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ats-format650.02A source-code formatter for ATS (ats, bsd3, development, language, parser, program)2019-11-300.2.0.36vmchale
binary-parser930.06An efficient but limited parser API specialised to bytestrings (binary, library, mit, parser)2024-01-
conditional-restriction-parser30.00Parser and interpreter of OpenStreetMap conditional restriction values (agpl, library, parser, program)2022-09-
descrilo170.01Loads a list of items with fields (configuration, data, gpl, library, parser)2018-11-
egison-pattern-src130.04Manipulating Egison patterns: abstract syntax, parser, and pretty-printer (bsd3, language, library, parser, pretty-printer)2020-11-, coord_e, momohatt
egison-pattern-src-haskell-mode70.01Parser and pretty printer for Egison pattern expressions in Haskell source code (bsd3, language, library, parser, pretty-printer)2020-11-, coord_e, momohatt
egison-pattern-src-th-mode110.02Parser and pretty printer for Egison pattern expressions to use with TH (bsd3, language, library, parser, pretty-printer, template-haskell)2020-11-, coord_e, momohatt
fix-parser-simple (deprecated)70.01Simple fix-expression parser (deprecated, library, parser)2011-12-1215320.3
hs-logo130.01Logo interpreter written in Haskell (bsd3, parser, program)2012-05-130.5.1DeepakJois
htoml280.07Parser for TOML files (bsd3, configuration, data, json, language, library, parser, text)2016-11-
hw-parser290.06Simple parser support (bsd3, data, library, parser)2020-04-, haskellworks
language-ats1902.04Parser and pretty-printer for ATS. (ats, bsd3, language, lexer, library, parser, pretty-printer)2021-01-
list-t-html-parser200.01Streaming HTML parser (html, library, mit, parser, streaming)2016-10-190.4.2NikitaVolkov
megalisp40.00lisp parser using mega-parsec (bsd3, library, parser)2020-06-140.0.1KristofBastiaensen
pangraph150.02A set of parsers for graph languages and conversions to graph libaries. (bsd3, data-structures, graphs, library, parser)2018-10-050.2.1thisiswhereitype
parse52.00Simple way to parse strings with Python-like format strings. (bsd3, library, parser)2021-12-
parser241120.01An interface to create production rules using augmented grammars (bsd3, library, parser)2015-10-
pipes-aeson590.06Encode and decode JSON streams using Aeson and Pipes. (bsd3, library, parser, pipes)2024-02-230.4.2RenzoCarbonara
pipes-attoparsec650.022Attoparsec and Pipes integration. (bsd3, library, parser, pipes)2023-05-020.6.0PaoloCapriotti, RenzoCarbonara
platinum-parsing50.00General Framework for compiler development. (bsd3, cli, compilation, compiler, framework, lalr, lexer, library, parser, program)2017-07-
record-syntax100.00A library for parsing and processing the Haskell syntax sprinkled with anonymous records (library, mit, parser, preprocessor, records, syntax)2016-10-240.1.1NikitaVolkov
scotty-params-parser100.01HTTP-request's query parameters parser abstraction for "scotty" (library, mit, parser, web)2016-06-
stompl360.04Stomp Parser and Utilities (library, message-oriented-middleware, network, parser, stomp)2020-12-270.6.0TobiasSchoofs
timerep620.022Parse and display time according to some RFCs (RFC3339, RFC2822, RFC822) (bsd3, library, parser, text, time, web)2022-06-, koral
tokenify60.01A regex lexer (library, mit, parser)2015-05-
waargonaut682.52JSON wrangling (bsd3, json, library, parser, web)2021-01-, qfpl, topos
wkt-types180.00A library for working with .wkt files. (bsd3, geometry, gis, library, ogc, parser, well-known-text, wkt)2024-07-
xeno800.07A fast event-based XML parser in pure Haskell (bsd3, library, parser, xml)2022-08-290.6ChrisDone, MichalGajda, ocramz
xls180.00Parse Microsoft Excel xls files (BIFF/Excel 97-2004) (bsd3, codec, data, library, parser, program, spreadsheet)2020-05-300.1.3harendra, olf
yaml-unscrambler470.01Flexible declarative YAML parsing toolkit (library, mit, parser, parsers, yaml)2024-01-