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AC-PPM140.01Trivial package for writing PPM images. (bsd3, codec, graphics, library)2010-01-181.1.1AndrewCoppin
Codec-Compression-LZF150.02LZF compression bindings. (bsd3, codec, library)2007-07-060.2DonaldStewart
Crypto330.033Common Cryptographic Algorithms in Pure Haskell (codec, cryptography, library)2023-02-, DominicSteinitz, HerbertValerioRiedel, IsaacJones, LennartAugustsson
DSA70.01Implementation of DSA, based on the description of FIPS 186-4 (bsd3, codec, cryptography, library)2017-02-261.0.2AdamWick
Encode490.02Encoding character data (codec, library, program, text)2016-05-261.3.8OtakarSmrz
HCodecs580.014A library to read, write and manipulate MIDI, WAVE, and SoundFont2 files. (bsd3, codec, library)2020-02-210.5.2GeorgeGiorgidze, DonyaQuick, Mokosha
HsYAML-aeson1662.257JSON to YAML Adapter (codec, gpl, json, library, text, web, yaml)2021-11-, HerbertValerioRiedel, sjakobi
JuicyPixels3902.75110Picture loading/serialization (in png, jpeg, bitmap, gif, tga, tiff and radiance) (bsd3, codec, graphics, image, library)2022-07-173.3.8VincentBerthoux
JuicyPixels-blp80.00BLP format decoder/encoder over JuicyPixels library (bsd3, codec, graphics, image, library, program)2021-10-
LibZip350.04Bindings to libzip, a library for manipulating zip archives. (bsd3, codec, foreign, library)2016-08-291.0.1SergeyAstanin
RSA1290.023Implementation of RSA, using the padding schemes of PKCS#1 v2.1. (bsd3, codec, cryptography, library)2019-10-142.4.1AdamWick, JonathanDaugherty, KevinQuick
SHA5580.078Implementations of the SHA suite of message digest functions (bsd3, codec, cryptography, library)2018-03-, RaphaelJavaux
Twofish210.01An implementation of the Twofish Symmetric-key cipher. (bsd3, codec, cryptography, library)2013-09-070.3.2RonLeisti
activitystreams-aeson50.01An interface to the ActivityStreams specification (bsd3, codec, library)2016-02-
archive-libarchive360.02Common interface using libarchive (archive, bsd3, codec, library, tar)2020-08-
archive-sig220.02Backpack signature for archive libraries (archive, bsd3, codec, library, tar)2020-04-
archive-tar220.01Common interface using the tar package (archive, bsd3, codec, library, tar)2023-12-
archive-tar-bytestring230.00Common interface using the tar-bytestring package (archive, bsd3, codec, library, tar)2020-04-
automitive-cse (deprecated in favor of automotive-cse)200.01Automotive CSE emulation (bsd3, codec, deprecated, library)2016-04-
automotive-cse (deprecated)310.01Automotive CSE emulation (bsd3, codec, deprecated, library)2016-05-
avif92.01High-level bindings to libavif (agpl, codec, image, library)2023-08-
base-encoding80.02RFC4648 Binary-to-text encodings (e.g. base64) (bsd3, codec, library, text)2022-09-
base32-bytestring140.02Fast base32 and base32hex codec for ByteStrings (bsd3, codec, data, library)2013-12-
base32-z-bytestring30.01Fast z-base32 and z-base32hex codec for ByteStrings (bsd3, codec, data, library)2019-04-, RenzoCarbonara
base64-string390.024Base64 implementation for String's. (codec, library)2010-02-260.2IanLynagh
base91270.00A Generic Base91 Encoder & Decoder (codec, library, mit, program)2015-07-112.1.0ajg
benc50.00Bencode encoding and decoding library (codec, library, mit)2023-12-
bgzf (deprecated in favor of pipes-bgzf)30.01Blocked GZip (bsd3, codec, deprecated, library)2015-04-
bidirectional40.00Simple bidirectional serialization and deserialization (bsd3, codec, library)2020-10-
binary-serialise-cbor180.02Yet Another Binary Serialisation Library (compatibility shim) (bsd3, codec, library)2022-09-, BenGamari, FinleyMcIlwaine
bindings-codec2200.01Very low-level FFI bindings for Codec2 (bindings, codec, ffi, gpl, library, program)2014-10-310.1.1.0RickyElrod
bitmaps150.01Bitmap library (bsd3, codec, data, graphics, library)2014-11-300.2.6.3ByronJohnson
bmp1102.012Read and write uncompressed BMP image files. (codec, library, mit)2016-08-
borsh122.00Implementation of BORSH serialisation (bsd3, codec, library)2023-03-170.3.0EdskoDeVries, FinleyMcIlwaine
bottom40.00Encoding and decoding for the Bottom spec. (apache, codec, library, program)2021-04-
brotli112.05Brotli (RFC7932) compression and decompression (codec, compression, gpl, library)2022-06-, HerbertValerioRiedel
brotli-conduit30.00Conduit interface for Brotli (RFC7932) compression. (bsd3, codec, compression, conduit, library)2019-04-, HerbertValerioRiedel
brotli-streams100.01IO-Streams interface for Brotli (RFC7932) compression (bsd3, codec, compression, io-streams, library)2019-04-, HerbertValerioRiedel
bytable140.03data from/to ByteString (bsd3, codec, library)2014-07-
bzlib560.019Compression and decompression in the bzip2 format (bsd3, codec, library)2020-06-
bzlib-conduit1340.05Streaming compression/decompression via conduits. (bsd3, codec, library)2019-08-, MichaelSnoyman
bzlib-conduit-jappie (deprecated in favor of bzlib-conduit)40.00Streaming compression/decompression via conduits. (bsd3, codec, deprecated, library)2022-04-
candid360.00Candid integration (codec, library, program)2024-01-
cbor-tool470.01A tool for manipulating CBOR. (bsd3, codec, program)2019-12-300.2.2.0AustinSeipp, BenGamari
cborg4072.517Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR) (bsd3, codec, library)2023-11-, BenGamari, DuncanCoutts, HerbertValerioRiedel, FinleyMcIlwaine
cborg-json1430.02A library for encoding JSON as CBOR (bsd3, codec, library)2023-11-, BenGamari, FinleyMcIlwaine
chunky (deprecated)40.01Human-readable storage of text/binary objects. (codec, deprecated, lgpl, library, program)2014-12-
cityhash260.02Bindings to CityHash (codec, library, mit)2012-02-
codec-beam130.01Erlang VM byte code assembler (bsd3, codec, language, library)2018-07-060.2.0hkgumbs
codec-mbox210.02A library to read and write mailboxes in mbox format (bsd3, codec, library)2013-06-
compression20.01Common compression algorithms. (codec, library)2007-01-170.1IanLynagh
crockford40.02An implementation of Douglas Crockford's base32 encoding. (bsd3, codec, library)2009-12-200.2HenryBucklow
cryptostore1310.04Serialization of cryptographic data types (bsd3, codec, cryptography, library)2023-06-
dataenc (deprecated in favor of sandi)610.033Data encoding library (bsd3, codec, deprecated, library)2014-04-, MagnusTherning
deunicode30.01Get rid of unicode (utf-8) symbols in Haskell sources (codec, mit, program)2010-10-150.1BenFranksen
dvorak100.01Dvorak encoding for Haskell. (bsd3, codec, library)2014-11-
ebml40.00A pure EBML parser (bsd3, codec, library, program)2023-01-
edf210.00EDF parsing library (bsd2, codec, library)2019-12-301.0.0.0cbou
embroidery40.01support for embroidery formats in haskell (codec, gpl, library, program)2011-07-310.1JimSnavely
encoding720.015A library for various character encodings (bsd3, codec, library)2023-11-050.8.9DanielWagner, HenningGuenther, KangyuanNiu, swamp_agr
epub-metadata490.01Library for parsing epub document metadata (codec, library, program, text)2024-01-265.4DinoMorelli
exomizer260.01Compression and decompression in the exomizer format (codec, library)2018-06-091.0.0alexkazik
fast-bech3240.00Fast implementation of the Bech32 encoding format. (codec, library, mpl)2023-12-041.0.1KtorZ
fec240.02Forward error correction of ByteStrings (codec, gpl, library, program)2023-10-060.2.0AdamLangley, jcalderone
ffmpeg-light660.01Minimal bindings to the FFmpeg library. (bsd3, codec, library)2022-03-110.14.1AnthonyCowley, gelisam
file-collection200.01Provide a uniform interface over file archives and directories (bsd3, codec, library)2015-05-
flac192.01Complete high-level binding to libFLAC (audio, bsd3, codec, library)2023-10-240.2.1mrkkrp, rockbmb
flac-picture180.01Support for writing pictures into FLAC metadata blocks with JuicyPixels (audio, bsd3, codec, image, library)2023-12-290.1.3mrkkrp
fountain320.01A fountain codec. (bsd3, codec, library)2012-10-090.1RubenAstudillo, TomHawkins
friday-juicypixels310.01Converts between the Friday and JuicyPixels image types (bsd3, codec, library)2018-03-, k_bx, haskell_github_trust
gnuidn170.02Bindings for GNU IDN (codec, gpl, library, text)2015-10-250.2.2StephenWeber
goat40.01Time Series Compression (codec, library)2017-01-121.0.0lovasko
gray-code340.02Gray code encoder/decoder. (bsd3, codec, library)2014-05-130.3.1SergeyAstanin
hOpenPGP1220.01native Haskell implementation of OpenPGP (RFC4880) (codec, data, library, mit)2022-06-132.9.8ClintAdams
hascar210.00Decompress SAPCAR archives (codec, gpl, library, program)2018-02-
hcobs120.00An implementation of the Consistent Overhead Byte Stuffing algorithm (bsd3, codec, library)2018-11-
hecc (deprecated in favor of eccrypto)130.02Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Haskell (bsd3, codec, cryptography, deprecated, library)2015-02-
hogg100.01Library and tools to manipulate the Ogg container format (bsd3, codec, library, program)2012-08-
hopenpgp-tools1100.01hOpenPGP-based command-line tools (agpl, codec, data, program)2023-09-210.23.8ClintAdams
hopfli140.01Bidings to Google's Zopfli compression library (apache, codec, library)2017-06-, contivero
hs-zstd (deprecated in favor of zstd)150.00Haskell bindings to the Zstandard compression algorithm (bsd3, codec, deprecated, library)2019-05-
hstar92.00Haskell version of tar CLI utility (archive, bsd3, codec, program, tar)2020-10-
htar130.01Command-line tar archive utility. (bsd3, codec, program)2015-07-, DuncanCoutts
hw-tar240.00Library for creating and extracting tar archives (bsd3, codec, library, program)2021-03-
iff210.01Constructing and dissecting IFF files (codec, gpl, library)2023-02-
isobmff50.00A parser and generator for the ISO-14496-12/14 base media file format (bsd3, codec, library)2019-02-
isobmff-builder141.51A (bytestring-) builder for the ISO-14496-12 base media file format (bsd3, codec, library)2017-02-
iteratee-compress130.06Enumeratees for compressing and decompressing streams (bsd3, codec, data, library)2014-05-, MaciejPiechotka
jordan40.05JSON with Structure (codec, library, mit)2022-07-
json-directory270.00Load JSON from files in a directory structure (bsd3, codec, library, program)2022-06-
json-encoder (deprecated in favor of json-bytes-builder)80.02A direct-to-bytes single-pass JSON encoder with a declarative DSL (codec, deprecated, json, library, mit)2016-06-020.1.8NikitaVolkov
jsop120.00Cherry picking in JSON objects (bsd3, codec, decoder, library)2020-08-
lame260.01A high-level binding to the LAME encoder (audio, bsd3, codec, library)2023-10-250.2.2mrkkrp
leb12840.00LEB128 encoding logic for and in Haskell (bsd3, codec, library)2020-04-
leb128-cereal260.02LEB128 and SLEB128 encoding (codec, library, mit)2020-11-201.2JoachimBreitner
libarchive1552.254Haskell interface to libarchive (bsd3, codec)2023-09-
libarchive-conduit160.02Read many archive formats with libarchive and conduit (bsd3, codec, library)2014-11-
libvorbis270.01Haskell binding for libvorbis, for decoding Ogg Vorbis audio files (bsd3, codec, library)2017-06-
list-t-text80.01A streaming text codec (codec, library, mit, streaming)2016-10-190.2.1NikitaVolkov
logic-TPTP470.01Import, export etc. for TPTP, a syntax for first-order logic (codec, library, math, theorem-provers)2020-02-, KiYungAhn, MasahiroSakai
lz4220.02LZ4 compression for ByteStrings (bsd3, codec, library)2014-07-
lz4-conduit50.00LZ4 compression for conduits (bsd3, codec, compression, conduit, library, program)2018-03-250.3scm
lz4-hs322.00lz4 bindings for Haskell (bsd3, codec, compression, ffi, library)2023-11-
lzip40.00Lzip compression / Lzlib bindings (codec, compression, gpl, library)2019-09-
lzlib422.02lzlib bindings (bsd3, codec, compression, library)2024-01-
lzma1192.09LZMA/XZ compression and decompression (bsd3, codec, compression, library)2023-04-, phadej
lzma-clib70.02liblzma C library and headers for use by LZMA bindings (codec, public-domain)2015-10-065.2.2HerbertValerioRiedel
lzma-conduit730.06Conduit interface for lzma/xz compression. (bsd3, codec, compression, conduit, library)2022-04-061.2.3NathanHowell
lzma-enumerator110.01Enumerator interface for lzma/xz compression. (bsd3, codec, compression, enumerator, library)2012-04-180.1.3NathanHowell
lzma-static592.01LZMA/XZ compression and decompression (static) (bsd3, codec, compression)2022-12-
lzma-streams40.01IO-Streams interface for lzma/xz compression (bsd3, codec, compression, io-streams, library)2015-08-
lzo92.00minilzo bundled for Haskell (bsd3, codec, compression, library)2023-01-
mime502.014Working with MIME types. (bsd3, codec, library)2015-04-, IavorDiatchki, SigbjornFinne
mime-string320.01MIME implementation for String's. (codec, library)2017-10-070.5GuillaumeHoffmann, IanLynagh
mp3decoder60.01MP3 decoder for teaching. (codec, program)2008-10-010.0.1BjornEdstrom
mpg123-bindings260.01Mpg132 bindings (bsd3, codec, library)2017-05-
mucipher290.01A library to produce simple ciphers for use with lambdabot. (codec, library)2008-11-120.6.0AndrewRobbins
multihash-serialise20.00CBOR encoding of multihashes (bsd3, codec, library)2019-05-, jkarni
multipath30.01Parser and builder for unix-path-like objects. (codec, library, mit)2016-11-
nano-hmac60.02Bindings to OpenSSL HMAC. (bsd3, codec, library)2008-02-110.2.0HiteshJasani
nano-md580.09Efficient, ByteString bindings to OpenSSL. (bsd3, codec, library)2008-05-230.1.2DonaldStewart
netpbm480.03Loading PBM, PGM, PPM image files (codec, graphics, library, mit)2021-02-281.0.4NiklasHambuechen, PatrickChilton
omnicodec210.01Data encoding and decoding command line utilities (codec, program)2019-02-040.8MagnusTherning
openpgp-asciiarmor350.03OpenPGP (RFC4880) ASCII Armor codec (codec, data, library, mit)2019-06-300.1.2ClintAdams
pipes-bgzf50.01Blocked GZip (bsd3, codec, library, pipes)2015-07-
pipes-brotli30.00Brotli (RFC7932) compressors and decompressors for the Pipes package (bsd3, codec, compression, library, pipes)2019-04-, HerbertValerioRiedel
pipes-bzip280.01Streaming compression/decompression via pipes. (bsd3, codec, library)2016-02-
pipes-illumina40.01Illumina NGS data processing (bsd3, codec, library)2015-07-
pipes-lzma192.00LZMA compressors and decompressors for the Pipes package (bsd3, codec, library, program)2020-05-
ppm190.01a tiny PPM image generator (bsd3, codec, library)2009-05-122009.5.13JinjingWang
proto3-suite440.01A higher-level API to the proto3-wire library (apache, codec, library, program)2024-02-200.7.0GabrielGonzalez, ParnellSpringmeyer, evanrelf, rizoid, jcarr_awake
proto3-wire630.04A low-level implementation of the Protocol Buffers (version 3) wire format (apache, codec, library)2023-06-191.4.1GabrielGonzalez, ParnellSpringmeyer, evanrelf, rizoid, jcarr_awake
pure-zlib200.04A Haskell-only implementation of zlib / DEFLATE (bsd3, codec, library, program)2021-10-300.8.0AdamWick
qrcode330.01QR Code library in pure Haskell (bsd3, codec, library)2013-09-180.1.2ChrisYuen
qrcode-core610.03QR code library in pure Haskell (codec, library, mit)2023-10-100.9.9alexkazik
quicklz320.01QuickLZ compression for ByteStrings (codec, gpl, library)2012-09-
raaz552.250Fast and type safe cryptography. (codec, library, program, raaz)2024-02-010.3.9PiyushKurur
rlglue40.01A Haskell codec for RL-Glue. (apache, codec, library, program)2015-07-
rot13280.01Fast ROT13 cipher for Haskell. (bsd3, codec, library)2017-07-
sandi1110.07Data encoding library (bsd3, codec, conduit, library)2019-02-040.5MagnusTherning
serialise3412.039A binary serialisation library for Haskell values. (bsd3, codec, library)2023-11-, BenGamari, FinleyMcIlwaine
sexpr250.01S-expression printer and parser (bsd3, codec, library)2009-04-290.2.1BrianSniffen
shannon-fano190.01Shannon-fano compression algorithm in Haskell (codec, library, mit, program)2020-06-
simple-tar50.00Simple, pure, file-system-free reading of tar files (bsd3, codec, library)2016-10-120.5.1AdamWick
snappy310.07Bindings to the Google Snappy library for fast compression/decompression (bsd3, codec, compression, library)2012-08-300.2.0.2BryanOSullivan
snappy-c212.00Bindings to Google's Snappy: A fast compression library (bsd3, codec, library, program)2024-02-090.1.0FinleyMcIlwaine
snappy-conduit20.01Conduit bindings for Snappy (see snappy package) (codec, library, mit)2015-02-
snappy-framing220.03Snappy Framing Format in Haskell (codec, compression, library, mpl)2018-07-240.1.2KimAltintop
snappy-iteratee20.01An enumeratee that uses Google's snappy compression library. (bsd3, codec, library)2011-11-020.1IanDuncan
snappy-lazy360.00Lazy bytestring compression and decompression (bsd3, codec, compression, library)2020-04-
sndfile-enumerators100.01Audio file reading/writing (bsd3, codec, library, sound)2011-08-300.10.0.0JohnLato
snow-white20.01encode any binary instance to white space (bsd3, codec, library)2009-12-012009.12.1JinjingWang
stb-image250.09A wrapper around Sean Barrett's JPEG/PNG decoder (codec, graphics, library, public-domain)2012-02-130.2.1BalazsKomuves
streaming-brotli40.00Streaming interface for Brotli (RFC7932) compression (bsd3, codec, compression, library, streaming)2019-04-, HerbertValerioRiedel
streaming-lzma40.00Streaming interface for LZMA/XZ compression (bsd3, codec, compression, library, streaming)2019-04-, HerbertValerioRiedel
streaming-png40.01Perfectly streaming PNG image decoding (bsd3, codec, graphics, image, library, streaming)2016-02-
streamly-archive290.00Stream data from archives using the streamly library. (archive, bsd3, codec, library, streaming, streamly)2023-04-200.2.0shlok
streamly-lz450.00Streamly combinators for LZ4 compression (apache, codec, compression, library, streamly)2022-03-070.1.2harendra, adithyaov
strict-containers-serialise220.00Strict containers - Serialise instances (bsd3, codec, data, data-structures, library)2022-12-120.2infinity0
tahoe-capabilities40.02Abstractions related to Tahoe-LAFS "capabilities". (codec, lgpl, library)2023-08-
tar3960.053Reading, writing and manipulating ".tar" archive files. (bsd3, codec, library)2024-01-, DuncanCoutts, HerbertValerioRiedel, davean, Bodigrim, topos
tar-bytestring262.252Reading, writing and manipulating ".tar" archive files. (bsd3, codec)2020-04-
text-locale-encoding140.01Encode and decode Text to/from ByteString using TextEncoding (bsd3, codec, data, library, text)2013-09-
threefish310.03The Threefish block cipher and the Skein hash function for Haskell. (bsd3, codec, cryptography, library, random)2013-12-190.2.6AntonEkblad
uconv50.01String encoding conversion with ICU (bsd3, codec, library)2008-07-030.0.3AudreyTang
ulid132.00Implementation of ULID - Universally Unique Lexicographically Sortable Identifier (bsd3, codec, data, database, library, program)2022-05-, adrian, haskell_github_trust
utf8-conversions162.00A string conversion library that assumes utf8 (bsd3, codec, data, library)2020-05-
utf8-light830.06Unicode (bsd3, codec, library)2022-11-, PatrickPalka, fffaaa
utf8-string3070.0545Support for reading and writing UTF8 Strings (bsd3, codec, library)2021-01-031.0.2DonaldStewart, EricMertens, IanLynagh
utf8-validator30.01Constant-space UTF8 validator for ByteStrings (bsd3, codec, library)2018-04-
vivid-osc302.252Open Sound Control encode/decode (audio, codec, library, music, sound)2018-11-
wave690.03Work with WAVE and RF64 files (audio, bsd3, codec, library)2023-10-250.2.1sboo, mrkkrp
wavefront300.01Wavefront OBJ loader (bsd3, codec, library)2023-11-
webp262.01JuicyPixels support for WebP format (codec, compression, gpl, image, library)2023-08-
winery820.03A compact, well-typed seralisation format for Haskell values (bsd3, codec, data, library, parsing, program, serialization)2022-05-311.4FumiakiKinoshita
xls90.00Parse Microsoft Excel xls files (BIFF/Excel 97-2004) (bsd3, codec, data, library, parser, program, spreadsheet)2020-05-300.1.3harendra, olf
xlsior40.01Streaming Excel file generation and parsing (codec, library, mit)2015-07-
xlsx1152.255Simple and incomplete Excel file parser/writer (codec, library, mit)2024-01-
xlsx-tabular260.01Xlsx table cell value extraction utility (bsd3, codec, library, text)2018-01-310.2.2.1KazuoKoga
xlsx-templater32.01Simple and incomplete Excel file templater (codec, library, mit, program)2012-06-250.0.1KirillZaborsky
xor110.01Efficient XOR masking (codec, data, gpl, library)2023-07-, HerbertValerioRiedel
yajl250.02Bindings for YAJL, an event-based JSON implementation (codec, foreign, gpl, library)2014-02-150.3.2JohnMillikin
zim-parser540.01Read and parse ZIM files (codec, gpl, library)2016-10-
zip1032.255Operations on zip archives (bsd3, codec, library, program)2023-04-272.0.0HerbertValerioRiedel, mrkkrp
zip-archive3770.041Library for creating and modifying zip archives. (bsd3, codec, library)2023-03-040.4.3JohnMacFarlane
zip-conduit190.02Working with zip archives via conduits (bsd3, codec, conduit, library)2022-10-090.3.0TimCherganov
zip-stream630.02ZIP archive streaming using conduits (bsd3, codec, conduit, library, program)2022-11-
zlib5740.0178Compression and decompression in the gzip and zlib formats (bsd3, codec, library)2024-02-, HerbertValerioRiedel, Bodigrim, topos
zlib-bindings1460.012Low-level bindings to the zlib package. (bsd3, codec, library)2014-03-, MichaelSnoyman
zlib-enum190.08Enumerator interface for zlib compression (codec, compression, enumerator, mit)2014-05-
zlib-lens342.01Lenses for zlib (bsd3, codec, library)2016-02-, EricMertens
zstd900.08Haskell bindings to the Zstandard compression algorithm (bsd3, codec, library)2021-09-, luispedro
ztar160.01Creating and extracting arbitrary archives (bsd3, codec, library)2020-05-031.0.2brandonchinn178