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Elm (deprecated in favor of elm-compiler)610.0The Elm language module. (bsd3, compiler, deprecated, language, library, program)2014-09-22EvanCzaplicki
KiCS170.0A compiler from Curry to Haskell (compiler, library, program)2012-07-02BerndBrassel, BjoernPeemoeller, CurryLanguage
ajhc152.0Haskell compiler that produce binary through C language (compiler, gpl, library, program)2013-12-18KiwamuOkabe
alpha490.0A compiler for the Alpha language (bsd3, compiler, program)2013-01-01MarcCoiffier
annah10.0Medium-level language that desugars to Morte (bsd3, compiler, library, program)2016-04-24GabrielGonzalez
binaryen290.0Haskell bindings to binaryen (bsd3, compiler, library)2021-01-11MathieuBoespflug, terrorjack
bond220.0Bond schema compiler and code generator (code-generation, compiler, language, library, mit, program)2020-05-27sapek, chwarr, eduardo
cao40.0CAO Compiler (compiler, cryptography, language, program)2014-04-07paufil, tfaoliveira, mbbarbosa
circ70.0A Compiler IR Compiler. (bsd3, compiler, language, library)2012-08-01TomHawkins
core-compiler60.0compile your own mini functional language with Core (compiler, language, library, mit, program)2017-08-06aneksteind
datafix50.0Fixing data-flow problems (compiler, library, program)2020-03-28sgraf812
dataflow260.0Generate Graphviz documents from a Haskell representation. (bsd3, code-generation, compiler, graphs, library, program)2015-08-26owickstrom
dhall2742.75A configuration language guaranteed to terminate (bsd3, compiler, library, program)2022-08-15GabrielGonzalez, sjakobi
dhall-bash1030.0Compile Dhall to Bash (bsd3, compiler, library, program)2022-02-22GabrielGonzalez, sjakobi
dhall-csv70.0Convert bidirectionally between Dhall and CSV files. (bsd3, compiler, library, program)2022-08-15GabrielGonzalez
dhall-docs300.0Generate HTML docs from a dhall package (bsd3, compiler, library, program)2022-08-15GabrielGonzalez, sjakobi
dhall-json1462.0Convert between Dhall and JSON or YAML (bsd3, compiler, library, program)2022-08-15GabrielGonzalez, sjakobi
dhall-nix710.0Dhall to Nix compiler (bsd3, compiler)2022-08-15GabrielGonzalez, sjakobi
dhall-openapi70.0Convert an OpenAPI specification to a Dhall package (bsd3, compiler, library, program)2022-08-15GabrielGonzalez
dhall-text (deprecated in favor of dhall)240.0Template text using Dhall (bsd3, compiler, deprecated, program)2019-06-07GabrielGonzalez
dhall-text-shell40.0Render dhall text with shell commands as function arguments (compiler, library, mit, program)2022-05-01jle
dhall-toml40.0Convert between Dhall and TOML (bsd3, compiler, library, program)2022-02-22GabrielGonzalez
dhall-yaml850.0Convert between Dhall and YAML (compiler, gpl, library, program)2022-08-15GabrielGonzalez, HerbertValerioRiedel, sjakobi
elm-bridge862.0Derive Elm types and Json code from Haskell types, using aeson's options (bsd3, compiler, language, library, web)2022-11-07AlexanderThiemann, SimonMarechal
elm-build-lib (deprecated)80.0Compile Elm code to JS within Haskell (bsd3, compiler, deprecated, language, library)2014-12-13jeremondi
elm-compiler (deprecated)112.0Values to help with elm-package, elm-make, and (bsd3, compiler, deprecated, language, library, program)2015-04-20EvanCzaplicki
elm-core-sources110.0Source files for the Elm runtime and standard libraries (bsd3, compiler, language, library)2014-12-11jeremondi
elm-reactor (deprecated)120.0Interactive development tool for Elm programs (bsd3, compiler, deprecated, language, program)2015-04-20EvanCzaplicki
elm-server (deprecated in favor of elm-reactor)330.0Server for developing Elm projects (bsd3, compiler, deprecated, language, program)2014-05-20EvanCzaplicki
elm-street270.0Crossing the road between Haskell and Elm (compiler, elm, language, library, mpl, program)2022-03-29shersh, vrom911, HolmuskTechTeam
elm-syntax210.0Elm syntax and pretty-printing (bsd3, compiler, elm, language, library)2021-10-27OliverCharles, OlleFredriksson, GeorgeThomas
feldspar-compiler210.0Compiler for the Feldspar language (bsd3, compiler, library)2014-06-01AndersPersson, EmilAxelsson
flite50.0f-lite compiler, interpreter and libraries (bsd3, compiler, library)2009-11-17JasonReich
flp20.0A layout spec language for memory managers implemented in Rust. (compiler, library, mit, program)2020-01-27KarlCronburg
formal20.0A statically typed, functional programming language (compiler, mit, program)2012-11-12AndrewStein
forml70.0A statically typed, functional programming language (compiler, mit, program)2013-01-14AndrewStein
gf590.0Grammatical Framework (compiler, library, natural-language-processing, program)2021-08-12JohnCamilleri, KrasimirAngelov, ThomasHallgren, inariksit
gibbon30.0A compiler for operating on serialized trees. (bsd3, compiler, program)2021-09-06ckoparkar
gotyno-hs140.0A type definition compiler supporting multiple output languages. (bsd2, compiler, library, program)2021-08-05gonz
hackager150.0Hackage testing tool (bsd3, compiler, ghc, program, testing)2015-11-20DavidTerei
haskell-to-elm220.0Generate Elm types and JSON encoders and decoders from Haskell types (bsd3, compiler, elm, language, library)2021-03-09OlleFredriksson
haskelm170.0Elm to Haskell translation (bsd3, compiler, language, library, program)2014-03-25jeremondi
haste-compiler990.0Haskell To ECMAScript compiler (bsd3, compiler, javascript, program, web)2017-09-08AntonEkblad
hcc50.0A toy C compiler. (bsd3, compiler, program)2009-11-20TomHawkins
helium90.0The Helium Compiler. (compiler, library, program)2015-04-14AlejandroSerrano, JurriaanHage
hgom60.0An haskell port of the java version of gom (compiler, program)2010-03-04PaulBrauner
hs2bf30.0Haskell to Brainfuck compiler (bsd3, compiler, program)2010-11-20DaikiHanda
jsonnet50.0Jsonnet implementaton in pure Haskell (bsd3, compiler, library, program)2021-05-31moleike
lambda2js41.5Untyped Lambda calculus to JavaScript compiler (compiler, gpl, program)2015-09-27MatejKollar
lambdacube-compiler70.0LambdaCube 3D is a DSL to program GPUs (bsd3, compiler, graphics, library)2016-11-29CsabaHruska
lazyboy10.0An EDSL for programming the Game Boy. (bsd3, compiler, dsl, library)2019-06-04rose
lhc120.0LHC Haskell Compiler (compiler, public-domain)2010-05-24AustinSeipp, DavidHimmelstrup
maxsharing40.0Maximal sharing of terms in the lambda calculus with letrec (bsd3, compiler, graphs, program)2016-10-17JanRochel
microc40.0microc compiler (bsd3, compiler, library, program)2017-11-06hurou927
miv00.0Vim plugin manager written in Haskell (compiler, mit, program)2021-01-17itchyny
morloc00.0A multi-lingual, typed, workflow language (code-generation, compiler, gpl, language, library, program)2020-11-06arendsee
morte382.25A bare-bones calculus of constructions (bsd3, compiler, library, program)2019-11-03GabrielGonzalez
ntha60.0A tiny statically typed functional programming language. (bsd3, compiler, language, library, program)2016-08-27zjhsdtc
oplang30.0Stack-based esoteric programming language (compiler, compilers-interpreters, gpl, language, program)2022-08-12aionescu
optimusprime40.0A supercompiler for f-lite (bsd3, compiler, language, program, program-transformation)2009-11-17JasonReich
pcf40.0A one file compiler for PCF (compiler, library, mit)2015-04-03jozefg
platinum-parsing60.0General Framework for compiler development. (bsd3, cli, compilation, compiler, framework, lalr, lexer, library, parser, program)2017-07-19chlablak
record-preprocessor70.0Compiler preprocessor introducing a syntactic extension for anonymous records (compiler, library, mit, preprocessor, program, records)2016-10-24NikitaVolkov
servant-to-elm180.0Automatically generate Elm clients for Servant APIs (api, bsd3, compiler, elm, library, servant)2021-10-11OlleFredriksson, seagreen
sjsp10.0Simple JavaScript Profiler (compiler, mit, program)2015-07-05itchyny
statechart20.0Compiles Rhapsody statecharts to C. (bsd3, compiler, program)2010-07-15TomHawkins
sunroof-compiler60.0Monadic Javascript Compiler (bsd3, compiler, embedded, javascript, language, library, web)2013-04-12JanBracker
sunroof-examples20.0Tests for Sunroof (bsd3, compiler, embedded, javascript, language, program, web)2014-06-27JanBracker
supero20.0A Supercompiler (bsd3, compiler, program)2010-06-13NeilMitchell
tiger60.0Tiger Compiler of Universiteit Utrecht (bsd3, compiler, program)2011-08-15ArieMiddelkoop
zeolite-lang530.0Zeolite is a statically-typed, general-purpose programming language. (apache, compiler, program)2022-10-08ta0kira