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ListLike2852.052Generalized support for list-like structures (bsd3, bytestring, library, list, string, text, vector)2023-10-, DavidFox, JohnGoerzen, JohnLato
bytestring-strict-builder1610.05An efficient strict bytestring builder (builders, bytestring, library, mit, serialization, text)2023-10-
bytestring-tree-builder1260.09A very efficient ByteString builder implementation based on the binary tree (bytestring, library, mit)2023-12-
pathological-bytestrings150.00Pathological ByteStrings for testing (bsd3, bytestring, io, library, testing)2020-01-310.1.0.0vmchale
streamly-bytestring422.511Library for streamly and bytestring interoperation. (bsd3, bytestring, library, stream, streamly)2024-01-030.2.1psibi, harendra, adithyaov
stringable (deprecated)160.014A Stringable type class, in the spirit of Foldable and Traversable (bytestring, data, deprecated, library, mit, text)2014-05-020.1.3JohnWiegley, KetilMalde
type-level-bytestrings190.02Tools for manipulating type-level bytes and bytestrings (bytestring, data, library, mit, types)2024-05-070.2.0raehik