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display-haskell-do (deprecated)60.01A display API for HaskellDO (deprecated, ide, library)2017-02-
fix-imports310.01Program to manage the imports of a haskell module (bsd3, editor, haskell, ide, program)2023-04-062.4.0EvanLaforge
hob30.01A source code editor aiming for the convenience of use (gpl, ide, library, program)2014-12-
hpage590.01A scrapbook for Haskell developers (bsd3, development, editor, ide, program)2010-08-280.12.2FernandoBenavides
inferno-lsp30.00LSP for Inferno (dsl, ide, library, mit, program, scripting)2022-11-290.1.0sidk
leksah560.01Haskell IDE written in Haskell (development, editor, ide, library, program)2017-08-, JuergenNicklischFranken
leksah-server690.02Metadata collection for leksah (ide, library, program)2017-11-, JuergenNicklischFranken
manatee252.02The Haskell/Gtk+ Integrated Live Environment (desktop-environment, gpl, ide, library, manatee, operating-system, program)2011-05-140.2.2AndyStewart
manatee-all30.01Virtual package to install all Manatee packages. (desktop-environment, gpl, ide, library, manatee, operating-system, program)2011-05-140.2.2AndyStewart
manatee-anything100.01Multithread interactive input/search framework for Manatee (desktop-environment, gpl, ide, library, manatee, operating-system, program)2011-01-120.0.8AndyStewart
manatee-core160.016The core of Manatee. (desktop-environment, gpl, ide, library, manatee, operating-system)2011-05-140.1.1AndyStewart
manatee-editor190.02Editor extension for Manatee. (editor, gpl, ide, library, manatee, program)2011-05-140.1.1AndyStewart
manatee-template70.01Template code to create Manatee application. (gpl, ide, library, manatee, program, template)2011-05-140.1.1AndyStewart
manatee-welcome40.02Welcome module to help user play Manatee quickly. (gpl, ide, library, manatee, program, welcome)2011-05-140.1.1AndyStewart
module-management230.01Clean up module imports, split and merge modules (bsd3, development, editor, haskell, ide, library, program, refactoring)2016-05-010.21DavidFox
spade80.00A simple programming and debugging environment. (gpl, ide, interpreter, language, library, program)2023-06-
wxhnotepad50.01An example of how to implement a basic notepad with wxHaskell (bsd3, development, editor, education, ide, program)2010-05-121.2.0FernandoBenavides