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BNFC1402.252A compiler front-end generator. (bsd3, library, parsing, program)2023-07-262.9.5AndreasAbel, GregoireDetrez, MarkusForsberg, ThomasHallgren
BNFC-meta700.01Deriving Parsers and Quasi-Quoters from BNF Grammars (development, gpl, language, library, parsing, text)2020-02-090.6.1JeanPhilippeBernardy, JonasDuregard, ArtemPelenitsyn
ConfigFile470.017Configuration file reading & writing (bsd3, library, parsing)2014-10-301.1.4JohnGoerzen
ConfigFileTH70.01Template haskell for reading ConfigFiles. (library, parsing, template-haskell)2011-12-050.2VilleTirronen
EEConfig80.01ExtremlyEasyConfig - Extremly Simple parser for config files (bsd3, library, parsing)2008-11-171.0BartoszWojcik
Earley782.011Parsing all context-free grammars using Earley's algorithm. (bsd3, library, parsing)2019-02-, phadej
Grempa180.01Embedded grammar DSL and LALR parser generator (bsd3, library, parsing)2013-02-070.2.2DavidFox, OlleFredriksson
IndentParser (deprecated in favor of indentparser)140.03Combinators for parsing indentation based syntatic structures (deprecated, library, parsing)2007-10-190.2.1PiyushKurur
Kawaii-Parser140.00A simple parsing library. (bsd3, library, monad-transformers, parsing, tokenisation)2021-07-112.0.0Liisi_Kerik
LParse290.01A continuation-based parser library (library, mit, parsing)2019-07-
PArrows130.01Arrow parser combinators similar to Parsec (bsd3, library, parsing)2009-01-240.1.1GwernBranwen
ParsecTools130.011Parsec combinators for more complex objects. (gpl, library, parsing)2010-09-
ParserFunction (deprecated in favor of attoparsec)360.01Parse and evaluate mathematical expressions. (bsd3, deprecated, library, math, parsing)2014-05-140.1.0EnzoHaussecker
RLP140.00RLP serialization as defined in Ethereum Yellow Paper (data, lgpl, library, parsing)2018-12-101.1.1jasagredo
RefSerialize530.04Write to and read from ByteStrings maintaining internal memory references (bsd3, data, database, library, parsing)2017-02-060.4.0AlbertoCorona
SVG2Q40.01Code generation tool for Quartz code from a SVG. (bsd3, parsing, program)2011-01-270.3JanGreve
SableCC2Hs100.01Generate a parser (in Haskell) with the SableCC parser generator. (bsd3, library, parsing, program)2012-06-
ValveValueKeyvalue121.50A Valve Value-keyvalue parser for Haskell made with Parsec. (keyvalue, library, mit, parsing, source, valve)2021-10-
WikimediaParser60.01A parser for wikimedia style article markup. (bsd3, library, parsing)2009-02-060.1EzekielSmithburg
XSaiga302.01An implementation of a polynomial-time top-down parser suitable for NLP (attribute-grammars, bsd3, library, memoization, natural-language-processing, parser-combinators, parsing, program, text)2020-10-
aasam52.00Convert distfix precedence grammars to unambiguous context-free grammars. (apache, library, parsing)2022-08-
aeson-value-parser910.02API for parsing "aeson" JSON tree into Haskell types (data, json, library, mit, parsing)2023-12-
algebraic-graphs-io330.00I/O utilities and datasets for algebraic-graphs (bsd3, data-mining, graphs, library, parsing)2022-08-
antlrc70.01Haskell binding to the ANTLR parser generator C runtime library. (bsd3, library, parsing, program)2011-01-200.0.2MarkWright
appar1960.04A simple applicative parser (bsd3, library, parsing)2019-05-070.1.8KazuYamamoto
aterm150.02serialisation for Haskell values with sharing support (data, gpl, library, parsing)2020-10-
attoparsec6052.75914Fast combinator parsing for bytestrings and text (bsd3, library, parsing, text)2022-01-100.14.4BasVanDijk, BenGamari, BryanOSullivan
attoparsec-aeson3040.021Parsing of aeson's Value with attoparsec (bsd3, library, parsing)2024-05-
attoparsec-conduit (deprecated in favor of conduit-extra)480.034Consume attoparsec parsers via conduit. (deprecated) (conduit, data, deprecated, library, mit, parsing)2014-04-021.1.0MichaelSnoyman
attoparsec-data410.06Parsers for the standard Haskell data types (library, mit, parsing)2023-12-
attoparsec-enumerator (deprecated)220.023Pass input from an enumerator to an Attoparsec parser. (deprecated, enumerator, library, mit, parsing, text)2015-05-160.3.4JohnMillikin
attoparsec-expr210.04Port of parsec's expression parser to attoparsec. (bsd3, library, parsing, text)2015-05-, ErikHesselink, SebastiaanVisser
attoparsec-framer170.00Use Attoparsec to parse framed protocol byte streams (attoparsec, bsd3, library, network-api, parsing, program)2024-03-
attoparsec-iso86012712.06Parsing of ISO 8601 dates, originally from aeson (bsd3, library, parsing)2024-05-, phadej, lyxia
attoparsec-parsec190.01An Attoparsec compatibility layer for Parsec (library, mit, parsing)2014-03-210.1.3SimonHengel
attoparsec-run110.01Conveniently run Attoparsec parsers (apache, library, parsing)2023-04-, Monoid_Mary
attoparsec-text (deprecated in favor of attoparsec)170.012(deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, parsing, text)2012-01-300.8.5.3BryanOSullivan, FelipeLessa
attoparsec-text-enumerator60.02(deprecated) (enumerator, library, mit, parsing, text)2012-01-300.2.0.1FelipeLessa
binary6170.01101Binary serialisation for Haskell values using lazy ByteStrings (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2024-04-, DonaldStewart, IanLynagh, LennartKolmodin
binary-bits140.010Bit parsing/writing on top of binary. (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2015-01-090.5LennartKolmodin
binary-ext200.01An alternate with strong-typed errors for `Data.Binary.Get` monad from `binary` package. (data, library, parsing)2018-06-012.0.4warlock
binary-generic140.01Generic binary serialisation using binary and syb. (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2012-08-070.2.1LarsPetersen
binary-generic-combinators200.00Combinators and utilities to make Generic-based deriving of Binary easier and more expressive (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2021-12-
binary-io352.00Read and write values of types that implement Binary (bsd3, data, io, library, parsing)2021-11-160.6.2vapourismo
binary-orphans2770.011Compatibility package for binary; provides instances (binary, bsd3, compatibility, data, library, parsing)2024-05-171.0.5phadej
binary-strict860.011Binary deserialisation using strict ByteStrings (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2020-04-, DominicSteinitz
bit-protocol112.01Encode binary protocols with some odd bit numbers into a bytestring (bits, bsd3, bytes, data, library, parsing, protocols)2018-07-300.2.3.0k_bx
bond-haskell160.01Runtime support for BOND serialization (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2016-11-
boolexpr200.02Boolean expressions with various representations and search queries. (bsd3, data-structures, library, parsing, search)2023-03-130.2NicolasPouillard
boomerang1360.08Library for invertible parsing and printing (bsd3, library, parsing, text)2024-05-, JeremyShaw
bytearray-parsing60.01Parsing of bytearray-based data (library, mit, parsing)2017-11-060.1NikitaVolkov
bytestring-substring50.00break bytestrings up into substrings (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2019-04-250.1chessai
bytestringparser110.01Combinator parsing with Data.ByteString.Lazy (bsd3, library, parsing, text)2008-01-270.3BryanOSullivan
bytestringparser-temporary160.02Combinator parsing with Data.ByteString.Lazy (bsd3, library, parsing, text)2009-09-150.4.1JasonDusek
ca-patterns80.00Manipulate patterns in cellular automata, create and parse RLE files (data, library, mit, parsing, text)2022-04-
caerbannog312.01That rabbit's got a vicious streak a mile wide! (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2022-08-
cassava-megaparsec1030.02Megaparsec parser of CSV files that plays nicely with Cassava (csv, library, mit, parsing, text, web)2024-02-282.1.1jsl, stackbuilders, sestrella, wild_willy
cassette40.01A combinator library for simultaneously defining parsers and pretty printers. (bsd3, library, parsing, text)2012-03-190.1.0MathieuBoespflug
cereal3692.25451A binary serialization library (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2022-08-, ThomasDuBuisson, TrevorElliott
cereal-ieee754 (deprecated in favor of cereal)70.01Floating point support for the 'cereal' serialization library (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, parsing)2011-08-310.1JacobStanley
cereal-io-streams80.01io-streams support for the cereal binary serialization library (bsd3, data, io-streams, library, parsing)2016-07-
cereal-streams (deprecated in favor of wire-streams)50.01Use cereal to encode/decode io-streams. (bsd3, data, deprecated, io-streams, library, parsing)2016-07-
check-cfg-ambiguity130.00Checks context free grammar for ambiguity using brute force up to given limit (bsd3, library, parsing)2023-01-
chronos1202.023A high-performance time library (bsd3, data, development, library, parsing, time)2024-02-, chessai, l3c_amartin
cmark-patterns50.01Pattern synonyms for cmark (bsd3, library, parsing, text)2017-08-
codec-libevent (deprecated)100.02Cross-platform structure serialisation (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, parsing, program)2008-01-270.1.2AdamLangley
commander-cli842.00A command line argument/option parser library (cli, library, mit, options, parsing, program, system)2023-01-
comparse62.00A highly generic parser combinators library. (bsd3, library, parsing)2022-01-
concrete-relaxng-parser70.01A parser driven by a standard RELAX NG schema with concrete syntax extensions. (parsing, program, xml)2012-08-230.1.1MarioBlazevic
conf62.01Parser for Haskell-based configuration files. (bsd3, configuration, library, parsing)2015-07-
construct370.00Haskell version of the Construct library for easy specification of file formats (bsd3, data, library, parsing, serialization)2023-12-
cooklang-hs52.00Parser for the Cook markup language (library, mit, parsing, program)2023-12-270.1.1isaacvando
cron1102.06Cron datatypes and Attoparsec parser (library, mit, parsing, system, text)2024-01-210.7.1MichaelXavier
cron-compat (deprecated in favor of cron)60.01Cron datatypes and Attoparsec parser (deprecated, library, mit, parsing, system, text)2015-06-090.2.6andrewthad
crypto-pubkey-openssh230.03OpenSSH keys decoder/encoder (cryptography, library, mit, parsing)2015-01-210.2.7FedorGogolev
data-reify640.013Reify a recursive data structure into an explicit graph. (bsd3, data, language, library, parsing, reflection)2020-10-120.6.3AndyGill, ryanglscott
data-stm3290.00ARM SVD and CubeMX XML parser and pretty printer for STM32 family (bsd3, library, parsing, program)2018-02-
data-treify160.03Reify a recursive data structure into an explicit graph. (bsd3, data, language, library, parsing, reflection-)2014-03-180.3.4ConalElliott
derp170.02Derivative Parsing (bsd3, library, parsing)2012-03-280.1.6DavidDarais
descriptive610.01Self-describing consumers/parsers; forms, cmd-line args, JSON, etc. (bsd3, library, parsing)2018-08-310.9.5ChrisDone
diff-parse130.03A parser for diff file formats (agpl, library, parsing)2015-02-150.2.1mulby, vengefulpickle
docrecords60.01Vinyl-based records with hierarchical field names, default values and documentation (cli, data, json, library, mit, options, parsing, records)2019-10-
dtd-text100.02Parse and render XML DTDs (bsd3, data, library, parsing, text, xml)2014-01-, M15K
ebnf-bff70.00Parser combinators & EBNF, BFFs! (ebnf, library, metalanguage, mit, parsing, program, text)2015-09-
emacs-keys50.01library to parse emacs style keybinding into the modifiers and the chars (library, parsing)2015-07-
expat-enumerator (deprecated)110.01Enumerator-based API for Expat (deprecated, enumerator, library, mit, parsing, text, xml)2010-12-
expression-parser60.01Generalization of parsec's expression parser. (bsd3, library, parsing, text)2013-01-270.1SebastiaanVisser
extensions1560.01Parse Haskell Language Extensions (ghc, haskell, library, mpl, parsing)2024-04-, vrom911
faster-megaparsec140.00Speed up Megaparsec parsing when parsing succeeds (gpl, library, parsing)2022-11-
fastparser (deprecated)362.01A fast, but bare bones, bytestring parser combinators library. (bsd3, deprecated, library, parsing)2023-06-080.6.0SimonMarechal
fez-conf120.02Simple functions for loading config files (bsd3, library, parsing)2015-03-281.0.3DinoMorelli
fit120.01FIT file decoder (bsd3, data, fitness, library, parsing)2016-03-040.5.2mgiles
fixhs190.01FIX (co)parser (lgpl, library, parsing, program, protocol, text)2012-07-110.1.4ArvinMoezzi
flat1262.255Principled and efficient bit-oriented binary serialization. (bsd3, data, library, parsing, serialization)2022-11-070.6PasqualinoAssini
flatparse1290.09High-performance parsing from strict bytestrings (library, mit, parsing)2024-03-
flexible-numeric-parsers60.00Flexible numeric parsers for real-world programming languages. (library, mit, parsing)2021-08-
flight-igc130.01A parser for IGC files. (data, library, mpl, parsing)2018-09-111.0.0philderbeast
flight-kml110.01Parsing of pilot tracklogs dumped as KML. (data, flight, geography, gps, kml, library, mpl, parsing, xml)2018-09-111.0.1philderbeast
foscam-filename130.02Foscam File format (bsd3, data, file, library, parsing)2015-11-190.0.4TonyMorris
foscam-sort90.01Foscam File format (bsd3, data, file, library, parsing, program)2016-11-260.0.3TonyMorris
fuzzy-dates241.752Libary for parsing dates in strings in varied formats. (bsd3, library, parsing)2020-03-
fuzzy-parse150.00Tools for processing unstructured text data (library, mit, parsing, text)2020-07-
gather40.00An applicative for parsing unordered things, heterogenous sorting (bsd3, data, library, parsing, sorting)2020-05-
gcodehs120.00GCode processor (bsd3, library, parsing, program)2020-06-
getflag60.01Command-line parser. (library, mit, parsing)2010-05-221.0TroelsHenriksen
grammar-combinators240.01A parsing library of context-free grammar combinators. (library, parsing)2013-01-020.2.7DominiqueDevriese
grammatical-parsers770.03parsers that combine into grammars (bsd3, library, parsing, program, text)2023-06-250.7.1MarioBlazevic
harg162.00Haskell program configuration using higher kinded data (bsd3, cli, hkd, library, options, parsing, system)2021-03-
hascal250.01tiny calculator library and command-line program (console, library, math, parsing, program, tools, utility, utils)2017-02-273.0.1DagOdenhall, MekeorMelire
haskell-modbus130.01A cereal-based parser for the Modbus protocol (bsd3, data, library, network, parsing)2014-04-150.3.2JasonHickner
headed-megaparsec680.02More informative parser (library, megaparsec, mit, parsers, parsing)2023-12-
hextream150.00Streaming-friendly XML parsers (library, parsing, xml)2021-02-
hourglass-fuzzy-parsing82.01A small library for parsing more human friendly date/time formats. (bsd3, library, parsing, time)2015-07-
hsemail680.06Parsec parsers for the Internet Message format (e-mail) (bsd3, library, parsing)2024-02-022.2.2GwernBranwen, PeterSimons
hsemail-ns150.01Internet Message Parsers (bsd3, library, parsing)2017-12-111.7.7JoeFredette, phlummox
hslogger-reader100.00Parsing hslogger-produced logs. (bsd3, interfaces, library, parsing, program)2017-08-141.0.3alex_bates
hsmisc (deprecated)140.01A collection of miscellaneous modules (bsd3, deprecated, library, logging, monads, parsing)2015-06-291.2DinoMorelli
hspec-attoparsec280.01Utility functions for testing your attoparsec parsers with hspec (bsd3, library, parsing, testing)2015-03-
hspec-megaparsec850.04Utility functions for testing Megaparsec parsers with Hspec (bsd3, library, parsing, testing)2023-10-242.2.1mrkkrp
hspec-parsec160.00Hspec expectations for testing Parsec parsers (bsd3, library, parsing, testing)2019-08-230sjakobi
html-entities790.013A codec library for HTML-escaped text and HTML-entities (codecs, html, library, mit, parsing)2024-01-
html-tokenizer340.01An "attoparsec"-based HTML tokenizer (html, library, mit, parsing, xml)2018-02-050.6.4NikitaVolkov
inchworm270.01Simple parser combinators for lexical analysis. (library, mit, parsing)2019-01-
incremental-parser1330.05Generic parser library capable of providing partial results from partial input. (gpl, library, parsing)2023-12-190.5.1MarioBlazevic
indentation470.02Indentation sensitive parsing combinators for Parsec and Trifecta (bsd3, library, parsing)2018-10-060.3.3MichaelAdams, OmerAgacan, AlekseyKliger
indentation-core150.03Indentation sensitive parsing combinators core library (bsd3, library, parsing)2018-10-
indentation-parsec110.02Indentation sensitive parsing combinators for Parsec (bsd3, library, parsing)2018-10-
indentation-trifecta170.01Indentation sensitive parsing combinators for Trifecta (bsd3, library, parsing)2018-10-060.1.0AlekseyKliger
indents690.06indentation sensitive parser-combinators for parsec (bsd3, library, parsing, text)2019-10-, SamAnklesaria
infix90.01Infix expression re-parsing (for HsParser library) (library, parsing)2008-03-050.1.1GwernBranwen
input-parsers570.05Extension of the parsers library with more capability and efficiency (bsd3, library, parsing)2023-11-
iteratee-parsec170.01Package allowing parsec parser initeratee (data, library, mit, parsing)2010-11-280.0.6MaciejPiechotka
json-incremental-decoder90.01Incremental JSON parser with early termination and a declarative DSL (data, json, library, mit, parsing)2017-04-070.1.2NikitaVolkov
json-pointer160.03JSON Pointer parsing and interpretation utilities (data, json, library, mit, parsing)2019-01-
kangaroo110.01Binary parsing with random access. (bsd3, library, parsing)2010-02-230.4.0StephenTetley
lasercutter40.00A high-powered, single-pass tree parser. (bsd3, library, parsing)2022-09-
lex-applicative (deprecated)70.00See README for more info (bsd3, deprecated, library, parsing, text)2019-12-
libxml-enumerator (deprecated)220.01Enumerator-based API for libXML's SAX interface (deprecated, enumerator, library, mit, parsing, text, xml)2011-04-060.5JohnMillikin
libxml-sax510.05Bindings for the libXML2 SAX interface (foreign, library, mit, parsing, text, xml)2014-02-150.7.5StephenWeber
lispparser210.01Simple parser for LISP S-expressions (bsd3, library, parsing)2011-01-200.3.1EricKow
list-t-attoparsec150.01An "attoparsec" adapter for "list-t" (library, mit, parsing, streaming)2016-10-190.4.1NikitaVolkov
little-earley130.00Simple implementation of Earley parsing (library, mit, parsing)2021-05-
looksee120.00A simple text parser with decent errors (bsd3, library, parsing)2024-03-150.6.0ejconlon
looksee-trip40.00A simple text parser with decent errors (bsd3, library, parsing)2024-03-150.6.0ejconlon
machines-attoparsec140.00Parse machines streams with attoparsec parsers. (bsd3, control, data, enumerator, library, parsing, text)2019-01-310davean
makefile300.01Simple Makefile parser and generator (library, mit, parsing)2017-10-
megaparsec7082.75267Monadic parser combinators (bsd2, library, parsing)2023-11-039.6.1HerbertValerioRiedel, TikhonJelvis, mrkkrp
megaparsec-tests480.00Test utilities and the test suite of Megaparsec (bsd2, library, parsing)2023-11-039.6.1mrkkrp
mini290.00Minimal essentials (control, data, lenses, library, mit, parsing)2024-04-
mtlparse330.02parse library using mtl package (library, parsing)2015-01-
multiarg500.03Command lines for options that take multiple arguments (bsd3, console, library, parsing)2015-09-
netstring-enumerator (deprecated)60.01Enumerator-based netstring parsing (deprecated, enumerator, gpl, library, network, parsing)2012-10-200.1.1JohnMillikin
network-attoparsec190.03Utility functions for running a parser against a socket (library, mit, network, parsing)2015-03-150.12.2solatis
nextstep-plist40.01NextStep style plist parser and printer (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2012-09-300.0.1JanChristiansen
opentheory-parser250.03Stream parsers (library, mit, parsing)2015-10-191.160JoeHurd
optima430.02Simple command line interface arguments parser (cli, library, mit, options, parsing)2023-12-
optparse-applicative6213.0367Utilities and combinators for parsing command line options (bsd3, cli, library, options, parsing, system)2023-05-300.18.1.0PaoloCapriotti, huw
optparse-applicative-cmdline-util110.00Utility functions for working with optparse-applicative (agpl, cli, library, options, parsing, system)2024-03-180.2.1TonyZorman
optparse-applicative-simple200.01Simple command line interface arguments parser (cli, library, mit, options, parsing)2019-07-
optparse-enum110.00An enum-text based toolkit for optparse-applicative (bsd3, cli, library, options, parsing, system)2019-07-
optstream70.00Command line option parsing library with a twice applicative interface (bsd3, cli, library, options, parsing)2022-04-
papillon432.06packrat parser (bsd3, library, parsing, program)2019-10-
parco (deprecated in favor of parser-combinators)50.03Generalised parser combinators (bsd3, deprecated, library, parsing)2013-11-270.1TroelsHenriksen
parco-attoparsec (deprecated in favor of parser-combinators)60.01Generalised parser combinators - Attoparsec interface (bsd3, deprecated, library, parsing)2013-11-270.1TroelsHenriksen
parco-parsec (deprecated in favor of parser-combinators)50.01Generalised parser combinators - Parsec interface (bsd3, deprecated, library, parsing)2013-11-270.1TroelsHenriksen
parse-dimacs190.04DIMACS CNF parser library (bsd3, library, parsing)2012-10-011.3DenisBueno
parsec4492.75930Monadic parser combinators (bsd2, library, parsing)2023-10-, HerbertValerioRiedel, phadej
parsec-extra210.03Some miscellaneous basic string parsers. (bsd3, library, parsing)2016-11-
parsec-numbers690.06Utilities for parsing numbers from strings (bsd3, library, parsing)2014-09-050.1.0ChristianMaeder
parsec-numeric220.02Parsec combinators for parsing Haskell numeric types. (library, parsing)2017-01-
parsec-parsers (deprecated in favor of parsers)100.01Parsing instances for Parsec (bsd3, deprecated, library, parsing, text)2013-11-050.2DagOdenhall, EdwardKmett
parsec-permutation310.01Applicative permutation parser for Parsec intended as a replacement for Text.Parsec.Perm. (bsd3, library, parsing)2013-03-
parsec-trace90.01Add a hierarchical trace to Parsec parsers. (library, mit, parsing)2015-11-
parsec-utils70.01Utility functions and combinators for Text.Parsec (bsd3, library, parsing)2012-11-
parsec1430.03Portable monadic parser combinators (bsd3, library, parsing)2021-06-
parsec260.03Monadic parser combinators (bsd3, library, parsing)2015-11-171.0.1AntoineLatter
parsec3220.09Monadic parser combinators (bsd3, library, parsing)2015-02-
parsec3-numbers260.03Utilities for parsing numbers from Char sequences (bsd3, library, parsing)2014-09-050.1.0ChristianMaeder
parsek240.03Parallel Parsing Processes (gpl, library, parsing)2020-10-
parsely60.01 (bsd3, library, parsing)2007-07-150.1SamuelBronson
parser-combinators2580.069Lightweight package providing commonly useful parser combinators (bsd3, library, parsing)2021-02-061.3.0HerbertValerioRiedel, mrkkrp
parser-combinators-tests220.00Test suite of parser-combinators (bsd3, parsing)2021-02-061.3.0mrkkrp
parser-regex40.00Regex based parsers (bsd3, library, parsing)2024-03-
parser-unbiased-choice-monad-embedding130.00Parsing library with unbiased choice and support for embedding arbitrary monad (bsd3, library, parsing)2023-01-
parsers2732.2584Parsing combinators (bsd3, library, parsing, text)2022-05-070.12.11EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
parsers-megaparsec100.02`parsers` instances for Megaparsec (bsd3, library, parsing, text)2023-04-
parsimony (deprecated)120.02Monadic parser combinators derived from Parsec (bsd3, deprecated, library, parsing)2012-02-061.3IavorDiatchki
parsix240.01Parser combinators with slicing, error recovery, and syntax highlighting (bsd3, library, parsing)2020-03-
parsley342.251A fast parser combinator library backed by Typed Template Haskell (bsd3, library, parsing)2023-08-
parsley-core372.252A fast parser combinator library backed by Typed Template Haskell (bsd3, library, parsing)2023-08-
penn-treebank90.01Tools for manipulating the Penn TreeBank (bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, parsing)2009-06-
penntreebank-megaparsec50.00Parser combinators for trees in the Penn Treebank format (bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, parsing)2020-05-140.2.0twotrees12
permute (deprecated in favor of parser-combinators)60.03Generalised permutation parser combinator (bsd3, deprecated, library, parsing)2011-09-221.0TroelsHenriksen
persist290.04Minimal serialization library with focus on performance (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2020-05-
persist-state80.00Serialization library with state and leb128 encoding (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2020-06-
picoparsec162.01Fast combinator parsing for bytestrings and text (bsd3, library, parsing, text)2015-08-
pipes-parse592.033Parsing infrastructure for the pipes ecosystem (bsd3, control, library, parsing, pipes)2021-02-123.0.9GabrielGonzalez
polar-configfile160.01Fork of ConfigFile for Polar Game Engine (bsd3, game-engine, library, parsing)2016-08-
polyparse1950.018A variety of alternative parser combinator libraries. (library, parsing, text)2019-08-221.13MalcolmWallace, phadej
ponder50.01PEG parser combinator (library, mit, parsing)2014-03-060.0.1matt
postgresql-binary1950.011Encoders and decoders for the PostgreSQL's binary format (codecs, database, library, mit, parsing, postgresql)2024-01-
postgresql-syntax500.02PostgreSQL AST parsing and rendering (database, library, mit, parsing, postgresql)2023-12-
pro-source50.00Utilities for tracking source locations (library, mpl, parsing)2022-02-, Monoid_Mary
property-list360.03Apple property list parser (data, library, parsing, public-domain, xml)2015-06-
ptera80.01A parser generator (library, parsing)2023-09-
ptera-core80.02A parser generator (library, parsing)2023-09-
ptera-th170.00A parser generator (library, parsing)2023-09-
replace-attoparsec490.00Find, replace, split string patterns with Attoparsec parsers (instead of regex) (bsd2, library, parsing)2023-05-301.5.0.0JamesBrock, haskell_github_trust
replace-megaparsec890.03Find, replace, split string patterns with Megaparsec parsers (instead of regex) (bsd2, library, parsing)2023-05-301.5.0.1JamesBrock, haskell_github_trust
rere330.00Regular-expressions extended with fixpoints for context-free powers (bsd3, library, parsing)2023-10-310.2.0.1phadej
roman-numerals550.04Parsing and pretty printing of Roman numerals (bsd3, library, numerical, parsing)2014-11-
safecopy1652.062Binary serialization with version control. (data, library, parsing, public-domain)2021-04-, DavidFox, DavidHimmelstrup, DavidJohnson, JeremyShaw
safecopy-store160.02Binary serialization with version control. (data, library, parsing, public-domain)2017-12-210.9.6NCrashed
scanner520.05Fast non-backtracking incremental combinator parsing for bytestrings (bsd3, library, parsing)2019-09-180.3.1YurasShumovich
scanner-attoparsec50.01Inject attoparsec parser with backtracking into non-backtracking scanner (bsd3, library, parsing)2021-04-020.2YurasShumovich
sexp160.01S-Expression parsing/printing made fun and easy (gpl, language, library, parsing, program)2013-02-260.7AlexandruScvortov
simple-atom80.01Atom (or symbol) datatype for fast comparision and sorting. (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, data, library, parsing)2011-04-060.2ThomasSchilling
simple-parser440.00Simple parser combinators (bsd3, library, parsing)2022-12-060.12.1ejconlon
snack90.00Strict ByteString Parser Combinator (library, parsing, text)2022-07-
snail90.00A programming language with no semantics (library, mit, parsing)2023-09-
streaming-binary1590.02Streaming interface to binary. (bsd3, library, parsing, streaming)2017-05-310.3.0.1MathieuBoespflug
streamly2122.533Streaming, dataflow programming and declarative concurrency (array, bsd3, concurrency, dataflow, filesystem, library, list, logic, network, non-determinism, parsing, pipes, reactivity, streaming, streamly, time, unicode)2024-01-180.10.1harendra, pranaysashank, adithyaov
streamly-core722.012Streaming, parsers, arrays, serialization and more (array, bsd3, dataflow, library, list, logic, non-determinism, parsing, pipes, streaming, streamly, time)2024-01-180.2.2harendra, adithyaov
strptime480.05Efficient parsing of LocalTime using a binding to C's strptime, with some extra features (i.e. fractional seconds) (bsd3, data, library, parsing, system)2012-12-181.0.10EugeneKirpichov
substring-parser130.01Match / replace substrings with a parser combinators. (apache, library, parsing, text)2018-07-
subtitleParser210.02A parser for .srt and .sub files (bsd3, library, parsing, text)2013-03-260.5RubenAstudillo
supplemented110.01Early termination for monads (library, mit, parsing)2016-06-020.5.1NikitaVolkov
svg2q60.01Code generation tool for Quartz code from a SVG. (bsd3, parsing, program)2011-02-280.3.2JanGreve
symantic-cli240.01Symantics for parsing and documenting a CLI (cli, gpl, library, options, parsing, system)2019-10-
symantic-parser100.00Parser combinators statically optimized and staged via typed meta-programming (agpl, library, parsing)2021-08-310.2.1.20210803julm
syntactical100.01Distfix expression parsing library (bsd3, library, parsing)2010-07-230.1VoMinhThu
tconfig170.02Simple text configuration file parser library. (bsd3, library, parsing)2013-09-090.5.2AnthonyGrimes, MariusGhita
text-iso86012120.03Converting time to and from ISO 8601 text. (bsd3, library, parsing)2024-05-170.1.1phadej
text-lips90.01Monadic parsing combinator library with attention to locations (bsd3, library, parsing, text)2022-09-
time-parsers240.02Parsers for types in `time`. (bsd3, library, parsing)2023-03-190.2phadej
tlex210.03A lexer generator (library, parsing)2023-11-
tlex-core150.04A lexer generator (library, parsing)2023-09-
tlex-debug220.00Debug utilities for Tlex (library, parsing)2023-11-
tlex-encoding170.00Encoding plugin for Tlex (library, parsing)2023-11-
tlex-th230.00TemplateHaskell plugin for Tlex (library, parsing)2023-11-
tptp170.01Parser and pretty printer for the TPTP language (formal-methods, gpl, language, library, parsing, pretty-printer, theorem-provers)2021-01-
tree-sitter830.013Unstable bindings for the tree-sitter parsing library. (bsd3, library, parsing, tree-sitter)2022-04-, tclem, robrix, dcreager, aymannadeem, joshvera, maxbrunsfeld, rewinfrey, beka
trifecta4122.544A modern parser combinator library with convenient diagnostics (bsd3, diagnostics, library, logging, parsing, pretty-printer, text)2024-02-072.1.4EdwardKmett, EricMertens, quchen, ryanglscott
unparse-attoparsec40.00An attoparsec roundtrip (library, mit, parsing, text)2018-12-
utc130.01A pragmatic time and date library. (data, library, mit, parsing, time)2015-06-
utf (deprecated)50.00UTF-8 (bsd3, deprecated, library, parsing, text)2019-12-
uu-interleaved180.03An interleaving combinator for use with applicative style implementations. (applicative, control, library, mit, parsing, text)2018-08-, JeroenBransen
uu-parsinglib1590.018Fast, online, error-correcting, monadic, applicative, merging, permuting, interleaving, idiomatic parser combinators. (library, mit, parsercombinators, parsercombinators-parsing-text, parsing, parsing-text, text, text.parsercombinators, text.parsercombinators-parsing-text)2022-04-042.9.2DoaitseSwierstra, JeroenBransen
uu-tc130.02Haskell 98 parser combinators for INFOB3TC at Utrecht University (bsd3, library, parsing, text)2015-11-112015.1.1TrevorMcDonell, joaopizani
uu-tc-error70.00Haskell 98 parser combintors for INFOB3TC at Utrecht University (bsd3, library, parsing, text)2023-12-
uu-tc-error-error70.01utilities for parse errors (bsd2, library, parsing)2023-12-
uulib802.017Haskell Utrecht Tools Library (bsd3, library, parsing)2019-02-140.9.24ArieMiddelkoop, AtzeDijkstra, DoaitseSwierstra, JeroenBransen, PhilippHausmann
vcs-revision120.01Facilities for accessing the version control revision of the current directory. (bsd3, data, library, parsing, system)2014-05-160.0.2EugeneKirpichov
vflow-types40.00types for ingesting vflow data with aeson (bsd3, data, library, parsing, text, utility)2019-05-210.1chessai
weighted-regexp160.02Weighted Regular Expression Matcher (bsd3, library, parsing, text)2012-02-
winery640.03A compact, well-typed seralisation format for Haskell values (bsd3, codec, data, library, parsing, program, serialization)2022-05-311.4FumiakiKinoshita
wire-streams230.02Fast binary io-streams adapter. (bsd3, data, io-streams, library, parsing)2016-09-
xml-parsec50.04Parsing XML with Parsec (library, parsing)2008-11-151.0.3GwernBranwen, StephanFriedrichs
xml-query110.02A parser-agnostic declarative API for querying XML-documents (data, library, mit, parsing, xml)2021-06-
xml-query-xml-conduit90.01A binding for the "xml-query" and "xml-conduit" libraries (data, library, mit, parsing, xml)2016-04-040.3.1NikitaVolkov
xml-query-xml-types80.01An interpreter of "xml-query" queries for the "xml-types" documents (data, library, mit, parsing, xml)2016-04-040.4.1NikitaVolkov
yajl-enumerator (deprecated)240.01Enumerator-based interface to YAJL, an event-based JSON implementation (deprecated, enumerator, gpl, json, library, parsing, text)2012-10-280.4.1JohnMillikin
yoctoparsec160.01A truly tiny monadic parsing library (library, mit, parsing)2016-02-
zydiskell142.00Haskell language binding for the Zydis library, a x86/x86-64 disassembler. (disassembler, gpl, library, parsing, system)2020-11-