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Capabilities70.01Separate and contain effects of IO monad. (bsd3, generics, library, security)2013-08-
GoogleSB30.01Interface to Google Safe Browsing API (bsd3, library, security)2009-06-190.1AlexOtt
TransformeR (deprecated)60.00eDSL in R for Safe Variable Transformarion (bsd3, deprecated, dsl, library, program, security, statistics)2016-08-
acme-not-a-joke60.00implements ACME clients (rfc-8555) (bsd3, library, security)2024-04-
biscuit-haskell210.01Library support for the Biscuit security token (bsd3, library, security)2024-05-
biscuit-servant140.00Servant support for the Biscuit security token (bsd3, library, security)2024-05-
credentials80.00Secure Credentials Storage and Distribution (aws, library, network, security)2017-04-280.0.2BrendanHay
credentials-cli70.01Secure Credentials Administration (aws, console, network, program, security)2017-04-280.0.2BrendanHay
dclabel (deprecated in favor of lio)180.03This packge is deprecated. See the the "LIO.DCLabel" in the "lio" package. (bsd3, deprecated, library, security)2012-08-
dclabel-eci11 (deprecated in favor of lio)70.02The Disjunction Category Label Format. (bsd3, deprecated, library, security)2011-07-230.3AlejandroRusso
dewdrop60.01Find gadgets for return-oriented programming on x86 (bsd3, library, reverse-engineering, security)2011-08-280.1KeeganMcAllister
faceted40.01Faceted computation for dynamic information flow security (apache, library, security)2014-05-
flowlocks-framework60.01Generalized Flow Locks Framework (bsd3, library, security)2022-05-170.1.4NiklasBroberg
gothic320.00A Haskell Vault KVv2 secret engine client (bsd3, database, devops, library, security)2024-01-
hpg180.01a simple password generator (program, security)2018-01-040.8fritjof
hsaml290.01OASIS Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) V2.0 (apache, library, network, security, web)2022-02-030.1.2DylanSimon
jail70.01Jailed IO monad. (bsd3, library, security, system)2009-08-
liboath-hs110.00Bindings to liboath (gpl, library, program, security)2020-10-
lio432.04Labeled IO Information Flow Control Library (library, mit, security)2020-09-, DavidMazieres, DeianStefan
lio-eci11 (deprecated in favor of lio)70.01Labeled IO library (deprecated, library, security)2011-07-230.2AlejandroRusso
lio-fs170.01Labeled File System interface for LIO (library, security)2014-03-
lmonad30.01LMonad is an Information Flow Control (IFC) framework for Haskell applications. (library, mit, security)2016-01-
lmonad-yesod100.01LMonad for Yesod integrates LMonad's IFC with Yesod web applications. (library, mit, security, web, yesod)2016-04-
mac132.01Static Mandatory Access Control in Haskell (bsd3, library, security)2016-07-
openssh-protocol30.00Haskell implementation of openssh protocol primitives. (bsd3, library, security)2019-02-080.0.1MarkHibberd
otp-authenticator140.00OTP Authenticator (a la google) command line client (bsd3, cli, library, program, security)2024-01-
paphragen60.01A passphrase generator. (gpl, program, security)2016-12-300.2.0.0mgmillani
passman182.00a simple password manager (lgpl, library, program, security)2023-05-
pi-hoole60.00Lightweight access control solution for the pijul vcs (agpl, library, program, security)2018-05-
planb-token-introspection70.01Token Introspection for PlanB (bsd3, library, security)2019-05-, mtesseract
rz-pipe72.00Pipe interface for Rizin (library, mit, program, reverse-engineering, security)2021-01-200.1.0FlorianMaerkl
safe-access250.01A simple environment to control access to data (bsd3, library, security)2020-02-
scyther-proof180.01Automatic generation of Isabelle/HOL correctness proofs for security protocols. (program, security, theorem-provers)2015-06-, lochbihl
seclib272.01A simple library for static information-flow security in Haskell (bsd3, library, security)2021-01-
secrm30.01Example of writing "secure" file removal in Haskell rather than C. (program, public-domain, security)2010-09-240.0JonSlenk
servant-rate-limit120.00Rate limiting for Servant (library, mit, security)2022-03-300.2.0.0mbg
sme50.01A library for Secure Multi-Execution in Haskell (bsd3, library, security)2011-05-070.1AlejandroRusso
smith-cli30.00Command line tool for < Smith>. (bsd3, program, security)2019-02-080.0.1MarkHibberd
smith-client40.00API client for < Smith>. (bsd3, library, security)2019-02-080.0.1MarkHibberd
tahoe-chk90.03The Tahoe-LAFS' Content-Hash-Key (CHK) cryptographic protocol. (bsd3, cryptography, library, parsers, program, security)2023-10-, jcalderone
tahoe-directory70.01Tahoe-LAFS directory-like abstraction for collections of data objects. (bsd3, cryptography, library, parsers, security)2023-08-, jcalderone
tahoe-great-black-swamp170.01An implementation of the "Great Black Swamp" LAFS protocol. (bsd3, cryptography, distributed-computing, filesystem, library, network, network-apis, program, security, service, storage, web)2023-11-, jcalderone
tahoe-ssk130.02An implementation of the Tahoe-LAFS SSK cryptographic protocols (bsd3, cryptography, library, parsers, program, security)2023-10-, jcalderone
wai-rate-limit160.03Rate limiting as WAI middleware (library, mit, security)2022-03-300.3.0.0mbg
wai-rate-limit-postgres52.00See README for more info (apache, library, network, security, web)2022-06-
wai-rate-limit-redis90.00Redis backend for rate limiting as WAI middleware (library, mit, security)2022-03-
wai-saml2220.00SAML2 assertion validation as WAI middleware (library, mit, security)2023-08-220.5mbg