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BiGUL92.251The Bidirectional Generic Update Language (generics, language, lenses, library, public-domain)2016-08-301.0.1joshko, Zirun
app-lens100.01applicative (functional) bidirectional programming beyond composition chains (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2016-09-
bff-mono130.01"Bidirectionalization for Free" for Monomorphic Transformations (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2014-08-140.2.3kztk
concise790.02Utilities for Control.Lens.Cons (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2018-02-
data-lens-light420.010Simple lenses, minimum dependencies (data, lenses, library, mit)2023-08-, srk
extended-containers-lens70.00lens instances for extended-containers (bsd3, data-structures, lenses, library)2020-04-
fclabels1312.2550First class accessor labels implemented as lenses. (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2021-05-, ErikHesselink, SebastiaanVisser
haskell-time-range120.01Some useful wrappers and functions for building time ranges (bsd3, lenses, library, time)2017-04-
indexed-profunctors2230.04Utilities for indexed profunctors (bsd3, data, lenses, library, optics, profunctors)2023-06-, AndresLoeh, phadej, arybczak
lens8253.01418Lenses, Folds and Traversals (bsd2, data, generics, lenses, library)2024-05-125.3.2EdwardKmett, EricMertens, JohnWiegley, ryanglscott
lens-accelerate150.01Instances to mix lens with Accelerate (accelerate, bsd3, data, lenses, library)2020-08-
lens-action340.08Monadic Getters and Folds (bsd3, data, generics, lenses, library)2021-11-160.2.6EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
lens-aeson2492.75117Law-abiding lenses for aeson (data, json, lenses, library, mit)2023-06-271.2.3EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
lens-core (deprecated in favor of lens)181.50A placeholder for a future lens core package. (deprecated, lenses, library)2020-09-240.2EdwardKmett
lens-datetime182.01Lenses for Data.Time.* types (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2016-04-290.3GergelyRisko, MihalyBarasz
lens-errors130.00Error handling in lens chains (bsd3, lenses, library)2019-07-
lens-family1111.7531Lens Families (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2024-03-192.1.3RussellOConnor
lens-family-core1510.022Haskell 2022 Lens Families (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2024-03-192.1.3RussellOConnor
lens-indexed-plated40.00Indexed version of Plated. (bsd2, data, generics, lenses, library)2023-07-080.1.0nicuveo
lens-properties200.01QuickCheck properties for lens (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2018-01-094.11.1EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
lens-toml-parser160.01Lenses for toml-parser (language, lenses, library)2024-03-
lens-typelevel90.01Type-level lenses using singletons (bsd3, dependent-types, lenses, library)2018-10-
lenz (deprecated)330.02Van Laarhoven lenses (bsd3, data, deprecated, lenses, library)2020-01-
lenz-mtl (deprecated)50.00mtl operations with Van Laarhoven lenses (control, data, deprecated, lenses, library)2019-10-250.1
lenz-template (deprecated)130.01Van Laarhoven lens templates (data, deprecated, lenses, library, template-haskell)2017-11-
mezzolens32.01Pure Profunctor Functional Lenses (apache, lenses, library)2015-10-110.0.0RussellOConnor
microlens3252.75235A tiny lens library with no dependencies (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2022-12-, stevenfontanella
microlens-contra240.02True folds and getters for microlens (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2022-12-, stevenfontanella
microlens-each (deprecated in favor of microlens)40.01'each' for microlens (bsd3, data, deprecated, lenses, library)2015-04-
microlens-ghc2102.011microlens + array, bytestring, containers, transformers (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2024-04-, stevenfontanella
microlens-mtl2000.031microlens support for Reader/Writer/State from mtl (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2022-12-, stevenfontanella
microlens-platform1910.038microlens + all batteries included (best for apps) (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2024-01-, stevenfontanella
microlens-pro140.00Prisms and isomorphisms for microlens (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2024-04-
microlens-th4190.081Automatic generation of record lenses for microlens (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2024-04-, stevenfontanella
mini510.00Minimal essentials (control, data, lenses, library, mit, parsing)2024-07-
multiplate210.03Lightweight generic library for mutually recursive data types. (generics, lenses, library, mit)2015-09-270.0.3RussellOConnor
mutable-lens150.00Interoperate mutable references with regular lens (apache, data, generics, lenses, library)2020-11-
optics782.512Optics as an abstract interface (bsd3, data, lenses, library, optics)2023-06-, AndresLoeh, phadej, arybczak
optics-core1852.552Optics as an abstract interface: core definitions (bsd3, data, lenses, library, optics)2023-06-, AndresLoeh, phadej, arybczak
optics-extra1472.09Extra utilities and instances for optics-core (bsd3, data, lenses, library, optics)2022-05-, AndresLoeh, phadej, arybczak
optics-operators80.00A tiny package containing operators missing from the official package. (data, lenses, library, mit, optics)2023-06-
optics-th1200.010Optics construction using TemplateHaskell (bsd3, data, lenses, library, optics)2022-03-220.4.1AdamGundry, AndresLoeh, phadej, arybczak
optics-vl150.01Utilities for compatibility with van Laarhoven optics (bsd3, data, lenses, library, optics)2020-04-150.2.1AdamGundry, AndresLoeh, phadej, arybczak
polysemy-optics70.00Optics for Polysemy. (bsd2, lenses, library, optics)2022-07-
profunctor-optics170.00A compact optics library compatible with the typeclasses in profunctors. (bsd3, data, lenses, library, profunctors, program)2020-03-090.0.2cmk
prolens82.00Profunctor-based lightweight implementation of optics (data, lenses, library, mpl, optics)2021-03-
putlenses160.01Put-based lens library (bsd3, generics, lenses, library)2014-09-300.1.3HugoPacheco
sliceofpy42.00Python-ish slicing traversals for Haskell. (bsd3, data, lenses, library, program)2019-08-231.0.0lgastako
smallcheck-lens80.01SmallCheck properties for lens (bsd3, lenses, library, testing)2015-09-110.3jdnavarro
split-morphism72.00Split Epimorphisms and Monomorphisms (bsd3, data, generics, lenses, library)2019-09-
strict-containers-lens120.00Strict containers - Lens instances (bsd3, data, data-structures, lenses, library)2022-12-120.2infinity0
strict-lens400.01Lenses for types in strict package (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2024-07-030.4.1phadej, infinity0
tables (deprecated)222.02In-memory storage with multiple keys using lenses and traversals (bsd3, data, deprecated, lenses, library)2015-01-, TimDixon
tasty-lens90.01Tasty TestTrees for Lens validation (bsd3, lenses, library, testing)2015-09-230.3.1jdnavarro
template-haskell-optics140.00Optics for template-haskell types (bsd3, data, lenses, library, optics)2023-11-160.3AdamGundry, AndresLoeh, phadej, arybczak
vitrea40.00Profunctor optics via the profunctor representation theorem. (gpl, lenses, library)2020-03-300.1.0.0mroman42
with-index80.01A tiny library for composing indexed traversals (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2017-10-