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AC-BuildPlatform120.01Detect which OS you're running on. (bsd3, library, system)2011-06-081.1.0AndrewCoppin
AWin32Console80.01A binding to a part of the ANSI escape code for the console (bsd3, library, system)2010-01-241.1HaraldWolfsgruber
CMQ30.01cwmwl udp message queue (bsd3, library, system)2012-07-020.0.12JoergFritsch
Clipboard360.02System clipboard interface. (bsd3, library, system)2017-07-
Command (deprecated in favor of system-command)130.01A replacement for System.Exit and System.Process (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2012-07-280.0.7TonyMorris
Conscript60.01Restart a command on STDIN activity (mit, program, system)2013-07-
CoreFoundation40.01Bindings to Mac OSX's CoreFoundation framework (bsd3, library, system)2012-03-010.1ReinerPope
DescriptiveKeys110.01A library for specifying xmonad key bindings with functionality. (bsd3, library, system)2012-11-180.0.4TonyMorris
DisTract30.01Distributed Bug Tracking System (bsd3, library, program, system)2008-02-170.2.5GwernBranwen
DiscussionSupportSystem80.01Discussion support system (gpl, library, system)2014-06-
EVP70.00Environment Variable Parser (bsd3, library, system)2023-11-300.1FumiakiKinoshita
FileManip (deprecated in favor of filemanip)150.04Expressive file and directory manipulation for Haskell. (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2010-10-
FileManipCompat220.02Expressive file and directory manipulation for Haskell. (bsd3, library, system)2011-04-280.18ThomasHartman
FilePather (deprecated in favor of filepather)270.01Functions on System.FilePath (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2012-04-100.2.0TonyMorris
FileSystem40.01File system data structure and monad transformer. (bsd3, library, system)2011-01-281.0.0DanielDiaz
FindBin320.07Locate directory of original program (bsd3, library, system)2011-03-270.0.5AudreyTang
Glob2792.060Globbing library (bsd3, library, system)2021-11-100.10.2MattiNiemenmaa, kakkun61
HFuse291.753HFuse is a binding for the Linux FUSE library. (bsd3, library, system)2018-01-, MaximTreskin, PaulVanDerWalt, TaruKarttunen, M15K, dhrosa, eyeinsky
HNM80.01Happy Network Manager (bsd3, library, network, program, system)2009-01-250.1.2CetinSert
HPi262.01GPIO, I2C, SPI, and PWM functions for the Raspberry Pi. (bsd3, library, system)2024-04-130.11.0WJWH
HSH720.012Library to mix shell scripting with Haskell programs (library, system)2017-03-042.1.3JohnGoerzen
HSHHelpers290.01Convenience functions that use HSH, instances for HSH. (library, system)2010-01-190.24ThomasHartman
Hclip640.08A small cross-platform library for reading and modifying the system clipboard. (bsd3, library, system)2016-06-
HsOpenSSL-x509-system400.06Use the system's native CA certificate store with HsOpenSSL (bsd3, filesystem, library, system)2020-08-
HsSVN300.01Partial Subversion (SVN) binding for Haskell (development, library, public-domain, system)2013-09-300.4.3.3MasatakeDaimon
IOR30.01Region based resource management for the IO monad. (bsd3, library, monadic-regions, system)2008-05-250.1IvanTomac
Lambdaya110.01Library for RedPitaya (lgpl, library, system)2016-04-
Mecha41.251mecha are the most complex composite machines known to humanity, lets build them well! (bsd2, concurrency, control, data, library, network, system)2016-08-
Mechs51.251mecha are the most complex composite machines known to humanity, lets build them well! (bsd2, concurrency, control, data, library, network, system)2016-08-
OnRmt30.00Text UI library for performing parallel remote SSH operations (bsd3, library, program, system)2017-01-301.0.0.0KevinQuick
Pipe (deprecated)130.02Process piping library (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2009-07-022.1.2MattiNiemenmaa
PortFusion190.01high-performance distributed reverse / forward proxy & tunneling for TCP (gpl, network, program, system)2012-08-191.2.1CetinSert
RMP30.01Binding to code that controls a Segway RMP (bsd3, library, program, robotics, system)2010-05-230.0.2NoamLewis
ScratchFs80.01Size limited temp filesystem based on fuse (gpl, program, system)2012-11-
SecureHash-SHA392.00simple static linked SHA3 using private symbols and the ref impl (bsd2, library, system)2019-01-
Semantique110.01Command-line tool for maintaining the Semantique database. (program, public-domain, system)2012-11-020.3.0DavidHimmelstrup
SimpleLog110.01Simple, configurable logging (bsd3, library, system)2015-01-
Unixutils540.08A crude interface between Haskell and Unix-like operating systems (bsd3, library, system)2023-12-181.54.3DavidFox, JeremyShaw
Unixutils-shadow70.01A simple interface to shadow passwords (aka, shadow.h) (bsd3, library, system)2012-03-051.0.0JeremyShaw
Win322732.0145A binding to Windows Win32 API. (bsd3, graphics, system, windows)2024-01-, BryanOSullivan, IanLynagh, TamarChristina
Win32-dhcp-server130.01Win32 DHCP Server Management API (bsd3, library, system)2015-08-240.3.2MichaelSteele
Win32-errors240.06Alternative error handling for Win32 foreign calls (bsd3, library, system)2023-04-, gussen
Win32-extras70.01Provides missing Win32 API (bsd3, graphics, library, system)2013-11-
Win32-junction-point120.01Support for manipulating NTFS junction points. (bsd3, library, system)2015-03-300.2.1.1MichaelSteele
Win32-notify170.02A binding to part of the Win32 library for file notification (bsd3, library, system)2017-09-, MarkDittmer, NiklasBroberg, PepeIborra
Win32-security60.01Haskell bindings to a security-related functions of the Windows API (library, mit, system)2015-04-060.1.1anton_dessiatov
Win32-services300.02Windows service applications (bsd3, library, system)2019-05-, gussen
Win32-services-wrapper90.01Wrapper code for making a Win32 service (bsd3, library, system)2015-05-
Win32-shortcut40.01Support for manipulating shortcuts (.lnk files) on Windows (bsd3, library, system)2017-01-130.0.1lato
XAttr (deprecated in favor of linux-xattr)100.01Read, set, and list extended attributes (deprecated, library, system)2013-03-150.1.1NicolaSquartini
XInput50.01Bindings for the DirectX XInput library. (bsd3, library, system)2009-02-230.1ErikCharlebois
access-time130.02Cross-platform support for retrieving file access times (bsd3, library, system)2012-02-
alex-prelude90.01Collection of useful functions for writing console applications (bsd3, library, system)2017-09-
aligned-foreignptr60.01An aligned ForeignPtr type (foreign, library, public-domain, system)2010-08-010.1BalazsKomuves
android50.01Android methods exposed to Haskell (gpl, library, system)2015-09-290.0.2IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
angel520.01Process management and supervision daemon (bsd3, program, system)2015-07-170.6.2JamieTurner, MichaelXavier, NickPershyn
apotiki60.01a faster debian repository (library, mit, program, system)2014-01-240.5.2pyr
archive30.01A library and programs for creating hardlinked incremental archives or backups (bsd3, library, program, system)2012-06-121.2.12DavidFox, JeremyShaw
ascii-progress680.05A simple progress bar for the console. (library, mit, system)2016-04-
async-pool330.04A modified version of async that supports worker groups and many-to-many task dependencies (library, mit, system)2023-07-030.9.2JohnWiegley
atomic-file-ops180.01Functions to atomically write to files (bsd3, library, system)2018-01-
atomic-write752.06Atomically write to a file (library, mit, system)2019-11-, stackbuilders, sestrella, wild_willy, amejia
augeas370.01A Haskell FFI wrapper for the Augeas API (library, program, system)2012-03-280.6.1JudeNagurney
aura1010.00A secure package manager for Arch Linux and the AUR. (gpl, library, program, system)2022-05-233.2.9fosskers
authinfo-hs30.01Password querying for .authinfo (library, mit, system)2014-10-
autoproc130.01EDSL for Procmail scripts (bsd3, library, program, system)2016-08-130.2.1GwernBranwen, JasonDagit
azubi140.01A simple DevOps tool which will never "reach" enterprice level. (gpl, library, system)2017-10-
bamse140.01A Windows Installer (MSI) generator framework (bsd3, library, system)2009-05-150.9.5SigbjornFinne
barbly30.00Create status bar menus for macOS from executables (bsd3, program, system)2019-08-
base-io-access140.03The IO functions included in base delimited into small, composable classes (gpl, library, system)2015-02-
basic-cpuid60.01A small package to access the cpuid instruction directly. (bsd3, library, system)2017-07-
batch-rename270.01Make Linux or MacOS do things like "rename *.mp3 *.mp4" (program, public-domain, system)2016-09-
batchd50.01Batch processing toolset for Linux / Unix (bsd3, program, system)2022-02-
batchd-core30.02Core modules of batchd, to use in batchd extensions (bsd3, library, system)2022-02-
batchd-docker40.00docker containers host controller for batchd (bsd3, library, system)2022-02-
batchd-libvirt50.00host controller for batchd, which controls virtual machines via libvirt library. (bsd3, library, system)2022-02-
bench450.01Command-line benchmark tool (bsd3, program, system)2024-04-151.0.13GabrielGonzalez
bindings-dc139480.02Library for using firewire (iidc-1394) cameras (bsd3, library, system)2011-07-220.2.1VilleTirronen
bindings-libv4l230.02bindings to libv4l2 for Linux (bsd3, library, system)2011-07-030.1ClaudeHeilandAllen
bindings-mmap (deprecated in favor of bindings-posix)100.01(deprecated) see bindings-posix instead (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2013-02-181.0ClaudeHeilandAllen
bindings-uname130.02Low-level binding to POSIX uname(3) (ffi, library, public-domain, system)2009-06-050.1MasatakeDaimon
bkr70.01Backup utility for backing up to cloud storage services (S3 only right now) (backup, bsd3, library, program, system)2012-06-120.1.2MichaelSmietana
bla (deprecated)50.01a stupid cron (bsd3, deprecated, program, system)2009-10-202009.10.20JinjingWang
blucontrol370.00Configurable blue light filter (bsd3, library, program, system)2024-01-
bludigon (deprecated in favor of blucontrol)70.00Configurable blue light filter (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, system)2020-08-
bluetile260.01full-featured tiling for the GNOME desktop environment (bsd3, program, system)2011-11-260.6JanVornberger
bno055-haskell30.01Library for communication with the Bosch BNO055 orientation sensor (library, mit, system)2017-07-080.1.0eamsden
bpath70.00A minimal typed unix path library (bsd3, library, system)2020-12-290.1.0Poscat
broadcast-chan280.07Closable, fair, single-wakeup channel type that avoids 0 reader space leaks. (bsd3, library, system)2022-01-
broadcast-chan-conduit160.01Conduit-based parallel streaming code for broadcast-chan (bsd3, library, system)2022-01-
broadcast-chan-pipes140.01Pipes-based parallel streaming code for broadcast-chan (bsd3, library, system)2022-01-
broadcast-chan-tests160.01Helpers for generating tests for broadcast-chan (bsd3, library, system)2022-01-
bsd-sysctl240.02Access to the BSD sysctl(3) interface (bsd, bsd3, library, system)2017-10-, palik
btrfs300.01Bindings to the btrfs API (bsd3, filesystem, library, system)2023-06-
bus-pirate210.01Haskell interface to the Bus Pirate binary interface (bsd3, library, system)2016-04-130.7.0BenGamari
byline350.01Library for creating command-line interfaces (colors, menus, etc.) (bsd2, library, system, user-interfaces)2023-01-201.1.2PeterJones
byteorder1630.011Exposes the native endianness or byte ordering of the system. (bsd3, library, system)2013-04-241.0.4AntoineLatter
bytestring-handle340.02ByteString-backed Handles (bsd3, library, system)2017-11-300.1.0.6GaneshSittampalam
bytestring-mmap220.012mmap support for strict ByteStrings (bsd3, library, system)2011-04-290.2.2DonaldStewart
c-io30.01C IO. (bsd3, library, system)2008-10-280.1.0MattMorrow
cabal-debian2071.751Create a Debianization for a Cabal package (bsd3, debian, distribution, library, program, system)2024-02-065.2.3ClintAdams, DavidFox
cabal-query40.01Helpers for quering .cabal files or hackageDB's 00-index.tar (bsd3, library, system)2009-08-090.1MaxDesyatov
canonical-filepath100.01Abstract data type for canonical file paths. (bsd3, library, system)2014-02-
carbonara30.01some spaghetti code (bsd3, library, system)2017-03-100.0.1szehk
cassava-th30.00`TemplateHaskell` helpers for `cassava` (bsd3, library, system)2023-12-
caster140.01Multicast, thread-safe, and fast logger. (bsd3, library, system)2019-05-
cautious-file180.05Ways to write a file cautiously, to reduce the chances of problems such as data loss due to crashes or power failures (bsd3, library, system)2013-01-011.0.2CoreyOConnor, RobinGreen
cef120.01CEF log format (bsd3, library, system)2016-05-080.1.4utdemir
chalk100.01Terminal string styling. (library, mit, system)2016-09-
church-list (deprecated)120.01Removed; please see fmlist. (deprecated, library, mit, system)2014-05-030.0.2JohnWiegley
circuit-breaker50.00An implementation of the "circuit breaker" pattern to disable repeated calls to a failing system (bsd3, library, program, system)2019-03-
clifm100.01Command Line Interface File Manager (bsd3, program, system)2018-06-
clippard50.01A simple Haskell library for copying text to the clipboard in a cross-platform way. (library, mit, system)2012-11-150.1.1AnthonyGrimes
clock4212.5126High-resolution clock functions: monotonic, realtime, cputime. (bsd3, library, system)2023-07-170.8.4CetinSert
cloudyfs50.01A cloud in the file system. (program, system)2013-03-310.0.2BrendanHickey
cmd-item30.01Library to compose and reuse command line fragments (library, mit, system)2015-04-300.0.1.0geraud
cmdlib260.03a library for command line parsing & online help (bsd3, library, system)2015-05-280.3.6PetrRockai
co-log-json111.50Structured messages support in co-log ecosystem. (library, mpl, system)2023-01-
code-page1532.05Windows code page library for Haskell (bsd3, library, system)2021-02-060.2.1ryanglscott
colock50.02thread-friendly file locks that don't block the entire program (library, system)2008-01-280.2.2LukasMai
command (deprecated in favor of shake)190.02Conveniently run shell commands (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2014-09-020.1.1NiklasHambuechen
command-qq160.03Quasiquoters for external commands (bsd2, library, system)2020-01-
commander-cli542.00A command line argument/option parser library (cli, library, mit, options, parsing, program, system)2023-01-
componentm120.01Monad for allocation and cleanup of application resources (library, mit, system)2018-05-
componentm-devel120.01Easy REPL driven development using ComponentM (library, mit, system)2018-05-
conduit-find110.00A file-finding conduit that allows user control over traversals. (library, mit, program, system)2016-07-
config-select50.01A small program for swapping out dot files. (gpl, program, system)2013-02-070.0.1TimothyHobbs
consistent50.01Eventually consistent STM transactions. (library, mit, system)2017-01-230.1.0JohnWiegley
console-program462.01Interpret the command line and a config file as commands and options (bsd3, console, library, system)2019-03-
console-prompt (deprecated in favor of HCL)70.01console user prompts (deprecated, lgpl, library, system)2017-06-070.1jlamothe
content-store90.01Store and retrieve data from an on-disk store (lgpl, library, system)2018-03-200.2.1clumens, dshea
core-data600.05Convenience wrappers around common data structures and encodings (library, mit, system)2023-04-
core-effect-effectful30.00Interoperability with the effectful effects system (library, mit, system)2023-02-
core-program1130.05Opinionated Haskell Interoperability (library, mit, system)2023-10-
core-telemetry650.02Advanced telemetry (library, mit, system)2023-06-
core-text582.06A rope type based on a finger tree over UTF-8 fragments (library, mit, system)2023-02-
core-webserver-servant150.00Interoperability with Servant (library, mit, system)2022-10-
core-webserver-warp210.01Interoperability with Wai/Warp (library, mit, system)2023-05-
cppfilt80.01Bindings for C++ demangling routines (bsd3, library, system)2018-05-
cpuinfo122.02Haskell Library for Checking CPU Information (library, mit, system)2021-03-
cpuperf60.01Modify the cpu frequency on OpenBSD systems (bsd3, program, system)2008-06-160.1.1DonaldStewart
cr80.01Code review tool (control, gpl, network, program, system)2012-12-031.2AlexandruScvortov
crack40.01A haskell binding to cracklib (library, system)2008-01-280.1TrevorElliott
cradle30.00A simpler process library (bsd3, library, system)2024-05-
cron822.06Cron datatypes and Attoparsec parser (library, mit, parsing, system, text)2024-01-210.7.1MichaelXavier
cron-compat (deprecated in favor of cron)40.01Cron datatypes and Attoparsec parser (deprecated, library, mit, parsing, system, text)2015-06-090.2.6andrewthad
crystalfontz40.01Control Crystalfontz LCD displays. (bsd3, hardware, library, system, user-interfaces)2010-09-210.1KeeganMcAllister
current-locale120.01Get the current system locale in System.Locale format (library, mit, system)2015-03-
daemons250.03Daemons in Haskell made fun and easy (control, gpl, library, network, program, system)2023-09-290.4.0AlexandruScvortov
darcs-buildpackage50.01Tools to help manage Debian packages with Darcs (program, system)2008-01-160.5.12JohnGoerzen
datapacker70.01Tool to help pack files into the minimum number of CDs/DVDs/etc (program, system)2008-09-251.0.1JohnGoerzen
date-cache130.08Date cacher (bsd3, library, system)2012-09-030.3.0KazuYamamoto
dbus-app-launcher190.00Simple app launcher for D-Bus (mit, program, system)2024-03-
dbus-hslogger180.01Expose a dbus server to control hslogger (bsd3, library, program, system)2018-05-
debian-binary (deprecated)80.01Utilities to work with debian binary packages (deprecated, library, program, system)2008-09-110.0.1MarcoSilva
delay90.02More useful and humain delaying functions (bsd3, concurrency, library, system)2016-03-210davean
denominate70.01Functions supporting bulk file and directory name normalization. (bsd3, library, program, system)2008-12-070.5.0CalvinSmith
devil50.01A small tool to make it easier to update program managed by Angel. (mit, program, system)2014-06-
dfsbuild80.01Build Debian From Scratch CD/DVD images (program, system)2008-01-161.0.2JohnGoerzen
diffdump70.01Tools for diffing stdout (bsd3, program, system)2013-01-050.7.5GregFitzgerald
dir-traverse1080.07Simple directory traversal library (bsd3, directory, library, system)2020-10-
direct-daemonize90.03Library to switch to daemon mode using built-in OS facilities. (bsd3, library, system)2013-02-193.1IreneKnapp
direct-plugins50.01Lightweight replacement for Plugins, specific to GHC (bsd3, library, system)2010-03-161.1IreneKnapp
directory5621.251870Platform-agnostic library for filesystem operations (bsd3, library, system)2024-05-, HerbertValerioRiedel, IanLynagh, Rufflewind
directory-contents92.00Recursively build, navigate, and operate on a tree of directory contents. (bsd3, library, program, system)2024-01-300.2.0.2abrar
directory-layout400.01Directory layout DSL (bsd3, library, system, testing)2014-08-310.7.4.1MatveyAksenov
directory-tree802.2519A simple directory-like tree datatype, with useful IO functions (bsd3, data, library, system)2016-09-050.12.1BrandonSimmons
dirstream150.03Easily stream directory contents in constant memory (bsd3, library, pipes, system)2018-10-011.1.0GabrielGonzalez
dirtree150.00A small library for working with directories. (library, mit, system)2020-04-280.1.3kalhauge
disk-free-space440.03Retrieve information about disk space usage (bsd3, filesystem, library, system)2015-01-
distributed-process-ekg50.01Collect node stats for EKG (bsd3, library, network, system)2016-03-
dmc90.01cmd for common cases (command-line, library, public-domain, system)2020-02-101.2procione
dmenu140.00Complete bindings to the dmenu and dmenu2 command line tools. (bsd3, library, system)2017-01-
dmenu-pkill50.01dmenu script for killing applications. Sortable by process id or CPU/MEM usage. (bsd3, program, system)2017-01-
dmenu-pmount50.01Mounting and unmounting linux devices as user with dmenu and pmount. (bsd3, program, system)2017-01-
dmenu-search50.01dmenu script for searching the web with customizable search engines. (bsd3, program, system)2017-01-
dotfs90.01Filesystem to manage and parse dotfiles (bsd3, library, program, system)2012-04-
drawille220.01A port of asciimoo's drawille to haskell (gpl, library, system)2023-08-310.1.3.0yamadapc
dtrace60.01Haskell interface to the DTrace system tracing utility (bsd3, library, system)2009-09-240.1AaronTomb
dura40.00durable/atomic file system writes (from rio package) (bsd3, library, system)2019-04-160.1chessai
dvdread40.01A monadic interface to libdvdread (gpl, library, system)2011-09-300.1NicolaSquartini
dynamic-linker-template170.01Automatically derive dynamic linking methods from a data type. (bsd3, library, system)2016-10-
dynamic-loader70.01lightweight loader of GHC-based modules or packages (bsd3, library, system)2016-08-250.0.1GaborGreif
dynloader40.01Dynamically runtime loading packages (bsd3, library, system)2018-11-160.1.0taqenoqo
dzen-utils50.01Utilities for creating inputs for dzen. (library, system)2012-05-310.1.1FelipeLessa, javran, ianclement
easy-file2630.07Cross-platform File handling (bsd3, library, system)2023-05-010.2.5KazuYamamoto
echo1600.03A cross-platform, cross-console way to handle echoing terminal input (bsd3, library, system)2021-02-180.1.4ryanglscott
ekg812.511Remote monitoring of processes (bsd3, library, network, system)2018-03-, MikhailGlushenkov, ejconlon
ekg-bosun330.01Send ekg metrics to a Bosun instance (bsd3, library, system)2019-02-161.0.15OliverCharles
ekg-core670.037Tracking of system metrics (bsd3, library, system)2020-03-, MikhailGlushenkov, ejconlon
ekg-elastic (deprecated in favor of ekg-elasticsearch)50.01Push metrics to elastic (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2017-04-
ekg-elasticsearch100.01Push metrics to elasticsearch (bsd3, library, system)2017-12-
ekg-log90.01Push metrics to a log file. (bsd3, library, system)2015-10-
ekg-push50.01Small framework to push metric deltas to a broadcast channel using the ekg-core library. (bsd3, library, system)2015-06-060.0.3adarqui
ekg-rrd90.01Passes ekg statistics to rrdtool (bsd3, library, system)2015-01-
ekg-statsd350.03Push metrics to statsd (bsd3, library, system)2020-06-, MikhailGlushenkov, ejconlon
ekg-wai170.02Remote monitoring of processes (bsd3, library, network, system)2022-05-
end-of-exe70.00A small library to deal with executable endings (library, mit, system)2024-01-
entwine100.01entwine - Concurrency tools (bsd3, library, system)2019-04-300.0.4lambda_foo
env-extra32.00Safe helpers for accessing and modifying environment variables (library, mit, system)2020-01-
env-guard150.00Conditionally running IO actions based on environment variables. (environment, library, mit, system)2022-07-010.2tbidne
env-locale100.01A (non-forking) interface to the current locale (library, system)2016-07-
env-parser90.01Pull configuration information from the ENV (library, mit, system)2014-01-
envparse600.013Parse environment variables (bsd3, library, system)2022-06-130.5.0MatveyAksenov
envy892.2511An environmentally friendly way to deal with environment variables (bsd3, library, system)2024-03-, SoenkeHahn
epoll110.02epoll bindings (library, system)2009-12-140.2.2ToralfWittner
error-codes190.02Error code functions (bsd3, library, system)2024-02-, l3c_amartin
etc310.02Declarative configuration spec for Haskell projects (configuration, library, mit, system)2018-08-
evdev362.01Bindings to libevdev (bsd3, library, system)2023-09-
evdev-streamly50.00Bridge for working with evdev and streamly (bsd3, library, streamly, system)2022-01-
eventlog-socket30.00Stream GHC eventlog events to external processes (bsd3, library, system)2023-04-, mpickering
exception-mailer140.01Catch all runtime exceptions and send an email (bsd3, library, system)2014-04-070.4.1DavidPowell
executable-hash200.01Provides the SHA1 hash of the program executable (library, mit, program, system)2017-01-, MichaelSnoyman
executable-path470.015Finding out the full path of the executable. (library, public-domain, system)2017-03-
exit-codes150.01Exit codes as defined by BSD (bsd3, library, system)2018-10-021.0.0justus
explicit-iomodes380.04File handles with explicit IOModes (bsd3, library, system)2012-09-
explicit-iomodes-bytestring170.02Extends explicit-iomodes with ByteString operations (bsd3, library, system)2012-09-
explicit-iomodes-text210.02Extends explicit-iomodes with Text operations (bsd3, library, system)2012-09-
fake-type60.01A crossplatform library to simulate keyboard input (bsd3, library, system)2015-12-
farmhash180.01Fast hash functions. (bsd3, library, system)2016-05-
fast-logger5442.2581A fast logging system (bsd3, library, system)2024-05-163.2.3KazuYamamoto, MichaelSnoyman
file-command-qq130.01Quasiquoter for system commands involving filepaths (library, mit, system)2015-02-
file-io480.02Basic file IO operations via 'OsPath' (bsd3, library, system)2024-06-290.1.2maerwald
file-path-th80.00Template Haskell utilities for filepaths. (library, mit, system)2020-04-
file-uri230.00File URI parsing (bsd3, library, system)2024-01-
filelock2162.015Portable interface to file locking (flock / LockFileEx) (library, public-domain, system)2023-08-, AndreasAbel
filemanip1072.2536Expressive file and directory manipulation for Haskell. (bsd3, library, system)2015-01-
filepath6612.251744Library for manipulating FilePaths in a cross platform way. (bsd3, library, system)2024-06-, DuncanCoutts, HerbertValerioRiedel, IanLynagh, NeilMitchell, maerwald
filepath-bytestring (deprecated in favor of filepath)780.07Library for manipulating RawFilePaths in a cross platform way. (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2024-02-
filesystem-abstractions30.02A shared set of abstractions and types for representing filessytem data. (bsd3, library, system)2018-12-300AlecHeller, davean
filesystem-enumerator (deprecated)50.01Enumerator-based API for manipulating the filesystem. (deprecated, enumerator, library, mit, system)2012-04-090.1.1JohnMillikin
filesystem-trees181.253Recursively manipulate and traverse filesystems as lazy rose trees. (bsd3, data, library, system)2015-05-
find-conduit (deprecated in favor of pipes-files, conduit-find)260.01A file-finding conduit that allows user control over traversals. (deprecated, library, mit, program, system)2015-07-110.4.4JohnWiegley
flock502.02Wrapper for flock(2) (library, system)2023-11-, IanLynagh
fnmatch30.00fnmatch C wrapper (apache, library, system)2024-01-
frotate70.00Advanced rotation of backups and other things (math, program, system)2019-08-310.1.1ip1981
fs-events30.02A haskell binding to the FSEvents API (bsd3, library, system)2012-05-090.1NickPartridge
fsutils80.01File system utilities for Haskell that are missing from built in libraries. (library, mit, system)2012-11-060.1.2AnthonyGrimes
ftdi172.01A thin layer over USB to communicate with FTDI chips (bsd3, hardware, library, system)2024-06-, RoelVanDijk, dopamane
funion50.01A unioning file-system using HFuse (bsd3, program, system)2010-04-060.0.2NathanWiegand
futun70.01Simple IP-over-UDP tunnel using TUNTAP (gpl, network, program, system)2013-05-
gargoyle132.03Automatically spin up and spin down local daemons (bsd3, library, system)2024-01-, abrar
gargoyle-postgresql-connect100.00Connect to gargoyle-managed postgresql instances (bsd3, library, system)2024-05-
gargoyle-postgresql-nix50.01Manage PostgreSQL servers with gargoyle and nix (bsd3, library, program, system)2022-07-
gconf240.02Binding to the GNOME configuration database system. (lgpl, library, system)2016-05-, AxelSimon, DanielWagner, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
getopt-generics850.01Create command line interfaces with ease (bsd3, console, library, system)2023-01-, qoelet
getopt-simple (deprecated in favor of optparse-simple)80.01A "System.Console.GetOpt" wrapper to make simple use case easy. (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2012-09-
ghc-hotswap40.01Library for hot-swapping shared objects in GHC (library, system)2018-09-
ghc-man-completion70.01Generate a bash completion from the GHC manpage (bsd3, development, ghc, program, system, tools)2012-06-
ghc-timers60.01Provides bindings to functions starting and stopping the RTS timers (bsd3, library, system)2017-07-
ghcup832.50ghc toolchain installer (lgpl, library, system)2024-07-, Bodigrim, maerwald
gio1160.012Binding to GIO (lgpl, library, system)2024-07-, AxelSimon, DanielWagner, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
glib2440.085Binding to the GLIB library for Gtk2Hs. (lgpl, library, system)2024-07-, AxelSimon, DanielWagner, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
glib-stopgap70.01Stopgap package of binding for GLib (bsd3, library, system)2023-12-
glob-posix130.01Haskell bindings for POSIX glob library. (library, system)2019-03-
global90.01Library enabling unique top-level declarations (bsd3, data, language, library, system)2014-12-
global-lock80.02A global lock implemented without unsafePerformIO (bsd3, concurrency, library, system)2011-11-040.1KeeganMcAllister
globus150.00GLOBUS Data Transfer (bsd3, data, library, system)2024-07-020.1.2seanhess
gnomevfs40.02Binding to the GNOME Virtual File System library. (library, system)2010-05-250.11.0AxelSimon
goa130.01GHCi bindings to lambdabot (bsd3, library, system)2013-10-283.3GwernBranwen
graceful150.01Library to write graceful shutdown / upgrade service. (bsd3, library, system)2015-03-
grafdhall50.00Configure grafana dashboards from Dhall expression (apache, program, system)2022-05-
graph-serialize110.01Serialization of data structures with references. (bsd3, library, system)2013-12-210.2ThomasSchilling
gtk-sni-tray582.01A standalone StatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator tray (bsd3, library, program, system)2022-09-
gtk-strut330.02Library for creating strut windows with gi-gtk (bsd3, library, system)2022-09-
h2c40.01Bindings to Linux I2C with support for repeated-start transactions. (library, mit, system)2017-07-081.0.0eamsden
hail140.01A service for pull-based continuous deployment based on hydra. (apache, program, system)2017-08-
halfs50.01The HAskelL File System ("halfs" -- intended for use on the HaLVM) (bsd3, library, program, system)2012-10-102.0GwernBranwen, JoelStanley
hamid130.02Binding to the OS level Midi services (fork of system-midi). (bsd3, library, sound, system)2013-05-300.10HansHoglund
handsy330.01A DSL to describe common shell operations and interpeters for running them locally and remotely. (bsd3, library, system)2017-04-
hapistrano1242.251A deployment library for Haskell applications (library, mit, program, system)2023-02-, stackbuilders, sestrella, camm
harchive50.01Networked content addressed backup and restore software. (program, system)2007-03-100.2DavidBrown
harg232.00Haskell program configuration using higher kinded data (bsd3, cli, hkd, library, options, parsing, system)2021-03-
hark30.01A Gentoo package query tool. (program, system)2009-08-290.2MarkusDittrich
hashed-storage860.03Hashed file storage support code. (bsd3, library, system)2014-04-070.5.11EricKow, PetrRockai
haskdeep70.01Computes and audits file hashes. (bsd3, console, cryptography, program, system)2015-06-
haskell-bcrypt140.01A bcrypt implementation for haskell (library, mit, system)2016-02-050.3.2BrettCarter
haskell-compression90.01compress files (gpl, library, program, system)2017-10-260.3AlanHawkins
haskell-menu (deprecated in favor of HCL)60.01A simple menu system for Haskell programs (deprecated, lgpl, library, system)2016-12-060.2.1jlamothe
haskell-read-editor (deprecated in favor of read-editor)30.01Opens a temporary file on the system's EDITOR and returns the resulting edits (deprecated, library, mit, system)2015-10-
haskus-binary180.02Haskus binary format manipulation (bsd3, library, system)2020-06-081.5SylvainHenry
haskus-system-build120.01Haskus system build tool (bsd3, program, system)2019-03-041.1SylvainHenry
haskus-utils220.01Haskus utility modules (bsd3, library, system)2020-02-211.5SylvainHenry
haskus-utils-compat80.01Compatibility modules with other external packages (ByteString, etc.) (bsd3, library, system)2020-06-181.1SylvainHenry
haskus-utils-variant970.02Variant and EADT (bsd3, library, system)2024-01-223.4SylvainHenry
haskus-web50.00Haskus web (bsd3, library, system)2019-02-041.1SylvainHenry
hcwiid240.01Library to interface with the wiimote (gpl, library, system)2017-04-, KiwamuOkabe, keera_studios_ci
hdaemonize590.03Library to handle the details of writing daemons for UNIX (bsd3, library, system)2023-06-260.5.7AntonTayanovskyy, FrederickRoss, sickmind, jeremy
hdaemonize-buildfix30.01Library to handle the details of writing daemons for UNIX (bsd3, library, system)2011-12-270.4.5MarkWotton
hdm50.01a small display manager. (gpl, program, system)2012-08-260.0.1TimothyHobbs
hdmenu60.00A small wrapper around dmenu (gpl, library, program, system)2024-05-230.3.0TonyZorman
heavy-log-shortcuts (deprecated in favor of monad-logger)60.00Simle api for heavy logger (deprecated, library, mit, system)2019-04-111.0.1
heavy-logger150.06Full-weight logging based on fast-logger (bsd3, library, system)2022-02-
heavy-logger-amazon40.01heavy-logger compatibility with amazonka-core logging (bsd3, library, system)2017-10-300.1.0.0IlyaPortnov
heavy-logger-instances70.01Orphan instances for data types in heavy-logger package (bsd3, library, system)2022-02-
hedis-envy100.00 (bsd3, database, library, system)2020-02-
hen170.01Haskell bindings to Xen hypervisor interface (library, mit, system)2014-03-130.1.3FedorGogolev
hexchat50.01Haskell scripting interface for HexChat (library, mit, system)2017-12-
hfsevents900.03File/folder watching for OS X (bsd3, system)2024-02-190.1.7LuiteStegeman
hg-buildpackage50.01Tools to help manage Debian packages with Mercurial (program, system)2008-01-161.0.4JohnGoerzen
hhwloc70.00Bindings to (foreign, library, mit, system)2020-01-270.2.1dtaskoff
hi3status50.00Status line for i3bar. (library, mit, program, system)2015-12-
hid160.00Interface to hidapi library (bsd3, library, system)2016-05-250.2.2DimitriSabadie
hiernotify70.01Notification library for a filesystem hierarchy. (bsd3, library, system)2011-04-122011.4.12PaoloVeronelli
himpy30.01multithreaded snmp poller for riemann (mit, program, system)2014-02-100.5.0pyr
hinotify1460.020Haskell binding to inotify (bsd3, library, system)2020-10-310.4.1DonaldStewart, LennartKolmodin
hinotify-bytestring52.251Haskell binding to inotify, using ByteString filepaths (bsd3, library, system)2016-05-
hinotify-conduit80.00inotify conduit sources (bsd3, conduit, library, system)2021-10-
hinstaller110.02Installer wrapper for Haskell applications (library, system)2008-02-162008.2.16GwernBranwen, MatthewSackman
hlibcpuid120.00Bindings to (foreign, library, mit, program, system)2020-01-210.2.0dtaskoff
hlwm70.01Bindings to the herbstluftwm window manager (bsd2, library, system)2016-05-310.1.0.2hpdeifel
hmatrix-mmap100.01Memory map Vector from disk into memory efficiently (bsd3, library, math, system)2011-02-220.0.5AlanFalloon
hmenu30.01CLI fuzzy finder and launcher (bsd3, program, system)2015-08-
hmidi150.05Binding to the OS level MIDI services (bsd3, library, music, system)2020-12-
hnix1072.259Haskell implementation of the Nix language (bsd3, data, library, nix, system)2023-11-200.17.0JohnWiegley, sjakobi, AntonLatukha
hobbes90.01A small file watcher for OSX (bsd3, program, system)2014-03-250.2.2JasonHickner
hooks-dir60.01run executables in a directory as hooks (bsd3, library, system)2014-09-
hora260.01date time (library, public-domain, system, time)2018-08-172.2.0procione
hotswap (deprecated)120.01Simple code hotswapping. (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2012-05-
hpapi30.01Binding for the PAPI library (bsd3, library, system)2008-11-
hpio400.01Monads for GPIO in Haskell (bsd3, library, system)2019-01-
hrfsize140.00File size in human readable format (bsd3, library, system)2019-06-290.0.2librerush
hs-mesos110.01 (library, mit, program, system)2015-06-
hs-popen70.00Bindings to C pipe functions. (bsd3, library, program, system)2016-06-
hs-watchman110.01Client library for Facebook's Watchman tool (library, mit, system)2021-03-
hsXenCtrl (deprecated)190.01FFI bindings to the Xen Control library. (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2010-12-030.2.0ThomasDuBuisson
hsbackup50.01simple utility for rolling filesystem backups (bsd3, program, system)2010-04-080.1.1PetrRockai
hscamwire70.01Haskell bindings to IIDC1394 cameras, via Camwire (library, system)2009-07-100.2.1AdamBergmark, FrederickRoss
hsclock50.01An elegant analog clock using Haskell, GTK and Cairo (program, system)2008-06-161.0DonaldStewart
hsdip30.01hsdip - a Diplomacy parser/renderer (bsd3, library, program, system)2008-02-240.1GwernBranwen
hsfacter (deprecated in favor of language-puppet)130.01A small and ugly library that emulates the output of the puppet facter program. (deprecated, gpl, library, system)2013-05-160.2.1SimonMarechal
hslogstash350.01A library to work with, or as, a logstash server (bsd3, library, logstash, system)2015-09-260.4.2SimonMarechal
hsntp30.01Libraries to use SNTP protocol and small client/server implementations. (bsd3, library, program, system)2008-03-090.1GwernBranwen
hsoptions40.01Haskell library that supports command-line flag processing (apache, library, program, system)2014-04-
hsseccomp82.01Haskell bindings to libseccomp (library, system)2016-04-
hsshellscript462.01Using Haskell for Unix shell scripting tasks (lgpl, library, system)2024-04-033.6.4VolkerWysk
hstatsd30.03Quick and dirty statsd interface (library, public-domain, system)2013-02-220.1JamesCook
hsyslog-tcp92.01syslog over TCP (bsd3, library, system)2017-12-
hsyslog-udp220.02Log to syslog over a network via UDP (bsd3, library, system)2020-03-100.2.5jonplussed, k_bx
htestu100.01A library for testing correctness of pseudo random number generators in Haskell. (library, mit, program, system)2016-08-
htime110.01Timing utility for the command line (bsd3, program, system)2015-01-220.3.1JosePedroMagalhaes
huck30.01huck (bsd3, library, system)2017-11-100.0.1lambda_foo
huckleberry220.01Haskell IOT on Intel Edison and other Linux computers. (bsd3, library, system)2016-09-
hurdle100.01Extract function names from Windows DLLs. (bsd3, program, system)2010-02-240.4.0StephenTetley
ibus-hs80.02A simple uncomplete ibus api (lgpl, library, system)2016-01-
ignore51.51Handle ignore files of different VCSes (bsd3, library, program, system)2015-08-
interact82.00instantly create REPL from any function (library, mit, repl, system)2020-06-
interprocess180.01Shared memory and control structures for IPC (bsd3, library, system)2022-07-
io-capture (deprecated)110.01Capture IO actions' stdout and stderr (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2016-04-181.0.0YusakuHashimoto, mitchellwrosen
io-memoize160.02Memoize IO actions (bsd3, library, system)2014-06-
io-storage170.04A key-value store in the IO monad. (bsd3, data, database, library, system)2009-08-060.3WillDonnelly, frasertweedale
ioctl60.08Type-safe I/O control package (data, library, mit, system)2010-02-200.0.1MaciejPiechotka
ipc (deprecated)100.01High level inter-process communication library (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2010-10-200.0.5ThomasDuBuisson
ipcvar80.01Simple inter-process communication through IPCVars. (library, mit, system)2018-05-180.1.1JohnWiegley
iptadmin240.01web-interface for iptables (application, bsd3, program, system, tools, web)2013-05-191.3.4EvgenyTarasov
isdicom50.01An executable and library to determine if a file is a DICOM file (bsd3, library, medical, program, system)2014-09-090.0.2TonyMorris
iterIO70.04Iteratee-based IO with pipe operators (bsd3, data, enumerator, library, system)2012-04-190.2.2AmitLevy, DavidMazieres, DanielBGiffin
iteratee1080.041Iteratee-based I/O (bsd3, data, library, system)2014-05-
iteratee-mtl (deprecated in favor of iteratee)90.01Iteratee-based I/O (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, system)2010-10-
iwlib290.02Bindings for the iw C library (bsd3, library, network, system)2022-07-110.1.2JoseAntonioOrtegaRuiz
jail50.01Jailed IO monad. (bsd3, library, security, system)2009-08-
journalctl-stream300.00Stream logs using journalctl. (library, mit, system)2023-12-
kesha100.00Haskell implementation of nix-hash (library, mit, system)2020-11-300.1.0.1jmackie
keyring130.01Keyring access (library, mit, system)2017-02-
khph40.01Command-line file tagging and organization tool (agpl, program, system)2016-06-110.1.0khumba
knob490.03Memory-backed handles (library, mit, system)2023-02-100.2.2ncfavier
kqueue250.03A binding to the kqueue event library. (bsd3, library, system)2021-02-150.2.1ErikHesselink
ksystools80.01System management tooling. (library, mit, system)2017-03-
lambdaya-bus50.01Fpga bus core and serialization for RedPitaya (lgpl, library, system)2016-04-
landlock110.00Haskell bindings for the Linux Landlock API (bsd3, library, system)2023-02-
language-puppet1872.02Tools to parse and evaluate the Puppet DSL. (bsd3, library, program, system)2023-11-071.5.1SimonMarechal, pi3r
latex-live-snippets50.01Automatically inline Haskell snippets into LaTeX documents. (bsd3, program, system)2018-07-
launchpad-control30.01High and low-level interface to the Novation Launchpad midi controller. (bsd3, library, music, program, system)2013-10-
lazy-cache30.00Library for caching IO action that leverages on GHC RTS implementation (library, mpl, system)2023-01-
lazy-io50.06Lazy IO (bsd3, library, system)2013-04-170.1.0JakubWaszczuk
ldap-scim-bridge190.00See README for synopsis (agpl, library, program, system)2024-03-140.9MatthiasFischmann, battermann
leapseconds-announced230.01Leap seconds announced at library release time. (bsd3, library, system)2017-07-302017.1.0.1BjornBuckwalter
lens-process292.00Optics for system processes (bsd3, library, system)2021-02-
libexpect110.01Library for interacting with console applications via pseudoterminals. (bsd3, library, system)2012-10-030.3.2StephenRoantree
libfuse3211.750A Haskell binding for libfuse-3.x (library, mit, system)2023-03-
libmodbus150.00Haskell bindings to the C modbus library (bsd2, library, system)2023-09-181.1.3JoeyHess
libnotify290.03Bindings to libnotify library (desktop, library, mit, system)2018-07-160.2.1MatveyAksenov
libsystemd-daemon60.01Haskell bindings for libsystemd-daemon. (lgpl, library, system)2013-03-
libvirt-hs140.02FFI bindings to libvirt virtualization API ( (bsd3, library, system)2019-06-280.2.2IlyaPortnov
libzfs140.01Bindings to libzfs, for dealing with the Z File System and Zpools. (library, mit, program, system)2017-03-
linkchk30.01linkchk is a network interface link ping monitor. (program, system)2008-02-170.0.2GwernBranwen
linux-blkid70.01Linux libblkid (lgpl, library, system)2013-05-
linux-capabilities150.01Linux capabilities Haskell data type (apache, library, system)2022-07-
linux-cgroup70.01Very basic interface to the Linux CGroup Virtual Filesystem (library, mit, system)2014-02-
linux-evdev (deprecated in favor of evdev)190.01Bindings to Linux evdev input device interface. (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2016-04-130.3.2BenGamari
linux-file-extents140.01Retrieve file fragmentation information under Linux (bsd3, ffi, filesystem, library, system)2023-06-
linux-inotify190.01Thinner binding to the Linux Kernel's inotify interface (bsd3, library, system)2020-07-300.3.0.2LeonSmith, wraithm
linux-kmod70.01Linux kernel modules support (bsd3, library, system)2014-05-
linux-mount160.01Mount and unmount filesystems (bsd3, library, system)2014-06-
linux-namespaces200.01Work with linux namespaces: create new or enter existing ones (bsd3, library, system)2023-06-
linux-ptrace80.01Wrapping of Linux' ptrace(2). (library, mit, system)2010-10-310.1.2RichardSmith, kriztw
linux-xattr110.01Read, set and list extended attributes (bsd3, library, system)2014-06-
list-prompt60.01A simple list prompt UI for the terminal. (gpl, library, system)2015-12-
loadavg70.01Load average parsing from /proc/loadavg and bindings to getloadavg (3) (bsd3, library, system)2010-11-130.1KrzysztofSkrzetnicki
lock-file230.01Provide exclusive access to a resource using lock file. (bsd3, library, system)2018-04-
log (deprecated in favor of log-base, log-postgres, log-elasticsearch)492.03Structured logging solution with multiple backends (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2017-06-, MikhailGlushenkov, phadej, arybczak, jonathanjouty_scrive, trin_cz
log-base762.07Structured logging solution (base package) (bsd3, library, system)2023-03-, MikhailGlushenkov, phadej, arybczak, trin_cz, jonathanjouty, jsynacek
log-effectful280.00Adaptation of the log library for the effectful ecosystem. (bsd3, library, system)2022-10-
log-elasticsearch560.01Structured logging solution (Elasticsearch back end) (bsd3, library, system)2023-01-310.13.0.1GracjanPolak, MikhailGlushenkov, phadej, arybczak, jonathanjouty_scrive, trin_cz, jsynacek
log-postgres (deprecated)420.01Structured logging solution (PostgreSQL back end) (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2023-03-, MikhailGlushenkov, phadej, arybczak, jonathanjouty_scrive, trin_cz, jsynacek
logfmt70.00Formatting (bsd3, library, system, text)2021-06-080.0.1cmk
logger82.01Fast & extensible logging framework (apache, library, system)2015-11-, iamrecursion
logging362.07Simplified logging in IO for application writers. (library, mit, system)2018-01-293.0.5JohnWiegley, aupiff
logging-effect-colors30.00Log messages in color (bsd3, library, system)2023-05-
logging-effect-syslog30.00Log messages to a posix system log via logging-effect (bsd3, library, system)2023-05-
logging-facade660.06Simple logging abstraction that allows multiple back-ends (library, mit, system)2021-11-170.3.1SimonHengel, SoenkeHahn
logging-facade-journald70.01Journald back-end for logging-facade (library, mit, system)2014-11-240.0.0SoenkeHahn
logging-facade-syslog90.01A logging back-end to syslog(3) for the logging-facade library (bsd3, library, system)2017-05-151PeterSimons
loglevel120.01Log Level Datatype (library, mit, system)2018-08-300.1.0.0larsk
logsink80.01A logging framework for Haskell (library, mit, system)2017-05-300.2.0SimonHengel, jkarni
ls-usb320.01List USB devices (bsd3, program, system)2012-11-270.1.1RoelVanDijk
lsp-client120.00Haskell library for Language Server Protocol clients (apache, library, system)2024-04-
lukko2040.05File locking (concurrency, library, system)2024-06-050.1.2phadej
lxc170.01High level Haskell bindings to LXC (Linux containers). (bsd3, library, system)2016-01-210.3.2NickolayKudasov
lxd-client180.00LXD client written in Haskell. (gpl, library, program, system)2018-02-
lxd-client-config80.01Read the configuration file of the standard LXD client. (gpl, library, system)2017-10-
machines-binary200.01Binary utilities for the machines library (apache, library, system)2021-04-
machines-directory270.02Directory (system) utilities for the machines library (apache, library, system)2021-04-, aloiscochard
machines-io280.05IO utilities for the machines library (apache, library, system)2021-04-, aloiscochard
machines-process270.03Process (system) utilities for the machines library (apache, library, system)2021-04-
macos-corelibs30.00Haskell bindings to C-based Mac OS SDK frameworks (bsd3, library, system)2018-12-
main-tester342.01Capture stdout/stderr/exit code, and replace stdin of your main function. (apache, library, system, testing)2019-03-
make-hard-links50.01Change duplicated files into hard-links. (program, system)2009-03-140.2FelipeLessa
manatee-processmanager380.02Process manager extension for Manatee. (gpl, library, manatee, process-manager, program, system)2011-05-140.1.1AndyStewart
matrix-market80.01Read and write NIST Matrix Market files (bsd3, library, math, system)2008-04-041.2PatrickPerry
mbox242.02Read and write standard mailbox files. (bsd3, data, library, system, text)2017-08-160.3.4GershomBazerman
mcm122.01Machine Configuration Manager (gpl, language, program, system, text)2018-11-
mech41.251mecha are the most complex composite machines known to humanity, lets build them well! (bsd2, concurrency, control, data, library, network, system)2016-08-
mechs41.251mecha are the most complex composite machines known to humanity, lets build them well! (bsd2, concurrency, control, data, library, network, system)2016-08-
mellon-core380.02Control physical access devices (bsd3, library, system)2018-04-
mellon-gpio340.00GPIO support for mellon (bsd3, library, system)2018-04-
mem-info170.00Print the core memory usage of programs (bsd3, command-line-tools, library, program, system)2024-03-
meminfo80.01Library for reading `/proc/meminfo` (bsd3, library, system)2017-03-
memorypool50.01basic memory pool outside of haskell heap/GC (bsd3, library, system)2016-08-
mersenne-random320.09Generate high quality pseudorandom numbers using a SIMD Fast Mersenne Twister (bsd3, library, math, system)2011-06-
mersenne-random-pure64680.025Generate high quality pseudorandom numbers purely using a Mersenne Twister (bsd3, library, math, system)2016-08-, DonaldStewart
metronome80.01Time Synchronized execution. (bsd3, library, system)2016-05-290.1.1PaoloVeronelli
microlens-process352.00Micro-optics for the process library (bsd3, library, system)2020-05-300.2.0.2topos
microtimer160.01A tiny library for benchmarking IO actions. (bsd3, library, system)2013-03-
minimal-configuration200.01Minimal ini like configuration library with a few extras (configuration, library, system)2019-10-280.1.4MariusGhita
miniplex150.01simple 1-to-N interprocess communication (library, program, system)2009-03-060.3.4LukasMai
mintty700.06A reliable way to detect the presence of a MinTTY console on Windows (bsd3, library, system)2022-06-300.1.4ryanglscott
mmap1432.035Memory mapped files for POSIX and Windows (bsd3, library, system)2013-09-050.5.9GracjanPolak, andrewthad, chessai
mmsyn3 (deprecated in favor of end-of-exe)361.2522A small library to deal with executable endings (deprecated, library, mit, system)2023-02-
modbus-tcp300.01Communicate with Modbus devices over TCP (bsd3, library, system)2017-02-170.5RoelVanDijk
mole220.01A glorified string replacement tool (mit, program, system)2020-05-020.0.7wereHamster
monad-logger4050.0225A class of monads which can log messages. (library, mit, system)2023-06-050.3.40MichaelSnoyman
monad-logger-aeson792.02JSON logging using monad-logger interface (library, mit, program, system)2024-03-
monad-logger-extras170.02Utilities for composing loggers, coloring output, plus a few orphan instances. (bsd3, library, program, system)2020-12-
monad-logger-logstash210.00Logstash backend for monad-logger. (library, mit, system)2021-11-
monad-logger-prefix480.01Add prefixes to your monad-logger output (library, system)2020-12-080.1.12parsonsmatt
monad-parallel-progressbar90.01Parallel execution of monadic computations with a progress bar (control, library, mit, monads, system, user-interfaces)2015-04-
monad-throw-exit50.00Functions to exit the program anywhere in MonadThrow monads. (apache, library, system)2021-12-
monitor90.01Do things when files change. (mit, program, system)2013-07-100.1.1MartinStensgard
monky250.00A system state collecting library and application (lgpl, library, program, system)2020-02-
monopati170.01Well-typed paths (bsd3, library, system)2018-11-220.1.4iokasimovmt
mount (deprecated in favor of linux-mount)100.01Mounts and umounts filesystems (deprecated, library, system)2013-04-050.2.1NicolaSquartini
mountpoints382.00list mount points (library, system)2016-03-151.0.2JoeyHess
mpdmate50.01MPD/PowerMate executable (bsd3, program, system)2008-02-240.1GwernBranwen
mr-env262.00A simple way to read environment variables in Haskell (library, mit, system)2022-11-
msi-kb-backlit120.01A command line tool to change backlit colors of your MSI keyboards (bsd3, program, system)2015-06-
mute-unmute100.01Watches your screensaver and (un)mutes music when you (un)lock the screen. (gpl, program, system)2010-08-
myo80.00Haskell binding to the Myo armband (library, mit, program, system)2015-09-
nagios-check280.02Package for writing monitoring plugins (library, metrics, mit, monitoring, system)2015-09-010.3.2fractalcat
nagios-plugin-ekg70.00Monitor ekg metrics via Nagios (library, mit, program, system)2015-06-
nano-cryptr280.01A threadsafe binding to glibc's crypt_r function (bsd3, library, system)2018-10-050.2.1CarlHowells, PauloTanimoto, PauloJanrain
nanomsg70.01nanomsg - scalability protocols library (library, public-domain, system)2013-10-200.1.1DavidHimmelstrup
nc-indicators140.01CPU load and memory usage indicators for i3bar (apache, program, system)2014-07-250.3GergelyRisko, MihalyBarasz
netlink452.04Netlink communication for Haskell (bsd3, library, program, system)2018-03-, ongyerth
network-server70.01A light abstraction over sockets & co. for servers (library, network, program, system)2009-02-260.2.0RickKaudewitz
newports70.01List ports newer than N days on a FreeBSD system (bsd3, program, system)2008-02-081.1BradClawsie
nitro270.02Haskell bindings for Nitro (bsd3, ffi, library, system)2013-07-
nix-deploy240.01Deploy Nix-built software to a NixOS machine (apache, program, system)2022-06-211.0.6GabrielGonzalez, ParnellSpringmeyer
nix-derivation470.05Parse and render *.drv files (bsd3, library, program, system)2023-11-201.1.3GabrielGonzalez
nix-diff732.01Explain why two Nix derivations differ (bsd3, library, program, system)2024-03-021.0.20GabrielGonzalez
nptools280.01A collection of random tools (bsd3, development, program, system, text, utils)2013-03-170.6.0NicolasPouillard
nuxeo430.00 (bsd3, library, program, system)2018-10-310.3.2apeyroux
old-locale1950.0404locale library (bsd3, library, system)2014-11-, HerbertValerioRiedel, IanLynagh
old-time2940.0238Time library (bsd3, library, system)2023-12-, AustinSeipp, HerbertValerioRiedel, IanLynagh
openssh-github-keys (deprecated)70.01Fetch OpenSSH keys from a GitHub team (deprecated, library, mit, program, system)2015-04-, stackbuilders, sestrella
optparse-applicative5573.0367Utilities and combinators for parsing command line options (bsd3, cli, library, options, parsing, system)2023-05-300.18.1.0PaoloCapriotti, huw
optparse-applicative-cmdline-util80.00Utility functions for working with optparse-applicative (agpl, cli, library, options, parsing, system)2024-03-180.2.1TonyZorman
optparse-declarative282.250Declarative command line option parser (library, mit, system)2021-06-240.4.2HideyukiTanaka, kakkun61
optparse-enum120.00An enum-text based toolkit for optparse-applicative (bsd3, cli, library, options, parsing, system)2019-07-
optparse-generic2682.533Auto-generate a command-line parser for your datatype (bsd3, library, program, system)2023-11-201.5.2GabrielGonzalez
optparse-helper150.00Helper functions for optparse-applicative. (bsd3, library, system)2016-05-
optparse-th40.00Like `optparse-generic`, but with `TemplateHaskell` for faster builds (bsd3, library, system)2023-12-
os-release572.02/etc/os-release helpers (bsd3, library, system)2021-10-, maerwald
os-string6462.08Library for manipulating Operating system strings. (bsd3, library, system)2024-06-292.0.6maerwald
pacman-memcache130.01Read whole Pacman database which pushes it into the memory cache (bsd3, program, system)2011-02-
pact-time600.00Time Library for Pact (bsd3, data, library, system)2024-07-
pager340.02Open up a pager, like 'less' or 'more' (bsd2, data, library, program, system, text)2015-05-
pam100.02Haskell binding for C PAM API (authentication, bsd3, library, system)2020-07-, chris_martin, OscarH
paprika100.00The Haskell library and examples for the kids programming robot paprika (bsd3, library, program, system)2016-09-
par-traverse130.00Traverse a directory in parallel (bsd3, concurrent, directory, library, parallel, system)2020-04-
partly110.01Inspect, create, and alter MBRs. (bsd3, filesystem, library, program, system)2012-12-
path2422.0127Support for well-typed paths (bsd3, filesystem, library, system)2023-10-180.9.5ChrisDone, danilo2, Norfair, mrkkrp, joehillen, sjakobi
path-extra460.03URLs without host information (bsd3, filesystem, library, system, web)2023-10-020.3.1athanclark
path-io2832.073Interface to ‘directory’ package for users of ‘path’ (bsd3, filesystem, library, system)2024-05-201.8.2mrkkrp
path-sing60.00A singleton wrapper for the `path` library. (dependent-types, filesystem, library, mpl, system)2023-09-
path-tagged72.00A wrapper around the @path@ library, tagged with semantic name. (bsd3, filesystem, library, system)2024-03-
paths170.04Library for representing and manipulating type-safe file paths (bsd3, library, system)2018-04-
pathtype860.05Type-safe replacement for System.FilePath etc (bsd3, library, system)2024-02-, HenningThielemann
pathwalk430.04Path walking utilities for Haskell programs (library, mit, system)2015-10-, Xena
pbc4hs (deprecated)240.01pbc for HsLua (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2014-02-
pcg-random760.03Haskell bindings to the PCG random number generator. (bsd3, library, system)2023-04-300.1.4.0cchalmers
periodic-client70.00Periodic task system haskell client. (bsd3, library, system, web)2020-10-
periodic-client-exe40.00Periodic task system haskell client executables (bsd3, program, system, web)2020-08-
periodic-common50.02Periodic task system common. (bsd3, library, system, web)2020-08-
periodic-server40.00Periodic task system haskell server (bsd3, library, program, system, web)2020-08-
pid1320.01Do signal handling and orphan reaping for Unix PID1 init processes (library, mit, program, system)2022-11-, psibi
pidfile170.01Run an IO action protected by a pidfile (bsd3, library, system)2019-03-
ping-wrapper140.00Haskell Ping wrapper (apache, library, program, system)2017-09-
pipeclip80.01Open your editor, pipe the output to the system clipboard (bsd2, program, system, text)2015-05-
plan-b (deprecated)160.02Failure-tolerant file and directory editing (bsd3, deprecated, filesystem, library, system)2017-05-230.2.1mrkkrp
plegg40.00A semi-cross-platform interface for pledge(2) and unveil(2) (library, system)2024-03-
plex50.01run a subprocess, combining stdout and stderr (library, mit, system)2018-04-
plugins851.518Dynamic linking for Haskell and C objects (bsd3, library, system)2022-03-, GwernBranwen, IsaacJones, JeremyShaw, SpencerJanssen
plugins-auto130.02Automatic recompilation and reloading of haskell modules. (bsd3, library, system)2011-12-150.0.4FacundoDominguez
plugins-multistage350.02Dynamic linking for embedded DSLs with staged compilation (bsd3, library, system)2020-03-110.6.3AndersPersson
poll190.02Bindings to poll.h (bsd3, library, system)2021-03-
pony90.01Can I have a pony? (bsd3, program, system)2009-02-221.0DonaldStewart
popenhs40.01popenhs is a popen-like library for Haskell. (library, system)2008-02-171.0.0GwernBranwen
porte140.01FreeBSD ports index search and analysis tool (bsd3, library, program, system)2010-08-290.0.4SamyAlBahra
posix-acl110.01Support for Posix ACL (bsd3, library, system)2016-09-
posix-api570.05posix bindings (bsd3, library, system)2024-02-, l3c_amartin
posix-error-codes100.01POSIX error codes (bsd3, library, system)2016-08-
posix-escape70.05Quote arguments to be passed through the Unix shell (bsd3, library, system)2011-10-090.1KeeganMcAllister
posix-filelock80.01Nice wrapper around POSIX fcntl advisory locks (library, system)2012-04-140.1StephenWeber
posix-paths580.09POSIX filepath/directory functionality (bsd3, library, system)2021-05-, NiklasHambuechen
posix-pty410.06Pseudo terminal interaction with subprocesses. (bsd3, library, system)2020-07-030.2.2MerijnVerstraaten
posix-realtime130.01POSIX Realtime functionality (bsd3, library, system)2015-11-, VasiliGalchin
posix-socket160.00Bindings to the POSIX socket API (bsd3, library, system)2018-03-090.3MikhailVorozhtsov
posix-timer250.01Bindings to POSIX clock and timer functions. (bsd3, library, system)2017-12-
posix-waitpid50.02Low-level wrapping of POSIX waitpid(2). (library, mit, system)2010-10-260.1RichardSmith, kriztw
potato-tool110.01Command line Dreamcast VMU filesystem toolset. (gpl, program, system)2015-07-
powermate70.01bindings for Griffin PowerMate USB (hardware, library, mit, program, system)2017-01-101.0EvanMartin, GwernBranwen, ppelleti
prefork40.01A library for building a prefork-style server quickly (library, mit, system)2014-10-080.0.9ikehara, junjihashimoto
prelude-plus190.01Prelude for rest of us (bsd3, control, data, system)2009-10-
private-hackage-uploader72.00Upload a package to the public or private hackage, building its docs (library, mit, system)2017-10-
proc300.03Parse process information for Linux (gpl, library, system)2011-05-070.0.9AndyStewart
process5382.01015Process libraries (bsd3, library, system)2024-04-, BenGamari, HerbertValerioRiedel, IanLynagh, MichaelSnoyman, SimonMarlow, tomjaguarpaw
process-conduit (deprecated in favor of conduit-extra)660.07Conduits for processes (deprecated) (bsd3, conduit, deprecated, library, system)2014-07-, MichaelSnoyman
process-extras1920.027Process extras (library, mit, system)2018-02-030.7.4DavidFox, DavidLazar
process-iterio50.01IterIO Process Library (bsd3, library, system)2012-11-050.0.0GregFitzgerald
process-leksah110.03Process libraries (bsd3, library, system)2010-12-
process-listlike (deprecated in favor of process-extras)270.05Process extras (deprecated, library, mit, system)2014-12-041.0DavidFox
process-progress (deprecated in favor of process-extras)70.01Run a process and do reportsing on its progress. (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2014-09-020.14DavidFox
process-qq50.01Quasi-Quoters for exec process (bsd3, library, system)2011-12-050.2.0HideyukiTanaka
process-sequential120.01A test suite for the complex multi files multi level processment. (library, mit, system, testing)2022-08-
process-streaming950.02Streaming interface to system processes. (bsd3, library, system)2018-04-
processmemory40.00C bindings for the gnu-extension functions process_vm_readv and process_vm_writev (bsd3, library, system)2020-06-
processor-creative-kit100.01a creation kit for instruction sets and cpu simulators and development tools (bsd3, embedded, hardware, language, library, system)2015-01-310.1.0.1takenobut
procex280.00Ergonomic process launching with extreme flexibility and speed (library, mit, shell, system)2022-08-290.3.3las
procstat80.01get information on processes in Linux (bsd3, library, system)2011-05-
prodapi40.00Some curated and opinionated packages for building Haskell services. (bsd3, library, system)2024-04-
prodapi-proxy40.00write an HTTP proxy with prodapi counters (bsd3, library, system)2024-04-
progress-meter100.01Live diagnostics for concurrent activity (bsd3, library, system)2017-12-
progressbar (deprecated)60.01Progressbar API (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2009-01-210.0.1AustinSeipp
projectroot180.01Bindings to the projectroot C logic (library, mit, system)2015-12-
prometheus2012.255Prometheus Haskell Client (bsd3, library, metrics, monitoring, system, web)2023-07-262.2.4wraithm, LukeHoersten, cdepillabout
prometheus-proc270.00Export metrics from /proc for the current process (bsd3, library, system)2024-04-
psx120.00Integrate libpsx with the GHC RTS (bsd3, library, system)2023-02-
pthread220.01Bindings for the pthread library. (bsd3, ffi, library, system)2019-06-170.2.1FacundoDominguez
puppetresources (deprecated in favor of language-puppet)280.01A program that displays the puppet resources associated to a node given .pp files. (deprecated, gpl, program, system)2013-05-160.4.2SimonMarechal
pushme330.01Tool to synchronize directories with rsync, zfs or git-annex (bsd3, program, system)2018-07-232.1.3JohnWiegley
questioner80.01A package for prompting values from the command-line. (library, mit, system)2014-12-
rados-haskell202.01librados haskell bindings (bsd3, library, system)2014-08-223.1.0ChristianMarie
rainbow1180.016Print text to terminal with colors and effects (bsd3, library, system)2019-11-
rainbow-tests (deprecated)230.02Tests and QuickCheck generators to accompany rainbow. (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2014-11-
rainbox830.03Two-dimensional box pretty printing, with colors (bsd3, library, system)2020-03-
randfile70.01Program for picking a random file (bsd3, program, system)2011-10-
random4822.51008Pseudo-random number generation (bsd3, library, system)2024-02-, lehins, Bodigrim, topos
random-access-file80.00Random file access methods, supporting application-level page cache. (bsd3, library, system)2019-03-
random-bytestring410.03Efficient generation of random bytestrings (library, mit, system)2021-02-150.1.4larsk, topos
random-shuffle1432.557Random shuffle implementation. (bsd3, library, system)2012-06-190.0.4AndrasSlemmer, ManlioPerillo, PatrickPalka, andres
random-stream40.01An infinite stream of random data (bsd3, library, system)2009-03-210.1.1ManlioPerillo
randomgen80.01A fast, SMP parallel random data generator (bsd3, program, system)2008-11-100.1DonaldStewart
randsolid150.01Set the background of your root window to a random colour. (program, public-domain, system)2013-10-250.3JohannesMartinsson
rawfilepath500.03Use RawFilePath instead of FilePath (apache, library, system)2023-08-291.1.0XT
read-editor172.01Opens a temporary file on the system's EDITOR and returns the resulting edits (library, mit, system)2016-01-
read-env-var152.04Functions for safely reading environment variables. (bsd3, library, system)2017-03-
read-io40.01Read IO library (library, mit, system)2017-02-
reflex-fsnotify210.01Reflex FRP interface for watching files (bsd3, frp, library, system)2023-05-, RyanTrinkle, abrar, 3noch
reflex-process342.01Reflex FRP interface for running system processes (bsd3, frp, library, program, system)2024-01-, RyanTrinkle, abrar, 3noch
regional-pointers310.02Regional memory pointers (bsd3, library, monadic-regions, system)2011-09-230.7BasVanDijk
repl-toolkit380.02Toolkit for quickly whipping up config files and command-line interfaces. (apache, library, repl, system)2016-08-301.1.0.0jtapolczai, jtapolczai2
restricted-workers70.01Running worker processes under system resource restrictions (bsd3, concurrency, data, library, system)2013-08-260.1.1DaniilFrumin
retryer80.01Retry failed commands (mpl, program, system)2014-12-
rewrite180.01open file and rewrite it with new contents (bsd3, program, system)2013-11-050.10OmariNorman
riot60.01Riot is an Information Organisation Tool (program, system)2008-08-261.20080618DonaldStewart
rpm40.01Cozy little project to question unruly rpm packages. (bsd3, library, system)2010-11-010.0.1EricStolten
rtld70.02dynamic linker tools for Haskell (library, system)2014-08-140.0.2KrzysztofKardzis
rtnetlink220.01Manipulate network devices, addresses, and routes on Linux (bsd3, library, network, system)2019-07-
ruby-qq40.01rubyish quasiquoters (library, mit, system)2013-10-
runmany130.01Run multiple commands, interleaving output and errors (bsd3, data, nix, program, system)2018-04-260.1.3JohnWiegley
safe-lazy-io50.01A library providing safe lazy IO features. (bsd3, library, system)2009-03-200.1NicolasPouillard
safe-plugins50.01A small wrapper over hs-plugins to allow loading safe plugins (bsd3, library, system)2010-12-020.1IlyaPortnov
safepath50.01Safe Paths in Haskell (library, mit, system)2016-08-
safer-file-handles470.04Type-safe file handling (bsd3, library, monadic-regions, system)2011-09-230.11BasVanDijk
safer-file-handles-bytestring220.01Extends safer-file-handles with ByteString operations (bsd3, library, monadic-regions, system)2011-09-
safer-file-handles-text290.01Extends safer-file-handles with Text operations (bsd3, library, monadic-regions, system)2011-09-
schedyield80.01Exposes standard POSIX function sched_yield. (bsd3, library, parallelism, system)2012-07-031.0MichalGajda
scp-streams40.01An SCP protocol implementation. (bsd3, library, program, system)2014-01-070.1.0VoMinhThu
scrz40.01Process management and supervision daemon (program, system)2014-02-
select270.03Wrap the select(2) POSIX function (bsd3, library, system)2013-01-300.4.0.1GardSpreemann
selinux70.02SELinux bindings (bsd3, library, system)2012-09-090.1.1LuiteStegeman
semaphore-compat1020.02Cross-platform abstraction for system semaphores (bsd3, library, system)2023-03-131.0.0BenGamari, mpickering, wz1000, sheaf
sensu-run860.01A tool to send command execution results to Sensu (bsd3, program, system)2020-02-
serf120.01Interact with Serf via Haskell. (library, mit, system)2015-05-
serial300.01POSIX serial port wrapper (library, system)2015-05-200.2.7FrederickRoss, jmct
servant-ekg150.00Helpers for using ekg with servant (bsd3, library, servant, system, web)2020-01-240.3.1AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, jkarni, maksbotan, hecate, arianvp
servant-prometheus192.00Helpers for using prometheus with servant (bsd3, library, servant, system, web)2023-12-151.2.0worm2fed
setenv950.017A cross-platform library for setting environment variables (library, mit, system)2015-01-
setlocale1070.010Haskell bindings to setlocale (bsd3, library, system)2021-03-, Kritzefitz
sha-streams140.01SHA hashes for io-streams. (bsd3, io-streams, library, program, system)2015-10-010.2.1VoMinhThu
shana70.01treat haskell functions as unix pipes (bsd3, library, system)2009-11-302009.12.1JinjingWang, MateuszKowalczyk
shared-buffer160.01A circular buffer built on shared memory (bsd3, library, system)2015-01-070.2.2JohnLato
shell-pipe (deprecated in favor of process)40.01Pipe streams through external shell commands (deprecated, library, program, system)2007-09-250.1HenningThielemann
shellmate642.03Simple interface for shell scripting in Haskell. (bsd3, library, system)2020-01-
shellmate-extras290.01Extra functionality for shellmate. (bsd3, library, system)2020-01-
shellout60.00A threaded manager for Haskell that can run and stream external process output/err/exits (bsd3, library, program, system)2018-02-
shh1300.01Simple shell scripting from Haskell (bsd3, library, program, system)2023-12-
shh-extras160.00Utility functions for using shh (bsd3, library, system)2023-01-
shortbytestring (deprecated in favor of bytestring)162.00Additional ShortByteString API (deprecated, library, mit, system)2021-12-
shqq80.01Embed shell commands with interpolated Haskell variables, and capture output (bsd3, library, system)2011-10-100.1KeeganMcAllister
signal1112.02Multiplatform signal support for Haskell (library, mit, program, system)2017-08-, PiotrMlodawski, iamrecursion
silently1660.013Prevent or capture writing to stdout and other handles. (bsd3, library, system, testing)2022-08-, MichaelSnoyman, SimonHengel, SoenkeHahn, TrystanSpangler
simple-cmd800.02Simple String-based process commands (bsd3, library, system)2022-06-200.2.7JensPetersen
simple-cmd-args570.00Simple command args parsing and execution (bsd3, library, system)2022-08-030.1.8JensPetersen
simple-firewire290.01Simplified interface for firewire cameras (bsd3, graphics, library, machine-vision, system)2013-05-
simple-prompt280.00Simple commandline text prompt functions (bsd3, library, system)2024-06-130.2.3JensPetersen
simpleargs70.01Provides a more flexible getArgs function with better error reporting. (library, system)2010-09-100.2.1KetilMalde
simplexmq462.00SimpleXMQ message broker (agpl, chat, cryptography, library, network, program, system, web)2022-04-211.1.0epoberezkin, EfimPoberezkin
sink (deprecated)70.01An alternative to lazy I/O that doesn't conflate execution with evaluation (control, data, deprecated, library, mit, system)2011-08-
sleep130.01zZzzZz (gpl, library, program, system)2017-01-
socket732.08An extensible socket library. (library, mit, network, system)2020-06-
socket-sctp130.01STCP socket extensions library. (library, mit, network, socket, system)2016-11-, shlevy
socket-unix110.02Unix domain sockets (library, mit, network, system)2017-02-
splice452.01Cross-platform Socket to Socket Data Splicing (bsd3, library, network, system)2012-09-
splitmix4082.018Fast Splittable PRNG (bsd3, library, random, system)2023-10-
srcinst80.01Build and install Debian packages completely from source (program, system)2008-01-160.8.10JohnGoerzen
sshd-lint40.01Check sshd configuration for adherence to best practices (mit, program, system)2015-02-, stackbuilders
statgrab220.01Collect system level metrics and statistics (ffi, library, monitoring, system)2014-11-040.1.3BrendanHay
statsd-rupp320.01Simple StatsD Client (bsd3, library, system)2024-05-
statvfs80.02Get unix filesystem statistics with statfs, statvfs (bsd3, library, system)2014-08-210.2GergelyRisko
stickyKeysHotKey180.01get and set STICKYKEYS.SKF_HOTKEYACTIVE (bsd3, library, system)2015-09-
stm-delay570.010Updatable one-shot timer polled with STM (bsd3, library, system)2014-09-
streamly-fsnotify482.02Folder watching as a Streamly stream. (bsd3, library, streamly, system)2024-01-
streamly-process232.01Use OS processes as stream transformation functions (apache, library, streaming, streamly, system)2023-12-210.3.1harendra, adithyaov
strict3650.098Strict data types and String IO. (bsd3, data, library, system)2024-07-030.5.1DonaldStewart, RomanLeshchinskiy, phadej, infinity0
strict-base260.03Strict versions of base data types. (bsd3, data, library, system)2017-03-
strict-io250.04A library wrapping standard IO modules to provide strict IO. (bsd3, library, system)2017-03-140.2.2NicolasPouillard
strong-path382.00Strongly typed paths in Haskell. (filepath, filesystem, library, mit, system)2022-03-
strptime710.05Efficient parsing of LocalTime using a binding to C's strptime, with some extra features (i.e. fractional seconds) (bsd3, data, library, parsing, system)2012-12-181.0.10EugeneKirpichov
super-user-spark402.00Configure your dotfile deployment with a DSL. (library, mit, program, system)2020-01-
symantic-cli330.01Symantics for parsing and documenting a CLI (cli, gpl, library, options, parsing, system)2019-10-
symbolic-link80.00Symlink functions (bsd3, library, system)2019-08-
sys-auth-smbclient100.02Auth with smbclient command (library, mit, system)2013-06-
sys-process250.01A replacement for System.Exit and System.Process. (bsd3, library, system)2017-05-100.2.0TonyMorris, qfpl
sysinfo190.02Haskell Interface for getting overall system statistics (bsd3, ffi, library, linux, system)2017-05-030.1.1psibi
system-argv0140.04Get argv[0] as a FilePath. (library, mit, system)2011-11-180.1.1JohnMillikin
system-canonicalpath250.01Abstract data type for canonical paths with some utilities (library, mit, system)2015-03-
system-command110.01A replacement for System.Exit and System.Process (bsd3, library, system)2014-03-050.0.10TonyMorris
system-error100.01Error reporting functions (bsd3, library, system)2018-03-061.0.0consus
system-extra40.01A bunch of system utilities used by other projects (library, mit, system)2017-07-310.1.0abailly
system-fileio (deprecated in favor of directory)1490.059Consistent filesystem interaction across GHC versions (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, system)2018-09-, MichaelSnoyman
system-filepath (deprecated in favor of filepath)2090.0123High-level, byte-based file and directory path manipulations (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, system)2018-01-180.4.14JohnMillikin, MichaelSnoyman
system-gpio120.01GPIO wrapper libary for Raspberry Pi (bsd3, library, system)2013-02-200.0.2KennyLu
system-info772.251Get the name of the operating system (library, mit, system)2021-03-220.5.2dtaskoff
system-inotify (deprecated)40.01Binding to Linux's inotify interface (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2008-03-210.1AdamLangley
system-lifted40.02Lifted versions of System functions. (bsd3, library, program, system)2014-05-300.2.0.1jcristovao
system-linux-proc210.01A library for accessing the /proc filesystem in Linux (bsd3, library, system)2021-10-
system-posix-redirect230.02A toy module to temporarily redirect a program's stdout. (bsd3, library, system)2013-11-, LiyangHu
system-random-effect330.01Random number generation for extensible effects. (bsd3, effect, library, system)2014-11-
system-time-monotonic90.02Simple library for using the system's monotonic clock (bsd3, library, system)2012-08-070.2JoeyAdams
system-util50.01Various system utils lifted to EitherT (bsd3, library, system)2014-05-300.2jcristovao
system-uuid440.07Bindings to system UUID functions. (bsd3, library, system)2011-11-232.1.1JasonDusek
systemd1640.03Systemd facilities (Socket activation, Notify) (bsd3, library, system)2024-07-102.4.0erebe
systemd-api90.01systemd bindings (bsd3, library, system)2024-02-, l3c_amartin
systemd-ntfy60.00Send notifications for systemd units to (gpl, program, system)2023-08-240.1.0mpardalos
systemd-socket-activation210.00Let systemd bind the server's socket for you (library, mit, network, system)2023-02-, Monoid_Mary
tabloid240.01View the output of shell commands in a table (bsd3, program, system)2009-05-010.47SvenHeyll
taffybar1272.01A desktop bar similar to xmobar, but with more GUI (bsd3, library, program, system)2024-05-014.0.2TristanRavitch, eyevanmalicesun
tagged-timers50.01Simple wrappers for timing IO actions (single-threaded) (library, mit, system)2016-03-
tai50.01Support library to enable TAI usage on systems with time kept in UTC. (bsd3, library, system, time)2017-04-260davean
tailfile-hinotify200.01Tail files in Unix, using hinotify. (library, mit, system)2018-11-
taskpool (deprecated in favor of async-pool)190.01Manage pools of possibly interdependent tasks using STM and async (deprecated, library, mit, system)2014-08-190.1.0JohnWiegley
teardown380.04Build safe and composable teardown sub-routines for resources (library, mit, system)2019-01-300.5.0.1RomanGonzalez
temporary2350.0223Portable temporary file and directory support (bsd3, library, system, utils)2018-04-101.3MateuszKowalczyk, MaxBolingbroke, RomanCheplyaka
temporary-rc (deprecated in favor of temporary)180.05Portable temporary file and directory support for Windows and Unix, based on code from Cabal (bsd3, deprecated, library, system, utils)2014-05-, RomanCheplyaka
temporary-resourcet160.03Portable temporary files and directories with automatic deletion (bsd3, library, system, utils)2018-08-
terminal-progress-bar942.256A progress bar in the terminal (bsd3, library, system, user-interfaces)2023-06-100.4.2RoelVanDijk
terminal-size2652.539Get terminal window height and width (bsd3, library, system)2023-03-130.3.4MatveyAksenov
terminfo-hs220.02A pure-Haskell (no FFI) module for accessing terminfo databases (bsd3, library, system, terminal)2018-07-
texrunner170.02Functions for running Tex from Haskell. (bsd3, library, system)2023-07-, cchalmers
thread-local-storage310.04Several options for thread-local-storage (TLS) in Haskell. (bsd3, library, system)2018-07-010.2RyanNewton, ryanglscott
threadPool170.01Runs other programs in the manner of a thread pool (program, system)2011-01-070.3.1BrianJaress
thyme912.017A faster time library (bsd3, data, library, system)2023-03-140.4FumiakiKinoshita, LiyangHu, MateuszKowalczyk, MitsutoshiAoe, haskell_github_trust
tianbar1250.01A desktop bar based on WebKit (library, mit, program, system)2017-02-051.2.5AlexeyKotlyarov
time-cache70.01Cache current time and formatted time text (library, public-domain, system, time)2016-03-150.1akrasner
time-extras40.01Data instances for the time package (bsd3, library, system)2009-12-231.1.4AshleyYakeley
time-locale-compat1202.2550Compatibile module for time-format locale (bsd3, library, system)2018-08-
time-manager3300.06Scalable timer (library, mit, system)2024-04-270.1.0KazuYamamoto
time-recurrence322.06Generate recurring dates. (lgpl, library, system)2016-04-230.9.3ChrisHeller
timeit570.08Time monadic computations with an IO base. (bsd3, library, system)2018-02-202.0LennartAugustsson, MerijnVerstraaten
timelike180.02Type classes for types representing time (data, library, system)2016-04-070.2.2esz
timelike-clock60.01Timelike interface for the clock library (library, system)2016-03-290.1.0esz
timelike-time90.01Timelike interface for the time library (library, system)2016-03-100.1.1esz
timestamper200.01Read standard input and prepend each line with a timestamp (mit, program, system)2015-07-311.0.3kisom
timing-convenience130.02Convenient functions for getting times. (bsd3, library, system)2011-11-120.1MikeBurns
tinylog430.05Simplistic logging using fast-logger. (library, mpl, system)2019-05-040.15.0ToralfWittner
tonaparser150.06Scalable way to pass runtime configurations for tonatona (library, mit, system, tonatona)2023-08-, qnoyxu
tonatona-logger140.01tonatona plugin for logging. (library, mit, system, tonatona)2023-08-, qnoyxu
touched110.01Library (and cli) to execute a procedure on file change. (library, mit, program, system)2015-03-
tpar50.01simple, parallel job scheduling (bsd3, program, system)2016-08-
tracked-files40.00Package to list all tracked and untracked existing files via Git. (library, mit, program, system)2020-03-
transformers-either440.03An Either monad transformer (bsd3, library, system)2023-05-270.1.4lambda_foo
transformers-except1560.00An Except monad transformer with (bsd3, library, system)2023-05-270.1.4lambda_foo
transformers-fix72.01Monad transformer for evaluating to a fixpoint (bsd3, library, system)2018-03-101.0TimHumphries
transformers-supply60.01Supply applicative, monad, applicative transformer and monad transformer. (bsd3, library, system)2013-07-050.1.0MerijnVerstraaten
turtle2852.530Shell programming, Haskell-style (bsd3, library, system)2023-10-161.6.2GabrielGonzalez
twitch462.253A high level file watcher DSL (library, mit, system)2018-12-, AndreasSchacker
typed-process3881.7562Run external processes, with strong typing of streams (library, mit, system)2023-10-, tomjaguarpaw
typed-process-effectful122.00A binding of the typed-process library for the effectful effect system. (bsd3, library, system)2023-10-
uacpid290.01Userspace Advanced Configuration and Power Interface event daemon (bsd3, program, system)2015-07-011.2DinoMorelli
udev120.02libudev bindings (bsd3, library, system)2020-01-, SamTruzjan, eyevanmalicesun
unbeliever392.00Opinionated Haskell Interoperability (mit, system)2021-10-
unicode-prelude (deprecated in favor of base-unicode-symbols)70.01Unicode notation for some definitions in Prelude (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2008-10-120.1.1PeterDivianszky
uniform-io270.01Uniform IO over files, network, anything. (library, mit, system)2016-04-
unix4992.5698POSIX functionality (bsd3, system)2024-04-, HerbertValerioRiedel, IanLynagh, PaoloCapriotti, Bodigrim, maerwald, viktor, chessai
unix-bytestring2630.012Unix/Posix-specific functions for ByteStrings. (bsd3, library, system)2024-02-, WrenRomano
unix-compat5752.084Portable POSIX-compatibility layer. (bsd3, library, system)2024-06-250.7.2AndreasAbel, BjornBringert, BryanOSullivan, DuncanCoutts, JacobStanley, mitchellwrosen
unix-fcntl50.01Comprehensive bindings to fcntl(2) (bsd3, library, system)2015-05-190.0.0MitsutoshiAoe
unix-handle40.01POSIX operations on Handles (bsd3, library, system)2010-03-070.0.0AndersKaseorg
unix-io-extra70.01Support for writev, pwrite and pread. (bsd3, library, system)2010-01-140.1TaruKarttunen
unix-memory190.03Unix memory syscalls (bsd3, library, system)2014-09-200.1.2VincentHanquez
unix-process-conduit (deprecated in favor of keter)400.02Run processes on Unix systems, with a conduit interface (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, system)2014-03-
unix-pty-light70.01POSIX pseudo-terminal support (bsd3, library, system)2008-02-130.1StuartCook
unix-recursive50.00Fast and flexible primitives for recursive file system IO on Posix systems (bsd3, filesystem, library, system)2021-02-
unix-simple40.00Straightforward bindings to the posix API (library, mit, system)2021-02-
usb1192.08Communicate with USB devices (bsd3, hardware, library, system)2018-04-
usb-enumerator250.02Iteratee enumerators for the usb package (bsd3, library, system)2011-03-090.3BasVanDijk
usb-hid40.01Parser and request Library for USB HIDs (bsd3, library, system)2015-01-300.1.0.0TiPi
usb-id-database460.01A database of USB identifiers (bsd3, library, system)2014-06-
usb-iteratee100.02Iteratee enumerators for the usb package (bsd3, hardware, library, system)2012-11-260.5BasVanDijk
usb-safe580.01Type-safe communication with USB devices. (bsd3, library, monadic-regions, system)2011-09-230.14BasVanDijk
utf8-env80.03UTF-8 aware substitutes for functions in System.Environment (bsd3, library, system)2009-03-130.1DmitryGolubovsky
utf8-prelude (deprecated)220.02Variants of Prelude and System.IO with UTF8 text I/O operations (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, system)2008-11-110.1.6PeterDivianszky
vcs-revision110.01Facilities for accessing the version control revision of the current directory. (bsd3, data, library, parsing, system)2014-05-160.0.2EugeneKirpichov
vhd130.01Provides functions to inspect and manipulate virtual hard disk (VHD) files. (bsd3, library, system)2013-08-100.2.2JonathanKnowles, VincentHanquez
vk-posix-pty190.01Pseudo terminal interaction with subprocesses. (bsd3, library, program, system)2014-12-130.2.1VladimirKirillov
voyeur70.01Haskell bindings for libvoyeur (bsd3, library, system)2014-04-
waitfree220.01A wrapping library for waitfree computation. (concurrency, library, mit, system)2011-06-070.1.5YoichiHirai
watcher110.01Opinionated filesystem watcher (library, mit, system)2013-06-
which220.08Determine the full path to an executable. (bsd3, library, system)2024-01-300.2.0.2JohnEricson, RyanTrinkle, abrar, 3noch, alexfmpe
whim120.01A Haskell window manager (bsd3, library, program, system)2009-01-190.1.1GwernBranwen
win-hp-path150.01Work with multiple Haskell Platform versions on Windows (bsd3, library, program, system)2014-11-120.1.2YitzGale
winio100.01I/O library for Windows (bsd3, library, network, system)2009-03-210.1FelixMartini
wl-pprint-ansiterm120.01ANSI Terminal support with wl-pprint-extras (bsd3, library, system, text)2015-02-
wlc-hs40.01Haskell bindings for the wlc library (library, system)2015-06-
word1692.01Word16 library (library, mit, system)2021-08-
wordexp760.01wordexp(3) wrappers (bsd3, library, system)2018-07-270.2.2MatveyAksenov
wordpass530.01Dictionary-based password generator (bsd3, cryptography, library, password, program, system, tools)2023-03-
wordsetdiff160.01Compare two files as sets of N-tuples of words. (bsd3, program, system)2013-05-
wu-wei40.00Unimportant Unix adminstration tool (bsd3, program, system)2019-08-
xattr220.03Haskell extended file attributes interface (bsd3, library, system)2014-02-230.6.2DeianStefan, EvanKlitzke
xdg-basedir771.7520A basic implementation of the XDG Base Directory specification. (bsd3, library, system)2012-10-210.2.2WillDonnelly, frasertweedale
xdg-basedir-compliant112.00XDG Basedir (bsd3, library, system)2023-01-011.2.0kephasp
xdg-desktop-entry300.01Parse files conforming to the xdg desktop entry spec (bsd3, library, system)2024-05-
xdg-userdirs160.01Basic implementation of XDG user directories specification (bsd3, library, system)2013-01-310.1.0.2IlyaPortnov
xenstore70.01Xenstore client access (bsd3, library, system)2013-02-130.1.1VincentHanquez
xfconf50.01FFI bindings to xfconf (gpl, library, system, xfce)2011-04-
xinu40.00An empty package, uploaded to prevent name-squatting (bsd3, library, system)2022-09-15NicolasTrangez
xinu-ffi40.00An empty package, uploaded to prevent name-squatting (bsd3, library, system)2022-09-15NicolasTrangez
xmltv60.01Show tv channels in the terminal (library, mit, program, system)2014-11-170.0.1dagle
xmobar3932.01A Minimalistic Text Based Status Bar (bsd3, library, program, system)2024-05-070.48.1AndreaRossato, JoseAntonioOrtegaRuiz
xmonad2462.7516A tiling window manager (bsd3, library, program, system)2024-02-030.18.0AdamVogt, BrentYorgey, DonaldStewart, PeterJones, PeterSimons, SpencerJanssen, TomasJanousek, psibi, xmonad, TonyZorman
xmonad-bluetilebranch (deprecated in favor of bluetile)100.02A tiling window manager (bsd3, deprecated, program, system)2010-03-
xmonad-contrib1702.512Community-maintained extensions for xmonad (bsd3, library, system)2024-02-030.18.0AdamVogt, BrentYorgey, PeterJones, PeterSimons, SpencerJanssen, TomasJanousek, psibi, xmonad, TonyZorman
xmonad-contrib-bluetilebranch (deprecated)130.01Third party extensions for xmonad (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2010-03-
xmonad-contrib-gpl40.01Third party extensions for xmonad (gpl, library, system)2014-05-300.12.1DmitryBogatov
xmonad-eval40.01Module for evaluation Haskell expressions in the running xmonad instance (bsd3, library, system)2009-02-220.1DanielSchoepe
xmonad-extras950.02Third party extensions for xmonad with wacky dependencies (bsd3, library, system)2024-02-140.17.1AdamVogt, DanielSchoepe, DanielWagner, TomasJanousek, psibi, TonyZorman
xmonad-utils320.01A small collection of X utilities (bsd3, program, system)2014-06-, GwernBranwen, LeifWarner
xmonad-wallpaper302.01xmonad wallpaper extension (lgpl, library, system)2021-06-
yaop (deprecated in favor of optparse-applicative, cmdtheline, argparser, cmdargs)170.01Yet another option parser (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2012-09-
yet-another-logger650.01Yet Another Logger (apache, library, logging, program, system)2023-06-230.4.2larsk, fosskers
zeromq-haskell810.010Bindings to ZeroMQ 2.1.x (ffi, library, mit, system)2012-03-080.8.4ToralfWittner
zeromq3-haskell520.05Bindings to ZeroMQ 3.x (ffi, library, mit, system)2014-02-120.5.2ToralfWittner
zeromq4-clone-pattern (deprecated in favor of zeromq4-patterns)60.00Haskell implementation of the ZeroMQ clone pattern. (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, system)2018-04-
zeromq4-haskell942.021Bindings to ZeroMQ 4.x (ffi, library, mit, system)2019-03-030.8.0ToralfWittner
zeromq4-patterns200.00Haskell implementation of several ZeroMQ patterns. (bsd3, library, program, system)2018-05-
zeromq4-simple180.02More constrained extensions to zeromq4-haskell (bsd3, ffi, library, system)2019-10-
zoneinfo220.01ZoneInfo library. (bsd3, library, system)2009-09-150.5MarkAylett
ztail380.01Multi-file, colored, filtered log tailer. (bsd3, console, program, system)2022-03-
zxcvbn-c180.00Password strength estimation (bsd3, library, system)2016-09-251.0.1JoeyHess
zxcvbn-dvorak50.00Password strength estimation based on zxcvbn. (library, mit, system)2019-09-
zxcvbn-hs320.02Password strength estimation based on zxcvbn. (library, mit, program, system)2023-09-110.3.6PeterJones, Jappie
zydiskell212.00Haskell language binding for the Zydis library, a x86/x86-64 disassembler. (disassembler, gpl, library, parsing, system)2020-11-