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dijkstra-simple30.00A simpler Dijkstra shortest paths implementation (bsd3, dijkstra, graph, library)2020-06-270.1.0gdifolco
gbu40.01planar graph embedding into a plane (bsd3, graph, library)2010-07-070.1DaneelYaitksov
graph-trace40.00Trace the call graph of a program (debug, development, graph, library, mit, plugin, tooling)2023-03-
graph-trace-dot60.00Converts a graph-trace log into a DOT file for use with Graphviz (debug, development, graph, library, mit, plugin, program, tooling)2023-03-
graph-trace-viz40.00Converts a graph-trace log into an HTML document (debug, development, graph, mit, plugin, program, tooling)2023-03-
layered-graph-drawing40.00Layered Graph Drawing after Sugiyama (bsd3, graph, graphics, library, program)2023-07-
math-grads102.00Library containing graph data structures and graph algorithms (bsd3, graph, library, math)2020-04-
superbubbles60.01Find "superbubbles", as described in (bsd3, graph, library)2017-05-040.1.0SimonMarechal
topograph700.01Directed acyclic graphs. (bsd3, data, graph, library)2024-06-081.0.1phadej