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ConClusion232.00Cluster algorithms, PCA, and chemical conformere analysis (agpl, chemistry, library, program, statistics)2023-09-070.2.2phillipseeber
hall-symbols131.51Symmetry operations generater of Hall Symbols (bsd3, chemistry, library)2020-07-
isotope140.01Isotopic masses and relative abundances. (chemistry, gpl, library)2017-04-
matrix-as-xyz290.03Read and Display Jones-Faithful notation for spacegroup and planegroup (bsd3, chemistry, library)2020-08-
radium400.01Chemistry (bsd3, chemistry, library)2017-10-230.9.0klangner
radium-formula-parser (deprecated in favor of radium)60.01Chemistry (bsd3, chemistry, deprecated, library)2014-09-270.2klangner
science-constants100.02Mathematical/physical/chemical constants (bsd3, chemistry, library, math, physics, science)2020-01-
science-constants-dimensional200.01Mathematical/physical/chemical constants (bsd3, chemistry, library, math, physics, science)2020-01-
seitz-symbol60.00Read and Display Seitz Symbol (chemistry, library, mit)2020-08-
significant-figures40.00Calculate expressions involving significant figures. (chemistry, gpl, library, math, program)2022-10-
symmetry-operations-symbols230.01Derivation of symbols and coordinate triplets Library (bsd3, chemistry, library)2020-08-