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arpa40.00Library for reading ARPA n-gram models (bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, nlp, program, text)2015-04-
conala-dataset50.00bindings to the CoNaLa dataset (ai, bsd3, data, library, machine-learning, nlp)2022-05-
eng-stemmer120.00An English language stemmer (Porter2) (bsd3, library, nlp, program, stemming)2018-01-
gdelt100.00GDELT V2 (Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone) (bsd3, data-mining, library, nlp)2020-03-310.1.0.0ocramz
glider-nlp80.03Natural Language Processing library (bsd3, library, nlp, text)2016-10-030.4klangner
haskseg170.00Simple unsupervised segmentation model (bsd3, library, nlp, program)2019-09-
rake120.01Rapid Automatic Keyword Extraction (RAKE) (keyword-extractor, library, natural-language-processing, nlp, rake)2015-07-170.0.1TobiasSchoofs
stemmer-german141.51Extract the stem of a German inflected word form. (library, mit, nlp)2017-09-300.1.1.1implementation
syntaxnet-haskell50.01Working with Google's SyntaxNet output files - CoNLL, Tree (library, mit, nlp)2017-07-, sigrlami