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ListLike122.052Generalized support for list-like structures (bsd3, bytestring, library, list, string, text, vector)2023-10-, DavidFox, JohnGoerzen, JohnLato
array-list02.00IsList instances of Array for OverloadedLists extension (array, data, library, list, mit)2020-06-
data-ordlist32.2522Set and bag operations on ordered lists (bsd3, data, library, list)2014-11-
do-list00.01Do notation for free (bsd3, data, library, list, syntax)2016-09-191.0.1TarasSerduke
exotic-list-monads00.00Non-standard monads on lists and non-empty lists (library, list, mit, monads)2023-11-211.1.1maciejpirog
ilist30.016Optimised list functions for doing index-related things (library, list, mpl)2020-05-, brandonhamilton
lcs00.03Find longest common sublist of two lists (library, list)2008-02-010.2IanLynagh
list-duplicate00.00Group and delete duplicates from a list (bsd3, library, list)2020-05-
list-extras00.012Common not-so-common functions for lists (bsd3, library, list)2021-10-, WrenRomano
list-filter00.00Special takes and drops on lists (bsd3, library, list)2020-05-
list-mux00.01List Multiplexing (bsd3, library, list)2012-08-231.0ChrisHeller
list-predicate01.50Predicates on lists (bsd3, library, list)2020-05-
listsafe00.09Safe wrappers for partial list functions, supporting MonadThrow. (apache, data, library, list, safe)2015-05-, jtapolczai2
opentheory-stream00.02Infinite stream types (library, list, mit)2015-10-191.49JoeHurd
ranged-list00.00The list like structure whose length or range of length can be specified (bsd3, library, list)2022-12-
scroll-list00.00This package provides functions for relocate an item within a list. (bsd3, library, list)2021-04-
slist42.251Sized list (data-structures, library, list, mpl)2022-11-
split162.25532Combinator library for splitting lists. (bsd3, library, list)2023-10-090.2.4BrentYorgey
streamly52.533Streaming, dataflow programming and declarative concurrency (array, bsd3, concurrency, dataflow, filesystem, library, list, logic, network, non-determinism, parsing, pipes, reactivity, streaming, streamly, time, unicode)2023-11-290.10.0harendra, pranaysashank, adithyaov
streamly-core12.011Streaming, parsers, arrays and more (array, bsd3, dataflow, library, list, logic, non-determinism, parsing, pipes, streaming, streamly, time)2023-11-290.2.0harendra, adithyaov
utility-ht72.0100Various small helper functions for Lists, Maybes, Tuples, Functions (bsd3, data, library, list)2023-04-280.0.17HenningThielemann