generator (specifically, an FB-LTAG surface realiser) (library, natural-language-processing, program)2017-10-
GenSmsPdu30.01Automatic SMS message generator (bsd3, program, testing)2010-03-270.1KwanghoonChoi
Genbank50.01Libary for processing the NCBI genbank format (bioinformatics, library, program)2014-10-261.0.3FlorianEggenhofer
Gene-CluEDO20.00Hox gene clustering (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2017-09-
GeneralTicTacToe12.01A general TicTacToe game implementation. (game, mit, program)2015-08-
GenussFold10.00MCFGs for Genus-1 RNA Pseudoknots (bioinformatics, formal-languages, gpl, library, program)2015-07-
Gifcurry42.01GIF creation utility. (application, bsd3, graphics, library, program)2018-03-
GlomeView10.01SDL Frontend for Glome ray tracer (graphics, program)2014-04-070.3JimSnow
Graph50010.02Graph500 benchmark-related definitions and data set generator. (concurrency, gpl, library, program)2013-11-050.4.0
GraphHammer-examples10.01Test harness for TriangleCount analysis. (concurrency, gpl, library, program)2013-11-050.3
GrowlNotify110.01Notification utility for Growl. (bsd3, library, network, program)2008-05-180.4NicholasBurlett
GuiHaskell20.01A graphical REPL and development environment for Haskell (bsd3, development, program)2008-03-060.1.1NeilMitchell
H50.01The Haskell/R mixed programming environment. (bsd3, ffi, program)2022-11-111.0.0FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug
HABQT00.00Hierarchical adaptive Bayesian quantum tomography for quantum bits (bsd3, library, math, program, quantum)2018-07-
HARM (deprecated)50.01A simple ARM emulator in haskell (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, program)2008-12-060.1.4AlexMason
HCL82.01High-level library for building command line interfaces. (bsd3, library, program, user-interfaces)2021-01-051.8JustinBailey, jlamothe
HFitUI30.01The library for generating a graphical interface on the web (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-06-
HGE2D00.002D game engine written in Haskell (game, library, mit, program)2016-07-300.1.9.2I3ck
HListPP20.01A preprocessor for HList labelable labels (bsd3, development, program)2020-04-170.2.2AdamVogt
HLogger (deprecated in favor of hlogger)20.02Simple, concurrent and easy-to-use logging library (bsd3, concurrency, deprecated, library, logging, program)2011-03-
HNM40.01Happy Network Manager (bsd3, library, network, program, system)2009-01-250.1.2CetinSert
HOpenCV70.02A binding for the OpenCV computer vision library (ai, gpl, graphics, library, program)2015-08-
HPDF530.05Generation of PDF documents (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2023-09-181.6.2SylvainHenry, alpheccar
HPath10.01Extract Haskell declarations by name. (bsd3, library, program, source-tools, text)2010-01-020.0.2JasonDusek
HPlot10.01A minimal monadic PLplot interface for Haskell (bsd3, foreign, graphics, library, program)2009-08-040.3YakovZaytsev
HPong00.01A simple OpenGL Pong game based on GLFW (game, program)2009-04-230.1.2RemcoNiemeijer
HRay10.01Haskell raytracer (bsd3, graphics, program)2010-11-071.2.3GwernBranwen, KennethHoste
HSFFIG00.02Generate FFI import declarations from C include files (bsd3, ffi-tools, library, program)2010-07-151.1.3DmitryGolubovsky
HSGEP20.01Gene Expression Programming evolutionary algorithm in Haskell (ai, bsd3, library, program)2012-12-240.1.5MatthewSottile
HTF1092.07The Haskell Test Framework (lgpl, library, program, testing)2023-02-, GwernBranwen, StefanWehr
HTab40.01Tableau based theorem prover for hybrid logics (bsd3, program, theorem-provers)2020-05-151.7.3GuillaumeHoffmann
HTicTacToe30.01An SDL tic-tac-toe game. (game, graphics, mit, program)2010-05-010.2KorcanHussein
HXMPP (deprecated in favor of pontarius-xmpp)20.01A (prototyped) easy to use XMPP library (bsd3, deprecated, library, network, program)2011-03-
HaLeX60.01HaLeX enables modelling, manipulation and visualization of regular languages (data, library, program, public-domain)2017-02-101.2.6GwernBranwen, joaoSaraiva
HaTeX-meta (deprecated)10.01This package is deprecated. From version 3, HaTeX does not need this anymore. (bsd3, deprecated, program, text)2013-04-041.2.1DanielDiaz
HaVSA32.01An implementation of the Version Space Algebra learning framework. (ai, bsd3, library, program)2011-04-
HaXml700.053Utilities for manipulating XML documents (lgpl, library, program, text, xml)2023-07-131.25.13JensPetersen, MalcolmWallace, phadej
Hach10.01Simple chat (library, mit, network, program)2013-11-170.1.2DmitryMalikov
HackMail00.01A Procmail Replacement as Haskell EDSL (bsd3, library, network, program)2009-03-280.0.1JoeFredette
Hangman00.01The classic game of Hangman. (game, gpl, program)2015-08-
HangmanAscii82.00Yet another Hangman game. (bsd3, game, program)2023-07-
HarmTrace80.01Harmony Analysis and Retrieval of Music (gpl, music, program)2017-08-072.2.1BasDeHaas, JosePedroMagalhaes
HasBigDecimal302.253A library for arbitrary precision decimal numbers. (apache, library, math, program)2022-09-
Haschoo (deprecated)20.01Minimalist R5RS Scheme interpreter (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, deprecated, program)2012-05-230.1.2MattiNiemenmaa
Hashell10.01Simple shell written in Haskell (program, user-interfaces)2009-01-181.0GwernBranwen
HaskellAnalysisProgram10.00Haskell source code analysis program (apache, program, source-code-analysis)2020-07-130.1.0BastiaanHeeren
HaskellTorrent10.01A concurrent bittorrent client (bsd3, network, program)2010-03-110.1.1JesperLouisAndersen
HaskellTutorials00.01Haskell Tutorials by Evgeny Ukhanov (mit, program, tutorials)2014-10-
Haskelloids10.01A reproduction of the Atari 1979 classic "Asteroids" (bsd3, game, program)2010-03-290.1.1IvanPerez, MatthewHayden
Hate12.00A small 2D game framework. (graphics, library, mit, program)2015-12-
Hayoo22.01The Hayoo! search engine for Haskell API search on hackage (data, mit, program, text)2012-03-011.2.3UweSchmidt
Hedi20.01Line oriented editor (bsd3, editor, library, program)2008-11-300.1.1PaoloVeronelli
HipmunkPlayground20.01A playground for testing Hipmunk. (game, physics, program)2014-02-
Hish10.01 (bsd3, command-line, console, library, program, shell)2016-03-310.1.2.4jaiyalas
Hmpf00.01An MPD client designed for a Home Theatre PC (application, program)2007-08-120.1TomBevan
Holumbus-Distribution20.03intra- and inter-program communication (distributed-computing, library, network, program)2010-08-310.1.1StefanSchmidt
Holumbus-MapReduce00.01a distributed MapReduce framework (distributed-computing, library, program)2010-08-310.1.1StefanSchmidt
Holumbus-Storage10.02a distributed storage system (distributed-computing, library, program)2010-05-040.1.0StefanSchmidt
Hricket10.01A Cricket scoring application. (bsd3, game, program)2010-01-020.1AnthonyGrimes
Hs2lib20.01A Library and Preprocessor that makes it easier to create shared libs from Haskell programs. (bsd3, development, library, program)2015-01-270.6.3TamarChristina
Hsed30.01Stream Editor in Haskell (bsd3, editor, library, program)2011-03-130.2.2VitaliyRukavishnikov
HulkImport20.00Easily bulk import CSV data to SQL Server (bsd3, data, library, program)2015-11-
Hydrogen50.00The library for generating a WebGL scene for the web (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-06-
IFS10.01Iterated Function System generation for Haskell (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2007-11-060.1.1alpheccar
INblobs30.01Editor and interpreter for Interaction Nets (compilers-interpreters, program)2008-06-190.1.1MiguelVilaca
IPv6DB70.00A RESTful microService for IPv6-related data (bsd3, database, library, network, program)2022-11-210.3.3MichelBoucey
Javasf (deprecated in favor of javasf)10.01A utility to print the SourceFile attribute of one or more Java class files. (bsd3, deprecated, language, program)2010-12-120.0.1TonyMorris
Javav (deprecated in favor of javav)30.01A utility to print the target version of Java class files. (bsd3, deprecated, language, program)2012-03-060.0.4TonyMorris
Jikka20.00A transpiler from Python to C++ for competitive programming (compilers-interpreters, library, program)2021-09-
JsContracts70.01Design-by-contract for JavaScript (bsd3, language, library, program)2009-12-150.5.3ArjunGuha
JuPyTer-notebook10.00JuPyTer notebook parser (bsd3, data, library, program)2017-11-
JuicyPixels-blp40.00BLP format decoder/encoder over JuicyPixels library (bsd3, codec, graphics, image, library, program)2021-10-
JuicyPixels-blurhash12.00Blurhash is a very compact represenation of a placeholder for an image (bsd3, graphics, image, library, program)2020-05-
KiCS70.03A compiler from Curry to Haskell (compiler, library, program)2012-07-020.9.3BerndBrassel, BjoernPeemoeller, CurryLanguage
KiCS-debugger20.01debug features for kics (debug, library, program)2009-10-230.1.1BerndBrassel
KiCS-prophecy20.01a transformation used by the kics debugger (debug, library, program)2009-10-230.1.1BerndBrassel
L-seed00.01Plant growing programming game (bsd3, game, library, program)2009-06-280.2JoachimBreitner
LC310.00LC-3 virtual machine (bsd3, language, program)2019-01-
LPFP210.00Code for the book Learn Physics with Functional Programming (bsd3, library, physics, program)2023-09-171.1.1ScottWalck
LPPaver20.00An automated prover targeting problems that involve nonlinear real arithmetic (formal-methods, library, math, mathematics, maths, mpl, program, theorem-provers, verification)2023-03-
LTS10.00LTS: Labelled Transition System (library, mit, program, state-machines)2020-04-
LambdaCalculator50.01A basic lambda calculator with beta reduction and a REPL (bsd3, language, program)2016-06-290.2ThomasDuBuisson
LambdaDB22.00On-memory Database using Lambda Function environment. (bsd3, database, library, program)2016-05-
LambdaHack542.252A game engine library for tactical squad ASCII roguelike dungeon crawlers (bsd3, game, game-engine, library, program, roguelike)2021-12-, MikolajKonarski
LambdaINet20.01Graphical Interaction Net Evaluator for Optimal Evaluation (application, bsd3, program)2014-09-
LambdaShell30.01Simple shell for evaluating lambda expressions (compilers-interpreters, program)2014-06-010.9.3RobertDockins
LazyVault (deprecated)30.01A simple sandboxing tool for Haskell packages. (deprecated, development, gpl, program)2013-02-060.0.1KevinVanRooijen
Learning50.01The most frequently used machine learning tools (bsd3, library, machine-learning, program)2018-02-260.1.0penkovsky
Level000.01A Snake II clone written using SDL. (game, gpl, program)2012-04-291.0MikeLedger
LinkChecker30.01Check a bunch of local html files for broken links (bsd3, program, web)2011-08-260.1JensStimpfle
LiterateMarkdown20.00Converter to convert from .lhs to .md and vice versa. (library, mit, productivity, program)2020-08-
LslPlus90.01An execution and testing framework for the Linden Scripting Language (LSL) (bsd3, language, program)2009-08-250.4.3RobertGreayer
Lykah10.01A static website and blog generator (library, mit, program, web)2017-01-260.0.2johannesgerer
MC-Fold-DP00.01Folding algorithm based on nucleotide cyclic motifs. (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2012-11-
MTGBuilder10.01Builds decks out of a meta (mit, program, unclassified)2015-09-
MagicHaskeller10.02Automatic inductive functional programmer by systematic search (bsd3, language, library, program)2022-06-
MazesOfMonad30.01Console-based Role Playing Game (bsd3, game, program)2014-09-021.0.9JeanPhilippeMoresmau
Mhailist00.01Haskell mailing list manager (bsd3, network, program)2010-04-300.0LarsKotthoff
MiniAgda82.01A toy dependently typed programming language with type-based termination. (dependent-types, mit, program)2022-03-110.2022.3.11AndreasAbel
Moe10.01A FRP library based on signal functions. (bsd3, frp, library, program)2011-11-030.1XinyuJiang
MonadLab30.01Automatically generate layered monads (bsd3, library, monads, program)2009-01-290.0.2AdamProcter
Monadius50.012-D arcade scroller (game, program)2013-05-280.99GwernBranwen, HideyukiTanaka
Monadoro42.00A minimalistic CLI Pomodoro timer. (library, mit, program, tools)2023-04-
Monaris30.01A simple tetris clone (bsd3, game, program)2014-08-200.1.8FumiakiKinoshita
Mondrian30.00Renders backgrounds & borders (gpl, graphics, library, program)2023-07-
MuCheck-HUnit20.01Automated Mutation Testing for HUnit tests (gpl, library, program, testing)2015-01-
MuCheck-Hspec10.01Automated Mutation Testing for Hspec tests (gpl, library, program, testing)2015-01-
MuCheck-QuickCheck10.01Automated Mutation Testing for QuickCheck tests (gpl, library, program, testing)2015-01-
MuCheck-SmallCheck10.01Automated Mutation Testing for SmallCheck tests (gpl, library, program, testing)2015-01-
MutationOrder50.00Most likely order of mutation events in RNA (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2017-10-
MyPrimes10.00Generate all primes (data, library, mit, program)2015-08-
NGLess120.00NGLess implements ngless, a DSL for processing sequencing data (domain-specific-language, library, mit, program)2022-09-141.5.0luispedro
NGrams40.01Simple application for calculating n-grams using Google. (bsd3, natural-language-processing, program)2008-02-141.1JustinBailey
NXT00.01A Haskell interface to Lego Mindstorms NXT (lgpl, library, program, robotics)2016-02-230.2.5MitarMilutinovic
NXTDSL10.01Generate NXC Code from DSL (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, language, library, program)2013-08-310.4AlexanderThiemann
NanoID90.00NanoID generator (bsd3, data, library, program)2023-09-253.4.0MichelBoucey
NanoProlog120.01Very small interpreter for a Prolog-like language (bsd3, language, library, program)2011-12-220.3DoaitseSwierstra, JurrienStutterheim, joaopizani
NaperianNetCDF30.00Instances of NcStore for hypercuboids (bsd3, library, math, program)2019-04-
NearContextAlgebra00.01Context Algebra of near (bsd3, math, program)2015-10-
Neks10.01Simple networked key/value store (database, library, mit, program)2015-07-310.5.0.0wyager
Ninjas00.01Ninja game (bsd3, game, program)2013-10-
NoSlow30.01Microbenchmarks for various array libraries (bsd3, development, profiling, program)2010-02-150.2RomanLeshchinskiy
Nomyx (deprecated in favor of nomyx-server)70.01A Nomic game in haskell (bsd3, deprecated, game, program)2015-03-260.7.6CorentinDupont
Nussinov7800.01Nussinov78 using the ADPfusion library. (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2012-11-
ONC-RPC00.00ONC RPC (aka Sun RPC) and XDR library (apache, library, network, program)2022-11-110.2DylanSimon
OnRmt10.00Text UI library for performing parallel remote SSH operations (bsd3, library, program, system)2017-01-301.0.0.0KevinQuick
OpenAFP-Utils50.01Assorted utilities to work with AFP data streams (data, program, public-domain)2013-11-301.4.1.3AudreyTang
Ordinary00.00A Programming Language in Construction (bsd3, language, library, program)2018-01-080.2018.1.8MarisaVeryMoe
Oslo-Vectize (deprecated)10.01spam (bsd3, deprecated, program, spam)2018-09-160.2
PTQ20.01An implementation of Montague's PTQ. (natural-language-processing, program)2017-09-120.0.8MasahiroSakai
PageIO30.01Page-oriented extraction and composition library (bsd3, library, program, text)2008-08-010.0.3AudreyTang
PandocAgda (deprecated)30.01Pandoc support for literate Agda (bsd3, dependent-types, deprecated, library, program)2013-03-
PastePipe30.01CLI for pasting to (gpl, library, program, utils)2015-04-251.8MateuszKowalczyk, RoganCreswick
Phsu20.01Personal Happstack Server Utils (gpl, program, web)2015-08-
PlayHangmanGame00.01Play Hangman Game (bsd3, game, program)2012-04-040.2HaishengWu
PlslTools10.01So far just a lint like program for PL/SQL. Diff and refactoring tools are planned (bsd3, pl-sql-tools, program)2008-12-020.0.2LarryLayland
Pollutocracy00.01An imaginary world (game, program)2013-01-281.0IsaacDupree
PortFusion30.01high-performance distributed reverse / forward proxy & tunneling for TCP (gpl, network, program, system)2012-08-191.2.1CetinSert
PropLogic30.02Propositional Logic (algorithms, bsd3, library, logic, program)2012-04-
PropaFP50.01Auto-active verification of floating-point programs (formal-methods, library, math, mathematics, maths, mpl, program, theorem-provers)2023-03-
Proper210.03An implementation of propositional logic in Haskell (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2014-11-
Pugs130.01A Perl 6 Implementation (bsd3, language, program, pugs)2015-08-, JeffShaw
Pup-Events10.01A networked event handling framework for hooking into other programs. (gpl, library, networking, program, pup-events)2012-07-151.0DanielWilson
Pup-Events-Demo20.01A networked event handling framework for hooking into other programs. (demo, gpl, networking, program, pup-events)2012-08-151.3DanielWilson
QuickAnnotate10.02Annotation Framework (bsd3, development, library, program)2012-09-190.6ShayanNajd
R-pandoc20.00 (bsd3, library, program, text)2019-11-150.2.3CorentinDupont
RMP20.01Binding to code that controls a Segway RMP (bsd3, library, program, robotics, system)2010-05-230.0.2NoamLewis
RNAFold20.02RNA secondary structure prediction (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2013-12-
RNAFoldProgs20.01RNA secondary structure folding (bioinformatics, gpl, program)2010-09-
RNAdesign20.01Multi-target RNA sequence design (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2014-02-
RNAdraw00.01Draw RNA secondary structures (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2014-02-
RNAlien62.00Unsupervized construction of RNA family models (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2019-08-291.7.0FlorianEggenhofer
RNAwolf130.01RNA folding with non-canonical basepairs and base-triplets. (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2011-09-
RSolve02.00 (library, logic, mit, program, unification)2019-08-
Raincat60.01A puzzle game written in Haskell with a cat in lead role (bsd3, game, program)2018-09-231.2.1MikhailPobolovets, SergeiTrofimovich
Randometer30.01Randomness intuition trainer (mit, personalgrowth, program)2014-10-
Ranka10.01HTTP to XMPP omegle chats gate. (network, program)2009-09-150.1OlegIvanov
Rasenschach00.01Soccer simulation (bsd3, game, program)2016-02-
ReadArgs100.03Simple command line argument parsing (bsd3, command-line, library, program)2016-12-081.2.3NoahEasterly
Referees20.01A utility for computing distributions of material to review among reviewers. (gpl, library, program, utils)2014-11-110.0.0PabloCouto
ReplaceUmlaut30.01converting text to properly encoded german umlauts (library, program, text)2023-04-
ReviewBoard40.01Haskell bindings to ReviewBoard (bsd3, development, library, program)2008-05-280.2.2AdamSmyczek
Ritt-Wu10.00Parallel implementation of Ritt-Wu's algorithm. (algorithm, bsd3, library, program)2020-02-
RollingDirectory40.01Limits the size of a directory's contents (file-manager, gpl, program, tools)2012-01-170.1FalcoHirschenberger
RtMidi91.51Haskell wrapper for RtMidi, the lightweight, cross-platform MIDI I/O library. (library, mit, program, sound)2023-08-, kohlrabi
SCRIPTWriter40.00ESCRIPT: a human friendly language for programming Bitcoin scripts (bitcoin, bsd3, language, library, program, script)2018-10-151.0.1RickKlomp
SGdemo10.01An example of using the SG and OpenGL libraries (graphics, program)2009-12-181.1NeilBrown
SJW10.01The Simple Javascript Wrench (bsd3, library, program, web)2022-02-
SSTG02.00STG Symbolic Execution (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-08-
SVG2Q30.01Code generation tool for Quartz code from a SVG. (bsd3, parsing, program)2011-01-270.3JanGreve
SableCC2Hs20.01Generate a parser (in Haskell) with the SableCC parser generator. (bsd3, library, parsing, program)2012-06-
Saturnin10.00Saturnin CI / Job System (application-server, bsd3, library, program)2015-05-
ScratchFs20.01Size limited temp filesystem based on fuse (gpl, program, system)2012-11-
Scurry00.01A cross platform P2P VPN application built using Haskell. (bsd3, network, program)2009-01-240.0.3JohnVanEnk
SelectSequencesFromMSA20.00Selects a representative subset of sequences from multiple sequence alignment. (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2018-03-121.0.5FlorianEggenhofer
Semantique20.01Command-line tool for maintaining the Semantique database. (program, public-domain, system)2012-11-020.3.0DavidHimmelstrup
ShellCheck1432.04Shell script analysis tool (gpl, library, program, static-analysis)2022-12-130.9.0koala_man, vidarhol
Shpadoinkle-developer-tools00.00Chrome extension to aide in development (bsd3, library, program, web)2021-06-
Shpadoinkle-examples00.00Example usages of Shpadoinkle (bsd3, program, web)2021-01-
Shu-thing00.01A vector shooter game (bsd3, game, program)2018-03-151.1.4AlanHawkins, GwernBranwen
SimpleServer20.01A simple static file server, for when apache is overkill (library, mit, program, web)2017-06-
Sit160.01Prototypical type checker for Type Theory with Sized Natural Numbers (dependent-types, library, program)2023-08-030.2023.8.3AndreasAbel
Snusmumrik (deprecated)20.01E-library directory based on FUSE virtual file system. (bsd3, deprecated, program, text)2010-03-200.0.1SergeyAstanin
SoccerFun260.02Football simulation framework for teaching functional programming (ai, bsd3, education, game, library, program)2015-12-020.5.3JanRochel
SoccerFunGL50.01OpenGL UI for the SoccerFun framework (ai, bsd3, education, game, library, program)2015-12-020.5.3JanRochel
SourceGraph110.01Static code analysis using graph-theoretic techniques. (development, program)2015-09-
SpaceInvaders20.01Video game (bsd3, game, program)2021-10-080.13.3GeorgeGiorgidze, IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
SpacePrivateers00.01Simple space pirate roguelike (bsd3, game, program)2014-08-
Stasis10.01A simple MVCC like library (bsd3, concurrency, library, program)2014-01-130.0.1zcourts
Strafunski-Sdf2Haskell00.01Converts SDF to Haskell (bsd3, language, program)2013-05-
SuffixStructures10.00Suffix array construction (bsd3, data, data-structures, library, program)2015-05-
TBC20.01Testing By Convention (bsd3, library, program, testing)2012-06-240.0.3PeterGammie
TLT102.01Testing in monads and transformers without explicit specs (lgpl, library, program, test)2022-09-300.5.0.0jpmrst
TORCS20.00Bindings to the TORCS vehicle simulator. (bindings, frp, library, program, simulation)2018-02-
Tables20.01A client for Quill databases (bsd3, database, program)2014-04-
Tablify00.01Tool to render CSV into tables of various formats (bsd3, program, text)2011-04-210.8.2DanielLyons
Tahin00.01Tahin Password Generator (bsd3, library, password, program)2016-04-060.1.2mtesseract
TastyTLT10.00Run TLT tests from Tasty (lgpl, library, program, test)2022-05-
TaxonomyTools20.01Tool for parsing, processing, comparing and visualizing taxonomy data (bioinformatics, gpl, program)2017-01-261.0.1FlorianEggenhofer
TeX-my-math50.02Render general Haskell math to LaTeX. Or: math typesetting with high signal-to-noise–ratio. (gpl, library, math, program)2023-04-
TernaryTrees30.01Efficient pure ternary tree Sets and Maps (bsd3, data-structures, library, program)2011-01-
Tic-Tac-Toe12.01Tic Tac Toe in your command line! (apache, game, program)2015-09-
TimePiece20.01A simple tile-based digital clock screen saver (library, program, public-domain, screensaver)2014-05-160.0.5AudreyTang
Titim20.01Game for Lounge Marmelade (game, gpl, program)2015-03-250.2.3Jefffrey
Top10.02Constraint solving framework employed by the Helium Compiler. (constraints, library, program)2012-08-211.7JurriaanHage
TransformeR (deprecated)30.00eDSL in R for Safe Variable Transformarion (bsd3, deprecated, dsl, library, program, security, statistics)2016-08-
TransformersStepByStep40.01Tutorial on monad transformers. (bsd3, development, program)2015-05-
TypeClass10.01Typing speed game (bsd3, game, program)2014-01-310.2.1JeanPhilippeMoresmau
TypeIlluminator10.01TypeIlluminator is a prototype tool exploring debugging of type errors/ (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, program)2008-02-190.0GwernBranwen
TypingTester30.01Command Line Typing speed tester (game, gpl, program)2014-08-
UMM170.01A small command-line accounting tool (finance, program)2010-09-250.3.1UweHollerbach
UTFTConverter20.00Processing popular picture formats into .c or .raw format in RGB565 (graphics, library, mit, program, text)2016-05-
VKHS120.01Provides access to Vkontakte social network via public API (bsd3, library, program, web)2019-01-151.9.2SergeyMironov
VRML10.00VRML parser and generator for Haskell (graphics, library, mit, program)2020-02-
Verba10.01A solver for the WordBrain game (game, mit, program)2016-01-
Villefort111.50Villefort is a task manager and time tracker (bsd3, library, program, task, web)2019-04-300.1.2.19AliceReuter
WAVE110.05WAVE audio file IO library (bsd3, data, library, program, sound)2020-04-020.1.6BartonMassey
WEditorBrick10.00Text-editor widget with dynamic line-wrapping for use with Brick. (apache, graphics, library, program)2020-04-
WL500gPControl00.01A simple command line tools to control the Asus WL500gP router (bsd3, network, program, ui)2009-10-280.3.4VasylPasternak
WL500gPLib10.01A simple library to access to the WL 500gP router from the Haskell code (bsd3, library, network, program)2009-10-150.3.1VasylPasternak
WashNGo00.01WASH is a family of EDSLs for programming Web applications in Haskell. (bsd3, library, program, web)2010-05-
WeberLogic20.01Logic interpreter (bsd3, library, math, program)2014-03-170.1.2cameronbwhite
Webrexp60.01Regexp-like engine to scrap web data (bsd3, library, program, utility)2013-05-281.1.2VincentBerthoux
WordAlignment40.00Bigram word pair alignments. (gpl, library, linguistics, program)2017-03-
Wordlint10.01Plaintext prose redundancy linter. (library, program, text)2015-02-
XSaiga42.01An implementation of a polynomial-time top-down parser suitable for NLP (attribute-grammars, bsd3, library, memoization, natural-language-processing, parser-combinators, parsing, program, text)2020-10-
Xec30.01Gtk command launcher with identicon (bsd3, program, utils)2012-12-200.1.6DaikiHanda
YACPong00.01Yet Another Pong Clone using SDL. (game, mit, program)2010-05-300.1KorcanHussein
YamlReference70.01YAML reference implementation (library, program, text)2016-02-230.10.0OrenBenKiki
Yogurt-Standalone00.01A functional MUD client (bsd3, network, program)2009-04-100.4MartijnVanSteenbergen
ZMachine10.01A Z-machine interpreter (bsd3, game, program)2008-03-290.0GwernBranwen
a5020.01Compare genome assemblies (bioinformatics, program)2013-07-230.5KetilMalde
abc-puzzle00.01Generate instances of the ABC Logic Puzzle. (bsd3, game, program)2014-08-010.2.1PatrickBahr
accelerate-cublas10.01Basic Linear Algebra using native CUBLAS library (bsd3, library, math, program)2017-04-230.1HenningThielemann
accelerate-fourier-benchmark10.01Compare different implementations of the Fast Fourier Transform (bsd3, math, program)2017-04-
acid-state412.527Add ACID guarantees to any serializable Haskell data structure. (database, library, program, public-domain)2023-08-, AndreasAbel, DavidFox, DavidHimmelstrup, DavidJohnson, JeremyShaw
acme-box100.00A full featured empty project (acme, bsd3, library, program)2015-07-
acme-cuteboy190.00Maybe gives you a cute boy (acme, library, program, public-domain)2018-01-
acme-cutegirl12.01Maybe gives you a cute girl (acme, gpl, library, program)2014-01-
acme-http20.01fastest Haskell PONG server in the world (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-08-050.2.3JeremyShaw
acme-inator20.01Evil inventions in the Tri-State area (acme, library, program, public-domain)2012-02-
activehs40.01Haskell code presentation tool (bsd3, documentation, education, program)2017-07-300.3.2PeterDivianszky, lspitzner, GaborPali, gombocarti
adblock2privoxy72.01Convert adblock config files to privoxy format (gpl, program, web)2021-12-112.1.0zubr, essandess
addLicenseInfo40.01Adds license info to the top of a file. (bsd3, development, program)2009-12-030.1JoeFredette
adobe-swatch-exchange40.01parse Adobe Swatch Exchange files and (optionally) output .css files with the colors (bsd3, library, program, web)2013-04-120.2.0JeremyShaw
advent-of-code-ocr10.00Parse Advent of Code ASCII art letters (bsd3, library, program, text)2022-12-
aern2-mfun00.02Multi-variate real function optimisation and proving (bsd3, library, math, program)2022-07-
aeson-diff362.05Extract and apply patches to JSON documents. (algorithms, bsd3, json, library, program, web)2022-05-, janus, velveteer
afv40.01Infinite state model checking of iterative C programs. (bsd3, formal-methods, program)2010-03-310.1.1TomHawkins
ag-pictgen10.01Attribute Grammar picture generation (bsd3, development, program)2016-01-301.0.0.0AtzeDijkstra
agda-language-server70.00An implementation of language server protocal (LSP) for Agda 2. (development, library, mit, program)2021-10-250.2.1banacorn
agda-server (deprecated)10.01Http server for Agda (prototype) (bsd3, dependent-types, deprecated, program)2013-10-030.1.1PeterDivianszky
agda-snippets (deprecated in favor of Agda)30.01Render just the Agda snippets of a literate Agda file to HTML (bsd3, dependent-types, deprecated, library, program)2017-06-042.5.2LiamOConnorDavis
agda-unused20.00Check for unused code in an Agda project. (dependent-types, library, mit, program)2022-11-260.3.0msuperdock
agda2hs30.00Compiling Agda code to readable Haskell. (bsd3, compiler, language, program)2023-04-071.0jcockx
agda2lagda90.00Translate .agda files into .lagda.tex files. (dependent-types, development, program)2023-06-090.2023.6.9AndreasAbel
agum30.01Unification and Matching in an Abelian Group (algebra, library, program)2019-10-172.8JohnRamsdell
aip30.00Aeronautical Information Package (AIP) (aviation, bsd3, data, library, program)2019-03-040.1.3qfpl
ajhc32.01Haskell compiler that produce binary through C language (compiler, gpl, library, program)2013-12-
alea200.01a diceware passphrase generator (mit, program, utility)2017-08-
alex5552.01Alex is a tool for generating lexical analysers in Haskell (bsd3, development, program)2023-06-, JohnEricson, SimonMarlow
alfred-margaret10.01Fast Aho-Corasick string searching (bsd3, data, library, program, text)2022-08-312.1.0.0fatho, rkrzr
alga (deprecated)50.00Algorithmic automation for various DAWs (deprecated, gpl, language, library, program)2016-09-100.2.2mrkkrp
algebra-sql10.03Relational Algebra and SQL Code Generation (bsd3, database, library, program)2015-05-
algo-s10.00An implementation of Knuth's algorithm S. (apache, data, library, program)2016-08-
algorithmic-composition-additional20.00Helps to create experimental music from a file (or its part) and a Ukrainian text. (Ukrainian, algorithmic-composition, language, library, mit, music, program, sound, sox)2022-08-
align-audio80.00Find relative time displacement of two recordings of the same music (bsd3, program, sound)2023-06-
align-text30.01A simple unix filter to align text on specified substrings (mit, program, text)2015-01-
allen132.00A monadic way of calculating relations between intervals of time. (algebra, bsd3, library, program)2023-09-
alms80.01a practical affine language (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, program)2018-08-170.6.9JesseTov
alpha130.01A compiler for the Alpha language (bsd3, compiler, program)2013-01-011.0.15MarcCoiffier
alpino-tools (deprecated)110.01Alpino data manipulation tools (data, deprecated, library, natural-language-processing, program)2012-04-070.2.0DanielDeKok
alsa-gui10.01Some simple interactive programs for sending MIDI control messages via ALSA (bsd3, gui, music, program, sound)2019-08-
alsa-midi (deprecated in favor of alsa-seq)10.02Bindings for the ALSA sequencer API (MIDI stuff) (deprecated, library, music, program, sound)2010-09-
alsa-pcm-tests (deprecated in favor of alsa-pcm)10.01Tests for the ALSA audio signal library. (bsd3, deprecated, music, program, sound)2010-04-080.1HenningThielemann
alsa-seq-tests (deprecated in favor of alsa-seq)20.01Tests for the ALSA sequencer library. (bsd3, deprecated, music, program, sound)2009-04-270.1HenningThielemann
alto20.00Implement a menu experience fit for web users. (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-04-020davean
amazon-emailer (deprecated in favor of hworker-ses)10.01A queue daemon for Amazon's SES with a PostgreSQL table as a queue. (bsd3, deprecated, network, program)2014-08-
amazon-products20.01Connector for Amazon Products API (library, mit, program, web)2014-07-
amazonka-contrib-rds-utils40.00A Haskell equivalent of "aws rds generate-db-auth-token" (aws, library, mpl, program)2021-12-
ampersand70.01Toolsuite for automated design of business processes. (database-design, program)2015-10-113.1.0hanjoosten
amqp582.2512Client library for AMQP servers (currently only RabbitMQ) (bsd3, library, network, program)2023-07-190.22.2HolgerReinhardt
amqp-utils250.01AMQP toolset for the command line (gpl, network, program)2023-07-
amqp-worker480.00Type-safe AMQP workers (bsd3, library, network, program, unclassified)2023-09-052.0.0seanhess
amrun30.01Interpreter for AM (compilers-interpreters, program)2020-01-, JanisVoigtlaender, OliverWestphal
anagrep30.00Find strings with permutations (anagrams) that match a regular expression (bsd3, library, program, text)2020-12-
anansi40.03Simple literate programming preprocessor (development, gpl, library, program)2015-06-050.4.8JohnMillikin
anatomy20.01Anatomy: Atomo documentation system (bsd3, development, library, program)2011-02-070.4AlexSuraci
android-lint-summary30.00A pretty printer for Android Lint errors (apache, library, program, web)2015-06-300.2.1passy
angel50.01Process management and supervision daemon (bsd3, program, system)2015-07-170.6.2JamieTurner, MichaelXavier, NickPershyn
angle20.00A small, general-purpose programming language. (compilers-interpreters, gpl, library, program)2016-08-
animascii (deprecated)10.01text-file based ASCII animator (application, deprecated, gpl, program)2018-03-
animate-example00.01Animation for sprites (bsd3, game, program)2018-02-050.2.0jxv
animate-frames00.00Convert sprite frames to animate files (game, library, mit, program)2018-05-300.0.1jxv
animate-preview10.00Preview tool for sprite animation (bsd3, game, library, program)2018-05-
anki-tools10.00Tools for interacting with Anki database (bsd3, database, library, program)2016-09-300.1.0.0zohl
annah10.00Medium-level language that desugars to Morte (bsd3, compiler, library, program)2016-04-241.0.0GabrielGonzalez
antagonist140.01A web interface to Antisplice dungeons. (agpl, library, program, web)2016-04-
antfarm10.01Referring expressions for definitions (bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, program)2012-08-
anticiv10.01This is an IRC bot for Mafia and Resistance. (agpl, library, network, program)2014-09-
antimirov00.01Define the language containment (=subtyping) relation on regulare expressions. (language, library, math, program)2009-01-300.1.0RickKaudewitz
antlrc10.01Haskell binding to the ANTLR parser generator C runtime library. (bsd3, library, parsing, program)2011-01-200.0.2MarkWright
apart10.00Get all your structure and rip it apart. (bsd3, control, data, library, program)2018-09-280.1.3iokasimovmt
apelsin120.01Server and community browser for the game Tremulous (gpl, network, program)2013-06-261.2.3ChristofferOjeling
api-monobank22.00 (library, mit, program, web)2019-07-
api-rpc-accumulate10.00JSON-RPC API client for Accumulate blockchain (library, mit, program, web)2022-02-
api-rpc-factom10.00RPC API client for Factom (library, mit, program, web)2019-10-
api-tools80.03DSL for generating API boilerplate and docs (bsd3, cloud, distributed-computing, library, network, program, web)2023-03-, ChrisDornan
apns-http200.00Apple Push Notification service HTTP/2 integration. (bsd3, library, network, program)2020-01-
apotiki40.01a faster debian repository (library, mit, program, system)2014-01-240.5.2pyr
appc30.01app container types and tools (data, library, mit, program)2015-04-100.0.6wereHamster
apply-refact2092.02Perform refactorings specified by the refact library. (bsd3, development, library, program)2023-05-, zliu41, fendor
approx12.00Easy-to-use emulation of approximate, ranges and tolerances in Haskell (library, mit, numeric, program)2021-02-
approx-rand-test (deprecated)10.01Approximate randomization test (deprecated, library, program, statistics)2013-12-170.2.1DanielDeKok
ar-timestamp-wiper10.01Wipes time stamps from .a files (like ar -D) (application, library, mit, program)2013-08-070.1.0NiklasHambuechen, PatrickChilton
arb-fft00.01Pure Haskell arbitrary length FFT library (bsd3, library, math, program)2016-04-
arbor-monad-logger70.00Simple logging library (library, logging, mit, program)2019-10-
arbtt490.01Automatic Rule-Based Time Tracker (desktop, gpl, program)2023-09-
arcgrid10.00Parse ESRI/ArcInfo (ArcGrid) raster GIS files (bsd3, geo, library, program)2017-11-
arcgrid-viewer00.01Simple viewer for ESRI/ArcInfo (ArcGrid) geospatial data (bsd3, geo, program)2017-11-
arch-hs120.00Distribute hackage packages to archlinux (distribution, library, mit, program)2023-05-300.11.1.0felixonmars, berberman
archive20.01A library and programs for creating hardlinked incremental archives or backups (bsd3, library, program, system)2012-06-121.2.12DavidFox, JeremyShaw
archiver30.01Archive supplied URLs in WebCite & Internet Archive (bsd3, documentation, library, network, program)2014-01-
archlinux-web30.01Website maintenance for Arch Linux packages (bsd3, distribution, library, program)2010-10-180.1MagnusTherning
archnews20.01Convert Arch Linux package updates in RSS to pretty markdown (bsd3, distribution, program)2009-02-220.2DonaldStewart
arghwxhaskell00.01An interpreter for the Argh! programming language in wxHaskell. (gpl, language, program)2015-12-
argo40.00Parse and render JSON. (json, library, mit, program)2022-08-280.2022.8.28fozworth
arguedit40.01A computer assisted argumentation transcription and editing software. (argumentation, gpl, program)2014-07-
ariadne80.01Go-to-definition for Haskell (language, mit, program)2014-11-, manzyuk
arion12.01Watcher and runner for Hspec (mit, program, testing)2015-04-
arion-compose42.00Run docker-compose with help from Nix/NixOS (apache, cloud, distributed-computing, distribution, library, network, program)2023-07-
arithmetic40.01Natural number arithmetic (library, mit, number-theory, program)2020-03-111.6JoeHurd
armada00.01Space-based real time strategy game (game, program)2009-01-060.1TimothyCarstens
arpa00.00Library for reading ARPA n-gram models (bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, nlp, program, text)2015-04-
array-forth10.02A simple interpreter for arrayForth, the language used on GreenArrays chips. (gpl, language, library, program)2015-01-
arrayfire42.251Haskell bindings to the ArrayFire general-purpose GPU library (bsd3, library, math, program)2022-10-
arrowp40.01preprocessor translating arrow notation into Haskell 98 (development, program)2013-04-
arrowp-qq10.01A preprocessor and quasiquoter for translating arrow notation (development, library, program)2019-12-290.3.0PepeIborra, riuga
ascii-art-to-unicode50.00ASCII Art to Unicode Box Drawing converter (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2017-04-
ascii-flatten10.00Flattens European non-ASCII characaters into ASCII (library, mit, program, text)2016-05-
ascii-holidays02.50ASCII animations for the holidays! (gpl, graphics, program)2019-12-
ascii-vector-avc10.01Process Ascii Vectors for Advantest 93k (data, gpl, library, program)2014-10-
asciidiagram132.01Pretty rendering of Ascii diagram into svg or png. (bsd3, diagram, library, program, text)2019-06-
asic20.01Action Script Instrumentation Compiler (compilers-interpreters, program)2011-03-011.2ArieMiddelkoop
asif82.00Library for creating and querying segmented feeds (library, mit, program, services)2020-01-176.0.4newhoggy, haskellworks, arbornetworks
asn1dump20.01Dump ASN1 structure (bsd3, debug, program)2014-02-230.1.0VincentHanquez
assembler10.01Haskell Assembler (bsd3, development, library, program)2010-10-010.0.1JeffDouglas
asset-bundle22.01A build-time Cabal library that bundles executables with assets (bsd3, bundle, distribution, library, program, zip)2019-09-
astrds00.01an incomplete 2d space game (bsd3, game, program)2012-08-130.1.1AndresLoeh
astview (deprecated)40.01A GTK-based abstract syntax tree viewer for custom languages and parsers (bsd4, deprecated, language, program)2009-11-190.1.4SebastianMenge
async-manager10.01A thread manager for async (bsd3, concurrency, library, program)2014-05-300.1.1.0JonathanFischoff
aterm-utils00.01Utility functions for working with aterms as generated by Minitermite (bsd3, language, library, program)2013-06-
atomo50.02A highly dynamic, extremely simple, very fun programming language. (bsd3, language, program)2012-04-
ats-format70.02A source-code formatter for ATS (ats, bsd3, development, language, parser, program)2019-11-300.2.0.36vmchale
ats-pkg200.00A build tool for ATS (ats, bsd3, development, library, program)2022-10-
attic-schedule20.01A script I use to run "attic" for my backups. (bsd3, program, web)2017-01-280.2.0passy
attomail30.01Minimal mail delivery agent (MDA) for local mail with maildir support (bsd2, email---, network, program)2017-12-
attoparsec-framer100.00Use Attoparsec to parse framed protocol byte streams (attoparsec, bsd3, library, network-api, parsing, program)2023-07-
atuin10.01Embedded Turtle language compiler in Haskell, with Epic output (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, program)2010-12-170.1.1EdwinBrady
augeas40.01A Haskell FFI wrapper for the Augeas API (library, program, system)2012-03-280.6.1JudeNagurney
augur10.01Renaming media collections in a breeze. (bsd3, program, text)2008-11-172008.11.17DavidHimmelstrup
aura1070.00A secure package manager for Arch Linux and the AUR. (gpl, library, program, system)2022-05-233.2.9fosskers
autoexporter332.04Automatically re-export modules. (library, mit, program, utility)2023-03-
autonix-deps-kf5 (deprecated)70.01Generate dependencies for KDE 5 Nix expressions (bsd3, deprecated, library, nix, program)2015-06-
autoproc50.01EDSL for Procmail scripts (bsd3, library, program, system)2016-08-130.2.1GwernBranwen, JasonDagit
avahi10.01Minimal DBus bindings for Avahi daemon ( (bsd3, library, network, program)2018-09-170.2.0IlyaPortnov
avatar-generator00.01A simple random avatar icon generator (bsd3, graphics, program)2015-09-, keera_studios_ci
aviation-navigation20.00Aviation Navigation functions (bsd3, library, program, test)2021-07-
avro-piper10.00Tool for decoding avro (bsd3, data, library, program)2020-01-131.0.3newhoggy, haskellworks
avwx30.00Parse aviation weather reports (aviation, library, mit, program)2020-08-
aws-cloudfront-signed-cookies122.00Generate signed cookies for AWS CloudFront (aws, cloud, library, mit, network, program)2023-01-, Monoid_Mary
aws-easy20.00Helper function and types for working with amazonka (library, mit, network, program)2021-11-
aws-ec230.01AWS EC2/VPC, ELB and CloudWatch client library for Haskell (aws, bsd3, cloud, distributed-computing, library, network, program, web)2017-05-180.3.7AmitLevy, DavidTerei, IanRoss, VladimirKirillov
aws-ec2-knownhosts20.00Capture and manage AWS EC2 known_host pubkeys (aws, bsd3, library, network, program)2017-11-
aws-kinesis-client10.01A producer & consumer client library for AWS Kinesis (apache, cloud, library, program)2015-05-, larsk
aws-kinesis-reshard30.01Reshard AWS Kinesis streams in response to Cloud Watch metrics (apache, cloud, library, program)2015-01-
aws-lambda-runtime40.00Haskell on AWS Lambda Runtime API (apache, aws, development, library, program)2020-01-
aws-mfa-credentials10.01Keep your AWS credentials file up to date with MFA-carrying credentials (apache, config, program)2017-05-
aws-performance-tests30.01Performance Tests for the Haskell bindings for Amazon Web Services (AWS) (aws, cloud, distributed-computing, library, mit, network, program, web)2014-09-020.1.1larsk
axel30.00The Axel programming language. (bsd3, language, library, lisp, macros, program, transpiler)2019-10-030.0.12jgrosso256
b9212.01A tool and library for building virtual machine images. (development, library, mit, program)2022-03-283.2.3SvenHeyll
babylon10.01An implementation of a simple 2-player board game (game, program)2014-06-260.3PedroVasconcelos
backblaze-b2-hs20.00A client library to access Backblaze B2 cloud storage in Haskell. (bsd3, cloud, library, network, program)2019-07-
backdropper30.01Rotates backdrops for X11 displays using Imagemagic. (library, program, unclassified)2009-08-181.2YannGolanski
backstop52.00Backstop a target directory by source directories (development, gpl, library, program)2019-11-
bacteria20.01braindead utility to compose Xinerama backgrounds (graphics, program)2009-11-081.1DanielWagner
bake50.01Continuous integration system (bsd3, development, library, program)2016-10-280.5NeilMitchell
bamboo-launcher30.01bamboo-launcher (program, web)2010-02-242010.2.25JinjingWang
bamstats90.01A program to extract various information from BAM alignmnet files. (bioinformatics, library, program)2013-10-180.4KetilMalde
barbly30.00Create status bar menus for macOS from executables (bsd3, program, system)2019-08-
barchart50.01Creating Bar Charts in Haskell (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2011-05-
barley20.01A web based environment for learning and tinkering with Haskell (program, web)2011-02-
base9120.00A Generic Base91 Encoder & Decoder (codec, library, mit, program)2015-07-112.1.0ajg
baserock-schema10.00Baserock Definitions Schema (bsd3, data, library, program)2018-07-
baskell10.01An interpreter for a small functional language (compilers-interpreters, program)2009-01-180.1.1GwernBranwen
batch-rename20.01Make Linux or MacOS do things like "rename *.mp3 *.mp4" (program, public-domain, system)2016-09-
batchd50.01Batch processing toolset for Linux / Unix (bsd3, program, system)2022-02-
battleship-combinatorics80.00Compute number of possible arrangements in the battleship game (bsd3, library, math, program)2021-11-180.0.1HenningThielemann
bazel-coverage-report-renderer30.00HTML Coverage Reports for Rules_Haskell (apache, build-tool, program)2019-05-230.1.0MathieuBoespflug, Profpatsch, SebastianKazenbrootGuppy
bazel-runfiles200.00Locate Bazel runfiles location (apache, build-tool, library, program)2020-04-250.12MathieuBoespflug, shmish111
bdcs10.01Tools for managing a content store of software packages (distribution, lgpl, library, program)2018-05-160.6.1clumens, dshea
bdcs-api00.00BDCS API Server (gpl, library, network, program)2018-06-220.1.3clumens
bdo80.01Update CSS in the browser without reloading the page. (bsd3, library, program, web)2013-09-111.0.1ChrisDone
beam-automigrate102.00DB migration library for beam, targeting Postgres. (bsd3, database, library, program)2023-08-
beautifHOL20.01A pretty-printer for higher-order logic (program, text)2009-01-210.11LeePike
bech321572.05Implementation of the Bech32 cryptocurrency address format (BIP 0173). (apache, library, program, web)2023-07-281.1.4ErikDeCastroLopo, JonathanKnowles, rvl, KtorZ, KingWilliamNoel
bein (deprecated)20.01Bein is a provenance and workflow management system for bioinformatics. (application, deprecated, gpl, program)2010-05-280.3.3FrederickRoss
bench210.01Command-line benchmark tool (bsd3, program, system)2018-08-181.0.12GabrielGonzalez
bench-show162.01Show, plot and compare benchmark results (benchmarking, bsd3, library, performance, program)2022-02-020.3.2harendra, adithyaov
benchpress480.04Micro-benchmarking with detailed statistics. (bsd3, library, program, testing)2023-04-, willsewell
berp00.01An implementation of Python 3. (bsd3, language, library, program)2010-05-310.0.2BerniePope
betris140.00A horizontal version of tetris for braille users (bsd3, game, library, program)2022-11-
bglib00.00Implementation of the BGAPI serial protocol (library, mit, program)2020-12-
bhoogle80.01Simple terminal GUI for local hoogle. (development, program, terminal)2022-09-
bibdb10.01A database based bibliography manager for BibTeX (mit, program, text)2016-11-180.5.3cacay
bidirectionalization-combined00.01Prototype Implementation of Combining Syntactic and Semantic Bidirectionalization (ICFP'10) (language, program, public-domain)2010-09-
billboard-parser30.01A parser for the Billboard chord dataset (lgpl, library, music, program)2013-01-
billeksah-main10.01Leksah plugin base (control, program)2011-11-291.0.0JuergenNicklischFranken
billeksah-main-static30.01Leksah plugin base (control, program)2011-11-291.0.0JuergenNicklischFranken
binance-exports102.00Generate CSV Exports of your Binance Trade History. (bsd3, console, finance, library, program, web)2023-06-
bindings-codec210.01Very low-level FFI bindings for Codec2 (bindings, codec, ffi, gpl, library, program)2014-10-310.1.1.0RickyElrod
bindings-hamlib10.01Hamlib bindings for Haskell (ffi, lgpl, library, program)2014-08-
bindings-saga-cmd70.01Wrapping saga_cmd (gpl, library, math, program)2015-06-
bindings-sipc00.01Low level bindings to SIPC. (library, program, security-)2012-03-021.1JustinEthier
binembed30.01Embed data into object files. (bsd3, distribution, library, program)2015-04-
binembed-example20.01Example project using binembed to embed data in object files. (bsd3, distribution, program)2015-04-
binsm00.00binary files splitter and merger (program, tools)2022-08-160.1.3SergeyAlirzaev
biopsl110.01Library and executables for working with PSL files (bioinformatics, library, program)2012-11-190.4KetilMalde
birch-beer60.01Plot a colorful tree. (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2022-10-
bird130.01A simple, sinatra-inspired web framework. (bsd3, library, program, web)2010-08-230.0.19MattParker
bisc40.00A small tool that clears cookies (and more). (gpl, program, utility)2022-01-
bisect-binary10.01Determine relevant parts of binary data (development, mit, program)2017-12-
bishbosh10.00Plays chess. (game, gpl, library, program)2021-12-
bitcoind-regtest10.00A library for working with bitcoin-core regtest networks (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2020-11-
bitly-cli (deprecated)40.01A command line tool to access URL shortener. (bsd3, deprecated, program, utils, web)2011-12-080.1.2SergeyAstanin
bitspeak10.01Proof-of-concept tool for writing using binary choices. (accessibility, program)2011-09-230.0.3MauricioAntunes
bittrex20.00Bindings for the Bittrex API (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-01-
bkr30.01Backup utility for backing up to cloud storage services (S3 only right now) (backup, bsd3, library, program, system)2012-06-120.1.2MichaelSmietana
bla (deprecated)30.01a stupid cron (bsd3, deprecated, program, system)2009-10-202009.10.20JinjingWang
black-jewel00.01The pirate bay client. (application, gpl, program)2013-05-
blagda30.00Shake frontend for Agda blogging (agpl, blog, library, program)2022-03-
blakesum-demo (deprecated)20.01The BLAKE SHA-3 candidate hashes, in Haskell (bsd3, cryptography, deprecated, program)2011-07-250.5KevinCantu
blatex42.01Blog in LaTeX (mit, program, web)2016-05-
blaze-from-html40.01Tool to convert HTML to BlazeHtml code. (bsd3, program, text)2017-01-
ble40.00Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) peripherals (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2017-12-050.4.2jkarni, scottmurphy09
blindpass12.00Password entry tool (gpl, library, program, utilities)2020-12-110.1.0jlamothe
blink110.01Control library for blink(1) LED from ThingM (bsd3, hardware, library, program)2014-12-040.4DylanSimon
blip00.01Python to bytecode compiler. (bsd3, language-, program)2013-06-210.2.1BerniePope
blockhash10.00Blockhash perceptual image hash algorithm (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-07-
blogination (deprecated)80.01Very simple static blog software (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, web)2009-02-260.5ChrisDone
blosum60.00BLOSUM generator (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2016-11-300.1.1.4GregorySchwartz
bloxorz10.01OpenGL Logic Game (game, program)2014-07-230.1.2ViktorDevecseri
blubber00.01The blubber client; connects to the blubber server. (game, gpl, program)2015-06-300.0.1alexander
blubber-server00.00The blubber server, serves blubber clients. (agpl, game, library, program)2015-06-300.0.1alexander
blucontrol60.00Configurable blue light filter (bsd3, library, program, system)2021-07-
bludigon (deprecated in favor of blucontrol)70.00Configurable blue light filter (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, system)2020-08-
bluetile60.01full-featured tiling for the GNOME desktop environment (bsd3, program, system)2011-11-260.6JanVornberger
bluetileutils (deprecated in favor of bluetile)40.01Utilities for Bluetile (bsd3, deprecated, program, utils)2009-09-030.2JanVornberger
blunk-hask-tests (deprecated)10.01spam (bsd3, deprecated, program, spam)2018-09-160.2
blunt (deprecated)51.51Convert between pointfree and pointful expressions. (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2015-04-141.0.2fozworth
bm150.00open bookmarks and queries from the command line (library, mit, program, utils)2023-05-
bnb-staking-csvs92.00Generate CSV Exports of Your BNB Staking Rewards. (bsd3, console, finance, library, program, web)2022-02-
boardgame10.00Modeling boardgames (game, library, mit, model, program)2021-04-
bogocopy20.01Copy a directory tree, making zero-size sparse copies of big files. (bsd2, file-manager, program, system-tools, tools)2017-01-
bogre-banana00.01 (bsd3, game-engine, library, program)2013-03-310.0.1DavidEichmann
boilerplate40.00Generate Haskell boilerplate. (building, gpl, library, program)2023-05-220.0.3tseenshe
boltzmann-brain00.00Analytic sampler compiler for combinatorial systems. (bsd3, library, math, program)2019-12-091.6mbendkowski
bond150.01Bond schema compiler and code generator (code-generation, compiler, language, library, mit, program)2020-05-, chwarr, eduardo
bond-haskell-compiler20.01Bond code generator for Haskell (bsd3, language, library, program)2016-11-
bookkeeper80.01Anonymous records and overloaded labels (bsd3, data-structures, library, program, records)2017-12-170.2.5jkarni, bandali
boomange10.01A bookmarks manager with an HTML generator (gpl, program, web)2018-12-
boomslang10.01Boomshine clone (game, program, public-domain)2012-06-040.0.4BrianLewis
boomwhacker270.00Convert MIDI file to play-along boomwhacker animation (bsd3, music, program, sound)2023-08-270.0.1HenningThielemann
boopadoop10.00Mathematically sound sound synthesis (library, mit, music, program)2020-01-
boots-app10.02Factory for quickly building an application (application, configuration, health, library, logger, mit, program, random)2019-09-
boring-game10.00An educational game (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-02-
boring-window-switcher00.00A boring window switcher. (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2018-03-
botpp30.01Build tool for Lambdabot (development, library, program, web)2008-08-190.1GwernBranwen
bottom10.00Encoding and decoding for the Bottom spec. (apache, codec, library, program)2021-04-
bowntz20.01audio-visual pseudo-physical simulation of colliding circles (demo, gpl, program)2019-08-282ClaudeHeilandAllen
box-socket80.02Box websockets (bsd3, library, program, project)2023-03-100.4.1tonyday567
braid20.01Types and functions to work with braids and Khovanov homology. (bsd3, library, math, program)2016-01-
brain-bleep00.01primitive imperative language (bsd3, language, program)2019-05-
brainfuck150.03Brainfuck interpreter (compilers-interpreters, library, program)2016-06-, abbradar
brainfuck-tut10.01A simple BF interpreter. (bsd3, language, library, program)2016-12-300.7.0.2alleledev
brainheck10.00Brainh*ck interpreter in haskell (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-09-
brassica70.00Featureful sound change applier (bsd3, library, linguistics, program)2023-08-050.1.1bradrn
breakout30.01A simple Breakout game implementation. (game, program)2009-10-310.0.2EyalLotem
breve20.01a url shortener (gpl, program, web)2019-11-
brians-brain30.01A Haskell implementation of the Brian's Brain cellular automaton (bsd3, game, program)2009-10-150.0.1WillDonnelly
brillig10.01Simple part of speech tagger (bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, program)2011-09-030.3.1EricKow
brittany620.01Haskell source code formatter (agpl, language, library, program)2022-01-, fozworth, dukerutledge
brok42.00Finds broken links in text files (bsd3, command-line-tools, library, program)2020-07-271.1.0smallhadroncollider
btc-lsp20.00Lightning service provider (bitcoin, bsd3, finance, library, lightning, network, payments, program)2022-07-
buchhaltung30.01Automates most of your plain text accounting data entry in ledger format. (finance, library, mit, program)2018-02-040.0.7johannesgerer
buffer-pipe90.01Read from stdin and write to stdout in large blocks (bsd3, console, program)2016-01-110.0HenningThielemann
buffet10.00Assembles many Dockerfiles in one. (development, library, mit, program)2020-11-081.0.1evolutics
build-env20.00Compute, fetch and install Cabal build plans into a local environment (bsd3, distribution, library, program)2023-03-
buildbox-tools20.01Tools for working with buildbox benchmark result files. (bsd3, development, program, testing)2012-02-
buildwrapper110.01A library and an executable that provide an easy API for a Haskell IDE (bsd3, development, library, program)2015-01-260.9.1JeanPhilippeMoresmau
bulletproofs180.02Bulletproofs are short zero-knowledge proofs without a trusted setup. (cryptography, library, program)2019-09-301.1.0sdiehl
bumper80.01Automatically bump package versions, also transitively. (bsd3, development, program)2015-01-, BramSchuur, ErikHesselink
bunz30.00CLI tool to beautify JSON string. (cli, json, library, mit, program)2019-02-270.0.9sendyhalim
burnt-explorer10.01List OP_RETURN cryptocurrency transaction outputs. (apache, cryptocurrency, program)2018-07-022.0.0KrzysiekJ
bustle310.01Draw sequence diagrams of D-Bus traffic (desktop, lgpl, network, program)2020-07-310.8.0WillThompson, pwithnall
butterflies20.00butterfly tilings (gpl, graphics, library, program)2018-11-
buttplug-hs-core20.00Client library for (bsd3, hardware, library, program)2021-10-
bytepatch30.00Patch byte-representable data in a bytestream (cli, library, mit, program)2023-02-150.4.1raehik
c-mosquitto40.00Simpe mosquito MQTT binding able to work with the Amazons IoT (bsd3, library, program)2019-10-
c0check00.01Simple C0 Syntax Check (language, program)2013-01-040.2DanielSeidel, JanisVoigtlaender
c2ats22.00Translate C code into ATS (gpl, language, library, program)2016-09-
c2hs1440.01C->Haskell FFI tool that gives some cross-language type safety (development, gpl, program)2021-06-130.28.8DuncanCoutts, IanRoss, deech
c2hsc40.01Convert C API header files to .hsc and .hsc.helper.c files (bsd3, development, library, program)2017-12-090.7.1JohnWiegley
cab190.01A maintenance command of Haskell cabal packages (bsd3, distribution, library, program)2023-04-260.2.21KazuYamamoto
cabal-audit10.01Check how up-to-date your .cabal dependencies are. (distribution, mit, program)2013-09-
cabal-bounds92.01A command line program for managing the dependency versions in a cabal file. (bsd3, development, library, program, utils)2020-06-272.3.0DanielTrstenjak
cabal-cache72.00CI Assistant for Haskell projects (bsd3, development, library, program)2023-02-, haskellworks, maerwald
cabal-cargs80.01A command line program for extracting compiler arguments from a cabal file. (bsd3, development, library, program, utils)2020-06-271.3.0DanielTrstenjak
cabal-clean200.00Remove outdated cabal build artefacts from `dist-newstyle`. (bsd3, development, program)2023-06-090.2.20230609AndreasAbel
cabal-constraints10.01Repeatable builds for cabalized Haskell projects. (development, distribution, mit, program)2013-12-
cabal-db32.251query tools for the local cabal database (bsd3, program, tools)2015-03-110.1.12VincentHanquez
cabal-debian191.751Create a Debianization for a Cabal package (bsd3, debian, distribution, library, program, system)2023-09-215.2.2ClintAdams, DavidFox
cabal-dependency-licenses200.01Compose a list of a project's transitive dependencies with their licenses (bsd3, distribution, program)2017-01-
cabal-dev (deprecated in favor of cabal-install)10.01Manage sandboxed Haskell build environments (bsd3, deprecated, development, program)2013-02-280.9.2JonathanDaugherty, JoshHoyt, RoganCreswick
cabal-dir20.01show dist dir of 'cabal copy/install' (bsd3, distribution, program)2013-12-
cabal-edit40.00Cabal utility (development, mit, program)2020-07-
cabal-file70.00Cabal file access (bsd3, distribution, library, program)2020-11-130.1.1JensPetersen
cabal-flatpak52.00Generate a FlatPak manifest from a Cabal package description (bsd3, distribution, program)2023-03-
cabal-fmt772.00Format .cabal files (development, library, program)2023-05-230.1.7phadej
cabal-ghci (deprecated in favor of cabal-install)20.01Set up ghci with options taken from a .cabal file (bsd3, deprecated, development, library, program)2013-08-090.3EtienneLaurin
cabal-graphdeps10.01Generate graphs of install-time Cabal dependencies (development, mit, program)2015-10-120.1.3JohnMillikin
cabal-hoogle52.00generate hoogle database for cabal project and dependencies (bsd3, development, library, program)2022-07-
cabal-info10.00Read information from cabal files (development, library, mit, program)2017-05-140.2.1barrucadu
cabal-install5102.52The command-line interface for Cabal and Hackage. (bsd3, distribution, library, program)2023-03-, DuncanCoutts, HerbertValerioRiedel, MikhailGlushenkov, MikolajKonarski, phadej, Bodigrim, topos, hecate
cabal-install-bundle20.01The (bundled) command-line interface for Cabal and Hackage. (bsd3, distribution, program)2013-12-
cabal-install-ghc7230.01Temporary version of cabal-install for ghc-7.2 (bsd3, distribution, program)2011-12-050.10.4TonyHannan
cabal-install-ghc74 (deprecated in favor of cabal-install)30.01Temporary version of cabal-install for ghc-7.4 (bsd3, deprecated, distribution, program)2012-03-050.10.4AndreasAbel
cabal-macosx102.254Cabal support for creating Mac OSX application bundles. (bsd3, distribution, library, program)2019-12-, dfrancesconi
cabal-meta20.01build multiple packages at once (bsd3, development, library, program)2015-03-
cabal-mon20.01A monitor for cabal builds (development, mit, program)2016-08-121.0.2IavorDiatchki
cabal-nirvana (deprecated)30.01Avoid Cabal dependency hell by constraining to known good versions. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, distribution, program)2014-03-
cabal-plan-bounds90.00Derives cabal bounds from build plans (bsd2, distribution, program)2023-08-170.1.5JoachimBreitner
cabal-progdeps10.01Show dependencies of program being built in current directory (bsd3, distribution, program)2012-01-141.0KevinQuick
cabal-rpm352.01RPM packaging tool for Haskell Cabal-based packages (distribution, gpl, program)2023-09-272.1.3BryanOSullivan, JensPetersen
cabal-setup10.01The user interface for building and installing Cabal packages (bsd3, distribution, program)2007-10-211.2.1DuncanCoutts
cabal-sign20.01Sign and verify Cabal packages. (bsd3, development, program)2013-02-
cabal-sort30.01Topologically sort cabal packages (bsd3, distribution, program)2023-09-290.1.2HenningThielemann
cabal-src (deprecated in favor of stack)310.01Alternative install procedure to avoid the diamond dependency issue. (bsd3, deprecated, distribution, program)2016-10-
cabal-test10.01Automated test tool for cabal projects. (bsd3, program, testing)2007-09-160.1DavidHimmelstrup
cabal-test-bin20.01A program for finding temporary build file during cabal-test. (bsd3, library, program, testing)2015-02-030.1.5junjihashimoto
cabal-uninstall200.01Uninstall cabal packages (bsd3, distribution, program)2014-08-220.1.6JanChristiansen
cabal-upload10.01Command-line tool for uploading packages to Hackage (bsd3, distribution, program)2007-08-240.4BjornBringert
cabal2arch (deprecated)590.01Create Arch Linux packages from Cabal packages. (bsd3, deprecated, distribution, program)2011-05-091.1DonaldStewart, MagnusTherning, PeterSimons
cabal2doap10.01Cabal to Description-of-a-Project (DOAP) (bsd3, distribution, program)2009-08-250.2GregHeartsfield
cabal2ebuild20.01make gentoo's .ebuild file from .cabal file (bsd3, distribution, library, program)2014-04-
cabal2ghci10.01A tool to generate .ghci file from .cabal (bsd3, development, program)2013-08-
cabal2json00.00Turn a .cabal file into a .json file (library, mit, program, unclassified)2022-05-300.0.0.0Norfair
cabal2nix560.04Convert Cabal files into Nix build instructions. (bsd3, distribution, library, nix, program)2022-10-232.19.1PeterSimons, sternenseemann, jophish, cdepillabout, maralorn, expipiplus1
cabal2spec200.01Convert Cabal files into rpm spec files (distribution, gpl, library, program)2023-03-302.7.0PeterSimons, YaakovNemoy
cabalQuery00.00A simple tool to query cabal files. (bsd3, development, library, program)2015-05-
cabalg40.01alias for cabal install from given git repo (library, mit, program, unclassified)2014-09-190.2.9DmitryMalikov
cabalgraph40.01Generate pretty graphs of module trees from cabal files (bsd3, distribution, program)2009-03-160.1DonaldStewart
cabalish20.01Provides access to the cabal file data for shell scripts (bsd3, program, utilities)2017-04-
cabalmdvrpm20.01Create mandriva rpm from cabal package (distribution, library, program)2007-03-270.0.1OlivierThauvin
cabalrpmdeps20.02Autogenerate rpm dependencies from cabal files (distribution, library, program)2008-12-040.0.4OlivierThauvin
cabalvchk20.01Verify installed package version against user-specified constraints. (bsd3, distribution, program)2012-01-140.3KevinQuick
cabin20.01Cabal binary sandboxes. (bsd3, distribution, program)2015-04-
cached-io20.00A simple library to cache IO actions (apache, development, library, program)2023-03-, potomak, glasserc, mhova, rickowens, Bellroy, LukeWorth
cachix160.00Command-line client for Nix binary cache hosting (apache, library, nix, program)2023-09-251.6.1domenkozar
cairo-appbase00.01A template for building new GUI applications using GTK and Cairo. (bsd3, development, program)2011-11-140.4ConradParker
cake60.01A build-system library and driver (development, library, program)2014-10-
cake310.01Third cake the Makefile EDSL (bsd3, development, library, program)2016-10-260.6.5SergeyMironov
cakyrespa100.01run turtle like LOGO with lojban (bsd3, program, teaching)2012-10-290.0.29YoshikuniJujo
cal-layout30.00Calendar Layout Algorithm (bsd3, library, math, program)2019-01-
cal3d-examples10.01Examples for the Cal3d animation library. (animation, graphics, program)2009-06-270.1GregoryWeber
calc00.01A small compiler for arithmetic expressions. (bsd3, program, unclassified)2007-11-230.1AustinSeipp
calculator162.01A calculator repl, with variables, functions & Mathematica like dynamic plots. (gpl, math, program)2016-10-
caldims00.01Calculation tool and library supporting units (library, math, program)2008-11-050.1.0RickKaudewitz
caledon42.251a logic programming language based on the calculus of constructions (gpl, interpreter, language, program)2016-07-
calendar-recycling90.01List years with the same calendars (bsd3, math, program)2018-08-310.0.0.1HenningThielemann
calenderweek20.00Commandline tool to get week of the year (bsd3, commandline, program)2019-11-251.0.0rmeis
call-haskell-from-anything00.00Call Haskell functions from other languages via serialization and dynamic libraries (library, mit, network, program)2017-08-
calligraphy310.00HIE-based Haskell call graph and source code visualizer (bsd3, development, haskell, language, library, program)2023-06-260.1.6jonascarpay
camfort80.01CamFort - Cambridge Fortran infrastructure (analysis, apache, fortran, language, library, program)2022-10-121.2.0DominicOrchard, mdanish, madgen, raehik
camh10.01write image files onto 256(or 24bit) color terminals. (bsd3, graphics, program)2017-05-250.0.3HironaoKomatsu
canadian-income-tax90.00Canadian income tax calculation (gpl, library, productivity, program, tax)2023-04-162022.2.1MarioBlazevic
candid50.00Candid integration (codec, library, program)2023-06-
cantor20.01Application for analysis of java source code (application, bsd3, program, source-code-analysis)2014-12-250.4klangner
cao10.01CAO Compiler (compiler, cryptography, language, program)2014-04-070.1.1paufil, tfaoliveira, mbbarbosa
cap00.01Interprets and debug the cap language. (bsd3, language, program)2008-09-281.0.1ThomasDavie
capnp110.00Cap'n Proto for Haskell (capnproto, data, library, mit, network, program, rpc, serialization)2023-06-
capri20.01A simple wrapper over cabal-install to operate in project-private mode. (bsd3, distribution, program)2010-07-100.1DmitryGolubovsky
car-pool30.01Simple web-server for organizing car-pooling for an event (bsd3, program, web)2023-01-
carboncopy60.01Drop emails from threads being watched into special CC folder. (bsd3, email, program)2011-03-170.1.2EugenyDzhurinsky
cardano-transactions10.00Library utilities for constructing and signing Cardano transactions. (apache, cardano, library, program)2020-04-211.0.0KtorZ
carettah52.01A presentation tool written with Haskell. (gpl, graphics, program)2016-09-300.5.1KiwamuOkabe
carte02.01Carte: A commandline pastebin server. (gpl, network, program)2016-11-
cartel (deprecated in favor of hpack)80.01Specify Cabal files in Haskell (bsd3, deprecated, distribution, library, program)2016-06-300.18.0.2OmariNorman
case-conversion10.01Convert between different cases (bsd3, library, program, text)2017-01-150.2AlanHawkins
case-insensitive-match50.00A simplified, faster way to do case-insensitive matching. (bsd3, library, program, text)2016-08-
castle10.01A tool to manage shared cabal-install sandboxes. (apache, development, program)2015-04-
casui10.01Equation Manipulator (math, mit, program)2011-06-040.3EtienneLaurin
catnplus20.01Simple tool to display text files with line numbers and paging (command-line-tool, mit, program)2017-03-
cattrap30.00Lays out boxes according to the CSS Box Model. (gpl, graphics, library, program)2023-06-
cblrepo10.01Tool to maintain a database of CABAL packages and their dependencies (distribution, program, utils)2016-12-310.24.0MagnusTherning
cbor-tool70.01A tool for manipulating CBOR. (bsd3, codec, program)2019-12-300.2.2.0AustinSeipp, BenGamari
cdar-mBound100.01Exact real arithmetic using Centred Dyadic Approximations (bsd3, data, library, program)2021-06-
cdeps70.03Extract dependencies from C code. (bsd3, c, development, language, library, program)2020-06-
cdp20.00A library for the Chrome Devtools Protocol (bsd3, chrome, library, package.category, program)2022-12-
cedict40.01Convenient Chinese phrase & character lookup. (library, program, text)2008-07-300.2.5JasonDusek
celtchar (deprecated)80.00A tool to build a novel (deprecated, library, mit, program, text)2018-03-
cerberus (deprecated)20.00Protect and control API access with cerberus (bsd3, deprecated, development, library, program)2015-12-
cfipu20.01cfipu processor for toy brainfuck-like language (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, program)2014-12-
cfopu (deprecated in favor of cfipu)20.01cfopu processor (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, deprecated, program)2010-07-121.0.0ByronJohnson
cg10.01Parser for categorial grammars. (gpl, language, program)2015-05-
cgen30.02generates Haskell bindings and C wrappers for C++ libraries (bsd3, development, library, program)2012-06-160.0.5AnttiSalonen
cgrep310.01Command line tool (gpl, program, utils)2023-07-198.1.0awgn, NicolaBonelli
chainweb-mining-client40.00Mining Client for Kadena Chainweb (bsd3, data, mathematics, program)2022-11-230.5larsk
chakra40.00A REST Web Api server template for building (micro)services. (library, mit, program, web)2021-11-070.1.2cackharot
change-monger20.01Parse VCS changelogs into ChangeLogs (bsd3, development, library, program, text)2008-05-150.0GwernBranwen
changelogged20.00Changelog manager for Git projects. (bsd3, development, library, program)2018-03-060.2.0NickolayKudasov, viviag
charade12.01Rapid prototyping websites with Snap and Heist (bsd3, library, program, web)2014-11-
chart-cli00.00Command-line utility to draw charts from input data easily (bsd3, graphics, program)2019-08-
chart-svg-various10.00See (bsd3, library, program, project)2020-08-070.0.2tonyday567
charter20.00 (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2020-11-
chatter52.01A library of simple NLP algorithms. (bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, program)2017-03-
chatwork20.00The ChatWork API in Haskell (library, mit, program, web)2018-08-
cheapskate430.09Experimental markdown processor. (bsd3, library, program, text)2020-01-
cheapskate-terminal30.00Initial project template from stack (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-01-
check-pvp22.01Check whether module and package imports conform to the PVP (bsd3, distribution, program)2019-05-180.0.3HenningThielemann
checkmate20.00Generate checklists relevant to a given patch (agpl, development, library, program)2018-08-310.4.0hongminhee
chessIO30.00Basic chess library (bsd3, game, library, program)2023-01-
chez-grater10.00Parse and scrape recipe blogs (library, mit, program, web)2022-11-290.1.2dfithian
chitauri20.01Helper for the Major System (bsd3, program, web)2016-10-
choose-exe00.01Command-line program to choose random element from a stream. (apache, application, library, program)2016-10-
chr-lang20.00AST + surface language around chr (bsd3, development, library, program)2022-09-
chromatin40.00neovim package manager (library, mit, neovim, program)2018-12-300.1.1.0tek
chronos-bench80.00Benchmarking tool with focus on comparing results. (benchmarking, bsd3, development, library, performance, program, testing)2019-03-
chunky (deprecated)40.01Human-readable storage of text/binary objects. (codec, deprecated, lgpl, library, program)2014-12-
cicero-api10.00API bindings to IOHK's Cicero job scheduler (apache, api, library, program)2022-10-
cimple220.01Simple C-like programming language (data, gpl, library, program)2023-08-250.0.17iphydf
ciphersaber260.01Implementation of CipherSaber2 RC4 cryptography. (data, library, mit, program)2015-12-
circuit-breaker10.00An implementation of the "circuit breaker" pattern to disable repeated calls to a failing system (bsd3, library, program, system)2019-03-
cisco-spark-api60.00DEPRECATED in favor of webex-teams-api (library, mit, program, web)2018-12-
citeproc-hs-pandoc-filter10.01A Pandoc filter for processing bibliographic references with citeproc-hs (gpl, program, text)2015-03-170.1AndreaRossato
cj-token10.00A new Haskeleton package. (library, other, program)2017-05-050.0.1marnold
clac10.01Simple CLI RPN calculator (gpl, math, program)2015-03-180.5.0alexander
clafer120.03Compiles Clafer models to other formats: Alloy, JavaScript, JSON, HTML, Dot. (library, mit, model, program)2017-03-130.4.5mantkiew
claferIG320.01claferIG is an interactive tool that generates instances of Clafer models. (library, mit, model, program)2017-03-130.4.5mantkiew
clanki30.01Command-line spaced-repetition software (education, mit, program)2016-10-051.2.7marcusbuffett
clash-ghc532.255Clash: a functional hardware description language - GHC frontend (bsd2, hardware, library, program)2023-06-271.6.5ChristiaanBaaij, QBayLogic
clash-lib640.010Clash: a functional hardware description language - As a library (bsd2, hardware, library, program)2023-06-271.6.5ChristiaanBaaij, QBayLogic
clashilator30.00Automated Clash to Verilator bridge (development, hardware, library, mit, program)2022-09-
classify-frog00.01Classify sounds produced by Xenopus laevis (bioinformatics, bsd3, program)2019-08-
classy-miso20.00Typeclass based support for Miso, the Tasty Web Framework for Haskell. (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-03-
clckwrks-cli80.01a command-line interface for adminstrating some aspects of clckwrks (bsd3, clckwrks, library, program)2022-04- (bsd3, clckwrks, program)2015-05-150.3.11JeremyShaw
clean-home10.01Keep your home dir clean by finding old conf files (bsd3, program, utils)2017-03-190.0.5IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
cless10.01Colorized LESS (mit, program, text)2015-03-
clevercss60.03A CSS preprocessor (bsd3, library, program, text)2011-01-060.2.4GeorgBrandl
cli40.01CLI (bsd3, cli, library, program)2019-01-040.2.0VincentHanquez, nicolasdp
click-clack10.01Toy game (tetris on billiard board). Hipmunk in action. (little-game, program)2012-06-191.0.1AntonKholomiov
clientsession1320.031Securely store session data in a client-side cookie. (library, mit, program, web)2023-07-, MichaelSnoyman
clifford60.01A Clifford algebra library (bsd3, library, math, numerical, program)2014-03-
clifm30.01Command Line Interface File Manager (bsd3, program, system)2018-06-
climb90.00Building blocks for a GHCi-like REPL with colon-commands (bsd3, library, program, user-interfaces)2022-12-060.4.1ejconlon
clippings10.01A parser/generator for Kindle-format clipping files (`My Clippings.txt`), (library, mit, program, text)2015-08-270.2.0vi
clit320.01Post tweets from stdin (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-03-
cloben30.01Clone and benchmark Haskell cabal projects (benchmarking, bsd3, program)2018-11-
clone-all10.01Clone all github repositories from a given user (development, mit, program)2014-06-
cloudyfs20.01A cloud in the file system. (program, system)2013-03-310.0.2BrendanHickey
clr-win-linker10.01A GHC linker wrapper tool to workaround a GHC >8.2 bug (.net, bsd3, clr, ffi, language, program)2017-04-, TimMatthews
cltw10.01Command line Twitter utility (bsd3, console, program, utils)2010-04-191.1.4DinoMorelli
clua10.01C to Lua data wrapper generator (bsd3, language, program)2012-04-040.3TomSchouten
clustertools20.01Tools for manipulating sequence clusters (bioinformatics, program)2011-06-060.1.5GwernBranwen, KetilMalde
cmathml320.01Data model, parser, serialiser and transformations for Content MathML 3 (bsd3, library, program, xml)2012-04-010.1AndrewMiller
cmdargs-browser20.01Helper to enter cmdargs command lines using a web browser (bsd3, console, program)2020-07-040.1.4NeilMitchell
cmt10.00Write consistent git commit messages (bsd3, command-line-tools, library, program)2020-01-
cmu20.01Unification in a Commutative Monoid (algebra, library, program)2019-10-171.12JohnRamsdell
cmv71.50Detailed visualization of CMs, HMMs and their comparisions (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2018-01-281.0.8FlorianEggenhofer
cnc-spec-compiler10.01Compiler/Translator for CnC Specification Files. (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, parallelism, program)2011-08-
co-log642.57Composable Contravariant Comonadic Logging Library (comonad, contravariant, library, logging, mpl, program)2023-09-, alaendle
co-log-polysemy142.257Composable Contravariant Comonadic Logging Library (comonad, contravariant, effects, library, logging, mpl, program)2021-11-, alaendle
co-log-polysemy-formatting00.01A Polysemy logging effect for high quality (unstructured) logs. (bsd3, library, logging, program)2020-12-
codec-libevent (deprecated)30.02Cross-platform structure serialisation (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, parsing, program)2008-01-270.1.2AdamLangley support for Haskell. (bsd3, control, library, program)2017-06-170.5.0killy971
codeforces-cli42.00Command line interface to interact with Codeforces. (cli, library, mit, program)2021-06-170.1.0farbodsz
codemonitor40.01Tool that automatically runs arbitrary commands when files change on disk. (bsd3, program, tool)2012-06-080.2RickardLindberg
codex280.01A ctags file generator for cabal project dependencies. (apache, development, library, program)2020-03-, aloiscochard, parsonsmatt
coformat10.00Generate clang-format config based on some existing code base (bsd3, language, library, program)2019-12-300.3.0.00xd34df00d
cognimeta-utils00.02Utilities for Cognimeta products (such as perdure). API may change often. (library, program, unclassified)2012-09-260.1.2PatrickPremont
coin20.01Simple account manager (application, program)2017-06-131.2.1piotrborek
coinbase-exchange10.00Connector library for the coinbase exchange. (library, mit, program, web)2017-09-
coinbase-pro122.00Client for Coinbase Pro (finance, library, mit, program, web)2022-12-
colada10.01Colada implements incremental word class class induction using online LDA (bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, program)2015-03-
cold-widow01.50File transfer via QR Codes. (bsd3, library, program, utility)2016-10-310.1.2mihaigiurgeanu
collada-output10.02Generate animated 3d objects in COLLADA (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2011-07-250.6AndyGill, TillmannVogt
collapse-duplication40.00Collapse the duplication output into clones and return their frequencies. (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2018-08-
collapse-util20.01utility for collapsing adjacent writes (bsd3, concurrency, program)2014-06-
color-counter10.01Count colors in images (graphics, library, mit, program)2016-04-
colorize-haskell150.01Highligt Haskell source (bsd3, development, library, program)2010-07-241.0.1IavorDiatchki
comark10.00Commonmark processing in pure haskell. (bsd3, library, program, text)2017-09-210.1.0zudov
combinator-interactive40.01SKI Combinator interpreter (bsd3, language, library, program)2013-09-070.1.2FumiakiKinoshita
commander20.00pattern matching against string based commands (bsd3, library, program, text)2016-03-
commander-cli52.00A command line argument/option parser library (cli, library, mit, options, parsing, program, system)2023-01-
commonmark-cli10.00Command-line commonmark converter and highlighter. (bsd3, program, text)2021-05-280.2JohnMacFarlane
compaREST10.00Compatibility checker for OpenAPI (library, mit, program, web)2022-03-, typeable, iko
concraft-hr10.01Part-of-speech tagger for Croatian (bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, program)2014-12-
concraft-pl20.01Morphological tagger for Polish (bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, program)2018-10-302.4.0JakubWaszczuk
concrete-haskell20.00Library for the Concrete data format. (data, library, program)2017-12-
concrete-relaxng-parser10.01A parser driven by a standard RELAX NG schema with concrete syntax extensions. (parsing, program, xml)2012-08-230.1.1MarioBlazevic
concurrency-benchmarks10.01Benchmarks to compare concurrency APIs (benchmark, mit, program)2018-09-120.1.1harendra
concurrent-dns-cache80.01Concurrent DNS cache (bsd3, library, network, program)2019-08-150.1.3KazuYamamoto
conditional-restriction-parser20.00Parser and interpreter of OpenStreetMap conditional restriction values (agpl, library, parser, program)2022-09-
condor (deprecated)20.01Information retrieval library (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, search, text)2014-01-200.3klangner
conduit-find20.00A file-finding conduit that allows user control over traversals. (library, mit, program, system)2016-07-
conduit-tokenize-attoparsec (deprecated)10.00Conduits for tokenizing streams. (bsd3, conduit, data, deprecated, library, program)2016-01-310.1.0.0newhoggy, haskellworks
confcrypt10.00 (library, mit, program, unclassified)2019-05-
confetti50.00A simple config file swapping tool (command-line-tools, library, mit, program)2018-12-121.0.0aviaviavi
conffmt10.01A .conf file formatter (data, mit, program)2016-08-310.2.3.0yamadapc
config-select20.01A small program for swapping out dot files. (gpl, program, system)2013-02-070.0.1TimothyHobbs
configuration-tools352.05Tools for specifying and parsing configurations (configuration, console, library, mit, program)2023-06-230.7.0larsk, fosskers
confsolve20.01A command line tool for resolving conflicts of file synchronizers. (bsd3, program, utils)2017-07-310.5.6DanielTrstenjak
conjure12.01A BitTorrent client (bsd3, library, network, program)2008-03-090.1GwernBranwen
conlogger30.01A logger for a concurrent program. (concurrency, library, mit, program)2015-01-
connections20.02Orders, Galois connections, and lattices. (bsd3, library, math, numerical, program)2021-09-160.3.2cmk
containers-benchmark20.01Extensive benchmark suite for containers package. (benchmarking, bsd3, program)2011-11-
context-free-art10.00Generate art from context-free grammars (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2019-10-
convert-annotation30.00Convert the annotation of a gene to another in a delimited file using a variety of different databases. (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2018-02-
coquina20.00Yet another shell monad. (bsd3, library, program, shell)2020-12-300.1.0.0abrar
core-compiler20.00compile your own mini functional language with Core (compiler, language, library, mit, program)2017-08-
core-haskell30.01A subset of Haskell using in UCC for teaching purpose (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, language, program)2014-03-130.6.4happlebao
corebot-bliki10.01A bliki written using yesod. Uses pandoc to process files stored in git. (bsd3, library, program, yesod)2012-02-
corecursive-main10.00Write your main like it can call itself back. (bsd3, control, library, program)2018-08-
couch-hs30.01A CouchDB view server for Haskell. (database, library, program, public-domain)2012-01-230.1.6PeterSagerson
courier152.02A message-passing library for simplifying network applications (distributed-computing, library, message-oriented, mit, network, program)2017-05-
court50.01Simple and flexible CI system (bsd3, development, program)2015-11-
cpkg50.00Build tool for C (bsd3, c, dhall, library, package-management, packaging, program)2020-09-
cpphs1640.036A liberalised re-implementation of cpp, the C pre-processor. (development, library, program)2020-04-, phadej
cpsa242.01Symbolic cryptographic protocol analyzer (bsd3, cryptography, program)2023-02-014.4.2JohnRamsdell, mliskov
cpuperf30.01Modify the cpu frequency on OpenBSD systems (bsd3, program, system)2008-06-160.1.1DonaldStewart
cqrs-example10.01Example for cqrs package (mit, program, web)2015-09-160.10.0BardurArantsson
cr20.01Code review tool (control, gpl, network, program, system)2012-12-031.2AlexandruScvortov
crackNum420.02Crack various integer and floating-point data formats (bsd3, program, tools)2023-04-143.4LeventErkok
craze10.00HTTP Racing Library (library, mit, program, web)2016-08-
credential-store100.00Library to access secure credential storage providers (apache, desktop, library, program)2018-01-010.1.2blaze
credentials-cli20.01Secure Credentials Administration (aws, console, network, program, security)2017-04-280.0.2BrendanHay
crem22.00Compositional representable executable machines (control, library, machines, mit, program, state-machines)2023-03-
criterion3902.7528Robust, reliable performance measurement and analysis (benchmarking, bsd3, development, library, performance, program, testing)2023-08-, RyanNewton, ryanglscott
criterion-cmp10.00A simple tool for comparing in Criterion benchmark results (bsd3, development, program)2021-02-
criterion-compare12.00A simple tool for visualising differences in Criterion benchmark results (bsd3, development, program)2019-07-, AndreasK
criterion-to-html50.01Convert criterion output to HTML reports (bsd3, development, program)2012-06-
crocodile10.01An offline renderer supporting ray tracing and photon mapping (gpl, graphics, program)2011-09-290.1.2TomHammersley
crunghc20.01A runghc replacement with transparent caching (development, program, public-domain)2013-12-
crypto-enigma192.01An Enigma machine simulator with display. (bsd3, cryptography, education, library, program)2019-10-
crypto-multihash20.00Multihash library on top of cryptonite crypto library (bsd3, cryptography, library, program)2016-08-
cryptol540.01Cryptol: The Language of Cryptography (bsd3, language, library, program)2023-06-263.0.0IavorDiatchki, ryanglscott, galoisinc
csg30.00Analytical CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry) library (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2019-01-
cspmchecker10.01A command line type checker for CSPM files. (bsd3, concurrency, program)2013-10-111.0.0ThomasGibsonRobinson
csv-nptools10.01A collection of CSV tools (development, program, text, utils)2013-10-290.4.1NicolasPouillard
csv-to-qif20.01A small program that will read csv files and create qif files (bsd3, console, program, text)2018-02-210.3.3palo
ctpl10.02A programming language for text modification. (gpl, library, program, text)2016-04-
cubical40.01Implementation of Univalence in Cubical Sets (dependent-types, mit, program)2014-04-270.2.0AndersMortberg
cuboid20.013D Yampa/GLUT Puzzle Game (game, mit, program)2015-05-220.14.2PedroMartins
cuckoo-filter30.00Pure and impure Cuckoo Filter (data, library, mit, program)2018-12-
cuda360.016FFI binding to the CUDA interface for programming NVIDIA GPUs (bsd3, foreign, library, program)2023-08-
curl-runnings60.00A framework for declaratively writing curl based API tests (library, mit, program, testing)2022-03-070.17.0aviaviavi
curry-frontend70.02Compile the functional logic language Curry to several intermediate formats (bsd3, language, library, program)2021-02-112.0.0BerndBrassel, BjoernPeemoeller, HolgerSiegel, CurryLanguage
currycarbon160.00A package for simple, fast radiocarbon calibration (archaeoinformatics, library, mit, program)2023-09-
curryer-rpc112.01Fast, Haskell RPC (library, program, rpc)2023-04-020.3.0agentm
cursedcsv02.01Terminal tool for viewing tabular data (application, bsd3, program)2021-08-120.1.4GershomBazerman
cut-the-crap60.00Cuts out uninteresting parts of videos by detecting silences. (library, mit, program, video)2020-11-052.3.1Jappie
cutter80.01Cut files according to a position list (bsd3, console, program)2017-03-260.0HenningThielemann
cv-combinators20.01Functional Combinators for Computer Vision (ai, gpl, graphics, library, program)2015-08-
cybus10.00multi-dimensional arrays (bsd3, containers, data, library, program)2022-04-
d-bus40.02Permissively licensed D-Bus client library (bsd3, desktop, library, network, program)2017-12-130.1.8PhilippBalzarek, frasertweedale
d3d11binding12.00A raw binding for the directX 11 (graphics, library, mit, program)2016-05-
daemons160.03Daemons in Haskell made fun and easy (control, gpl, library, network, program, system)2023-09-290.4.0AlexandruScvortov
daino50.00daino is a static site generator (SSG) using shake and pandoc (development-web, library, program)2023-04-
danibot00.00Basic Slack bot framework. (library, mit, network, program)2016-03-
dao10.01Dao is meta programming language with its own built-in interpreted language, designed with artificial intelligence applications in mind. (gpl, library, program, unclassified)2014-11-
dapi10.01Prints a series of dates (bsd3, console, program)2013-04-
darcs-benchmark00.01Comparative benchmark suite for darcs. (bsd3, program, testing)2010-08-080.1.9EricKow, PetrRockai
darcs-buildpackage10.01Tools to help manage Debian packages with Darcs (program, system)2008-01-160.5.12JohnGoerzen
darcs-cabalized (deprecated in favor of darcs)20.01David's Advanced Version Control System (deprecated, development, program)2008-07-
darcs-fastconvert30.01Import/export git fast-import streams to/from darcs. (bsd3, development, program)2011-02-130.2.1PetrRockai
darcs-graph10.01Generate graphs of darcs repository activity (bsd3, distribution, program)2008-11-291.0DonaldStewart, IsaacJones
darcs-monitor10.01Darcs repository monitor (sends email) (distribution, program)2011-06-130.4.2AnttiJuhaniKaijanaho, MarcoSilva
darcs2dot (deprecated in favor of darcs)50.01Outputs dependencies of darcs patches in dot format. (bsd3, deprecated, development, program)2013-04-
darcsden30.01Darcs repository UI and hosting/collaboration app ( branch). (development, distribution, program, web)2015-04-221.1.1AlexSuraci, SimonMichael
darcswatch10.01Track application of Darcs patches (distribution, program)2011-06-080.4.4JoachimBreitner
darkplaces-demo30.01Utility and parser for DarkPlaces demo files (game, gpl, library, program)2015-02-120.1slava
darkplaces-rcon-util10.00Darplaces rcon utility (game, gpl, library, program)2015-05-240.1.1slava
dash-haskell20.01Convert package Haddock to Dash docsets (IDE docs) (documentation, lgpl, program)2015-07-, johnfeltz
data-embed30.01Embed files and other binary blobs inside executables without Template Haskell. (data, library, mit, program)2016-01-
data-files-gen10.00Generate data-files Cabal file field from existing files (bsd3, library, program, tools)2016-08-
data-json-token (deprecated)30.00Json Token datatype (bsd3, data, deprecated, json, library, program)2016-02-, haskellworks
data-msgpack (deprecated in favor of msgpack-binary)192.011A Haskell implementation of MessagePack (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, program)2020-02-290.0.13iphydf
data-pdf-fieldreader30.00Read PDF form fields (data, library, mit, program)2021-08-
data-stm3210.00ARM SVD and CubeMX XML parser and pretty printer for STM32 family (bsd3, library, parsing, program)2018-02-
data-structure-inferrer10.01Program that infers the fastest data structure available for your program (development, mit, program)2011-12-271.0AleksanderBalicki
datadog-tracing32.00Datadog tracing client and mock agent. (bsd3, library, logging, program)2019-05-081.5.1fommil
datafix20.01Fixing data-flow problems (compiler, library, program)2020-03-
dataflow90.01Generate Graphviz documents from a Haskell representation. (bsd3, code-generation, compiler, graphs, library, program)2015-08-
datalog30.01An implementation of datalog in Haskell (bsd3, database, library, program)2014-09-
datapacker40.01Tool to help pack files into the minimum number of CDs/DVDs/etc (program, system)2008-09-251.0.1JohnGoerzen
dawdle10.00Generates DDL suggestions based on a CSV file (database, library, mit, program)2015-12-
dbjava30.01Decompiler Bytecode Java (bsd3, jvm, library, program)2011-04-101.7CarlosGomez
dbm20.01A *simple* database migration tool. (bsd3, database, program)2016-09-010.3RickyElrod
dbmigrations120.02An implementation of relational database "migrations" (bsd3, database, library, program)2022-05-042.1.0JonathanDaugherty
dbmigrations-mysql10.00The dbmigrations tool built for MySQL databases (bsd3, database, library, program)2016-10-222.0.0JonathanDaugherty
dbmigrations-postgresql30.01The dbmigrations tool built for PostgreSQL databases (bsd3, database, program)2016-10-222.0.0JonathanDaugherty
dbmigrations-sqlite30.01The dbmigrations tool built for SQLite databases (bsd3, database, program)2016-10-222.0.0JonathanDaugherty
dbmonitor20.00Data consistency alerting for PostgreSQL (bsd3, database, library, monitoring, program)2022-07-190.1.0viviag
dbus-hslogger300.01Expose a dbus server to control hslogger (bsd3, library, program, system)2018-05-
dbus-th-introspection10.01Generate bindings for DBus calls by using DBus introspection and dbus-th (bsd3, development, library, program)2018-03-310.1.2.0IlyaPortnov
dcpu1630.00DCPU-16 Emulator & Assembler (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, library, program)2017-01-
ddc-tools (deprecated)10.01Disciplined Disciple Compiler command line tools. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, mit, program)2016-09-
ddc-war (deprecated)20.01Disciplined Disciple Compiler test driver and buildbot. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, mit, program)2014-10-310.4.1.3BenLippmeier
ddci-core (deprecated)10.01Disciple Core language interactive interpreter. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, mit, program)2012-10-
dde12.01Delay differential equations (bsd3, library, math, program)2018-07-080.3.0penkovsky
dead-code-detection50.01detect dead code in haskell projects (bsd3, development, program)2016-07-100.8.1SoenkeHahn
debian1260.03Modules for working with the Debian package system (bsd3, debian, library, program)2023-09-214.0.5ClintAdams, DavidFox, JeremyShaw, MarcoSilva
debian-binary (deprecated)10.01Utilities to work with debian binary packages (deprecated, library, program, system)2008-09-110.0.1MarcoSilva
debian-build170.01Debian package build sequence tools (bsd3, debian, library, program)2021-09-
debug42.51Simple trace-based debugger (bsd3, debugging, development, library, program)2018-03-190.1.1NeilMitchell
debug-me30.01secure remote debugging (agpl, program, utility)2022-12-311.20221231JoeyHess
debug-pp10.01A preprocessor for the debug package (bsd3, debugging, program)2018-01-200.1.1PepeIborra
debug-tracy20.00More useful trace functions for investigating bugs (bsd3, development, library, program)2019-02-
decode-utf810.01Decode a UTF-8 byte stream on standard input (mit, program, text)2015-05-131.2JoeHurd
dedukti20.01A type-checker for the λΠ-modulo calculus. (compilers-interpreters, library, program, theorem-provers)2011-04-081.1.4MathieuBoespflug
deepl10.00Call DeepL to translate you files (bsd3, language, library, program, web)2021-04-
deeplearning-hs10.01Deep Learning in Haskell (library, math, mit, program)2014-05-
deka-tests00.01Tests for deka, decimal floating point arithmetic (bsd3, library, math, program)2014-07-
delta10.00A library for detecting file changes (data, lgpl, library, program)2015-07-
delta-h10.01Online entropy-based model of lexical category acquisition. (bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, program)2012-02-290.0.3GrzegorzChrupala
denominate10.01Functions supporting bulk file and directory name normalization. (bsd3, library, program, system)2008-12-070.5.0CalvinSmith
depends (deprecated in favor of cabal-install)40.01A simple configuration management tool for Haskell (deprecated, distribution, mit, program)2013-09-280.0.1SimonHengel
dephd20.01Analyze quality of nucleotide sequences. (bioinformatics, program)2011-03-210.1.6GwernBranwen, KetilMalde
derive182.2561A program and library to derive instances for data types (bsd3, development, library, program)2019-01-222.6.5AustinSeipp, NeilMitchell, StefanORear, VladimirShabanov, ip1981
derive-gadt10.01Instance deriving for (a subset of) GADTs. (bsd3, development, language, library, program)2009-07-250.1.1MattMorrow
derive-monoid00.01derive Semigroup/Monoid/IsList (derive-monoid, derive-monoid-, library, mit, program)2017-05-010.0.1sboo
derulo70.00Parse and render JSON simply. (json, library, mit, program)2022-08-
descript-lang20.00Library, interpreter, and CLI for Descript programming language. (gpl, language, library, program)2018-05-
desert00.00a simple build tool for OCaml projects (bsd3, language, library, program)2016-08-
detrospector30.01Markov chain text generator (bsd3, natural-language-processing, program, text)2013-04-080.3KeeganMcAllister
deunicode20.01Get rid of unicode (utf-8) symbols in Haskell sources (codec, mit, program)2010-10-150.1BenFranksen
devil20.01A small tool to make it easier to update program managed by Angel. (mit, program, system)2014-06-
dfinity-radix-tree42.00A generic data integrity layer. (blockchain, bsd3, database, dfinity, library, program)2019-03-140.6.3EnzoHaussecker, taktoa
dfsbuild10.01Build Debian From Scratch CD/DVD images (program, system)2008-01-161.0.2JohnGoerzen
dhall2012.7556A configuration language guaranteed to terminate (bsd3, compiler, library, program)2023-04-191.42.0GabrielGonzalez, sjakobi
dhall-bash350.00Compile Dhall to Bash (bsd3, compiler, library, program)2023-04-191.0.41GabrielGonzalez, sjakobi
dhall-check20.01Check all dhall files in a project (bsd3, development, program)2017-05-
dhall-csv80.00Convert bidirectionally between Dhall and CSV files. (bsd3, compiler, library, program)2023-04-191.0.4GabrielGonzalez
dhall-docs140.00Generate HTML docs from a dhall package (bsd3, compiler, library, program)2023-04-191.0.11GabrielGonzalez, sjakobi
dhall-fly20.00Translate concourse config from Dhall to YAML (bsd3, concourse, dhall, json, library, program, yaml)2020-03-020.3.0axeman
dhall-json652.07Convert between Dhall and JSON or YAML (bsd3, compiler, library, program)2023-04-191.7.12GabrielGonzalez, sjakobi
dhall-lsp-server330.00Language Server Protocol (LSP) server for Dhall (library, mit, program, unclassified)2023-04-191.1.3GabrielGonzalez, sjakobi
dhall-nixpkgs10.00Convert Dhall projects to Nix packages (bsd3, nix, program)2023-04-191.0.10GabrielGonzalez, sjakobi
dhall-openapi20.00Convert an OpenAPI specification to a Dhall package (bsd3, compiler, library, program)2023-04-191.0.6GabrielGonzalez
dhall-secret00.00Encrypt Decrypt Dhall expressions (bsd3, data, library, program)2023-03-100.5.53oyanglulu
dhall-text (deprecated in favor of dhall)80.01Template text using Dhall (bsd3, compiler, deprecated, program)2019-06-071.0.18GabrielGonzalez
dhall-text-shell10.00Render dhall text with shell commands as function arguments (compiler, library, mit, program)2022-05-
dhall-to-cabal10.00Compile Dhall expressions to Cabal files (distribution, library, mit, program)2019-07-
dhall-toml60.00Convert between Dhall and TOML (bsd3, compiler, library, program)2023-04-191.0.3GabrielGonzalez
dhall-yaml440.00Convert between Dhall and YAML (compiler, gpl, library, program)2023-04-191.2.12GabrielGonzalez, HerbertValerioRiedel, sjakobi
dhrun10.00Dhall/YAML configurable concurrent integration test executor. (library, mit, program, tools)2019-07-251.0.1fre
diagrams-braille10.00Braille diagrams with plain text (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2022-01-260.1.1BrentYorgey, mlang
diagrams-haddock110.01Preprocessor for embedding diagrams in Haddock documentation (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2023-07-, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-pandoc80.00A Pandoc filter to express diagrams inline using the Haskell EDSL _Diagrams_ (bsd3, library, program, text)2023-07-, bergey
dialogue02.250I/O in Haskell Report 1.2 (bsd3, io, library, program)2022-02-130.1.0AliasQli
dib20.01A simple, forward build system. (development, library, mit, program)2018-01-100.7.2blajzer
dice180.03Simplistic D&D style dice-rolling system. (game, library, program, public-domain)2022-10-280.1.1BertramFelgenhauer, JamesCook, ncfavier
dice2tex20.01Convert a Diceware wordlist into a printer-ready LaTeX file. (gpl, program, text)2017-01-
dictionaries130.00Tools to handle StarDict dictionaries. (bsd3, library, program, text)2018-01-
dictparser10.01Parsec parsers for the DICT format produced by dictfmt -t (bsd3, language, library, program)2014-01-
diffcabal20.01Diff two .cabal files syntactically (bsd3, distribution, program)2010-07-150.1.1DonaldStewart
diffdump20.01Tools for diffing stdout (bsd3, program, system)2013-01-050.7.5GregFitzgerald
differential60.01Finds out whether an entity comes from different distributions (statuses). (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2021-02-
difftodo10.00Generate todo lists from source code (development, library, program)2016-09-100.2.0jml
dihaa30.01ASCII based Diagram drawing in Haskell (Idea based on ditaa) (gpl, graphics, program)2017-05-
dingo-example10.01Dingo Example (mit, program, web)2012-02-060.2.0BardurArantsson
diohsc232.00Gemini client (browser, gpl, program)2023-08-
diplomacy-server10.01Play Diplomacy over HTTP (bsd3, program, unclassified)2015-08-
directory-contents12.00Recursively build, navigate, and operate on a tree of directory contents. (bsd3, library, program, system)2022-01-
direm00.00Deletes a directory and retains its contents in the parent directory (gpl, program, tool)2019-04-
disco30.00Functional programming language for teaching discrete math. (bsd3, language, library, program)2022-03-120.1.5BrentYorgey
discord-haskell1002.52Write bots for Discord in Haskell (library, mit, network, program)2023-09-131.16.0Aquarial, yutotakano, annwan, BenjaminMcRae
discord-haskell-voice32.00Voice support for discord-haskell. (discord, library, mit, network, program, udp)2022-07-032.3.1yutotakano
discord-register50.00Discord verification bot (library, mpl, program, web)2021-06-020.0.2HughSipiere
dist-upload20.01Generate/Upload cabal package to Hackage. (distribution, gpl, library, program)2010-11-240.0.4AndyStewart
distributed-closure122.07Serializable closures for distributed programming. (bsd3, control, library, program)2019-12-, FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug
distributed-process-p2p90.03Peer-to-peer node discovery for Cloud Haskell (bsd3, library, network, program)2018-12-
distribution-opensuse140.00Types, functions, and tools to manipulate the openSUSE distribution (bsd3, distribution, library, program)2023-03-301.1.4PeterSimons
diversity210.03Quantify the diversity of a population (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2017-09-
dixi50.00A wiki implemented with a firm theoretical foundation. (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-11-
djinn40.01Generate Haskell code from a type (bsd3, program, source-tools)2014-09-072014.9.7LennartAugustsson
dl-fedora450.00Fedora image download tool (gpl, program, utility)2023-09-151.0JensPetersen
dmcc10.00AVAYA DMCC API bindings and WebSockets server for AVAYA (bsd3, library, network, program)2020-02-
dmenu-pkill30.01dmenu script for killing applications. Sortable by process id or CPU/MEM usage. (bsd3, program, system)2017-01-
dmenu-pmount20.01Mounting and unmounting linux devices as user with dmenu and pmount. (bsd3, program, system)2017-01-
dmenu-search20.01dmenu script for searching the web with customizable search engines. (bsd3, program, system)2017-01-
dnf-repo30.00DNF wrapper tool to control repos (bsd3, program, utility)2023-07-020.5.5JensPetersen
dnscache00.02Caching DNS resolver library and mass DNS resolver utility (bsd3, library, network, program)2012-01-031.1.0ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
dobutokO-poetry10.00Helps to order the 7 or less Ukrainian words to obtain somewhat suitable for poetry or music text (Ukrainian, game, language, library, mit, phonetic-languages, poetry, program, uniqueness)2020-09-
dobutokO260.02Helps to create experimental music from a file (or its part) and a Ukrainian text. (Ukrainian, algorithmic-composition, language, library, mit, music, program, rhythm, sound, sox, timbre, tonality)2020-08-
doc-review30.01Document review Web application, like (bsd3, program, web)2010-12-060.7.1JoshHoyt
doccheck10.01Checks Haddock comments for pitfalls and version changes. (documentation, gpl, program)2013-08-
docidx50.01Generate an HTML index of installed Haskell packages and their documentation. (bsd3, documentation, program)2012-12-061.1.0AndyGimblett
docker-build-cacher120.00Builds a docker image and caches all of its intermediate stages (bsd3, library, operations, program)2018-09-122.1.1lorenzo
dockercook20.01A build tool for multiple docker image layers (development, library, mit, program)2016-09-
doctest4382.7514Test interactive Haskell examples (library, mit, program, testing)2023-09-050.22.1AndreasAbel, KazuYamamoto, SimonHengel, SoenkeHahn, jkarni, ryanglscott, quasicomputational
doctest-discover180.01Easy way to run doctests via cabal (library, program, public-domain, testing)2018-07-
doctest-discover-configurator (deprecated)20.01Easy way to run doctests via cabal (no aeson dependency, uses configurator instead) (deprecated, library, program, public-domain, testing)2014-12-
doctest-driver-gen320.00Generate driver file for doctest's cabal integration (bsd3, library, program, testing)2023-03-310.3.0.7Hexirp
doctest-extract120.00Alternative doctest implementation that extracts comments to modules (bsd3, program, testing)2023-07-
docusign-example12.01DocuSign examples (bsd3, business, program)2018-10-
docvim70.00Documentation generator for Vim plug-ins (development, library, mit, program)2016-06-
doi20.01Automatic Bibtex and fulltext of scientific articles (database, library, mit, program)2017-01-220.0.2johannesgerer
dominion40.01A simulator for the board game Dominion. (bsd3, game, library, program, simulation)2016-12-
dot-linker10.00Initial project template from stack (bsd3, library, program, util)2016-06-
dot2graphml50.01Converter from GraphViz .dot format to yEd GraphML (bsd3, graphics, program)2014-09-
dotenv740.05Loads environment variables from dotenv files (configuration, library, mit, program)2023-07-, jpvillaisaza, stackbuilders, sestrella, camm, dbalseiro
dotfs00.01Filesystem to manage and parse dotfiles (bsd3, library, program, system)2012-04-
dovin00.00A proof assistant for Magic: The Gathering puzzles. (bsd3, games, library, program)2021-01-023.0.1xaviershay
dow10.01Dungeons of Wor (bsd3, frp, game, program, reactivity)2016-06-190.2.6GergelyPatai
download-media-content10.01Simple tool to download images from RSS feeds (e.g. Flickr, Picasa) (application, bsd3, program)2011-08-
dph-examples10.01Data Parallel Haskell example programs. (bsd3, data-structures, program)2012-10-
dprox20.00a lightweight DNS proxy server, compatible with dnsmasq-china-list (bsd3, dns, program)2023-06-040.4.2BinJin
dr-cabal20.00See README for more info (development, library, mpl, profiling, program)2022-11-
drama51.50Actor library for Haskell (bsd3, concurrency, library, program)2022-07-
draw-poker00.00playing draw poker (bsd3, game, library, program)2015-07-
dresdner-verkehrsbetriebe00.01Library and program for querying DVB (Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG) (library, mit, network, program)2016-11-301.0.0meoblast001
dropbox (deprecated)100.00Dropbox API client (api, deprecated, library, mit, program)2020-10-230.0.4
dropsolve (deprecated in favor of confsolve)20.01A command line tool for resolving dropbox conflicts. Deprecated! Please use confsolve. (bsd3, deprecated, program, utils)2011-12-
dsh-sql10.00SQL backend for Database Supported Haskell (DSH) (bsd3, database, library, program)2015-06-
dsmc-tools10.01DSMC toolkit for rarefied gas dynamics (bsd3, physics, program)2012-11-
dtab30.01Harmonix (Guitar Hero, Rock Band) DTA/DTB metadata library (bsd3, data, library, program)2021-02-231.2mtolly
dual-game02.01Network multiplayer 2D shooting game (game, mit, program)2018-03-300.1.0.1fgaz
duckling40.00A Haskell library for parsing text into structured data. (bsd3, library, program, systems)2021-04-, JonCoens, chessai, haoxuany
duet00.00A tiny language, a subset of Haskell (with type classes) aimed at aiding teachers to teach Haskell (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2019-11-180.0.2ChrisDone
duplo (deprecated)90.01Frontend development build tool (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2015-02-241.8.1kenhkan
dustme10.00Initial project template from stack (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-06-
dvault00.00Dead simple password manager (mit, program, unclassified)2019-05-
dwarfadt50.01High-level wrapper around the dwarf library (bsd3, development, library, program)2018-03-180.6EyalLotem
dynamic-pipeline40.00Library Type Safe implementation of Dynamic Pipeline Paradigm (DPP). (bsd3, data, data-flow, library, parallel, pipes, program, streaming, type-safe)2021-08-
dzen-dhall10.00Configure dzen2 bars in Dhall language (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2020-02-181.0.2klntsky
earclipper02.01Ear Clipping Triangulation (graphics, library, mit, program)2017-02-
early20.00Early return syntax in do-notation (GHC plugin) (bsd3, development, library, program)2021-01-060.0.0ChrisDone
ebird-cli32.00A command-line utility for interacting with the eBird API. (library, mit, program, web)2023-09-
ebml00.00A pure EBML parser (bsd3, codec, library, program)2023-01-
ebnf-bff10.00Parser combinators & EBNF, BFFs! (ebnf, library, metalanguage, mit, parsing, program, text)2015-09-
ec2-unikernel20.01A handy tool for uploading unikernels to Amazon's EC2. (aws, bsd3, program, unikernel)2018-08-270.9.8AdamWick
ecma26220.03A ECMA-262 interpreter library (bsd2, language, library, program)2014-12-120.0.0FabianBergmark
ecta92.01 (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2022-07-
ecu160.01Tools for automotive ECU development. (bsd3, embedded, program, utils)2010-11-240.0.8TomHawkins
eddie50.01Command line file filtering with haskell (bsd3, cli-tool, program)2015-05-271.0.0MikeMeyer
ede1040.05Templating language with similar syntax and features to Liquid or Jinja2. (library, mpl, program, template, text, web)2022-03-
edentv10.01A Tool to Visualize Parallel Functional Program Executions (development, eden, gpl, profiling, program, trace)2015-01-224.10.0MischaDieterle, JostBerthold, horstmeyer
edge60.01Top view space combat arcade game (game, gpl, program)2016-09-, infrared
edit-lenses-demo20.01Programs demoing the use of symmetric, stateful edit lenses (bsd3, data, program)2016-07-240.1.1DanielWagner
editor-open110.01Open the user's $VISUAL or $EDITOR for text input. (apache, library, program, text)2015-05-
editpipe20.01Edit stdin using an editor before sending to stdout. (bsd3, editor, program)2016-03-
eflint40.00Simulation interpreter for FLINT policy descriptions (bsd3, language, library, program)2023-04-
egison792.02Programming language with non-linear pattern-matching against non-free data (compilers-interpreters, library, mit, program)2021-12-184.1.3SatoshiEgi, momohatt
egison-tutorial30.01A tutorial program for the Egison programming language (compilers-interpreters, mit, program)2021-12-184.1.3SatoshiEgi, momohatt
ehaskell30.01like eruby, ehaskell is embedded haskell. (program, text)2008-12-070.7YoshikuniJujo
eio20.00IO with Exceptions tracked on the type-level (exceptions, io, library, mpl, program, qualifieddo)2021-03-
elerea-examples20.01Example applications for Elerea (bsd3, frp, program, reactivity)2016-06-192.9.0GergelyPatai
elision10.00Arrows with holes. (bsd2, control, library, program)2016-02-
elm-compiler (deprecated)32.03Values to help with elm-package, elm-make, and (bsd3, compiler, deprecated, language, library, program)2015-04-200.15EvanCzaplicki
elm-get (deprecated in favor of elm-package)20.01Tool for sharing and using Elm libraries (bsd3, deprecated, language, library, program)2014-09-220.1.3EvanCzaplicki
elm-init62.01Set up basic structure for an elm project (development, mit, program)2016-09-101.0.5justus
elm-make (deprecated)10.01A build tool for Elm projects (bsd3, build-tool, deprecated, program)2015-04-200.1.2EvanCzaplicki
elm-package (deprecated)120.01Package manager for Elm libraries (bsd3, deprecated, language, library, program)2015-04-200.5EvanCzaplicki
elm-reactor (deprecated)30.01Interactive development tool for Elm programs (bsd3, compiler, deprecated, language, program)2015-04-200.3.1EvanCzaplicki
elm-repl (deprecated)10.01a REPL for Elm (bsd3, deprecated, program, tool)2015-04-200.4.1EvanCzaplicki
elm-server (deprecated in favor of elm-reactor)70.01Server for developing Elm projects (bsd3, compiler, deprecated, language, program)2014-05-
elm-street180.00Crossing the road between Haskell and Elm (compiler, elm, language, library, mpl, program)2023-08-, HolmuskTechTeam
elm-websocket20.00Generate ELM code from a Wai websocket application. (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-11-011.0rhyskeepence
elm2nix150.00Turn your Elm project into buildable Nix project (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2022-09-060.3.0domenkozar
elocrypt100.01Generate easy-to-remember, hard-to-guess passwords (cryptography, library, program)2019-12-162.1.0sgillespie
elsa40.00A tiny language for understanding the lambda-calculus (language, library, mit, program)2022-09-
elynx190.00Validate and (optionally) redo ELynx analyses (bioinformatics, gpl, program)2023-06-
email-validator50.01Perform basic syntax and deliverability checks on email addresses. (agpl, program, utils)2022-08-281.0.1MichaelOrlitzky
emanote210.00Emanate a structured view of your plain-text notes (agpl, library, program, web)2023-08-
embeddock30.02Embed the values in scope in the haddock documentation of the module (bsd3, documentation, library, program)2013-06-
embroidery10.01support for embroidery formats in haskell (codec, gpl, library, program)2011-07-310.1JimSnavely
emoji152.01emoji utility (bsd3, library, program, unicode)2018-01-
eng-stemmer00.00An English language stemmer (Porter2) (bsd3, library, nlp, program, stemming)2018-01-
entangle10.00An application (and library) to convert quipper circuits into Qpmc models. (library, mit, program, unclassified)2017-01-060.1.1miniBill
enum-text-rio20.01Making fmt available with rio (bsd3, control, library, program)2019-07-
enumerate10.01enumerate all the values in a finite type (automatically) (data, library, mit, program)2017-05-020.2.2sboo
enumerate-function30.00simple package for inverting functions and testing totality, via brute enumeration of the domain (bsd3, library, program, todo)2017-05-020.0.1sboo
envstatus50.00Display efficiently the state of the local environment (development, library, mit, program)2018-10-281.0.2gbataille
epic80.03Compiler for a simple functional language (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, library, program)2015-03-, EdwinBrady
epub (deprecated in favor of epub-metadata)30.02EPUB E-Book construction support library (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, text)2012-06-230.0.7RadoslavDorcik
epub-metadata370.01Library for parsing epub document metadata (codec, library, program, text)2023-08-095.2DinoMorelli
epub-tools270.01Command line utilities for working with epub files (application, console, program)2023-09-063.1DinoMorelli
epubname (deprecated in favor of epub-tools)30.01Rename epub ebook files based on meta information (application, bsd3, console, deprecated, program)2011-02-222.3.2DinoMorelli
equal-files80.01Shell command for finding equal files (console, program)2023-01-
erd210.01An entity-relationship diagram generator from a plain text description. (database, development, program, public-domain)2020-02-, mmzx
eros-client10.01DEPRECATED in favor of eros-http (bsd3, program, text)2014-07-
eros-http20.01JSON HTTP interface to Eros. (bsd3, program, text)2014-07-
errata110.02Source code error pretty printing (library, mit, pretty-printer, program)2023-07-
ersaconcat10.01A script to concatenate AIP ERSA (aviation, bsd3, library, program)2016-09-170.0.1TonyMorris
ert30.01Easy Runtime Templates (gpl, library, program, text)2015-04-300.0.2.1kayo
escaped30.00Produce Text with terminal escape sequences (library, mit, program, text)2018-11-
escoger10.00Terminal fuzzy selector (library, mit, program, tools)2018-03-
esotericbot50.01Esotericbot is a sophisticated, lightweight IRC bot. (bsd3, library, program, web)2009-06-230.0.6JohnnyMorrice
essence-of-live-coding120.06General purpose live coding framework (bsd3, frp, library, live-coding, program)2022-12-190.2.7turion
essence-of-live-coding-gloss-example (deprecated)20.00General purpose live coding framework - Gloss example (bsd3, deprecated, frp, live-coding, program)2021-04-080.2.5turion
essence-of-live-coding-pulse-example (deprecated)30.00General purpose live coding framework - pulse backend example (bsd3, deprecated, frp, live-coding, program)2020-09-110.2.4turion
estreps20.01Repeats from ESTs (bioinformatics, program)2009-10-070.3.1GwernBranwen, KetilMalde
ethereum-analyzer-cli160.00A CLI frontend for ethereum-analyzer. (apache, cli, ethereum, library, program, static-analysis)2017-12-253.3.4zchn
ethereum-analyzer-webui60.00A web frontend for ethereum-analyzer (apache, ethereum, library, program, static-analysis, web)2017-12-253.3.4zchn
ethereum-client-haskell110.01A Haskell version of an Ethereum client (bsd3, data-structures, program)2015-01-020.0.4jamshid
ety20.01Random etymology online entry. (bsd3, library, program, web)2012-02-150.1ChrisDone
eve-cli30.00 (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2018-04-
event-transformer (deprecated)30.00Initial project template from stack (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, program)2016-10-
eventlog2html320.01Visualise an eventlog (bsd3, development, library, program)2023-03-310.10.0mpickering
eventsourced10.00Server-Sent Events the UNIX way (library, mit, network, program)2016-05-
ewe10.01An interpreter for EWE programming language (bsd3, language, program)2019-02-
example-haskell-project10.00Example Haskell Project (bsd3, example, library, program)2020-04-
execs00.00Tool to run stack exec prj-exe more easy (library, mit, program, utils)2016-08-
executable-hash90.01Provides the SHA1 hash of the program executable (library, mit, program, system)2017-01-, MichaelSnoyman
exherbo-cabal10.00Exheres generator for cabal packages (distribution, gpl, library, program)2017-02-
exp-cache00.00 (library, mit, program, unclassified)2018-10-
explain10.01Show how expressions are parsed (language, mit, program)2014-01-
explore10.01Experimental Plot data Reconstructor (bsd3, graphics, program)2010-03-
expresso20.00A simple expressions language based on row types (bsd3, configuration, library, program)2020-04-
extemp10.01automated printing for extemp speakers (bsd3, program, web)2010-10-050.0.1SamAnklesaria
extensible-effects-concurrent482.00Message passing concurrency as extensible-effect (bsd3, concurrency, control, effect, library, program)2020-12-162.0.0SvenHeyll
extensioneer50.00Inspect extensions in cabal and hpack files (cli, mit, program)2022-04-
extism-pdk00.00Extism Plugin Development Kit (bsd3, library, plugins, program, wasm)2023-09-
extract-dependencies30.01Given a hackage package outputs the list of its dependencies. (development, library, mit, program)2016-05-310.2.0.1yamadapc
extractelf20.01Extract an ELF's metadata and sections into files (bsd3, development, program)2013-09-
f-ree-hack-cheats-free-v-bucks-generator (deprecated)10.01Spam (bsd3, deprecated, program, spam)2018-09-170.2
factor40.00Factoring integers and polynomials (library, mit, number-theory, program)2022-06-151.6JoeHurd
factory50.05Rational arithmetic in an irrational world. (gpl, library, math, number-theory, program)2021-08-, LennartAugustsson
faktory230.00Faktory Worker for Haskell (library, mit, network, program)2023-07-, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, FreckleEngineering
falling-turnip10.01Falling sand game/cellular automata simulation using regular parallel arrays. (bsd3, game, program)2012-11-
fallingblocks10.01A fun falling blocks game. (game, program)2009-03-290.1.4BenSanders
fast-tags250.01Fast incremental vi and emacs tags. (bsd3, development, haskell, library, program)2022-06-272.0.2EvanLaforge, SergeyVinokurov
fastcdc00.00An implementation of FastCDC, a content-defined chunking algorithm based on the Gear hash rolling hash algorithm (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2022-09-290.0.0gkleen
fay170.013A compiler for Fay, a Haskell subset that compiles to JavaScript. (bsd3, development, fay, library, program, web)2021-01-, ChrisDone, swamp_agr
fbmessenger-api30.00High-level bindings to Facebook Messenger Platform API (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-11-
fbrnch50.00Fedora packager tool to build package branches (distribution, gpl, program)2023-05-301.3.2JensPetersen
fcd10.01A faster way to navigate directories using the command line. (library, mit, program, utility)2014-10-
fcf-containers50.02Data structures and algorithms for first-class-families (bsd3, library, other, program)2023-04-150.8.2gspia
fcg10.01TBA (bsd3, database, program)2018-02-260.0.0chessai
fcm-client40.00Admin API for Firebase Cloud Messaging (bsd3, fcm, json, library, program)2019-09-, HolmuskTechTeam
fdo-trash20.01Utilities related to freedesktop Trash standard. (bsd3, desktop, library, program)2012-12-
fedora-composes10.00Query Fedora composes (bsd3, program, utility)2022-08-110.1JensPetersen
fedora-haskell-tools140.01Building and maintenance tools for Fedora Haskell (distribution, gpl, program)2022-01-221.0JensPetersen
fedora-img-dl (deprecated in favor of dl-fedora)60.00Fedora image download tool (deprecated, gpl, program, utility)2019-06-030.4JensPetersen
fedora-repoquery40.00Fedora repoquery tool (gpl, program, utility)2023-05-120.2JensPetersen
fee-estimate10.00Short description of your package (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2017-12-
feed-cli20.01A simple command line interface for creating and updating feeds like RSS (bsd3, program, text, web)2009-07-052009.7.5IsaacJones
feed-gipeda30.00CI service around gipeda (benchmarking, bsd3, library, program)2016-10-310.3.0.1sgraf812
feed-translator20.01Translate syndication feeds (agpl, program, web)2015-09-
feed2lj (deprecated)10.01(unsupported) (bsd3, deprecated, program, unclassified)2011-02-
feed2twitter00.01Send posts from a feed to Twitter (bsd3, library, program, web)2009-05-210.2.0TomLokhorst
feedback30.00Declarative feedback loop manager (gpl, library, program, unclassified)2022-11-
fei-base10.05FFI to MXNet (ai, bsd3, library, machine-learning, program)2020-12-201.0.0JiasenWu
fei-cocoapi10.01Cocodataset with cocoapi (ai, bsd3, library, machine-learning, program)2020-12-201.0.0JiasenWu
fei-dataiter (deprecated in favor of fei-nn)20.01mxnet dataiters (ai, bsd3, deprecated, library, machine-learning, program)2019-09-
fei-datasets10.00Some datasets (ai, bsd3, library, machine-learning, program)2020-12-201.0.0JiasenWu
fei-examples20.00fei examples (ai, bsd3, machine-learning, program)2020-12-201.0.0JiasenWu
fen2s10.01Converting a chess position from FEN notation to text (game, library, mit, program)2015-05-131.2JoeHurd
fenfire10.01Graph-based notetaking system (program, user-interfaces)2007-02-130.1BenjaFallenstein
festung20.00Remote multi-db SQLCipher server (concurrency, library, mit, program)2018-06-
ffeed20.01Haskell binding to the FriendFeed API (bsd3, library, program, web)2008-11-230.3.2SigbjornFinne
ffmpeg-tutorials00.01Tutorials on ffmpeg usage to play video/audio (bsd3, media, program)2009-10-270.3.3VasylPasternak
fibon60.01Tools for running and analyzing Haskell benchmarks (benchmarking, bsd3, program)2010-11-090.2.0DavidPeixotto
ficketed10.01update statically hosted file in a push stule through socketed (mit, program, web)2017-04-
file-modules110.01Takes a Haskell source-code file and outputs its modules. (development, library, mit, program)2016-08-
file-templates20.01Use templates for files and directories (bsd3, cli, program, template)2017-07-
filter-logger90.00Filterable request logging wai middleware. Change how data is logged and when. (library, mit, program, web)2017-07-
find-clumpiness30.01Find the clumpiness of labels in a tree (gpl, library, math, program)2019-01-
find-conduit (deprecated in favor of pipes-files, conduit-find)20.01A file-finding conduit that allows user control over traversals. (deprecated, library, mit, program, system)2015-07-110.4.4JohnWiegley
findhttp00.00List http/html files (gpl, program, utility)2022-10-190.1.1JensPetersen
firefly-example00.01A simple example using Firefly (bsd3, program, web)2017-09-
firstify20.01Defunctionalisation for Yhc Core (bsd3, development, library, program)2008-04-030.1NeilMitchell
fishfood50.01Calculates file-size frequency-distribution. (library, program, utils)2020-08-
fits-parse460.00Parse FITS files (bsd2, library, program, science)2023-09-270.3.5krakrjak
fix-imports70.01Program to manage the imports of a haskell module (bsd3, editor, haskell, ide, program)2023-04-062.4.0EvanLaforge
fix-whitespace360.00Fixes whitespace issues. (library, mit, program, text)2023-08-070.1AndreasAbel, AndresSicardRamirez, NilsAndersDanielsson, UlfNorell, LTChen
fixedwidth-hs20.01Quick parsing of fixed-width data formats. (library, mit, program, text)2015-05-
fixhs10.01FIX (co)parser (lgpl, library, parsing, program, protocol, text)2012-07-110.1.4ArvinMoezzi
fizzbuzz-as-a-service01.251FizzBuzz as a service (apache, network-apis, program)2018-09-
flaccuraterip100.01Verify FLAC files ripped form CD using AccurateRip™ (gpl, program, sound)2020-06-100.3.9NicolaSquartini
flamingra50.01FlameGraphs of profiling (bsd3, development, library, program)2016-06-190.2AntonNikishaev
flashblast00.00Generate language learning flashcards from video. (library, mit, program, unclassified)2020-11-
flat-tex40.01flatten a latex multi-file latex document and remove all comments (gpl, program, text)2022-03-250.8.0JohannesWaldmann
flexible-unlit20.01A configurable reimplementation of unlit (bsd3, development, library, program)2013-11-100.2013.314.0StijnVanDrongelen
flickr10.01Haskell binding to the Flickr API (bsd3, library, program, web)2009-01-030.3.3SigbjornFinne
flip-cmd10.01e.g. `flip systemctl foo.service start` does `systemctl start foo.service` (mit, program, simple)2018-02-
flo50.01Generate flow charts from your code base. (bsd3, development, library, program)2015-09-140.1.1ChrisDone
floskell1932.01A flexible Haskell source code pretty printer (bsd3, development, library, program)2023-10-010.11.0ecramer
flow2dot10.01Library and binary to generate sequence/flow diagrams from plain text source (bsd3, console, library, program, tool)2020-06-160.9.2DmitryAstapov
flowdock-api00.01API integration with Flowdock. (library, mit, network, program)2013-11-
flower10.01Analyze 454 flowgrams (.SFF files) (bioinformatics, program)2013-09-190.7.2KetilMalde
flowsim170.01Simulate 454 pyrosequencing (bioinformatics, gpl, program)2013-11-190.3.5KetilMalde
flp20.00A layout spec language for memory managers implemented in Rust. (compiler, library, mit, program)2020-01-
fltkhs82.03FLTK bindings (graphics, gui, library, mit, program, ui, user-interfaces)2020-02-
fltkhs-demos (deprecated)10.01FLTKHS demos. Please scroll to the bottom for more information. (deprecated, graphics, mit, program, ui)2016-02-
fltkhs-fluid-demos (deprecated)10.01Fltkhs Fluid Demos (deprecated, graphics, mit, program, ui)2016-02-
fltkhs-fluid-examples (deprecated in favor of fltkhs-fluid-demos)20.01Fltkhs Fluid Examples (deprecated, graphics, mit, program, ui)2016-01-
fltkhs-hello-world10.01Fltkhs template project (graphics, mit, program, ui)2016-01-
fluffy12.01A simple web application as a online practice website for XDU SE 2017 fall SPM. (gpl, program, web)2017-11-
fmark10.01A Friendly Markup language without syntax. (bsd3, program, typography)2012-09-180.1.1JoseLopes
folgerhs20.00Toolset for Folger Shakespeare Library's XML annotated plays (gpl, library, program, text)2018-01-
follow10.00Haskell library to follow content published on any subject. (lgpl, library, program, web)2018-09-
follow-file70.00Be notified when a file gets appended, solely with what was added. Warning - only works on linux and for files that are strictly appended, like log files. (bsd3, filesystem, library, program)2018-11-270.0.3athanclark
follower10.01Follow Tweets anonymously (application, console, gpl, program, web)2011-01-230.0.1EmreBasar
font-opengl-basic4x610.01Basic4x6 font for OpenGL (graphics, library, program, public-domain)2012-06-040.0.3BrianLewis
fontconfig-pure40.01Pure-functional language bindings to FontConfig (library, mit, program, text)2023-10-
foo20.01Paper soccer, an OpenGL game. (game, program)2008-08-161.0DonaldStewart
foobar (deprecated)10.00Initial project template from stack (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, web)2016-06-
fordo20.01Run a command on files with magic substituion support (sequencing and regexp) (program, utils)2010-11-220.1ChengqiSong
forest-fire10.00Recursively delete CloudFormation stacks and their dependants (bsd3, library, program, silly-tool)2017-12-270.3toothbrush
forex2ledger02.00Print Forex quotes in Ledger format (agpl, finance, library, program)2021-07-
forger (deprecated)30.00Library for generating fake placeholder data (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, text)2015-04-
formal20.01A statically typed, functional programming language (compiler, mit, program)2012-11-120.1.0AndrewStein
format-status00.01A utility for writing the date to dzen2. (mit, program, unclassified)2014-06-
forml30.01A statically typed, functional programming language (compiler, mit, program)2013-01-140.2AndrewStein
formura00.00Formura is a simple language to describe stencil computation. (language, library, mit, program)2015-12-041.0TakayukiMuranushi
fortran-src130.03Parsers and analyses for Fortran standards 66, 77, 90, 95 and 2003 (partial). (apache, language, library, program)2023-06-220.15.1DominicOrchard, mdanish, madgen, raehik
fortran-src-extras20.01Common functions and utils for fortran-src. (apache, language, library, program)2023-05-040.5.0raehik
fortran-vars40.00Fortran memory model and other static analysis tools. (apache, language, library, program)2023-06-220.4.0raehik
foscam-sort20.01Foscam File format (bsd3, data, file, library, parsing, program)2016-11-260.0.3TonyMorris
fourmolu3951.251A formatter for Haskell source code (bsd3, development, formatting, library, program)2023-09-, brandonchinn178, GeorgeThomas
fptest30.01IEEE754r floating point conformance tests (bsd3, math, program)2018-11-
fquery00.01Installed package query tool for Gentoo Linux (gentoo, program)2016-05-080.2.3SergeiTrofimovich
fractal00.01Draw Newton, Julia and Mandelbrot fractals (bsd3, graphics, program)2009-06-170.0.1MaxRabkin
frag30.01A 3-D First Person Shooter Game (game, program)2008-10-111.1.2DonaldStewart, GwernBranwen
frame20.02A simple web framework. (bsd3, library, program, web)2010-05-300.1AdamDunkley
franz10.00Append-only database (bsd3, database, library, program)2022-01-140.5.3FumiakiKinoshita
frecently20.00CLI frecency history (bsd3, command-line-tools, program)2022-06-071.0jonascarpay
free-er20.00An extensible effects library (bsd3, control, effect, library, program)2017-10-
free-theorems-counterexamples00.01Automatically Generating Counterexamples to Naive Free Theorems (language, library, program, public-domain)2013-02-, JanisVoigtlaender
free-theorems-seq-webui00.01Taming Selective Strictness (language, program, public-domain)2011-03-301.0.0.2DanielSeidel, JanisVoigtlaender
free-theorems-webui00.01CGI-based web interface for the free-theorems package. (language, program, public-domain)2013-02-, JanisVoigtlaender, MatthiasBartsch
free-v-bucks-generator-no-survey (deprecated)00.01Spam (bsd3, deprecated, program, spam)2018-09-170.3
free-v-bucks-generator-ps4-no-survey (deprecated)20.01Spam (bsd3, deprecated, music, program, sound)2018-09-170.2
free-vl110.00van Laarhoven encoded Free Monad with Extensible Effects (bsd3, control, library, monads, program)2016-02-100.1.4aaronlevin
freekick200.01A soccer game (game, program)2011-06-250.1.2AnttiSalonen
freer132.250Implementation of the Freer Monad (bsd3, control, library, program)2016-11-
freer-effects42.02Implementation of effect system for Haskell. (bsd3, control, library, program)2017-04-, PeterTrsko, TomasJanousek
freer-simple512.010A friendly effect system for Haskell. (bsd3, control, library, program)2022-01-
freesect50.01A Haskell syntax extension for generalised sections (bsd3, language, program)2012-03-210.8AndrewSeniuk
fregel20.00A functional DSL for vertex-centric large-scale graph processing (language, mit, program)2023-07-201.2.0KentoEmoto
friendly12.01Attempt to pretty-print any input (bsd3, development, program)2021-01-
fromhtml50.00Simple adapter for transformation of HTML to other formats (library, mit, program, text)2020-01-141.0.4MarekSuchanek
frotate20.00Advanced rotation of backups and other things (math, program, system)2019-08-310.1.1ip1981
frown20.01LALR(k) parser generator (program, unclassified)2016-03-
frpnow-vty10.00Program terminal applications with vty and frpnow! (control, gpl, library, program)2018-03-
frquotes10.01Lexical extension for Quasi-Quotations using French-Quotes (bsd3, library, program, text)2011-10-130.2.1NicolasPouillard
fst20.02Finite state transducers (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, library, program)2015-04-, JohnCamilleri, ThomasHallgren
fswait10.01Wait and observe events on the filesystem for a path, with a timeout (bsd3, program, tools)2017-06-281.1.0ParnellSpringmeyer
fswatch30.01File System watching tool with cli and slave functionalities. (bsd3, filesystem, library, program)2018-12-
fswatcher130.01Watch a file/directory and run a command when it's modified (bsd3, program, tools)2021-02-030.3.0ErlendHamberg
ft-generator20.00implementation accompanying a WFLP'19 paper (language, program)2019-08-291.0.1JanisVoigtlaender
ftshell10.01Shell interface to the FreeTheorems library. (language, program, public-domain, source-tools)2010-10-, JoachimBreitner, MatthiasBartsch
fudgets70.00The Fudgets Library (concurrency, gui, library, network, program)2023-06-270.18.4ThomasHallgren
fullstop60.02Simple sentence segmenter (bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, program)2014-08-210.1.4EricKow, RoganCreswick
funbot40.01IRC bot for fun, learning, creativity and collaboration. (irc, network, program, public-domain)2016-01-270.5akrasner
funbot-git-hook20.01Git hook which sends events to FunBot. (network, program, public-domain, web)2015-09-270.1akrasner
funcons-intgen10.00Generate Funcons interpreters from CBS description files (compilers, mit, program)2018-11-
funcons-lambda-cbv-mp00.01call-by-value lambda-calculus with meta-programming (bsd3, language, program)2018-07-
funcons-simple00.01A modular interpreter for executing SIMPLE funcons (compilers-interpreters, mit, program)2018-12-
funcons-tools82.00A modular interpreter for executing funcons (compilers-interpreters, library, mit, program)2023-04-
funflow82.02Workflows with arrows (control, library, mit, program)2020-03-091.6.0nclarke
funion10.01A unioning file-system using HFuse (bsd3, program, system)2010-04-060.0.2NathanWiegand
funsat50.02A modern DPLL-style SAT solver (algorithms, bsd3, library, program)2011-02-270.6.2DenisBueno
futhark1032.251An optimising compiler for a functional, array-oriented language. (futhark, library, program)2023-09-210.25.5TroelsHenriksen
futhask12.00Generate Haskell wrappers for Futhark libraries (bsd3, ffi-tools, library, program)2022-09-230.2.0GustenIsfeldt
futun20.01Simple IP-over-UDP tunnel using TUNTAP (gpl, network, program, system)2013-05-
fuzzyfind80.00Fuzzy text matching (library, mit, program, text)2023-05-203.0.1runar
fuzzytime130.01A 'ten past six' style clock (library, program, utils)2016-12-060.7.8KamilStachowski
g-npm10.01Generate Gentoo ebuilds from NodeJS/npm packages. (mit, program, tools)2013-08-010.1.0JesusRivero
g230.01Haskell symbolic execution engine. (bsd3, formal-methods, library, program, symbolic-computation)2019-06-300.1.0.1WilliamHallahan
g4ip-prover00.01Theorem prover for intuitionistic propositional logic using G4ip (library, logic, mit, program)2018-12-
gact10.01General Alignment Clustering Tool (bioinformatics, program)2012-03-260.2KetilMalde
game-of-life10.01Conway's Game of Life (mit, program, unclassified)2016-10-
gameclock60.01Game clock that shows two analog clock faces (game, program)2008-09-121.0.4AbramClark
gamgee10.00Tool for generating TOTP MFA tokens. (authentication, command-line, library, mpl, program)2021-04-141.2.2rkaippully
garepinoh10.01reverse prefix notation calculator and calculation library (console, library, math, program, public-domain, tools)2014-01-
gargoyle-postgresql142.02Manage PostgreSQL servers with gargoyle (bsd3, library, postgresql, program)2022-07-, abrar
gargoyle-postgresql-nix160.01Manage PostgreSQL servers with gargoyle and nix (bsd3, library, program, system)2022-07-
gbs-downloader40.00A library for downloading data from a Great Black Swamp server (bsd3, library, network, program)2023-08-
gcodehs00.00GCode processor (bsd3, library, parsing, program)2020-06-
gdax30.00API Wrapping for Coinbase's GDAX exchange. (library, mit, program, web)2017-10-
gdo10.01recursive atomic build system (distribution, gpl, program)2017-02-230.1.5seppeljordan
gdp112.04Reason about invariants and preconditions with ghosts of departed proofs. (bsd3, library, program, safe)2019-11-
gearbox30.01zooming rotating fractal gears graphics demo (demo, gpl, program)2018-11-
gearhash10.01An implementation of Gear hash, a fast rolling hash algorithm (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2022-09-291.0.0gkleen
geek-server20.01Geek blog engine server (library, program, web)2014-05-191.1JinjingWang
gelatin20.04A graphics description language. (graphics, library, mit, program)2017-11-
gelatin-gl00.02OpenGL rendering routines for the gelatin-picture graphics EDSL. (graphics, library, mit, program)2017-10-
gelatin-sdl200.00An SDL2 backend for the gelatin renderer. (graphics, library, mit, program)2017-10-300.1.1.0SchellScivally
gemini-exports90.00Generate CSV Exports of Your Gemini Trades, Transfers, & Earn Transactions (bsd3, console, finance, library, program, web)2022-04-
gemini-textboard10.00A barebones textboard for the Gemini protocol (bsd3, gemini, program)2021-03-
gen-passwd10.01Create wordlist-based passwords easily (bsd3, cli, program)2017-07-
gender00.01Identify a persons gender by their first name (language, lgpl, library, program)2013-02-
generic-trie102.04A map, where the keys may be complex structured data. (bsd3, data, library, program)2022-10-150.3.2EricMertens, dfeuer
genetics10.01A Genetic Algorithm library (bsd3, machine-learning, program)2013-06-130.0.2AndrewPennebaker
geni-gui80.01GenI graphical user interface (library, natural-language-processing, program)2017-09-230.25.1EricKow
geni-util00.01Companion tools for use with the GenI surface realiser (gpl, library, natural-language-processing, program)2017-10-
geniconvert10.01Conversion utility for the GenI generator (natural-language-processing, program)2009-09-290.20EricKow
geniserver00.02Simple HTTP server for GenI results (library, natural-language-processing, program)2017-09-230.25EricKow
getemx20.01Fetch from emusic using .emx files (bsd3, program, web)2011-05-180.1BenWolfson
gf240.01Grammatical Framework (compiler, library, natural-language-processing, program)2021-08-123.11.0JohnCamilleri, KrasimirAngelov, ThomasHallgren, inariksit
ggtsTC30.01A type checker and runtime system of rCOS/g (impl. of ggts-FCS). (gpl, program, system---)2014-01-290.5brianchon
gh-labeler00.01Github Standard Labeler (bsd3, program, unclassified)2018-03-130.1.0VincentHanquez
gh-pocket-knife20.00Script helpers for interacting with GitHub (bsd3, library, network, program)2016-09-
ghc-core170.01Display GHC's core and assembly output in a pager (bsd3, development, program)2012-11-110.5.6DonaldStewart, ShachafBenKiki
ghc-core-html10.01Core to HTML display (bsd3, development, program)2015-07-040.1.4VincentHanquez
ghc-debug-brick20.00A simple TUI using ghc-debug (bsd3, program, unclassified)2023-06-
ghc-dump-tree20.00Dump GHC's parsed, renamed, and type checked ASTs (bsd3, development, library, program)2016-10-
ghc-dump-util00.00Handy tools for working with ghc-dump dumps (bsd3, development, library, program)2022-04-
ghc-events1170.04Library and tool for parsing .eventlog files from GHC (bsd3, debug, development, ghc, library, profiling, program, trace)2023-04-, MikolajKonarski, MitsutoshiAoe, SimonMarlow
ghc-events-analyze82.01Analyze and visualize event logs (bsd3, development, profiling, program, trace)2020-10-190.2.8BenGamari, EdskoDeVries
ghc-events-parallel30.01Library and tool for parsing .eventlog files from parallel GHC (bsd3, debug, development, eden, ghc, library, profiling, program, trace)2014-07-, JostBerthold, horstmeyer
ghc-gc-tune10.01Graph performance of Haskell programs with different GC flags (bsd3, development, program)2020-07-140.3.2DonaldStewart, ArtemPelenitsyn
ghc-imported-from50.01Find the Haddock documentation for a symbol. (bsd3, development, library, program)2016-06-
ghc-make10.01Accelerated version of ghc --make (bsd3, development, program)2017-11-090.3.3NeilMitchell
ghc-man-completion20.01Generate a bash completion from the GHC manpage (bsd3, development, ghc, program, system, tools)2012-06-
ghc-mod (deprecated)392.755Happy Haskell Hacking (agpl, deprecated, development, ghc, library, program)2017-06-, DanielG
ghc-options00.01Utilities for extracting GHC options needed to compile a given Haskell target. (language, library, mit, program)2015-12-
ghc-parmake20.01A parallel wrapper for 'ghc --make'. (bsd3, development, library, program)2015-12-170.1.9MikhailGlushenkov
ghc-pkg-autofix20.01Simple utility to fix BROKEN package dependencies for cabal-install. (bsd3, development, program)2012-02-
ghc-prof-aeson-flamegraph20.01Turn GHC `-pj` profiling output into FlameGraph format. (bsd3, profiling, program)2018-03-
ghc-prof-flamegraph230.01Generates flamegraphs from GHC .prof files. (mit, program, testing)2021-08-
ghc-session30.00Simplified GHC API (language, library, mit, program)2016-02-, PiotrMlodawski, iamrecursion
ghc-tags100.00Utility for generating ctags and etags with GHC API. (development, mpl, program)2023-06-291.7arybczak
ghc-usage10.01Print minimal export lists (bsd3, development, library, program)2017-03-
ghci-dap1160.02ghci-dap is a GHCi having DAP interface. (bsd3, development, library, program)2023-04-
ghci-haskeline10.01An implementation of ghci using the Haskeline line-input library. (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, program)2010-04-010.2JudahJacobson
ghci-ng30.01Next generation GHCi (bsd3, development, program)2015-11-1610.0.0HerbertValerioRiedel
ghcid1042.56GHCi based bare bones IDE (bsd3, development, library, program)2023-07-020.8.9NeilMitchell
ghcide-bench90.00An LSP client for running performance experiments on HLS (apache, development, library, program)2023-09-
ghcjs-dom-hello180.01GHCJS DOM Hello World, an example package (library, mit, program, web)2017-06-
ghclive20.01Interactive Haskell interpreter in a browser. (application, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, library, program, web)2012-08-
ghcprofview90.00GHC .prof files viewer (bsd3, development, program)2022-06-
ghczdecode10.01Decode Z-encoded strings from GHC (bsd3, development, program)2013-02-
ghostscript-parallel100.00Let Ghostscript render pages in parallel (bsd3, graphics, program)2023-09-160.0HenningThielemann
ght20.01Trivial routines for inspecting git repositories (development, library, program)2011-11-
giak00.01Fuzzy finder for cabal executables (development, mit, program)2016-07-
gibbon50.00A compiler for operating on serialized trees. (bsd3, compiler, program)2021-09-060.1.1ckoparkar
ginsu (deprecated)20.01Ginsu Gale Client (console, deprecated, mit, network, program)2016-08-
gipeda60.01Git Performance Dashboard (development, mit, program)2017-04-
gist20.01A reliable command-line client for (gpl, program, web)2012-04-220.1SimonMichael
git-all10.01Determine which Git repositories need actions to be taken (bsd3, development, program)2018-06-011.6.0JohnWiegley
git-annex1762.01manage files with git, without checking their contents into git (agpl, program, utility)2023-09-2610.20230926JoeyHess
git-brunch222.00git checkout command-line tool (bsd3, git, program)2023-09-
git-checklist10.01Maintain per-branch checklists in Git (desktop, development, program)2014-01-
git-cuk12.00Haskell Git Helper Tool (cli-tool, git, library, mpl, program)2020-07-170.0.1shitiomatic
git-fmt60.01Custom git command for formatting code. (bsd3, development, program)2015-12-
git-freq60.01A Git subcommand to show total addition, deletion per file (bsd3, program, unclassified)2015-10-170.0.3DaisukeFujimura
git-gpush10.01More intelligent push-to-GitHub utility. (bsd3, development, program)2014-09-
git-jump20.01Move a git branch (bsd3, development, program)2015-11-
git-mediate142.01Tool to help resolving git conflicts (development, gpl, program)2023-07-251.0.9EyalLotem
git-monitor50.01Passively snapshots working tree changes efficiently. (bsd3, development, program)2015-09-
git-remote-ipfs00.00Git remote helper to store git objects on IPFS (bsd3, library, network, program)2019-05-
git-repair292.01repairs a damaged git repository (agpl, program, utility)2023-08-141.20230814JoeyHess
git-sanity20.01A sanity checker for your git history. (apache, development, library, program)2014-12-
git-vogue30.01A framework for pre-commit checks. (bsd3, development, library, program)2018-05-, oswynb
gitHUD (deprecated in favor of githud)20.00More efficient replacement to the great git-radar (bsd3, deprecated, development, library, program)2017-03-311.3.7gbataille
gitcache20.01Simple git utility to use and manage clone cache (bsd3, program, tools)2016-10-290.3VincentHanquez
gitdo00.01Create Github issues out of TODO comments in code (mit, program, unclassified)2015-02-
github-backup60.01backs up everything github knows about a repository, to the repository (gpl, program, utility)2020-07-221.20200721JoeyHess
github-release250.00Upload files to GitHub releases. (library, mit, program, utility)2023-06-302.0.0.8fozworth
github-tools10.01Various Github helper utilities. (agpl, development, program)2016-12-110.1.1iphydf
githud50.00Heads up, and you see your GIT context (bsd3, development, library, program)2022-10-233.3.0gbataille
gitignore10.01Apply GitHub .gitignore templates to already existing repositories. (bsd3, development, program)2016-03-031.1RickyElrod
gitit1812.253Wiki using happstack, git or darcs, and pandoc. (library, network, program)2023-07-
givegif10.00CLI Giphy search tool with previews in iTerm 2 (bsd3, console, library, program)2016-04-
glambda52.00A simply typed lambda calculus interpreter, written with GADTs (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, library, program)2017-11-271.0.2RichardEisenberg
glapp (deprecated)10.01An OpenGL micro framework. (deprecated, gpl, graphics, library, program)2014-01-
glazier-react-examples (deprecated)20.01Examples of using glazier-react (bsd3, deprecated, gui, program, web)2017-04-
gli50.00Tiny cli to fetch PR info from gitlab (bsd3, cli, library, program)2017-01-
glintcollider00.01A simple ray tracer in an early stage of development. (bsd3, graphics, program)2011-05-030.0.2ColinHill
glirc242.00Console IRC client (library, network, program)2022-05-312.39.0.1EricMertens
glome-hs00.01ray tracer (graphics, library, program)2010-06-190.61DonaldStewart, JimSnow
gloss-examples210.01Examples using the gloss library (graphics, mit, program)2022-03-, ScottWalck, TrevorMcDonell, danielkroeni
gloss-export00.00Export Gloss pictures to png, bmp, tga, tiff, gif and juicy-pixels-image (graphics, library, mit, program)2021-07-
gloss-juicy142.03Load any image supported by Juicy.Pixels in your gloss application (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2018-08-290.2.3AlpMestanogullari, HugoPacheco
glpk-hs40.06Comprehensive GLPK linear programming bindings (bsd3, library, math, program)2021-01-290.8JeanPhilippeBernardy, LouisWasserman
glsl02.00Parser and optimizer for a small subset of GLSL (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2021-04-
gltf-loader10.00High level GlTF loader (graphics, library, mit, program)2022-11-
glue (deprecated in favor of glue-common, glue-core, glue-ekg, glue-example)20.00Make better services. (bsd3, deprecated, library, network, program)2015-08-240.2.0seanparsons
glue-example20.01Make better services and clients. (bsd3, network, program)2019-03-170.6.3seanparsons
gmndl20.01Mandelbrot Set explorer using GTK (gpl, graphics, program)2017-08-
gnome-desktop00.01Randomly set a picture as the GNOME desktop background (program, utility)2009-06-
gnss-converters100.00GNSS Converters. (bsd3, library, network, program)2018-07-100.3.52peddie, markfine, mookerji
goal-simulation10.00Mealy based simulation tools (bsd3, library, math, program)2015-12-220.1alex404
goatee-gtk00.01A monadic take on a 2,500-year-old board game - GTK+ UI. (agpl, game, library, program)2021-01-250.4.0khumba
gochan20.00Go-style channels (concurrency, library, mit, program)2017-03-210.0.2cstrahan
godot-megaparsec10.00Megaparsec parser for Godot `tscn` and `gdextension` files. (bsd3, library, program)2022-06-
goldplate220.00A lightweight golden test runner (apache, language, program)2023-02-, JasperVanDerJeugt
google-html5-slide20.01Google HTML5 Slide generator (bsd3, program, web)2012-07-182011.0HideyukiTanaka
gopher-proxy102.01proxy gopher over http (gpl, network, program)2021-10-
gopherbot20.01Spidering robot to download files from Gopherspace (network, program)2007-03-070.1.0JohnGoerzen
gore-and-ash-demo10.01Demonstration game for Gore&Ash game engine (bsd3, game, program)2016-11-
gotta-go-fast70.01A command line utility for practicing typing (application, bsd3, program)2022-05-
gotyno-hs20.00A type definition compiler supporting multiple output languages. (bsd2, compiler, library, program)2021-08-051.1.0gonz
gpah10.01Generic Programming Use in Hackage (bsd3, generics, program)2013-12-050.0.2JohanJeuring
gpio10.00Haskell GPIO interface, designed specifically for the RaspberryPi. (bsd3, hardware, library, program)2017-11-
gpmf170.00 (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2023-07-
gps2htmlReport30.01GPS to HTML Summary Report (bsd3, data, library, program)2012-01-290.3.1RobStewart
grafdhall20.00Configure grafana dashboards from Dhall expression (apache, program, system)2022-05-
grammatical-parsers170.03parsers that combine into grammars (bsd3, library, parsing, program, text)2023-06-250.7.1MarioBlazevic
graph-generators32.01Functions for generating structured or random FGL graphs (algorithms, apache, graphs, library, program)2018-06-
graph-rewriting-cl (deprecated in favor of graph-rewriting-trs)30.01Interactive graph rewriting system implementing various well-known combinators (application, bsd3, deprecated, graphs, program)2011-02-070.2.2JanRochel
graph-rewriting-lambdascope200.01Lambdascope, an optimal evaluator of the lambda calculus, as an interactive graph-rewriting system (application, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, program)2017-05-230.5.10JanRochel
graph-rewriting-ski120.01Two evalutors of the SKI combinator calculus as interactive graph rewrite systems (application, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, program)2017-05-230.6.7JanRochel
graph-rewriting-trs100.01Evaluate first-order applicative term rewrite systems interactively using graph reduction (application, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, program)2017-05-230.1.9JanRochel
graph-rewriting-ww110.01Evaluator of the lambda-calculus in an interactive graph rewriting system with explicit sharing (application, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, program)2017-05-230.3.7JanRochel
graph-trace-dot40.00Converts a graph-trace log into a DOT file for use with Graphviz (debug, development, graph, library, mit, plugin, program, tooling)2023-03-
graph-trace-viz30.00Converts a graph-trace log into an HTML document (debug, development, graph, mit, plugin, program, tooling)2023-03-
graphicstools00.01Tools for creating graphical UIs, based on wxHaskell. (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2012-03-130.2.2VilleTirronen
graphmod712.251Present the module dependencies of a program as a "dot" graph. (bsd3, development, library, program)2022-12-
graphmod-plugin10.00A reimplementation of graphmod as a source plugin (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2018-09-
graphql-api72.01GraphQL API (library, program, web)2019-10-150.4.0teh, jml
graphql-client170.00A client for Haskell programs to query a GraphQL API (bsd3, graphql, library, program)2023-06-091.2.2brandonchinn178
graphtype30.01A simple tool to illustrate dependencies between Haskell types (bsd3, program, text)2010-09-130.2.0DmitryAstapov, MaxDesyatov
grasp10.00GRASP implementation for the AMMM project. (bsd3, development, library, program)2016-01-
greencard100.03GreenCard, a foreign function pre-processor for Haskell. (bsd3, foreign, library, program)2014-05-, SigbjornFinne
greenclip640.01Simple clipboard manager to be integrated with rofi (bsd3, linux-desktop, program)2021-05-114.1.0erebe
gremlin-haskell10.00Graph database client for TinkerPop3 Gremlin Server (bsd3, database, library, program)2015-12-300.1.0.2nakaji_dayo
grid-proto00.00Game engine for Prototyping on a Grid (bsd3, game, library, program)2022-03-
grm20.02grm grammar converter (bsd3, development, library, program)2012-03-300.1.1BrettLetner
groom212.014Pretty printing for well-behaved Show instances. (bsd3, library, program, text)2017-04-
groot20.00Command line utility to manage AWS ECS resources (apache, aws, cloud, library, program)2018-04-300.0.1.0alonsodomin
gross00.00A spoof on gloss for terminal animation (graphics, library, mit, program)2017-01-
groundhog-inspector60.01Type-safe datatype-database mapping library. (bsd3, database, library, program)2019-12-160.11.0BorisLykah
group-by-date90.01Shell command for grouping files by dates into folders (bsd3, console, program)2023-01-
gruff30.01fractal explorer GUI using the ruff library (gpl, graphics, library, program)2016-11-070.4ClaudeHeilandAllen
gruff-examples00.01Mandelbrot Set examples using ruff and gruff (gpl, graphics, program)2016-11-070.4ClaudeHeilandAllen
gscholar-rss30.00scrapes google scholar, provides RSS feed (gpl, program, utils, web)2023-03-
gsmenu10.01A visual generic menu (bsd3, program, tools)2022-05-243.1TroelsHenriksen
gt-tools10.01Console and GUI interface for Google Translate service (program, tools)2015-01-040.2.1MikhailPobolovets, SergeiTrofimovich
gtk-sni-tray312.01A standalone StatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator tray (bsd3, library, program, system)2022-09-
gtk2hs-buildtools1390.01Tools to build the Gtk2Hs suite of User Interface libraries. (development, gpl, library, program)2023-05-, AxelSimon, DanielWagner, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
gtk2hs-hello10.01Gtk2Hs Hello World, an example package (graphics, mit, program)2014-09-
gtkrsync10.01Gnome rsync progress display (network, program)2010-02-191.0.4JohnGoerzen
guardian40.00The border guardian for your package dependencies (bsd3, development, library, program)2023-02-
gulcii20.01graphical untyped lambda calculus interactive interpreter (compilers-interpreters, gpl, program)2017-10-230.3ClaudeHeilandAllen
gvti60.00GraphViz Tabular Interface (graphics, library, mit, program)2023-05-
gw00.00ghcWithPackages cmdline util (bsd3, program, utility)2019-05-120.1chessai
gyah-bin00.01A binary version of GiveYouAHead (giveyouahead, mit, program)2015-06-
gym-http-api51.50REST client to the gym-http-api project (learning-environments, library, mit, program, web)2018-06-
h-booru30.01Haskell library for retrieving data from various booru image sites (gpl, library, program, web)2014-11-
h-reversi10.01Reversi game in haskell/blank-canvas (game, library, mit, program)2016-12-
h204820.01An Implementation of Game 2048 (game, library, mit, program)2019-10-300.4.0.0javran
hCM20.00Conceptual modelling support for Haskell (data-structures, development, library, mit, model, program)2017-05-
hLLVM10.01A library for analyzing and transforming LLVM (3.5) assembly codes (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, library, program)2015-04-
hOff-display20.00The tool to transform the OFF to other image format. (gpl, graphics, library, program)2017-12-
hPDB-examples50.01Examples for hPDB library (bioinformatics-, bsd3, program)2018-07-
hS330.03Interface to Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) (bsd3, library, network, program, web)2014-09-280.5.9GergelyRisko, GregHeartsfield
hVOIDP80.01Optimal variable selection in chain graphical model. (ai, library, program)2011-08-261.0.2QiQi
hXmixer20.01A Gtk mixer GUI application for FreeBSD (bsd3, program, sound)2015-05-
habit40.00Haskell message bot framework (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-01-
hablo40.00A minimalist static blog generator (bsd3, library, program, web)2021-01-
hablog30.00A blog system (library, mit, program, web)2021-01-270.8.0gilmi
hackage-cli100.00CLI tool for Hackage (development, gpl, library, program)2023-02-, HerbertValerioRiedel
hackage-diff22.01Compare the public API of different versions of a Hackage library (distribution, mit, program)2016-01-
hackage-mirror32.01Simple mirroring utility for Hackage (distribution, library, mit, program)2015-11-, dysinger
hackage-plot10.01Generate cumulative graphs of hackage uploads (bsd3, distribution, program)2013-01-120.2.1DonaldStewart
hackage-processing10.01Process 00-index.tar.gz from Hackage (bsd3, distribution, program)2016-05-
hackage-proxy (deprecated)20.01Provide a proxy for Hackage which modifies responses in some way. (deprecated) (deprecated, development, mit, program)2014-03-
hackage-repo-tool342.01Manage secure file-based package repositories (bsd3, distribution, program)2022-08-, EdskoDeVries, HerbertValerioRiedel, MikolajKonarski
hackage-sparks120.01Generate sparkline graphs of hackage statistics (bsd3, distribution, program)2011-06-180.5.1DonaldStewart
hackage-whatsnew30.01Check for differences between working directory and hackage (bsd3, distribution, program)2018-11-140.1.3JeremyShaw
hackage2hwn20.01Convert Hackage RSS feeds to wiki format for publishing on (bsd3, distribution, program)2009-02-220.5.1DonaldStewart
hackage2twitter10.01Send new Hackage releases to Twitter (bsd3, distribution, program, web)2009-05-210.2.1TomLokhorst
hackager10.01Hackage testing tool (bsd3, compiler, ghc, program, testing)2015-11-
hackernews120.01API for Hacker News (library, mit, program, web)2017-12-
hackertyper12.01"Hack" like a programmer in movies and games! (game, mit, program)2014-10-
hackmanager30.00Generate useful files for Haskell projects (bsd3, development, library, program)2015-08-
hackport490.01Hackage and Portage integration tool (distribution, gpl, library, program)2023-06-, SergeiTrofimovich, solpeth, hololeap
haddock732.2510A documentation-generation tool for Haskell libraries (bsd3, documentation, program)2023-09-222.29.1BenGamari, DavidWaern, HerbertValerioRiedel, MateuszKowalczyk, SimonHengel, SimonMarlow, alexbiehl, Helkafen, harpocrates, hecate
haddock-leksah (deprecated in favor of haddock)20.02A documentation-generation tool for Haskell libraries (bsd3, deprecated, development, program)2010-03-072.6.0JuergenNicklischFranken
haddocset50.01Generate docset of Dash by Haddock haskell documentation tool (bsd3, distribution, program)2017-08-140.4.3HirotomoMoriwaki
hadolint720.00Dockerfile Linter JavaScript API (development, gpl, library, program)2022-11-092.12.0lorenzo
hadoop-tools10.01Fast command line tools for working with Hadoop. (apache, data, program)2016-02-251.0.1ConradParker, JacobStanley
haeredes180.01Confirm delegation of NS and MX records. (agpl, dns, program, utils)2022-08-280.5.3MichaelOrlitzky
haggis10.01A static site generator with blogging/comments support (library, mit, program, web)2015-12-
haha100.02A simple library for creating animated ascii art on ANSI terminals. (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2012-06-, SebastiaanVisser
hahp00.00Analytic Hierarchy Process (agpl, library, math, program)2016-02-220.1.3taeradan, jpierre03
hail90.01A service for pull-based continuous deployment based on hydra. (apache, program, system)2017-08-
hailgun-send00.01A program to send emails throught the Mailgun api. (mit, network, program)2014-11-
hails30.01Multi-app web platform framework (library, mit, program, web)2015-04-, DavidMazieres, DeianStefan
hails-bin (deprecated in favor of hails)20.01Dynamic launcher of Hails applications (deprecated, gpl, program, web)2012-04-
hairy (deprecated)40.01A JSON REST API (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2014-10-160.1.3taylorfausak, fozworth
hakaru20.02A probabilistic programming language (bsd3, language, library, program)2020-11-020.7.0pravnar, z
hake60.01make tool. ruby : rake = haskell : hake (development, library, program)2013-12-
hakka10.00Minimal akka-inspired actor library (concurrency, library, mit, program)2017-06-130.2.0martinrign
hakyll2142.7530A static website compiler library (bsd3, library, program, web)2023-09-, AlexanderBatischev
hakyll-contrib60.01Extra modules for the hakyll website compiler (bsd3, library, program, web)2012-07-
hakyll-contrib-elm70.00Compile Elm code for inclusion in Hakyll static site. (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-05-
hakyll-contrib-i18n10.00A Hakyll library for internationalization. (hakyll, i18n, library, program, web)2020-11-
hakyll-convert130.01Convert from other blog engines to Hakyll. (bsd3, library, program, tools)2021-03-, AlexanderBatischev
hakyll-dhall40.00Dhall compiler for Hakyll (bsd3, library, program, web)2020-01-
hakyll-favicon10.00 (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-04-230.1.0elaye
hakyllbars130.00A Hakyll compiler for Handlebars-like templates (bsd3, library, program, web)2023-10-
halberd30.01A tool to generate missing import statements for Haskell modules. (bsd3, development, library, program)2014-09-
halfs10.01The HAskelL File System ("halfs" -- intended for use on the HaLVM) (bsd3, library, program, system)2012-10-102.0GwernBranwen, JoelStanley
halide-haskell10.02Haskell bindings to Halide (bsd3, language, library, program)2023-05-
halive80.00A live recompiler (bsd2, development, library, program)2021-03-260.1.8lukexi
halma-gui00.01GTK application for playing Halma (game, mit, program)2019-01-
halma-telegram-bot00.01Telegram bot for playing Halma (game, mit, program)2017-04-
haltavista20.01looks for functions given a set of example input/outputs (development, gpl, program)2010-09-
halvm-web20.01A simple, static HaLVM web server (bsd3, program, web)2016-10-
ham00.00 (library, program, unclassified)2020-10-
hamilton90.00Physics on generalized coordinate systems using Hamiltonian Mechanics and AD (bsd3, library, physics, program)2018-03-
hampp20.01Haskell macro preprocessor (preprocessor, program, public-domain)2012-02-120.2.1AaronBlack
hamsql12.00Interpreter for SQL-structure definitions in YAML (YamSql) (database, gpl, library, program)2016-10-
hamtsolo80.01Intel AMT serial-over-lan (SOL) client (bsd3, network, program)2022-01-201.0.4jgalowicz
hamusic40.01Library to handle abstract music (bsd3, library, music, program)2009-08-
handa-gdata60.04Library and command-line utility for accessing Google services and APIs. (library, mit, network, program)2015-04-, RyanNewton
handa-geodata10.01Geographic and Geometric Data (data, geography, geometry, library, mit, program)2014-04-
handwriting120.00API Client for the API. (bsd3, library, network, program)2016-03-
hangman10.01Hangman implementation in Haskell written in two hours. (game, mit, program)2013-04-281.0.3HokShunPoon
hannahci00.01Simple Continuous Integration/Deployment System (agpl, development, program)2015-02-
hanspell12.00Korean spell checker (korean, language, library, mit, program, spellchecker)2021-09-
hapistrano692.251A deployment library for Haskell applications (library, mit, program, system)2023-02-, stackbuilders, sestrella, camm
happraise10.01A small program for counting the comments in haskell source (bsd3, development, program)2008-05-020.1AllanClark
happs-tutorial50.01A Happstack Tutorial that is its own web 2.0-type demo. (bsd3, program, web)2010-05-110.9.5CreightonHogg, ThomasHartman
happy3981.251Happy is a parser generator for Haskell (bsd2, development, program)2021-10-201.21.0AndreasAbel, IavorDiatchki, JohnEricson, SimonMarlow, int_index
harchive30.01Networked content addressed backup and restore software. (program, system)2007-03-100.2DavidBrown
harfbuzz-pure40.02Pure-functional Harfbuzz language bindings (library, mit, program, text)2023-09-
hark30.01A Gentoo package query tool. (program, system)2009-08-290.2MarkusDittrich
harmony22.00A web service specification compiler that generates implementation and tests. (development, gpl, library, program)2015-08-
haroonga-httpd30.01Yet another Groonga http server. (lgpl, program, web)2015-04-
hasbolt-extras110.01Extras for hasbolt library (bsd3, database, library, program)2023-09-, maksbotan
hascal40.01tiny calculator library and command-line program (console, library, math, parsing, program, tools, utility, utils)2017-02-273.0.1DagOdenhall, MekeorMelire
hascar90.00Decompress SAPCAR archives (codec, gpl, library, program)2018-02-
hascard60.00A TUI for reviewing notes using 'flashcards' written with markdown-like syntax. (application, bsd3, library, program)2022-06-
hascat10.01Hascat Web Server (network, program)2011-06-280.2FlorianMicheler
hascat-setup00.01Hascat Installation helper (library, network, program)2011-06-280.2FlorianMicheler
hash-addressed-cli30.00Hash-addressed file storage app (apache, filesystem, hash, library, program)2023-02-, Monoid_Mary
hasherize40.00Hash digests for files and directories (apache, filesystem, hash, library, program)2023-07-
hashing240.01A pure haskell library implements several hash algorithms. (cryptography, library, mit, program)2022-12-
hashrename10.01Rename every file in a directory with his SHA1 hash. (gpl, program, utility)2018-01-300.1.1.0rnhmjoj
hashtable-benchmark20.01Benchmark of hash table implementations (benchmarking, bsd3, performance, program)2017-01-180.1.1HongchangWu
hask-home00.01Generate homepages for cabal packages (bsd3, program, unclassified)2009-03-182009.3.18BjornBringert, IsaacJones, SimonHengel
haskades20.01Utility to generate bindings for BlackBerry Cascades (program, utility)2014-10-020.2.1StephenWeber
haskakafka50.01Kafka bindings for Haskell (library, mit, network, program)2016-12-041.2.0tdimson
haskanoid162.251A breakout game written in Yampa using SDL (frp, game, program, reactivity)2023-04-080.1.6IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
haskarrow10.01A dialect of haskell with order of execution based on dependency resolution (gpl, language, program)2012-08-040.0TimothyHobbs
haskdeep10.01Computes and audits file hashes. (bsd3, console, cryptography, program, system)2015-06-
haskdogs50.01Generate tags file for Haskell project and its nearest deps (bsd3, development, program)2019-01-250.6.0SergeyMironov
haskeem210.01A small scheme interpreter (compilers-interpreters, program)2010-01-190.7.16UweHollerbach
haskell-abci20.00Haskell Application BlockChain Interface (ABCI) Server Library (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-08-
haskell-awk30.01Transform text from the command-line using Haskell expressions. (apache, console, library, program)2021-05-, MarioPastorelli, gelisam
haskell-bitmex-client10.00Complete BitMEX Client (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-10-
haskell-brainfuck20.01BrainFuck interpreter (language, library, mit, program)2014-08-
haskell-ci272.00Cabal package script generator for Travis-CI (development, gpl, library, program)2023-07-310.16.6HerbertValerioRiedel, phadej
haskell-cnc00.01Library for parallel programming in the Intel Concurrent Collections paradigm. (bsd3, control, library, parallelism, program)2011-08-
haskell-compression10.01compress files (gpl, library, program, system)2017-10-260.3AlanHawkins
haskell-docs40.01A program to find and display the docs and type of a name (bsd3, development, library, program)2019-05-154.2.9AnthonyCowley, ChrisDone, IvanMiljenovic
haskell-docs-cli40.00Search Hoogle and navigate Hackage from the command line. (bsd3, development, haskell, library, program)2022-11-
haskell-formatter (deprecated in favor of hindent)60.01Haskell source code formatter (deprecated, development, library, mit, program)2020-11-072.0.3evolutics
haskell-ftp10.01A Haskell ftp server with configurable backend. (bsd3, library, network, program)2012-10-
haskell-gettext62.03GetText runtime library implementation in pure Haskell (bsd3, library, program, text)2019-01-
haskell-go-checkers12.01Go and Checkers game in Haskell (game, mit, program)2017-05-
haskell-import-graph60.00create haskell import graph for graphviz (development, library, mit, program)2018-04-281.0.4ncaq
haskell-in-space00.01'Asteroids' arcade games. (bsd3, game, program)2008-06-220.1.1GwernBranwen
haskell-language-server1582.50LSP server for GHC (apache, development, library, program)2023-09-, NeilMitchell, PepeIborra, mpickering, cocreature, Ailrun, luke_, berberman, jneira, hls_team
haskell-lsp-client32.00A haskell package to build your own Language Server client. (development, gpl, language, library, program, protocol)2017-12-
haskell-ml70.00Machine learning in Haskell (bsd3, library, machine-learning, program)2018-01-280.4.2DavidBanas
haskell-overridez22.01Manage nix overrides for haskell packages (bsd3, distribution, nix, program)2018-07-
haskell-pdf-presenter00.01Tool for presenting PDF-based presentations. (application, gpl, graphics, image-viewer, pdf, program)2014-01-200.2.5MichaelAdams
haskell-platform-test10.01A test system for the Haskell Platform environment (bsd3, distribution, program)2010-07-172010.2.0.0DonaldStewart
haskell-player21.50A terminal music player based on afplay (bsd3, library, program, sound)2016-06-
haskell-say490.00Let the Haskell logo talk to your users! (bsd3, console, library, program, text, utils)2020-04-
haskell-snake20.00Snake game implemetation in Haskell using SDL2 (games, gpl, library, program)2018-05-251.0.0cgenie
haskell-stack-trace-plugin60.00haskell-stack-trace-plugin (compiler-plugin, debug, development, library, mit, program)2021-05-
haskell-tools-cli60.00Command-line frontend for Haskell-tools Refact (bsd3, language, library, program)2019-01-
haskell-tools-daemon60.01Background process for Haskell-tools that editors can connect to. (bsd3, language, library, program)2019-01-
haskell-tools-debug60.00Debugging Tools for Haskell-tools (bsd3, language, library, program)2019-01-
haskell-tools-demo340.00A web-based demo for Haskell-tools Refactor. (bsd3, language, library, program)2019-01-
haskell-updater100.01Rebuild Haskell dependencies in Gentoo (distribution, program)2020-04-151.3.2IvanMiljenovic, SergeiTrofimovich
haskell-xmpp (deprecated)20.01Haskell XMPP (eXtensible Message Passing Protocol, a.k.a. Jabber) library (bsd3, deprecated, library, network, program)2022-05-242.0.4
haskelldb-dynamic10.01HaskellDB support for the dynamically loaded drivers. (bsd3, database, library, program)2012-10-121.0.0BjornBringert, JustinBailey
haskelldb-flat10.01An experimental HaskellDB back-end in pure Haskell (no SQL) (bsd3, database, library, program)2012-10-121.0.1BjornBringert, JustinBailey
haskelldb-hdbc-mysql50.01HaskellDB support for the HDBC MySQL driver. (bsd3, database, library, program)2011-05-090.1.1AndrewMiller
haskelldb-hdbc-odbc20.02HaskellDB support for the HDBC ODBC driver. (bsd3, database, library, program)2012-10-252.1.2BjornBringert, JustinBailey
haskelldb-hdbc-postgresql40.01HaskellDB support for the HDBC PostgreSQL driver. (bsd3, database, library, program)2012-10-252.1.2BjornBringert, JustinBailey
haskelldb-hdbc-sqlite3230.01HaskellDB support for the HDBC SQLite driver. (bsd3, database, library, program)2012-10-252.1.2BjornBringert, JustinBailey
haskelldb-hsql-mysql30.01HaskellDB support for the HSQL MySQL driver. (bsd3, database, library, program)2012-10-121.0.0BjornBringert, JustinBailey
haskelldb-hsql-odbc20.01HaskellDB support for the HSQL ODBC driver. (bsd3, database, library, program)2012-10-121.0.0BjornBringert, JustinBailey
haskelldb-hsql-oracle30.01HaskellDB support for the HSQL Oracle driver. (bsd3, database, library, program)2012-10-121.0.0JustinBailey
haskelldb-hsql-postgresql30.01HaskellDB support for the HSQL PostgreSQL driver. (bsd3, database, library, program)2012-10-121.0.0BjornBringert, JustinBailey
haskelldb-hsql-sqlite20.01HaskellDB support for the HSQL SQLite driver. (bsd3, database, library, program)2012-10-121.0.0BjornBringert, JustinBailey
haskelldb-hsql-sqlite320.01HaskellDB support for the HSQL SQLite3 driver. (bsd3, database, library, program)2012-10-121.0.0BjornBringert, JustinBailey
haskellscript50.01Command line tool for running Haskell scripts with a hashbang. (bsd3, development, program)2015-05-280.2.3seanparsons
haskelm30.01Elm to Haskell translation (bsd3, compiler, language, library, program)2014-03-
haskeme10.00Compiler from I- to S-Expressions for the Scheme Programming Language (bsd3, language, library, program)2019-07-
haskintex180.02Haskell Evaluation inside of LaTeX code. (bsd3, latex, library, program)2023-09-
hasklepias (deprecated)40.00embedded DSL for defining epidemiologic cohorts (bsd3, data-science, deprecated, library, program)2021-09-080.20.0bradleysaul
haskoin-store240.00Storage and index for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (bitcoin, finance, library, mit, network, program)2023-09-151.1.0jprupp
haskore-supercollider10.01Haskore back-end for SuperCollider (library, music, program, sound)2014-10-310.3HenningThielemann
haskseg10.00Simple unsupervised segmentation model (bsd3, library, nlp, program)2019-09-
hasktags730.02Produces ctags "tags" and etags "TAGS" files for Haskell programs (bsd3, development, library, program)2023-08-100.73.0IanLynagh, MarcWeber, jhenahan
hasktorch10.01Torch for tensors and neural networks in Haskell (ai, bsd3, library, machine-learning, program, tensors)2018-11-, stites, tscholak, austinvhuang
hasktorch-codegen20.00Code generation tools for Hasktorch (ai, bsd3, code-generation, ffi-tools, library, machine-learning, program, tensors)2018-11-
hasktorch-signatures30.01Backpack signatures for Tensor operations (ai, bsd3, library, machine-learning, program, tensors)2018-11-
haskus-system-build20.01Haskus system build tool (bsd3, program, system)2019-03-041.1SylvainHenry
haskyapi (deprecated)50.00HTTP server (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2018-02-
haslo10.01Loan calculator engine. (bsd3, finance, library, program)2012-09-270.1.3BartoszWojcik
hasloGUI00.01Loan calculator Gtk GUI. Based on haslo (Haskell Loan) library. (bsd3, financial, program)2012-08-220.1BartoszWojcik
hasmin152.01CSS Minifier (bsd3, library, program, text)2018-12-301.0.3contivero
hasql-notifications650.03LISTEN/NOTIFY support for Hasql (bsd3, database, hasql, library, postgresql, program)2023-08-
hasql-queue70.00A PostgreSQL backed queue (bsd3, library, program, web)2020-07-
hasql-streams-example10.00An example program that shows how to use Hasql streams with Rel8 (database, hasql, mit, postgresql, program, streaming)2022-02-
hastache (deprecated in favor of mustache)250.017Haskell implementation of Mustache templates (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, text)2014-12-230.6.1DaniilFrumin, SergeyLymar
haste20.01A universal pastebin tool, written in Haskell. (bsd3, program, web)2009-10-120.1.1DavidSiegel
haste-compiler40.07Haskell To ECMAScript compiler (bsd3, compiler, javascript, program, web)2017-09-
hastily30.00A program to download subtitle files. (bsd3, cli, library, program)2015-10-
hat60.01The Haskell tracer, generating and viewing Haskell execution traces (development, library, program)2017-11-032.9.4OlafChitil
hatexmpp300.00XMPP client with 9P and (optionally) GTK interfaces (network, program)2020-06-130SergeyAlirzaev
hath12.01Hath manipulates network blocks in CIDR notation. (agpl, program, utils)2022-08-280.5.7MichaelOrlitzky
hats00.00Haskell client for the NATS messaging system (library, mit, network, program)2016-10-
hatt70.01A truth table generator for classical propositional logic. (bsd3, library, logic, program)2012-11-
haveibeenpwned40.00Library for checking for weak/compromised passwords. (bsd3, library, program, web)2020-11-
haven12.01Recursively retrieve maven dependencies (bsd3, java, program)2019-07-, abrar
haverer10.00Implementation of the rules of Love Letter (apache, game, library, program)2015-06-
hawitter20.01A twitter client for GTK+. Beta version. (bsd3, program, web)2010-03-250.4DaikiHanda
hax30.01Haskell cash-flow and tax simulation (finance, library, mit, program)2017-01-250.0.2johannesgerer
haxparse10.01Readable HaxBall replays (data, library, mit, program)2013-09-
hayland (deprecated)20.01Haskell bindings for the C Wayland library. (deprecated, graphics, library, mit, program)2014-09-
hayoo-cli10.01Hayoo CLI (development, mit, program)2014-08-
hb3sum50.00A command line tool to compute BLAKE3 hashes. (agpl, cli, cryptography, program)2023-08-
hback50.01N-back memory game (bsd3, game, program)2008-06-190.0.3NorbertWojtowicz
hbb10.01Haskell Busy Bee, a backend for text editors. (development, lgpl, program)2014-10-
hbeat10.01A simple step sequencer GUI. (bsd3, program, sound)2008-09-230.1.2TimDocker
hbf00.00An optimizing Brainfuck compiler and evaluator (gpl, language, library, program)2018-07-
hbro80.02Minimal extensible web-browser (browser, library, program, web)2016-11-
hbro-contrib30.01Third-party extensions to hbro. (browser, library, program, web)2016-11-
hburg20.01Haskell Bottom Up Rewrite Generator (bsd3, code-generation, program)2016-12-291.1.3IgorBohm, 1g0rb0hm
hcc10.01A toy C compiler. (bsd3, compiler, program)2009-11-200.0.0TomHawkins
hcheckers20.00Implementation of checkers ("draughts") board game - server application (bsd3, games, program)2021-05-
hcoap10.00CoAP implementation for Haskell. (bsd3, library, network, program)2016-02-
hcoord20.00Easily convert between latitude/longitude, UTM and OSGB. (bsd3, geography, library, program)2017-03-
hcount10.00Haskell name counts. (bsd3, program, project)2020-12-150.0.1tonyday567
hcube00.01Virtual Rubik's cube of arbitrary size. (bsd3, game, library, program)2013-05-200.1.1ToddWegner
hdevtools142.51Persistent GHC powered background server for FAST haskell development tools (development, mit, program)2019-03-, SchellScivally, ranjitjhala, ch1bo
hdiff22.00Pattern-Expression-based differencing of arbitrary types. (library, mit, other, program)2019-09-270.0.1vcmiraldo
hdirect00.01An IDL compiler for Haskell (bsd3, development, library, program)2010-02-140.21.0DonaldStewart
hdm10.01a small display manager. (gpl, program, system)2012-08-260.0.1TimothyHobbs
hdo11.750A Digital Ocean client in Haskell (cloud, library, mit, program)2017-05-130.5abailly
hdocs290.02Haskell docs tool (bsd3, development, library, program)2020-11-
hdph30.01Haskell distributed parallel Haskell (bsd3, control, distributed-computing, library, monads, parallelism, program)2013-02-070.0.1PatrickMaier
headergen10.01Creates a header for a haskell source file. (development, mit, program)2015-07-300.2.0.0bash0r
headroom150.00License Header Manager (bsd3, library, program, utils)2022-01-
heapsort30.01Heapsort of MArrays as a demo of imperative programming (algorithms, bsd3, library, program)2010-08-040.1.0BartonMassey
heatitup20.00Find and annotate ITDs. (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2019-06-
heatitup-complete10.00Find and annotate ITDs with assembly or read pair joining. (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2020-02-
heckle160.00Jekyll in Haskell (feat. LaTeX) (library, mit, program, web)2017-03-
hedis-namespace20.01Initial project template from stack (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-07-
hedra10.00A small library and executable for generating dice rolls. (game, library, mit, program)2019-01-020.1vtan
heftia-effects60.00Handlers for standard effects using Heftia. (control, effect, library, monads, mpl, program)2023-09-
heidi22.00Tidy data in Haskell (data-mining, data-science, generics, library, mit, program)2021-06-170.3.0ocramz
hein30.01An extensible build helper for haskell, in the vein of leiningen. (apache, development, program)2015-06-
helf10.01Typechecking terms of the Edinburgh Logical Framework (LF). (dependent-types, mit, program)2022-05-300.2022.5.30AndreasAbel
helic92.00Clipboard Manager (clipboard, library, program)2023-07-
helisp10.01An incomplete Elisp compiler (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, program)2008-04-070.1GwernBranwen
helium30.01The Helium Compiler. (compiler, library, program)2015-04-141.8.1AlejandroSerrano, JurriaanHage
hell00.01A Haskell shell based on shell-conduit (bsd3, library, program, shell)2014-09-302.1ChrisDone
hellage50.01Distributed hackage mirror (bsd3, distribution, network, program)2010-03-020.1.1JaroslavGridin
hellnet00.01Simple, distributed, anonymous data sharing network. (gpl, library, network, program)2010-03-030.1.1JaroslavGridin
hello370.01Hello World, an example package (bsd3, console, program, text)2010-07-
helm102.51A functionally reactive game engine. (frp, game-engine, library, mit, program)2016-10-031.0.0ZackCorr, kasbah
hemkay00.01A module music mixer and player (bsd3, music, program, sound)2009-12-200.2.0GergelyPatai
hemokit110.01Haskell port of the Emokit EEG project (bioinformatics, library, mit, program)2015-08-190.6.6NiklasHambuechen, PatrickChilton
herbalizer40.01HAML to ERB translator (mit, program, utility)2013-04-180.4.9DanielChoi
hercules-ci-agent20.01Runs Continuous Integration tasks on your machines (apache, ci, devops, library, nix, program, testing)2023-06-270.9.12RobertHensing
hercules-ci-api10.01Hercules CI API definition with Servant (apache, library, program, unclassified)2023-06-
hercules-ci-cli10.00The hci command for working with Hercules CI (apache, library, program, unclassified)2023-03-060.3.6RobertHensing
hermit70.02Haskell Equational Reasoning Model-to-Implementation Tunnel (bsd3, formal-methods, language, library, optimization, program, refactoring, reflection, transformation)2016-02-231.0.1AndrewFarmer, AndyGill, NeilSculthorpe, ryanglscott
herms82.01A command-line manager for delicious kitchen recipes (cli, command-line-tool, culinary, gpl, program)2018-08-
hero-club-five-tenets20.00Think back of the five tenets of hero club (acme, bsd3, library, program)2016-01-
hesh20.00the Haskell Extensible Shell: Haskell for Bash-style scripts (development, library, mit, program)2017-03-071.11.0ChrisForno
hesql210.01Haskell's embedded SQL (database, program)2010-01-140.8ChristophBauer
hetris00.01Text Tetris (game, program)2008-03-060.2GwernBranwen
hetzner440.00Hetzner Cloud and DNS library. (cloud, library, mit, program)2023-09-
hevolisa50.01Genetic Mona Lisa problem in Haskell (bsd3, graphics, program)2009-03-080.0.1DanielNeun
hevolisa-dph00.01Genetic Mona Lisa problem in Haskell - using Data Parallel Haskell (bsd3, graphics, program)2009-03-080.0.1DanielNeun
hexmino00.01A small game based on domino-like hexagonal tiles (bsd3, game, program)2018-05-
hext10.00a text classification library (bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, program)2016-09-
heyefi22.01A server for Eye-Fi SD cards. (network, program, public-domain)2017-12-
hfd00.01Flash debugger (bsd3, development, program)2011-09-020.0.2YurasShumovich
hfiar20.01Four in a Row in Haskell!! (bsd3, game, library, program)2010-07-012.1.1FernandoBenavides
hfmt42.250Haskell source code formatter (language, library, mit, program)2021-09-
hfractal170.01OpenGL fractal renderer (bsd3, graphics, program)2011-08-
hg-buildpackage20.01Tools to help manage Debian packages with Mercurial (program, system)2008-01-161.0.4JohnGoerzen
hgen20.01Random generation of modal and hybrid logic formulas (program, theorem-provers)2012-07-051.4.0GuillaumeHoffmann
hgettext80.03Bindings to libintl.h (gettext, bindtextdomain) (bsd3, library, program, text)2022-09-, HerbertValerioRiedel, VasylPasternak
hgithub00.01Haskell bindings to the GitHub API (bsd3, library, network, program)2012-04-220.1.0VoMinhThu
hgl-example00.01Various animations generated using HGL (graphics, program)2014-07-090.0.2HenningThielemann
hgom60.01An haskell port of the java version of gom (compiler, program)2010-03-040.6PaulBrauner
hgrep12.00Search Haskell source code from the command line (bsd3, language, library, program)2017-10-040.1TimHumphries
hhp22.00Happy Haskell Programming (bsd3, development, library, program)2023-03-171.0.2KazuYamamoto
hi30.01Generate scaffold for cabal project (bsd3, distribution, library, program)2018-07-
hi3status10.00Status line for i3bar. (library, mit, program, system)2015-12-
hiccup20.01Relatively efficient Tcl interpreter with support for basic operations (compilers-interpreters, program)2008-03-250.40KyleConsalus
hichi20.01haskell robot for IChat protocol (network, program)2009-03-010.0.1SergeiTrofimovich
hid-examples20.01Examples to accompany the book "Haskell in Depth" (bsd3, library, program, sample-code)2020-04-220.5bravit
hie-bios2240.03Set up a GHC API session (bsd3, development, library, program)2023-08-230.13.0mpickering, fendor
hie-core (deprecated in favor of ghcide)10.00The core of an IDE (apache, deprecated, development, library, program)2019-09-070.0.1cocreature
hiedb1360.05Generates a references DB from .hie files (bsd3, development, library, program)2023-03-, wz1000, jhrcek
hierarchical-spectral-clustering90.02Hierarchical spectral clustering of a graph. (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2019-09-
hifi30.00WiFi connection script generator (bsd3, cli, library, program)2018-05-
highWaterMark (deprecated)30.01Memory usage statistics (deprecated, development, program)2008-03-170.1.1GwernBranwen
highlight30.00Command line tool for highlighting parts of files matching a regex. (bsd3, library, program, text)2022-05-
highlight-versions (deprecated)20.01Highlight package versions which differ from the latest version on Hackage (bsd3, deprecated, distribution, program)2018-07-270.1.4BrentYorgey
hills270.01Generate STL models from SRTM elevation data. (bsd3, geography, program)2020-10-
himerge10.01Haskell Graphical User Interface for Emerge (gui, program)2008-05-020.20LuisAraujo
himg10.01Simple gtk2hs image viewer. Point it at an image and fire away. (gpl, graphics, library, program)2014-02-
himpy10.01multithreaded snmp poller for riemann (mit, program, system)2014-02-100.5.0pyr
hindent1892.254Extensible Haskell pretty printer (bsd3, development, library, program)2023-05-176.1.0ChrisDone, MihaiMaruseac, gibiansky, sighingnow
hinfo90.00Command Line App With Info on your Haskell App (bsd3, cli, library, program, utils)2018-08-
hinit10.00Generic project initialization tool (bsd3, cli, library, program)2021-10-180.2.2Poscat
hinvaders00.01Space Invaders (game, program)2008-02-210.1GwernBranwen
hips10.01an IPS patcher (bsd3, data, program)2011-03-290.1PatrickPalka
hipsql-client00.00 (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2021-04-
hipsql-server40.01 (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2021-04-
hircules00.01IRC client (network, program)2010-08-140.4.1JensPetersen
hirt00.01Calculates IRT 2PL and 3PL models (bsd3, math, program)2012-05-
hist-pl10.01Umbrella package for the historical dictionary of Polish (bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, program)2013-10-050.3.2JakubWaszczuk
historian20.01Extract the interesting bits from shell history (bsd3, console, program)2009-06-130.0.1MaxRabkin
hit50.03Git like program in haskell (bsd3, development, program)2019-01-260.7.0VincentHanquez
hit-on32.00Haskell Git Helper Tool (cli-tool, git, library, mpl, program)2019-08-
hix320.00Haskell/Nix development build tools (build, library, program)2023-09-260.6.7tek
hjs10.01JavaScript Parser (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, library, program)2008-04-030.2.1GwernBranwen, MarkWassell
hjsmin750.014Haskell implementation of a javascript minifier (bsd3, library, program, web)2023-01-110.2.1AlanZimmerman, ErikDeCastroLopo, TonyMorris
hjugement-cli30.00Majority Judgment and Helios-C command line tool (gpl, politic, program)2019-11-
hkgr150.00Simple Hackage release workflow for package maintainers (gpl, program, util)2023-07-
hlcm10.01Fast algorithm for mining closed frequent itemsets (algorithms, bsd3, data-mining-----------, library, program)2010-06-160.2.2AlexandreTermier
hleap20.01Web Socket interface to Leap Motion controller (hardware, library, mit, program)2019-02-
hledger1522.53Command-line interface for the hledger accounting system (console, finance, gpl, library, program)2023-09-031.31SimonMichael
hledger-api (deprecated in favor of hledger-web)50.01Web API server for the hledger accounting tool (deprecated, finance, gpl, program)2019-03-021.14SimonMichael
hledger-chart (deprecated in favor of hledger-web)20.01A pie chart image generator for the hledger accounting tool. (deprecated, finance, program)2011-10-050.16.1SimonMichael
hledger-diff20.01Compares the transactions in two ledger files. (console, finance, gpl, program)2018-05-
hledger-flow80.00An hledger workflow focusing on automated statement import and classification. (console, finance, gpl, library, program)2021-06-240.14.4apauley
hledger-iadd560.00A terminal UI as drop-in replacement for hledger add (bsd3, console, finance, library, program)2023-09-151.3.19hpdeifel
hledger-interest300.01computes interest for a given account (bsd3, finance, program)2023-09-041.6.6PeterSimons
hledger-irr (deprecated in favor of hledger)40.01computes the internal rate of return of an investment (bsd3, deprecated, finance, program)2019-10-
hledger-makeitso (deprecated in favor of hledger-flow)40.00An hledger workflow focusing on automated statement import and classification. (console, deprecated, finance, gpl, library, program)2019-04-
hledger-stockquotes122.00Generate HLedger Price Directives From Daily Stock Quotes. (bsd3, console, finance, library, program)2022-06-
hledger-vty (deprecated in favor of hledger-web)10.01A curses-style console interface for the hledger accounting tool. (deprecated, finance, program)2011-10-050.16.1SimonMichael
hlibcpuid100.00Bindings to (foreign, library, mit, program, system)2020-01-210.2.0dtaskoff
hlint8622.7513Source code suggestions (bsd3, development, library, program)2023-07-073.6.1NeilMitchell
hlint-test10.00Run hlint in test suite (bsd3, library, program, test)2017-12-
hlongurl40.01Library and utility interfacing to (bsd3, library, program, web)2009-01-250.9.3RobinGreen
hmark20.01A tool and library for Markov chains based text generation. (bsd3, library, program, text)2015-01-231.2JaroslavGridin
hmeap-utils (deprecated)20.01Haskell Meapsoft Parser Utilities (deprecated, program, sound)2013-04-270.14RohanDrape
hmenu10.01CLI fuzzy finder and launcher (bsd3, program, system)2015-08-
hmep22.00HMEP Multi Expression Programming – a genetic programming variant (ai, bsd3, library, program)2017-10-130.1.1penkovsky
hmk20.01A make alternative based on Plan9's mk. (control, development, distribution, library, program)2016-01-
hmp360.01An ncurses mp3 player written in Haskell (program, sound)2008-06-, IsaacJones
hmp3-ng52.00A 2019 fork of an ncurses mp3 player written in Haskell (gpl, program, sound)2023-07-242.14.3galen
hmumps40.01Interpreter for the MUMPS langugae (development, program)2010-05-120.1.1AntoineLatter
hnetcdf20.02Haskell NetCDF library (bsd3, data, library, program)2019-02-, IanRoss
hnock20.00A Nock interpreter. (language, library, mit, program)2019-10-010.4.0JaredTobin
hnop00.01 (all-rights-reserved, program, unclassified)2006-11-140.1IsaacJones
hnormalise30.00Log message normalisation tool producing structured JSON messages (bsd3, command-line, library, program)2017-12-
hoauth2-demo00.00hoauth2 demo application (mit, network, program)2022-11-181.6.0HaishengWu
hoauth2-providers-tutorial10.00tutorial for hoauth2-providers module (library, mit, network, program)2022-11-180.2HaishengWu
hoauth2-tutorial70.00Tutorial for using hoauth2 (library, mit, network, oauth2, program, tutorial)2022-11-180.2HaishengWu
hob10.01A source code editor aiming for the convenience of use (gpl, ide, library, program)2014-12-
hobbes30.01A small file watcher for OSX (bsd3, program, system)2014-03-250.2.2JasonHickner
hocker10.00Interact with the docker registry and generate nix build instructions (apache, library, program, utilities)2020-08-171.0.6ParnellSpringmeyer
hoe50.01hoe: Haskell One-liner Evaluator (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, program)2015-06-241.1.0HideyukiTanaka
hog20.01Simple IRC logger bot. (bsd3, network, program)2011-02-110.1.1ChrisDone
hogg90.01Library and tools to manipulate the Ogg container format (bsd3, codec, library, program)2012-08-
hoggl30.00Bindings to the REST API (bsd3, library, network, program)2020-03-, markus1189
hogre-examples00.01Examples for using Hogre. (graphics, mit, program)2012-04-050.1.4AnttiSalonen
hois00.02OIS bindings (bsd3, gui, library, program)2013-03-310.1.0.0DavidEichmann
hol20.01Higher order logic (library, logic, mit, program)2022-08-081.4JoeHurd
holy-project52.01Start your Haskell project with cabal, git and tests. (development, library, mit, program)2015-08-
homplexity61.251Haskell code quality tool (bsd3, language, library, program, tools)2022-10-
homura-stopwatch00.00 (library, mit, program, unclassified)2020-09-300.2.0ncaq
hoobuddy10.01Simple tool for fetching and merging hoogle data (development, mit, program)2015-01-
hoodie00.01A small, toy roguelike (game, gpl, program)2013-11-
hoodle50.01Executable for hoodle (application, gpl, library, program)2016-07-250.5IanWooKim
hoodle-extra00.01extra hoodle tools (application, gpl, program)2014-07-140.1IanWooKim
hoodle-publish00.02publish hoodle files as a static web site (application, bsd3, library, program)2016-07-250.2.1IanWooKim
hoogle1742.55Haskell API Search (bsd3, development, library, program)2021-12-
hoogle-index20.01Easily generate Hoogle indices for installed packages (bsd3, documentation, program)2016-04-130.4.4BenGamari
hoovie00.01Haskell Media Server (bsd3, media, program)2012-12-260.1.1PeterVanDenBrand
hopenpgp-tools210.01hOpenPGP-based command-line tools (agpl, codec, data, program)2023-09-210.23.8ClintAdams
hopfield20.01Hopfield Networks, Boltzmann Machines and Clusters (ai, library, machine-learning, mit, program)2014-04-
hopfield-networks02.01Hopfield Networks for unsupervised learning in Haskell (library, math, mit, program)2013-11-
hops20.00Handy Operations on Power Series (bsd3, library, math, program)2017-07-030.7.2AndersClaesson
hoq30.01A language based on homotopy type theory with an interval type (dependent-types, gpl, program)2014-09-270.3valis
horizon-gen-nix50.00Generate nix expressions from horizon-spec definitions (library, mit, nix, package-management, program)2023-02-040.6locallycompact
horizontal-rule130.00horizontal rule for the terminal (library, mit, program, utils)2023-05-
horname10.00Rename function definitions returned by SMT solvers (bsd3, library, program, web)2019-07-
hosc-utils (deprecated)20.01Haskell Open Sound Control Utilities (deprecated, program, sound)2014-10-130.15RohanDrape
hosts-server10.01An dns server which is extremely easy to config. (gpl, network, program)2014-01-150.1.1YiHuang
hotel-california350.00 (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2023-09-
hothasktags10.01Generates ctags for Haskell, incorporating import lists and qualified imports (bsd3, development, program)2017-01-250.3.8JohnLato, LukePalmer
houseman20.00A Haskell implementation of Foreman (development, library, mit, program)2016-05-060.1.0DaisukeFujimura
hp2any-graph20.01Real-time heap graphing utility and profile stream server with a reusable graphing module. (bsd3, development, profiling, program, utils)2014-07-
hp2any-manager20.01A utility to visualise and compare heap profiles. (bsd3, development, profiling, program, utils)2013-03-040.4.6GergelyPatai
hp2html20.01A tool for converting GHC heap-profiles to HTML. (bsd3, profiling, program)2012-02-220.2IavorDiatchki
hp2pretty322.251generate pretty graphs from heap profiles (bsd3, development, program)2021-02-190.10ClaudeHeilandAllen
hpack2012.010A modern format for Haskell packages (development, library, mit, program)2023-09-210.36.0SimonHengel, SoenkeHahn, mpilgrem
hpack-convert92.01Convert Cabal manifests into hpack's package.yamls (development, library, mit, program)2017-06-221.0.1yamadapc
hpack-dhall160.00hpack's dhalling (bsd3, development, library, program, public-domain)2022-04-270.5.7philderbeast
hpaco270.01Modular template compiler (bsd3, development, program)2014-07-310.28.0.5TobiasDammers
hpage270.01A scrapbook for Haskell developers (bsd3, development, editor, ide, program)2010-08-280.12.2FernandoBenavides
hpaste30.01Haskell paste web site. (program, web)2013-07-021.2.0ChrisDone, DonaldStewart
hpasteit20.01A command-line client for (bsd3, program, web)2013-03-110.3.3PatrickPalka
hpc-codecov330.00Generate codecov report from hpc data (bsd3, data, library, program, test)2023-09- support for Haskell. (bsd3, control, library, program)2017-05-131.0.10killy971
hpc-lcov110.00Convert HPC output into LCOV format (bsd3, control, library, program)2023-05-211.1.1brandonchinn178
hpc-threshold20.00Ensure the code coverage is above configured thresholds (bsd3, development, library, program)2018-04-
hpc-tracer10.01Tracer with AJAX interface (bsd3, program, test, trace)2008-10-080.3.1AndyGill
hpdft370.01A tool for looking through PDF file using Haskell (library, mit, pdf, program)2023-08-
hpg10.01a simple password generator (program, security)2018-01-040.8fritjof
hplaylist10.01Application for managing playlist files on a music player (program, sound)2011-05-210.2TimChevalier
hpodder50.01Podcast Aggregator (downloader) (network, program)2011-11-081.1.6JohnGoerzen
hpp380.02A Haskell pre-processor (bsd3, development, library, program)2022-04-040.6.5AnthonyCowley
hprotoc350.01Parse Google Protocol Buffer specifications (bsd3, library, program, text)2020-11-052.4.17ChrisKuklewicz, DavidFeng, TvH, k_bx
hprotoc-fork10.01Parse Google Protocol Buffer specifications (bsd3, library, program, text)2014-08-
hprox40.00a lightweight HTTP proxy server, and more (apache, library, program, proxy, web)2023-06-040.5.3BinJin
hps-cairo (deprecated)20.01Cairo rendering for the haskell postscript library (deprecated, graphics, library, program)2011-11-220.11RohanDrape
hpylos12.01AI of Pylos game with GLUT interface. (ai, game, program)2008-11-231.0BartoszWojcik
hpyrg10.01pyrg utility done right (mit, program, text)2012-10-
hpython02.00Python language tools (bsd3, language, library, program)2019-05-020.3qfpl
hquantlib40.01HQuantLib is a port of essencial parts of QuantLib to Haskell (finance, library, program)2022-03-310.0.5.1PavelRyzhov
hranker30.01Basic utility for ranking a list of items (bsd3, console, program)2009-03-230.1.1RobinGreen
hreq-client20.01A Type dependent Highlevel HTTP client library. (library, mit, network, program, web)2019-11-
hricket00.01A Cricket scoring application. (bsd3, game, program)2010-01-050.5AnthonyGrimes
hriemann50.00A Riemann Client for Haskell (library, mit, monitoring, program)2020-12-
hs30.00GHC-toolchain installer broker (bsd3, development, library, program)2021-07-
hs-carbon-examples10.01Example Monte Carlo simulations implemented with Carbon (mit, program, simulation)2014-06-
hs-conllu30.01Conllu validating parser and utils. (lgpl, library, program, unclassified)2021-04-170.1.5odanoburu
hs-di22.01Dependency Injection library for Haskell (bsd3, control, dependency-injection, development, library, program, template-haskell, testing)2016-09-260.3.0Wizek
hs-gen-iface (deprecated)10.01Utility to generate haskell-names interface files (deprecated, language, mit, program)2014-11-260.5.0AdamBergmark, RomanCheplyaka, PhilippSchuster
hs-logo10.01Logo interpreter written in Haskell (bsd3, parser, program)2012-05-130.5.1DeepakJois
hs-mesos20.01 (library, mit, program, system)2015-06-
hs-nombre-generator10.01Name generator. (mit, program, web)2014-06-
hs-openmoji-data30.00The OpenMoji emoji dataset (bsd3, data, library, program, text)2023-06-1514.0.0abrar
hs-pattrans00.00DSL for musical patterns and transformation, based on contravariant functors. (bsd3, language, library, program)2020-02-
hs-pgms10.01Programmer's Mine Sweeper in Haskell (bsd3, game, library, program)2008-06-
hs-popen10.00Bindings to C pipe functions. (bsd3, library, program, system)2016-06-
hs-rs-notify40.00Experimental! Wraps this awesome rust library so you can use it in haskell. (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-02-
hs-sdl-term-emulator40.00Terminal Emulator written in Haskell, SDL2 Backend (library, mit, program, terminal)2021-07-300.1.0.4BitConnor
hs-snowtify00.01snowtify send your result of `stack build` (`stack test`) to notify-daemon :dog2: (mit, program, simple)2017-07-
hs-speedscope30.00Convert an eventlog into the speedscope json format (bsd3, development, library, program)2020-12-190.2.1OliverCharles, mpickering
hs-tags40.00Create tag files (ctags and etags) for Haskell code. (development, mit, program)2022-01-, AndresSicardRamirez, NilsAndersDanielsson, UlfNorell
hs-twitterarchiver00.01Commandline Twitter feed archiver (network, program)2012-01-190.2DeepakJois
hs2048 (deprecated)30.01A 2048 clone in Haskell. (deprecated, game, library, mit, program)2014-04-020.1.0taylorfausak, fozworth
hs2ats42.01Create ATS types from Haskell types (ats, bsd3, haskell, language, library, program)2019-10-
hs2bf40.01Haskell to Brainfuck compiler (bsd3, compiler, program)2010-11-200.6.2DaikiHanda
hs2dot00.01Generate graphviz-code from Haskell-code. (language, program)2010-08-150.1.4OscarFinnsson
hsakamai20.00Akamai API(Edgegrid and Netstorage) (bsd3, library, program, web)2019-03-
hsay20.01(ab)Use Google Translate as a speech synthesiser (accessibility, gpl, program)2014-12-171.1.0alexander
hsb2hs50.01Preprocesses a file, adding blobs from files as string literals. (bsd3, development, program)2015-07-050.3.1JohnMacFarlane
hsbackup10.01simple utility for rolling filesystem backups (bsd3, program, system)2010-04-080.1.1PetrRockai
hsbc10.01A command line calculator (mit, program, utilities)2017-01-
hsbencher-fusion00.01Backend for uploading benchmark data to Google Fusion Tables. (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2015-04-
hsc2hs3180.01A preprocessor that helps with writing Haskell bindings to C code (bsd3, development, program)2023-09-200.68.10BenGamari, HerbertValerioRiedel
hsc3-forth (deprecated)20.01FORTH SUPERCOLLIDER (deprecated, program, sound)2014-10-110.15RohanDrape
hsc3-graphs (deprecated)20.01Haskell SuperCollider Graphs (deprecated, library, program, sound)2014-10-130.15RohanDrape
hsc3-lisp (deprecated)30.01LISP SUPERCOLLIDER (deprecated, program, sound)2014-10-110.15RohanDrape
hsc3-utils (deprecated)20.02Haskell SuperCollider Utilities (deprecated, library, program, sound)2014-10-230.15RohanDrape
hscaffold20.00Very simple file/directory structure scaffolding writer monad EDSL (development, library, mit, program)2016-11-
hscd00.01Command line client and library for (bsd3, library, network, program)2012-04-080.0.3SebastianMagri
hscharm10.00minimal ncurses-like library (bsd3, gui, library, program)2018-04-060.0.2AndrewPennebaker
hscim20.01hscim json schema and server implementation (agpl, library, program, web)2021-08-240.3.6MatthiasFischmann
hsclock00.01An elegant analog clock using Haskell, GTK and Cairo (program, system)2008-06-161.0DonaldStewart
hscolour2510.037Colourise Haskell code. (language, library, program)2023-08-301.25DonaldStewart, MalcolmWallace, phadej
hscope20.01cscope like browser for Haskell code (bsd3, program, source-tools)2016-01-190.4.3BorisSukholitko
hscrtmpl30.01Haskell shell script templates (application, console, program, scripting)2023-07-082.0DinoMorelli
hscuid10.00Collision-resistant IDs (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-04-
hscurses-fish-ex10.01hscurses swimming fish example (console, development, education, help, program, user-interfaces)2018-01-081.3.2DinoMorelli
hsdev340.01Haskell development library (bsd3, development, library, program)2020-11-
hsdip10.01hsdip - a Diplomacy parser/renderer (bsd3, library, program, system)2008-02-240.1GwernBranwen
hsendxmpp72.00sendxmpp clone, sending XMPP messages via CLI (agpl, cli, network, program, xmpp)2023-08-
hsenv10.01Virtual Haskell Environment builder (bsd3, development, program)2014-08-280.5TaylorHedberg
hserv20.01Simple http server in haskell. (mit, network, program)2014-04-
hsfcsh10.01Incremental builder for flash (bsd3, development, program)2011-09-020.0.1YurasShumovich
hsfilt20.01Z-decoder. (development, mit, program)2014-11-
hsgtd10.01Console-based gettings-things-done application (other-, program)2009-09-260.2MichaelLesniak
hsilop00.01RPN calculator (math, mit, program)2015-09-
hsimport270.01Extend the import list of a Haskell source file (bsd3, development, library, program, utils)2019-09-150.11.0fendor
hsinspect72.251Inspect Haskell source files. (building, gpl, library, program)2023-05-220.1.0tseenshe
hsinspect-lsp70.00LSP interface over the hsinspect binary. (building, gpl, library, program)2020-07-220.0.6tseenshe
hsinstall172.00Install Haskell software (library, program, utility)2023-01-282.8DinoMorelli
hslackbuilder30.01HSlackBuilder automatically generates slackBuild scripts from a cabal package (bsd3, distribution, program)2010-02-100.0.2AndreaRossato
hslinks60.01Resolves links to Haskell identifiers. (bsd3, development, program)2014-08-190.6.1HansHoglund
hslogger-reader90.00Parsing hslogger-produced logs. (bsd3, interfaces, library, parsing, program)2017-08-141.0.3alex_bates
hslua-examples20.00Examples of how to combine Haskell and Lua. (foreign, mit, program)2023-03-132.0.2tarleb
hsmodetweaks20.01Tool for generating .dir-locals.el for intero (bsd3, program, tools)2018-02-
hsnock10.01Nock 5K interpreter. (language, library, program, public-domain)2013-11-050.5.1mrdomino
hsns10.01a miniature network sniffer (bsd3, network, program)2007-08-290.5.3AustinSeipp
hsntp10.01Libraries to use SNTP protocol and small client/server implementations. (bsd3, library, program, system)2008-03-090.1GwernBranwen
hsoptions20.01Haskell library that supports command-line flag processing (apache, library, program, system)2014-04-
hspec-discover7532.256Automatically discover and run Hspec tests (library, mit, program, testing)2023-09-202.11.5SimonHengel, SoenkeHahn, parsonsmatt
hspec-golden770.00Golden tests for hspec (library, mit, program, testing)2023-05-, camm
hspec-meta680.01A version of Hspec which is used to test Hspec itself (library, mit, program, testing)2023-09-202.11.5SimonHengel, SoenkeHahn, parsonsmatt
hspec-setup50.00Add an hspec test-suite in one command (development, library, mit, program)2016-08-
hspresent30.01A terminal presentation tool (bsd3, console, library, program)2009-11-180.2.2EvanKlitzke
hspretty10.00My opinionated Haskell project formatter. (bsd3, library, program, tools)2021-08-
hsprocess (deprecated in favor of haskell-awk)40.01The Haskell Stream Processor command line utility (console, deprecated, gpl, library, program)2013-08-040.3MarioPastorelli
hsqml-demo-manic10.01HsQML-based clone of Pipe Mania (bsd3, game, program)2016-10-
hsqml-demo-morris10.01HsQML-based implementation of Nine Men's Morris (bsd3, game, graphics, program)2016-02-
hsqml-demo-notes00.01Sticky notes example program implemented in HsQML (bsd3, graphics, program)2015-06-
hsqml-demo-samples20.01HsQML sample programs (bsd3, graphics, gui, program)2016-02-
hsqml-morris (deprecated in favor of hsqml-demo-morris)10.01HsQML-based implementation of Nine Men's Morris (bsd3, deprecated, game, graphics, program)2013-10-
hssourceinfo10.01get haskell source code info (bsd3, development, program)2012-02-220.0.2YoshikuniJujo
hstar12.00Haskell version of tar CLI utility (archive, bsd3, codec, program, tar)2020-10-
hstest00.01Runs tests via QuickCheck1 and HUnit; like quickCheck-script but uses GHC api (bsd3, program, testing)2010-06-150.0.1DaveHinton
hstidy20.01Takes haskell source on stdin, parses it, then prettyprints it to stdout. (bsd3, program, text)2008-07-010.2MattMorrow
hstorchat30.01Distributed instant messaging over Tor (gpl, library, network, program)2014-06-, ChristopherReichert
hstradeking20.01Tradeking API bindings for Haskell (bsd3, finance, library, program)2014-03-120.1.0TravisAthougies
hstyle10.01Checks Haskell source code for style compliance. (bsd3, development, program)2011-11-, JasperVanDerJeugt
hstzaar30.01A two player abstract strategy game. (bsd3, game, program)2016-05-270.9.4PedroVasconcelos
hsubconvert20.01One-time, faithful conversion of Subversion repositories to Git (bsd3, development, program)2012-10-130.0.2JohnWiegley
hsudoku22.00Sudoku game with a GTK3 interface (game, library, mit, program)2017-05-
hsx (deprecated in favor of hsx2hs)130.016HSX (Haskell Source with XML) allows literal XML syntax in Haskell source code. (bsd3, deprecated, language, library, program)2013-09-050.10.5NiklasBroberg
hsx2hs240.011HSX (Haskell Source with XML) allows literal XML syntax in Haskell source code. (bsd3, language, library, program)2023-01-, JeremyShaw, NiklasBroberg
htags20.01A Haskell98 parsing tags program similar to ctags. (bsd3, development, program, source-tools, utils)2008-11-031.0.1DavidSankel
htalkat90.00Talk across TLS (gpl, network, program)2023-07-
htar100.01Command-line tar archive utility. (bsd3, codec, program)2015-07-, DuncanCoutts
htestu30.01A library for testing correctness of pseudo random number generators in Haskell. (library, mit, program, system)2016-08-
htime10.01Timing utility for the command line (bsd3, program, system)2015-01-220.3.1JosePedroMagalhaes
html-charset90.00Determine character encoding of HTML documents/fragments (lgpl, library, program, web)2022-12-120.1.1hongminhee
html-presentation-text00.00Simple tool to create html presentation for text. (mit, program, web)2022-01-
html-validator-cli30.00A command-line interface for (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-10-
html2hamlet00.01HTML to Hamlet converter (bsd3, program, text)2015-06-280.3.0HideyukiTanaka
htodo60.01A todo application. (bsd3, other, program)2013-01-200.0.4YoichiHirai
htsn (deprecated)30.01Parse XML files from The Sports Network feed. (deprecated, gpl, program, utils)2014-09-230.1.1MichaelOrlitzky
htsn-import (deprecated)50.01Import XML files from The Sports Network into an RDBMS. (deprecated, gpl, program, utils)2015-03-100.2.4MichaelOrlitzky
http-client-overrides80.00HTTP client overrides (bsd3, library, network, program)2019-10-
http-exchange-instantiations340.00Instantiations of http-exchange (bsd3, library, network, program)2023-09-
http-proxy90.01A library for writing HTTP and HTTPS proxies (bsd3, library, program, web)2021-04-
http-test10.01Test framework for HTTP APIs (bsd3, library, program, test, web)2016-03-030.2.5glutamate
http-trace12.00Tracking http redirects (library, mit, program, web)2016-06-
http2-client-exe10.01A command-line http2 client. (bsd3, program, web)2019-04-, ProofOfKeags
htune00.01harmonic analyser and tuner for musical instruments (bsd3, program, sound)2013-03-190.2PetrRockai
htzaar00.01A two player abstract strategy game. (bsd3, game, program)2009-10-090.0.2TomHawkins
hub50.01For multiplexing GHC installations and providing development sandboxes (bsd3, development, distribution, program)2015-02-
hubris10.01Support library for Hubris, the Ruby <=> Haskell bridge (language, library, program)2010-04-240.0.3MarkWotton
huff20.00A fast-foward-based planner (ai, bsd3, library, program)2016-09-
hulk00.01IRC server written in Haskell. (bsd3, library, network, program)2013-11-030.2.0ChrisDone
hum10.00A TUI MPD client, inspired by ncmpcpp (gpl, library, program, sound)2021-01-
hums10.01Haskell UPnP Media Server (network, program)2014-06-180.7.0BardurArantsson
hunch10.01CSS-like syntax for file system manipulation. (console, mit, program)2015-09-030.2.0loganbraga
hunit-gui00.01A GUI testrunner for HUnit (library, program, public-domain, testing)2010-03-140.1.4KimWallmark
hunp10.01Unpacker tool with DWIM (console, program, utils)2009-06-200.1DenizDogan
hunt-server20.01A search and indexing engine server. (data, mit, program, text)2015-03-
hunt-server-cli30.01A Command line Interface for the Hunt server. (console, mit, program)2015-02-
hup22.00Upload packages and/or documentation to a hackage server (bsd2, distribution, documentation, library, program, web)2022-01-
hurdle30.01Extract function names from Windows DLLs. (bsd3, program, system)2010-02-240.4.0StephenTetley
hurl60.01Haskell URL resolver (gpl, library, network, program)2023-03-
husk-scheme132.03R5RS Scheme interpreter, compiler, and library. (compilers-interpreters, language, library, mit, program)2021-02-043.20JustinEthier
husky30.01A simple command line calculator. (console, program)2009-04-040.4MarkusDittrich
hutton (deprecated)20.01A program for the button on Reddit. (deprecated, mit, program, utility)2015-04-191.0.0fozworth
huttons-razor10.01Quick implemention of Hutton's Razor (bsd2, example, program)2015-05-
hw-balancedparens210.010Balanced parentheses (bit, bsd3, data, data-structures, library, program, succinct-data-structures)2022-12-, haskellworks, GeorgeWilson
hw-ci-assist20.00CI Assistant for Haskell projects (bsd3, development, library, program)2019-04-
hw-dsv90.03Unbelievably fast streaming DSV file parser (bsd3, csv, data-structures, library, program, simd, succinct-data-structures, text)2022-03-, haskellworks, GeorgeWilson
hw-dump30.01File Dump (bit, bsd3, data, library, program)2020-04-, haskellworks
hw-eliasfano110.02Elias-Fano (bsd3, data, data-structures, library, program, succinct-data-structures)2022-03-, haskellworks
hw-ip200.03Library for manipulating IP addresses and CIDR blocks (bsd3, library, network, program)2022-03-, haskellworks, arbornetworks, dsturnbull
hw-json192.05Memory efficient JSON parser (bsd3, data, library, program)2023-05-, haskellworks
hw-json-simd110.03SIMD-based JSON semi-indexer (bsd3, data, library, program)2022-12-, haskellworks
hw-json-simple-cursor90.02Memory efficient JSON parser (bsd3, data, library, program)2022-03-, haskellworks
hw-json-standard-cursor90.03Memory efficient JSON parser (bsd3, data, library, program)2022-03-, haskellworks
hw-mquery100.03Monadic query DSL (bsd3, data, library, program)2022-03-, haskellworks
hw-packed-vector120.02Packed Vector (bsd3, data, library, program, vector)2022-03-, haskellworks
hw-prim-bits (deprecated)40.00Primitive support for bit manipulation (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, program)2021-09-, haskellworks
hw-rankselect922.014Rank-select (bit, bsd3, data, data-structures, library, program, succinct-data-structures)2022-03-, haskellworks, GeorgeWilson
hw-simd-cli10.00SIMD library (bit, bsd3, data, library, program, simd)2021-03-, haskellworks
hw-tar10.00Library for creating and extracting tar archives (bsd3, codec, library, program)2021-03-
hw-uri80.01Supports IO on URIs (bsd3, data, library, program)2020-03-, haskellworks
hw-xml82.01XML parser based on succinct data structures. (bsd3, data, data-structures, library, program, succinct-data-structures, xml)2022-03-, haskellworks
hwall-auth-iitk00.01Initial version of firewall Authentication for IITK network. (bsd3, network, program)2014-04-
hwhile122.00An implementation of Neil D. Jones' While language (gpl, language, library, program)2019-03-
hwk90.00Commandline text processing with Haskell functions (development, mit, program)2021-06-140.6JensPetersen
hwormhole20.00magic-wormhole client (gpl, library, network, program)2019-03-
hws10.01Simple Haskell Web Server (bsd3, program, web-server)2010-10-
hxmppc00.01Haskell XMPP (Jabber Client) Command Line Interface (CLI) (bsd3, network, program)2011-10-200.2.3NicolasPouillard
hxournal30.01A pen notetaking program written in haskell (application, bsd3, library, program)2012-09-
hyahtzee30.01A Yahtzee game implementation in Haskell (bsd3, game, program)2021-04-180.5DamienCassou
hyakko10.01Literate-style Documentation Generator (documentation, mit, program)2015-06-030.6.7JeremyHull
hybrid20.01A implementation of a type-checker for Lambda-H (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, program)2008-03-042.0GwernBranwen
hydra-print10.02NCurses interface to view multiple ByteString streams in parallel. (bsd3, concurrency, library, program)2013-04-
hydrogen-cli10.01Hydrogen Data (language, mit, program)2015-01-080.14JulianFleischer
hylide10.00WebGL live-coding environment for writing shaders with Hylogen (graphics, library, mit, program)2016-10-
hylotab10.01Tableau based theorem prover for hybrid logics (program, theorem-provers)2012-07-051.2.1GuillaumeHoffmann
hyloutils10.01Very small programs for hybrid logics (program, theorem-provers)2012-07-051.0GuillaumeHoffmann
hyper-haskell-server30.01Server back-end for the HyperHaskell graphical Haskell interpreter (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, program)2020-11-
hyperdrive20.01a fast, trustworthy HTTP(s) server built (bsd3, library, program, web)2013-01-080.1JeremyShaw
hyperion30.00Reliable performance measurement with robust data export. (benchmarking, bsd3, library, program)2017-09-
hyperscript30.00A parser for the _hyperscript programming language (bsd3, library, program, web)2022-01-300.1.0.1rashad1030
hyraxAbif90.01Modules for parsing, generating and manipulating AB1 files. (ab1, abif, bioinformatics, chromatogram, library, program)2023-01-
hzaif10.00This package is Zaif Exchange Api wrapper (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-01-
i3blocks-hs-contrib62.00Base i3blocks written in haskell (distribution, library, mit, program)2020-04-252.1.0panavtec
ib-api40.00An API for the Interactive Brokers Trading Workstation written in pure Haskell (gpl, library, network, program)2015-07-
ical (deprecated in favor of iCalendar)42.00iCalendar format parser and org-mode converter. (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, web)2015-11-240.0.1ChrisDone
icepeak30.00A fast JSON document store with push notification support. (bsd3, library, program, web)2022-11-, rkrzr, DiegoDiv
ide-backend60.02An IDE backend library (development, library, mit, program)2016-01-, MichaelSnoyman
ide-backend-server40.01An IDE backend server (development, mit, program)2016-01-, MichaelSnoyman
ideas-math10.01Interactive domain reasoner for logic and mathematics (education, program)2015-04-091.2BastiaanHeeren
ideas-statistics10.00Interactive domain reasoner for statistics (apache, education, program)2020-04-031.0BastiaanHeeren
idiii10.01ID3v2 (tagging standard for MP3 files) library (bsd3, library, program, sound, text)2012-11-, BartonMassey, ChrisWagner
idringen40.00A project manage tool for Idris. (bsd3, development, library, program)2016-08-
idris592.251Functional Programming Language with Dependent Types (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, dependent-types, library, program)2021-10-221.3.4EdwinBrady, niklasl
ige11.251An keyboard-driven interactive graph editor (editing, gpl, program)2017-09-
ignore31.51Handle ignore files of different VCSes (bsd3, library, program, system)2015-08-
ihaskell532.2518A Haskell backend kernel for the Jupyter project. (development, library, mit, program)2023-07-, VaibhavSagar
ihs80.01Interpolated Haskell (language, program, public-domain)2018-12-
ihttp (deprecated)10.01Incremental HTTP iteratee (bsd3, deprecated, library, network, program)2011-06-150.3.0ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
imagepaste00.01Command-line image paste utility (bsd3, network, program)2012-05-300.2.0.1YuriBochkarev
imapget00.01Downloads email from imap SSL servers. (bsd3, network, program)2013-01-080.0.3FacundoDominguez
imbib20.01Minimalistic reference manager. (program, text)2010-11-111.0.0JeanPhilippeBernardy
imgurder10.01Uploader for Imgur (bsd3, library, program, web)2011-10-271.2DanColish
imj-base02.02Game engine with geometry, easing, animated text, delta rendering. (algorithms, animation, bsd3, game-engine, graphics, library, mathematics, optimisation, optimization, program, terminal, user-interface)2018-01-
imj-game-hamazed22.00A game with flying numbers and 8-bit color animations. (animation, application, bsd3, education, game, graphics, library, program)2018-01-
imj-measure-stdout10.01An application to determine the maximum capacity of stdout buffer. (bsd3, console, program, terminal)2018-01-
imm120.01Execute arbitrary actions for each item from RSS/Atom feeds (library, program, public-domain, web)2021-05-
imparse20.01Multi-platform parser analyzer and generator. (gpl, library, program, text)2013-08-
importify60.00Tool for haskell imports refactoring (development, library, mit, program, refactoring)2017-12-231.0.1serokell
inch20.01A type-checker for Haskell with integer constraints (bsd3, language, program)2014-06-070.2.0AdamGundry
indent20.00Fix your indentation. (bsd3, indentation, library, program, text)2019-06-120.0.5vapourismo
indigo60.00Convenient imperative eDSL over Lorentz. (language, library, mit, program)2023-03-310.6.0gromak, pasqu4le, serokell, rinn7e
infer-upstream10.01Find the repository from where a given repo was forked (development, mit, program)2014-08-
inferno-lsp20.00LSP for Inferno (dsl, ide, library, mit, program, scripting)2022-11-290.1.0sidk
infernu30.01Type inference and checker for JavaScript (experimental) (gpl, library, program, unclassified)2015-04-
infinity00.01 (bsd3, program, unclassified)2007-11-070.3AustinSeipp
informative140.01A yesod subsite serving a wiki. (agpl, library, program, web)2016-04-
inject30.01A minimalistic template engine (library, mit, program, text)2013-06-090.1.0SimonHengel
inliterate32.02Interactive literate programming (library, mit, program, statistics)2017-06-060.1.0glutamate, ocramz
inquire20.01Console client for encyclopedias (gpl, program, web)2014-01-080.1orbifx
inspection-proxy10.01A simple proxy for debugging plaintext protocols communication (bsd3, program, testing)2014-03-300.1.0.3MariusGhita
inspector-wrecker30.00Create benchmarks from the HAR files (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-09-
instana-haskell-trace-sdk142.00SDK for adding custom Instana tracing support to Haskell applications. (library, mit, monitoring, program)2023-05-
instapaper-sender20.01Basic HTTP gateway to save articles to Instapaper (agpl, program, web)2017-02-
integreat10.00Integrate different assays. (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2018-05-
intel-powermon70.00Poll modern Intel/AMD CPU power consumption on Linux via RAPL. (agpl, cli, linux, program, unclassified)2023-08-180.0.1SergeyAlirzaev
interactive-plot02.00Interactive quick time series plotting (bsd3, interactive, library, program)2019-09-
interleavableGen10.01Generates a version of a module using InterleavableIO (monads, program)2008-07-230.0.1MarcoSilva
internetmarke40.01Shell command for constructing custom stamps for German Post (console, graphics, program)2023-01-150.0.4HenningThielemann
intero472.01Complete interactive development program for Haskell (bsd3, development, program)2019-05-140.1.40AnthonyCowley, ChrisDone
interp10.00Tracery-like randomized text interpolation (bsd3, interpolation, library, program, text)2019-02-
interpol10.01GHC preprocessor and library to enable variable interpolation in strings (gpl, language, library, program, source-tools)2012-06-220.2.3AlexandruScvortov
interval-algebra100.01An implementation of Allen's interval algebra for temporal logic (algebra, bsd3, library, program, time)2023-05-262.2.0brendanrbrown
inventory30.00Project statistics and definition analysis (bsd3, library, program, utility)2023-03-
io-manager122.01Skeleton library around the IO monad. (bsd3, library, program, training)2023-02-
io-reactive20.02An API for generating TIMBER style reactive objects. (bsd3, control, library, program, reactivity)2008-09-230.1.1AndyGill
ion20.01EDSL for concurrent, realtime, embedded programming on top of Ivory (bsd3, embedded, language, library, program)2016-09-
ip6addr160.01Commandline tool to deal with IPv6 address text representations (bsd3, console, network, program)2022-01-081.0.3MichelBoucey
ipatch52.01interactive patch editor (development, gpl, program)2012-04-150.1.1JoachimBreitner
iptables-helpers20.01iptables rules parser/printer library (bsd3, library, program, text)2013-05-190.5.0EvgenyTarasov
iptadmin120.01web-interface for iptables (application, bsd3, program, system, tools, web)2013-05-191.3.4EvgenyTarasov
ircbot92.02A library for writing IRC bots (bsd3, library, network, program)2021-04-
iridium40.00Automated Local Cabal Package Testing and Uploading (bsd3, development, library, program)2018-10-
ironforge50.02A technical demo for Antisplice. (bsd3, game, library, program)2016-04-
isdicom10.01An executable and library to determine if a file is a DICOM file (bsd3, library, medical, program, system)2014-09-090.0.2TonyMorris
isiz00.01A program to show the size of image and whether suitable for wallpaper. (bsd3, graphics, program)2014-04-150.0.1HironaoKomatsu
isocline1300.01A portable alternative to GNU Readline (console, library, mit, program)2022-01-161.0.9daan
itcli10.01Issue Tracker for the CLI (bsd3, development, program)2018-09-
iterm-show20.02Enable graphical display of images inline on some terminals (bsd3, development, library, program)2018-10-
ivory-bitdata (deprecated in favor of ivory)10.02Ivory bit-data support. (bsd3, deprecated, language, library, program)2014-03-, LeePike
ivory-examples00.01Ivory examples. (bsd3, language, program)2016-12-, LeePike
ixdopp70.01A preprocessor for expanding "ixdo" notation for indexed monads (bsd3, language, program, source-tools)2013-01-230.1.3JesseTov
iyql10.01CLI (command line interface) to YQL (gpl, network, program)2010-09-220.0.7DiegoSouza
j2hs10.01j2hs (ffi-tools, foreign, java, jvm, mit, program)2013-06-240.99.1JulianFleischer
jacinda312.250Functional, expression-oriented data processing language (agpl, data, interpreters, language, library, program, text)2023-09-
jaeger-flamegraph22.01Generate flamegraphs from Jaeger .json dumps. (bsd3, library, program, testing)2019-07-261.3.2fommil
jailbreak-cabal370.01Strip version restrictions from Cabal files (bsd3, distribution, program)2023-02-131.4PeterSimons, sternenseemann, jophish, cdepillabout, maralorn, expipiplus1
jammittools210.01Export sheet music and audio from Windows/Mac app Jammit (gpl, library, program, sound)2019-04-
jarfind10.01Tool for searching java classes, members and fields in classfiles and JAR archives (development, language, library, program, utils)2012-10-300.1.0.3EugeneKirpichov
jarify30.00Jarification of Haskell sources (bsd3, ffi, java, jvm, library, program)2017-04-211.0MathieuBoespflug, FelixRaimundo
jason30.00A fast JASONETTE-iOS JSON combinator library for haskell. (bsd3, library, program, value)2016-11-
java-adt70.01Create immutable algebraic data structures for Java. (java, program)2018-11-040.2018.11.4AndreasAbel
java-poker10.00The etude of the Haskell programming (game, library, mit, program)2016-01-
javascript-bridge10.01Remote Monad for JavaScript on the browser (bsd3, library, network, program)2019-09-120.2.0AndyGill
javascript-extras30.02Extra javascript functions when using GHCJS (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-07-
javasf20.01A utility to print the SourceFile attribute of one or more Java class files. (bsd3, development, program)2014-05-240.1.0TonyMorris
javav30.01A utility to print the target version of Java class files. (bsd3, development, program)2014-05-230.1.1TonyMorris
jbi10.00Just Build It - a "do what I mean" abstraction for Haskell build tools (development, library, mit, program)2018-02-
jdi20.01Implementation of Java Debug Interface (debug, gpl, jvm, language, library, program)2012-10-280.0.3VictorDenisov
jenga (deprecated)32.00Generate a cabal freeze file from a stack.yaml (bsd2, deprecated, development, library, program)2017-05-
jenkinsPlugins2nix30.00Generate nix for Jenkins plugins. (bsd3, library, nix, program)2021-08-, ThomasBach
jespresso30.01Extract all JavaScript from an HTML page and consolidate it in one script. (bsd3, library, program, web)2015-06-221.0.2AndreyChudnov
jet20.00 (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2021-12-
jinquantities32.01Unit conversion and manipulation library. (bsd3, data, library, math, physics, program)2018-09-120.1.1Novadiscovery
jira-wiki-markup2340.01Handle Jira wiki markup (library, mit, program, text)2023-03-131.5.1tarleb
jl60.00Functional sed for JSON (bsd3, development, library, program)2022-05-170.1.0ChrisDone
jmacro232.017QuasiQuotation library for programmatic generation of Javascript code. (bsd3, language, library, program)2023-03-220.6.18GershomBazerman, JeremyShaw
jord22.00Geographical Position Calculations (bsd3, geography, library, program)2020-09-
jort00.01JP's own ray tracer (graphics, program)2010-11-101.0.0JeanPhilippeBernardy
jot (deprecated in favor of shakebook)20.01Tiny markdown notebook (cli, deprecated, program)2018-04-
jpl-horizons-api20.00Ephemerides for solar system objects from the JPL Horizons service (api, astronomy, bsd3, library, program)2022-03-
jsaddle-hello40.01JSaddle Hello World, an example package (library, mit, program, web)2021-06-
json-autotype312.55Automatic type declaration for JSON input data (bsd3, data, library, program, tools, type-provider)2020-04-193.1.2MichalGajda, PeterSimons
json-b90.03JSON parser that uses byte strings. (bsd3, library, program, text)2009-10-010.0.4JasonDusek
json-directory20.00Load JSON from files in a directory structure (bsd3, codec, library, program)2022-06-
json-rpc142.05Fully-featured JSON-RPC 2.0 library (library, mit, network, program, public-domain)2022-05-151.0.4jprupp
json-to-haskell00.00 (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2020-11-
json-tools20.01A collection of JSON tools (bsd3, json, program, text, tools, utils)2019-10-180.5.1NicolasPouillard
json2sg10.00Lossy conversion from JSON to Sugar (configuration, library, program, text)2022-07-290.0.1jxv
json2yaml (deprecated in favor of yaml)60.01Utility to convert a file from JSON to YAML format. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, program, web)2014-04-
jsonextfilter00.01Filter select values in JSON objects to unix programs (mit, program, web)2017-03-
jsonnet30.00Jsonnet implementaton in pure Haskell (bsd3, compiler, library, program)2021-05-310.3.1.1moleike
jsons-to-schema10.00JSON to JSON Schema (data, json, library, mit, program, web)2017-07-300.1.0.0garetht
jsonsql30.01Interpolate JSON object values into SQL strings (mit, program, text)2015-08-
jsontsv10.01JSON to TSV transformer (mit, program, text)2016-05-
jsonxlsx10.01json to xlsx converter (mit, program, text)2017-03-
juandelacosa00.01Manage users in MariaDB >= 10.1.1 (databases, mit, program, web)2021-03-170.1.2ip1981
judge40.00Tableau-based theorem prover for justification logic. (gpl, library, logic, program)2018-03-
juicy-draw00.00Draw and fill lines, rectangles and polygons (graphics, library, mit, program)2018-12-
juicy-gcode100.01SVG to G-Code converter (bsd3, graphics, program)2023-05-
jukebox192.01A first-order reasoning toolbox (bsd3, library, logic, program)2021-06-220.5.4NickSmallbone
jumpthefive20.01an elementary symmetric chiffre for pragmatically protecting one's effects (bsd3, cryptography, library, program)2015-04-110.0.1mcandre
jupyter10.00A library for creating and using Jupyter kernels. (development, library, mit, program)2016-08-140.9.0gibiansky
kafka-device90.05UI device events via a Kafka message broker (hardware, library, mit, program)2019-03-
kafka-device-glut40.01GLUT events via a Kafka message broker (hardware, library, mit, program)2019-03-
kafka-device-joystick00.01Linux joystick events via a Kafka message broker (hardware, library, mit, program)2019-03-
kafka-device-leap110.01Leap Motion events via a Kafka message broker (hardware, library, mit, program)2019-03-
kafka-device-spacenav10.01Linux SpaceNavigator events via a Kafka message broker (hardware, library, mit, program)2019-03-
kafka-device-vrpn20.01VRPN events via a Kafka message broker (library, mit, network, program)2019-03-
kaleidoscope20.01Haskell Kaleidoscope tutorial (compilers, library, mit, program)2016-08-
katt50.01Client for the Kattis judge system. (bsd3, library, program, utils)2014-06-
katydid30.00A haskell implementation of Katydid (bsd3, data, library, program)2018-09-
kawa20.00Key-value store in single files. (bsd3, database, library, program)2018-01-
kbq-gu10.01Rpoku spoken word programming language (language, program)2008-08-140.2AndriiZvorygin
kdesrc-build-extra (deprecated in favor of kdesrc-build-profiles)20.01Build profiles for kdesrc-build (deprecated, development, gpl, program)2016-04-050.1.1ivan
kdesrc-build-profiles20.00Build profiles for kdesrc-build (development, gpl, program)2020-05-270.2.0ivan
keccak130.00cryptographic functions based on the sponge construction (crypto, library, mit, program)2018-07-200.2.0aupiff
keenser20.01Initial project template from stack (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-07-
keera-posture200.01Get notifications when your sitting posture is inappropriate. (ai, program)2017-06-, keera_studios_ci
keiretsu30.01Multi-process orchestration for development and integration testing (development, program, testing)2014-10-200.4.4BrendanHay
kempe52.00Kempe compiler (bsd3, compilers, language, library, program)2023-05-
keter482.251Web application deployment manager, focusing on Haskell web frameworks (library, mit, program, web, yesod)2023-08-022.1.2MichaelSnoyman, ChristopherReichert, Jappie, jgt
kevin50.01a dAmn ↔ IRC proxy (program, utils)2013-08-310.11.0JoelTaylor
kewar32.00CLI and library to generate QR codes. (data, library, mit, program, qr)2022-02-
keycloak-hs60.00 (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2021-06-203.0.1CorentinDupont
keysafe40.01back up a secret key securely to the cloud (agpl, program, utility)2020-02-140.20200214JoeyHess
keystore120.01Managing stores of secret things (bsd3, cryptography, library, program)2022-06-
keyword-args10.01Extract data from a keyword-args config file format (data, library, mit, program)2015-04-, stackbuilders, sestrella
khph10.01Command-line file tagging and organization tool (agpl, program, system)2016-06-110.1.0khumba
kif-parser10.01Process KIF iOS test logs (bsd3, distribution, program)2013-08-290.0.3JanChristiansen
kit120.01A dependency manager for Xcode (Objective-C) projects (bsd3, development, program)2013-02-060.7.12NickPartridge
kmeans-vector20.01An implementation of the kmeans clustering algorithm based on the vector package (bsd3, library, math, program)2015-07-300.3.2AlpMestanogullari
kmn-programming00.00K_M,N quadratic programming (bsd3, math, program)2021-12-200.9.2PeterDivianszky
kmonad110.00Advanced keyboard remapping utility (application, library, mit, program)2020-09-120.4.1david_janssen, TonyZorman
knots00.01Khovanov homology computations (library, math, mit, program)2015-04-
koji-install (deprecated in favor of koji-tool)20.00CLI tool for installing rpms directly from Fedora Koji (bsd3, deprecated, program, utility)2021-12-280.5JensPetersen
koji-tool150.00Koji CLI tool for querying tasks and installing builds (bsd3, program, utility)2023-07-221.1JensPetersen
koneko10.00a concatenative not-quite-lisp for kittens (compilers-interpreters, gpl, library, program)2022-02-120.0.2obfusk
korfu20.01The Korfu ORF Utility (bioinformatics, program)2010-09-100.2KetilMalde
kparams20.00Extracts values from /proc/cmdline. (library, mit, program, text)2021-09-
krank60.00Krank checks issue tracker link status in your source code (bsd3, library, program, quality)2022-11-030.3.0guibou
kudzu32.250coverage driven random testing framework (bsd3, library, program, testing)2022-07-
kurita20.00Find the alpha emoji (bsd3, game, library, program, web)2019-05-060davean
laborantin-hs10.01an experiment management framework (apache, experiment, library, program)2014-04-
labsat30.00LabSat TCP Interface Wrapper (library, mit, program, unclassified)2018-03-090.0.5bb
labyrinth-server00.01A complicated turn-based game - Web server (game, mit, program)2013-11-
lambda30.00Interpreters for lambda calculus, calculus of constructions, and more (compilers-interpreters, mit, program)2022-07-
lambda-bridge20.01A bridge from Haskell (on a CPU) to VHDL on a FPGA. (bsd3, foreign, hardware, library, middleware, network, program)2010-11-160.1AndyGill
lambda-calculator30.00A lambda calculus interpreter (lambdacalculus, language, library, mit, program, teaching)2023-03-
lambda-calculus-interpreter00.00Lambda Calculus interpreter (bsd3, language, library, program)2018-09-
lambda-devs10.01a Paralell-DEVS implementaion based on distributed-process (bsd3, control, library, program, simulation)2013-11-240.4.0alios
lambda-toolbox30.01An application to work with the lambda calculus (for learning) (bsd3, lambdacalculus, program, teaching)2013-03-301.0.1JulianFleischer
lambda2js21.51Untyped Lambda calculus to JavaScript compiler (compiler, gpl, program)2015-09-
lambdaFeed10.01RSS 2.0 feed generator (program, web)2007-02-130.3.1DonaldStewart
lambdaLit10.01... (language, mit, program)2014-12-
lambdabot240.01Lambdabot is a development tool and advanced IRC bot (development, program, web)2023-07-, DmitryMalikov, GwernBranwen, IsaacJones, JamesCook, ncfavier
lambdabot-telegram-plugins10.00Lambdabot for Telegram (development, gpl, library, program, web)2022-09-240.2.1swamp_agr
lambdabot-xmpp30.00Lambdabot plugin for XMPP (Jabber) protocol (development, program)2020-07-
lambdabot-zulip10.00Lambdabot for Zulip Chat (library, mit, program, web)2018-11-200.1.0NiklasHambuechen
lambdacat30.01Webkit Browser (bsd3, library, program, user-interfaces)2011-01-080.1.1AndreasBaldeau
lambdacube20.01A simple lambda cube type checker. (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, program)2008-12-252008.12.25LennartAugustsson
lambdacube-examples (deprecated in favor of lambdacube-samples)10.01Examples for LambdaCube (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, program)2011-10-290.2.2CsabaHruska
lambdacube-samples10.01Samples for LambdaCube 3D (bsd3, graphics, program)2014-12-090.2.0CsabaHruska
lambdasound300.00A libary for generating low-level sounds with high-level combinators (library, mit, program, sound)2023-09-181.1voyager
lambdatwit20.01Lambdabot running as a twitter bot. Similar to the @fsibot f# bot. (mit, program, web)2014-10-
lambdiff10.01Diff Viewer (bsd3, development, program)2011-11-170.1JamieTurner
language-Modula220.00Parser, pretty-printer, and more for the Modula-2 programming language (gpl, language, library, program)2023-09-260.1.4MarioBlazevic
language-asn130.01Parsing of ASN1 definitions (bsd3, language, library, program)2020-06-140.6DmitryAstapov
language-dickinson32.00A language for generative literature (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, language, library, program, text)2022-09-
language-glsl370.06GLSL abstract syntax tree, parser, and pretty-printer (bsd3, graphics, language, library, program)2018-09-020.3.0VoMinhThu
language-mixal00.01Parser, pretty-printer, and AST types for the MIXAL assembly language (bsd3, language, library, program)2013-08-250.1JonathanDaugherty
language-ninja12.00A library for dealing with the Ninja build language. (apache, build, language, library, program)2017-08-020.2.0taktoa
language-oberon20.01Parser, pretty-printer, and more for the Oberon programming language (gpl, language, library, program)2023-09-260.3.3MarioBlazevic
language-openscad10.01A simple parser for OpenSCAD (bsd3, language, library, program)2016-04-130.1.7BenGamari, BrechtSerckx
language-puppet202.02Tools to parse and evaluate the Puppet DSL. (bsd3, library, program, system)2020-05-311.4.6.5SimonMarechal, pi3r
language-python-colour10.01Generate coloured XHTML for Python code. (bsd3, language, program)2009-11-040.1BerniePope
language-python-test10.01testing code for the language-python library (bsd3, language, program)2020-07-120.5.8BerniePope
language-toolkit10.00A set of tools for analyzing languages via logic and automata (formal-languages, library, mit, program)2023-06-
lapack-ffi-tools130.01Generator for Haskell interface to Fortran LAPACK (bsd3, math, program)2023-01-
lat10.01Tool to track security alerts on LWN (gpl, program, utils)2011-05-130.6MagnusTherning
latest-npm-version30.01Find the latest version of a package on npm (library, mit, network, program)2014-05-190.3.1passy
latex-formulae-pandoc90.01Render LaTeX formulae in pandoc documents to images with an actual LaTeX installation (bsd3, image, library, program)2018-07-
latex-function-tables10.00Function table specifications in latex (bsd3, library, program, text)2016-11-
latex-live-snippets10.01Automatically inline Haskell snippets into LaTeX documents. (bsd3, program, system)2018-07-
latex-svg-pandoc10.01Render LaTeX formulae in pandoc documents to images with an actual LaTeX (bsd3, image, library, program)2020-05-100.2.1phadej
launchpad-control10.01High and low-level interface to the Novation Launchpad midi controller. (bsd3, library, music, program, system)2013-10-
layered-graph-drawing30.00Layered Graph Drawing after Sugiyama (bsd3, graph, graphics, library, program)2023-07-
layers-game40.01A prototypical 2d platform game. (bsd3, game, program)2020-06-270.7.0DanielTrstenjak
lazy-csv100.05Efficient lazy parsers for CSV (comma-separated values). (bsd3, library, program, text)2015-06-250.5.1MalcolmWallace
lazy-priority-queue20.00Lazy-Spined Monadic Priority Queues (control, data, gpl, library, program)2021-02-180.1.1MarioBlazevic
ldap-scim-bridge20.00See README for synopsis (agpl, library, program, system)2022-06-180.8MatthiasFischmann
ldapply20.01LDIF idempotent apply tool (mit, network, program, text)2017-01-120.2.0ip1981
leaf30.01A simple portfolio generator (gpl, program, web)2013-02-
leaky20.01Robust space leak, and its strictification (bsd3, program, testing)2015-02-
learn-physics230.01Haskell code for learning physics (bsd3, library, physics, program)2023-09-200.6.6ScottWalck
learn-physics-examples (deprecated in favor of learn-physics)40.01examples for learn-physics (bsd3, deprecated, physics, program)2014-06-
leetify20.01Leetify text (bsd3, program, text)2014-10-
left4deadrl00.01left4dead-inspired roguelike (bsd3, math, program)2018-04-060.0.2AndrewPennebaker
legion-discovery (deprecated)70.00A discovery service based on Legion. (apache, deprecated, library, program, value)2017-04-301.0.0.1rickowens
leksah130.01Haskell IDE written in Haskell (development, editor, ide, library, program)2017-08-, JuergenNicklischFranken
leksah-server60.02Metadata collection for leksah (ide, library, program)2017-11-, JuergenNicklischFranken
lens-th-rewrite20.00Rewrites Template Haskell splices using the API (bsd3, data, library, program)2020-04-
lentil532.51frugal issue tracker (development, gpl, program, project-management)2023-07-, lwm
lgtk (deprecated)20.01Lens GUI Toolkit (bsd3, deprecated, gui, library, program)2014-05-
lhae (deprecated)40.01Simple spreadsheet program (data, deprecated, program)2010-09-280.0.3AlexanderBau
lhs2TeX-hl10.01Literate highlighter preprocessor for lhs2tex (development, language, mit, program)2011-10-
lhs2html20.01Compile lhs in bird style to md, html, hs. (development, program, public-domain)2015-03-220.999999JulianFleischer
lhs2tex322.01Preprocessor for typesetting Haskell sources with LaTeX (development, language, program)2020-05-011.24AndresLoeh
lhslatex00.01Tool for using pdflatex with .lhs files (bsd3, program, unclassified)2014-04-
libBF800.04A binding to the libBF library. (data, library, mit, program)2023-07-170.6.6IavorDiatchki, RobertDockins, ryanglscott, galoisinc
libhbb10.01Backend for text editors to provide better Haskell editing support. (development, lgpl, library, program)2014-10-300.4.1.0wolfch
libmdbx30.00Bindings for libmdbx, an embedded key/value store (bsd3, database, library, program)2022-01-
liboath-hs70.00Bindings to liboath (gpl, library, program, security)2020-10-
libraft (deprecated)50.00Raft consensus algorithm (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-systems, library, program)2019-03-
librarian10.00Move/rename according a set of rules (data, library, program)2022-07-310.1.0.0gdifolco
libzfs00.01Bindings to libzfs, for dealing with the Z File System and Zpools. (library, mit, program, system)2017-03-
licensor80.00A license compatibility helper (distribution, library, mit, program)2021-05-300.5.0jpvillaisaza
lie10.00Lie Algebras (bsd3, library, math, program)2019-06-
life60.01Conway's Life cellular automaton (bsd3, game, program)2009-12-210.1ChuckAdams
life-sync12.250Synchronize personal configs across multiple machines. (cli, cli-tool, configuration, development, library, mpl, program)2020-05-
lifter10.01A boulderdash-like game and solution validator (bsd3, games-, program)2012-09-110.1EdwinBrady
lightstep-haskell80.00LightStep OpenTracing client library (apache, library, program, tools)2020-10-090.10.4DmitryIvanov
lima60.00Convert between Haskell, Markdown, Literate Haskell, TeX (library, mit, productivity, program)2023-07-
linden11.250Zen gardening, based on l-systems (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-05-010davean
line-break30.01Convert newlines in text (gpl, program, text)2017-01-
line-size20.01Display the number of bytes of each line (data, gpl, program)2017-03-
line2pdf40.01Simple command-line utility to convert text into PDF (bsd3, library, program, text)2008-07-210.0.7AudreyTang
linear-algebra-cblas10.02A linear algebra library with bindings to BLAS and LAPACK (bsd3, library, math, program)2013-04-180.1CarterSchonwald
linear-maps (deprecated)30.01Finite maps for linear use (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, program)2009-05-280.6.1PeterDivianszky, ZsoltDollenstein
linenoise50.01A lightweight readline-replacement library for Haskell (bsd3, library, program, user-interfaces)2020-06-200.3.2ejconlon
lingo100.01File extension based programming language detection (bsd3, data, library, program)2022-03-, tclem, robrix, rewinfrey
linkcheck00.00Check for broken links in CI (library, mit, program, unclassified)2022-05-
linkchk10.01linkchk is a network interface link ping monitor. (program, system)2008-02-170.0.2GwernBranwen
linkcore00.01Combines multiple GHC Core modules into a single module (bsd3, language, program)2010-05-250.4.1TimChevalier
linux-perf10.01Read files generated by perf on Linux (bsd3, debug, development, ghc, library, profiling, program, trace)2012-11-030.3MikolajKonarski
linx-gateway10.01Implementation of the Enea LINX gateway protocol. (library, mit, network, program)2014-08-
lio-simple70.01LIO support for the Simple web framework (lgpl, library, program, web)2014-04-
liquid-fixpoint280.04Predicate Abstraction-based Horn-Clause/Implication Constraint Solver (bsd3, language, library, program)2021-11-038.10.7AlfredoDiNapoli, AndresLoeh, EricSeidel, FacundoDominguez, ranjitjhala, niki
liquidhaskell392.515Liquid Types for Haskell (bsd3, language, library, program)2023-02-, AndresLoeh, EricSeidel, FacundoDominguez, ranjitjhala, niki
liquidhaskell-cabal-demo10.01Demo of Liquid Haskell integration for Cabal and Stack (development, library, program)2019-05-300.2.1.1MichaelSmith
list-remote-forwards10.01List all remote forwards for mail accounts stored in a SQL database. (agpl, mail, program, utils)2022-08-280.0.3MichaelOrlitzky
liszt10.00Append only key-list database (bsd3, database, library, program)2018-09-110.2FumiakiKinoshita
lit40.01A simple tool for literate programming (development, program)2016-02-
literatex200.00transform literate source code to Markdown (library, mit, program, utils)2023-05-
live-sequencer20.01Live coding of MIDI music (gui, library, music, program, sound)2018-02-
liveplot00.00Liveplotting (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2018-07-
llsd10.01An implementation of the LLSD data system (library, mit, networking, program)2010-08-300.2.0.0BryanOSullivan
llvm-ffi-tools30.01Tools for maintaining the llvm-ffi package (bsd3, code-generation, compilers-interpreters, program)2023-09-240.0.1HenningThielemann
llvm-pkg-config70.01Generate Pkg-Config configuration file for LLVM (bsd3, code-generation, program)2021-10-160.0.2HenningThielemann
llvm-pretty-bc-parser10.01LLVM bitcode parsing library (bsd3, library, program, text)2017-07-, TrevorElliott, ryanglscott, galoisinc
llvm-tools10.01Useful tools built on llvm-analysis (bsd3, development, library, program)2013-11-
lnd-client50.01Lightning Network Daemon (LND) client library for Haskell (bitcoin, bsd3, finance, library, lightning, network, payments, program)2022-07-
lnurl-authenticator40.00A command line tool to manage LNURL auth identities (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2021-08-
loch20.01Support for precise error locations in source files (bsd3, development, library, program)2007-01-250.2DonaldStewart
locked-poll00.00Very simple poll lock (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2015-12-170.1.0scottmurphy09
log-effect20.02An extensible log effect using extensible-effects (control, effect, library, logging, mit, program)2019-03-021.2.0ibotty, sickmind
log-utils10.01Utils for working with logs (bsd3, data, program)2017-07-, arybczak, jonathanjouty_scrive, trin_cz
log-warper70.04Flexible, configurable, monadic and pretty logging (library, logging, mit, program)2020-03-041.9.0gromak, volhovm, serokell
log2json00.01Turn log file records into JSON. (json, library, logging, program, text, tools, utils)2012-11-020.1HaroldLee
logger-thread90.00Run FastLogger in a thread and direct all queued messages to it. (bsd3, library, program, text)2016-12-
logging-effect-extra60.00Supplemental packages for `logging-effect`. (library, mit, other, program)2018-08-052.0.0jship
logging-effect-extra-file10.01TH splices to augment log messages with file info (library, mit, other, program)2018-08-062.0.1jship
logging-effect-extra-handler20.01Handy logging handler combinators (library, mit, other, program)2018-08-062.0.1jship
lojban10.01Useful utilities for the Lojban language (bsd3, language, library, program)2008-12-180.3
lojbanParser10.01lojban parser (bsd3, language, library, program)2014-08-
lojbanXiragan00.01lojban to xiragan (bsd3, language, library, program)2013-03-070.3YoshikuniJujo
lojysamban10.01Prolog with lojban (bsd3, language, program)2014-10-
longshot21.50Fast Brute-force search using parallelism (algorithm, cryptography, library, mit, parallelism, program, search)2021-12-
loopy10.01Find all biological feedback loops within an ecosystem graph. (bsd3, program, unclassified)2011-03-220.0.1EmilyMitchell
lord30.01A command line interface to online radios. (library, music, program, public-domain, web)2015-01-222.20150122rnons
lorem10.00Library for generating filler text (bsd3, library, program, text)2015-04-
loshadka10.01Minecraft 1.7 server proxy that answers to queries when the server is offline (mit, network, program)2014-04-250.2LnYnp6WCYyKG3yhdLDztVRuQjTFKEy
lostcities30.01An implementation of an adictive two-player card game (game, program)2009-11-210.2PedroVasconcelos
loup40.00Amazon Simple Workflow Service Wrapper for Work Pools. (aws, cloud, distributed-computing, library, mit, network, program)2017-11-040.0.16markfine
ls-usb20.01List USB devices (bsd3, program, system)2012-11-270.1.1RoelVanDijk
lscabal40.01List exported modules from a set of .cabal files (bsd3, distribution, program)2010-04-180.1.1DonaldStewart
lsfrom10.00List directory files starting from a specific name (bsd3, program, utility)2022-04-
lsh40.00A simple ls clone with modern, colored formatting (binary, bsd3, library, program)2023-08-
lsp-types3940.023Haskell library for the Microsoft Language Server Protocol, data types (development, library, mit, program)2023-08-, PepeIborra, wz1000, luke_, jneira, michaelpj
lsystem00.01Paint an L-System Grammar (application, bsd3, program)2011-10-251.2CarlosGomez
ltext70.01Parameterized file evaluator (bsd3, library, program, text)2023-09-220.1.4athanclark
lucid-alpine100.00Use Alpine.js in your lucid templates (bsd3, html, library, program, web)2022-01-300.1.0.7rashad1030
lucid-hyperscript20.00Use _hyperscript with lucid (bsd3, library, program, web)2022-01-300.1.0.2rashad1030
lucienne (deprecated)30.01Server side feed aggregator/reader (deprecated, program, web)2012-06-090.0.2AlexanderBau
lumberjack312.00Trek through your code forest and make logs (library, logging, program)2023-07-, ryanglscott, galoisinc
luminance-samples10.01Luminance samples (bsd3, graphics, program)2016-02-270.11DimitriSabadie
lushtags10.01Create ctags compatible tags files for Haskell programs (development, mit, program)2011-09-200.0.1BitConnor
lvmlib20.02The Lazy Virtual Machine (LVM). (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, library, program)2014-09-021.1JurriaanHage
lvmrun10.01The Lazy Virtual Machine (LVM) Runtime System. (compilers-interpreters, program)2014-09-021.0JurriaanHage
lxd-client50.00LXD client written in Haskell. (gpl, library, program, system)2018-02-
lye10.01A Lilypond-compiling music box (mit, program, sound)2013-01-
lz4-conduit10.00LZ4 compression for conduits (bsd3, codec, compression, conduit, library, program)2018-03-250.3scm
lz4-frame-conduit50.00Conduit implementing the official LZ4 frame streaming format (library, mit, program, web)2020-09-
maam60.01Monadic Abstracting Abstract Machines (MAAM) built on Galois Transformers (bsd3, library, program, static-analysis)2015-10-
macbeth-lib30.00Macbeth - A beautiful and minimalistic FICS client (game, library, program)2016-04-050.0.12tgass
maclight30.01Control screen and keyboard backlights on MACs under Linux (apple, library, mit, program)2014-06-
macosx-make-standalone10.01Make a macosx app standalone deployable (bsd3, development, program)2013-07-
macrm10.00Alternative rm command for macOS that remove files/dirs to the system trash (bsd3, library, program)2020-11-
mad-props20.00Monadic DSL for building constraint solvers using basic propagators. (bsd3, library, program, propagators)2019-11-
mage20.01Rogue-like (bsd3, game, program)2008-03-051.1.0GwernBranwen
magic-wormhole30.01Interact with Magic Wormhole (crypto, library, program)2021-02-250.3.4jml, jcalderone, rkrishnan
magico70.01Compute solutions for Magico puzzle (bsd3, math, program)2021-12-
mahoro10.01ImageBoards to XMPP gate (program, web)2009-09-160.1.2OlegIvanov
maid20.01A simple static web server (bsd3, program, web)2014-10-142014.10.14JinjingWang
mail-pool70.00Preconfigured email connection pool on top of smtp. (email, library, mit, program)2020-12-032.2.3Jappie
mailbox-count20.01Count mailboxes in a SQL database. (agpl, mail, program, utils)2022-08-280.0.6MichaelOrlitzky
mailchimp-subscribe00.01MailChimp subscription request handler (mail, mit, program)2014-12-021.0mietek
majordomo30.01Majordomo protocol for ZeroMQ (bsd3, library, network, program)2012-04-110.1.6MarkWotton
make-hard-links50.01Change duplicated files into hard-links. (program, system)2009-03-140.2FelipeLessa
make-package10.01Make a cabalized package (bsd3, development, program, utils)2014-09-271.2.0PhilippBalzarek
mallard20.00Database migration and testing as a library. (database, library, mit, program)2017-09-
mameya10.00Static Website Generator in Haskell (library, mit, program, web)2018-09-160.2.1bururabit
manatee62.02The Haskell/Gtk+ Integrated Live Environment (desktop-environment, gpl, ide, library, manatee, operating-system, program)2011-05-140.2.2AndyStewart
manatee-all10.01Virtual package to install all Manatee packages. (desktop-environment, gpl, ide, library, manatee, operating-system, program)2011-05-140.2.2AndyStewart
manatee-anything20.01Multithread interactive input/search framework for Manatee (desktop-environment, gpl, ide, library, manatee, operating-system, program)2011-01-120.0.8AndyStewart
manatee-browser40.02Browser extension for Manatee. (browser, gpl, library, manatee, network, program)2011-05-140.1.1AndyStewart
manatee-curl40.02Download Manager extension for Manatee. (download-manager, gpl, library, manatee, network, program)2011-05-140.1.1AndyStewart
manatee-editor160.02Editor extension for Manatee. (editor, gpl, ide, library, manatee, program)2011-05-140.1.1AndyStewart
manatee-filemanager30.02File manager extension for Manatee. (file-manager, gpl, library, manatee, program)2011-05-140.1.1AndyStewart
manatee-imageviewer40.02Image viewer extension for Manatee. (gpl, image, image-viewer, library, manatee, program)2011-05-140.1.1AndyStewart
manatee-ircclient10.02IRC client extension for Manatee. (gpl, irc, irc-client, library, manatee, program)2011-05-140.1.1AndyStewart
manatee-mplayer20.02Mplayer client extension for Manatee. (gpl, library, manatee, multimedia, multimedia-player, program)2011-05-140.1.1AndyStewart
manatee-pdfviewer20.02PDF viewer extension for Manatee. (gpl, library, manatee, pdf, pdf-viewer, program)2011-05-140.1.1AndyStewart
manatee-processmanager30.02Process manager extension for Manatee. (gpl, library, manatee, process-manager, program, system)2011-05-140.1.1AndyStewart
manatee-reader190.02Feed reader extension for Manatee. (atom, feed, gpl, library, manatee, program, rss, rss-atom-reader)2011-05-140.1.1AndyStewart
manatee-template10.01Template code to create Manatee application. (gpl, ide, library, manatee, program, template)2011-05-140.1.1AndyStewart
manatee-terminal30.02Terminal Emulator extension for Manatee. (download-manager, gpl, library, manatee, network, program)2011-05-140.1.1AndyStewart
manatee-welcome00.02Welcome module to help user play Manatee quickly. (gpl, ide, library, manatee, program, welcome)2011-05-140.1.1AndyStewart
mancala10.01Simple mancala game. (game, lgpl, program)2011-06-300.1JulianaLucena
mandulia10.01A zooming visualisation of the Mandelbrot Set as many Julia Sets. (gpl, graphics, program)2022-09-
mangopay120.02Bindings to the MangoPay API (bsd3, library, program, web)2015-12-311.12FelipeLessa, JeanPhilippeMoresmau, alanpog
map-exts12.01Extensions to Data.Map (bsd3, data-structures, library, program)2018-01-
mappy30.00A functional programming language focused around maps. (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, library, program)2016-02-
marihana20.00Minimal tool to make your blog in Haskell (library, mit, program, web)2018-04-
marionetta00.01A study of marionetta movements. (bsd3, game, program)2012-05-
markdown-unlit860.04Literate Haskell support for Markdown (development, library, mit, program)2023-07-100.6.0SimonHengel
markdown2svg (deprecated)50.01markdown to svg converter (bsd3, deprecated, program, text)2014-02-
markup-preview20.01A simple markup document preview (markdown, textile, reStructuredText) (gpl, program, text)2015-03-
marmalade-upload30.01Upload packages to Marmalade (development, library, mit, program)2014-10-260.10lunaryorn
marquise00.02Client library for Vaultaire (bsd3, library, other, program)2015-03-234.0.0fractalcat
marvin80.00A framework for modular, portable chat bots. (bsd3, development, library, program)2017-09-240.2.5justus
marxup20.01Markup language preprocessor for Haskell (gpl, library, program, text)2019-11-
masakazu-bot10.01@minamiyama1994_bot on haskell (gpl, program, web)2014-08-
master-plan20.00The project management tool for hackers (library, mit, program, tools)2017-08-180.3.1rodrigosetti
mastermind00.01console mastermind decypher (bsd3, game, program)2010-07-252010.7.25.1PaoloVeronelli
mathblog60.01A program for creating and managing a static weblog with LaTeX math and diagrams (bsd3, program, web)2015-10-030.6JonathanDaugherty
mathgenealogy50.01Discover your (academic) ancestors! (gpl, program, web)2015-11-221.4.0PeterRobinson
mathista (deprecated)20.01A small programming language for numerical computing (deprecated, language, library, program, public-domain)2015-10-110.0.1seiya
matlab20.01Matlab bindings and interface (bsd3, foreign, library, math, program)2020-07-, bmsherman, bebarker
matsuri10.01ncurses XMPP client (network, program)2009-12-030.0.4OlegIvanov
matterhorn770.01Terminal client for the Mattermost chat system (bsd3, chat, library, program)2023-07-1550200.19.0JonathanDaugherty, KevinQuick
maxent-learner-hw10.00Hayes and Wilson's maxent learning algorithm for phonotactic grammars. (library, linguistics, program)2017-05-120.2.1gtsteel
maxent-learner-hw-gui00.01GUI for maxent-learner-hw (linguistics, program)2017-05-120.2.1gtsteel
maxsharing40.01Maximal sharing of terms in the lambda calculus with letrec (bsd3, compiler, graphs, program)2016-10-171.1JanRochel
maybench40.01Automated benchmarking tool (bsd3, development, library, program)2008-09-
mbox-tools20.01A collection of tools to process mbox files (bsd3, email, program, utility)2011-10-
mbox-utility100.01List contents of an mbox file containing e-mails (bsd3, console, program)2019-08-
mbug50.00download bugs mailboxes (debian, gpl, library, program)2019-01-091.3.2DmitryBogatov
mcaeson00.00An Aeson parsing toolkit (bsd3, json, library, program, web)2021-04-
mcm02.01Machine Configuration Manager (gpl, language, program, system, text)2018-11-
mcmaster-gloss-examples10.01 (graphics, mit, program)2014-04-072013yuriyt
mdcat60.01Markdown viewer in your terminal (library, mit, program, text)2015-03-
mdo40.01Command-line tool to run a command on each of the items. (bsd3, console, program)2008-08-070.0.1AudreyTang
mdp20.00Tools for solving Markov Decision Processes. (algorithms, library, math, mit, program)2016-11-
mecha30.01A constructive solid geometry (CSG) modeling language. (bsd3, language, library, program)2011-06-110.1.1TomHawkins
mediabus-rtp100.00Receive and Send RTP Packets (audio, bsd3, library, program)2017-07-
mediawiki30.01Interfacing with the MediaWiki API (bsd3, library, program, web)2013-11-200.2.6SigbjornFinne
mediawiki2latex20.01Convert MediaWiki text to LaTeX (program, text)2019-01-067.33dhun
mega-sdist170.01Handles uploading to Hackage from mega repos (distribution, mit, program)2022-10-
megastore20.00Bulk image or strict bytestring storage (bsd3, data, data-structures, image, library, program)2023-02-
melf70.00An Elf parser (bsd3, data, library, program)2023-04-041.3.0amakarov
melody10.01A functional scripting language (language, library, mit, program)2014-01-100.2jozefg
memis10.01Memis Efficient Manual Image Sorting (data, mit, program)2017-02-010.1.1johannesgerer
memscript20.01Command line utility for memorizing scriptures or any other text (education, program)2015-10-
mercury-api30.00Haskell binding to Mercury API for ThingMagic RFID readers (hardware, library, mit, program)2019-01-
merge-bash-history70.00command line utility to merge bash_history (bsd3, library, program, tools)2018-09-
metar20.01Australian METAR (aviation, bsd3, data, library, program)2019-04-120.0.3TonyMorris, qfpl
metar-http20.00HTTP for METAR (aviation, bsd3, data, library, program)2019-02-070.0.3TonyMorris
miconix-test (deprecated)30.01spam (bsd3, deprecated, program, spam)2018-09-160.2
micro-gateway10.00A Micro service gateway. (bsd3, cloud, faas, gateway, library, network, program, saas)2020-10-
microc20.00microc compiler (bsd3, compiler, library, program)2017-11-
mida (deprecated)60.00Language for algorithmic generation of MIDI files (deprecated, gpl, language, library, program)2016-09-101.0.2mrkkrp
midi-music-box160.01Convert MIDI file to music box punch tape (bsd3, music, program, sound)2021-11-
midimory30.01A Memory-like (Concentration, Pairs, ...) game for tones (bsd3, game, gui, music, program, sound)2022-02-
midisurface10.01A control midi surface (bsd3, program, sound)2014-01-
mighttpd80.01Simple Web Server in Haskell (bsd3, network, program)2010-11-290.4.3KazuYamamoto
mighttpd2200.01High performance web server on WAI/warp (bsd3, library, network, program, web)2023-06-094.0.3KazuYamamoto
mikrokosmos50.01Lambda calculus interpreter (gpl, language, program)2018-08-010.8.0mroman42
mime-mail-ses280.01Send mime-mail messages via Amazon SES (library, mit, program, web)2020-09-040.4.3MichaelSnoyman, psibi, kindaro
mines10.01Minesweeper simulation using neural networks (ai, game, program)