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airgql372.01Automatically generate a GraphQL API for an SQLite database (agpl, cli-tool, database, graphql, library, program, servant, sql, sqlite, web)2024-06-
double-x-encoding210.00Encoding scheme to encode any Unicode string with only [0-9a-zA-Z_] (ascii, codec, codecs, decoding, encoding, graphql, library, unicode)2024-04-151.2.1adrian
graphql-client250.00A client for Haskell programs to query a GraphQL API (bsd3, graphql, library, program)2024-01-091.2.4brandonchinn178
graphql-utils50.00GraphQL Utils (bsd3, data, graphql, library, utils)2020-09-
morpheus-graphql1742.50Morpheus GraphQL (graphql, library, mit, web)2024-06-100.28.1nalchevanidze
morpheus-graphql-app1280.03Morpheus GraphQL App (graphql, library, mit, web)2024-06-100.28.1nalchevanidze
morpheus-graphql-cli30.00Morpheus GraphQL CLI (bsd3, cli, graphql, program, web)2019-11-010.1.0nalchevanidze
morpheus-graphql-client1182.250Morpheus GraphQL Client (client, graphql, library, mit, web)2024-06-100.28.1nalchevanidze
morpheus-graphql-code-gen1250.02Morpheus GraphQL CLI (bsd3, cli, graphql, library, program, web)2024-06-100.28.1nalchevanidze
morpheus-graphql-code-gen-utils970.02Morpheus GraphQL CLI (bsd3, cli, graphql, library, web)2024-06-100.28.1nalchevanidze
morpheus-graphql-core1472.07Morpheus GraphQL Core (graphql, library, mit, web)2024-06-100.28.1nalchevanidze
morpheus-graphql-server970.02Morpheus GraphQL (graphql, library, mit, web)2024-06-100.28.1nalchevanidze
morpheus-graphql-subscriptions1090.01Morpheus GraphQL Subscriptions (graphql, library, mit, subscriptions, web)2024-06-100.28.1nalchevanidze
morpheus-graphql-tests1070.00Morpheus GraphQL Test (graphql, library, mit, test, web)2024-06-100.28.1nalchevanidze