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brotli172.05Brotli (RFC7932) compression and decompression (codec, compression, gpl, library)2024-06-, HerbertValerioRiedel
brotli-conduit50.00Conduit interface for Brotli (RFC7932) compression. (bsd3, codec, compression, conduit, library)2019-04-, HerbertValerioRiedel
brotli-streams170.01IO-Streams interface for Brotli (RFC7932) compression (bsd3, codec, compression, io-streams, library)2019-04-, HerbertValerioRiedel
bz2762.05Bindings to libbz2 (bsd3, compression, library)2024-04-, vmchale
bzip-signature190.00Backpack signature for BZip compression (bsd3, bzip, compression, library, signatures)2020-03-
compressed382.01Compressed containers and reducers (bsd3, compression, data, library, mapreduce)2018-01-083.11EdwardKmett
conduit-vfs-zip80.00Zip archive interface for the Conduit Virtual File System. (bsd3, compression, conduit, filesystem, io, library, zip)2019-06-
huffman62.01Pure Haskell implementation of the Huffman encoding algorithm (bsd3, compression, data, library)2012-02-281.0.1MaximeHenrion
lz4-conduit70.00LZ4 compression for conduits (bsd3, codec, compression, conduit, library, program)2018-03-250.3scm
lz4-hs242.00lz4 bindings for Haskell (bsd3, codec, compression, ffi, library)2023-11-
lzip50.00Lzip compression / Lzlib bindings (codec, compression, gpl, library)2019-09-
lzlib662.02lzlib bindings (bsd3, codec, compression, library)2024-01-
lzma1112.010LZMA/XZ compression and decompression (bsd3, codec, compression, library)2024-06-, phadej
lzma-conduit660.06Conduit interface for lzma/xz compression. (bsd3, codec, compression, conduit, library)2022-04-061.2.3NathanHowell
lzma-enumerator90.01Enumerator interface for lzma/xz compression. (bsd3, codec, compression, enumerator, library)2012-04-180.1.3NathanHowell
lzma-static402.01LZMA/XZ compression and decompression (static) (bsd3, codec, compression)2022-12-
lzma-streams70.01IO-Streams interface for lzma/xz compression (bsd3, codec, compression, io-streams, library)2015-08-
lzo152.00minilzo bundled for Haskell (bsd3, codec, compression, library)2023-01-
machines-zlib50.01Decompression support for machines (bsd3, compression, library, machines)2015-03-260.1.0RobinGreen
parquet-hs40.00Streaming Parquet reader (bsd3, compression, library)2019-12-
pipes-brotli50.00Brotli (RFC7932) compressors and decompressors for the Pipes package (bsd3, codec, compression, library, pipes)2019-04-, HerbertValerioRiedel
pipes-zlib312.03Zlib and GZip compression and decompression for Pipes streams (bsd3, compression, library, pipes)2018-05-, RenzoCarbonara
potoki-zlib50.01Streaming ZLib decompression (compression, library, mit, potoki, streaming, zlib)2018-06-210.3IrinaArtemeva
sak302.00Compression command-line tool (bsd3, commandline, compression, program)2024-04-
shake-bindist110.00Rules for binary distributions (archive, bsd3, compression, library, shake)2020-04-
snappy160.07Bindings to the Google Snappy library for fast compression/decompression (bsd3, codec, compression, library)2012-08-300.2.0.2BryanOSullivan
snappy-framing200.03Snappy Framing Format in Haskell (codec, compression, library, mpl)2018-07-240.1.2KimAltintop
snappy-lazy170.00Lazy bytestring compression and decompression (bsd3, codec, compression, library)2020-04-
streaming-brotli60.00Streaming interface for Brotli (RFC7932) compression (bsd3, codec, compression, library, streaming)2019-04-, HerbertValerioRiedel
streaming-lzma60.00Streaming interface for LZMA/XZ compression (bsd3, codec, compression, library, streaming)2019-04-, HerbertValerioRiedel
streamly-lz470.00Streamly combinators for LZ4 compression (apache, codec, compression, library, streamly)2022-03-070.1.2harendra, adithyaov
webp212.01JuicyPixels support for WebP format (codec, compression, gpl, image, library)2023-08-
zlib-enum240.08Enumerator interface for zlib compression (codec, compression, enumerator, mit)2014-05-