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automaton200.03Effectful streams and automata in initial encoding (library, mit, streaming)2024-06-061.4turion
directory-ospath-streaming120.00Stream directory entries in constant memory in vanilla IO (apache, file, library, streaming)2024-02-
dynamic-pipeline270.00Library Type Safe implementation of Dynamic Pipeline Paradigm (DPP). (bsd3, data, data-flow, library, parallel, pipes, program, streaming, type-safe)2021-08-
eternity90.01Native event-sourcing database (database, eventsourcing, library, mit, streaming)2018-08-200.1.3NikitaVolkov, effectfully, vlastachu, OShev
eternity-timestamped230.01Automatic timestamping for Eternity (database, eternity, event-sourcing, library, mit, streaming)2018-08-200.4.1NikitaVolkov, effectfully, vlastachu, OShev
gambler200.02Composable, streaming, and efficient left folds (bsd3, library, streaming)2023-03-, Monoid_Mary
hasql-cursor-query320.01A declarative abstraction over PostgreSQL Cursor (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming)2024-03-150.4.5NikitaVolkov
hasql-cursor-transaction320.01An abstraction for simultaneous fetching from multiple PostgreSQL cursors (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming)2024-03-070.6.5NikitaVolkov
hasql-pipes90.00A pipe to stream a postgres database cursor in the hasql ecosystem (bsd3, database, library, streaming)2020-10-
hasql-streams-conduit30.00Stream Hasql queries with Conduit (conduit, database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming)2022-02-
hasql-streams-core30.04Stream Hasql queries (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming)2022-02-
hasql-streams-example30.00An example program that shows how to use Hasql streams with Rel8 (database, hasql, mit, postgresql, program, streaming)2022-02-
hasql-streams-pipes30.00Stream Hasql queries with Pipes (database, hasql, library, mit, pipes, postgresql, streaming)2022-02-
hasql-streams-streaming30.00Stream Hasql queries with Streaming (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming)2022-02-
hasql-streams-streamly32.00Stream Hasql queries with Streamly (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming, streamly)2022-02-
jet-stream30.00Yet another streaming library. (bsd3, library, streaming)2021-08-
list-t3332.040ListT done right (control, data-structures, library, mit, streaming)2023-10-
list-t-attoparsec260.01An "attoparsec" adapter for "list-t" (library, mit, parsing, streaming)2016-10-190.4.1NikitaVolkov
list-t-html-parser270.01Streaming HTML parser (html, library, mit, parser, streaming)2016-10-190.4.2NikitaVolkov
list-t-http-client30.01A streaming HTTP client (http, library, mit, streaming)2015-04-
list-t-libcurl230.01A "libcurl"-based streaming HTTP client (http, library, mit, streaming)2018-02-120.3.3NikitaVolkov
list-t-text180.01A streaming text codec (codec, library, mit, streaming)2016-10-190.2.1NikitaVolkov
porcupine-core62.02Express portable, composable and reusable data tasks and pipelines (arrows, combinators, control, data, json, library, mit, numerical, pipes, program, streaming)2019-10-
potoki1400.07Simple streaming in IO (library, mit, streaming)2019-01-, effectfully, IrinaArtemeva, vlastachu, OShev
potoki-cereal420.03Streaming serialization (library, mit, potoki, streaming)2018-09-250.3.2NikitaVolkov, IrinaArtemeva, vlastachu, OShev
potoki-conduit30.00Integration of "potoki" and "conduit" (conduit, library, mit, potoki, streaming)2019-01-160.1NikitaVolkov
potoki-core1580.07Low-level components of "potoki" (library, mit, streaming)2019-01-, IrinaArtemeva, vlastachu, OShev
potoki-hasql250.01Integration of "potoki" and "hasql". (database, library, mit, streaming)2018-06-191.6NikitaVolkov, effectfully, IrinaArtemeva, vlastachu, OShev
potoki-zlib30.01Streaming ZLib decompression (compression, library, mit, potoki, streaming, zlib)2018-06-210.3IrinaArtemeva
sockets-and-pipes162.00Support for the Sockets and Pipes book (apache, http, library, network, streaming, text)2023-05-
streaming2712.575an elementary streaming prelude and general stream type. (bsd3, data, library, pipes, streaming)2023-07-, MichaelThompson, andrewthad, chessai
streaming-attoparsec260.06Attoparsec integration for the streaming ecosystem (bsd3, library, streaming)2019-05-
streaming-benchmarks100.01Measures and compares the performance of streaming libraries (benchmark, mit, streaming, streamly)2021-07-030.3.0harendra
streaming-binary1550.02Streaming interface to binary. (bsd3, library, parsing, streaming)2017-05-310.3.0.1MathieuBoespflug
streaming-bracketed150.01A resource management decorator for "streaming". (data, library, mit, streaming)2020-06-
streaming-brotli40.00Streaming interface for Brotli (RFC7932) compression (bsd3, codec, compression, library, streaming)2019-04-, HerbertValerioRiedel
streaming-bytestring2792.2537Fast, effectful byte streams. (bsd3, data, library, pipes, streaming)2023-11-170.3.2IvanMiljenovic, fosskers, andrewthad
streaming-cassava300.05Cassava support for the streaming ecosystem (data, library, mit, streaming)2021-02-, OliverCharles
streaming-concurrency250.01Concurrency support for the streaming ecosystem (data, library, mit, streaming)2019-05-, OliverCharles
streaming-conduit230.03Bidirectional support between the streaming and conduit libraries (data, library, mit, streaming)2023-05-, OliverCharles
streaming-lzma40.00Streaming interface for LZMA/XZ compression (bsd3, codec, compression, library, streaming)2019-04-, HerbertValerioRiedel
streaming-nonempty90.00Add support for non empty streams to Streaming lib (bsd3, library, streaming)2021-09-
streaming-osm140.01A hand-written streaming byte parser for OpenStreetMap Protobuf data. (bsd3, library, streaming)2020-07-161.0.2fosskers
streaming-png50.01Perfectly streaming PNG image decoding (bsd3, codec, graphics, image, library, streaming)2016-02-
streaming-process50.01Streaming support for running system process (data, library, mit, streaming)2018-05-
streaming-sort100.01Sorting streams (data, library, mit, streaming)2018-03-
streaming-utils830.09http, attoparsec, pipes and other utilities for the streaming libraries (bsd3, data, library, pipes, streaming)2023-08-, MichaelThompson, andrewthad, chessai
streaming-with260.08with/bracket-style idioms for use with streaming (data, library, mit, streaming)2021-08-, OliverCharles
streamly2072.533Streaming, dataflow programming and declarative concurrency (array, bsd3, concurrency, dataflow, filesystem, library, list, logic, network, non-determinism, parsing, pipes, reactivity, streaming, streamly, time, unicode)2024-01-180.10.1harendra, pranaysashank, adithyaov
streamly-archive160.00Stream data from archives using the streamly library. (archive, bsd3, codec, library, streaming, streamly)2023-04-200.2.0shlok
streamly-binary120.00Integration of streamly and binary (binary, bsd3, library, streaming, streamly)2020-07-
streamly-cassava100.00CSV streaming support via cassava for the streamly ecosystem (bsd3, library, streaming)2019-09-
streamly-core642.012Streaming, parsers, arrays, serialization and more (array, bsd3, dataflow, library, list, logic, non-determinism, parsing, pipes, streaming, streamly, time)2024-01-180.2.2harendra, adithyaov
streamly-examples172.00Examples for Streamly (apache, concurrency, filesystem, network, program, reactivity, streaming, streamly, text)2023-12-150.2.0harendra, adithyaov, ranjeetra
streamly-lmdb360.00Stream data to or from LMDB databases using the streamly library. (bsd3, database, library, streaming, streamly)2023-05-050.7.0shlok
streamly-posix122.02Posix related streaming APIs (bsd3, streaming)2021-08-
streamly-process222.01Use OS processes as stream transformation functions (apache, library, streaming, streamly, system)2023-12-210.3.1harendra, adithyaov
supply-chain110.01Composable request-response pipelines (apache, library, monads, streaming)2023-03-, Monoid_Mary
supply-chain-core70.01Composable request-response pipelines (apache, library, monads, streaming)2023-01-, Monoid_Mary
supply-next130.00Supply-chain interface for basic streaming (apache, library, streaming)2023-02-
tubes450.01Write stream processing computations with side effects in a series of tubes. (control, gpl, library, streaming)2016-08-
udp-streaming100.01Streaming to and from UDP socket (library, mit, network, streaming)2018-03-