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clplug32.00Create Core Lightning Plugins (bitcoin, bsd3, library, lightning, plugin)2023-04-
evoke20.00A GHC plugin to derive instances. (library, mit, plugin)2023-01-260.2023.1.26fozworth
ghc-corroborate00.00An flatter API for GHC typechecker plugins (ghc, library, mpl, plugin, type-system)2022-06-091.0.0philderbeast
ghc-tcplugin-api332.04An API for type-checker plugins. (bsd3, ghc, library, plugin, type-system)2023-08-
graph-trace20.00Trace the call graph of a program (debug, development, graph, library, mit, plugin, tooling)2023-03-
graph-trace-dot40.00Converts a graph-trace log into a DOT file for use with Graphviz (debug, development, graph, library, mit, plugin, program, tooling)2023-03-
graph-trace-viz30.00Converts a graph-trace log into an HTML document (debug, development, graph, mit, plugin, program, tooling)2023-03-
if-instance400.00Branch on whether a constraint is satisfied (bsd3, library, plugin, type-system)2023-08-300.5.1.0sheaf
loopbreaker20.01inline self-recursive definitions (bsd3, library, plugin)2019-10-
overloaded52.00Overloaded pragmas as a plugin (bsd3, library, plugin)2021-04-240.3.1phadej
parsley-garnish42.250A collection of GHC plugins to work with parsley (bsd3, library, plugin)2021-06-
supermonad20.01Plugin and base library to support supermonads in Haskell (bsd3, library, monad, plugin, type-system)2018-05-
typelet50.01Plugin to faciliate type-level let (bsd3, library, plugin)2023-03-060.1.3EdskoDeVries
unsatisfiable30.00Unsatisfiable type class (bsd3, library, plugin)2021-05-280phadej