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CV270.04OpenCV based machine vision library (ai, graphics, library, machine-vision)2013-01-170.3.7VilleTirronen
CarneadesDSL170.02An implementation and DSL for the Carneades argumentation model. (ai, argumentation, bsd3, embedded, library)2014-05-011.3BasVanGijzel
CarneadesIntoDung70.01A translation from the Carneades argumentation model into Dung's AFs. (ai, argumentation, bsd3, embedded, library, program)2014-05-031.0BasVanGijzel
Dung110.02An implementation of the Dung argumentation frameworks. (ai, argumentation, bsd3, embedded, library, program)2015-03-301.1BasVanGijzel
Etage240.02A general data-flow framework (ai, control, lgpl, library)2014-05-100.1.12MitarMilutinovic
GA160.01Genetic algorithm library (ai, algorithms, bsd3, library, optimisation)2011-09-271.0KennethHoste
HOpenCV210.02A binding for the OpenCV computer vision library (ai, gpl, graphics, library, program)2015-08-
HSGEP170.01Gene Expression Programming evolutionary algorithm in Haskell (ai, bsd3, library, program)2012-12-240.1.5MatthewSottile
HaVSA142.01An implementation of the Version Space Algebra learning framework. (ai, bsd3, library, program)2011-04-
HasGP60.01A Haskell library for inference using Gaussian processes (ai, classification, datamining, gpl, library, statistics)2011-10-260.1SeanHolden
HaskellNN150.01High Performance Neural Network in Haskell (ai, library)2012-01-290.1.3KietLam
Probnet162.250Geometric Extrapolation of Integer Sequences with error prediction (ai, forecasting, library, math, mit, sequences)2021-06-
SimpleEA190.01Simple evolutionary algorithm framework. (ai, bsd3, library)2012-06-150.2.1ErlendHamberg
SoccerFun370.02Football simulation framework for teaching functional programming (ai, bsd3, education, game, library, program)2015-12-020.5.3JanRochel
SoccerFunGL170.01OpenGL UI for the SoccerFun framework (ai, bsd3, education, game, library, program)2015-12-020.5.3JanRochel
attoparsec-arff100.01An ARFF file parser using Attoparsec (ai, data, gpl, library, text)2012-02-090.0PaulWilson
basic-gps60.00Basic implementation of General Problem Solver algorithm (ai, library, mit)2023-12-
bpann150.01backpropagation neuronal network (ai, bsd3, library)2011-10-010.1.1RobertSteuck
conala-dataset60.00bindings to the CoNaLa dataset (ai, bsd3, data, library, machine-learning, nlp)2022-05-
creatur1200.01Framework for artificial life experiments. (ai, bsd3, library)2021-08-185.9.30AmyDeBuitleir
csp262.01Discrete constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) solver. (ai, constraints, control, failure, library, monads)2018-03-141.4.0AndreiBarbu
cv-combinators240.01Functional Combinators for Computer Vision (ai, gpl, graphics, library, program)2015-08-
fast-downward200.00Solve classical planning problems (STRIPS/SAS+) using Haskell & Fast Downward. (ai, bsd3, library)2023-05-
fei-base60.05FFI to MXNet (ai, bsd3, library, machine-learning, program)2020-12-201.0.0JiasenWu
fei-cocoapi80.01Cocodataset with cocoapi (ai, bsd3, library, machine-learning, program)2020-12-201.0.0JiasenWu
fei-dataiter (deprecated in favor of fei-nn)40.01mxnet dataiters (ai, bsd3, deprecated, library, machine-learning, program)2019-09-
fei-datasets50.00Some datasets (ai, bsd3, library, machine-learning, program)2020-12-201.0.0JiasenWu
fei-examples80.00fei examples (ai, bsd3, machine-learning, program)2020-12-201.0.0JiasenWu
fei-modelzoo50.00A collection of standard models (ai, bsd3, library, machine-learning)2020-12-201.0.0JiasenWu
fei-nn60.03Train a neural network with MXNet in Haskell. (ai, bsd3, library, machine-learning)2020-12-201.0.0JiasenWu
finito120.00Constraint Solver for Finite Domains (ai, bsd3, library)2020-02-
genprog80.01Genetic programming library (ai, algorithms, bsd3, library, optimisation)2013-08-310.1.0.2JanSnajder
grenade82.01Practical Deep Learning in Haskell (ai, bsd2, library, machine-learning)2017-04-120.1.0ErikDeCastroLopo, huw
hVOIDP80.01Optimal variable selection in chain graphical model. (ai, library, program)2011-08-261.0.2QiQi
hasktorch120.01Torch for tensors and neural networks in Haskell (ai, bsd3, library, machine-learning, program, tensors)2018-11-, stites, tscholak, austinvhuang
hasktorch-codegen80.00Code generation tools for Hasktorch (ai, bsd3, code-generation, ffi-tools, library, machine-learning, program, tensors)2018-11-
hasktorch-ffi-tests110.01Testing library for Hasktorch's FFI bindings (ai, bsd3, ffi, library, machine-learning, tensors)2018-11-
hasktorch-ffi-th90.02Bindings to Torch (ai, bsd3, ffi, library, machine-learning, tensors)2018-11-
hasktorch-ffi-thc90.00Bindings to Cutorch (ai, bsd3, ffi, library, machine-learning, tensors)2018-11-
hasktorch-indef90.00Core Hasktorch abstractions wrapping FFI bindings (ai, bsd3, library, machine-learning, tensors)2018-11-
hasktorch-signatures80.01Backpack signatures for Tensor operations (ai, bsd3, library, machine-learning, program, tensors)2018-11-
hasktorch-signatures-partial110.01Functions to partially satisfy tensor signatures (ai, bsd3, library, machine-learning, tensors)2018-11-
hasktorch-signatures-support90.02Signatures for support tensors in hasktorch (ai, bsd3, library, machine-learning, tensors)2018-11-
hasktorch-signatures-types140.03Core types for Hasktorch backpack signatures (ai, bsd3, library, machine-learning, tensors)2018-11-
hasktorch-types-th160.09C-types for Torch (ai, bsd3, ffi, library, machine-learning, tensors)2018-11-
hasktorch-types-thc170.04C-types for Cutorch (ai, bsd3, ffi, library, machine-learning, tensors)2018-11-
hasktorch-zoo70.00Neural architectures in hasktorch (ai, bsd3, library, machine-learning, tensors)2018-11-
heukarya150.01A genetic programming based on tree structure. (ai, bsd3, library)2013-08-
hfann (deprecated)110.01Haskell binding to the FANN library (ai, bsd3, deprecated, library)2013-07-300.4.2DavidHimmelstrup, OlivierBoudry
hgalib60.01Haskell Genetic Algorithm Library (ai, library, public-domain)2008-10-020.2KevinEllis
hmep122.00HMEP Multi Expression Programming – a genetic programming variant (ai, bsd3, library, program)2017-10-130.1.1penkovsky
hnn122.01A reasonably fast and simple neural network library (ai, bsd3, library)2016-03-250.3AlpMestanogullari
hopfield110.01Hopfield Networks, Boltzmann Machines and Clusters (ai, library, machine-learning, mit, program)2014-04-
hpylos62.01AI of Pylos game with GLUT interface. (ai, game, program)2008-11-231.0BartoszWojcik
huff100.00A fast-foward-based planner (ai, bsd3, library, program)2016-09-
instinct70.01Fast artifical neural networks (ai, bsd3, library)2011-08-220.1.0ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
keera-posture230.01Get notifications when your sitting posture is inappropriate. (ai, program)2017-06-, keera_studios_ci
liblinear-enumerator60.01liblinear iteratee. (ai, bsd3, classification, library, statistics)2011-11-080.1.2NathanHowell
markov-processes60.01Hidden Markov processes. (ai, library, mit)2014-05-160.0.2vi
mines140.01Minesweeper simulation using neural networks (ai, game, program)2008-08-130.1AnttiSalonen
moo142.02Genetic algorithm library (ai, algorithms, bsd3, library, optimisation, optimization)2018-11-131.2SergeyAstanin
mxnet-dataiter (deprecated in favor of fei-dataiter)50.01mxnet dataiters (ai, bsd3, deprecated, library, machine-learning)2018-05-
mxnet-nn (deprecated in favor of fei-nn)60.01Train a neural network with MXNet in Haskell. (ai, bsd3, deprecated, library, machine-learning, program)2018-05-
neet120.01A NEAT library for Haskell (ai, gpl, library)2016-02-
neural-network-base130.02Yet Another High Performance and Extendable Neural Network in Haskell (ai, bsd3, library)2016-12-
neural-network-blashs50.01Yet Another High Performance and Extendable Neural Network in Haskell (ai, bsd3, library)2016-12-
neural-network-hmatrix50.01Yet Another High Performance and Extendable Neural Network in Haskell (ai, bsd3, library)2016-12-
nn110.01A tiny neural network (ai, library, mit)2018-04-060.2.0deepinside
nondeterminism232.02A monad and monad transformer for nondeterministic computations. (ai, constraints, control, failure, library, monads)2022-05-201.5AndreiBarbu
opencv262.01Haskell binding to OpenCV-3.x (ai, bsd3, graphics, library)2018-01-, OliverCharles, RoelVanDijk
opencv-extra272.01Haskell binding to OpenCV-3.x extra modules (ai, bsd3, graphics, library)2018-01-, OliverCharles, RoelVanDijk
opencv-raw60.01Raw Haskell bindings to OpenCV >= 2.0 (ai, bsd3, library, machine-vision)2013-09-
sandlib50.01SAND data serialization and manipulation library (ai, bsd3, library)2012-03-280.0.2MahmutBulut
simple-genetic-algorithm140.01Simple parallel genetic algorithm implementation (ai, bsd3, library, program)2014-05-
simple-genetic-algorithm-mr90.01Simple parallel genetic algorithm implementation (ai, bsd3, library, program)2015-08-
simple-neural-networks50.01Simple parallel neural networks implementation (ai, bsd3, library, program)2014-05-
smarties110.00Haskell Behavior Tree Library (ai, bsd3, games, library, program)2020-03-271.2.1pdlla
svm130.01A support vector machine written in Haskell (ai, gpl, library)2010-12-
svm-simple100.01Medium level, simplified, bindings to libsvm (ai, algorithms, bsd3, library, pattern-classification, support-vector-machine)2012-07-
tensor-safe82.00Create valid deep neural network architectures (ai, bsd3, dependent-types, language, library, program)2019-05-
typechain190.00An implementation of LangChain in Haskell (ai, gpl, library, program)2024-01-