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4Blocks120.01A tetris-like game (works with GHC 6.8.3 and Gtk2hs 0.9.13) (bsd3, game, program)2010-05-070.2AndrewCalleja
Advgame120.01Lisperati's adventure game in Lisp translated to Haskell (bsd3, game, program)2010-06-110.1.2TimWawrzynczak
Allure1012.01Near-future Sci-Fi roguelike and tactical squad combat game (agpl, game, library, program, roguelike)2021-12-
DAG-Tournament40.01Real-Time Game Tournament Evaluator (game, program)2009-10-100.1JoachimBreitner
DefendTheKing90.01A simple RTS game (frp, game, program)2015-05-280.3.1YairChuchem
Eternal10Seconds90.01A 2-D shooting game (bsd3, game, program)2010-05-240.2HirotoKoyama
FunGEn420.01A lightweight, cross-platform, OpenGL-based game engine. (bsd3, game, library, program)2023-09-011.2MiloslavRaus, SimonMichael
GeBoP170.01Several games (bsd3, game, program)2015-09-231.7.5HenkJanVanTuyl
GeneralTicTacToe92.01A general TicTacToe game implementation. (game, mit, program)2015-08-
HGE2D200.002D game engine written in Haskell (game, library, mit, program)2016-07-300.1.9.2I3ck
HGamer3D-API (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)140.01Library to enable 3D game development for Haskell - API (deprecated, game, library)2012-07-220.1.6PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-CAudio-Binding (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D-SFML-Binding)60.01Library to enable 3D game development for Haskell - cAudio Bindings (deprecated, game, library)2012-04-150.1.5PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-OIS-Binding (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D-SFML-Binding)90.02Library to enable 3D game development for Haskell - OIS Bindings (deprecated, game, library)2012-04-150.1.5PeterAlthainz
HODE60.01Binding to libODE (bsd3, game, library, physics)2008-10-272008.10.27DavidHimmelstrup
HPong100.01A simple OpenGL Pong game based on GLFW (game, program)2009-04-230.1.2RemcoNiemeijer
HTicTacToe70.01An SDL tic-tac-toe game. (game, graphics, mit, program)2010-05-010.2KorcanHussein
Hangman100.01The classic game of Hangman. (game, gpl, program)2015-08-
HangmanAscii142.00Yet another Hangman game. (bsd3, game, program)2023-07-
Haskelloids90.01A reproduction of the Atari 1979 classic "Asteroids" (bsd3, game, program)2010-03-290.1.1IvanPerez, MatthewHayden
Hipmunk (deprecated)630.02A Haskell binding for Chipmunk. (deprecated, game, library, physics)2015-07-, SoenkeHahn
Hipmunk-Utils130.01Useful functions for Hipmunk (bsd3, game, library, physics)2017-09-
HipmunkPlayground320.01A playground for testing Hipmunk. (game, physics, program)2014-02-
Hricket50.01A Cricket scoring application. (bsd3, game, program)2010-01-020.1AnthonyGrimes
L-seed100.01Plant growing programming game (bsd3, game, library, program)2009-06-280.2JoachimBreitner
LambdaHack1232.252A game engine library for tactical squad ASCII roguelike dungeon crawlers (bsd3, game, game-engine, library, program, roguelike)2023-10-300.11.0.1AndresLoeh, MikolajKonarski
Level050.01A Snake II clone written using SDL. (game, gpl, program)2012-04-291.0MikeLedger
Liquorice50.00Algorithmic Doom map generation (game, gpl, library)2020-03-060.0.1jmtd
MazesOfMonad320.01Console-based Role Playing Game (bsd3, game, program)2014-09-021.0.9JeanPhilippeMoresmau
Monadius340.012-D arcade scroller (game, program)2013-05-280.99GwernBranwen, HideyukiTanaka
Monaris160.01A simple tetris clone (bsd3, game, program)2014-08-200.1.8FumiakiKinoshita
Ninjas60.01Ninja game (bsd3, game, program)2013-10-
Nomyx (deprecated in favor of nomyx-server)380.01A Nomic game in haskell (bsd3, deprecated, game, program)2015-03-260.7.6CorentinDupont
Nomyx-Core (deprecated in favor of nomyx-core)220.02A Nomic game in haskell (bsd3, deprecated, game, library)2015-03-260.7.6CorentinDupont
Nomyx-Web (deprecated in favor of nomyx-web)220.01Web gui for Nomyx (bsd3, deprecated, game, library)2015-03-260.7.6CorentinDupont
PlayHangmanGame110.01Play Hangman Game (bsd3, game, program)2012-04-040.2HaishengWu
PlayingCards90.01Playing cards api (bsd3, game, library)2014-08-
Pollutocracy70.01An imaginary world (game, program)2013-01-281.0IsaacDupree
QuadTree100.01QuadTree library for Haskell, with lens support. (bsd3, data, game, library)2015-08-090.11.0Kron
Raincat440.01A puzzle game written in Haskell with a cat in lead role (bsd3, game, program)2018-09-231.2.1MikhailPobolovets, SergeiTrofimovich
Rasenschach150.01Soccer simulation (bsd3, game, program)2016-02-
SFML130.02SFML bindings (game, library, mit)2016-10-, sulami, ppelleti
Shu-thing180.01A vector shooter game (bsd3, game, program)2018-03-151.1.4AlanHawkins, GwernBranwen
SoccerFun370.02Football simulation framework for teaching functional programming (ai, bsd3, education, game, library, program)2015-12-020.5.3JanRochel
SoccerFunGL170.01OpenGL UI for the SoccerFun framework (ai, bsd3, education, game, library, program)2015-12-020.5.3JanRochel
SpaceInvaders130.01Video game (bsd3, game, program)2021-10-080.13.3GeorgeGiorgidze, IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
SpacePrivateers70.01Simple space pirate roguelike (bsd3, game, program)2014-08-
TeaHS (deprecated)60.01TeaHS Game Creation Library (bsd3, deprecated, game, library)2010-06-050.3.1LiamOConnorDavis
Tic-Tac-Toe172.01Tic Tac Toe in your command line! (apache, game, program)2015-09-
Titim110.01Game for Lounge Marmelade (game, gpl, program)2015-03-250.2.3Jefffrey
Tournament70.01Tournament related algorithms (game, library, mit)2012-05-260.0.1EirikAlbrigtsen
TypeClass120.01Typing speed game (bsd3, game, program)2014-01-310.2.1JeanPhilippeMoresmau
TypingTester210.01Command Line Typing speed tester (game, gpl, program)2014-08-
Verba190.01A solver for the WordBrain game (game, mit, program)2016-01-
YACPong50.01Yet Another Pong Clone using SDL. (game, mit, program)2010-05-300.1KorcanHussein
ZMachine60.01A Z-machine interpreter (bsd3, game, program)2008-03-290.0GwernBranwen
abc-puzzle150.01Generate instances of the ABC Logic Puzzle. (bsd3, game, program)2014-08-010.2.1PatrickBahr
affection170.01A simple Game Engine using SDL (game, lgpl, library)2018-09-
animate142.254Animation for sprites (bsd3, game, library)2018-05-190.7.0jxv
animate-example90.01Animation for sprites (bsd3, game, program)2018-02-050.2.0jxv
animate-frames70.00Convert sprite frames to animate files (game, library, mit, program)2018-05-300.0.1jxv
animate-preview150.00Preview tool for sprite animation (bsd3, game, library, program)2018-05-
animate-sdl280.01sdl2 + animate auxiliary library (bsd3, game, library)2018-05-200.1.1jxv
anitomata410.00Composable sprite animation (game, library, mit)2024-05-
anitomata-aseprite400.00Code gen for Aseprite animations (game, library, mit, program)2024-05-
ansi-terminal-game922.00cross-platform library for terminal games (game, gpl, library)2024-02-
antisplice550.04An engine for text-based dungeons. (agpl, game, library)2016-04-
apecs1442.255Fast Entity-Component-System library for game programming (bsd3, control, data, game, library)2024-03-200.9.6AlexanderBondarenko, jship, jonascarpay
apecs-effectful60.00Adaptation of the apecs library for the effectful ecosystem. (bsd3, game, library)2023-05-
apecs-stm210.00STM stores for apecs (bsd3, control, data, game, library)2023-11-090.2AlexanderBondarenko, jship, jonascarpay
armada50.01Space-based real time strategy game (game, program)2009-01-060.1TimothyCarstens
artifact (deprecated)80.01Basic types and instances for Valve's Artifact Card-set API (agpl, deprecated, game, library)2018-11-
astrds90.01an incomplete 2d space game (bsd3, game, program)2012-08-130.1.1AndresLoeh
babylon120.01An implementation of a simple 2-player board game (game, program)2014-06-260.3PedroVasconcelos
battleplace280.01Core definitions for service (game, library, mit)2020-08-
battleplace-api210.01Public API definitions of service (game, library, mit)2018-07-
battleships70.01A web-based implementation of battleships including an AI opponent. (bsd3, game, library)2014-04-241.0.0fatho
betris240.00A horizontal version of tetris for braille users (bsd3, game, library, program)2023-10-
bishbosh320.00Plays chess. (game, gpl, library, program)2021-12-
bloxorz110.01OpenGL Logic Game (game, program)2014-07-230.1.2ViktorDevecseri
blubber50.01The blubber client; connects to the blubber server. (game, gpl, program)2015-06-300.0.1alexander
blubber-server80.00The blubber server, serves blubber clients. (agpl, game, library, program)2015-06-300.0.1alexander
board-games340.01Three games for inclusion in a web server (game, library, web)2023-01-150.4HenningThielemann
boardgame110.00Modeling boardgames (game, library, mit, model, program)2021-04-
boomslang110.01Boomshine clone (game, program, public-domain)2012-06-040.0.4BrianLewis
breakout90.01A simple Breakout game implementation. (game, program)2009-10-310.0.2EyalLotem
brians-brain60.01A Haskell implementation of the Brian's Brain cellular automaton (bsd3, game, program)2009-10-150.0.1WillDonnelly
call360.01The call game engine (bsd3, game, library)2015-03-21FumiakiKinoshita
chessIO560.00Basic chess library (bsd3, game, library, program)2023-01-
chesshs150.01Simple library for validating chess moves and parsing PGN files (bsd3, game, library)2015-03-130.2.1ArnoVanLumig
chessica70.00A Library for Chess Game Logic (bsd3, game, library)2023-05-
cuboid150.013D Yampa/GLUT Puzzle Game (game, mit, program)2015-05-220.14.2PedroMartins
darkplaces-demo60.01Utility and parser for DarkPlaces demo files (game, gpl, library, program)2015-02-120.1slava
darkplaces-rcon70.01Darkplaces rcon client library (game, gpl, library)2015-05-230.1slava
darkplaces-rcon-util100.00Darplaces rcon utility (game, gpl, library, program)2015-05-240.1.1slava
darkplaces-text110.02Parser for darkplaces colorful text (game, gpl, library)2015-05-230.2.1slava
dgs70.01Haskell front-end for DGS' bot interface (bsd3, game, library, network, web)2010-02-140.2DanielWagner
dice220.03Simplistic D&D style dice-rolling system. (game, library, program, public-domain)2022-10-280.1.1BertramFelgenhauer, JamesCook, ncfavier
dobutokO-poetry640.00Helps to order the 7 or less Ukrainian words to obtain somewhat suitable for poetry or music text (Ukrainian, game, language, library, mit, phonetic-languages, poetry, program, uniqueness)2020-09-
dobutokO-poetry-general100.02Helps to order the 7 or less words (first of all the Ukrainian ones) to obtain somewhat suitable for poetry or music text (game, language, library, mit)2020-08-
dobutokO-poetry-general-languages140.00Helps to order the 7 or less words to obtain somewhat suitable for poetry or music text (game, language, library, mit, uniqueness, uniquenessPeriods)2020-08-
dominion170.01A simulator for the board game Dominion. (bsd3, game, library, program, simulation)2016-12-
dow210.01Dungeons of Wor (bsd3, frp, game, program, reactivity)2016-06-190.2.6GergelyPatai
draw-poker170.00playing draw poker (bsd3, game, library, program)2015-07-
dual-game122.01Network multiplayer 2D shooting game (game, mit, program)2018-03-300.1.0.1fgaz
ease150.01Robert Penner's easing equations (bsd3, game, library, math)2020-10-
ecstasy260.01A GHC.Generics based entity component system. (bsd3, game, library)2018-05-
edge280.01Top view space combat arcade game (game, gpl, program)2016-09-, infrared
falling-turnip80.01Falling sand game/cellular automata simulation using regular parallel arrays. (bsd3, game, program)2012-11-
fallingblocks110.01A fun falling blocks game. (game, program)2009-03-290.1.4BenSanders
fen2s150.01Converting a chess position from FEN notation to text (game, library, mit, program)2015-05-131.2JoeHurd
fixed-point (deprecated)180.03Binary fixed-point arithmetic (data, deprecated, game, library, math, mit, numerical)2011-08-
fixed-point-vector (deprecated)90.01Unbox instances for the fixed-point package (data, deprecated, game, library, math, mit, numerical)2011-08-
fixed-point-vector-space (deprecated)100.01vector-space instances for the fixed-point package (data, deprecated, game, library, math, mit, numerical)2011-08-
fizzbuzz70.01test (bsd3, game, library)2016-07-
foo80.01Paper soccer, an OpenGL game. (game, program)2008-08-161.0DonaldStewart
frag100.01A 3-D First Person Shooter Game (game, program)2008-10-111.1.2DonaldStewart, GwernBranwen
freekick2120.01A soccer game (game, program)2011-06-250.1.2AnttiSalonen
french-cards110.01French Playing Cards (bsd3, game, library)2016-09-190.1.1TarasSerduke
fwgl (deprecated in favor of ombra)222.253Game engine (bsd3, deprecated, game, game-engine, javascript, library)2015-09-
fwgl-glfw (deprecated in favor of ombra)150.01FWGL GLFW backend (bsd3, deprecated, game, game-engine, library)2015-09-
fwgl-javascript (deprecated in favor of ombra)180.01FWGL GHCJS backend (bsd3, deprecated, game, game-engine, javascript, library)2015-09-
gameclock150.01Game clock that shows two analog clock faces (game, program)2008-09-121.0.4AbramClark
gemstone130.01A simple library of helpers for SDL+GL games. (game, library)2013-02-
general-games440.01Library supporting simulation of a number of games (game, library, mit, poker)2018-02-111.1.1cgorski
gloss-game160.01Gloss wrapper that simplifies writing games (bsd3, game, graphics, library)2014-08-
goatee240.02A monadic take on a 2,500-year-old board game - library. (agpl, game, library)2021-01-250.4.0khumba
goatee-gtk270.01A monadic take on a 2,500-year-old board game - GTK+ UI. (agpl, game, library, program)2021-01-250.4.0khumba
gore-and-ash100.08Core of FRP game engine called Gore&Ash (bsd3, game, library)2016-11-
gore-and-ash-actor130.01Gore&Ash engine extension that implements actor style of programming (bsd3, game, library)2016-11-
gore-and-ash-async210.01Core module for Gore&Ash engine that embeds async IO actions into game loop. (bsd3, game, library)2016-11-
gore-and-ash-demo80.01Demonstration game for Gore&Ash game engine (bsd3, game, program)2016-11-
gore-and-ash-glfw110.01Core module for Gore&Ash engine for GLFW input events (bsd3, game, library)2016-11-
gore-and-ash-lambdacube50.01Core module for Gore&Ash engine that do something. (bsd3, game, library)2016-11-
gore-and-ash-logging150.02Core module for gore-and-ash with logging utilities (bsd3, game, library)2016-11-
gore-and-ash-network150.01Core module for Gore&Ash engine with low level network API (bsd3, game, library)2016-11-
gore-and-ash-sdl120.00Gore&Ash core module for integration with SDL library (bsd3, game, library)2016-11-
grid-proto120.00Game engine for Prototyping on a Grid (bsd3, game, library, program)2022-03-
gridland90.01Grid-based multimedia engine (game, library, mit)2015-08-
h-reversi100.01Reversi game in haskell/blank-canvas (game, library, mit, program)2016-12-
h2048140.01An Implementation of Game 2048 (game, library, mit, program)2019-10-300.4.0.0javran
hackertyper162.01"Hack" like a programmer in movies and games! (game, mit, program)2014-10-
halma180.01Library implementing Halma rules (game, library, mit)2021-05-
halma-gui90.01GTK application for playing Halma (game, mit, program)2019-01-
halma-telegram-bot70.01Telegram bot for playing Halma (game, mit, program)2017-04-
hanabi-dealer460.00Hanabi card game (bsd3, game, library)2022-10-
hangman150.01Hangman implementation in Haskell written in two hours. (game, mit, program)2013-04-281.0.3HokShunPoon
happlets60.01"Haskell Applets" provides an event handler and a canvas for building simple GUI apps. (game, gui, library)2018-05-
happlets-lib-gtk50.01The "Haskell Applets" Gtk+ ver. 2 back-end for "happlets". (game, gui, library)2018-05-
haskanoid192.251A breakout game written in Yampa using SDL (frp, game, program, reactivity)2023-04-080.1.6IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
haskell-go-checkers82.01Go and Checkers game in Haskell (game, mit, program)2017-05-
haskell-in-space100.01'Asteroids' arcade games. (bsd3, game, program)2008-06-220.1.1GwernBranwen
haskell-spacegoo120.01Client API for Rocket Scissor Spacegoo (game, library, mit)2015-04-
haskellscrabble390.01A scrabble library capturing the core game logic of scrabble. (game, gpl, library)2016-03-262.2.2happy0
haskmon190.01A haskell wrapper for ( (game, library, mit, web)2016-03-
haverer160.00Implementation of the rules of Love Letter (apache, game, library, program)2015-06-
hback110.01N-back memory game (bsd3, game, program)2008-06-190.0.3NorbertWojtowicz
hchesslib50.01Chess library (game, gpl, library)2021-12-
hcube80.01Virtual Rubik's cube of arbitrary size. (bsd3, game, library, program)2013-05-200.1.1ToddWegner
hedra60.00A small library and executable for generating dice rolls. (game, library, mit, program)2019-01-020.1vtan
hetris80.01Text Tetris (game, program)2008-03-060.2GwernBranwen
hexmino70.01A small game based on domino-like hexagonal tiles (bsd3, game, program)2018-05-
hfiar400.01Four in a Row in Haskell!! (bsd3, game, library, program)2010-07-012.1.1FernandoBenavides
hfov110.01Field-of-view calculation for low-resolution 2D raster grids. (bsd3, game, library)2013-12-121.0.2JeremyApthorp
hinvaders60.01Space Invaders (game, program)2008-02-210.1GwernBranwen
hold-em52.01An engine for Texas hold'em Poker (bsd3, game, library)2014-10-310.1.0.0jxv
hoodie80.01A small, toy roguelike (game, gpl, program)2013-11-
hpylos62.01AI of Pylos game with GLUT interface. (ai, game, program)2008-11-231.0BartoszWojcik
hricket100.01A Cricket scoring application. (bsd3, game, program)2010-01-050.5AnthonyGrimes
hs-pgms60.01Programmer's Mine Sweeper in Haskell (bsd3, game, library, program)2008-06-
hs2048 (deprecated)140.01A 2048 clone in Haskell. (deprecated, game, library, mit, program)2014-04-020.1.0taylorfausak, fozworth
hsqml-demo-manic60.01HsQML-based clone of Pipe Mania (bsd3, game, program)2016-10-
hsqml-demo-morris90.01HsQML-based implementation of Nine Men's Morris (bsd3, game, graphics, program)2016-02-
hsqml-morris (deprecated in favor of hsqml-demo-morris)60.01HsQML-based implementation of Nine Men's Morris (bsd3, deprecated, game, graphics, program)2013-10-
hstzaar350.01A two player abstract strategy game. (bsd3, game, program)2016-05-270.9.4PedroVasconcelos
hsudoku112.00Sudoku game with a GTK3 interface (game, library, mit, program)2017-05-
htiled222.02Import from the Tiled map editor. (bsd3, game, library)2016-07-, SchellScivally, m09
htzaar90.01A two player abstract strategy game. (bsd3, game, program)2009-10-090.0.2TomHawkins
hyahtzee170.01A Yahtzee game implementation in Haskell (bsd3, game, program)2021-04-180.5DamienCassou
imj-game-hamazed62.00A game with flying numbers and 8-bit color animations. (animation, application, bsd3, education, game, graphics, library, program)2018-01-
intricacy690.01A game of competitive puzzle-design (game, gpl)2024-05-
ironforge280.02A technical demo for Antisplice. (bsd3, game, library, program)2016-04-
ixshader60.01A shallow embedding of the OpenGL Shading Language in Haskell. (bsd3, game, library)2017-10-
java-poker200.00The etude of the Haskell programming (game, library, mit, program)2016-01-
key-state150.01Manage key and button states and statuses (bsd3, game, library)2018-04-160.2.0jxv
kurita70.00Find the alpha emoji (bsd3, game, library, program, web)2019-05-060davean
labyrinth190.01A complicated turn-based game (game, library, mit)2013-11-
labyrinth-server120.01A complicated turn-based game - Web server (game, mit, program)2013-11-
layers-game360.01A prototypical 2d platform game. (bsd3, game, program)2024-06-020.8.0DanielTrstenjak
life90.01Conway's Life cellular automaton (bsd3, game, program)2009-12-210.1ChuckAdams
lines-of-action90.01Lines of Action, 2-player strategy board game (game, library, mit)2018-06-160.0.1jxv
lostcities80.01An implementation of an adictive two-player card game (game, program)2009-11-210.2PedroVasconcelos
macbeth-lib70.00Macbeth - A beautiful and minimalistic FICS client (game, library, program)2016-04-050.0.12tgass
mage100.01Rogue-like (bsd3, game, program)2008-03-051.1.0GwernBranwen
mancala120.01Simple mancala game. (game, lgpl, program)2011-06-300.1JulianaLucena
marionetta80.01A study of marionetta movements. (bsd3, game, program)2012-05-
mastermind110.01console mastermind decypher (bsd3, game, program)2010-07-252010.7.25.1PaoloVeronelli
midimory160.01A Memory-like (Concentration, Pairs, ...) game for tones (bsd3, game, gui, music, program, sound)2024-02-
minecraft-data60.01a DSL for generating minecraft commands and levels (bsd3, game, library, minecraft)2019-07-
mines140.01Minesweeper simulation using neural networks (ai, game, program)2008-08-130.1AnttiSalonen
minesweeper150.01Minesweeper game which is always solvable without guessing (bsd3, game, program)2014-07-
misfortune310.03fortune-mod clone (console, game, library, mit, program, public-domain)2022-08-, ncfavier
netwire-input220.03Input handling abstractions for netwire (game, library, mit)2018-03-090.0.7Mokosha
netwire-input-glfw260.01GLFW instance of netwire-input (game, library, mit)2024-01-050.0.12Mokosha
netwire-input-javascript50.01JavaScript instance of netwire-input (bsd3, game, library)2016-10-080.0.2ZioCrocifisso
netwire-vinylglfw-examples70.01Netwire/GLFW/VinylGL input handling demo (game, mit, program)2016-10-221.0.0RandKleisli
nomyx-api60.00REST API for Nomyx (bsd3, game, library)2017-03-170.1.0CorentinDupont
nomyx-core60.02A Nomic game in haskell (bsd3, game, library)2017-03-171.0.0CorentinDupont
nomyx-server50.01A Nomic game in haskell (bsd3, game, program)2017-03-171.0.0CorentinDupont
nomyx-web60.00Web gui for Nomyx (bsd3, game, library)2017-03-171.0.0CorentinDupont
nyx-game50.00A bullet-hell game made with SDL2. (apache, game, library, program)2019-11-
octane (deprecated in favor of rattletrap)400.00Parse Rocket League replays. (deprecated, game, library, mit, program)2017-10-240.20.3fozworth
ois-input-manager40.01wrapper for OIS input manager for use with hogre (bsd3, game, graphics, library)2013-04-
pang-a-lambda70.01A super-pang clone (game, gpl, program)2017-05-
phonetic-languages-basis130.011A basics of the phonetic-languages (PhLADiPreLiO-related) functionality. (game, language, library, math, mit)2023-01-300.3.0.0OleksandrZhabenko
phonetic-languages-examples260.00A generalization of the uniqueness-periods-vector-examples functionality. (Ukrainian, game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages, program)2021-02-
phonetic-languages-permutations140.01Commonly used versions of the phonetic-languages-common package (game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages)2020-11-
phonetic-languages-permutations-array230.06Permutations and universal set related functions for the phonetic-languages series (game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages)2024-01-
phonetic-languages-phonetics-basics460.05A library for working with generalized phonetic languages usage. (game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages, phonetics, program, writing-systems)2024-01-300.11.0.0OleksandrZhabenko
phonetic-languages-plus190.03Some common shared between different packages functions. (game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages, program)2023-02-
phonetic-languages-rhythmicity260.09Allows to estimate the rhythmicity properties for the text (coherency, data, game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages, polyrhythmicity, rap)2023-03-
phonetic-languages-simplified-base430.010A basics of the phonetic-languages functionality that can be groupped. (game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages)2024-03-
phonetic-languages-simplified-common160.04A simplified version of the phonetic-languages-functionality (game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages)2020-12-
phonetic-languages-simplified-examples-array300.00Helps to create Ukrainian texts with the given phonetic properties. (PhLADiPreLiO, Ukrainian, game, language, library, math, mit, phladiprelio, phonetic-languages, program, prosodic-languages, prosody, rumba, syllables)2022-09-
phonetic-languages-simplified-examples-common130.01Some commonly used by phonetic-languages-simplified* series functions. (Ukrainian, game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages)2023-03-
phonetic-languages-simplified-generalized-examples-array300.00Helps to create texts with the given phonetic properties (e. g. poetic). (PhLADiPreLiO, espeak, game, ipa, language, library, math, mit, phladiprelio, phonetic-languages, phonetics, prosodic-languages, prosody, writing-systems)2022-09-
phonetic-languages-simplified-generalized-examples-common280.01Some common code for phonetic languages generalized functionality. (game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages, phonetics, writing-systems)2023-03-
phonetic-languages-simplified-generalized-properties-array420.02Some 'properties' of the phonetic languages approach text. (game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages, phonetics, writing-systems)2023-03-
phonetic-languages-simplified-lists-examples90.00Simplified and somewhat optimized version of the phonetic-languages-examples. (Ukrainian, game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages, program)2021-02-
phonetic-languages-simplified-properties-array350.02Some properties of the data related to rhythmicity. (Ukrainian, game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages)2023-03-
phonetic-languages-simplified-properties-array-common90.03Common functionality for 'with-tuples' and old version of properties. (game, language, library, math, mit)2023-03-
phonetic-languages-simplified-properties-array-old40.00Some properties of the data related to rhythmicity. (game, language, library, math, mit)2022-05-310.1.0.0OleksandrZhabenko
phonetic-languages-ukrainian160.01Prepares Ukrainian text to be used as a phonetic language text (Ukrainian, game, language, library, mit, phonetic-languages)2020-11-
phonetic-languages-ukrainian-array310.03Prepares Ukrainian text to be used as a PhLADiPreLiO text (Ukrainian, game, language, library, mit, phonetic-languages, program)2024-02-
pine110.00Functional 2D Game Framework (game, library, program)2020-06-
piyo160.00Haskell game engine like fantasy console. (game, library, mit, program)2018-08-
pokemon-go-protobuf-types70.01Haskell types for the Pokemon Go protobuf protocol. (bsd3, game, library)2016-07-300.1.2RickyElrod
poker82.00Texas holdem hand evaluation and simulation. (game, library, mit, poker, program, simulation)2021-08-
quoridor-hs100.01A Quoridor implementation in Haskell (bsd3, game, library, program)2015-01-
rattletrap1740.01Parse and generate Rocket League replays. (game, library, mit, program)2024-05-1913.0.3fozworth
reflex-sdl292.00SDL2 and reflex FRP (game, library, mit, program)2019-03-
reversi70.01Text-only reversi (aka othelo) game (game, lgpl, program)2011-05-030.1.1GuilhermeCavalcanti
roguestar90.01Sci-fi roguelike game. Client application. (game, program)2011-04-
roguestar-engine100.01Sci-fi roguelike game. Backend. (game, program)2011-04-, GwernBranwen
roguestar-gl100.01Sci-fi roguelike game. Client library. (game, library)2011-04-, GwernBranwen
roguestar-glut70.01Sci-fi roguelike game. GLUT front-end. (game, program)2011-04-
sc2-lowlevel50.01Low-level Starcraft II API (bsd3, ffi, game, library, network)2019-02-
sc2-support70.02Support and utility library for sc2hs. (bsd3, ffi, game, library, network)2019-02-
sc2hs40.00An interface to the Starcraft II bot API (ffi, game, library, network, program)2019-02-
scrabble-bot70.01Scrabble play generation. (bsd3, game, program)2013-04-300.1.0.0AndrasKovacs
scroll212.01scroll(6), a roguelike game (game, gpl, program)2018-04-221.20180421JoeyHess
sdl2-fps70.02Run of the mill, frames per second timer implementation (bsd3, game, library)2018-05-200.0.2jxv
secret-santa40.01Secret Santa game assigner using QR-Codes (game, gpl, program)2013-04-
setgame70.00A console interface to the game of Set (bsd3, game, library, program)2015-12-041.1EricMertens
shine-examples40.00Examples for the shine package (game, graphics, javascript, mit, web)2020-01-040.1fgaz
showdown120.01A simple gtk based Russian Roulette game. (bsd3, game, program)2009-06-280.5.3AnthonyGrimes
snake60.01A basic console snake game. (game, mit, program)2016-05-300.1.0.0alaminium
snake-game80.01Snake Game Using OpenGL (bsd3, game, library)2014-02-121.2AkashJagdhane
snorkels40.01Strategic board game of medium complexity (game, gpl, library, program)2016-09-
solve150.01Solving simple games (game, library, mit, program)2018-12-031.3JoeHurd
spanout40.01A breakout clone written in netwire and gloss (bsd3, game, program)2015-07-180.1vtan
starrover260.01Space simulation game (game, program)2010-09-290.1.1AnttiSalonen
starter-snake-haskell110.00A Haskell Battlesnake starter (bsd3, game, library, program, web)2023-08-261.1.0ccntrq
steambrowser50.01List and launch steam games from the cli (game, mit, program)2014-12-
swarm252.2502D resource gathering game with programmable robots (bsd3, game, library, program)2023-11-
switch50.00Nintendo Switch Controller Library (bsd3, game, library)2021-03-310.1.0.0MichaelSzvetits
sylvia70.01Lambda calculus visualization (game, program)2012-10-220.2.2ChrisWong
t3-client80.01tic-tac-toe Rexports for client (bsd3, game, library)2016-04-
t3-game90.02tic-tac-toe core (bsd3, game, library)2016-04-032.0.0jxv
t3-server110.01tic-tac-toe server (bsd3, game, library)2016-04-030.2.0jxv
table-tennis90.01A table tennis game tracking engine (game, library, mit)2015-01-
tak90.00A library encoding the rules of Tak, and a client. (bsd2, game, library)2016-06-
tak-ai90.01AI(s) for playing Tak on (bsd2, game, program)2016-06-
tateti-tateti70.01Meta tic-tac-toe ncurses game. (bsd3, game, program)2015-11-
tcod-haskell62.01Bindings to libtcod roguelike engine (bsd3, game, library)2019-12-
tetris150.01A 2-D clone of Tetris (bsd3, game, program)2008-12-220.27178GwernBranwen
theoremquest70.01A common library for TheoremQuest, a theorem proving game. (bsd3, formal-methods, game, library, theorem-provers)2011-02-280.0.0TomHawkins
theoremquest-client70.01A simple client for the TheoremQuest theorem proving game. (bsd3, formal-methods, game, program, theorem-provers)2011-02-280.0.0TomHawkins
thock40.00A modern TUI typing game featuring online racing against friends. (game, library, mit, program)2021-01-
tic-tac-toe60.01Useful if reading "Why FP matters" by John Hughes (bsd3, game, program)2008-03-300.1HristoAsenov
tictactoe3d60.013D Tic-Tac-Toe game (game, gpl, library)2015-08-
topkata90.01OpenGL Arcade Game (game, program)2015-05-250.2.4ChristophBauer
turing-music60.01Plays music generated by Turing machines with 5 states and 2 symbols (bsd3, game, program)2008-10-070.1.1PeterDivianszky
turn-loop100.01Manage multiple turned-based sessions (bsd3, game, library)2018-04-050.1.0jxv
twisty60.01Simulator of twisty puzzles à la Rubik's Cube (game, library)2011-02-200.1.0LukeBlanshard
uniqueness-periods-vector140.03Generalization of the uniqueness-periods and uniqueness-periods-general packages functionality. (game, language, library, math, mit, uniqueness)2020-10-
uniqueness-periods-vector-common200.03Generalization of the dobutokO-poetry-general package functionality (game, language, library, math, mit, uniqueness)2020-10-
uniqueness-periods-vector-examples450.00Usage examples for the uniqueness-periods-vector series of packages (game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages, program, uniqueness-periods)2021-02-
uniqueness-periods-vector-filters160.00A library allows to change the structure of the 'RealFrac' function output. (data, game, language, library, math, mit, uniqueness-periods)2020-10-
uniqueness-periods-vector-general330.00Some kind of the optimization approach to data inner structure. (extremum-estimator, game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages, uniqueness)2020-11-
uniqueness-periods-vector-properties250.01Metrices for the maximum element for the uniqueness-periods-vector packages family. (game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages, syllable-segmentation)2021-02-
venzone192.250ASCII platform-adventure game (game, gpl, program)2023-03-
waddle90.00DOOM WAD file utilities. (bsd3, game, library, program)2015-10-
werewolf680.00A game engine for playing werewolf within an arbitrary chat client (bsd3, game, library, program)2017-09-
werewolf-slack130.01A chat interface for playing werewolf in Slack (bsd3, game, program)2016-08-
wordify30.00 (bsd3, game, library, program)2019-06-
wxAsteroids70.01Try to avoid the asteroids with your space ship (bsd3, game, program)2015-09-
wyvern60.01An autoresponder for Dragon Go Server. (bsd3, game, program)2010-02-140.1DanielWagner
yampa204870.012048 game clone using Yampa/Gloss (game, mit, program)2015-02-