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ListLike5272.0Generalized support for list-like structures (bsd3, bytestring, library, list, string, text, vector)2021-09-01AndreasAbel, DavidFox, JohnGoerzen, JohnLato
encode-string30.0Safe string conversion and encoding (data, library, mit, string, text)2017-03-15minad
exon92.0Monoidal Quasiquote Interpolation (library, string)2022-02-24tek
neat-interpolation3622.5A quasiquoter for neat and simple multiline text interpolation (library, mit, quasiqoutes, quasiquotes, string)2022-01-03NikitaVolkov
regex-do710.0PCRE wrapper (library, public-domain, regex, search, string)2020-02-11procione
sscript170.0Formats Strings with subscript or superscript characters (bsd3, library, string)2016-05-19capncanuck
string-conv5151.75Standardized conversion between string types (bsd3, data, library, string, text)2022-03-04DougBeardsley, MichaelXavier, OzgunAtaman
string-conv-tests (deprecated in favor of string-conv)10.0Tests for the string-conv library (bsd3, data, deprecated, string, text)2022-02-19DinoMorelli
strings240.0Functions for working with strings, including Text, ByteString, etc. (library, mit, string, text, utility)2013-05-26JulianFleischer
trimdent42.0A utility for neat multiline string trimming (agpl, library, string)2021-07-28gregorias
yasi260.0Yet another string interpolator (library, quasiquotes, string, text)2022-03-13amesgen