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Allure622.01Near-future Sci-Fi roguelike and tactical squad combat game (agpl, game, library, program, roguelike)2021-12-
Blogdown91.51A markdown-like markup language designed for blog posts (agpl, library, program, web)2018-02-050.2.4alexbecker
ConClusion172.00Cluster algorithms, PCA, and chemical conformere analysis (agpl, chemistry, library, program, statistics)2023-09-070.2.2phillipseeber
DigitalOcean10.01A client library for the DigitalOcean API (agpl, library, network)2014-12-
Mapping70.01Mapping (agpl, data, library)2018-02-
acme-left-pad32.01free your haskell from the tyranny of npm! (agpl, library, text)2016-03-303.0JoeQuinn
antagonist140.01A web interface to Antisplice dungeons. (agpl, library, program, web)2016-04-
anticiv10.01This is an IRC bot for Mafia and Resistance. (agpl, library, network, program)2014-09-
antisplice10.04An engine for text-based dungeons. (agpl, game, library)2016-04-
artifact (deprecated)10.01Basic types and instances for Valve's Artifact Card-set API (agpl, deprecated, game, library)2018-11-
avif162.01High-level bindings to libavif (agpl, codec, image, library)2023-08-
blagda30.00Shake frontend for Agda blogging (agpl, blog, library, program)2022-03-
blubber-server00.00The blubber server, serves blubber clients. (agpl, game, library, program)2015-06-300.0.1alexander
brittany620.01Haskell source code formatter (agpl, language, library, program)2022-01-, fozworth, dukerutledge
cabal-appimage150.00Cabal support for creating AppImage applications (agpl, development, distribution, library, linux)2023-06-
chatty20.06Some monad transformers and typeclasses for text in- and output abstraction. (agpl, library, text)2021-01-
chatty-text10.03Provides some classes and types for dealing with text, using the fundaments of Chatty. (agpl, library, text)2016-04-
chatty-utils20.07Some utilities every serious chatty-based application may need. (agpl, data, library)2021-01-
checkmate20.00Generate checklists relevant to a given patch (agpl, development, library, program)2018-08-310.4.0hongminhee
cielo10.01Cielo API v3 Bindings for Haskell (agpl, library, web)2016-11-
conditional-restriction-parser20.00Parser and interpreter of OpenStreetMap conditional restriction values (agpl, library, parser, program)2022-09-
configifier70.01parser for config files, shell variables, command line args. (agpl, configuration, data, library)2016-07-050.1.1MatthiasFischmann
cryptsy-api (deprecated)10.01Bindings for Cryptsy cryptocurrency exchange API. (agpl, deprecated, library, web)2015-04-110.2.1
debug-me30.01secure remote debugging (agpl, program, utility)2022-12-311.20221231JoeyHess
diff-parse10.03A parser for diff file formats (agpl, library, parsing)2015-02-150.2.1mulby, vengefulpickle
ema70.03Static site generator library with hot reload (agpl, library, web)2023-08-
ema-extra70.00Useful route types for Ema (agpl, library, web)2022-11-
ema-generics30.01Generic deriving for Ema routes (agpl, library, web)2022-11-
email-validator50.01Perform basic syntax and deliverability checks on email addresses. (agpl, program, utils)2022-08-281.0.1MichaelOrlitzky
emanote210.00Emanate a structured view of your plain-text notes (agpl, library, program, web)2023-08-
espial40.00Espial is an open-source, web-based bookmarking server. (agpl, library, web)2023-02-200.0.16jonschoning
fca20.01Algo for Formal Concept Analysis (agpl, data, library)2014-07-
feed-translator20.01Translate syndication feeds (agpl, program, web)2015-09-
forex2ledger02.00Print Forex quotes in Ledger format (agpl, finance, library, program)2021-07-
gemcap20.00a simple Gemini capsule (server) (agpl, gemini, library)2023-01-
ghc-mod (deprecated)392.755Happy Haskell Hacking (agpl, deprecated, development, ghc, library, program)2017-06-, DanielG
git-annex1762.01manage files with git, without checking their contents into git (agpl, program, utility)2023-09-2610.20230926JoeyHess
git-lfs670.00git-lfs protocol (agpl, library, network)2023-06-231.2.1JoeyHess
git-repair292.01repairs a damaged git repository (agpl, program, utility)2023-08-141.20230814JoeyHess
github-tools10.01Various Github helper utilities. (agpl, development, program)2016-12-110.1.1iphydf
gloss-sodium00.01A Sodium interface to the Gloss drawing package. (agpl, graphics, library)2014-10-300.1.0.0Twey
goatee20.02A monadic take on a 2,500-year-old board game - library. (agpl, game, library)2021-01-250.4.0khumba
goatee-gtk00.01A monadic take on a 2,500-year-old board game - GTK+ UI. (agpl, game, library, program)2021-01-250.4.0khumba
haeredes180.01Confirm delegation of NS and MX records. (agpl, dns, program, utils)2022-08-280.5.3MichaelOrlitzky
hahp00.00Analytic Hierarchy Process (agpl, library, math, program)2016-02-220.1.3taeradan, jpierre03
hannahci00.01Simple Continuous Integration/Deployment System (agpl, development, program)2015-02-
hath12.01Hath manipulates network blocks in CIDR notation. (agpl, program, utils)2022-08-280.5.7MichaelOrlitzky
hb3sum50.00A command line tool to compute BLAKE3 hashes. (agpl, cli, cryptography, program)2023-08-
hevm82.00Ethereum virtual machine evaluator (agpl, ethereum, library)2023-07-140.51.3mbrock, MrChico, dxo
hls-brittany-plugin270.01Integration with the Brittany code formatter (agpl, development)2022-12-, Ailrun, berberman, jneira, hls_team
hopenpgp-tools210.01hOpenPGP-based command-line tools (agpl, codec, data, program)2023-09-210.23.8ClintAdams
hoppy-docs00.01C++ FFI generator - Documentation (agpl, foreign, library)2021-02-060.8.0khumba
hoppy-generator40.04C++ FFI generator - Code generator (agpl, foreign, library)2021-02-060.8.0khumba
hscim20.01hscim json schema and server implementation (agpl, library, program, web)2021-08-240.3.6MatthiasFischmann
hsendxmpp72.00sendxmpp clone, sending XMPP messages via CLI (agpl, cli, network, program, xmpp)2023-08-
hypergeometric22.250Hypergeometric functions (agpl, library, math, statistics)2022-12-
implicit422.01A math-inspired programmatic 2D & 3D CAD system. (agpl, graphics, library)2022-06-, Juri_
informative140.01A yesod subsite serving a wiki. (agpl, library, program, web)2016-04-
instapaper-sender20.01Basic HTTP gateway to save articles to Instapaper (agpl, program, web)2017-02-
intel-powermon70.00Poll modern Intel/AMD CPU power consumption on Linux via RAPL. (agpl, cli, linux, program, unclassified)2023-08-180.0.1SergeyAlirzaev
jacinda312.250Functional, expression-oriented data processing language (agpl, data, interpreters, language, library, program, text)2023-09-
keysafe40.01back up a secret key securely to the cloud (agpl, program, utility)2020-02-140.20200214JoeyHess
khph10.01Command-line file tagging and organization tool (agpl, program, system)2016-06-110.1.0khumba
lang00.01A Lisp (agpl, language, library)2018-03-010.2.2Zaoqi
ldap-scim-bridge20.00See README for synopsis (agpl, library, program, system)2022-06-180.8MatthiasFischmann
list-remote-forwards10.01List all remote forwards for mail accounts stored in a SQL database. (agpl, mail, program, utils)2022-08-280.0.3MichaelOrlitzky
lp-diagrams10.02An EDSL for diagrams based based on linear constraints (agpl, graphics, library)2020-10-202.1.4JeanPhilippeBernardy
mail-reports30.00A parser library for DMARC and SMTP TLS reports (agpl, library, mail)2021-01-
mailbox-count20.01Count mailboxes in a SQL database. (agpl, mail, program, utils)2022-08-280.0.6MichaelOrlitzky
monad-choice10.00Monad, monad transformer, and typeclass representing choices. (agpl, control, library)2020-03-
neuron10.00Future-proof system for plain-text notes. (agpl, library, program, web)2020-10-
nicovideo-translator50.01Nico Nico Douga (ニコニコ動画) Comment Translator (agpl, library, program, translation)2017-04-
nix-freeze-tree10.00Convert a tree of files into fixed-output derivations (agpl, application, library, nix, program)2021-11-
optparse-applicative-cmdline-util00.00Utility functions for working with optparse-applicative (agpl, cli, library, options, parsing, system)2022-08-120.2.0TonyZorman
parochial20.00Help Manage project specific documentation (agpl, development, documentation, library, program)2021-01-
persona00.01Persona (BrowserID) library (agpl, library, web)2016-03-
persona-idp20.01Persona (BrowserID) Identity Provider (agpl, program, web)2015-03-
pg-harness10.01REST service and library for creating/consuming temporary PostgreSQL databases (agpl, database-testing-web, library, program)2015-05-090.2.1BardurArantsson
pg-harness-server20.01REST service for creating temporary PostgreSQL databases (agpl, database-testing-web, program)2019-06-260.6.2BardurArantsson
pi-hoole10.00Lightweight access control solution for the pijul vcs (agpl, library, program, security)2018-05-
polysemy-scoped-fs10.00Well-typed filesystem operation effects. (agpl, library, polysemy-filesystem)2022-04-
purebred-email260.00types and parser for email messages (including MIME) (agpl, data, email, library)2023-05-, romanofski
quenya-verb00.01Quenya verb conjugator (agpl, language, library, program)2015-04-030.0.1kaashif
react-tutorial-haskell-server10.01react-tutorial web server (agpl, program, web)2016-04-041.0.0alexander
reactive-banana-automation70.01home (etc) automation using reactive-banana (agpl, frp, library, reactivity)2023-05-280.5.6JoeyHess
regex-rure40.00Bindings to Rust's regex library (agpl, library, regex, text)2022-01-
reloto20.00Equiprobable draw from publicly verifiable random data. (agpl, library, politic)2021-08-302.1.0.20180829julm
semdoc10.00Evaluate code snippets in Literate Haskell. (agpl, development, library, program)2017-01-040.1.3iphydf
simplexmq262.00SimpleXMQ message broker (agpl, chat, cryptography, library, network, program, system, web)2022-04-211.1.0epoberezkin, EfimPoberezkin
singnal10.01Singnal (agpl, concurrency, library)2017-07-
spline340.01A parallel implementation of the Sorokina/Zeilfelder spline scheme. (agpl, math, program)2022-08-281.0.1MichaelOrlitzky
stack-fix10.00Console program used to fix Stack build errors automatically (agpl, development, program)2019-08-
stratum-tool20.01Client for Stratum protocol (agpl, program, utils)2015-01-270.0.4JoelLehtonen
swiss-ephemeris10.00Haskell bindings for the Swiss Ephemeris C library (agpl, astrology, data, library)2021-12-
symantic-base140.02Basic symantic combinators for Embedded Domain-Specific Languages (EDSL) (agpl, data-structures, library)2023-01-
symantic-document20.02Symantics combinators for generating documents. (agpl, library, text)2021-08-311.5.3.20200320julm
symantic-parser10.00Parser combinators statically optimized and staged via typed meta-programming (agpl, library, parsing)2021-08-310.2.1.20210803julm
taskwarrior170.00Types and aeson instances for taskwarrior tasks (agpl, data, library, taskwarrior)2023-07-310.6.0.6maralorn
tasty-tmux40.01Terminal user acceptance testing (UAT) via tmux (agpl, library, testing)2022-09-, romanofski
tax30.02Types and combinators for taxes (agpl, finance, library)2018-08-
tax-ato10.00Tax types and computations for Australia (agpl, finance, library)2023-09-302023.2frasertweedale
tempus-fugit12.00Programmers' time tracker (agpl, library, program, utils)2015-08-
trimdent92.00A utility for neat multiline string trimming (agpl, library, string)2021-07-
unbreak20.00Secure and resilient remote file storage utility (agpl, library, network, program)2015-12-310.3.1kinoru
wai-static-cache10.01A simple cache for serving static files in a WAI middleware (agpl, library, web)2014-09-
y0l0bot00.01#plaimi's all-encompassing bot (agpl, irc, program)2015-02-130.1.1alexander
yaya30.02Total recursion schemes. (agpl, library, recursion)2022-03-
yaya-hedgehog30.00Hedgehog testing support for the Yaya recursion scheme library. (agpl, library, recursion)2020-05-
yaya-test10.00Test suites for `yaya`. (agpl, recursion)2020-05-
yaya-unsafe10.00Non-total extensions to the Yaya recursion scheme library. (agpl, library, recursion)2020-05-
yaya-unsafe-test20.00Test suites for `yaya-unsafe`. (agpl, recursion)2020-05-
yggdrasil10.01Executable specifications of composable cryptographic protocols. (agpl, cryptography, library)2018-09-