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Codec-Image-DevIL190.04An FFI interface to the DevIL library (bsd3, codecs, library)2017-06-220.2.4LukePalmer
HSoundFile (deprecated in favor of sndfile-enumerators)40.01Audio file reading/writing (bsd3, codecs, deprecated, library, sound)2008-05-040.2.2JohnLato
double-x-encoding90.00Encoding scheme to encode any Unicode string with only [0-9a-zA-Z_] (ascii, codec, codecs, decoding, encoding, graphql, library, unicode)2024-04-151.2.1adrian
html-entities770.013A codec library for HTML-escaped text and HTML-entities (codecs, html, library, mit, parsing)2024-01-
json-bytes-builder (deprecated in favor of jsonifier)260.02Direct-to-bytes JSON Builder (codecs, deprecated, json, library, mit)2020-09-
pngload50.01Pure Haskell loader for PNG images (bsd3, codecs, library)2008-06-020.1MarkoLauronen
pngload-fixed60.01Pure Haskell loader for PNG images (bsd3, codecs, library)2014-07-221.0RobAgar
postgresql-binary2660.011Encoders and decoders for the PostgreSQL's binary format (codecs, database, library, mit, parsing, postgresql)2024-06-240.14NikitaVolkov
url-decoders60.01Decoders for URL-encoding (aka Percent-encoding) (codecs, library, mit, web)2018-07-270.2.1NikitaVolkov