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FailT222.00A 'FailT' monad transformer that plays well with 'MonadFail' (bsd3, control, failure, library)2023-02-
FailureT (deprecated in favor of transformers)50.01Failure Monad Transformer (control, deprecated, failure, library, public-domain)2013-03-1415778.1
attempt (deprecated in favor of exceptions)250.016Concrete data type for handling extensible exceptions as failures. (deprecated) (bsd3, data, deprecated, failure, library)2014-03-
control-monad-attempt (deprecated)90.03Monad transformer for attempt. (deprecated) (bsd3, data, deprecated, failure, library)2012-01-, NicolasPouillard
control-monad-exception390.08Explicitly typed, checked exceptions with stack traces (control, failure, library, monads)2020-07-060.11.4PepeIborra
control-monad-exception-monadsfd90.01Monads-fd instances for the EMT exceptions monad transformer (control, failure, library, monads, public-domain)2012-05-280.10.3PepeIborra
control-monad-exception-monadstf80.01Monads-tf instances for the EMT exceptions monad transformer (control, failure, library, monads, public-domain)2012-05-280.10.3PepeIborra
control-monad-exception-mtl70.01MTL instances for the EMT exceptions monad transformer (control, failure, library, monads, public-domain)2012-05-280.10.3PepeIborra
control-monad-failure (deprecated)180.09A class for monads which can fail with an error. (deprecated) (control, deprecated, failure, library, monads, public-domain)2012-01-, PepeIborra
control-monad-failure-mtl (deprecated)110.01A class for monads which can fail with an error for mtl 1 (deprecated) (control, deprecated, failure, library, monads, public-domain)2011-11-300.7.1MichaelSnoyman, PepeIborra
convertible-ascii20.01convertible instances for ascii (data, failure, library, public-domain)2011-12-
convertible-text (deprecated)250.08Typeclasses and instances for converting between types (deprecated) (bsd3, data, deprecated, failure)2012-01-
csp192.01Discrete constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) solver. (ai, constraints, control, failure, library, monads)2018-03-141.4.0AndreiBarbu
exception-monads-fd (deprecated in favor of exception-mtl)60.01Exception monad transformer instances for monads-fd classes. (bsd3, control, deprecated, error-handling, failure, library, monad)2010-10-060.2GeoffreyMainland
exception-monads-tf230.01Exception monad transformer instances for monads-tf classes. (bsd3, control, error-handling, failure, library, monad)2017-05-
exception-mtl780.03Exception monad transformer instances for mtl classes. (bsd3, control, error-handling, failure, library, monad)2023-03-
exception-transformers1230.019Type classes and monads for unchecked extensible exceptions. (bsd3, control, error-handling, failure, library, monad)2021-11-, TroelsHenriksen
failure (deprecated in favor of exceptions)270.071A simple type class for success/failure computations. (deprecated) (bsd3, control, deprecated, failure, library, monads)2014-06-, Michael_Smith
nondeterminism222.02A monad and monad transformer for nondeterministic computations. (ai, constraints, control, failure, library, monads)2022-05-201.5AndreiBarbu
partial-handler190.02A composable exception handler (error-handling, exceptions, failure, library, mit)2018-02-121.0.3NikitaVolkov
resumable-exceptions30.01A monad transformer for resumable exceptions (control, error-handling, failure, library, monads, reactivity)2010-09-
safe-failure (deprecated)120.09Library for safe functions (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, failure, library)2014-03-, PepeIborra
safe-failure-cme60.01control-monad-exception Instances for safe-failure (failure, library, public-domain)2011-12-100.1.0PepeIborra
slave-thread532.05A fundamental solution to ghost threads and silent exceptions (concurrency, concurrent, error-handling, exceptions, failure, library, mit)2022-11-
success (deprecated in favor of transformers, validation-selective, validation)192.06A version of Either specialised for encoding of success or failure (data, deprecated, failure, library, mit)2016-02-070.2.6NikitaVolkov
tagged-exception-core80.02Reflect exceptions using phantom types. (bsd3, control, error-handling, exceptions, failure, library, monad, monads, phantom-types)2016-02-