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MonadCompose390.01Methods for composing monads. (bsd3, library, monad)2019-01-
boots290.03IoC Monad in Haskell (application, factory, ioc, library, mit, monad)2019-09-
colorful-monoids350.02Styled console text output using ANSI escape sequences. (library, mit, monad, text, user-interfaces)2020-06-
cond592.017Basic conditional and boolean operators with monadic variants. (bsd3, control, library, logic, monad)2023-11-190.5.1AdamCurtis, jcranch
console-style (deprecated in favor of colorful-monoids)170.02Styled console text output using ANSI escape sequences. (deprecated, library, mit, monad, text, user-interfaces)2016-12-
except-exceptions72.01Safely deal with exceptions in ExceptT (bsd3, library, monad)2018-03-200.1TimHumphries
exception-monads-fd (deprecated in favor of exception-mtl)60.01Exception monad transformer instances for monads-fd classes. (bsd3, control, deprecated, error-handling, failure, library, monad)2010-10-060.2GeoffreyMainland
exception-monads-tf310.01Exception monad transformer instances for monads-tf classes. (bsd3, control, error-handling, failure, library, monad)2017-05-
exception-mtl710.03Exception monad transformer instances for mtl classes. (bsd3, control, error-handling, failure, library, monad)2023-03-
exception-transformers1240.019Type classes and monads for unchecked extensible exceptions. (bsd3, control, error-handling, failure, library, monad)2023-08-310.4.0.12GeoffreyMainland, TroelsHenriksen
exceptions3222.0985Extensible optionally-pure exceptions (bsd3, control, exceptions, library, monad)2024-04-200.10.8EdwardKmett, ryanglscott
failable360.03A 'Failable' error monad class to unify failure across monads that can fail (bsd3, control, exceptions, library, monad)2020-01-
indexed-free200.02indexed monads for free (bsd3, control, library, monad)2013-11-270.3.1FumiakiKinoshita
monad-connect80.01Transformer for TCP connection with TLS and SOCKS support (control, library, monad, network, public-domain)2016-03-160.1akrasner
monad-hash120.01Monad transformer for incremental hashing (control, cryptography, hash, library, monad, public-domain)2016-05-300.1.0.2akrasner
monad-memo612.02Memoization monad transformer (bsd3, control, library, monad)2022-01-030.5.4EduardSergeev
monad-supply280.03Stateful supply monad (control, data, library, monad)2020-09-140.9GeoffHulette
monadic-recursion-schemes560.00Recursion Schemes for Monadic version. (bsd3, control, library, monad, recursion)2023-04-
pipes-errors110.01Integration between pipes and errors (bsd3, control, error-handling, library, monad, pipes)2015-05-210.3jdnavarro
set-monad240.03Set monad (bsd3, data, library, monad)2018-10-
supermonad100.01Plugin and base library to support supermonads in Haskell (bsd3, library, monad, plugin, type-system)2018-05-
tagged-exception-core80.02Reflect exceptions using phantom types. (bsd3, control, error-handling, exceptions, failure, library, monad, monads, phantom-types)2016-02-
tangle120.00Heterogenous memoisation monad (bsd3, data-structures, library, monad, program)2021-11-080.1FumiakiKinoshita
time-out130.01Timers, timeouts, alarms, monadic wrappers (control, library, monad, public-domain, time, timeout)2016-05-300.2akrasner
unlift70.00Typeclass for monads that can be unlifted to arbitrary base monads (control, library, monad, mpl, typeclass, unlift)2021-04-
views (deprecated in favor of definitive-base)40.01Views allow you to run a State monad on part of a state. (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, monad)2013-03-151.0MarcCoiffier