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hasql3672.544Fast PostgreSQL driver with a flexible mapping API (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql)2024-05-
hasql-class170.01Encodable and Decodable classes for hasql (bsd3, database, hasql, library, postgresql)2018-02-
hasql-cursor-query310.01A declarative abstraction over PostgreSQL Cursor (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming)2024-03-150.4.5NikitaVolkov
hasql-cursor-transaction200.01An abstraction for simultaneous fetching from multiple PostgreSQL cursors (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming)2024-03-070.6.5NikitaVolkov
hasql-interpolate300.00QuasiQuoter that supports expression interpolation for hasql (bsd3, database, hasql, library, postgresql)2024-05-, tstat
hasql-notifications950.03LISTEN/NOTIFY support for Hasql (bsd3, database, hasql, library, postgresql, program)2024-05-
hasql-optparse-applicative1050.01"optparse-applicative" parsers for "hasql" (database, hasql, library, mit, options, postgresql)2024-05-
hasql-pool2300.010Pool of connections for Hasql (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql)2024-05-
hasql-resource-pool180.00A pool of connections for Hasql based on resource-pool. (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql)2023-03-
hasql-streams-conduit50.00Stream Hasql queries with Conduit (conduit, database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming)2022-02-
hasql-streams-core50.04Stream Hasql queries (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming)2022-02-
hasql-streams-example70.00An example program that shows how to use Hasql streams with Rel8 (database, hasql, mit, postgresql, program, streaming)2022-02-
hasql-streams-pipes60.00Stream Hasql queries with Pipes (database, hasql, library, mit, pipes, postgresql, streaming)2022-02-
hasql-streams-streaming50.00Stream Hasql queries with Streaming (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming)2022-02-
hasql-streams-streamly62.00Stream Hasql queries with Streamly (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming, streamly)2022-02-
hasql-th950.02Template Haskell utilities for Hasql (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, template-haskell)2024-05-
hasql-transaction1650.08Composable abstraction over retryable transactions for Hasql (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql)2024-05-071.1.1NikitaVolkov
hasql-transaction-io280.05Perform IO actions during transactions for Hasql (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql)2024-03-
json-pointer-hasql80.01JSON Pointer extensions for Hasql (hasql, json, library, mit)2016-04-040.1.1NikitaVolkov
optima-for-hasql110.00Command-line arguments parsing for Hasql (command-line, hasql, library, mit, options)2022-09-010.2NikitaVolkov