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amqp-streamly130.00A simple streamly wrapper for amqp (amqp, bsd3, conduit, library, rabbitmq, streamly)2024-04-140.3.0gdifolco
evdev-streamly90.00Bridge for working with evdev and streamly (bsd3, library, streamly, system)2022-01-
hasql-streams-streamly42.00Stream Hasql queries with Streamly (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming, streamly)2022-02-
servant-streamly50.00Servant Stream support for streamly. (bsd3, library, program, servant, streamly, web)2021-08-
streaming-benchmarks80.01Measures and compares the performance of streaming libraries (benchmark, mit, streaming, streamly)2021-07-030.3.0harendra
streamly1772.533Streaming, dataflow programming and declarative concurrency (array, bsd3, concurrency, dataflow, filesystem, library, list, logic, network, non-determinism, parsing, pipes, reactivity, streaming, streamly, time, unicode)2024-01-180.10.1harendra, pranaysashank, adithyaov
streamly-archive130.00Stream data from archives using the streamly library. (archive, bsd3, codec, library, streaming, streamly)2023-04-200.2.0shlok
streamly-binary80.00Integration of streamly and binary (binary, bsd3, library, streaming, streamly)2020-07-
streamly-bytestring302.511Library for streamly and bytestring interoperation. (bsd3, bytestring, library, stream, streamly)2024-01-030.2.1psibi, harendra, adithyaov
streamly-core712.012Streaming, parsers, arrays, serialization and more (array, bsd3, dataflow, library, list, logic, non-determinism, parsing, pipes, streaming, streamly, time)2024-01-180.2.2harendra, adithyaov
streamly-examples182.00Examples for Streamly (apache, concurrency, filesystem, network, program, reactivity, streaming, streamly, text)2023-12-150.2.0harendra, adithyaov, ranjeetra
streamly-fsnotify362.02Folder watching as a Streamly stream. (bsd3, library, streamly, system)2024-01-
streamly-lmdb150.00Stream data to or from LMDB databases using the streamly library. (bsd3, database, library, streaming, streamly)2023-05-050.7.0shlok
streamly-lz4110.00Streamly combinators for LZ4 compression (apache, codec, compression, library, streamly)2022-03-070.1.2harendra, adithyaov
streamly-process272.01Use OS processes as stream transformation functions (apache, library, streaming, streamly, system)2023-12-210.3.1harendra, adithyaov
streamly-statistics60.00Statistical measures for finite or infinite data streams. (apache, library, statistics, streamly)2023-04-180.1.0harendra
yesod-static-streamly50.00A streamly-based library providing performance-focused alternatives for functionality found in yesod-static. (bsd3, library, streamly, web, yesod)2023-07-