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hscrtmpl200.01Haskell shell script templates (application, console, program, scripting)2023-07-082.0DinoMorelli
inferno-core40.01A statically-typed functional scripting language (dsl, library, mit, scripting)2022-11-
inferno-lsp40.00LSP for Inferno (dsl, ide, library, mit, program, scripting)2022-11-290.1.0sidk
inferno-types40.03Core types for Inferno (dsl, library, mit, scripting)2022-11-
inferno-vc40.01Version control server for Inferno (dsl, library, mit, scripting)2022-11-290.1.0sidk
luachunk52.01Library functions for reading and writing Lua chunks (gpl, library, scripting)2012-10-
luautils100.02Helpers for Haskell integration with Lua (library, mit, scripting)2015-06-250.1.4AnupamJain
shell-conduit450.03Write shell scripts with Conduit (bsd3, conduit, library, scripting)2020-06-205.0.0ChrisDone, psibi
timestamp-subprocess-lines180.01Run a command and timestamp its stdout/stderr lines (bsd3, program, scripting)2016-09-
web-output60.01Library to present content to an user via their browser (library, public-domain, scripting)2017-04-