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HQu62.00quantitative finance library (finance, library, math, mit)2021-07-
LetsBeRational100.00European option implied vol calculation (finance, library, math, mit, numeric, quant)2021-12-
UMM10.01A small command-line accounting tool (finance, program)2010-09-250.3.1UweHollerbach
ally-invest20.00Ally Invest integration library (bsd3, finance, library)2020-08-300.1.0.0VladLevenfeld
bgmax40.01Parse BgMax-files (bsd3, finance, library)2019-05-
binance-exports102.00Generate CSV Exports of your Binance Trade History. (bsd3, console, finance, library, program, web)2022-03-
bitcoin-api62.02Provides access to the RPC API of Bitcoin Core (finance, library, mit, network)2015-06-090.12.1solatis
bitcoin-api-extra20.01Higher level constructs on top of the bitcoin-api package (finance, library, mit, network)2015-05-140.9.1solatis
bitcoin-block40.02Utility functions for manipulating bitcoin blocks (finance, library, mit, network)2015-05-110.13.1solatis
bitcoin-payment-channel12.01Instant, two-party Bitcoin payments (bitcoin, finance, library, network)2017-07-
bitcoin-script70.05Compilation, manipulation and decompilation of Bitcoin scripts (finance, library, mit, network)2015-05-110.11.1solatis
bitcoin-tx20.04Utility functions for manipulating bitcoin transactions (finance, library, mit, network)2015-05-110.13.1solatis
bitcoin-types50.03Provides consistent low-level types used commonly among Bitcoin implementations (finance, library, mit, network)2015-05-100.9.2solatis
bitx-bitcoin41.51A Haskell library for working with the BitX bitcoin exchange. (bitcoin, bsd3, finance, library, web)2017-12-
bnb-staking-csvs52.00Generate CSV Exports of Your BNB Staking Rewards. (bsd3, console, finance, library, program, web)2022-02-
btc-lsp10.00Lightning service provider (bitcoin, bsd3, finance, library, lightning, network, payments, program)2022-07-
buchhaltung70.01Automates most of your plain text accounting data entry in ledger format. (finance, library, mit, program)2018-02-040.0.7johannesgerer
coinbase-pro182.00Client for Coinbase Pro (finance, library, mit, program, web)2022-12-
cointracking-imports72.02Generate CSV & XLSX files for importing into CoinTracking. (bsd3, finance, library, web)2022-10-
commodities10.01Library for working with commoditized amounts and price histories (bsd3, finance, library)2017-01-
cryptoconditions50.01Interledger Crypto-Conditions (bsd3, crypto, finance, library, network)2020-03-260.2.5ssadler
dollaridoos50.01A newtype for monetary values (bsd3, finance, library)2017-09-
electrs-client00.00Electrs client library for Haskell (bitcoin, bsd3, electrs, finance, library, network, payments)2022-07-
eths-rlp60.01Ethereum Recursive Length Prefix Encoding (contracts, data, ethereum, finance, library, mit, network)2016-12-
eurofxref50.01Free foreign exchange/currency feed from the European Central Bank (bsd3, finance, library)2013-02-060.2.1StephenBlackheath
evm-opcodes102.00Opcode types for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) (ethereum, finance, library, mit, network)2022-09-130.1.2sshine
forex2ledger12.00Print Forex quotes in Ledger format (agpl, finance, library, program)2021-07-
gemini-exports130.00Generate CSV Exports of Your Gemini Trades, Transfers, & Earn Transactions (bsd3, console, finance, library, program, web)2022-04-
haskoin (deprecated in favor of haskoin-core)30.01Implementation of the Bitcoin protocol. (bitcoin, deprecated, finance, library, network, public-domain)2014-08-
haskoin-core240.014Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash library for Haskell (bitcoin, finance, library, mit, network, public-domain)2022-04-130.21.2PhilippeLaprade, wraithm, runeks, jprupp
haskoin-crypto (deprecated in favor of haskoin)20.04Implementation of Bitcoin cryptographic primitives. (bitcoin, deprecated, finance, library, network, public-domain)2013-12-
haskoin-node130.02P2P library for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (bitcoin, finance, library, mit, network, public-domain)2022-07-270.18.1PhilippeLaprade, runeks, jprupp
haskoin-protocol (deprecated in favor of haskoin)10.03Implementation of the Bitcoin network protocol messages (bitcoin, deprecated, finance, library, network, public-domain)2013-12-
haskoin-script (deprecated in favor of haskoin)20.02Implementation of Bitcoin script parsing and evaluation (bitcoin, deprecated, finance, library, network, public-domain)2013-12-180.0.1PhilippeLaprade
haskoin-store120.00Storage and index for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (bitcoin, finance, library, mit, network, program)2022-09-190.65.5jprupp
haskoin-store-data240.01Data for Haskoin Store (bitcoin, finance, library, mit, network)2022-09-190.65.5jprupp
haskoin-util (deprecated in favor of haskoin)50.05Utility functions for the Network.Haskoin project (bitcoin, deprecated, finance, library, network, public-domain)2013-12-
haskoin-wallet50.01Implementation of a Bitcoin SPV Wallet with BIP32 and multisig support. (bitcoin, finance, library, network, public-domain)2017-05-040.4.2PhilippeLaprade, runeks, jprupp
haslo60.01Loan calculator engine. (bsd3, finance, library, program)2012-09-270.1.3BartoszWojcik
haspara30.00A library providing definitions to work with monetary values. (finance, library, mit)2022-11-
hax00.01Haskell cash-flow and tax simulation (finance, library, mit, program)2017-01-250.0.2johannesgerer
hledger1482.53Command-line interface for the hledger accounting system (console, finance, gpl, library, program)2023-03-171.28SimonMichael
hledger-api (deprecated in favor of hledger-web)00.01Web API server for the hledger accounting tool (deprecated, finance, gpl, program)2019-03-021.14SimonMichael
hledger-chart (deprecated in favor of hledger-web)00.01A pie chart image generator for the hledger accounting tool. (deprecated, finance, program)2011-10-050.16.1SimonMichael
hledger-diff30.01Compares the transactions in two ledger files. (console, finance, gpl, program)2018-05-
hledger-flow120.00An hledger workflow focusing on automated statement import and classification. (console, finance, gpl, library, program)2021-06-240.14.4apauley
hledger-iadd230.00A terminal UI as drop-in replacement for hledger add (bsd3, console, finance, library, program)2022-03-151.3.17hpdeifel
hledger-interest220.01computes interest for a given account (bsd3, finance, program)2023-01-161.6.4PeterSimons
hledger-irr (deprecated in favor of hledger)20.01computes the internal rate of return of an investment (bsd3, deprecated, finance, program)2019-10-
hledger-lib1310.07A reusable library providing the core functionality of hledger (finance, gpl, library)2023-03-171.28SimonMichael
hledger-makeitso (deprecated in favor of hledger-flow)10.00An hledger workflow focusing on automated statement import and classification. (console, deprecated, finance, gpl, library, program)2019-04-
hledger-stockquotes162.00Generate HLedger Price Directives From Daily Stock Quotes. (bsd3, console, finance, library, program)2022-06-
hledger-ui960.01Curses-style terminal interface for the hledger accounting system (console, finance, gpl)2023-03-171.28SimonMichael
hledger-vty (deprecated in favor of hledger-web)50.01A curses-style console interface for the hledger accounting tool. (deprecated, finance, program)2011-10-050.16.1SimonMichael
hledger-web980.01Web-based user interface for the hledger accounting system (finance, gpl, library)2023-03-171.28SimonMichael
hq (deprecated in favor of HQu)132.00Quantitative Library (bsd3, deprecated, finance, library)2021-07-
hquantlib10.01HQuantLib is a port of essencial parts of QuantLib to Haskell (finance, library, program)2022-03-310.0.5.1PavelRyzhov
hquantlib-time30.01HQuantLib Time is a business calendar functions extracted from HQuantLib (finance, library)2023-02-
hstradeking20.01Tradeking API bindings for Haskell (bsd3, finance, library, program)2014-03-120.1.0TravisAthougies
iban10.01Validate and generate IBANs (bsd3, finance, library)2015-11-, jv
lendingclub00.01Bindings for the LendingClub marketplace API (bsd3, finance, library)2015-04-100.1.1wraithm
lnd-client00.01Lightning Network Daemon (LND) client library for Haskell (bitcoin, bsd3, finance, library, lightning, network, payments, program)2022-07-
money30.01Money (finance, library, mit)2016-11-230.1.0jpvillaisaza
netrium80.00Contract normaliser and simulator (finance, library, mit, program)2018-02-010.6.0abrar
ofx140.03Parser for OFX data (bsd3, finance, library, program)2019-10-
open-symbology70.01 (bsd3, finance, library)2015-09-100.1sseveran
penny40.01Extensible double-entry accounting system (bsd3, console, finance, library)2014-04-
penny-bin (deprecated in favor of penny)60.01Deprecated - use penny package instead (bsd3, console, deprecated, finance)2013-08-
penny-lib (deprecated in favor of penny)30.01Deprecated - use penny package instead (bsd3, console, deprecated, finance)2013-08-
pgstream (deprecated)10.01Streaming Postgres bindings (bsd3, deprecated, finance, library)2015-05-
prosper10.01Bindings to the Prosper marketplace API (bsd3, finance, library)2015-04-100.1.1wraithm
qif20.01A simple QIF file format parser / printer (bsd3, finance, library)2017-01-311.1.1AdamWick
quantfin10.01Quant finance library in pure Haskell. (bsd3, finance, library, program)2015-06-
rabocsv2qif40.01A library and program to create QIF files from Rabobank CSV exports. (finance, library, program)2017-01-092.0.0SanderVenema
simfin20.00A library to fetch and parse financial data from the SimFin(+) API. (finance, library, mit, program, web)2022-05-211.0.0414owen
solana-staking-csvs62.00Generate CSV Exports of your Solana Staking Rewards. (bsd3, console, finance, library, program, web)2022-02-
tax30.01Types and combinators for taxes (agpl, finance, library)2018-08-
tax-ato100.00Tax types and computations for Australia (agpl, finance, library)2023-03-162022.1frasertweedale
tinkoff-invest-sdk60.00gRPC based SDK for Tinkoff Invest API V2 (finance, library, mit)2023-01-
tsparse20.01Parses U.S. federal Thrift Savings Plan PDF quarterly statements (bsd3, finance, library)2013-07-310.4.0.0OmariNorman