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cli-builder30.01Simple project template from stack (library, mit, tool)2016-11-090.1.0mizunashi_mana
codemonitor50.01Tool that automatically runs arbitrary commands when files change on disk. (bsd3, program, tool)2012-06-080.2RickardLindberg
direm30.00Deletes a directory and retains its contents in the parent directory (gpl, program, tool)2019-04-
elm-repl (deprecated)230.01a REPL for Elm (bsd3, deprecated, program, tool)2015-04-200.4.1EvanCzaplicki
flow2dot420.01Library and binary to generate sequence/flow diagrams from plain text source (bsd3, console, library, program, tool)2020-06-160.9.2DmitryAstapov
pointfree752.02Tool for refactoring expressions into pointfree form (library, program, tool)2024-04-, FelixMartini, SimonHengel
pointfree-fancy270.01Tool for refactoring expressions into pointfree form (bsd3, library, program, tool)2019-11-
ret260.00A tool that returns to a landmark parent directory (mit, program, tool)2023-08-
the-snip80.00Command line tool for extracting demarcated snippets from text files. (bsd3, library, program, tool)2022-10-
unity-testresult-parser370.00 (bsd3, library, program, tool, unity3d)2020-03-