Create an account

Fill in the registration form to get a new user account for yourself.

Once you have your account you can upload packages with new names, but not other existing packages.

If you want to upload a new version for a package uploaded by another user, you should contact that user and request to be added to the package's maintainer group.

Upgrading an account from old Hackage

Accounts have been imported from the old Hackage server however a one-time upgrade is required. Use the account upgrade page. (If you don't know your username, the complete list may help.)

Account Management

You can modify various settings for your account, including changing the email address and password, setting email notification preferences, as well as creating authentication tokens, at the account management page.

Reset password

If you forget your password you can reset it so long as you know your user login name and the email address you originally registered with. The system will send you an email with a link you can use to set a new password.