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HyloDP40.00A package for solving dynamic programming problems in Haskell (bsd3, dynamic-programming, library, program, recursion)2024-01-171.0.0DavidLlorens
metamorphic80.01metamorphisms: ana . cata or understanding folds and unfolds (algebra, graphs, library, recursion)2012-07-
micro-recursion-schemes50.04Simple recursion schemes (bsd3, control, library, recursion)2018-05-
monadic-recursion-schemes490.00Recursion Schemes for Monadic version. (bsd3, control, library, monad, recursion)2023-04-
recursion402.05A recursion schemes library for Haskell. (bsd3, control, recursion)2021-09-
recursion-schemes3842.7554Representing common recursion patterns as higher-order functions (bsd2, control, library, recursion)2023-10-, EricMertens, gelisam, ryanglscott, luc_tielen
tie-knot20.01"Ties the knot" on a given set of structures that reference each other by keys. (data-structures, library, recursion)2012-12-070.2PetrPudlak
yaya310.02Total recursion schemes. (agpl, library, recursion)2022-03-
yaya-hedgehog170.00Hedgehog testing support for the Yaya recursion scheme library. (agpl, library, recursion)2020-05-
yaya-test20.00Test suites for `yaya`. (agpl, recursion)2020-05-
yaya-unsafe250.00Non-total extensions to the Yaya recursion scheme library. (agpl, library, recursion)2020-05-
yaya-unsafe-test10.00Test suites for `yaya-unsafe`. (agpl, recursion)2020-05-