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FiniteCategories260.01Finite categories and usual categorical constructions on them. (data, gpl, library, maths)2024-02-
FiniteCategoriesGraphViz20.00Transform objects of the package FiniteCategories into graphs using GraphViz. (data, gpl, library, maths)2023-10-
LPPaver20.00An automated prover targeting problems that involve nonlinear real arithmetic (formal-methods, library, math, mathematics, maths, mpl, program, theorem-provers, verification)2023-03-
LargeCardinalHierarchy30.01A transfinite cardinal arithmetic library including all known large cardinals (library, math, mathematics, maths, set-theory)2014-09-070.0.1Stephen_E_A_Britton
PropaFP40.01Auto-active verification of floating-point programs (formal-methods, library, math, mathematics, maths, mpl, program, theorem-provers)2023-03-
colour-space90.01Instances of the manifold-classes for colour types (data, gpl, graphics, library, maths)2023-07-
planar-graph10.01A representation of planar graphs (bsd3, data, graphs, library, maths)2012-04-
semirings1682.018two monoids as one, in holy haskimony (algebra, bsd3, data, data-structures, library, math, mathematics, maths)2021-01-070.6chessai
simplex-method20.01Implementation of the two-phase simplex method in exact rational arithmetic (bsd3, library, linear-programming, math, mathematics, maths, optimisation, optimization)2023-12-