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HsOpenSSL-x509-system550.0Use the system's native CA certificate store with HsOpenSSL (bsd3, filesystem, library, system)2020-08-23MariosTitas
btrfs250.0Bindings to the btrfs API (bsd3, filesystem, library, system)2018-10-25MariosTitas
conduit-vfs50.0Virtual file system for Conduit; disk, pure, and in-memory impls. (bsd3, conduit, filesystem, io, library)2019-06-12RobertFischer
conduit-vfs-zip20.0Zip archive interface for the Conduit Virtual File System. (bsd3, compression, conduit, filesystem, io, library, zip)2019-06-12RobertFischer
definitive-filesystem20.0A library that enable you to interact with the filesystem in a definitive way. (filesystem, library)2014-07-13MarcCoiffier
disk-free-space600.0Retrieve information about disk space usage (bsd3, filesystem, library, system)2015-01-05MariosTitas
fileneglect (deprecated in favor of follow-file)70.0Block thread until a file stops being modified (bsd3, deprecated, filesystem, library)2016-10-01athanclark
follow-file290.0Be notified when a file gets appended, solely with what was added. Warning - only works on linux and for files that are strictly appended, like log files. (bsd3, filesystem, library, program)2018-11-27athanclark
fsnotify3522.0Cross platform library for file change notification. (bsd3, filesystem, library, program)2022-10-17GregWeber, MarkDittmer, RaphaelJavaux, RomanCheplyaka, thomasjm
fswatch220.0File System watching tool with cli and slave functionalities. (bsd3, filesystem, library, program)2018-12-13kelemzol
hpath252.0Support for well-typed paths (bsd3, filesystem)2021-03-08maerwald
hpath-directory150.0Alternative to 'directory' package with ByteString based filepaths (bsd3, filesystem)2021-08-16maerwald
hpath-filepath142.0ByteString based filepath manipulation (bsd3, filesystem)2020-01-26maerwald
hpath-io122.0High-level IO operations on files/directories (bsd3, filesystem)2021-03-08maerwald
hpath-posix170.0Some low-level POSIX glue code, that is not in 'unix' (bsd3, filesystem)2021-03-08maerwald
linux-file-extents120.0Retrieve file fragmentation information under Linux (bsd3, ffi, filesystem, library, system)2014-02-26MariosTitas
memfd82.0Open temporary anonymous Linux file handles (apache, filesystem, library, linux)2022-06-13chris_martin, Monoid_Mary
partly40.0Inspect, create, and alter MBRs. (bsd3, filesystem, library, program, system)2012-12-11TimDixon
path1702.0Support for well-typed paths (bsd3, filesystem, library, system)2021-12-27ChrisDone, danilo2, Norfair, mrkkrp, joehillen, sjakobi
path-binary-instance150.0Binary instance for Path. (filesystem, library, mit)2020-08-28locallycompact
path-dhall-instance90.0ToDhall and FromDhall instances for Path. (filesystem, library, mit)2020-10-11locallycompact
path-extensions100.0Enumeration of common filetype extensions for use with the path library. (filesystem, library, mit)2020-07-07locallycompact
path-extra220.0URLs without host information (bsd3, filesystem, library, system, web)2018-04-11athanclark
path-io1852.0Interface to ‘directory’ package for users of ‘path’ (bsd3, filesystem, library, system)2022-02-13mrkkrp
path-like110.0PathLike, FileLike and DirLike type classes for the Path library. (filesystem, library, mit)2020-08-28locallycompact
path-text-utf8202.5Read and write UTF-8 text files (apache, filesystem, library, text)2022-03-15chris_martin
path-utils100.0Handful of simple utility functions for the path library. (filesystem, library, mit)2020-09-28locallycompact
plan-b (deprecated)40.0Failure-tolerant file and directory editing (bsd3, deprecated, filesystem, library, system)2017-05-23mrkkrp
shikensu280.0Run a sequence of functions on in-memory representations of files (filesystem, library, mit)2022-01-09icidasset
streamly2292.5Dataflow programming and declarative concurrency (array, bsd3, concurrency, dataflow, filesystem, library, list, logic, network, non-determinism, parsing, pipes, reactivity, streaming, streamly, time, unicode)2022-09-13harendra, pranaysashank, adithyaov
streamly-examples42.0Examples for Streamly (apache, concurrency, filesystem, network, program, reactivity, streaming, streamly, text)2022-03-07harendra, adithyaov
strong-path182.0Strongly typed paths in Haskell. (filepath, filesystem, library, mit, system)2022-03-17Martinsos
unionmount50.0Union mount filesystem paths into Haskell datastructures (filesystem, library, mit)2022-04-03sridca
unix-recursive10.0Fast and flexible primitives for recursive file system IO on Posix systems (bsd3, filesystem, library, system)2021-02-21MarekFajkus
within130.0A value within another path. (filesystem, library, mit)2020-08-28locallycompact