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Last U/L
Ansi2Html100.0Convert ANSI Terminal Sequences to nice HTML markup (bsd3, program, web)2011-09-10JensStimpfle
Bitly (deprecated)450.0A library to access URL shortener. (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-02-02SergeyAstanin
BlogLiterately2550.0A tool for posting Haskelly articles to blogs (gpl, library, program, web)2020-07-21BrentYorgey, RobertGreayer
BlogLiterately-diagrams690.0Include images in blog posts with inline diagrams code (bsd3, library, program, web)2019-03-05BrentYorgey
Blogdown381.5A markdown-like markup language designed for blog posts (agpl, library, program, web)2018-02-05alexbecker
BluePrintCSS (deprecated)80.0Html document layout library. (bsd3, deprecated, library, text, web)2010-08-03SergeyMironov
Buster70.0Hits a set of urls periodically to bust caches (mit, program, web)2013-05-22MichaelXavier
CHXHtml290.0A W3C compliant (X)HTML generating library (bsd3, library, web)2011-07-26PaulTalaga
Cassava (deprecated in favor of cassava)81.75A CSV parsing and encoding library (bsd3, csv, deprecated, library, text, web)2017-09-30fozworth
Clash-Royale-Hack-Cheats (deprecated)00.0spam (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-02-22
DAV1500.0RFC 4918 WebDAV support (gpl, library, program, web)2020-01-06ClintAdams
DOM110.0DOM Level 2 bindings for the WebBits package. (bsd3, library, web)2009-04-26DmitryGolubovsky
DarcsHelpers60.0Code used by Patch-Shack that seemed sensible to open for reusability (library, web)2008-11-26ThomasHartman
Eight-Ball-Pool-Hack-Cheats (deprecated)00.0spam (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-02-22
Facebook-Password-Hacker-Online-Latest-Version (deprecated)00.0spam (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-02-22
FermatsLastMargin50.0Annotate ps and pdf documents (program, web)2008-03-12GwernBranwen
Finance-Quote-Yahoo730.0Obtain quote data from (bsd3, library, web)2014-04-19BradClawsie
Finance-Treasury140.0Obtain Treasury yield curve data (bsd3, library, web)2008-06-18DonaldStewart, StephenLihn
Fortnite-Hack-Cheats-Free-V-Bucks-Generator (deprecated)00.0spam (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-02-22
GeocoderOpenCage82.0Geocoder and Reverse Geocoding Service Wrapper (library, web)2015-10-25juergenhah, jhahn
HAppS-Data (deprecated in favor of happstack-data)110.0HAppS data manipulation libraries (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, library, web)2008-11-09DavidHimmelstrup
HAppS-IxSet (deprecated in favor of happstack-ixset)160.0 (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, library, web)2008-11-09DavidHimmelstrup
HAppS-Server (deprecated in favor of happstack-server)220.0Web related tools and services. (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, library, web)2008-11-09DavidHimmelstrup
HAppS-State (deprecated in favor of happstack-state)190.0Event-based distributed state. (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, library, web)2008-11-09DavidHimmelstrup
HAppS-Util (deprecated in favor of happstack-util)100.0Web framework (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, library, web)2008-11-09DavidHimmelstrup
HAppSHelpers (deprecated in favor of happstack-helpers)520.0OBSOLETE. Please use happstack-helpers (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2010-05-09ThomasHartman
HFitUI90.0The library for generating a graphical interface on the web (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-06-05QSpider2017
HJScript720.0HJScript is a Haskell EDSL for writing JavaScript programs. (bsd3, language, library, web)2013-07-18JeremyShaw, NiklasBroberg
Haggressive180.0Aggression analysis for Tweets on Twitter (gpl, library, web)2014-12-01Pold87
Hastodon432.0mastodon client module for Haskell (library, mit, web)2018-05-28syucream
Hawk40.0Haskell Web Application Kit (bsd3, library, web)2010-06-01BjoernPeemoeller
HsYAML-aeson2742.25JSON to YAML Adapter (codec, gpl, json, library, text, web, yaml)2019-09-22HerbertValerioRiedel
Hydrogen60.0The library for generating a WebGL scene for the web (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-06-14QSpider2017
Ketchup530.0A super small web framework for those who don't like big and fancy codebases (ketchup, library, mit, web)2015-02-24Hamcha
LinkChecker70.0Check a bunch of local html files for broken links (bsd3, program, web)2011-08-26JensStimpfle
Lykah50.0A static website and blog generator (library, mit, program, web)2017-01-26johannesgerer
MFlow1920.0stateful, RESTful web framework (application-server, bsd3, library, web)2015-09-21AlbertoCorona
MailchimpSimple100.0Haskell library to interact with Mailchimp JSON API Version 3.0 (bsd3, library, web)2016-03-29dananji9131
Mobile-Legends-Hack-Cheats (deprecated)00.0spam (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-02-22
Phsu160.0Personal Happstack Server Utils (gpl, program, web)2015-08-05utkarshl
Quickson (deprecated in favor of aeson-quick)190.0Quick JSON extractions with Aeson (bsd3, deprecated, json, library, text, web)2015-07-12ssadler
RESTng30.0A framework for writing RESTful applications. (library, web)2009-05-15SergioUrinovsky
Redmine170.0Library to access Redmine's REST services (library, mit, network, web)2017-01-22cstpierre
SJW50.0The Simple Javascript Wrench (bsd3, library, program, web)2021-01-20tissevert
SSTG712.0STG Symbolic Execution (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-08-17AntonXue
Shpadoinkle212.0A programming model for declarative, high performance user interface. (bsd3, library, web)2021-06-02fresheyeball
Shpadoinkle-backend-pardiff200.0A Virtual Dom in pure Haskell, based on Html as an Alignable Functor. (bsd3, library, web)2021-06-02fresheyeball
Shpadoinkle-backend-snabbdom180.0Use the high-performance Snabbdom virtual dom library written in JavaScript. (bsd3, library, web)2021-06-02fresheyeball
Shpadoinkle-backend-static190.0A backend for rendering Shpadoinkle as Text. (bsd3, library, web)2021-06-02fresheyeball
Shpadoinkle-console140.0Support for the native browser console (bsd3, library, web)2021-06-02fresheyeball
Shpadoinkle-debug (deprecated in favor of Shpadoinkle-console)80.0Debugging tools for Shpadoinkle applications. (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2020-06-21fresheyeball
Shpadoinkle-developer-tools100.0Chrome extension to aide in development (bsd3, library, program, web)2021-06-02fresheyeball
Shpadoinkle-disembodied40.0Shpadoinkle as a static site. (bsd3, library, web)2021-06-02fresheyeball
Shpadoinkle-examples90.0Example usages of Shpadoinkle (bsd3, program, web)2021-01-06fresheyeball
Shpadoinkle-html250.0A typed, template generated Html DSL, and helpers. (bsd3, library, web)2021-06-02fresheyeball
Shpadoinkle-isreal30.0Isreal Swan will make a snowman for you! (gpl, library, web)2021-06-02fresheyeball
Shpadoinkle-lens110.0Lens combinators for Shpadoinkle applications. (bsd3, library, web)2021-06-02fresheyeball
Shpadoinkle-router160.0A single page application rounter for Shpadoinkle based on Servant. (bsd3, library, web)2021-06-02fresheyeball
Shpadoinkle-streaming60.0Integration of the streaming library with Shpadoinkle continuations. (bsd3, library, web)2021-06-02fresheyeball
Shpadoinkle-template150.0Read standard file formats into Shpadoinkle with Template Haskell (bsd3, library, web)2021-06-02fresheyeball
Shpadoinkle-widgets300.0A collection of common reusable types and components. (bsd3, library, web)2021-06-02fresheyeball
SimpleServer230.0A simple static file server, for when apache is overkill (library, mit, program, web)2017-06-25AnupamJain
Spock3042.75Another Haskell web framework for rapid development (bsd3, library, web)2020-12-09AlexanderThiemann
Spock-api170.0Another Haskell web framework for rapid development (bsd3, library, web)2020-12-09AlexanderThiemann
Spock-api-ghcjs130.0Another Haskell web framework for rapid development (bsd3, library, web)2020-12-09AlexanderThiemann
Spock-api-server150.0Another Haskell web framework for rapid development (bsd3, library, web)2020-12-09AlexanderThiemann
Spock-auth (deprecated)130.0Provides authentification helpers for Spock (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2014-07-13AlexanderThiemann
Spock-core1200.0Another Haskell web framework for rapid development (bsd3, library, web)2020-12-09AlexanderThiemann
Spock-digestive210.0Digestive functors support for Spock (library, mit, web)2016-08-25AlexanderThiemann
Spock-lucid260.0Lucid support for Spock (bsd3, library, web)2017-08-05Artyom
Spock-worker460.0Background workers for Spock (library, mit, web)2016-08-25AlexanderThiemann
TinyURL60.0Use TinyURL to compress URLs (bsd3, library, web)2009-02-16ReidBarton
URLT (deprecated in favor of web-routes)60.0Library for maintaining correctness of URLs within an application. (bsd3, deprecated, language, library, web)2010-03-16JeremyShaw
UrlDisp120.0Url dispatcher. Helps to retain friendly URLs in web applications. (bsd3, library, network, web)2009-02-04ArtyomShalkhakov
VKHS940.0Provides access to Vkontakte social network via public API (bsd3, library, program, web)2019-01-15SergeyMironov
Villefort1661.5Villefort is a task manager and time tracker (bsd3, library, program, task, web)2019-04-30AliceReuter
WURFL (deprecated)30.0Convert the WURFL file into a Parsec parser (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2007-09-30alpheccar
WashNGo130.0WASH is a family of EDSLs for programming Web applications in Haskell. (bsd3, library, program, web)2010-05-08MarcWeber
WebCont100.0Continuation based web programming for Happstack (bsd3, library, web)2010-07-02SamAnklesaria
Wheb270.0The frictionless WAI Framework (bsd3, library, web)2014-09-14hansonkd
Yablog240.0A simple blog engine powered by Yesod. (bsd3, web)2013-01-01HiromiIshii
accentuateus240.0A Haskell implementation of the API. (bsd3, library, web)2011-06-03MichaelSchade
achille30.0A library for building static site generators (library, mit, web)2020-09-27flupe
acme-http220.0fastest Haskell PONG server in the world (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-08-05JeremyShaw
activitypub40.0ActivityPub Haskell Library (bsd3, library, web)2018-09-16LukeHoersten
adblock2privoxy922.0Convert adblock config files to privoxy format (gpl, program, web)2021-05-10zubr, essandess
adobe-swatch-exchange110.0parse Adobe Swatch Exchange files and (optionally) output .css files with the colors (bsd3, library, program, web)2013-04-12JeremyShaw
advent-of-code-api800.0Advent of Code REST API bindings and servant API (bsd3, library, web)2020-12-14jle
aeson68462.75Fast JSON parsing and encoding (bsd3, json, library, text, web)2021-10-09AdamBergmark, BasVanDijk, BryanOSullivan, HerbertValerioRiedel, phadej, lyxia
aeson-attoparsec70.0Embed an Attoparsec text parser into an Aeson parser (bsd3, library, web)2017-11-15athanclark
aeson-better-errors1000.0Better error messages when decoding JSON values. (json, library, mit, text, web)2016-12-12hdgarrood
aeson-coerce60.0Initial project template from stack (bsd3, library, web)2016-06-21angerman
aeson-combinators370.0Aeson combinators for dead simple JSON decoding (bsd3, json, library, text, web)2021-03-13MarekFajkus
aeson-commit860.0Parse Aeson data with commitment (bsd3, json, library, text, web)2021-10-13jonascarpay
aeson-compat3570.0Compatibility layer for aeson (bsd3, library, web)2021-10-09phadej
aeson-diff1612.0Extract and apply patches to JSON documents. (algorithms, bsd3, json, library, program, web)2020-05-22ThomasSutton
aeson-diff-generic170.0Apply a json-patch to any haskell datatype. (bsd3, json, library, web)2018-04-17KristofBastiaensen
aeson-filthy230.0Several newtypes and combinators for dealing with less-than-cleanly JSON input. (bsd3, json, library, text, web)2019-12-08AlecHeller
aeson-flat80.0Tools for creating flat JSON serializations (bsd3, library, web)2017-04-11seanhess
aeson-flatten130.0JSON flatten for Aeson (bsd3, json, library, text, web)2016-05-03JiriMarsicek
aeson-flowtyped250.0Create Flow type definitions from Haskell data types. (bsd3, library, web)2017-08-07MikeLedger
aeson-injector1132.0Injecting fields into aeson values (data, json, library, mit, web)2020-11-30NCrashed
aeson-match-qq700.0Declarative JSON matchers. (bsd2, library, web)2021-10-13MatveyAksenov
aeson-modern-tojson70.0Provide a handy way for derving ToJSON proprely. (json, library, text, web)2021-06-28gdifolco
aeson-native (deprecated in favor of aeson)230.0Fast JSON parsing and encoding (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, json, library, text, web)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
aeson-picker320.0Tiny library to get fields from JSON format (bsd3, json, library, text, web)2019-09-07ozzzzz
aeson-prefix160.0Hiearchical prefixing for aeson (bsd3, json, library, text, web)2016-04-17JiriMarsicek
aeson-pretty12360.0JSON pretty-printing library and command-line tool. (bsd3, json, library, pretty-printer, text, web)2019-09-27FalkoPeters, martijnbastiaan
aeson-quick270.0Quick JSON extractions with Aeson (bsd3, json, library, text, web)2019-04-09ssadler
aeson-result30.0API Result for aeson (aeson, api, bsd3, library, web)2020-08-13Lupino
aeson-smart102.0Smart derivation of Aeson instances (library, mit, web)2012-08-17SamAnklesaria
aeson-streams70.0An HTTP client library for JSON-based APIs (bsd3, library, web)2014-12-06VoMinhThu
aeson-toolkit100.0A generalization of Aeson over Failure (json, library, mit, text, web)2013-12-07SimonHengel
aeson-typescript1400.0Generate TypeScript definition files from your ADTs (bsd3, json, library, text, web)2021-05-28thomasjm
aeson-yaml1111.5Output any Aeson value as YAML (pure Haskell library) (bsd3, json, library, text, web, yaml)2020-06-25patrick, janey
airship700.0A Webmachine-inspired HTTP library (library, mit, web)2019-03-01lambda_foo, reiddraper, patrick_thomson
airtable-api430.0Requesting and introspecting Tables within an Airtable project. (bsd3, library, web)2017-03-10ooblahman
alerta390.0Bindings to the alerta REST API (api, bsd3, library, monitoring, web)2017-11-12MarkHopkins
alerts170.0Alert messages for web applications (bsd3, library, web)2019-06-28alx741, DanielCampoverde
algebraic-prelude172.0Algebraically structured Prelude (bsd3, library, web)2017-12-01HiromiIshii
algolia70.0A client implementing the Algolia search API (bsd3, library, web)2018-06-25IanDuncan
alternative-vector60.0Use vectors instead of lists for many and some (bsd3, library, web)2017-10-11athanclark
alto30.0Implement a menu experience fit for web users. (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-04-02davean
altsvc90.0HTTP Alternative Services (bsd3, library, network, web)2019-11-24OlivierCheron
amazon-products110.0Connector for Amazon Products API (library, mit, program, web)2014-07-09andrewrademacher
analyze-client110.0Client for analyze service (bsd3, library, web)2015-05-22DanielPatterson
android-lint-summary80.0A pretty printer for Android Lint errors (apache, library, program, web)2015-06-30passy
antagonist940.0A web interface to Antisplice dungeons. (agpl, library, program, web)2016-04-04implementation
apecs-gloss300.0Simple gloss renderer for apecs (bsd3, library, web)2020-02-11jonascarpay
apecs-physics450.02D physics for apecs (bsd3, library, web)2020-12-23jonascarpay
apecs-physics-gloss (deprecated in favor of apecs-gloss)50.0Gloss rendering for apecs-physics (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-10-17jonascarpay
api-maker40.0Package to make APIs (bsd3, library, web)2020-12-22schnecki
api-monobank262.0 (library, mit, program, web)2019-07-17sigrlami
api-rpc-factom120.0RPC API client for Factom (library, mit, program, web)2019-10-25sigrlami
api-rpc-pegnet110.0simple json-rpc client for PegNet (library, mit, web)2020-01-13sigrlami
api-tools520.0DSL for generating API boilerplate and docs (bsd3, cloud, distributed-computing, library, network, program, web)2021-03-16AdamGundry, ChrisDornan
api-yoti70.0Api bindings for Yoti services (library, mit, web)2019-07-30sigrlami
apiary2852.5Simple and type safe web framework that generate web API documentation. (library, mit, web)2017-10-27HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-authenticate780.0authenticate support for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2017-10-27HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-clientsession870.0clientsession support for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2017-10-27HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-cookie1230.0Cookie support for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2017-10-26HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-eventsource540.0eventsource support for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2017-10-27HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-helics450.0helics support for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2015-03-04HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-http-client250.0A http client for Apiary. (library, mit, web)2017-11-01winterland
apiary-logger900.0fast-logger support for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2017-10-27HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-memcached370.0memcached client for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2015-03-04HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-mongoDB400.0mongoDB support for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2017-10-27HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-persistent1062.0persistent support for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2017-10-25HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-purescript650.0purescript compiler for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2015-03-04HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-redis90.0redis support for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2017-11-11winterland
apiary-session180.0session support for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2017-10-24HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-websockets1180.0websockets support for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2017-10-24HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apioiaf-client182.0Consumer library for (bsd3, library, web)2016-12-21krberger
apis50.0A Template Haskell library for generating type safe API calls (bsd2, library, web)2014-12-22FabianBergmark
arch-web290.0Arch Linux official and AUR web interface binding (library, mit, web)2021-01-14berberman
asap90.0Atlassian Service Authentication Protocol (apache, library, web)2019-03-26puffnfresh
asn1-codec (deprecated in favor of language-asn, snmp)80.0Encode and decode ASN.1 (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-05-18andrewthad, chessai
assert4hs-tasty110.0Provider for tasty runner to run assert4hs tests (library, mit, web)2021-04-08paweln1986
asset-map80.0Asset map support for the JavaScript broccoli-asset-rev library. (bsd3, library, web)2018-06-12IanDuncan
async-ajax100.0Crossbrowser async AJAX Bindings for GHCJS (library, mit, web)2016-07-24AlexanderThiemann
async-extra160.0Useful concurrent combinators (library, mit, web)2017-05-28AlexanderThiemann
atlassian-connect-core620.0Atlassian Connect snaplet for the Snap Framework and helper code. (apache, library, snap, web)2021-04-21RobertMassaioli, eero, AshleyValent
atndapi140.0An interface of ATND API (bsd3, library, web)2016-03-29ynishi
atom-basic400.0Basic Atom feed construction (bsd3, library, web)2017-06-03cbaatz
attic-schedule50.0A script I use to run "attic" for my backups. (bsd3, program, web)2017-01-28passy
attoparsec-base64100.0Fetch only base64 characters, erroring in the attoparsec monad on failure (bsd3, library, web)2017-11-24athanclark
attoparsec-ip (deprecated in favor of ip)370.0Parse IP data types with attoparsec (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-11-14athanclark
attoparsec-path150.0Convenience bindings between path and attoparsec (bsd3, library, web)2017-09-28athanclark
attoparsec-uri510.0URI parser / printer using attoparsec (bsd3, library, web)2018-11-08athanclark
aur-api90.0ArchLinux AUR json v5 API (bsd3, library, web)2016-06-16wangbj
authenticate14340.0Authentication methods for Haskell web applications. (bsd3, library, mit, web)2019-11-16FelipeLessa, MichaelSnoyman
authenticate-kerberos90.0Authentication methods for Haskell web applications. (bsd3, library, web)2012-01-28ArashRouhani
authenticate-ldap160.0LDAP authentication for Haskell web applications. (bsd3, library, web)2012-03-29MichaelLitchard
authenticate-oauth4920.0Library to authenticate with OAuth for Haskell web applications. (bsd3, library, web)2021-06-20FelipeLessa, HiromiIshii, MichaelLitchard, MichaelSnoyman, achirkin
awesomium40.0High-level Awesomium bindings. (graphics, lgpl, library, web)2012-11-13MaksymilianOwsianny
awesomium-glut50.0Utilities for using Awesomium with GLUT. (graphics, lgpl, library, web)2012-11-13MaksymilianOwsianny
awesomium-raw120.0Low-level Awesomium bindings. (graphics, lgpl, library, web)2012-11-13MaksymilianOwsianny
aws11210.0Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Haskell (aws, bsd3, cloud, distributed-computing, library, network, web)2020-03-04AristidBreitkreuz, BenGamari, FelipeLessa, JohnWiegley, MichaelSnoyman
aws-cloudfront-signer230.0For signing AWS CloudFront HTTP URL requests (aws, bsd3, cloud, distributed-computing, library, network, web)2015-10-20ChrisDornan
aws-ec2520.0AWS EC2/VPC, ELB and CloudWatch client library for Haskell (aws, bsd3, cloud, distributed-computing, library, network, program, web)2017-05-18AmitLevy, DavidTerei, IanRoss, VladimirKirillov
aws-elastic-transcoder200.0Haskell suite for the Elastic Transcoder service (aws, bsd3, cloud, distributed-computing, library, network, web)2014-02-03ChrisDornan
aws-general230.0Bindings for Amazon Web Services (AWS) General Reference (aws, cloud, distributed-computing, library, mit, network, web)2015-03-30larsk
aws-kinesis340.0Bindings for Amazon Kinesis (apache, aws, cloud, distributed-computing, library, network, web)2015-03-30larsk
aws-performance-tests150.0Performance Tests for the Haskell bindings for Amazon Web Services (AWS) (aws, cloud, distributed-computing, library, mit, network, program, web)2014-09-02larsk
aws-route53430.0Amazon Route53 DNS service plugin for the aws package. (bsd3, library, web)2016-02-26AmitLevy, DavidTerei
aws-sdk-text-converter170.0The text converter for aws-sdk. (bsd3, library, web)2015-10-30YusukeNomura
aws-sign4200.0Amazon Web Services (AWS) Signature v4 HTTP request signer (aws, bsd3, cloud, distributed-computing, library, network, web)2014-07-28ChrisDornan
aws-simple140.0Dead simple bindings to commonly used AWS Services (library, mit, web)2017-03-11AlexanderThiemann
aws-sns80.0Bindings for AWS SNS Version 2013-03-31 (aws, cloud, distributed-computing, library, mit, network, web)2014-08-05larsk
aws-transcribe-ws30.0Websocket streaming to Amazon Transcribe service (bsd3, library, web)2021-07-163kyro
axiom250.0Web EDSL for running in browsers and server nodes using transient (library, mit, web)2018-05-29AlbertoCorona
azure-acs110.0Windows Azure ACS (bsd3, library, web)2014-05-15kapilash
azure-email40.0send email with microsoft azure (bsd3, library, web)2018-11-09chessai
azure-servicebus210.0Haskell wrapper over Microsoft Azure ServiceBus REST API (bsd3, library, web)2014-05-17kapilash
ballast100.0Shipwire API client (bsd3, library, web)2017-08-17alexeyzab
bamboo1140.0A blog engine on Hack (library, web)2010-02-24JinjingWang
bamboo-launcher170.0bamboo-launcher (program, web)2010-02-24JinjingWang
bamboo-plugin-highlight90.0A highlight middleware (library, web)2009-07-05JinjingWang
bamboo-plugin-photo90.0A photo album middleware (bsd3, library, web)2009-07-05JinjingWang
bamboo-theme-blueprint280.0bamboo blueprint theme (bsd3, library, web)2010-02-24JinjingWang
bamboo-theme-mini-html5120.0bamboo mini html5 theme (library, web)2009-11-26JinjingWang
barley120.0A web based environment for learning and tinkering with Haskell (program, web)2011-02-12JohanTibell
base58address160.0Parsing and serialization for Base58 addresses (Bitcoin and Ripple) (library, web)2013-04-28StephenWeber
basement13561.75Foundation scrap box of array & string (bsd3, web)2021-04-25MichaelSnoyman, VincentHanquez, nicolasdp
bdo70.0Update CSS in the browser without reloading the page. (bsd3, library, program, web)2013-09-11ChrisDone
bech328272.0Implementation of the Bech32 cryptocurrency address format (BIP 0173). (apache, library, program, web)2021-06-23ErikDeCastroLopo, JonathanKnowles, rvl, KtorZ, KingWilliamNoel
bech32-th4550.0Template Haskell extensions to the Bech32 library. (apache, library, web)2021-06-23ErikDeCastroLopo, JonathanKnowles, rvl, KtorZ, KingWilliamNoel
binary-instances3150.0Orphan instances for binary (bsd3, library, web)2021-10-09phadej
bindings-libg1590.0Bindings to libg15 (bsd2, library, web)2017-08-13Xandaros
bird440.0A simple, sinatra-inspired web framework. (bsd3, library, program, web)2010-08-23MattParker
bitly-cli (deprecated)100.0A command line tool to access URL shortener. (bsd3, deprecated, program, utils, web)2011-12-08SergeyAstanin
bittrex240.0Bindings for the Bittrex API (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-01-08DavidJohnson
bitx-bitcoin791.5A Haskell library for working with the BitX bitcoin exchange. (bitcoin, bsd3, finance, library, web)2017-12-24tebello_thejane
blatex452.0Blog in LaTeX (mit, program, web)2016-05-152016rshah
blaze-bootstrap110.0Blaze helper functions for bootstrap pages (library, mit, web)2015-08-23AlexanderThiemann
blaze-colonnade1050.0blaze-html backend for colonnade (bsd3, library, web)2019-06-24andrewthad
blaze-html-contrib150.0Some contributions to add handy things to blaze html. (bsd3, library, web)2012-04-05AdityaBhargava
blaze-shields182.0create svg by Haskell (bsd3, library, web)2015-09-15Qinka
blazeT160.0A true monad (transformer) version of the blaze-markup and blaze-html libraries (data, library, mit, text, web)2017-01-15johannesgerer
blockfrost-api60.0API definitions for (apache, library, web)2021-09-14srk, blockfrost basic client (apache, library, web)2021-09-14srk, blockfrost common client definitions / instances (apache, library, web)2021-09-14srk, blockfrost pretty-printing utilities (apache, library, web)2021-09-14srk, blockfrost
blockhash70.0Blockhash perceptual image hash algorithm (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-07-19kseo
blogination (deprecated)160.0Very simple static blog software (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, web)2009-02-26ChrisDone
bloodhound-amazonka-auth240.0Adds convenient Amazon ElasticSearch Service authentication to Bloodhound. (bsd3, library, web)2018-04-30MichaelXavier
bluemix-sdk110.0Bindings to Bluemix APIs (bsd3, library, web)2017-05-28AlexanderThiemann
blunt (deprecated)821.5Convert between pointfree and pointful expressions. (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2015-04-14fozworth
bnb-staking-csvs302.0Generate CSV Exports of Your BNB Staking Rewards. (bsd3, console, finance, library, program, web)2021-08-10lysergia
board-games440.0Three games for inclusion in a web server (game, library, web)2019-07-19HenningThielemann
boomange640.0A bookmarks manager with an HTML generator (gpl, program, web)2018-12-08mgmillani
boots-cloud (deprecated)40.0Factory for quickly building a microservice (application, consul, deprecated, library, microservice, mit, servant, swagger, web)2019-08-28leptonyu
boots-web (deprecated)110.0Factory for quickly building a web application (application, deprecated, library, mit, servant, swagger, web)2019-09-03leptonyu
bootstrap-types100.0Bootstrap CSS Framework type-safe interface (library, mit, web)2017-01-31andrewthad
boring-game100.0An educational game (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-02-09checkraiser
botpp30.0Build tool for Lambdabot (development, library, program, web)2008-08-19GwernBranwen
bower-json1092.0Read bower.json from Haskell (library, mit, web)2016-12-25hdgarrood
brainheck460.0Brainh*ck interpreter in haskell (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-09-05vmchale
breve840.0a url shortener (gpl, program, web)2019-11-07rnhmjoj
browscap30.0A reader and interface for the Browser Capabilities Project data files. (bsd3, data, library, web)2017-04-30davean
bugsnag-haskell460.0Bugsnag error reporter for Haskell (library, mit, web)2020-12-08PatrickBrisbin
bugsnag-hs4482.25A Bugsnag client for Haskell. (bsd3, library, web)2021-10-20stoeffel, JasperWoudenberg
bugzilla250.0A Haskell interface to the Bugzilla native REST API (bsd3, library, web)2014-06-26swift, sethfowler
bugzilla-redhat1260.0A Haskell interface to the Bugzilla native REST API (bsd3, library, web)2021-10-14JensPetersen
bulmex240.0Reflex infused with bulma (css) (library, mit, web)2019-11-24Jappie
calamity11440.0A library for writing discord bots in haskell (library, mit, network, web)2021-09-28nitros12
campfire170.0Haskell implementation of the Campfire API (bsd3, library, web)2012-06-11MichaelXavier
canteven-template80.0A few utilites and helpers for using Template Haskell in your projects. (apache, library, web)2015-12-15pjrt, potomak, glasserc, mhova
car-pool130.0Simple web-server for organizing car-pooling for an event (bsd3, program, web)2015-11-01HenningThielemann
cascading (deprecated in favor of clay)70.0DSL for HTML CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2013-06-20ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
cassava6982.5A CSV parsing and encoding library (bsd3, csv, library, text, web)2019-09-01HerbertValerioRiedel, JohanTibell
cassava-megaparsec2190.0Megaparsec parser of CSV files that plays nicely with Cassava (csv, library, mit, parsing, text, web)2021-10-21jsl, stackbuilders, mrkkrp
cassava-records170.0Auto-generation of records data type. (bsd3, csv, library, text, web)2018-01-23gdevanla
cayene-lpp (deprecated in favor of cayenne-lpp)70.0Cayenne Low Power Payload (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-07-31srk
cayenne-lpp80.0Cayenne Low Power Payload (bsd3, library, web)2021-03-20srk
cgi-utils140.0Simple modular utilities for CGI/FastCGI (sessions, etc.) (bsd3, cgi, library, web)2011-03-29
chakra80.0A REST Web Api server template for building (micro)services. (library, mit, program, web)2021-01-16cackharot
charade102.0Rapid prototyping websites with Snap and Heist (bsd3, library, program, web)2014-11-07DougBeardsley
chatwork610.0The ChatWork API in Haskell (library, mit, program, web)2018-08-06matsubara0507
cheapskate-lucid90.0Use cheapskate with Lucid (bsd3, library, web)2016-03-15Artyom
cheapskate-terminal80.0Initial project template from stack (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-01-18yamadapc
chitauri90.0Helper for the Major System (bsd3, program, web)2016-10-10marcusbuffett
chu2340.0FFI for Chu2 Agda Web Server Interface (bsd3, library, web)2012-11-20JinjingWang
cielo80.0Cielo API v3 Bindings for Haskell (agpl, library, web)2016-11-17yamadapc
circlehs82.0The CircleCI REST API for Haskell (api, library, mit, web)2016-04-28dshevchenko
cisco-spark-api180.0DEPRECATED in favor of webex-teams-api (library, mit, program, web)2018-12-24nshimaza
classy-miso80.0Typeclass based support for Miso, the Tasty Web Framework for Haskell. (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-03-26RobertFischer
clay1532.25CSS preprocessor as embedded Haskell. (bsd3, graphics, library, web)2019-11-26SebastiaanVisser, turion
clientsession3540.0Securely store session data in a client-side cookie. (library, mit, program, web)2016-07-07FelipeLessa, MichaelSnoyman
clit1270.0Post tweets from stdin (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-03-21
clock-extras190.0A couple functions that probably should be in the 'clock' package (bsd3, library, web)2016-10-05JonathanFischoff
cmark-lucid80.0Use cmark with Lucid (bsd3, library, web)2016-07-22Artyom
codepad72.0Submit and retrieve paste output from (bsd3, library, web)2010-10-01ChrisDone, TheKing
coinbase-exchange330.0Connector library for the coinbase exchange. (library, mit, program, web)2017-09-23andrewrademacher
coinbase-pro722.0Client for Coinbase Pro (finance, library, mit, program, web)2021-08-29mdunnio
cointracking-imports222.0Generate CSV & XLSX files for importing into CoinTracking. (bsd3, finance, library, web)2021-08-10lysergia
colonnade1232.25Generic types and functions for columnar encoding and decoding (bsd3, library, web)2019-05-19andrewthad, chessai
colorless1160.0Colorless | The Programmatic IDL (bsd3, library, web)2017-10-17jxv
colorless-http-client200.0Http Client addon for Colorless (bsd3, library, web)2017-10-10jxv
colorless-scotty120.0Scotty server add-on for Colorless (bsd3, library, web)2017-10-11jxv
coltrane80.0A jazzy, minimal web framework for Haskell, inspired by Sinatra. (bsd3, library, web)2013-12-25wellecks
columnar80.0A CSV toolkit based on cassava and enum-text (bsd3, csv, library, text, web)2019-07-28ChrisDornan
compact-mutable70.0Mutable arrays living on the compact heap (bsd3, library, web)2017-06-26andrewthad
composable-associations60.0Types and helpers for composing types into a single larger key-value type. (bsd3, library, web)2017-07-24smprts
composable-associations-aeson120.0Aeson ToJSON/FromJSON implementation for the types of composable-associations (bsd3, library, web)2021-03-15smprts
concur-core100.0A client side web UI framework for Haskell. Core framework. (bsd3, library, web)2018-08-02AnupamJain
container-builder70.0Functions for building containers from a known number of elements (bsd3, library, web)2016-05-19andrewthad
context-http-client200.0Modify HTTP requests/responses using context (library, mit, web)2020-07-28jship
context-wai-middleware230.0Add request-specific (or not!) context to your WAI applications (library, mit, web)2020-07-28jship
cookie11572.0HTTP cookie parsing and rendering (library, mit, web, yesod)2019-11-10MichaelSnoyman
cookies70.0web cookies (bsd3, library, web)2018-06-13chessai
copr70.0Haskell interface to the Fedora Copr system (bsd3, fedora, library, web)2014-04-10RickyElrod
couchdb-enumerator440.0Couch DB client library using http-enumerator and aeson (bsd3, database, library, web)2012-03-13JohnLenz
country1110.0Country data type and functions (bsd3, library, web)2020-07-12andrewthad, chessai
cqrs-example340.0Example for cqrs package (mit, program, web)2015-09-16BardurArantsson
crawlchain280.0Simulation user crawl paths (bsd3, library, web)2018-05-26axm
craze160.0HTTP Racing Library (library, mit, program, web)2016-08-26etcinit
crc590.0Implements various Cyclic Redundancy Checks (CRC) (library, mit, web)2020-10-05MichaelXavier
cryptocompare260.0Haskell wrapper for the cryptocompare API (library, mit, web)2020-09-25aviaviavi
cryptoids-class40.0Typeclass-based interface to cryptoids (bsd3, library, web)2018-01-18gkleen
cryptoids-types120.0Shared types for encrypting internal object identifiers before exposure (bsd3, library, web)2018-12-17gkleen
cryptsy-api (deprecated)170.0Bindings for Cryptsy cryptocurrency exchange API. (agpl, deprecated, library, web)2015-04-11
css-easings120.0Defining and manipulating css easing strings. (bsd3, library, web, webdevelopment)2021-06-13wvanonsem90
css-selectors230.0Parsing, rendering and manipulating css selectors in Haskell. (bsd3, library, web)2021-05-20wvanonsem90
css-text2960.0CSS parser and renderer. (library, mit, web, yesod)2018-02-05GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
curl-aeson140.0Communicate with HTTP service using JSON (bsd3, json, library, network, web)2014-08-24JoelLehtonen
curl-cookiejar80.0Parsing and pretty-printing of cURL/wget cookie jars (library, mit, web)2019-03-26eamsden
curryer60.0A simple HTTP server framework (bsd3, library, web)2017-09-06ChrisPenner
daemonize-doublefork130.0Start background daemons by double-forking (gpl, library, web)2012-08-15AlexandruScvortov
darcsden170.0Darcs repository UI and hosting/collaboration app ( branch). (development, distribution, program, web)2015-04-22AlexSuraci, SimonMichael
data-check (deprecated)130.0Library for checking and normalization of data (e.g. from web forms) (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, web)2017-05-21mrkkrp
data-object-yaml (deprecated in favor of yaml)580.0Serialize data to and from Yaml files (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-01-31MichaelSnoyman
datarobot190.0Client for DataRobot API (bsd3, library, web)2018-03-27seanhess
dataurl80.0Handle data-urls (library, mit, web)2015-11-01AlexanderThiemann
deepl110.0Call DeepL to translate you files (bsd3, language, library, program, web)2021-04-16PaoloVeronelli
delicious140.0Accessing the APIs from Haskell (v2) (bsd3, library, web)2013-12-30SigbjornFinne
dgs60.0Haskell front-end for DGS' bot interface (bsd3, game, library, network, web)2010-02-14DanielWagner
digestive-bootstrap150.0Speed up form designing using digestive functors and bootstrap (library, mit, web)2016-11-30AlexanderThiemann
digestive-foundation-lucid50.0Speed up form designing using digestive functors and foundation (library, mit, web)2015-02-17athanclark
digestive-functors1730.0A practical formlet library (bsd3, library, web)2020-05-09JasperVanDerJeugt
digestive-functors-aeson1140.0Run digestive-functors forms against JSON (gpl, json, library, web)2019-02-16OliverCharles
digestive-functors-blaze800.0Blaze frontend for the digestive-functors library (bsd3, library, web)2017-12-26JasperVanDerJeugt
digestive-functors-happstack620.0Happstack backend for the digestive-functors library (bsd3, library, web)2020-05-09JasperVanDerJeugt
digestive-functors-heist940.0Heist frontend for the digestive-functors library (bsd3, library, web)2018-07-23JasperVanDerJeugt
digestive-functors-hsp320.0HSP support for digestive-functors (bsd3, library, web)2012-04-24JeremyShaw
digestive-functors-lucid160.0Lucid frontend for the digestive-functors library (bsd3, library, web)2017-07-24MichaelXavier, athanclark
digestive-functors-scotty160.0Scotty backend for the digestive-functors library (bsd3, library, web)2014-07-14MartinsMacs
digestive-functors-snap760.0Snap backend for the digestive-functors library (bsd3, library, web)2018-07-23JasperVanDerJeugt
digitalocean-kzs140.0digitalocean api for haskell (library, mit, web)2015-06-28KazumaSATO
dingo-core310.0Dingo is a Rich Internet Application platform based on the Warp web server. (library, mit, web)2012-02-06BardurArantsson
dingo-example110.0Dingo Example (mit, program, web)2012-02-06BardurArantsson
dingo-widgets230.0Dingo Widgets (library, mit, web)2012-02-06BardurArantsson
discogs-haskell70.0Client for Discogs REST API (library, mit, web)2016-04-02accraze
discord-register130.0Discord verification bot (library, mpl, program, web)2021-06-02HughSipiere
disjoint-containers280.0Disjoint containers (bsd3, library, web)2019-03-24andrewthad
distance30.0Useful distance datatype and functions (library, mit, web)2017-01-07AlexanderThiemann
ditto282.0ditto is a type-safe HTML form generation and validation library (bsd3, library, web)2019-08-22goolord
ditto-lucid580.0Add support for using lucid with Ditto (bsd3, library, web)2019-08-22goolord
dixi400.0A wiki implemented with a firm theoretical foundation. (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-11-29LiamOConnorDavis
doc-review90.0Document review Web application, like (bsd3, program, web)2010-12-06JoshHoyt
dom-events202.0DOM Events expressed as Haskell types (bsd3, library, web)2020-04-29mikesol
dom-selector140.0DOM traversal by CSS selectors for xml-conduit package (bsd3, library, web)2013-06-17nebuta
domplate70.0A simple templating library using HTML5 as its template language. (bsd3, library, text, web)2015-05-22AntonEkblad
dormouse-client120.0Simple, type-safe and testable HTTP client (bsd3, library, web)2021-02-28philcurzon
dormouse-uri140.0Library for type-safe representations of Uri/Urls (bsd3, library, web)2021-02-28philcurzon
dozens110.0dozens api library (library, mit, web)2015-06-12HirotomoMoriwaki
dsc110.0Helper functions for setting up Double Submit Cookie defense for forms (library, mit, web)2017-03-21qoelet
duplo (deprecated)400.0Frontend development build tool (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2015-02-24kenhkan
dustme70.0Initial project template from stack (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-06-13MarkWotton
easy-api70.0Utility code for building HTTP API bindings more quickly. (library, mit, web)2013-11-22IanDuncan
ede3720.0Templating language with similar syntax and features to Liquid or Jinja2. (library, mpl, program, template, text, web)2020-12-01BrendanHay
ekg-cloudwatch142.0An ekg backend for Amazon Cloudwatch (bsd3, library, web)2017-10-19parsonsmatt
ekg-prometheus-adapter210.0Easily expose your EKG metrics to Prometheus (library, mit, web)2018-11-29AlfredoDiNapoli, MikolajKonarski
elm-bridge1022.0Derive Elm types and Json code from Haskell types, using aeson's options (bsd3, compiler, language, library, web)2021-08-30AlexanderThiemann, SimonMarechal
elm-export610.0A library to generate Elm types from Haskell source. (library, web)2017-01-31krisajenkins, domenkozar
elm-export-persistent140.0elm-export persistent entities (data, database, library, mit, web)2021-01-09WilliamCasarin
elm-hybrid160.0Combine Elm with Haskell for data based applications (bsd3, library, web)2016-07-04matsrietdijk
elm-websocket70.0Generate ELM code from a Wai websocket application. (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-11-01rhyskeepence
elm-yesod170.0The Elm language Yesod compatibility module. (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2013-04-23VincentAmbo
elo30.0Elo Rating Library (bsd3, library, web)2015-10-13markfine
ema80.0Static site generator library with hot reload (agpl, library, program, web)2021-04-26sridca
email-validate-json50.0Aeson instances for email-validate (bsd3, library, web)2016-05-16MarkWotton
engine-io1450.0A Haskell implementation of Engine.IO (bsd3, library, web)2020-12-14OliverCharles, RenzoCarbonara, TimBaumann
engine-io-growler100.0 (library, mit, web)2015-04-23IanDuncan
envelope250.0Defines generic 'Envelope' type to wrap reponses from a JSON API. (bsd3, library, web)2017-04-19cdepillabout
esotericbot190.0Esotericbot is a sophisticated, lightweight IRC bot. (bsd3, library, program, web)2009-06-23JohnnyMorrice
espial330.0Espial is an open-source, web-based bookmarking server. (agpl, library, web)2019-01-31jonschoning
ethereum-analyzer-webui400.0A web frontend for ethereum-analyzer (apache, ethereum, library, program, static-analysis, web)2017-12-25zchn
ety20.0Random etymology online entry. (bsd3, library, program, web)2012-02-15ChrisDone
eved110.0A value level web framework (bsd3, library, web)2021-07-18belevy
every60.0Run a process every so often. (bsd3, library, web)2017-05-09athanclark
exh60.0A library for crawling exhentai (bsd3, library, web)2021-02-14berberman, Poscat
extemp70.0automated printing for extemp speakers (bsd3, program, web)2010-10-05SamAnklesaria
extralife170.0API Client for ExtraLife team and user data (bsd3, library, web)2018-07-22wuest
factual-api580.0A driver for the Factual API (api, bsd3, library, web)2012-11-08RudigerLippert
fast-mult130.0Numeric type with asymptotically faster multiplications. (bsd3, library, web)2017-09-26clinton
fastly60.0A highly experimental Fastly API client. (bsd3, library, web)2018-06-21IanDuncan
fay3640.0A compiler for Fay, a Haskell subset that compiles to JavaScript. (bsd3, development, fay, library, program, web)2021-01-10AdamBergmark, ChrisDone, swamp_agr
fay-builder (deprecated)280.0Compile Fay code on cabal install, and ad-hoc recompile during development (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2015-04-08AdamBergmark, ErikHesselink
fay-dom140.0DOM FFI wrapper library for Fay (bsd3, fay, library, web)2015-02-11AdamBergmark, ChrisDone
fay-geoposition40.0W3C compliant implementation of GeoPosition API. (bsd3, library, web)2015-06-11eocallaghan
fay-jquery350.0jQuery bindings for Fay. (bsd3, fay, library, web)2015-08-13AdamBergmark, ChrisDone
fay-simplejson90.0SimpleJSON library for Fay. (bsd3, fay, library, web)2016-10-30Lupino
fay-uri70.0Persistent FFI bindings for using jsUri in Fay (bsd3, library, web)2013-02-10ChrisDone
fay-websockets100.0Websockets FFI library for Fay (bsd3, fay, library, web)2018-12-01swamp_agr
fb12390.0Bindings to Facebook's API. (bsd3, library, web)2020-03-14FelipeLessa, psibi
fb-persistent580.0Provides Persistent instances to Facebook types. (bsd3, library, web)2015-12-30FelipeLessa
fbmessenger-api280.0High-level bindings to Facebook Messenger Platform API (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-11-12mseri
fcf-vinyl40.0Vinyl compatibility with first-class-families (bsd3, library, types, vinyl, web)2021-09-08locallycompact
fckeditor80.0Server-Side Integration for FCKeditor (bsd3, library, web)2008-03-24PeterGammie
feature-flipper190.0A minimally obtrusive feature flag library (library, mit, web)2017-08-09toddmohney
feature-flipper-postgres130.0A minimally obtrusive feature flag library (library, mit, web)2017-08-09toddmohney
fedora-packages100.0Haskell interface to the Fedora Packages webapp API. (bsd3, fedora, library, web)2014-04-10RickyElrod
feed-cli130.0A simple command line interface for creating and updating feeds like RSS (bsd3, program, text, web)2009-07-05IsaacJones
feed-collect160.0Watch RSS/Atom feeds (and do with them whatever you like). (library, public-domain, web)2016-02-18akrasner
feed-translator120.0Translate syndication feeds (agpl, program, web)2015-09-04hongminhee
feed2twitter80.0Send posts from a feed to Twitter (bsd3, library, program, web)2009-05-21TomLokhorst
fernet90.0Generate and verify HMAC-based authentication tokens. (authentication, lgpl, library, web)2017-03-22rvl
ffeed150.0Haskell binding to the FriendFeed API (bsd3, library, program, web)2008-11-23SigbjornFinne
ficketed50.0update statically hosted file in a push stule through socketed (mit, program, web)2017-04-13sencenan
fields-json1070.0Abusing monadic syntax JSON objects generation. (bsd3, library, web)2019-10-31GracjanPolak, MagnusCarlsson, MariuszRak, MikhailGlushenkov, arybczak
fileplow80.0Library to process and search large files or a collection of files (bsd3, library, web)2017-07-01AlexanderThiemann
filter-logger290.0Filterable request logging wai middleware. Change how data is logged and when. (library, mit, program, web)2017-07-15jmc41493
firefly291.5A simple HTTP server framework (bsd3, library, web)2017-12-03ChrisPenner
firefly-example60.0A simple example using Firefly (bsd3, program, web)2017-09-08ChrisPenner
fixed-width (deprecated)60.0Fixed width subsets of an Int64/Word64. (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2016-12-13
flags-applicative700.0Applicative flag parsing (bsd3, library, web)2021-04-05mtth
flamethrower360.0A template engine for HTML (html, library, mit, text, web)2014-12-05charmander
flickr300.0Haskell binding to the Flickr API (bsd3, library, program, web)2009-01-03SigbjornFinne
flink-statefulfun160.0Flink stateful functions SDK (flink, library, mpl, web)2021-08-03tdbgamer
flowdock140.0Flowdock client library for Haskell (library, mit, web)2015-06-25IanDuncan
flowdock-rest70.0Flowdock REST API (bsd3, library, web)2015-09-09phadej
fluffy72.0A simple web application as a online practice website for XDU SE 2017 fall SPM. (gpl, program, web)2017-11-27qinka
fluid-idl222.0Code-generated, Auto-versioned, & Smart Web APIs (bsd3, library, web)2018-04-09jxv
fluid-idl-http-client72.0Http Client addon for Fluid (bsd3, library, web)2017-10-17jxv
fluid-idl-scotty82.0Scotty server add-on for Fluid (bsd3, library, web)2017-10-17jxv
fn312.25A functional web framework. (library, web)2017-09-13DanielPatterson, LibbyHoracek
fn-extra242.0Extras for Fn, a functional web framework. (library, web)2017-09-13DanielPatterson, LibbyHoracek
follow80.0Haskell library to follow content published on any subject. (lgpl, library, program, web)2018-09-14cram1010
follower70.0Follow Tweets anonymously (application, console, gpl, program, web)2011-01-23EmreBasar
font-awesome-type100.0A Font Awesome data type enumerating all icon classes (bsd3, library, web)2016-10-12SeanLeather
foobar (deprecated)90.0Initial project template from stack (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, web)2016-06-29parsonsmatt
forecast-io90.0A Haskell library for working with data. (bsd3, library, web)2015-04-11stormont
forma2260.0Parse and validate forms in JSON format (bsd3, library, web)2021-10-11mrkkrp, tzemanovic
format-numbers300.0Various number formatting functions (library, mit, web)2020-02-13AlexanderThiemann
formlets (deprecated in favor of digestive-functors)770.0Formlets implemented in Haskell (bsd3, deprecated, library, text, user-interfaces, web, xml)2010-12-22ChrisEidhof, DougBeardsley
formlets-hsp (deprecated in favor of digestive-functors-hsp)120.0HSP support for Formlets (bsd3, deprecated, library, text, user-interfaces, web, xml)2010-10-18JeremyShaw
frame20.0A simple web framework. (bsd3, library, program, web)2010-05-30AdamDunkley
frame-markdown70.0A markdown to Frame GUI writer for Pandoc (bsd3, library, web)2010-05-30AdamDunkley
freer-simple-http90.0Make HTTP requests with freer-simple! (control, http, library, mit, web)2018-11-12benweitzman
freesound210.0Access the Freesound Project database (bsd3, library, sound, web)2016-02-19StefanKersten
friendly-time420.0Print time information in friendly ways (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2017-07-21PatrickBrisbin
front210.0A reactive frontend web framework (bsd3, library, web)2020-05-01swamp_agr
ftp-client672.25Transfer files with FTP and FTPS (library, public-domain, web)2020-06-16miscyb
ftp-client-conduit622.25Transfer file with FTP and FTPS with Conduit (library, public-domain, web)2019-09-24miscyb
funbot-client130.0Report events to FunBot over a JSON/HTTP API. (library, network, public-domain, web)2015-09-19akrasner
funbot-ext-events170.0Interact with FunBot's external events. (library, network, public-domain, web)2016-01-27akrasner
funbot-git-hook30.0Git hook which sends events to FunBot. (network, program, public-domain, web)2015-09-27akrasner
gc-monitoring-wai110.0a wai application to show GHC.GCStats (bsd3, library, web)2012-03-29YiHuang
gdax130.0API Wrapping for Coinbase's GDAX exchange. (library, mit, program, web)2017-10-04andrewrademacher
geek380.0Geek blog engine (bsd3, library, web)2015-05-03JinjingWang
geek-server90.0Geek blog engine server (library, program, web)2014-05-19JinjingWang
gelatin-freetype280.0FreeType2 based text rendering for the gelatin realtime rendering system. (bsd3, library, web)2017-10-28SchellScivally
gelatin-shaders80.0Gelatin's OpenGL shaders. (bsd3, library, web)2017-10-27SchellScivally
gen-imports100.0Code to generate instances for the package "ghc-instances" (bsd3, library, web)2018-01-17clinton
gendocs140.0Library for generating interface documentation from types (bsd3, library, web)2017-03-01seanhess
gentlemark70.0Gentle markup language (bsd3, library, text, web)2012-09-30AndriyPolishchuk
geo-resolver80.0Performs geo location lookups and parses the results (library, mit, web)2015-10-09JanGreve
geolite-csv130.0Geolite CSV Parser (bsd3, library, web)2016-08-01andrewthad
getemx30.0Fetch from emusic using .emx files (bsd3, program, web)2011-05-18BenWolfson
ghc-instances110.0Easily import all instances contained in GHC distributed libraries (bsd3, library, web)2018-01-17clinton
ghcjs-ajax60.0Crossbrowser AJAX Bindings for GHCJS (library, mit, web)2016-07-26AlexanderThiemann
ghcjs-base312.0base library for GHCJS (mit, web)2021-05-26HamishMackenzie, LuiteStegeman
ghcjs-base-stub382.0Allow GHCJS projects to compile under GHC and develop using intero. (bsd3, library, web)2019-10-13louispan
ghcjs-codemirror90.0Installs CodeMirror JavaScript files (library, mit, web)2018-07-01HamishMackenzie
ghcjs-dom1592.25DOM library that supports both GHCJS and GHC (library, mit, web)2019-04-06HamishMackenzie
ghcjs-dom-hello170.0GHCJS DOM Hello World, an example package (library, mit, program, web)2017-06-15HamishMackenzie
ghcjs-dom-jsaddle700.0DOM library that supports both GHCJS and GHC using jsaddle (library, mit, web)2019-04-06HamishMackenzie
ghcjs-dom-jsffi730.0DOM library using JSFFI and GHCJS (mit, web)2019-04-06HamishMackenzie
ghcjs-dom-webkit60.0DOM library that supports both GHCJS and WebKitGTK (library, mit, web)2016-06-22HamishMackenzie
ghcjs-fetch70.0GHCJS bindings for the JavaScript Fetch API (bsd3, library, web)2017-09-25cocreature
ghcjs-hplay250.0Client-side web EDSL for transient nodes running in the web browser (library, mit, web)2017-03-05AlbertoCorona, geraldus
ghcjs-perch222.0GHCJS version of Perch library. (library, mit, web)2018-12-04geraldus
ghcjs-vdom40.0Virtual-dom bindings for GHCJS (library, mit, web)2017-01-02TobiasDammers
ghcjs-websockets (deprecated)230.0Deprecated: use ghcjs-base's native websockets (deprecated, library, mit, web)2015-08-08jle
ghcjs-xhr70.0XmlHttpRequest ("AJAX") bindings for GHCJS (bsd3, library, web)2017-01-02TobiasDammers
ghclive130.0Interactive Haskell interpreter in a browser. (application, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, library, program, web)2012-08-20ShaeErisson
gingersnap702.25Consistent and safe JSON APIs with snap-core and (by default) postgresql-simple (bsd3, library, web)2018-11-30TomMurphy, TomBop
giphy-api400.0Giphy HTTP API wrapper and CLI search tool. (bsd3, library, web)2019-10-13passy
gist30.0A reliable command-line client for (gpl, program, web)2012-04-22SimonMichael
github-post-receive250.0GitHub webhooks library (bsd3, library, web)2014-11-07ShoheiYasutake
gitlab-api (deprecated in favor of gitlab-haskell)141.25Gitlab Web API (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-06-21locallycompact
glabrous950.0A template DSL library (bsd3, library, text, web)2021-05-19MichelBoucey
glazier-react240.0ReactJS binding using Glazier.Command. (bsd3, gui, library, web)2018-07-02louispan
glazier-react-examples (deprecated)60.0Examples of using glazier-react (bsd3, deprecated, gui, program, web)2017-04-07louispan
glazier-react-widget240.0Generic widget library using glazier-react (bsd3, gui, library, web)2018-07-02louispan
godot-haskell20.0Haskell bindings for the Godot game engine API (bsd3, library, web)2018-11-02KaneTW
google-html5-slide60.0Google HTML5 Slide generator (bsd3, program, web)2012-07-18HideyukiTanaka
google-isbn220.0 (bsd3, library, text, web)2018-11-16apeyroux
google-mail-filters90.0Write GMail filters and output to importable XML (bsd3, data, library, web, xml)2016-03-31LiyangHu
google-maps-geocoding260.0Bindings to the Google Geocoding API (formerly Maps Geocoding API) (bsd3, library, web)2021-06-12mpilgrem
google-oauth2-for-cli70.0Get Google OAuth2 token for CLI tools (bsd3, library, web)2017-03-21ishiy
google-search100.0EDSL for Google and GMail search expressions (bsd3, language, library, text, web)2016-03-31LiyangHu
google-server-api300.0Google APIs for server to server applications (library, mit, web)2020-10-24arowM
google-static-maps460.0Bindings to the Google Maps Static API (formerly Static Maps API) (bsd3, library, web)2021-06-12mpilgrem
google-translate222.25Google Translate API bindings (bsd3, library, web)2018-05-07DavidJohnson
googleplus170.0Haskell implementation of the Google+ API v1 (bsd3, library, web)2011-10-17MichaelXavier
gopro-plus290.0GoPro Plus Client API. (bsd3, library, web)2021-06-26dustin
gore-and-ash-sync180.0Gore&Ash module for high level network synchronization (bsd3, library, web)2016-11-19NCrashed
graphql-api222.0GraphQL API (library, program, web)2019-10-15teh, jml
graylog80.0Support for graylog output. (library, web)2016-02-28andrewrademacher
growler190.0A revised version of the scotty library that attempts to be simpler and more performant. (library, mit, web)2015-02-21IanDuncan
gscholar-rss600.0scrapes google scholar, provides RSS feed (gpl, program, utils, web)2020-04-13fffaaa
gym-http-api81.5REST client to the gym-http-api project (learning-environments, library, mit, program, web)2018-06-12stites
h-booru120.0Haskell library for retrieving data from various booru image sites (gpl, library, program, web)2014-11-18MateuszKowalczyk
hS3260.0Interface to Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) (bsd3, library, network, program, web)2014-09-28GergelyRisko, GregHeartsfield
hScraper82.25A Haskell library to scrape and crawl web-pages (bsd3, library, web)2015-11-09nishant
hSimpleDB110.0Interface to Amazon's SimpleDB service. (bsd3, database, library, network, web)2009-09-17DavidHimmelstrup
habit50.0Haskell message bot framework (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-01-25akru
hablo80.0A minimalist static blog generator (bsd3, library, program, web)2021-01-20tissevert
hablog230.0A blog system (library, mit, program, web)2021-01-27gilmi
hack (deprecated in favor of hack2)740.0a Haskell Webserver Interface (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-02-06AlbertoCorona, JinjingWang
hack-contrib (deprecated)800.0Hack contrib (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2010-09-29JinjingWang
hack-contrib-press130.0Hack helper that renders Press templates (library, text, web)2009-08-07BrandonBickford
hack-frontend-happstack (deprecated)90.0hack-frontend-happstack (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2009-06-24JinjingWang
hack-frontend-monadcgi (deprecated in favor of wai-frontend-monadcgi)130.0Allows programs written against MonadCGI to run with any hack handler. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
hack-handler-cgi (deprecated in favor of wai-extra)180.0Hack handler using CGI protocol. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
hack-handler-epoll110.0hack handler implementation using epoll (library, web)2010-02-20ToralfWittner
hack-handler-evhttp60.0Hack EvHTTP (libevent) Handler (library, web)2009-08-04BrandonBickford
hack-handler-fastcgi (deprecated in favor of wai-handler-fastcgi)180.0Hack handler direct to fastcgi (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
hack-handler-happstack (deprecated)150.0Hack Happstack server handler (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2009-12-20JinjingWang
hack-handler-hyena (deprecated)260.0Hyena hack handler (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2010-03-15JinjingWang
hack-handler-kibro (deprecated)130.0Hack Kibro handler (deprecated, library, web)2009-05-26JinjingWang
hack-handler-simpleserver (deprecated in favor of warp)120.0A simplistic HTTP server handler for Hack. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-02-06AlbertoCorona, MichaelSnoyman, UweSchmidt
hack-middleware-cleanpath (deprecated)50.0Applies some basic redirect rules to get cleaner paths. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
hack-middleware-clientsession (deprecated)120.0Middleware for easily keeping session data in client cookies. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
hack-middleware-gzip (deprecated in favor of wai-extra)80.0Automatic gzip compression of responses. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
hack-middleware-jsonp (deprecated in favor of wai-extra)140.0Automatic wrapping of JSON responses to convert into JSONP. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
hack2190.0a Haskell Webserver Interface (V2) (bsd3, library, web)2014-11-17JinjingWang
hack2-contrib710.0Hack2 contrib (bsd3, library, web)2015-05-03JinjingWang
hack2-contrib-extra90.0Hack2 contrib extra (bsd3, library, web)2014-12-20JinjingWang
hack2-handler-happstack-server80.0Hack2 Happstack server handler (bsd3, library, web)2011-06-20JinjingWang
hack2-handler-mongrel2-http90.0Hack2 Mongrel2 HTTP handler (bsd3, library, web)2011-10-31JinjingWang
hack2-handler-snap-server100.0Hack2 Snap server handler (bsd3, library, web)2015-03-09JinjingWang
hack2-handler-warp110.0Hack2 warp handler (bsd3, library, web)2012-05-25JinjingWang
hack2-interface-wai90.0Hack2 interface to WAI (bsd3, library, web)2017-01-04JinjingWang
hackage2twitter70.0Send new Hackage releases to Twitter (bsd3, distribution, program, web)2009-05-21TomLokhorst
hackernews730.0API for Hacker News (library, mit, program, web)2017-12-27DavidJohnson
haggis160.0A static site generator with blogging/comments support (library, mit, program, web)2015-12-06TychoAndersen
hails410.0Multi-app web platform framework (library, mit, program, web)2015-04-21AmitLevy, DavidMazieres, DeianStefan
hails-bin (deprecated in favor of hails)90.0Dynamic launcher of Hails applications (deprecated, gpl, program, web)2012-04-20DeianStefan
hairy (deprecated)130.0A JSON REST API (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2014-10-16taylorfausak, fozworth
hakismet80.0Akismet spam protection library (library, mit, web)2010-10-05NilsSchweinsberg
hakyll68972.75A static website compiler library (bsd3, library, program, web)2021-10-02JasperVanDerJeugt, AlexanderBatischev
hakyll-R (deprecated in favor of R-pandoc)110.0A package allowing to write Hakyll blog posts in Rmd (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2015-07-12CorentinDupont
hakyll-agda790.0Wrapper to integrate literate Agda files with Hakyll (bsd3, library, web)2021-04-12FrancescoMazzoli
hakyll-alectryon40.0Hakyll extension for rendering Coq code using Alectryon (library, mit, text, web)2020-10-08lyxia
hakyll-blaze-templates (deprecated)70.0Blaze templates for Hakyll (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2013-05-08SimonasKazlauskas
hakyll-contrib120.0Extra modules for the hakyll website compiler (bsd3, library, program, web)2012-07-08JasperVanDerJeugt
hakyll-contrib-csv80.0Generate Html tables from Csv files (bsd3, library, web)2016-05-19narrative
hakyll-contrib-elm90.0Compile Elm code for inclusion in Hakyll static site. (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-05-19narrative
hakyll-contrib-hyphenation100.0automatic hyphenation for Hakyll (library, mit, web)2014-12-03firegurafiku
hakyll-contrib-i18n100.0A Hakyll library for internationalization. (hakyll, i18n, library, program, web)2020-11-25pcoves
hakyll-contrib-links80.0A hakyll library that helps maintain a separate links database. (bsd3, hakyll, library, web)2012-10-12PiyushKurur
hakyll-dhall160.0Dhall compiler for Hakyll (bsd3, library, program, web)2020-01-18jle
hakyll-dir-list160.0Allow Hakyll to create hierarchical menues from directories. (bsd3, library, web)2018-09-08RobertHennig
hakyll-elm170.0Hakyll wrapper for the Elm compiler. (bsd3, library, web)2014-01-22maxiepoo
hakyll-favicon60.0 (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-04-23elaye
hakyll-filestore380.0FileStore utilities for Hakyll (library, public-domain, web)2021-03-27aergus
hakyll-images2252.0Hakyll utilities to work with images (bsd3, library, web)2021-10-04LaurentRDC
hakyll-ogmarkup (deprecated)90.0Integrate ogmarkup document with Hakyll (deprecated, library, mit, web)2017-12-25lethom
hakyll-process600.0Hakyll compiler for arbitrary external processes. (bsd3, library, web)2021-09-24jhmcstanton
hakyll-sass230.0Hakyll SASS compiler over hsass (library, mit, web)2018-12-13meoblast001
hakyll-series70.0Adds series functionality to hakyll (library, mit, web)2016-11-02oisdk
hakyll-shakespeare50.0Hakyll Hamlet compiler (library, mit, web)2016-09-03Eliza0x
hakyll-shortcode20.0A shortcode extension module for Hakyll (gpl, library, web)2017-10-11nbloomf
hakyll-shortcut-links100.0Use shortcut-links in markdown file for Hakyll (hakyll, library, markdown, mpl, web)2021-01-12shersh, vrom911
hakyll-typescript120.0Typescript and javascript hakyll compilers. (bsd3, library, web)2020-11-02jhmcstanton
hal410.0A runtime environment for Haskell applications running on AWS Lambda. (aws, bsd3, library, web)2021-05-08nikeoss
halvm-web70.0A simple, static HaLVM web server (bsd3, program, web)2016-10-13AdamWick
hamlet (deprecated in favor of shakespeare)1880.0Haml-like template files that are compile-time checked (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, web, yesod)2014-03-30FelipeLessa, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
happs-hsp-template70.0Utilities for using HSP templates in HAppS applications. (bsd3, library, web)2008-05-20DavidHimmelstrup
happs-tutorial940.0A Happstack Tutorial that is its own web 2.0-type demo. (bsd3, program, web)2010-05-11CreightonHogg, ThomasHartman
happstack (deprecated in favor of happstack-server)800.0The haskell application server stack + code generation (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, library, web)2014-06-26JeremyShaw, MatthewElder
happstack-auth40.0A Happstack Authentication Suite (bsd3, library, web)2010-10-04NilsSchweinsberg
happstack-authenticate1280.0Happstack Authentication Library (bsd3, library, web)2021-02-12JeremyShaw
happstack-clientsession210.0client-side session data (bsd3, happstack, library, web)2021-04-09JeremyShaw
happstack-contrib60.0Web related tools and services. (bsd3, distributed-computing, library, web)2009-03-04MatthewElder
happstack-data (deprecated in favor of safecopy)390.0Happstack data manipulation libraries (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, library, web)2012-02-08JeremyShaw, MatthewElder
happstack-dlg60.0Cross-request user interactions for Happstack (bsd3, library, web)2010-02-03ChrisSmith
happstack-facebook (deprecated in favor of fb)190.0A package for building Facebook applications using Happstack (bsd3, deprecated, language, library, web)2011-02-06JeremyShaw
happstack-fastcgi230.0Happstack extension for use with FastCGI. (bsd3, library, web)2014-03-07ChrisEidhof, EelcoLempsink, tomberek
happstack-hamlet430.0Support for Hamlet HTML templates in Happstack (bsd3, happstack, library, web)2014-04-01JeremyShaw
happstack-heist510.0Support for using Heist templates in Happstack (bsd3, happstack, library, web)2014-10-14JeremyShaw
happstack-hsp1120.0Support for using HSP templates in Happstack (bsd3, happstack, library, web)2020-10-24JeremyShaw
happstack-hstringtemplate160.0Support for using HStringTemplate in Happstack (bsd3, happstack, library, web)2014-06-26JeremyShaw
happstack-ixset (deprecated in favor of ixset)280.0Efficient relational queries on Haskell sets. (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, library, web)2011-04-25JeremyShaw, MatthewElder
happstack-jmacro572.0Support for using JMacro with Happstack (bsd3, happstack, library, web)2020-10-24JeremyShaw
happstack-lite370.0Happstack minus the useless stuff (bsd3, happstack, library, web)2020-04-13JeremyShaw
happstack-monad-peel70.0monad-peel instances for Happstack types (bsd3, happstack, library, web)2013-02-22NilsSchweinsberg
happstack-plugins330.0The haskell application server stack + reload (bsd3, happstack, library, web)2012-11-29JeremyShaw
happstack-server3182.25Web related tools and services. (bsd3, happstack, web)2021-06-21JeremyShaw, MatthewElder
happstack-server-tls820.0extend happstack-server with https:// support (TLS/SSL) (bsd3, happstack, library, web)2020-10-23JeremyShaw
happstack-server-tls-cryptonite70.0Extend happstack-server with native HTTPS support (TLS/SSL) (bsd3, happstack, library, web)2015-08-07blaze
happstack-state (deprecated in favor of acid-state)490.0Event-based distributed state. (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, library, web)2012-02-16JeremyShaw, MatthewElder
happstack-static-routing340.0Support for static URL routing with overlap detection for Happstack. (bsd3, distributed-computing, library, web)2017-06-20GracjanPolak, MikhailGlushenkov, jonathanjouty_scrive, trin_cz
happstack-util (deprecated)310.0Web framework (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, library, web)2012-02-01JeremyShaw, MatthewElder
happstack-yui (deprecated)300.0Utilities for using YUI3 with Happstack. (bsd3, deprecated, happstack, library, web)2012-10-20DagOdenhall
haroonga-httpd70.0Yet another Groonga http server. (lgpl, program, web)2015-04-03cosmo0920
harvest-api60.0Bindings for Harvest API (library, mit, web)2016-05-20jsl, stackbuilders, mrkkrp
hashids250.0Hashids generates short, unique, non-sequential ids from numbers. (library, mit, web)2018-02-09arbelos
haskeline-repl110.0 (bsd3, library, web)2017-05-12reinvdwoerd
haskell-abci50.0Haskell Application BlockChain Interface (ABCI) Server Library (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-08-10cwgoes
haskell-bitmex-client60.0Complete BitMEX Client (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-10-12Lucsanszky
haskell-bitmex-rest70.0Auto-generated bitmex API Client (bsd3, library, web)2018-10-12Lucsanszky
haskell-fake-user-agent50.0Simple library for retrieving current user agent strings (library, public-domain, web)2016-06-15grzegorzgolda
haskell-google-trends90.0Simple library for accessing Google Trends (library, public-domain, web)2016-06-17grzegorzgolda
haskell-kubernetes100.0Haskell bindings to the Kubernetes API (via swagger-codegen) (library, mit, web)2016-12-11aaronlevin
haskell-proxy-list80.0Simple library for retrieving proxy servers info from (library, public-domain, web)2016-06-17grzegorzgolda
haskmon100.0A haskell wrapper for ( (game, library, mit, web)2016-03-09pjrt
haskoon70.0Web Application Abstraction (library, web)2010-10-05DavidLeuschner, StefanWehr
haskoon-httpspec70.0Integrating HttpSpec with Haskoon (library, web)2010-10-05StefanWehr
haskoon-salvia70.0Integrating HttpSpec with Haskoon (library, web)2010-10-05StefanWehr
haskyapi (deprecated)100.0HTTP server (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2018-02-09okue
hasql-generic80.0Generic encoder and decoder deriving for Hasql (bsd3, library, web)2017-12-28kahnpro
hasql-queue270.0A PostgreSQL backed queue (bsd3, library, program, web)2020-07-06JonathanFischoff
hasql-simple70.0A somewhat opinionated "simpler" API to hasql (bsd3, library, web)2017-09-23AlexanderThiemann
haste70.0A universal pastebin tool, written in Haskell. (bsd3, program, web)2009-10-12DavidSiegel
haste-app80.0Framework for type-safe, distributed web applications. (library, mit, web)2017-09-15AntonEkblad
haste-compiler1370.0Haskell To ECMAScript compiler (bsd3, compiler, javascript, program, web)2017-09-08AntonEkblad
haste-gapi82.0Google API bindings for the Haste compiler (library, mit, web)2016-04-01nyson
haste-lib40.0Base libraries for haste-compiler. (bsd3, library, web)2017-09-15AntonEkblad
haste-markup70.0A port of blaze-markup and blaze-html to Haste (library, mit, web)2014-06-07AnupamJain
haste-perch410.0Create, navigate and modify the DOM tree with composable syntax, with the haste compiler (gpl, library, web)2015-04-09AlbertoCorona
haste-prim70.0Low level primitives for the Haste compiler. (bsd3, library, web)2017-09-15AntonEkblad
haveibeenpwned90.0Library for checking for weak/compromised passwords. (bsd3, library, program, web)2020-11-18abrar
hawitter110.0A twitter client for GTK+. Beta version. (bsd3, program, web)2010-03-25DaikiHanda
haxl-amazonka60.0Haxl data source for accessing AWS services through amazonka. (bsd3, library, web)2017-01-17TvH
haxy100.0A simple HTTP proxy server library (bsd3, library, web)2015-08-25AndreyChudnov
hbro1140.0Minimal extensible web-browser (browser, library, program, web)2016-11-26koral
hbro-contrib400.0Third-party extensions to hbro. (browser, library, program, web)2016-11-26koral
hcheat (deprecated)80.0A collection of code cheatsheet (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2010-01-26JinjingWang
hdigest70.0Server-side HTTP Digest (RFC2617) in the CGI monad (bsd3, library, web)2010-01-04JameySharp
heckle560.0Jekyll in Haskell (feat. LaTeX) (library, mit, program, web)2017-03-112016rshah
hedgehog-checkers70.0 (bsd3, library, web)2017-12-11bitemyapp
hedgehog-checkers-lens80.0 (bsd3, library, web)2017-12-11bitemyapp
hedis-namespace60.0Initial project template from stack (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-07-07jdabbs
heist2472.0An Haskell template system supporting both HTML5 and XML. (bsd3, library, snap, web)2018-10-23DougBeardsley, GregoryCollins
heist-aeson120.0Use JSON directly from Heist templates. (library, public-domain, web)2011-05-11DavidHimmelstrup
heist-async90.0Adding support for asynchronous updates ("AJAX") with heist (bsd3, library, web)2014-01-19DanielPatterson
helium-overture60.0A backwards-compatible, modern replacement for the Prelude. (library, public-domain, web)2016-08-26patrick_thomson
hermes (deprecated)00.0 (deprecated, library, web)2015-10-14AlfredoDiNapoli
heroku190.0helpers for deploying to Heroku (bsd3, library, web)2015-06-30GregWeber
herringbone320.0A library for compiling and serving static web assets. (library, mit, web)2014-07-27hdgarrood
herringbone-embed100.0Embed preprocessed web assets in your executable with Template Haskell. (library, mit, web)2014-07-27hdgarrood
herringbone-wai100.0Wai adapter for the Herringbone web asset preprocessor. (library, mit, web)2014-07-27hdgarrood
heterocephalus780.0A type-safe template engine for working with front end development tools (library, mit, web)2020-10-11arowM
hgis650.0Library and for GIS with Haskell (bsd3, library, web)2018-09-08vmchale
hharp70.0Binding to libharp (bsd3, library, web)2015-12-05thoferon
highjson210.0Spec based JSON parsing/serialisation (json, library, mit, text, web)2021-05-17AlexanderThiemann
highjson-swagger140.0Derive swagger instances from highjson specs (json, library, mit, text, web)2021-05-17AlexanderThiemann
highjson-th100.0Template Haskell helpers for highjson specs (json, library, mit, text, web)2021-05-17AlexanderThiemann
hipbot90.0A library for building HipChat Bots (bsd3, library, web)2015-06-09purefn
hipchat-hs70.0Hipchat API bindings in Haskell (bsd3, library, web)2016-06-14oswynb
hissmetrics410.0Unofficial API bindings to KISSmetrics. (bsd3, library, web)2014-07-05FelipeLessa
hjsmin2350.0Haskell implementation of a javascript minifier (bsd3, library, program, web)2019-10-18AlanZimmerman, ErikDeCastroLopo, TonyMorris
hkdf40.0Implementation of HKDF (RFC 5869) (bsd3, cryptography, library, web)2016-01-05JiriMarsicek
hkt22.0A library for higher kinded types. (bsd3, library, web)2018-05-10eliaslfox
hlongurl80.0Library and utility interfacing to (bsd3, library, program, web)2009-01-25RobinGreen
hls-exactprint-utils (deprecated in favor of ghcide)50.0Common utilities to interaction between ghc-exactprint and HLS plugins. (apache, deprecated, library, web)2021-01-10AlanZimmerman, HiromiIshii, PepeIborra, Ailrun, isovector, wz1000, luke_, jneira
horname100.0Rename function definitions returned by SMT solvers (bsd3, library, program, web)2019-07-14cocreature
hourglass-orphans80.0Orphan Aeson instances to hourglass (bsd3, library, web)2017-04-15psibi
hpaste150.0Haskell paste web site. (program, web)2013-07-02ChrisDone, DonaldStewart
hpasteit170.0A command-line client for (bsd3, program, web)2013-03-11PatrickPalka
hplayground300.0monadic, reactive Formlets running in the Web browser (bsd3, library, web)2015-04-12AlbertoCorona
hprox110.0a lightweight HTTP proxy server, and more (apache, program, proxy, web)2019-10-17BinJin
hquery100.0A query language for transforming HTML5 (library, mit, web)2014-06-03TychoAndersen
hreq-client70.0A Type dependent Highlevel HTTP client library. (library, mit, network, program, web)2019-11-26epicallan
hreq-conduit40.0Conduit streaming support for Hreq. (conduit, library, mit, network, web)2019-11-13epicallan
hreq-core80.0Core functionality for Hreq Http client library (library, mit, network, web)2019-11-26epicallan
hs-brotli30.0Compression and decompression in the brotli format (bsd3, library, web)2017-10-28IanDuncan
hs-duktape320.0Haskell bindings for a very compact embedded ECMAScript (JavaScript) engine. (library, mit, web)2019-02-28myfreeweb
hs-nombre-generator90.0Name generator. (mit, program, web)2014-06-25alvare
hs-rs-notify510.0Experimental! Wraps this awesome rust library so you can use it in haskell. (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-02-28stoeffel
hs-scrape30.0Simple and easy web scraping and automation in Haskell. (library, mit, web)2014-12-29codygman
hs-twitter220.0Haskell binding to the Twitter API (bsd3, library, web)2009-05-28SigbjornFinne
hsakamai120.0Akamai API(Edgegrid and Netstorage) (bsd3, library, program, web)2019-03-07junjihashimoto
hsaml2220.0OASIS Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) V2.0 (apache, library, network, security, web)2020-11-10DylanSimon
hscim130.0hscim json schema and server implementation (agpl, library, program, web)2021-08-24MatthiasFischmann
hscuid50.0Collision-resistant IDs (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-04-28DanielBuckmaster
hsebaysdk170.0Haskell eBay SDK (bsd3, library, web)2020-04-13ChristopherReichert, CodyReichert
hsforce100.0Salesforce API Client (bsd3, library, web)2019-03-04tzmfreedom
hsoz120.0Iron, Hawk, Oz: Web auth protocols (authentication, bsd3, library, web)2017-03-23rvl
hsp250.0Haskell Server Pages is a library for writing dynamic server-side web pages. (bsd3, language, library, web)2013-11-12GwernBranwen, JeremyShaw, NiklasBroberg
hsp-cgi120.0Facilitates running Haskell Server Pages web pages as CGI programs. (bsd3, library, network, web)2008-05-17NiklasBroberg
hspec-hashable70.0Initial project template from stack (bsd3, library, web)2020-11-25mchaver, scottfleischmanplow
hspec-pg-transact200.0Helpers for creating database tests with hspec and pg-transact (bsd3, library, web)2021-09-02JonathanFischoff, hecate
hspec-snap862.0A library for testing with Hspec and the Snap Web Framework (bsd3, library, snap, web)2020-03-08DanielPatterson, imalsogreg
hspec-stack-rerun150.0Simple project template from stack (bsd3, library, web)2016-07-15MarkWotton
hspec-webdriver582.0Write end2end web application tests using webdriver and hspec (library, mit, web)2016-08-28JohnLenz
hsreadability70.0Access to the Readability API. (library, mit, network-apis, web)2015-04-19rasendubi
hsx-jmacro510.0hsp+jmacro support (bsd3, library, web)2018-05-31JeremyShaw
hsx-xhtml70.0XHTML utilities to use together with HSX. (bsd3, library, web)2008-05-17NiklasBroberg
html1390.0HTML combinator library (bsd3, library, web)2008-10-11DonaldStewart
html-charset810.0Determine character encoding of HTML documents/fragments (lgpl, library, program, web)2018-07-10hongminhee
html-conduit2530.0Parse HTML documents using xml-conduit datatypes. (conduit, library, mit, text, web)2021-08-16JensPetersen, MichaelSnoyman
html-kure80.0HTML rewrite engine, using KURE. (bsd3, library, web)2015-05-19AndyGill, ryanglscott
html-rules110.0Perform traversals of HTML structures using sets of rules. (bsd3, html, library, text, transformation, web)2014-05-13KyleCarter
html-validator-cli90.0A command-line interface for (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-10-16KenzoYotsuya
http-accept120.0Functions for working with HTTP Accept headers (library, web)2012-10-09StephenWeber
http-api-data14510.0Converting to/from HTTP API data like URL pieces, headers and query parameters. (bsd3, library, web)2021-01-04MichaelSnoyman, NickolayKudasov, phadej
http-attoparsec190.0Attoparsec parsers for http-types. (bsd3, library, network, web)2014-01-11TeroLaitinen
http-client-streams180.0http-client for io-streams supporting openssl (bsd3, io-streams, library, web)2015-04-03DavidJohnson
http-common1412.0Common types for HTTP clients and servers (bsd3, library, web)2021-08-21AndrewCowie
http-conduit27922.25HTTP client package with conduit interface and HTTPS support. (bsd3, conduit, library, web)2021-02-21MichaelSnoyman
http-conduit-browser640.0Browser interface to the http-conduit package (bsd3, conduit, library, web)2017-06-13MikhailKuddah, MylesMaxfield
http-conduit-downloader612.0HTTP downloader tailored for web-crawler needs. (bsd3, library, web)2021-03-24VladimirShabanov
http-date9010.0HTTP Date parser/formatter (bsd3, library, network, web)2021-02-24KazuYamamoto
http-encodings140.0A library for encoding and decoding bodies of HTTP messages (bsd3, library, web)2014-06-07AndreyChudnov
http-enumerator (deprecated in favor of http-conduit)2250.0HTTP client package with enumerator interface and HTTPS support. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, enumerator, library, web)2012-04-22MichaelSnoyman
http-grammar50.0Attoparsec-based parsers for the RFC-2616 HTTP grammar rules. (apache, library, web)2017-03-01rickowens
http-io-streams500.0HTTP and WebSocket client based on io-streams (io-streams, library, web)2020-10-29HerbertValerioRiedel
http-kinder80.0Generic kinds and types for working with HTTP (bsd3, library, web)2016-02-26JosephAbrahamson
http-link-header2050.0A parser and writer for the HTTP Link header per RFC 5988 (library, public-domain, web)2021-10-10myfreeweb, SShuck
http-listen (deprecated in favor of warp)100.0Listen to HTTP requests and handle them in arbitrary ways. (deprecated, library, network, public-domain, web)2015-08-05akrasner
http-media6430.0Processing HTTP Content-Type and Accept headers (library, mit, web)2019-04-15TimothyJones
http-proxy580.0A library for writing HTTP and HTTPS proxies (bsd3, library, program, web)2021-04-17ErikDeCastroLopo
http-query200.0Simple http queries (bsd3, library, web)2021-02-28JensPetersen
http-reverse-proxy1962.0Reverse proxy HTTP requests, either over raw sockets or with WAI (bsd3, web)2018-04-26MichaelSnoyman
http-rfc780750.0RFC7807 style response messages (bsd3, library, servant, web)2020-12-12PeterTrsko
http-streams1942.0An HTTP client using io-streams (bsd3, io-streams, library, web)2021-08-21AndrewCowie
http-test550.0Test framework for HTTP APIs (bsd3, library, program, test, web)2016-03-03glutamate
http-trace112.0Tracking http redirects (library, mit, program, web)2016-06-20sigrlami
http-types12620.0Generic HTTP types for Haskell (for both client and server code). (bsd3, library, network, web)2019-02-24AristidBreitkreuz
http2-client1082.25A native HTTP2 client library. (bsd3, library, web)2020-11-06LucasDiCioccio, ProofOfKeags
http2-client-exe100.0A command-line http2 client. (bsd3, program, web)2019-04-21LucasDiCioccio, ProofOfKeags
httpd-shed720.0A simple web-server with an interact style API (bsd3, library, network, web)2019-05-23AndyGill, GaneshSittampalam
httpspec70.0Specification of HTTP request/response generators and parsers (data, library, web)2010-10-05DavidLeuschner, StefanWehr
hup152.0Upload packages or documentation to a hackage server (bsd2, distribution, documentation, library, program, web)2020-04-14phlummox
hw-aws-sqs-conduit50.0AWS SQS conduit (bsd3, library, web)2021-02-24haskellworks
hweblib300.0Haskell Web Library (bsd3, library, web)2014-05-25AycanIrican
hworker-ses110.0Library for sending email with Amazon's SES and hworker (library, web)2017-09-13DanielPatterson, LibbyHoracek
hxweb30.0Minimal webframework using fastcgi, libxml2 and libxslt. (bsd3, library, web)2006-09-26DavidHimmelstrup
hyperdrive20.0a fast, trustworthy HTTP(s) server built (bsd3, library, program, web)2013-01-08JeremyShaw
hyperpublic60.0A thin wrapper for the Hyperpublic API (library, public-domain, web)2011-10-27MichaelCraig
hzaif50.0This package is Zaif Exchange Api wrapper (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-01-24
hzulip772.0A haskell wrapper for the Zulip API. (gpl, library, web)2016-01-27yamadapc
ical (deprecated in favor of iCalendar)30.0iCalendar format parser and org-mode converter. (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, web)2015-11-24ChrisDone
icepeak50.0A fast JSON document store with push notification support. (bsd3, library, program, web)2020-12-05rkrzr
iconv-typed90.0Type safe iconv wrapper (bsd3, library, web)2016-10-25AlfredoDiNapoli
ig152.0Bindings to Instagram's API. (bsd3, library, web)2016-06-30FelipeLessa, JeanPhilippeMoresmau, cdepillabout
imgurder80.0Uploader for Imgur (bsd3, library, program, web)2011-10-27DanColish
imm1080.0Execute arbitrary actions for each item from RSS/Atom feeds (library, program, public-domain, web)2021-05-07koral
indieweb-algorithms70.0A collection of implementations of IndieWeb algorithms. (library, public-domain, web)2015-08-25myfreeweb
informative410.0A yesod subsite serving a wiki. (agpl, library, program, web)2016-04-04implementation
inquire70.0Console client for encyclopedias (gpl, program, web)2014-01-08orbifx
insert-ordered-containers6320.0Associative containers retaining insertion order for traversals. (bsd3, library, web)2021-05-24phadej
inspector-wrecker70.0Create benchmarks from the HAR files (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-09-19JonathanFischoff
instapaper-sender50.0Basic HTTP gateway to save articles to Instapaper (agpl, program, web)2017-02-03MichaelSmith
io-streams-http200.0http-client for io-streams (bsd3, io-streams, library, web)2015-05-01DavidJohnson
ip2370.0Library for IP and MAC addresses (bsd3, library, web)2021-01-22andrewthad, chessai
ipfs-api60.0Auto-generated IPFS HTTP API (bsd3, library, network, web)2019-05-23KimAltintop, jkarni
iptadmin330.0web-interface for iptables (application, bsd3, program, system, tools, web)2013-05-19EvgenyTarasov
isohunt170.0Bindings to the isoHunt torrent search API (bsd3, library, web)2012-04-03ReinerPope
ivy-web120.0A lightweight web framework (bsd3, library, web)2011-10-28JamesDeng
javascript-extras390.0Extra javascript functions when using GHCJS (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-07-02louispan
jcdecaux-vls50.0JCDecaux self-service bicycles API client (library, mit, web)2014-04-29Herzult
jespresso140.0Extract all JavaScript from an HTML page and consolidate it in one script. (bsd3, library, program, web)2015-06-22AndreyChudnov
jmacro-rpc162.0JSON-RPC clients and servers using JMacro, and evented client-server Reactive Programming. (bsd3, library, network, web)2018-05-11GershomBazerman
jmacro-rpc-happstack180.0Happstack backend for jmacro-rpc (bsd3, library, network, web)2015-05-18GershomBazerman
jmacro-rpc-snap120.0Snap backend for jmacro-rpc (bsd3, library, network, web)2014-07-05GershomBazerman
jml-web-service70.0Common utilities for running a web service (apache, library, web)2018-01-30jml
jmonkey50.0Jmonkey is very restricted but handy EDSL for JavaScript. (library, mit, web)2018-10-29opyapeus
jobs-ui90.0A library for creating a jobs management website running custom jobs. (apache, library, web)2019-12-21gilmi
join-api60.0Bindings for Join push notifications (bsd3, library, web)2017-05-01KevinCotrone
jonathanscard30.0An implementation of the Jonathan's Card API. (bsd3, library, web)2011-08-08MichaelSchade
jsaddle2190.0Interface for JavaScript that works with GHCJS and GHC (javascript, library, mit, web)2021-05-25HamishMackenzie
jsaddle-clib100.0Interface for JavaScript that works with GHCJS and GHC (javascript, library, mit, web)2021-05-25HamishMackenzie
jsaddle-dom1220.0DOM library that uses jsaddle to support both GHCJS and GHC (library, mit, web)2020-07-18HamishMackenzie
jsaddle-hello90.0JSaddle Hello World, an example package (library, mit, program, web)2021-06-26HamishMackenzie
jsaddle-warp630.0Interface for JavaScript that works with GHCJS and GHC (javascript, library, mit, web)2021-05-25HamishMackenzie
jsaddle-webkit2gtk460.0Interface for JavaScript that works with GHCJS and GHC (javascript, library, mit, web)2021-05-25HamishMackenzie
jsaddle-webkitgtk170.0Interface for JavaScript that works with GHCJS and GHC (javascript, library, mit, web)2017-06-02HamishMackenzie
jsaddle-wkwebview610.0Interface for JavaScript that works with GHCJS and GHC (javascript, mit, web)2021-05-25HamishMackenzie
jsc (deprecated in favor of jsaddle)140.0High level interface for webkit-javascriptcore (deprecated, javascript, library, mit, web)2014-03-02HamishMackenzie
json4431.75Support for serialising Haskell to and from JSON (bsd3, library, web)2020-01-14DonaldStewart, IavorDiatchki, SigbjornFinne
json-feed2770.0JSON Feed (library, mit, web)2021-10-16fozworth
json2yaml (deprecated in favor of yaml)350.0Utility to convert a file from JSON to YAML format. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, program, web)2014-04-03MichaelSnoyman
json5hs282.0Serialising to and from JSON5 (bsd3, json5, library, text, web)2020-09-01sakamitz
jsonextfilter80.0Filter select values in JSON objects to unix programs (mit, program, web)2017-03-21mackeyrms
jsonpath210.0Library to parse and execute JSONPath (bsd3, json, library, text, web)2020-02-15axeman
jsons-to-schema60.0JSON to JSON Schema (data, json, library, mit, program, web)2017-07-30garetht
juandelacosa50.0Manage users in MariaDB >= 10.1.1 (databases, mit, program, web)2021-03-17ip1981
junit-xml772.25Producing JUnit-style XML test reports. (bsd3, library, web)2020-10-25stoeffel, JasperWoudenberg
jwt1701.25JSON Web Token (JWT) decoding and encoding (library, mit, web)2019-03-25puffnfresh
kansas-comet1300.0A JavaScript push mechanism based on the comet idiom (bsd3, library, web)2021-10-09AndyGill, ryanglscott
karps60.0Haskell bindings for Spark Dataframes and Datasets (apache, big-data, library, web)2017-04-11krapsh
katip-raven20.0Katip scribe for raven ( (apache, library, web)2020-12-14domenkozar
katip-syslog142.0Syslog Katip Scribe (bsd3, library, web)2021-04-07AlfredoDiNapoli, ChrisDornan, MikolajKonarski
kawaii80.0Utilities for serving static sites and blogs with Wai/Warp (library, web)2016-08-21etcinit
keenser70.0Initial project template from stack (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-07-07jdabbs
keera-hails-reactive-htmldom40.0Keera Hails Reactive bindings for HTML DOM via GHCJS (bsd3, library, web)2020-08-13keera_studios_ci
keter1692.0Web application deployment manager, focusing on Haskell web frameworks (library, mit, program, web, yesod)2016-08-16MichaelSnoyman, ChristopherReichert, jgt
keycode290.0Maps web browser keycodes to their corresponding keyboard keys (bsd3, library, web)2016-08-15ryanglscott
kontrakcja-templates230.0Utilities for working with many HStringTemplate templates from files. (bsd3, library, web)2020-08-11MariuszRak, arybczak
krapsh120.0Haskell bindings for Spark Dataframes and Datasets (apache, big-data, library, web)2017-01-16krapsh
kubernetes-client200.0Client library for Kubernetes (apache, library, web)2020-12-04axeman, guoshimin
kubernetes-client-core140.0Auto-generated kubernetes-client-core API Client (apache, library, web)2020-11-05axeman, guoshimin
kubernetes-webhook-haskell180.0Create Kubernetes Admission Webhooks in Haskell (library, mit, web)2020-08-14amarrella
kurita20.0Find the alpha emoji (bsd3, game, library, program, web)2019-05-06davean
lackey1020.0Generate Ruby clients from Servant APIs. (library, mit, web)2021-05-13fozworth
lambdaFeed80.0RSS 2.0 feed generator (program, web)2007-02-13DonaldStewart
lambdabot1000.0Lambdabot is a development tool and advanced IRC bot (development, program, web)2021-08-11BertramFelgenhauer, DmitryMalikov, GwernBranwen, IsaacJones, JamesCook
lambdabot-core550.0Lambdabot core functionality (development, library, web)2021-08-11BertramFelgenhauer, JamesCook
lambdabot-haskell-plugins360.0Lambdabot Haskell plugins (development, library, web)2021-08-11BertramFelgenhauer, JamesCook
lambdabot-irc-plugins370.0IRC plugins for lambdabot. (development, library, web)2021-08-11BertramFelgenhauer, JamesCook
lambdabot-misc-plugins350.0Lambdabot miscellaneous plugins (development, library, web)2021-08-11BertramFelgenhauer, JamesCook
lambdabot-novelty-plugins330.0Novelty plugins for Lambdabot (development, library, web)2021-08-11BertramFelgenhauer, JamesCook
lambdabot-reference-plugins290.0Lambdabot reference plugins. (development, library, web)2021-08-11BertramFelgenhauer, JamesCook
lambdabot-social-plugins380.0Social plugins for Lambdabot (development, library, web)2021-08-11BertramFelgenhauer, JamesCook
lambdabot-trusted350.0Lambdabot trusted code. (development, library, web)2021-08-11BertramFelgenhauer, JamesCook
lambdabot-utils (deprecated in favor of lambdabot)170.0Utility libraries for the advanced IRC bot, Lambdabot (deprecated, development, library, web)2013-02-16GwernBranwen, JanStolarek
lambdabot-zulip60.0Lambdabot for Zulip Chat (library, mit, program, web)2018-11-20NiklasHambuechen
lambdacms-core260.0LambdaCms 'core' subsite for Yesod apps (library, mit, web)2015-07-23cies, matsrietdijk
lambdacms-media170.0LambdaCms "media" extension (library, mit, web)2015-07-26cies, matsrietdijk
lambdatwit80.0Lambdabot running as a twitter bot. Similar to the @fsibot f# bot. (mit, program, web)2014-10-13aaronash
language-elm422.0Generate elm code (bsd3, library, web)2018-12-08eliaslfox
large-hashable212.0Efficiently hash (large) Haskell values (bsd3, library, web)2017-03-20AlexanderThiemann, DavidLeuschner, StefanWehr
launchdarkly-server-sdk240.0Server-side SDK for integrating with LaunchDarkly (apache, library, web)2021-06-20launchdarkly
ld-intervals70.0Data structures for representing arbitrary intervals (bsd3, library, web)2016-06-17savannidgerinel
leaf100.0A simple portfolio generator (gpl, program, web)2013-02-18DimitriSabadie
leanpub-concepts132.0Types for the Leanpub API (library, mit, web)2021-03-09chris_martin, Monoid_Mary
leanpub-wreq102.0Use the Leanpub API via Wreq (library, mit, web)2021-03-11chris_martin, Monoid_Mary
legion-discovery-client110.0Client library for communicating with legion-discovery. (apache, library, web)2017-08-13taphu
lens-prelude100.0Alternate prelude that exports lens combinators (bsd3, library, web)2015-10-27andrewthad
lens-xml60.0Lenses for the xml package. (bsd3, library, web)2016-11-01NickPartridge
less-arbitrary170.0Linear time testing with variant of Arbitrary class that always terminates. (bsd3, library, web)2021-01-12MichalGajda
libjwt-typed90.0A Haskell implementation of JSON Web Token (JWT) (library, mpl, web)2020-09-21rzeznik
libravatar190.0Use Libravatar, the decentralized avatar delivery service (library, network, public-domain, web)2017-12-20akrasner
lightning-haskell120.0Haskell client for lightning-viz REST API (bsd3, library, visualization, web)2016-10-29cmoreside
lighttpd-conf90.0Lighttpd configuration file tools. (bsd3, library, web)2008-08-06MattMorrow
lighttpd-conf-qq150.0A QuasiQuoter for lighttpd configuration files. (bsd3, library, web)2008-08-06MattMorrow
linden31.25Zen gardening, based on l-systems (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-05-01davean
line-bot-sdk341.5Haskell SDK for LINE Messaging API (bsd3, library, network, web)2021-08-25moleike
link-relations100.0Use web link relation types (RFC 5988) in Haskell (data, library, public-domain, web)2016-01-28akrasner
lio-simple110.0LIO support for the Simple web framework (lgpl, library, program, web)2014-04-20DeianStefan
listenbrainz-client110.0A client library to the ListenBrainz project (bsd3, library, web)2018-02-03OliverCharles
lmdb-high-level80.0Higher level API for working with LMDB (bsd3, library, web)2016-10-05andrewthad
lmonad-yesod60.0LMonad for Yesod integrates LMonad's IFC with Yesod web applications. (library, mit, security, web, yesod)2016-04-19jp_rider
logentries60.0Request logger middleware for Logentries (bsd3, library, web)2016-07-12toddmohney
loli (deprecated in favor of miku)270.0A minimum web dev DSL in Haskell (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2011-06-24JinjingWang
lord130.0A command line interface to online radios. (library, music, program, public-domain, web)2015-01-22rnons
lti13110.0Core functionality for LTI 1.3. (lgpl, library, web)2021-08-11jade
ltiv1p1100.0Partial implementation of a service provider for LTI 1.1. (library, mit, network, web)2016-08-24achirkin
lucid13872.5Clear to write, read and edit DSL for HTML (bsd3, library, web)2021-10-18ChrisDone, phadej
lucid-cdn210.0Curated list of CDN imports for lucid. (library, mit, web)2020-10-16locallycompact
lucid-colonnade120.0Helper functions for using lucid with colonnade (bsd3, library, web)2018-06-13andrewthad
lucid-extras202.0Generate more HTML with Lucid - Bootstrap, Rdash, Vega-Lite, Leaflet JS, Email. (graphics, library, mit, web)2019-02-19glutamate, ocramz
lucienne (deprecated)70.0Server side feed aggregator/reader (deprecated, program, web)2012-06-09AlexanderBau
luis-client80.0An unofficial client for the LUIS NLP service. (bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, web)2016-04-01MicxjoFunkcio
lz4-frame-conduit130.0Conduit implementing the official LZ4 frame streaming format (library, mit, program, web)2020-09-12NiklasHambuechen
mackerel-client360.0An API client library for Mackerel (library, mit, web)2020-07-18itchyny
magicbane360.0A web framework that integrates Servant, RIO, EKG, fast-logger, wai-cli… (library, public-domain, web)2020-11-12myfreeweb
mahoro70.0ImageBoards to XMPP gate (program, web)2009-09-16OlegIvanov
maid310.0A simple static web server (bsd3, program, web)2014-10-14JinjingWang
mailchimp190.0Bindings for the MailChimp API (library, mit, web)2017-06-07jpvillaisaza
mailgun202.0API binding for Mailgun (bsd3, email, library, web)2019-05-06andrewrademacher, davean
mameya100.0Static Website Generator in Haskell (library, mit, program, web)2018-09-16bururabit
mangopay940.0Bindings to the MangoPay API (bsd3, library, program, web)2015-12-31FelipeLessa, JeanPhilippeMoresmau, alanpog
mangrove50.0A parser for web documents according to the HTML5 specification. (library, mpl, web)2021-04-16ageitilt
mapquest-api130.0Bindings to the MapQuest API (bsd3, library, web)2018-02-17ocramz
marihana150.0Minimal tool to make your blog in Haskell (library, mit, program, web)2018-04-28suzukeno
markdown (deprecated in favor of cmark, cmark-gfm)4620.0Convert Markdown to HTML, with XSS protection (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2021-09-29MichaelSnoyman
markdown-kate (deprecated in favor of markdown)70.0Convert Markdown to HTML, with XSS protection (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2013-05-29JoelTaylor
markup710.0Abstraction for HTML-embedded content (bsd3, data, library, web)2018-04-11athanclark
masakazu-bot120.0@minamiyama1994_bot on haskell (gpl, program, web)2014-08-20minamiyama1994
mathblog180.0A program for creating and managing a static weblog with LaTeX math and diagrams (bsd3, program, web)2015-10-03JonathanDaugherty
mathgenealogy160.0Discover your (academic) ancestors! (gpl, program, web)2015-11-22PeterRobinson
mattermost-api2420.0Client API for Mattermost chat system (bsd3, library, web)2021-06-07JonathanDaugherty, KevinQuick
mcaeson30.0An Aeson parsing toolkit (bsd3, json, library, program, web)2021-04-12ChrisDornan
mediawiki220.0Interfacing with the MediaWiki API (bsd3, library, program, web)2013-11-20SigbjornFinne
medium-sdk-haskell70.0Haskell SDK for communicating with the Medium API (gpl, library, web)2015-11-16timmy_tofu
mellon-web260.0A REST web service for Mellon controllers (bsd3, library, web)2018-04-03dhess
menshen (deprecated)150.0Data Validation (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2019-04-01leptonyu
metadata660.0metadata library for semantic web (bsd3, data, library, text, web)2016-03-25KatsutoshiItoh
metro-socket80.0Socket transport for metro (bsd3, library, web)2021-04-09Lupino
metro-transport-crypto50.0Crypto transport for metro (bsd3, library, web)2020-08-09Lupino
metro-transport-tls70.0TLS transport for metro (bsd3, library, web)2020-08-09Lupino
metro-transport-websockets70.0Websockets transport for metro (bsd3, library, web)2020-08-09Lupino
metro-transport-xor70.0XOR transport for metro (bsd3, library, web)2020-08-09Lupino
microaeson400.0A tiny JSON library with light dependency footprint (gpl, json, library, text, web)2018-04-28HerbertValerioRiedel
microformats2-parser492.0A Microformats 2 parser. (library, program, public-domain, web)2021-06-24myfreeweb
microformats2-types (deprecated in favor of microformats2-parser, aeson)240.0Microformats 2 types (with Aeson instances) (deprecated, library, public-domain, web)2015-07-30myfreeweb
micrologger160.0A super simple logging module. (bsd3, library, web)2017-11-06savannidgerinel
mighttpd210820.0High performance web server on WAI/warp (bsd3, library, network, program, web)2021-10-04KazuYamamoto
miku510.0A minimum web dev DSL (bsd3, library, web)2016-03-16JinjingWang
mime-mail-ses1080.0Send mime-mail messages via Amazon SES (library, mit, program, web)2020-09-04MichaelSnoyman, psibi, kindaro
mime-types9490.0Basic mime-type handling types and functions (library, mit, web)2018-12-23MichaelSnoyman
mirror-tweet50.0Tweet mirror (gpl, program, web)2014-08-17minamiyama1994
miso2382.25A tasty Haskell front-end framework (bsd3, data-structures, library, miso, web)2021-09-13DavidJohnson
miso-action-logger80.0Miso state transition logger (bsd3, library, web)2019-06-27SviatChumakov
miso-examples160.0A tasty Haskell front-end framework (bsd3, data-structures, miso, web)2021-09-17DavidJohnson
miso-from-html210.0Convert HTML to miso View syntax (bsd3, program, web)2020-05-27DavidJohnson
moe420.0html with style (bsd3, library, web)2015-05-03JinjingWang
mohws370.0Modular Haskell Web Server (bsd3, library, program, web)2021-03-18GwernBranwen, HenningThielemann
mollie-api-haskell260.0Mollie API client for Haskell (bsd3, library, web)2019-10-07matsrietdijk, tolgapaksoy
monad-http70.0A class of monads which can do http requests (bsd3, library, web)2015-12-25phadej
monad-metrics422.0A convenient wrapper around EKG metrics (library, mit, web)2020-12-07parsonsmatt
monad-metrics-extensible102.0An extensible and type-safe wrapper around EKG metrics (bsd3, library, web)2021-02-010xd34df00d
mondo (deprecated in favor of monzo)80.0Haskell bindings for the Mondo API (deprecated, library, mit, web)2016-04-05mbg
mongrel2-handler220.0Mongrel2 Handler Library (library, mit, web)2011-08-06BardurArantsson
monoid-owns (deprecated in favor of air)50.0a practical monoid implementation (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2010-05-29JinjingWang
monzo70.0Haskell bindings for the Monzo API (library, mit, web)2016-08-27mbg
moonshine70.0A web service framework for Haskell, similar in purpose to dropwizard. (apache, library, web)2015-06-22pjrt, potomak, glasserc, mhova
morpheus-graphql1312.25Morpheus GraphQL (graphql, library, mit, web)2021-02-25nalchevanidze
morpheus-graphql-app350.0Morpheus GraphQL Core (graphql, library, mit, web)2021-02-25nalchevanidze
morpheus-graphql-cli60.0Morpheus GraphQL CLI (bsd3, cli, graphql, program, web)2019-11-01nalchevanidze
morpheus-graphql-client432.25Morpheus GraphQL Client (client, graphql, library, mit, web)2021-02-25nalchevanidze
morpheus-graphql-core842.0Morpheus GraphQL Core (graphql, library, mit, web)2021-02-25nalchevanidze
morpheus-graphql-subscriptions50.0Morpheus GraphQL Subscriptions (graphql, library, mit, subscriptions, web)2021-02-25nalchevanidze
mosquitto-hs (deprecated)70.0Mosquitto client library bindings (bsd3, deprecated, library, network, web)2017-03-04anishray
moss150.0Haskell client for Moss (library, mit, web)2020-11-12mbg
muon320.0Static blog generator (bsd3, program, web)2014-08-11kaashif
murmur40.0Simple CUI Twitter Client. (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-04-06outoftune
musicw150.0Sound synthesis library, to be used with GHCJS and Web Audio API (bsd3, library, web)2021-03-17dktr0
my-package-testing (deprecated)70.0spam (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-02-22
my-test-docs (deprecated)00.0spam (authentication, bsd3, deprecated, library, servant, web)2018-02-22
myanimelist-export110.0Export from MyAnimeList (gpl, library, program, web)2018-07-05mat8913
mysnapsession170.0Sessions and continuations for Snap web apps (bsd3, library, web)2011-10-09ChrisSmith
mysnapsession-example170.0Example projects using mysnapsession (bsd3, program, web)2011-02-14ChrisSmith
mywatch130.0Web application to view and kill MySQL queries (databases, mit, program, web)2017-05-20ip1981
n2o30.0Abstract Protocol Loop (bsd3, library, n2o, network, web)2018-11-015HT, xafizoff
n2o-nitro100.0Nitro Elements, Events and Actions (bsd3, library, n2o, network, web)2018-11-01xafizoff
n2o-protocols30.0N2O Protocols Starter Pack (bsd3, library, n2o, network, web)2018-11-01xafizoff
n2o-web50.0N2O adapter for WebSockets (bsd3, library, n2o, network, web)2018-11-01xafizoff
nagios-config20.0EDSL to specify Nagios configuration files. (gpl, library, program, web)2019-05-26hverr
named-formlet90.0A simple formlet library with named formlets. (bsd3, library, web)2013-03-01ChrisDone
nationstates312.0NationStates API client (apache, library, network, web)2015-10-29ChrisWong
nemesis-titan260.0A collection of Nemesis tasks to bootstrap a Haskell project with a focus on continuous integration (bsd3, library, web)2014-05-19JinjingWang
neptune-backend90.0Neptune Client (bsd3, library, program, web)2021-01-01JiasenWu
nero120.0Lens-based HTTP toolkit (bsd3, library, web)2015-04-16jdnavarro
nero-wai50.0WAI adapter for Nero server applications (bsd3, library, web)2015-04-12jdnavarro
nero-warp70.0Run Nero server applications with Warp (bsd3, library, web)2015-04-12jdnavarro
nested-routes1820.0Declarative, compositional Wai responses (bsd3, library, web)2018-11-21athanclark
netease-fm60.0NetEase Cloud Music FM client in Haskell. (bsd3, library, music, program, web)2017-01-04foreverbell
network-pgi70.0Library for writing PGI applications (library, web)2012-08-17HarryTerkelsen
network-wai-router100.0A routing library for wai (library, mit, web)2014-08-15georgerogers42
neuron140.0Future-proof system for plain-text notes. (agpl, library, program, web)2020-10-08sridca
newsletter60.0A basic newsletter implimentation, using various backends. (bsd3, email, library, program, web)2019-05-06davean
next-ref140.0A concurrency primitive for a slow consumer. (bsd3, library, web)2016-10-05JonathanFischoff
nice-html210.0A fast and nice HTML templating library with distinct compilation/rendering phases. (library, mit, web)2018-01-15MikeLedger
nikepub140.0Command line utility publishes Nike+ runs on blogs and Twitter (program, web)2009-07-08UweHoffmann
nixpkgs-update80.0Tool for semi-automatic updating of nixpkgs repository (library, program, web)2021-08-25ryantm
noli110.0A static site generator (library, mit, web)2020-07-24EndiSukaj
notmuch-web180.0A web interface to the notmuch email indexer (library, web)2013-12-17JohnLenz
now-haskell40.0Zeit Now haskell-side integration and introspection tools. (library, mit, program, web)2019-08-21IanDuncan
nri-env-parser232.0Read environment variables as settings to build 12-factor apps. (bsd3, library, web)2021-04-15stoeffel, JasperWoudenberg, NoRedInk, michaelglass, waj
nri-http712.0Make Elm style HTTP requests (bsd3, library, web)2021-10-15stoeffel, JasperWoudenberg, NoRedInk, michaelglass, waj
nri-kafka752.0Functions for working with Kafka (bsd3, library, web)2021-10-18stoeffel, JasperWoudenberg, NoRedInk, michaelglass, waj
nri-observability2002.25Report log spans collected by nri-prelude. (bsd3, library, web)2021-10-18stoeffel, JasperWoudenberg, NoRedInk, michaelglass, waj
nri-postgresql1022.0Make queries against Postgresql. (bsd3, library, web)2021-10-18stoeffel, JasperWoudenberg, NoRedInk, michaelglass, waj
nri-prelude4672.0A Prelude inspired by the Elm programming language (bsd3, library, web)2021-10-18stoeffel, JasperWoudenberg, NoRedInk, michaelglass, waj
nri-redis632.0An intuitive hedis wrapper library. (bsd3, library, web)2021-10-15stoeffel, JasperWoudenberg, NoRedInk, michaelglass, waj
nullpipe70.0Initial project template from stack (bsd3, library, web)2016-05-13MarkWotton
oasis-xrd80.0Extensible Resource Descriptor (bsd3, library, web)2018-04-07AlexanderBondarenko
oauth10a80.0Fully Automatic Luxury OAuth 1.0a headers (gpl, library, web)2016-11-16gatlin
oauthenticated220.0Simple OAuth for http-client (library, mit, network, web)2018-03-05JosephAbrahamson, ibotty, dfithian
ocaml-export250.0Convert Haskell types in OCaml types (bsd3, library, web)2019-03-17mchaver
odd-jobs282.25A full-featured PostgreSQL-backed job queue (with an admin UI) (bsd3, library, program, web)2020-07-07saurabhnanda
ogmarkup (deprecated)211.5A lightweight markup language for story writers (deprecated, library, mit, web)2018-02-28lethom
ohloh-hs80.0Interface to the Ohloh API (bsd3, library, program, web)2012-11-29FrankThomas
oidc-client920.0OpenID Connect 1.0 library for RP (library, mit, web)2020-11-15ShoKuroda
olwrapper490.0An OpenLayers JavaScript Wrapper and Webframework with snaplet-fay (bsd3, library, map, openlayers, program, snaplet-fay, web, webframework)2015-02-02tomnobleman
om-elm112.0Haskell utilities for building embedded Elm programs. (library, mit, web)2019-05-10rickowens
om-http-logging50.0om-http-logging (library, mit, web)2020-08-12rickowens
on-a-horse110.0"Haskell on a Horse" - A combinatorial web framework (bsd3, library, web)2013-06-03JasonPriestley
one-liner-instances150.0Generics-based implementations for common typeclasses (bsd3, library, web)2018-04-21jle
open-browser1952.25Open a web browser from Haskell. (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-01-05rightfold
openai-hs60.0Unofficial OpenAI client (bsd3, library, web)2021-03-27AlexanderThiemann
openai-servant70.0Unofficial OpenAI servant types (bsd3, library, web)2021-03-27AlexanderThiemann
openapi-petstore80.0Auto-generated openapi-petstore API Client (library, mit, web)2019-03-02jonschoning
openapi33680.0OpenAPI 3.0 data model (bsd3, library, openapi, program, swagger, web)2021-04-17maksbotan
opendatatable50.0A library for working with Open Data Tables (bsd2, library, web)2014-12-12FabianBergmark
opentok140.0An OpenTok SDK for Haskell (library, mit, web, webrtc)2018-09-07adrice727
openweathermap100.0Access data at OpenWeatherMap (library, public-domain, web)2020-06-28ip1981
operational-extra80.0Interpretation functions and simple instruction sets for operational (bsd3, library, web)2016-05-16andrewthad
opml20.0Representing and handling OPML subscription information. (bsd3, library, text, web)2008-07-18DonaldStewart
orc200.0Orchestration-style co-ordination EDSL (bsd3, library, program, web)2014-06-17TrevorElliott
orchid50.0Haskell Wiki Library (bsd3, library, network, web)2009-04-01SebastiaanVisser
orchid-demo90.0Haskell Wiki Demo (bsd3, network, program, web)2009-04-01SebastiaanVisser
org-mode-lucid310.0Lucid integration for org-mode. (bsd3, library, web)2021-06-04fosskers
ory-hydra-client60.0Auto-generated ory-hydra API Client (library, mit, network, oauth, web)2021-03-05BorisLykah
ory-kratos140.0API bindings for Ory Kratos (apache, library, web)2021-07-11njaremko
package-description-remote120.0Fetches a 'GenericPackageDescription' from Hackage (library, mit, web)2015-11-28yamadapc
paddle60.0API to the Paddle payment processor (library, mit, web)2020-12-14domenkozar
pagarme (deprecated)80.0Pagarme API wrapper (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2015-03-17diogob
pagure-hook-receiver (deprecated)60.0Receive hooks from pagure and do things with them (bsd2, deprecated, library, web)2015-06-12RickyElrod
panda (deprecated in favor of bamboo)870.0A simple static blog engine (deprecated, library, web)2009-03-31JinjingWang
pansite90.0Pansite: a simple web site management tool (library, mit, program, web)2018-04-28rcook
paranoia70.0http proxy server (library, mit, program, web)2016-05-01troydm
partial-uri60.0Datatype for passing around unresolved URIs. (library, web)2014-12-29StephenWeber
pasta (deprecated)110.0PostgreSQL Abstract Syntax Tree Assember (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2017-09-28diogob
pastis80.0Interface to the URL shortening service (bsd3, library, web)2011-09-26AlpMestanogullari
path-extra380.0URLs without host information (bsd3, filesystem, library, system, web)2018-04-11athanclark
path-pieces4430.0Components of paths. (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2015-10-28MichaelSnoyman
patronscraper140.0A webpage scraper for Patreon which dumps a list of patrons to a text file. (mit, program, web)2015-02-03Forkk
paypal-adaptive-hoops (deprecated)160.0Client for a limited part of PayPal's Adaptive Payments API (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2015-12-11fanjam
pb-next (deprecated)70.0Utility CLI for working with protobuf files (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, web)2017-03-20bgwines
pcre-heavy1152.5A regexp (regex) library on top of pcre-light you can actually use. (library, public-domain, web)2016-03-15myfreeweb
pdf-slave400.0Tool to generate PDF from haskintex templates and YAML input (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-06-29NCrashed
pdf-slave-server50.0Web service for pdf-slave tool (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-07-06NCrashed
pdf-slave-template60.0Template format definition for pdf-slave tool (bsd3, library, web)2017-06-29NCrashed
pencil160.0Static site generator (bsd3, library, web)2019-05-31elben
periodic50.0A reliable at-least-once periodic job scheduler backed by redis. (library, program, web)2016-07-14DanielPatterson
periodic-client70.0Periodic task system haskell client. (bsd3, library, system, web)2020-10-26Lupino
periodic-client-exe60.0Periodic task system haskell client executables (bsd3, program, system, web)2020-08-09Lupino
periodic-common80.0Periodic task system common. (bsd3, library, system, web)2020-08-09Lupino
periodic-server80.0Periodic task system haskell server (bsd3, library, program, system, web)2020-08-09Lupino
persistent-discover80.0Persistent module discover utilities (bsd3, library, program, web)2021-06-30parsonsmatt
persistent-typed-db1342.0Type safe access to multiple database schemata. (bsd3, library, web)2021-10-18parsonsmatt
persona110.0Persona (BrowserID) library (agpl, library, web)2016-03-28frasertweedale
persona-idp80.0Persona (BrowserID) Identity Provider (agpl, program, web)2015-03-07frasertweedale
pg-recorder80.0Initial project template from stack (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-07-25diogob
pg-transact430.0A postgresql-simple transaction monad (bsd3, library, web)2021-06-27JonathanFischoff, hecate
pi-calculus110.0Applied pi-calculus interpreter (gpl, program, web)2014-06-17renzyq19
piki70.0Yet another text-to-html converter (bsd3, program, web)2017-11-14KazuYamamoto
pipes-http440.0HTTP client with pipes interface (bsd3, library, pipes, web)2019-02-07GabrielGonzalez
pipes-wai180.0A port of wai-conduit for the pipes ecosystem (library, mit, pipes, web)2016-01-08IanDuncan
pipes-websockets90.0WebSockets in the Pipes framework. (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-01-14ParnellSpringmeyer, NoonSilk
pivotal-tracker90.0A library and a CLI tool for accessing Pivotal Tracker API (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-05-14utdemir
pixela150.0Pixela client. (bsd3, library, web)2019-01-13kakkun61
pixiv30.0Pixiv API binding based on servant-client (bsd3, library, web)2021-01-30berberman, Poscat api integration library (bsd3, data, library, network, plaid, program, web)2020-03-17v0d1ch
plat70.0Simple templating library (bsd3, library, template, text, web)2012-10-30MiguelMitrofanov
plocketed70.0plot data from stdin through socketed (mit, program, web)2017-04-13sencenan
plzwrk302.0A front-end framework (bsd3, library, web)2020-05-22mikesol
pocket120.0Bindings for the Pocket API (library, mit, web)2020-05-30jpvillaisaza
poke (deprecated in favor of discord-register)30.0Discord verification bot (deprecated, library, mpl, program, web)2020-11-05HughSipiere
polydata-core70.0Core data definitions for the "polydata" package (bsd3, library, web)2017-10-13clinton
polysemy-req70.0Polysemy effect for req (bsd3, library, network, web)2021-06-27MorrowM
polysemy-webserver120.0Start web servers from within a Polysemy effect stack (bsd3, library, web)2021-08-29AndrewMiller
pomohoro70.0Initial project template from stack (library, program, web)2016-10-10kqr
porcupine-http60.0A location accessor for porcupine to connect to HTTP sources/sinks (arrows, combinators, control, data, library, mit, program, web)2019-10-09YvesPares
postgres-websockets430.0Middleware to map LISTEN/NOTIFY messages to Websockets (bsd3, database, library, postgresql, program, web, websockets)2021-06-27diogob
postgresql-connector180.0Initial project postgresql-connector from stack (bsd3, library, web)2018-10-12markfine
postgresql-named60.0Generic deserialization of PostgreSQL rows based on column names (bsd3, library, web)2017-06-15cocreature
postgresql-simple-queue220.0A PostgreSQL backed queue (bsd3, library, web)2017-12-21JonathanFischoff
postgrest-ws (deprecated in favor of postgres-websockets)330.0PostgREST extension to map LISTEN/NOTIFY messages to Websockets (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, web)2017-11-07diogob
powerqueue90.0A flexible job queue with exchangeable backends (bsd3, library, web)2017-03-12AlexanderThiemann
powerqueue-distributed50.0A distributed worker backend for powerqueu (bsd3, library, web)2017-03-12AlexanderThiemann
powerqueue-levelmem80.0A high performance in memory and LevelDB backend for powerqueue (bsd3, library, web)2017-03-12AlexanderThiemann
powerqueue-sqs70.0A Amazon SQS backend for powerqueue (bsd3, library, web)2017-03-12AlexanderThiemann
praglude170.0A pragmatic Prelude (bsd3, library, web)2017-03-28TobiasDammers
press100.0Text template library targeted at the web / HTML generation (library, text, web)2009-08-08BrandonBickford
prettyprinter-lucid100.0A prettyprinter backend for lucid (bsd3, library, web)2020-08-17GeorgeThomas
prim-array150.0Primitive byte array with type variable (bsd3, library, web)2018-03-20andrewthad
prim-ref70.0Primitive byte array with type variable (bsd3, library, web)2018-05-05andrewthad
primula-board60.0ImageBoard on Happstack and HSP (program, web)2009-09-15OlegIvanov
primula-bot60.0Jabber-bot for primula-board ImageBoard (program, web)2009-09-16OlegIvanov
pringletons90.0Classes and data structures complementing the singletons library (bsd3, library, web)2016-10-30andrewthad
prometheus5132.0Prometheus Haskell Client (bsd3, library, metrics, monitoring, system, web)2020-08-02wraithm, LukeHoersten
prometheus-wai-middleware110.0Instrument a wai application with various metrics (bsd3, library, program, web)2020-07-30wraithm, IanShipman
proto-lens-jsonpb260.0JSON protobuf encoding for proto-lens (bsd3, library, web)2020-08-25tclem, rewinfrey
proton-haskell180.0Simple XML templating library (apache, library, web)2015-06-08jrbriggs
prove-everywhere-server60.0The server for ProveEverywhere (bsd3, program, web)2014-09-13ShoheiYasutake
psql-helpers80.0A small collection of helper functions to generate postgresql queries (library, mit, web)2016-03-03AlexanderThiemann
pubsub90.0A library for Google/SixApart pubsub hub interaction (bsd3, library, program, web)2009-08-09SigbjornFinne
punycode390.0Encode unicode strings to ascii forms according to RFC 3492 (bsd3, library, text, web)2013-01-05JonKristensen, MylesMaxfield
purescheme-wai-routing-core110.0Simple Routing functions for Wai Applications (apache, library, program, web)2020-11-10frincon
purescript-bridge971.25Generate PureScript data types from Haskell data types (bsd3, library, web)2020-03-09eskimo
purescript-iso350.0Isomorphic trivial data type definitions over JSON (bsd3, library, web)2018-11-29athanclark
pursuit-client (deprecated)80.0A cli client for pursuit (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, web)2016-04-30gilmi
pushbullet-types230.0Datatypes used by the Pushbullet APIs (library, mit, web)2018-03-17tsani
pusher-haskell60.0A client written in Haskell (library, mit, web)2015-07-17sidraval
pushover70.0A Haskell Pushover API library (bsd3, library, web)2017-03-04DanMeakin
quack70.0Convenience parser combinators for URI query strings (bsd3, library, web)2016-08-30athanclark API library (api, bsd3, data, library, web)2015-05-18PeterVanDenBrand
quantification310.0Rage against the quantification (bsd3, library, web)2021-02-23andrewthad, chessai
querystring-pickle260.0Picklers for de/serialising Generic data types to and from query strings (data, library, network, web)2014-06-23BrendanHay
quic360.0QUIC (bsd3, library, web)2021-09-28KazuYamamoto
quickbooks50.0QuickBooks API binding. (bsd3, library, web)2016-05-20jsl, scottmurphy09, stackbuilders, mrkkrp
quickson (deprecated in favor of aeson-quick)60.0Quick JSON extractions with Aeson (bsd3, deprecated, json, library, text, web)2017-01-09ssadler
quickwebapp140.0A quick webapp generator for any file processing tool (gpl, library, web)2015-09-04jtanguy
radixtree70.0 (bsd3, library, web)2018-01-08MikeLedger
rails-session102.0Decrypt Ruby on Rails sessions in Haskell (bsd3, library, web)2017-12-09filib
rakuten420.0The Rakuten API in Haskell (library, mit, web)2018-08-06matsubara0507
rallod20.0'$' in reverse. (bsd3, library, web)2010-07-01MattParker
raml30.0RESTful API Modeling Language (RAML) library for Haskell (library, mit, web)2015-06-05fnoble
rascal100.0A command-line client for Reddit (library, mit, program, web)2014-01-13soli
ratelimiter70.0In-memory rate limiter (bsd3, library, web)2020-12-21AlexanderThiemann
raven-haskell-scotty150.0Sentry http interface for Scotty web server. (library, mit, web)2013-11-25AlexanderBondarenko
rdioh260.0A Haskell wrapper for Rdio's API. (api, library, mit, network, program, web)2013-06-07AdityaBhargava
react-flux582.5A binding to React based on the Flux application architecture for GHCJS (bsd3, library, web)2016-09-05JohnLenz
react-flux-servant60.0Allow react-flux stores to send requests to a servant server (bsd3, library, web)2016-11-23JohnLenz
react-haskell230.0Haskell React bindings (library, mit, web)2015-07-31joelb
react-tutorial-haskell-server50.0react-tutorial web server (agpl, program, web)2016-04-04alexander
readcsv140.0Lightweight CSV parser/emitter based on ReadP (library, mit, web)2017-03-14gtsteel
real-day-end60.0Tiny library to calculate date considering when your day realy ends (bsd3, library, web)2017-11-26AlekseyUymanov
reason-export110.0Generate Reason types from Haskell (library, mit, web)2019-06-01AndreiBarbu
redHandlers70.0Monadic HTTP request handlers combinators to build a standalone web apps. (library, web)2009-05-15SergioUrinovsky
reflex-backend-wai70.0Reflex interface to `wai` (bsd3, frp, library, program, web)2019-04-08qfpl
reflex-dom462.5Functional Reactive Web Apps with Reflex (bsd3, frp, gui, html, javascript, library, reactive, reactivity, user-interface, user-interfaces, web)2020-11-06JohnEricson, RyanTrinkle, abrar, 3noch
reflex-dom-ace110.0Basic support for using the Ace editor with Reflex. (bsd3, library, web)2021-05-27SlimTim10
reflex-dom-colonnade300.0Use colonnade with reflex-dom (bsd3, library, web)2016-10-17andrewthad
reflex-dom-core440.0Functional Reactive Web Apps with Reflex (bsd3, frp, gui, html, javascript, library, reactive, reactivity, user-interface, user-interfaces, web)2021-09-10JohnEricson, RyanTrinkle, abrar, 3noch
reflex-dom-fragment-shader-canvas50.0A reflex-dom widget to draw on a canvas with a fragment shader program (library, mit, program, web)2018-10-12JoachimBreitner
reflex-dom-helpers150.0Html tag helpers for reflex-dom (bsd3, library, web)2019-08-04andrewthad, Jappie
reflex-dom-retractable152.0Routing and retractable back button for reflex-dom (frp, gui, html, javascript, library, mit, reactive, reactivity, reflex, user-interface, user-interfaces, web)2020-11-26NCrashed
reflex-dom-svg90.0Reflex functions for SVG elements. (bsd3, frp, graphics, library, web)2019-05-01schalmers
reflex-external-ref90.0External reference with reactivity support (frp, gui, html, javascript, library, mit, reactive, reactivity, reflex, user-interface, user-interfaces, web)2020-11-24NCrashed
reflex-jsx62.0Use jsx-like syntax in Reflex (bsd3, frp, gui, jsx, language, library, web)2016-05-24dackerman
reflex-localize90.0Localization library for reflex (frp, gui, html, javascript, library, mit, reactive, reactivity, reflex, user-interface, user-interfaces, web)2021-04-06NCrashed
reflex-localize-dom130.0Helper widgets for reflex-localize (frp, gui, html, javascript, library, mit, reactive, reactivity, reflex, user-interface, user-interfaces, web)2021-04-06NCrashed
reflex-monad-auth80.0Utilities to split reflex app to authorized and not authorized contexts (library, mit, web)2020-11-25NCrashed
reform432.0reform is a type-safe HTML form generation and validation library (bsd3, library, web)2019-05-26JeremyShaw
reform-blaze480.0Add support for using blaze-html with Reform (bsd3, library, web)2017-02-10JeremyShaw
reform-hamlet160.0Add support for using Hamlet with Reform (bsd3, library, web)2017-02-10JeremyShaw
reform-happstack540.0Happstack support for reform. (bsd3, library, web)2020-10-25JeremyShaw
reform-hsp440.0Add support for using HSP with Reform (bsd3, library, web)2019-12-08JeremyShaw
reform-lucid110.0Add support for using lucid with Reform (bsd3, library, web)2019-07-16goolord
refresht160.0Environment Monad with automatic resource refreshment (bsd3, library, web)2017-01-17HiromiIshii
refty90.0Formatted JSON generator for API server inspired by normalizr. (library, mit, web)2017-01-10oreshinya
regular-web70.0Generic programming for the web (bsd3, generics, library, web)2010-03-20ChrisEidhof
reload40.0A web based Haskell IDE (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-08-02JeanPhilippeMoresmau
remark60.0A DSL for marking student work (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-01-10oleks
remarks430.0A DSL for marking student work (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-02-17oleks
replicant70.0Initial project template from stack (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-07-07jdabbs
repo-based-blog70.0Blogging module using blaze html for markup (bsd3, library, program, web)2014-11-14saep
reproject70.0Define and combine "materialized" projections (bsd3, library, web)2017-06-16AlexanderThiemann
req6652.5HTTP client library (bsd3, library, network, web)2021-10-13HerbertValerioRiedel, mrkkrp
req-conduit190.0Conduit helpers for the req HTTP client library (bsd3, conduit, library, network, web)2021-08-07mrkkrp
req-url-extra110.0Provides URI/URL helper functions for use with Req (library, mit, network, program, web)2019-02-13rcook
reqcatcher190.0A local http server to catch the HTTP redirect (bsd3, library, web)2020-03-15hiratara
request172.25 (bsd3, library, web)2021-05-01asaka
reroute1690.0abstract implementation of typed and untyped web routing (library, mit, web)2020-12-09AlexanderThiemann
reserve50.0Reserve reloads web applications (mit, program, web)2021-07-12SimonHengel
respond100.0process and route HTTP requests and generate responses on top of WAI (bsd3, library, program, web)2014-12-20raptros
rest-client892.0Utility library for use in generated API client libraries. (bsd3, library, web)2018-04-03AdamBergmark, ErikHesselink
rest-core1432.5Rest API library. (bsd3, library, web)2018-04-03AdamBergmark, ErikHesselink
rest-example340.0Example project for rest (bsd3, library, web)2016-05-02AdamBergmark, ErikHesselink
rest-gen2120.0Documentation and client generation from rest definition. (bsd3, library, web)2018-04-03AdamBergmark, ErikHesselink
rest-happstack620.0Rest driver for Happstack. (bsd3, library, web)2016-05-02AdamBergmark, ErikHesselink
rest-snap450.0Rest driver for Snap. (bsd3, library, web)2017-10-31AdamBergmark, ErikHesselink
rest-types892.0Silk Rest Framework Types (bsd3, library, web)2018-03-30AdamBergmark, ErikHesselink
rest-wai310.0Rest driver for WAI applications. (bsd3, library, web)2016-05-02AdamBergmark, ErikHesselink, SebastiaanVisser
restful-snap130.0 (bsd3, library, snap, web)2018-07-06DougBeardsley, MichaelXavier, OzgunAtaman
rfc-http-client70.0The HTTP client extensions from the Robert Fischer Commons. (library, mit, web)2018-07-03RobertFischer
rfc1413-server70.0rfc1413 server (bsd3, library, web)2017-05-01KevinCotrone
rfc1413-types70.0An rfc1413 parser and response renderer (bsd3, library, web)2017-05-01KevinCotrone
rfc3339170.0Parse and display time according to RFC3339 (deprecated) (bsd3, library, time, web)2015-04-11HugoGomes
rib392.0Static site generator based on Shake (bsd3, library, web)2020-10-04sridca
rib-core60.0Static site generator based on Shake (bsd3, library, web)2020-10-04sridca
ridley270.0Quick metrics to grow your app strong. (bsd3, library, web)2021-03-12AlfredoDiNapoli, ChrisDornan, MikolajKonarski
ridley-extras160.0Handy metrics that don't belong to ridley. (bsd3, library, web)2021-03-10AlfredoDiNapoli, ChrisDornan, MikolajKonarski
riscv-isa120.0Haskell representation of the RISC-V instruction set architecture (bsd3, library, web)2016-12-12cocreature
rison120.0Parses and renders RISON strings. (bsd3, library, web)2016-06-24martinvlk
rivet-adaptor-postgresql100.0Rivet migration library postgresql backend (bsd3, library, web)2016-07-24DanielPatterson
roboservant102.0Automatic session-aware servant testing (bsd3, library, web)2020-09-14MarkWotton, sgschlesinger
robots-txt340.0Parser for robots.txt (bsd3, library, web)2018-04-02MarkWotton
roc-cluster-demo70.0Gloss interactive demo for roc-cluster package (bsd3, program, web)2017-05-17NCrashed
rollbar-hs260.0Core Rollbar data types and APIs. (bsd3, library, web)2018-08-08joneshf
rowdy100.0An EDSL for web application routes. (bsd3, library, web)2018-04-02parsonsmatt
rowdy-yesod120.0An EDSL for web application routes. (bsd3, library, web)2020-11-21parsonsmatt
rpc-framework242.0a remote procedure call framework (bsd3, library, network, program, web)2012-09-05MatthewMirman
saferoute60.0A simple type-safe routing library. (bsd3, library, web)2014-07-18pharpend
sajson90.0Fast JSON parsing powered by Chad Austin's sajson library (json, library, mit, program, text, web)2021-09-14kccqzy
salvia150.0Modular web application framework. (bsd3, library, network, web)2010-03-21SebastiaanVisser
salvia-demo50.0Demo Salvia servers. (bsd3, library, network, program, web)2010-03-21SebastiaanVisser
salvia-extras120.0Collection of non-fundamental handlers for the Salvia web server. (bsd3, library, network, web)2010-03-21SebastiaanVisser
salvia-protocol90.0Salvia webserver protocol suite supporting URI, HTTP, Cookie and MIME. (bsd3, library, network, protocol, web)2010-03-21SebastiaanVisser
salvia-sessions80.0Session support for the Salvia webserver. (bsd3, library, network, web)2010-03-21SebastiaanVisser
salvia-websocket60.0Websocket implementation for the Salvia Webserver. (bsd3, library, network, web)2010-03-21SebastiaanVisser
scalp-webhooks80.0Test webhooks locally (apache, library, program, web)2015-09-15boblong
scalpel1022.5A high level web scraping library for Haskell. (apache, library, web)2020-04-18fimad
scalpel-core500.0A high level web scraping library for Haskell. (apache, library, web)2020-04-18fimad
scalpel-search30.0scalpel scrapers for search engines (gpl, library, web)2020-08-03fffaaa
scottish80.0scotty with batteries included (bsd3, library, web)2014-03-18echaozh
scotty8202.5Haskell web framework inspired by Ruby's Sinatra, using WAI and Warp (bsd3, library, web)2020-05-16AndrewFarmer, FumiakiKinoshita, SimonHengel, ryanglscott, chessai, danielbrice
scotty-binding-play150.0The Play Framework style data binding in Scotty. (bsd3, library, web)2014-10-26YusukeNomura
scotty-blaze (deprecated)30.0blaze-html integration for Scotty (deprecated, library, mit, web)2013-09-04WilliamCasarin
scotty-cookie200.0Cookie management helper functions for Scotty framework (bsd3, library, web)2014-09-16MartinsMacs
scotty-fay100.0Fay integration for Scotty. (development, fay, library, mit, web)2013-12-12hdgarrood
scotty-form90.0Html form validation using `ditto` (gpl, library, web)2020-09-30goolord
scotty-format90.0Response format helper for the Scotty web framework. (apache, library, program, web)2016-12-27potomak
scotty-hastache80.0Easy Mustache templating support for Scotty (bsd3, library, web)2014-04-03DaniilFrumin
scotty-haxl60.0Combine scotty and haxl (bsd3, concurrency, library, scotty, web)2020-09-02Lupino
scotty-params-parser130.0HTTP-request's query parameters parser abstraction for "scotty" (library, mit, parser, web)2016-06-01NikitaVolkov
scotty-path-normalizer62.0Redirect to a normalized path (library, mit, web)2018-10-22chris_martin
scotty-resource192.0A Better way of modeling web resources. (apache, library, web)2018-04-29rickowens
scotty-rest100.0Webmachine-style REST library for scotty (bsd3, library, web)2017-09-08ErlendHamberg
scotty-session (deprecated in favor of Spock)110.0Adding session functionality to scotty (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2015-04-24AlexanderThiemann
scotty-tls120.0TLS for Scotty (bsd3, library, web)2015-10-28DavidJohnson
scotty-utils40.0Scotty utils library (bsd3, library, scotty, utils, web)2020-09-02Lupino
scotty-view70.0 (library, mit, program, web)2016-04-14Philemon
scrapbook120.0collect posts of site that is wrote in config yaml using feed or scraping (library, mit, program, web)2020-12-05matsubara0507
scrapbook-core40.0Core Package for scrapbook (library, mit, web)2020-12-05matsubara0507
sdl2-sprite80.0Sprite previewer/animator (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-05-12ChrisDone
seacat80.0Small web framework using Warp and WAI (library, web)2014-07-31barrucadu
selenium160.0Test web applications through a browser. (bsd3, library, web)2012-04-24AaronTomb, DonaldStewart
sendgrid-haskell40.0Sengrid API (library, mit, web)2015-04-21owainlewis
serpentine (deprecated in favor of trasa)70.0Simple project template from stack (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, web)2016-05-17andrewthad
serv120.0Dependently typed API framework (bsd3, library, web)2016-02-26JosephAbrahamson
serv-wai80.0Dependently typed API servers with Serv (bsd3, library, web)2016-02-26JosephAbrahamson
servant12863.0A family of combinators for defining webservices APIs (bsd3, library, servant, web)2021-06-23AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, SoenkeHahn, ChristianMarie, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, jkarni, maksbotan, arianvp, fisx
servant-aeson-specs730.0generic tests for aeson serialization in servant (library, mit, web)2018-05-11SoenkeHahn, scottmurphy09, mchaver, scottfleischmanplow
servant-auth2600.0Authentication combinators for servant (authentication, bsd3, library, servant, web)2020-10-05AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, jkarni, mchaver, domenkozar, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-auth-client1580.0servant-client/servant-auth compatibility (authentication, bsd3, library, servant, web)2020-10-06AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, jkarni, mchaver, domenkozar, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-auth-cookie1202.0Authentication via encrypted cookies (bsd3, library, web)2018-01-14zohl
servant-auth-docs400.0servant-docs/servant-auth compatibility (authentication, bsd3, library, servant, web)2018-06-18AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, jkarni, mchaver, domenkozar, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-auth-hmac70.0Authentication via HMAC (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-08-24zohl
servant-auth-server2430.0servant-server/servant-auth compatibility (authentication, bsd3, library, servant, web)2020-10-06AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, jkarni, mchaver, domenkozar, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-auth-swagger740.0servant-swagger/servant-auth compatibility (authentication, bsd3, library, servant, web)2020-10-06AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, jkarni, mchaver, domenkozar, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-auth-token970.0Servant based API and server for token based authorisation (bsd3, library, web)2018-09-16NCrashed
servant-auth-token-acid160.0Acid-state backend for servant-auth-token server (bsd3, library, web)2018-09-13NCrashed
servant-auth-token-api480.0Servant based API for token based authorisation (bsd3, library, web)2019-11-08NCrashed
servant-auth-token-leveldb190.0Leveldb backend for servant-auth-token server (bsd3, library, web)2018-09-13NCrashed
servant-auth-token-persistent330.0Persistent backend for servant-auth-token server (bsd3, library, web)2018-09-13NCrashed
servant-auth-token-rocksdb140.0RocksDB backend for servant-auth-token server (bsd3, library, web)2018-02-18NCrashed
servant-auth-wordpress110.0Authenticate Routes Using Wordpress Cookies (bsd3, library, servant, web)2021-05-30lysergia
servant-avro70.0Avro content type for Servant (bsd3, library, servant, web)2019-02-06jessekempf
servant-benchmark1260.0Generate benchmark files from a Servant API (bsd3, library, web)2021-10-113kyro
servant-blaze1732.0Blaze-html support for servant (bsd3, library, servant, web)2020-11-04AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, SoenkeHahn, ChristianMarie, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, jkarni, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-cassava590.0Servant CSV content-type for cassava (bsd3, csv, library, servant, web)2021-02-04AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, SoenkeHahn, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, jkarni, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-checked-exceptions482.0Checked exceptions for Servant APIs. (bsd3, library, web)2021-07-01imalsogreg, cdepillabout
servant-checked-exceptions-core282.0Checked exceptions for Servant APIs. (bsd3, library, web)2021-07-01imalsogreg, cdepillabout
servant-cli110.0Command line interface for Servant API clients (bsd3, library, program, web)2019-11-19jle
servant-client7682.25Automatic derivation of querying functions for servant (bsd3, library, servant, web)2021-06-24AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, SoenkeHahn, ChristianMarie, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, jkarni, maksbotan, arianvp, fisx
servant-client-core6480.0Core functionality and class for client function generation for servant APIs (bsd3, library, servant, web)2021-06-23AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, jkarni, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-client-js50.0A servant client for frontend JavaScript (bsd3, library, servant, web)2020-09-30morganthomas
servant-client-namedargs80.0Automatically derive API client functions with named and optional parameters (bsd3, library, web)2019-03-22CullinPoresky
servant-conduit620.0Servant Stream support for conduit. (bsd3, enumerator, library, servant, web)2020-09-01AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-csharp300.0Generate servant client library for C# (bsd3, library, web)2016-04-29KatsutoshiItoh
servant-dhall190.0Servant Dhall content-type (bsd3, dhall, library, servant, web)2020-01-24AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-docs4002.0generate API docs for your servant webservice (bsd3, library, program, servant, web)2021-06-23AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, SoenkeHahn, ChristianMarie, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, jkarni, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-ede140.0Combinators for rendering EDE templates in servant web applications (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-09-16AlpMestanogullari
servant-ekg220.0Helpers for using ekg with servant (bsd3, library, servant, system, web)2020-01-24AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, jkarni, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-elm601.5Automatically derive Elm functions to query servant webservices. (bsd3, library, web)2020-04-15k_bx, mattjbray, domenkozar
servant-event-stream80.0Servant support for Server-Sent events (bsd3, library, servant, web)2021-04-21bflyblue
servant-examples312.0Example programs for servant (bsd3, program, web)2016-03-17AlpMestanogullari, SoenkeHahn, ChristianMarie, jkarni
servant-exceptions200.0Extensible exceptions for servant APIs (bsd3, library, web)2020-11-25ch1bo
servant-exceptions-server70.0Extensible exceptions for servant API servers (bsd3, library, web)2020-11-25ch1bo
servant-fiat-content100.0Fiat content types (library, mit, servant, web)2019-04-10Jappie
servant-flatten510.0Utilities for flattening servant API types (bsd3, library, web)2018-03-19AlpMestanogullari
servant-foreign3712.0Helpers for generating clients for servant APIs in any programming language (bsd3, library, servant, web)2021-06-23AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, SoenkeHahn, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, jkarni, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-generate70.0Utilities for generating mock server implementations (bsd3, library, web)2018-03-22AlpMestanogullari
servant-generic (deprecated in favor of servant)180.0Specify Servant APIs with records. (deprecated, library, mit, web)2018-07-06PatrickChilton
servant-github242.0Bindings to GitHub API using servant. (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-11-13finlay
servant-github-webhook450.0Servant combinators to facilitate writing GitHub webhooks. (library, mit, web)2019-08-21tsani
servant-haxl-client80.0automatical derivation of querying functions for servant webservices (bsd3, library, web)2016-03-13willfancher
servant-hmac-auth60.0Servant authentication with HMAC (cryptography, library, mit, program, web)2018-09-06shersh, vrom911, HolmuskTechTeam
servant-http-streams230.0Automatic derivation of querying functions for servant (bsd3, library, servant, web)2021-06-23AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-http2-client140.0Generate HTTP2 clients from Servant API descriptions. (bsd3, library, web)2018-10-27LucasDiCioccio
servant-iCalendar122.0Servant support for iCalendar (bsd3, library, web)2017-08-09fgaz
servant-jquery (deprecated in favor of servant-js)452.0Automatically derive (jquery) javascript functions to query servant webservices (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2016-03-17AlpMestanogullari, SoenkeHahn, ChristianMarie, jkarni
servant-js1180.0Automatically derive javascript functions to query servant webservices. (bsd3, library, servant, web)2020-07-02AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, SoenkeHahn, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, jkarni, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-jsonrpc120.0JSON-RPC messages and endpoints (bsd3, library, web)2020-08-12IanShipman
servant-jsonrpc-client100.0Generate JSON-RPC servant clients (bsd3, library, web)2020-08-12IanShipman
servant-jsonrpc-server90.0JSON-RPC servant servers (bsd3, library, web)2020-08-12IanShipman
servant-kotlin360.0Automatically derive Kotlin class to query servant webservices (library, mit, web)2019-09-04matsubara0507
servant-lucid1432.0Servant support for lucid (bsd3, library, servant, web)2020-08-23AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, SoenkeHahn, ChristianMarie, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, jkarni, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-machines130.0Servant Stream support for machines (bsd3, enumerator, library, servant, web)2020-09-01AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-match50.0Standalone implementation of servant’s dispatching mechanism (bsd3, library, web)2017-12-04cocreature
servant-matrix-param250.0Matrix parameter combinator for servant (library, mit, web)2016-11-03SoenkeHahn, jkarni
servant-mock572.0Derive a mock server for free from your servant API types (bsd3, library, servant, testing, web)2020-07-31AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, SoenkeHahn, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, jkarni, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-multipart2532.0multipart/form-data (e.g file upload) support for servant (bsd3, library, servant, web)2021-06-05AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, maksbotan, arianvp, fisx
servant-multipart-api1560.0multipart/form-data (e.g file upload) support for servant (bsd3, library, servant, web)2021-06-05AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, maksbotan, arianvp, fisx
servant-multipart-client670.0multipart/form-data (e.g file upload) support for servant (bsd3, library, program, servant, web)2021-06-05AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, maksbotan, arianvp, fisx
servant-named70.0Add named endpoints to servant (bsd3, library, web)2017-02-01benweitzman
servant-namedargs170.0Combinators for servant providing named parameters (bsd3, library, web)2019-03-22CullinPoresky
servant-nix70.0Servant Nix content-type (bsd3, library, nix, servant, web)2018-06-13AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-openapi33380.0Generate a Swagger/OpenAPI/OAS 3.0 specification for your servant API. (bsd3, library, servant, swagger, web)2021-04-17maksbotan
servant-options1370.0Provide responses to OPTIONS requests for Servant applications. (library, mit, web)2017-04-04LyndonMaydwell
servant-pagination2580.0Type-safe pagination for Servant APIs (lgpl, library, web)2021-10-11JeroenBransen, KtorZ
servant-pandoc242.0Use Pandoc to render servant API documentation (library, mit, servant, web)2018-01-16IvanMiljenovic, MatthiasFischmann, mpickering, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-pipes230.0Servant Stream support for pipes (bsd3, library, pipes, servant, web)2021-06-23AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-polysemy130.0Utilities for using servant in a polysemy stack (bsd3, library, program, servant, web)2021-04-28AlexChapman
servant-pool (deprecated)60.0Utility functions for creating servant 'Context's with "context/connection pooling" support (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2014-07-25AlpMestanogullari
servant-postgresql (deprecated in favor of servant)80.0Useful functions and instances for using servant with a PostgreSQL context (bsd3, database, deprecated, library, web)2014-07-25AlpMestanogullari
servant-proto-lens530.0Servant Content-Type for proto-lens protobuf modules. (bsd3, library, web)2018-09-30plredmond
servant-purescript960.0Generate PureScript accessor functions for you servant API (bsd3, library, web)2020-03-03eskimo
servant-pushbullet-client210.0Bindings to the Pushbullet API using servant-client (library, mit, web)2018-02-11tsani
servant-py170.0Automatically derive python functions to query servant webservices. (bsd3, library, web)2019-01-12erewok
servant-quickcheck902.0QuickCheck entire APIs (bsd3, library, web)2020-07-31AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, psibi, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, jkarni, parsonsmatt, erewok, maksbotan, arianvp, fisx
servant-rawm500.0Embed a raw 'Application' in a Servant API (bsd3, library, servant, web)2020-06-27cdepillabout, Krasjet
servant-rawm-client250.0The client implementation of servant-rawm. (bsd3, library, servant, web)2021-03-16cdepillabout, Krasjet
servant-rawm-docs90.0Documentation generator for 'RawM' endpoints. (bsd3, library, servant, web)2020-07-20cdepillabout, Krasjet
servant-rawm-server290.0The server implementation of servant-rawm. (bsd3, library, servant, web)2020-07-20cdepillabout, Krasjet
servant-reason80.0Derive Reason types to interact with a Haskell backend (bsd3, library, web)2019-06-01AndreiBarbu
servant-reflex142.0servant API generator for reflex apps (bsd3, library, web)2020-08-23imalsogreg
servant-response (deprecated in favor of servant)70.0Machinery to express how servant should turn results of database operations into proper JSON-encodable response types (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2014-07-25AlpMestanogullari
servant-router100.0Servant router for non-server applications. (bsd3, library, web)2016-08-04willfancher
servant-ruby491.5Generate a Ruby client from a Servant API with Net::HTTP. (bsd3, library, servant, web)2018-12-05joneshf
servant-scotty (deprecated in favor of servant)70.0Generate a web service for servant 'Resource's using scotty and JSON (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2014-08-27AlpMestanogullari
servant-seo110.0Generate Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml specification for your servant API. (bsd3, library, servant, web)2020-07-15swamp_agr
servant-server11892.75A family of combinators for defining webservices APIs and serving them (bsd3, library, program, servant, web)2021-06-23AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, SoenkeHahn, ChristianMarie, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, jkarni, maksbotan, arianvp, fisx
servant-server-namedargs90.0Automatically derive API server functions with named and optional parameters (bsd3, library, web)2019-03-22CullinPoresky
servant-smsc-ru60.0Servant client for service for sending SMS to cell phones (bsd3, library, web)2016-08-04NCrashed
servant-snap532.0A family of combinators for defining webservices APIs and serving them (bsd3, library, program, web)2020-09-07imalsogreg
servant-stache50.0Content-Types for rendering Mustache in servant (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-07-28lotz
servant-streamly20.0Servant Stream support for streamly. (bsd3, library, program, servant, streamly, web)2021-08-15gdifolco
servant-subscriber2100.0When REST is not enough ... (bsd3, library, program, web)2020-02-29eskimo
servant-swagger2432.5Generate a Swagger/OpenAPI/OAS 2.0 specification for your servant API. (bsd3, library, servant, swagger, web)2020-09-01AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, NickolayKudasov, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-swagger-tags280.0Swagger Tags for Servant (bsd3, library, servant, swagger, web)2020-06-27nakaji_dayo
servant-swagger-ui1980.0Servant swagger ui (bsd3, library, servant, swagger, web)2021-04-18AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, NickolayKudasov, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-swagger-ui-core1960.0Servant swagger ui core components (bsd3, library, servant, swagger, web)2021-04-18AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, NickolayKudasov, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-swagger-ui-jensoleg140.0Servant swagger ui: Jens-Ole Graulund theme (bsd3, library, servant, swagger, web)2021-04-18AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, NickolayKudasov, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-swagger-ui-redoc370.0Servant swagger ui: ReDoc theme (bsd3, library, servant, swagger, web)2021-04-18AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, NickolayKudasov, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-util81.25Servant servers utilities. (library, mpl, program, servant, web)2021-07-26martoon, serokell
servant-util-beam-pg101.25Implementation of servant-util primitives for beam-postgres. (database, library, mpl, program, servant, web)2021-07-26martoon, serokell
servant-validate70.0Chekc static properties of servant APIs (bsd3, library, web)2021-02-19jle
servant-waargonaut110.0Servant Integration for Waargonaut JSON Package (bsd3, json, library, web)2019-09-04qfpl, topos
servant-wasm70.0Servant support for delivering WebAssembly (bsd3, library, program, web)2020-05-17DavidJohnson
servant-websockets1782.0Small library providing WebSocket endpoints for servant. (bsd3, library, program, servant, web)2019-10-27moesenle
servant-xml190.0Servant support for the XML Content-Type (bsd3, library, web)2019-05-10fosskers
servant-yaml250.0Servant support for yaml (bsd3, library, servant, web)2018-11-13AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, maksbotan, arianvp
servant-zeppelin180.0Types and definitions of servant-zeppelin combinators. (bsd3, library, web)2017-06-05martyall
servant-zeppelin-client80.0Client library for servant-zeppelin combinators. (bsd3, library, web)2017-06-05martyall
servant-zeppelin-server80.0Server library for servant-zeppelin combinators. (bsd3, library, web)2017-06-05martyall
servant-zeppelin-swagger60.0Swagger instances for servant-zeppelin combinators. (bsd3, library, web)2017-06-05martyall
server-generic70.0Auto-generate a server for your datatype (bsd3, library, web)2016-07-04GabrielGonzalez
serversession330.0Secure, modular server-side sessions. (library, mit, web)2021-02-14FelipeLessa, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, MichaelXavier
serversession-backend-acid-state150.0Storage backend for serversession using acid-state. (library, mit, web)2021-02-14FelipeLessa, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, MichaelXavier
serversession-backend-persistent120.0Storage backend for serversession using persistent and an RDBMS. (library, mit, web)2021-02-14FelipeLessa, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, MichaelXavier
serversession-backend-redis110.0Storage backend for serversession using Redis. (library, mit, web)2021-02-14FelipeLessa, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, MichaelXavier
serversession-frontend-snap70.0Snap bindings for serversession. (library, mit, web)2017-03-03FelipeLessa, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, MichaelXavier
serversession-frontend-wai50.0wai-session bindings for serversession. (library, mit, web)2015-06-15FelipeLessa, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, MichaelXavier
serversession-frontend-yesod80.0Yesod bindings for serversession. (library, mit, web)2015-06-15FelipeLessa, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, MichaelXavier
services20.0Tools for building services (bsd3, library, web)2017-04-21seanhess
serviette (deprecated)190.0JSON to Sql (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2017-06-24
servius730.0Warp web server with template rendering (mit, program, web)2018-08-02MichaelSnoyman
ses-html380.0Send HTML formatted emails using Amazon's SES REST API with blaze (aws, bsd3, email, library, network, web)2017-10-07DavidJohnson
ses-html-snaplet (deprecated in favor of snaplet-ses-html)60.0Snaplet for the ses-html package (aws, bsd3, deprecated, email, library, network, snap, web)2014-09-25DavidJohnson
shadowsocks90.0A fast SOCKS5 proxy that help you get through firewalls (library, mit, program, web)2018-04-08rnons
shake-minify130.0Shake Minify Rules (bsd3, development, library, shake, web)2015-08-04LukeHoersten
shakebook740.0Shake-based technical documentation generator; HTML & PDF (library, mit, web)2020-11-05locallycompact
shakespeare13942.0A toolkit for making compile-time interpolated templates (library, mit, web, yesod)2020-08-28GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, psibi
shakespeare-css (deprecated in favor of shakespeare)960.0Stick your haskell variables into css at compile time. (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, web, yesod)2014-03-30GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
shakespeare-i18n (deprecated in favor of shakespeare)400.0A type-based approach to internationalization. (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, web, yesod)2014-03-30GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
shakespeare-js (deprecated in favor of shakespeare)1110.0Stick your haskell variables into javascript/coffeescript at compile time. (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, web, yesod)2014-03-30GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
shakespeare-sass100.0SASS support for Shakespeare and Yesod (bsd3, library, web)2019-09-18brcha
shakespeare-text (deprecated in favor of shakespeare)670.0Interpolation with quasi-quotation: put variables strings (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, web, yesod)2014-03-30GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
shelduck90.0Test webhooks locally (apache, library, program, web)2015-11-14boblong
shine232.25Declarative graphics for the browser using GHCJS (graphics, javascript, library, mit, web)2020-01-04fgaz
shine-examples70.0Examples for the shine package (game, graphics, javascript, mit, web)2020-01-04fgaz
shine-varying72.0FRP interface for shine using the varying package (frp, graphics, javascript, library, mit, web)2016-04-22fgaz
shortcut-links370.0Link shortcuts for use in text markup (library, markdown, mpl, text, web)2021-01-27shersh, vrom911
shorten-strings70.0Shorten a variety of string-like types adding ellipsis (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2012-04-18ArashRouhani
shpider220.0Web automation library in Haskell. (bsd3, library, web)2011-11-29JohnnyMorrice, OzgunAtaman
shunya-library120.0Initial project template from stack (bsd3, library, web)2016-11-12penguinshunya
shunyalib60.0Initial project template from stack (bsd3, library, web)2016-11-12penguinshunya
sibe220.0Machine Learning algorithms (data-science, gpl, library, machine-learning, program, web)2017-05-25mdibaiee
simple640.0A minimalist web framework for the WAI server interface (lgpl, library, program, web)2020-04-13AmitLevy
simple-css120.0simple binding of css and html (bsd3, library, web)2011-03-08AntonKholomiov
simple-download90.0A simple wrapper of http-conduit for file download. (bsd3, library, web)2016-07-28terrorjack
simple-form220.0Forms that configure themselves based on type (library, web)2014-12-29StephenWeber
simple-postgresql-orm220.0Connector package for integrating postgresql-orm with the Simple web framework (lgpl, library, web)2020-04-13AmitLevy
simple-session232.0Cookie-based session management for the Simple web framework (lgpl, library, web)2020-04-13AmitLevy
simple-templates340.0A basic template language for the Simple web framework (lgpl, library, web)2020-04-13AmitLevy
simpleconfig110.0Short description of your package (bsd3, library, web)2018-05-20AlexeyKotlyarov
simplemesh (deprecated)50.0Generators for primitive meshes (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2017-12-07jonascarpay
simplexmq272.0SimpleXMQ message broker (agpl, chat, cryptography, library, network, program, system, web)2021-09-11epoberezkin, EfimPoberezkin
since70.0Get the number of seconds since the last invocation (bsd3, library, web)2017-11-16athanclark
singleton-bool7830.0Type level booleans (bsd3, library, web)2021-04-05phadej
siphon190.0Encode and decode CSV files (bsd3, library, web)2019-05-19andrewthad
sitemap120.0Sitemap parser (bsd3, library, web)2015-01-12AlpMestanogullari
sitemap-gen70.0Generate XML Sitemaps & Sitemap Indexes (bsd3, library, web)2020-01-19lysergia
sitepipe300.0A simple to understand static site generator (bsd3, library, web)2019-11-17ChrisPenner
skell70.0An overly complex Haskell web framework. (bsd3, library, web)2014-07-12pharpend
skemmtun50.0A client. (mit, program, web)2015-12-05nyorem
skews200.0A very quick-and-dirty WebSocket server. (bsd3, library, test, web)2020-03-02igrep
skylighting-lucid60.0Lucid support for Skylighting (bsd3, library, web)2021-04-14fosskers
slack-api202.5Bindings to the Slack RTM API. (library, mit, program, web)2017-03-02mitchellwrosen, mpickering, asayers, rickeyski
slack-notify-haskell110.0Slack notifier for Haskell project. (library, mit, program, web)2015-02-26tattsun
slack-verify42.0Slack API Request Verification HMAC (library, mit, web)2018-12-22kkweon
slack-web490.0Bindings for the Slack web API (library, mit, web)2021-09-02igrep, EmmanuelTouzery, jpvillaisaza
slick480.0A quick & easy static site builder built with shake and pandoc. (bsd3, library, web)2021-09-16ChrisPenner
slidemews80.0ws convert markdown to reveal-js (program, web)2014-01-29j4pe
slope-field60.0Visualize mathematical function's slope fields (gpl, library, program, web)2016-11-25mdibaiee
slug (deprecated)90.0Type-safe slugs for Yesod ecosystem (bsd3, deprecated, library, web, yesod)2017-07-22mrkkrp
slugger62.0Clean URI slugs for Haskell (bsd3, data, library, program, text, web)2021-07-28robertwpearce
smartword50.0Web based flash card for Word Smart I and II vocabularies (bsd3, education, program, web)2009-03-28KiYungAhn
smsaero430.0SMSAero API and HTTP client based on servant library. (bsd3, library, web)2016-12-09NickolayKudasov
snap3622.5Top-level package for the Snap Web Framework (bsd3, library, snap, web)2020-09-18DougBeardsley, GregoryCollins
snap-accept80.0Accept header branching for the Snap web framework (library, mit, web)2017-06-26TimothyJones
snap-auth-cli130.0Command-line tool to manage Snap AuthManager database (bsd3, program, snap, web)2018-03-30DmitryDzhus
snap-configuration-utilities50.0Methods to manipulate Configurator objects for Snap & Snaplets (bsd3, library, web)2014-12-08Retrovertigo
snap-core8642.5Snap: A Haskell Web Framework (core interfaces and types) (bsd3, io-streams, library, snap, web)2020-07-13DougBeardsley, GregoryCollins
snap-cors (deprecated in favor of snap-core)660.0Add CORS headers to Snap applications (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-02-06OliverCharles
snap-elm160.0Serve Elm files through the Snap web framework. (bsd3, library, web)2013-10-17KyleCarter
snap-error-collector180.0Collect errors in batches and dispatch them (bsd3, library, web)2018-02-06OliverCharles
snap-extras500.0A collection of useful helpers and utilities for Snap web applications. (bsd3, library, snap, web)2019-07-03DougBeardsley, MichaelXavier, OzgunAtaman
snap-language200.0Language handling for Snap (bsd3, library, web)2019-05-15petterb
snap-loader-dynamic360.0Snap dynamic loader (bsd3, library, snap, web)2020-09-18DougBeardsley, GregoryCollins
snap-loader-static260.0Snap static loader (bsd3, library, snap, web)2020-09-18DougBeardsley, GregoryCollins
snap-server8752.5A web server for the Snap Framework (bsd3, io-streams, library, snap, web)2020-10-30DougBeardsley, GregoryCollins
snap-stream70.0Streaming Snap handlers (bsd3, library, web)2018-08-08RyanTrinkle
snap-templates260.0Scaffolding CLI for the Snap Framework (bsd3, program, snap, web)2018-07-29DougBeardsley
snap-testing (deprecated in favor of hspec-snap)240.0A library for BDD-style testing with the Snap Web Framework (bsd3, deprecated, library, snap, web)2014-07-08DanielPatterson
snap-utils70.0Snap Framework utilities. (bsd3, library, snap, web)2014-03-16LukeHoersten
snap-web-routes170.0Type safe URLs for Snap (bsd3, library, snap, web)2015-08-12lukerandall
snaplet-acid-state360.0acid-state snaplet for Snap Framework (bsd3, library, snap, web)2015-06-16DougBeardsley
snaplet-actionlog90.0Generic action log snaplet for the Snap Framework (bsd3, library, snap, web)2018-07-09DougBeardsley, MichaelXavier, OzgunAtaman
snaplet-amqp290.0Snap framework snaplet for the AMQP library (bsd3, library, web)2014-11-11ParnellSpringmeyer
snaplet-auth-acid90.0Provides an Acid-State backend for the Auth Snaplet (bsd3, library, snap, web)2015-06-08DavidJohnson
snaplet-coffee100.0CoffeeScript for Snap, auto-compilation and pre-compilation. (gpl, library, snap, web)2013-04-16KevinVanRooijen
snaplet-css-min110.0A Snaplet for CSS minification (library, mit, web)2014-03-17TimothyJones
snaplet-customauth180.0Alternate authentication snaplet (bsd3, library, web)2021-09-16kaol
snaplet-environments80.0DEPRECATED! You should use standard Snap >= 0.9 "environments" functionality. It provided ability to easly read configuration based on given app environment given at command line, envs are defined in app configuration file (bsd3, library, web)2012-06-22KamilCiemniewski
snaplet-fay (deprecated)840.0Fay integration for Snap with request- and pre-compilation. (bsd3, deprecated, fay, library, snap, web)2017-01-02AdamBergmark
snaplet-ghcjs20.0Serve javascript files compiled with GHCJS (bsd3, library, web)2015-10-14johncant
snaplet-hasql120.0A Hasql snaplet (library, mit, web)2015-06-25MikeLedger
snaplet-haxl100.0Snaplet for Facebook's Haxl (bsd3, library, snap, web)2014-08-07biscarch
snaplet-hdbc370.0HDBC snaplet for Snap Framework (bsd3, library, web)2012-08-08JurrienStutterheim
snaplet-hslogger90.0Snap framework snaplet for the Logger API library. (bsd3, library, web)2014-10-29ParnellSpringmeyer
snaplet-i18n210.0snaplet-i18n (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-02-02HaishengWu
snaplet-influxdb220.0Snap framework snaplet for the InfluxDB library (bsd3, library, web)2014-12-02ParnellSpringmeyer
snaplet-mandrill100.0Snap framework snaplet for the Mandrill API library. (bsd3, library, web)2014-10-13ParnellSpringmeyer
snaplet-mongoDB50.0Snap Framework MongoDB support as Snaplet (bsd3, library, web)2011-12-12KamilCiemniewski
snaplet-mongodb-minimalistic320.0Minimalistic MongoDB Snaplet. (bsd3, library, web)2014-06-07PetrPilar
snaplet-mysql-simple280.0mysql-simple snaplet for the Snap Framework (bsd3, library, snap, web)2016-04-15ibotty
snaplet-oauth30.0snaplet-oauth (bsd3, library, web)2012-12-30HaishengWu
snaplet-persistent160.0persistent snaplet for the Snap Framework (bsd3, library, snap, web)2020-06-05DougBeardsley, MichaelXavier
snaplet-postgresql-simple732.25postgresql-simple snaplet for the Snap Framework (bsd3, library, snap, web)2019-04-18DougBeardsley
snaplet-postmark80.0Postmark snaplet for the Snap Framework (bsd3, library, snap, web)2014-03-08LukeHoersten
snaplet-purescript340.0Automatic (re)compilation of purescript projects (library, mit, web)2021-04-09AlfredoDiNapoli, MikolajKonarski
snaplet-recaptcha170.0A ReCAPTCHA verification snaplet with Heist integration and connection sharing. (bsd3, library, web)2015-03-29LarsPetersen, MikeLedger
snaplet-redis510.0Redis support for Snap Framework (bsd3, library, snap, web)2021-04-14DmitryDzhus
snaplet-redson60.0CRUD for JSON data with Redis storage (bsd3, library, snap, web)2012-04-05DmitryDzhus
snaplet-rest90.0REST resources for the Snap web framework (library, mit, web)2013-10-20TimothyJones
snaplet-sass90.0Sass integration for Snap with request- and pre-compilation. (bsd3, library, snap, web)2015-06-18lukerandall
snaplet-scoped-session80.0Modularised session state for Snaplets, in a Snaplet (bsd3, library, snap, web)2016-08-13justus
snaplet-ses-html120.0Snaplet for the ses-html package (aws, bsd3, email, library, network, snap, web)2015-06-08DavidJohnson
snaplet-sqlite-simple490.0sqlite-simple snaplet for the Snap Framework (bsd3, library, snap, web)2016-11-07JanneHellsten, sigrlami
snaplet-sqlite-simple-jwt-auth50.0Snaplet for JWT authentication with snaplet-sqlite-simple (bsd3, library, web)2016-11-21JanneHellsten
snaplet-stripe110.0Stripe snaplet for the Snap Framework (bsd3, library, snap, web)2014-11-19LukeHoersten
snaplet-tasks90.0Snaplet for Snap Framework enabling developers to administrative tasks akin to Rake tasks from Ruby On Rails framework. (bsd3, library, web)2011-12-19KamilCiemniewski
snaplet-typed-sessions60.0Typed session snaplets and continuation-based programming for the Snap web framework (bsd3, library, web)2012-08-06ChrisSmith
snaplet-wordpress110.0A snaplet that communicates with wordpress over its api. (bsd3, library, web)2015-05-23DanielPatterson
soap831.75SOAP client tools (library, mit, web)2018-03-16AlexanderBondarenko
soap-openssl160.0TLS-enabled SOAP transport (using openssl bindings) (library, mit, web)2015-03-25AlexanderBondarenko
soap-tls180.0TLS-enabled SOAP transport (using tls package) (library, mit, web)2018-03-16AlexanderBondarenko
socket-icmp90.0Definitions for using ICMP with the `socket` library (bsd3, library, web)2020-09-04trm
socketed70.0simpe tool to serve piped data over http and websocket (library, mit, program, web)2017-04-13sencenan
socketio140.0Socket.IO server (library, mit, web)2014-05-14TingYenLai
solana-staking-csvs522.0Generate CSV Exports of your Solana Staking Rewards. (bsd3, console, finance, library, program, web)2021-08-10lysergia
solga90.0Simple typesafe web routing (library, mit, web)2016-11-07PatrickChilton
solga-swagger110.0Swagger generation for Solga (library, mit, web)2016-11-07PatrickChilton
sort-by-pinyin110.0sort by pinyin (bsd3, library, web)2018-07-11JinjingWang
source-code-server (deprecated)60.0The server backend for the source code iPhone app (bsd3, deprecated, program, web)2010-08-31JinjingWang
space70.0Experimental library (apache, library, web)2017-06-19XT
sparrow240.0Unified streaming data-dependency framework for web apps (bsd3, library, web)2018-11-28athanclark
spata100.0brainless form validation (bsd3, library, web)2010-10-10JinjingWang
spike50.0Experimental web browser (bsd3, program, web)2012-03-06KrzysztofSkrzetnicki
spoty110.0Spotify web API wrapper (bsd3, library, web)2014-08-26DavidNilsson
sprinkles90.0JSON API to HTML website wrapper (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-10-17TobiasDammers
sproxy (deprecated in favor of sproxy2)150.0HTTP proxy for authenticating users via OAuth2 (deprecated, mit, program, web)2016-11-20ip1981
sproxy-web110.0Web interface to sproxy database (mit, program, web)2016-06-18ip1981
sproxy2230.0Secure HTTP proxy for authenticating users via OAuth2 (databases, mit, program, web)2019-09-06ip1981
sqsd-local100.0Initial project template from stack (mpl, program, web)2017-01-16owickstrom
ssh-tunnel70.0Proxy http-client via ssh tunnel. (bsd3, library, web)2017-10-18NCrashed
stack-network72.0A program for extending Stack to add distributed capabilities (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-05-01mcgroas
stagen122.0Static site generator (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-03-05jxv
static-resources (deprecated)170.0JavaScript and Css files concat for http optimization. Now with LESS support. (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2014-01-28MariuszRak
stitch180.0lightweight CSS DSL (bsd3, library, web)2018-08-25Intolerable
streaming-pcap90.0Stream packets via libpcap. (bsd3, library, web)2019-05-11fosskers
streaming-wai110.0Streaming Wai utilities (library, mit, web)2015-11-30WilliamCasarin
strelka210.0A simple, flexible and composable web-router (library, mit, web)2019-04-24NikitaVolkov
strio40.0Initial project template from stack (bsd3, library, program, web)2015-08-13yulii
stripe300.0A Haskell implementation of the Stripe API. (bsd3, library, web)2015-01-15MichaelSchade, LukeHoersten
stripe-concepts302.0Types for the Stripe API (library, mit, web)2021-07-01chris_martin, Monoid_Mary
stripe-core880.0Stripe API for Haskell - Pure Core (library, mit, web)2020-09-02DavidJohnson
stripe-haskell1302.25Stripe API for Haskell (library, mit, web)2020-09-02DavidJohnson
stripe-hs120.0Unofficial Stripe client (bsd3, library, web)2021-03-10AlexanderThiemann
stripe-http-client350.0Stripe API for Haskell - http-client backend (library, mit, web)2020-09-02DavidJohnson
stripe-http-streams (deprecated in favor of stripe-http-client)490.0Stripe API for Haskell - http-streams backend (deprecated, library, mit, web)2018-11-14DavidJohnson
stripe-scotty242.0Listen for Stripe webhook events with Scotty (library, mit, web)2021-06-05chris_martin, Monoid_Mary
stripe-servant110.0Unofficial Stripe servant types (bsd3, library, web)2021-03-10AlexanderThiemann
stripe-signature262.0Verification of Stripe webhook signatures (library, mit, web)2021-06-05chris_martin, Monoid_Mary
stripe-tests460.0Tests for Stripe API bindings for Haskell (library, mit, web)2020-09-02DavidJohnson
stripe-wreq192.0Use the Stripe API via Wreq (library, mit, web)2021-06-05chris_martin, Monoid_Mary
suavemente110.0An applicative functor that seamlessly talks to HTML inputs. (bsd3, library, web)2019-07-08isovector
sunroof-compiler70.0Monadic Javascript Compiler (bsd3, compiler, embedded, javascript, language, library, web)2013-04-12JanBracker
sunroof-examples60.0Tests for Sunroof (bsd3, compiler, embedded, javascript, language, program, web)2014-06-27JanBracker
sunroof-server80.0Monadic Javascript Compiler - Server Utilities (bsd3, embedded, javascript, language, library, web)2014-06-27JanBracker
superbuffer990.0Efficiently build a bytestring from smaller chunks (bsd3, library, web)2017-05-28AlexanderThiemann
sv180.0Encode and decode separated values (CSV, PSV, ...) (bsd3, csv, library, text, web)2020-04-26qfpl, GeorgeWilson
sv-cassava120.0Integration to use sv with cassava's parser (bsd3, csv, library, text, web)2018-09-26qfpl, GeorgeWilson
sv-core460.0Encode and decode separated values (CSV, PSV, ...) (bsd3, csv, library, text, web)2019-08-13qfpl, GeorgeWilson
sv-svfactor80.0sv-core + svfactor (bsd3, csv, library, text, web)2018-09-26qfpl, GeorgeWilson
svfactor60.0Syntax-preserving CSV manipulation (bsd3, csv, library, text, web)2018-07-19qfpl
swagger-petstore (deprecated in favor of openapi-petstore)340.0Auto-generated openapi-petstore API Client (deprecated, library, mit, web)2018-05-16jonschoning
swagger23832.25Swagger 2.0 data model (bsd3, library, swagger, web)2020-04-23NickolayKudasov, phadej, swamp_agr
sws682.0A simple web server for serving directories. (bsd3, program, web)2021-04-19DerekElkins
symmetric-properties140.0Monoids for sameness and uniqueness. (bsd3, library, web)2019-01-15joelb
systemstats60.0An application that regularly logs system stats for later analysis (bsd3, program, web)2016-07-04savannidgerinel
tablestorage120.0Azure Table Storage REST API Wrapper (api, bsd3, database, library, web)2012-12-22PhilFreeman
tag-stream90.0streamlined html tag parser (bsd3, library, web)2011-11-06YiHuang
taggy350.0Efficient and simple HTML/XML parsing library (bsd3, library, program, text, web)2017-12-21AlpMestanogullari, vi
taggy-lens130.0Lenses for the taggy html/xml parser (bsd3, library, text, web)2014-07-15AlpMestanogullari, vi
tagstream-conduit1040.0streamlined html tag parser (bsd3, conduit, library, web)2020-06-03MichaelSnoyman, YiHuang
tapioca70.0A tasty enhancement to cassava for easy csv exporting (bsd3, csv, library, text, web)2019-02-03cfraz89
tasty-fail-fast120.0Adds the ability to fail a tasty test suite on first test failure (bsd3, library, web)2017-11-09MichaelXavier
tasty-wai270.0Test 'wai' endpoints via Test.Tasty (bsd3, library, testing, web)2020-09-26schalmers, qfpl, GeorgeWilson
tdlib190.0complete binding to the Telegram Database Library (bsd3, library, web)2020-06-05Poscat
tdlib-types130.0Types and Functions generated from tdlib api spec (bsd3, library, web)2020-06-08Poscat
tdoc130.0TDoc is a typed document builder with support for (X)HTML (bsd3, library, text, web)2017-07-24NicolasPouillard
telegram-api8242.0Telegram Bot API bindings (bsd3, library, web)2018-01-22klappvisor
telegram-bot80.0Telegram Bot microframework for Haskell (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-12-28akru
telegram-bot-simple300.0Easy to use library for building Telegram bots. (bsd3, library, program, web)2021-07-07NickolayKudasov, swamp_agr
telegram-raw-api130.0Servant bindings to the Telegram bot API (bsd3, library, web)2020-04-23Poscat
telegram-types250.0Types used in Telegram bot API (bsd3, library, web)2020-06-06Poscat
telegraph660.0Binding to the telegraph API (bsd3, library, web)2021-02-10Poscat
template-hsml120.0Haskell's Simple Markup Language (bsd3, library, template, templating, web)2012-08-30PetrPilar
templateify80.0Make template from website (gpl, program, web)2017-01-15AlanHawkins
termcolor70.0Composable terminal colors (gpl, library, program, web)2017-03-30mdibaiee
tesla320.0Tesla API client. (bsd3, library, web)2021-07-01dustin
text-utils200.0Various text utilities (library, mit, web)2020-05-18AlexanderThiemann
textlocal130.0Haskell wrapper for textlocal SMS gateway (bsd3, library, web)2016-12-26psibi
thentos-cookie-session120.0All-in-one session handling for servant-based frontends (authentication, library, web)2016-08-03MatthiasFischmann
threads-extras290.0Extends the threads package with a bounded thread group (bsd3, library, web)2018-12-31JonathanFischoff
threepenny-editors780.0Composable algebraic editors (bsd3, library, web)2018-10-07PepeIborra
threepenny-gui5412.25GUI framework that uses the web browser as a display. (bsd3, gui, library, web)2021-05-13HeinrichApfelmus, sjakobi
threepenny-gui-contextmenu50.0Write simple nested context menus for threepenny-gui. (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-01-24barischj
threepenny-gui-flexbox371.5Flexbox layouts for Threepenny-gui. (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-04-25barischj
tibetan-utils440.0Parse and display tibetan numerals (bsd3, library, web)2019-12-08vmchale
tightrope80.0Nice API for a Slackbot (library, mit, web)2014-07-27ian
time-http210.0Parse and format HTTP/1.1 Date and Time strings (library, public-domain, time, web)2012-01-03MasatakeDaimon
time-w3c100.0Parse, format and convert W3C Date and Time (library, public-domain, web)2011-07-28MasatakeDaimon
timeless-tutorials60.0Initial project template from stack (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-12-08carldong
timerep850.0Parse and display time according to some RFCs (RFC3339, RFC2822, RFC822) (bsd3, library, parser, text, time, web)2020-11-21HugoGomes, koral
timespan200.0Useful timespan datatype and functions (library, mit, web)2020-05-24AlexanderThiemann
tiny-scheduler230.0tiny no-brainer job scheduler (bsd3, library, web)2017-04-22functor_soup
tldr3402.0Haskell tldr client (bsd3, cli, library, program, web)2021-10-16psibi
tls-session-manager3970.0In-memory TLS session manager (bsd3, library, web)2020-01-07KazuYamamoto, VincentHanquez, OlivierCheron
tmapchan200.0An insert-ordered multimap (indexed FIFO) which consumes values as you lookup (bsd3, library, web)2017-05-14athanclark
tmp-postgres2942.0Start and stop a temporary postgres (bsd3, library, program, web)2019-12-29JonathanFischoff
tnet30.0Library for encoding/decoding TNET strings for PGI (library, web)2012-08-17HarryTerkelsen
toboggan70.0Twitter bot generator (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-04-03
tonatona120.0meta application framework (framework, library, mit, tonatona, web)2020-11-05arowM, qnoyxu
tonatona-google-server-api90.0tonatona plugin for google-server-api (database, library, mit, tonatona, web)2020-05-25arowM
tonatona-servant90.0tonatona plugin for servant. (library, mit, servant, tonatona, web)2020-11-05arowM, qnoyxu
tophat100.0Template-to-Haskell preprocessor, and templating language (gpl, library, program, web)2021-08-08jcranch
torsor1450.0Torsor Typeclass (bsd3, library, web)2017-10-23andrewthad
toxiproxy-haskell110.0Client library for Toxiproxy: a TCP failure testing proxy. (bsd3, library, web)2018-03-10jpittis
tpb40.0Applications for interacting with the Pushbullet API (gpl, program, web)2017-08-01tsani
tracing610.0Distributed tracing (bsd3, library, web)2021-06-28mtth
tracing-control72.0Distributed tracing (bsd3, library, web)2020-07-14AlejandroSerrano
trasa82.0Type Safe Web Routing (library, mit, web)2019-07-19andrewthad, mckeankylej, chessai, goolord
trasa-client120.0Type safe http requests (library, mit, web)2019-03-24andrewthad, mckeankylej, chessai, goolord
trasa-extra70.0Extra functions for trasa (bsd3, library, web)2019-07-16goolord
trasa-form160.0generate forms using lucid, ditto and trasa (bsd3, library, web)2019-08-22goolord
trasa-server182.0Type safe web server (library, mit, web)2019-07-19andrewthad, mckeankylej, chessai, goolord
trasa-th70.0Template Haskell to generate trasa routes (library, mit, web)2019-03-24chessai
travis90.0A simple client implementation using Travis CI API. (library, mit, web)2015-09-08tomtau
travis-pogodi70.0A better travis_wait (bsd3, development, library, program, web)2017-07-12dbushev
trigger60.0Trigger is a cross platform file system watcher for super fast build-and-restart workflows. (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-12-18rhyskeepence
tsession60.0A Transaction Framework for Web Applications (bsd3, library, web)2014-06-22FlorianMicheler
tsession-happstack70.0A Transaction Framework for Happstack (bsd3, library, web)2014-06-22FlorianMicheler
tsetchan20.0Hides duplicating channels when broadcasting (bsd3, library, web)2017-11-14athanclark
tsweb80.0An API binding Web.Spock to Database.Beam (bsd3, library, program, web)2019-06-21tsuraan
ttn80.0Things Tracker Network JSON Types (bsd3, library, web)2020-10-12srk
ttn-client120.0TheThingsNetwork client (bsd3, library, program, web)2021-04-02srk
twain30.0Tiny web application framework for WAI. (bsd3, library, web)2021-05-11alexmingoia
tweet-hs1460.0Command-line tool for twitter (bsd3, library, program, web)2021-07-25vmchale
twhs60.0CLI twitter client. (library, mit, program, web)2014-06-02ShinichiroSuzuki
twilio600.0Twilio REST API library for Haskell (bsd3, library, network-apis, web)2018-12-02andrus, bcj
twiml180.0TwiML library for Haskell (bsd3, library, text, web, xml)2018-05-07andrus
twirp40.0Haskell twirp foundations (bsd3, library, web)2020-08-25tclem, rewinfrey
twitter-conduit1180.0Twitter API package with conduit interface and Streaming API support. (bsd3, conduit, library, web)2021-01-10TakahiroHimura
twitter-enumerator (deprecated in favor of twitter-conduit)140.0Twitter API package with enumerator interface and Streaming API support. (bsd3, deprecated, enumerator, library, web)2012-03-17TakahiroHimura
twitter-feed490.0Client for fetching Twitter timeline via Oauth (library, mit, web)2016-10-17jsl, stackbuilders, sestrella, mrkkrp, jmorocho
twitter-types540.0Twitter JSON parser and types (bsd3, library, web)2020-03-29TakahiroHimura
twitter-types-lens280.0Twitter JSON types (lens powered) (bsd3, library, web)2021-02-21TakahiroHimura
type-of-html1172.25High performance type driven html generation. (bsd3, html, language, library, text, web)2021-02-06knupfer
type-of-html-static130.0Optimize static parts of type-of-html. (bsd3, html, language, library, text, web)2018-05-02knupfer
typed-admin60.0Admin console framework (bsd3, library, web)2019-01-23nakaji_dayo
typed-wire300.0Language-independent type-safe communication (library, mit, program, web)2016-06-14AlexanderThiemann
typed-wire-utils80.0Haskell utility library required for code generated by typed-wire compiler (bsd3, library, web)2017-10-04AlexanderThiemann
tyro50.0Type derived JSON parsing using Aeson (bsd3, json, library, text, web)2017-07-08rlupton20
u2f110.0Haskell Universal Two Factor helper toolbox library thing (bsd3, library, web)2018-11-29ebutleriv
ua-parser450.0A library for parsing User-Agent strings, official Haskell port of ua-parser (bsd3, library, web)2021-02-13MichaelXavier, OzgunAtaman
uber40.0Uber client for Haskell (bsd3, library, network, web)2016-08-03zzat
ucam-webauth80.0The Ucam-Webauth protocol, used by Raven (library, web)2018-12-09DavidBaynard
ucam-webauth-types70.0Types for the Ucam-Webauth protocol, as used by Raven (library, web)2018-12-09DavidBaynard
unitym60.0A monad type class shared between web services (bsd3, library, web)2017-02-07bhurt
unitym-servant70.0Implementaation of unitym for Servant servers (bsd3, library, web)2017-02-07bhurt
unitym-yesod70.0Implementation of the unity monad for the Yesod framework (bsd3, library, web)2017-02-07bhurt
uploadcare20.0Haskell client for Uploadcare. (api, library, mit, web)2012-10-06DimitrySolovyov
urbit-airlock40.0Talk to Urbit from Haskell (bsd3, library, web)2020-10-23bsima
urbit-api70.0Talk to Urbit from Haskell (bsd3, library, web)2020-11-29bsima
uri-bytestring3382.25Haskell URI parsing as ByteStrings (bsd3, library, web)2021-07-02MichaelXavier
uri-encode4230.0Unicode aware uri-encoding (bsd3, library, network, web)2020-10-18AdamBergmark, ErikHesselink
uri-parse100.0A simple library for parsing and generating URIs (bsd3, library, web)2017-10-02savannidgerinel
uri-template50.0URI template library for Haskell (bsd3, library, program, web)2008-11-11SigbjornFinne
url870.0A library for working with URLs. (bsd3, library, web)2012-03-19IavorDiatchki
url-decoders80.0Decoders for URL-encoding (aka Percent-encoding) (codecs, library, mit, web)2018-07-27NikitaVolkov
url-generic60.0Parse/format generic key/value URLs from record data types. (bsd3, library, web)2011-06-19ChrisDone
urlencoded410.0Generate or process x-www-urlencoded data (bsd3, library, web)2021-07-11PhilipWeaver, fgaz
urlpath1430.0Painfully simple URL deployment. (bsd3, data, library, web)2018-11-03athanclark
users262.0A library simplifying user management for web applications (library, mit, web)2016-02-23AlexanderThiemann
users-mysql-haskell90.0A mysql-haskell backend for the users library. (bsd3, library, web)2016-11-19DanielDiazCarrete
users-postgresql-simple320.0A PostgreSQL backend for the users package (library, mit, web)2016-05-22AlexanderThiemann
users-test210.0Library to test backends for the users library (library, mit, web)2016-05-22AlexanderThiemann
uzbl-with-source20.0Utility function for reading a source of loaded uzbl pages. (gpl, library, uzbl, web)2014-05-12MateuszKowalczyk
validate-input140.0Input validation combinator library (library, mit, web)2021-02-07AlexanderThiemann
validated-types70.0Type-level constraints on strings and other input (bsd3, library, web)2017-04-28seanhess
validations120.0A nice way to define field validations in Haskell. (bsd3, library, web)2014-06-23mavenraven
validity-scientific330.0Validity instances for scientific (library, mit, web)2020-02-10Norfair
validity-text970.0Validity instances for text (library, mit, web)2020-02-10Norfair
validity-uuid190.0Validity instances for uuid (library, mit, web)2020-02-10Norfair
vcatt30.0Recursively check that a directory is under version control. (bsd3, library, program, web)2016-04-25bergey
vcs-web-hook-parse80.0Parse development platform web hook messages. (library, public-domain, web)2016-01-27akrasner
vgrep330.0A pager for grep (bsd3, library, program, web)2021-01-26fmthoma
vinyl-json70.0Provide json instances automagically to vinyl types (library, mit, web)2014-03-12tbelaire, heptahedron
vinyl-operational70.0Initial project template from stack (bsd3, library, web)2016-05-16andrewthad
vinyl-plus50.0Vinyl records utilities (bsd3, library, web)2016-05-16andrewthad
vk-aws-route5360.0Amazon Route53 DNS service plugin for the aws package. (bsd3, library, web)2014-08-11VladimirKirillov
waargonaut442.5JSON wrangling (bsd3, json, library, parser, web)2021-01-20TonyMorris, qfpl, topos
wahsp30.0A haskell binding of the Web Audio API ala blank-canvas (bsd3, library, web)2016-09-18nshaheed
wai11612.5Web Application Interface. (library, mit, web)2021-01-18KazuYamamoto, MichaelSnoyman
wai-accept-language70.0Rewrite based on Accept-Language header (bsd3, library, program, web)2015-12-27tkmsm
wai-app-file-cgi10350.0File/CGI/Rev Proxy App of WAI (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2021-09-29KazuYamamoto
wai-app-static8950.0WAI application for static serving (library, mit, program, web, yesod)2020-08-14MichaelSnoyman
wai-cli190.0Command line runner for Wai apps (using Warp) with TLS, CGI, socket activation & graceful shutdown (library, public-domain, web)2021-06-24myfreeweb
wai-conduit880.0conduit wrappers for WAI (conduit, library, mit, web)2018-03-19MichaelSnoyman
wai-control100.0Run wai Applications in IO based monads (bsd3, control, library, web)2020-07-28jumper149
wai-cors2332.0CORS for WAI (http, library, mit, network, wai, web)2019-06-06JonSterling, larsk
wai-devel110.0A web server for the development of WAI compliant web applications. (library, mit, program, web)2016-03-21urbanslug
wai-digestive-functors110.0Helpers to bind digestive-functors onto wai requests (library, web)2014-05-15StephenWeber
wai-dispatch50.0Nice wrapper around yesod-routes for use with WAI (library, web)2012-08-09StephenWeber
wai-enforce-https280.0Enforce HTTPS in Wai server app safely. (bsd3, library, web)2020-03-09MarekFajkus
wai-eventsource (deprecated in favor of wai-extra)660.0WAI support for server-sent events (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, web)2014-06-09FelipeLessa, MichaelSnoyman
wai-extra32660.0Provides some basic WAI handlers and middleware. (library, mit, web)2021-10-20FelipeLessa, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
wai-feature-flags512.0Feature flag support for WAI applications. (bsd3, library, program, web)2021-10-11stoeffel, JasperWoudenberg
wai-frontend-monadcgi540.0Run CGI apps on WAI. (library, mit, web)2016-11-20MichaelSnoyman
wai-git-http50.0Git http-backend CGI App of WAI (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2017-12-19Norfair
wai-handler-devel (deprecated in favor of yesod-bin)820.0WAI server that automatically reloads code after modification. (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2014-03-26MichaelSnoyman
wai-handler-fastcgi890.0Wai handler to fastcgi (library, mit, web)2015-12-30MichaelSnoyman
wai-handler-launch1312.0Launch a web app in the default browser. (library, mit, web)2020-01-18MichaelSnoyman
wai-handler-scgi (deprecated in favor of wai-extra)420.0Wai handler to SCGI (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, web)2014-03-21MichaelSnoyman
wai-handler-snap (deprecated)90.0Web Application Interface handler using snap-server. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2011-11-30MichaelSnoyman
wai-handler-webkit400.0Turn WAI applications into standalone GUIs using QtWebkit. (library, mit, web)2015-12-30MichaelSnoyman
wai-hastache70.0Nice wrapper around hastache for use with WAI (library, web)2012-08-14StephenWeber
wai-hmac-auth80.0hmac authentication tools for WAI apps (bsd3, library, web)2014-12-24raptros
wai-http2-extra260.0WAI utilities for HTTP/2 (library, mit, web)2020-05-28KazuYamamoto
wai-lambda20.0Haskell Webapps on AWS Lambda (library, mit, program, web)2019-03-20nmattia
wai-lens70.0Lenses for WAI (bsd3, library, network, web)2015-03-29purefn
wai-lite (deprecated in favor of simple)60.0DEPCRECATED (use package "simple" instead) A minimalist web framework for WAI web applications (deprecated, gpl, library, web)2012-10-30AmitLevy
wai-log250.0A logging middleware for WAI applications (bsd3, library, logging, web)2020-11-02MikhailGlushenkov, arybczak, jonathanjouty_scrive, trin_cz, jonathanjouty
wai-logger8970.0A logging system for WAI (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2019-10-04KazuYamamoto
wai-logger-buffered30.0Buffer requets before logging them (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-01-15ChrisCoffey
wai-logger-prefork360.0A logging system for preforked WAI apps (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2012-09-03KazuYamamoto
wai-middleware-auth542.0Authentication middleware that secures WAI application (library, mit, program, web)2021-08-09MichaelSnoyman, lehins, JasperWoudenberg
wai-middleware-brotli60.0WAI middleware for brotli compression (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-10-28IanDuncan
wai-middleware-cache150.0Caching middleware for WAI. (bsd3, library, web)2012-10-11AlexanderDorofeev
wai-middleware-cache-redis250.0Redis backend for wai-middleware-cache (bsd3, database, library, web)2012-09-23AlexanderDorofeev
wai-middleware-caching100.0WAI Middleware to cache things (bsd3, library, web)2015-12-17yogsototh
wai-middleware-caching-lru40.0Initial project template from stack (bsd3, library, web)2015-12-09yogsototh
wai-middleware-caching-redis30.0Cache Wai Middleware using Redis backend (bsd3, library, web)2015-12-10yogsototh
wai-middleware-catch270.0Wai error catching middleware (bsd3, library, web)2012-10-11AlexanderDorofeev
wai-middleware-clacks60.0GNU Terry Pratchett - Add the X-Clacks-Overhead Header to Wai Responses. (bsd3, library, wai, web)2020-03-13lysergia
wai-middleware-content-type600.0Route to different middlewares based on the incoming Accept header. (bsd3, library, web)2018-11-21athanclark
wai-middleware-crowd350.0Middleware and utilities for using Atlassian Crowd authentication (library, mit, program, web)2016-08-17MichaelSnoyman
wai-middleware-delegate2792.0WAI middleware that delegates handling of requests. (bsd3, library, web)2021-09-30adetokunbo
wai-middleware-etag110.0WAI ETag middleware for static files (bsd3, library, web)2015-10-16ameingast
wai-middleware-gunzip40.0WAI middleware to unzip request bodies (library, mpl, web)2015-06-07ToralfWittner
wai-middleware-headers70.0cors and addHeaders for WAI (bsd3, library, web)2012-02-06SeanHess
wai-middleware-hmac20.0HMAC Authentication Middleware for WAI (bsd3, library, web)2015-01-25ChristopherReichert
wai-middleware-hmac-client70.0WAI HMAC Authentication Middleware Client (bsd3, library, web)2015-02-24ChristopherReichert
wai-middleware-json-errors120.0Converts errors from plaintext to json (bsd3, library, web)2017-09-20seanhess
wai-middleware-metrics760.0A WAI middleware to collect EKG request metrics (bsd3, library, web)2017-03-30Helkafen
wai-middleware-preprocessor50.0WAI middleware for preprocessing static files (gpl, library, web)2015-02-27taktoa
wai-middleware-rollbar480.0Middleware that communicates to Rollbar. (bsd3, library, wai, web)2018-09-18joneshf
wai-middleware-route270.0Wai dispatch middleware (bsd3, library, web)2012-09-23AlexanderDorofeev
wai-middleware-slack-verify50.0WAI Slack request verification middleware (library, mit, web)2018-07-09brandonhamilton
wai-middleware-static1610.0WAI middleware that serves requests to static files. (bsd3, library, web)2020-10-01AndrewFarmer, SimonHengel, ryanglscott
wai-middleware-static-caching (deprecated in favor of wai-middleware-static)40.0WAI middleware that serves requests to static files. (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2015-02-25AlexanderThiemann
wai-middleware-static-embedded62.0Serve embedded static files as a Wai middleware (bsd3, library, web)2017-04-27adamse
wai-middleware-throttle460.0WAI Middleware for Request Throttling (bsd3, library, web)2019-06-27ChristopherReichert, dfithian
wai-middleware-travisci50.0WAI middleware for authenticating webhook payloads from Travis CI (bsd3, library, web)2018-05-20mitchellwrosen
wai-middleware-validation70.0WAI Middleware to validate the request and response bodies (bsd3, library, web)2021-05-07KenzoYotsuya
wai-middleware-verbs310.0Route Wai middlewares based on HTTP verbs (bsd3, library, web)2018-03-22athanclark
wai-predicates680.0WAI request predicates (library, web)2020-10-31ToralfWittner
wai-route460.0WAI middleware for path-based request routing with captures. (library, mpl, web)2018-11-24romanb
wai-router70.0Provides basic routing on URL paths for WAI. (library, mit, web)2012-05-21MarekDolgos
wai-routing760.0Declarative routing for WAI. (library, mpl, web)2016-08-01ToralfWittner
wai-secure-cookies220.0 (library, mit, program, web)2021-03-03alaminium
wai-session230.0Flexible session middleware for WAI (library, web)2018-05-13StephenWeber
wai-session-alt60.0An alternative session middleware for WAI. (bsd3, library, web)2015-12-08athanclark
wai-session-clientsession90.0Session store based on clientsession (library, web)2012-09-07StephenWeber
wai-session-mysql30.0MySQL backed Wai session store (bsd3, library, web)2016-07-03Lupino
wai-session-postgresql370.0PostgreSQL backed Wai session store (bsd3, library, web)2020-09-25hc
wai-session-redis112.0Simple Redis backed wai-session backend. (bsd3, library, program, web)2021-09-06t4ccer
wai-session-tokyocabinet70.0Session store based on Tokyo Cabinet (library, web)2012-09-07StephenWeber
wai-slack-middleware90.0A Slack middleware for WAI (bsd3, library, web)2017-05-06psibi
wai-static-cache70.0A simple cache for serving static files in a WAI middleware (agpl, library, web)2014-09-25HugoGomes
wai-static-pages210.0generate static html pages from a WAI application (library, mit, web)2015-02-15GregWeber
wai-test (deprecated in favor of wai-extra)1200.0Unit test framework (built on HUnit) for WAI applications. (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, testing, web, yesod)2014-06-09GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
wai-thrift100.0Thrift transport layer for Wai (library, mit, web)2015-10-21yogeshsajanikar
wai-throttler170.0Wai middleware for request throttling (library, mit, web)2015-02-24mkulkin
wai-util320.0Collection of utility functions for use with WAI (library, web)2014-12-29StephenWeber
wai-websockets3290.0Provide a bridge between WAI and the websockets package. (library, mit, web, yesod)2018-03-19MichaelSnoyman
waitra130.0A very simple Wai router (library, mit, web)2015-09-01phadej
waldo30.0A generator of comics based on some ascertainable data about the requester. (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-05-01davean
warp23752.75A fast, light-weight web server for WAI applications. (library, mit, web, yesod)2021-06-22KazuYamamoto, MichaelSnoyman
warp-static (deprecated in favor of wai-app-static)730.0Static file server based on Warp and wai-app-static (deprecated) (deprecated, mit, program, web)2014-03-21MichaelSnoyman
warp-systemd130.0Socket activation and other systemd integration for the Warp web server (WAI) (bsd3, library, web)2021-07-06RobertHensing, domenkozar
warp-tls17092.0HTTP over TLS support for Warp via the TLS package (library, mit, web, yesod)2021-09-29KazuYamamoto, MichaelSnoyman
warp-tls-uid290.0set group and user id before running server (bsd3, library, web)2019-04-22YoshikuniJujo
web-css60.0Simple functions for CSS. (bsd3, library, web)2011-08-23BardurArantsson
web-encodings (deprecated)820.0Encapsulate multiple web encoding in a single package. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-01-18MichaelSnoyman
web-fpco100.0Wrappers for web frameworks to ease usage with the FP Complete environment. (library, mit, web)2013-04-16MichaelSnoyman
web-inv-route240.0Composable, reversible, efficient web routing using invertible invariants and bijections (bsd3, library, web)2021-04-19DylanSimon
web-mongrel2 (deprecated)90.0Bindings for the Mongrel2 web server. (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2011-05-06ClintMoore
web-page90.0Monoidally construct web pages (bsd3, library, web)2014-09-28ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
web-plugins460.0dynamic plugin system for web applications (bsd3, library, web)2020-10-12JeremyShaw
web-push150.0Send messages using Web Push protocol. (library, mit, web)2020-06-28sarthakbagaria
web-rep300.0representations of a web page (library, mit, program, web)2021-09-08tonyday567
web-routes1060.0portable, type-safe URL routing (bsd3, language, library, web)2019-11-18JeremyShaw
web-routes-boomerang420.0Use boomerang for type-safe URL parsers/printers (bsd3, language, library, web)2016-06-09JeremyShaw
web-routes-generics80.0portable, type-safe URL routing (bsd3, language, library, web)2019-07-14JeremyShaw
web-routes-happstack870.0Adds support for using web-routes with Happstack (bsd3, language, library, web)2020-10-24JeremyShaw
web-routes-hsp540.0Adds XMLGenerator instance for RouteT monad (bsd3, language, library, web)2015-12-18JeremyShaw
web-routes-mtl (deprecated in favor of web-routes)90.0Extends web-routes with mtl-based MonadIO / MonadTrans RouteT instances (bsd3, deprecated, language, library, web)2011-03-15JeremyShaw
web-routes-quasi540.0Define data types and parse/build functions for web-routes via a quasi-quoted DSL (deprecated) (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
web-routes-regular140.0portable, type-safe URL routing (bsd3, language, library, web)2015-12-18JeremyShaw
web-routes-th690.0Support for deriving PathInfo using Template Haskell (bsd3, language, library, web)2020-05-18JeremyShaw
web-routes-transformers (deprecated in favor of web-routes)70.0Extends web-routes with some transformers instances for RouteT (bsd3, deprecated, language, library, web)2010-11-04JeremyShaw
web-routes-wai600.0Library for maintaining correctness of URLs within an application. (bsd3, language, library, web)2018-01-30JeremyShaw
web-routing380.0simple routing library (library, mit, web)2015-04-02HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
webapi110.0WAI based library for web api (bsd3, library, web)2016-08-03magesh, ersran9
webapp622.0Haskell web app framework based on WAI & Warp (library, mit, web)2017-04-14natesymer
webauthn30.0Web Authentication API (bsd3, library, web)2020-09-20FumiakiKinoshita
webby380.0A super-simple web server framework (apache, library, web)2020-10-16AdityaManthramurthy
webcloud20.0Turn an optparse-applicative program into a CGI program! (bsd2, library, program, web)2016-05-09ThomasSutton
webcrank70.0Webmachine inspired toolkit for building http applications and services. (bsd3, library, web)2015-06-09purefn
webcrank-dispatch70.0A simple request dispatcher. (bsd3, library, web)2015-12-10purefn
webcrank-wai90.0Build a WAI Application from Webcrank Resources (bsd3, library, web)2015-06-09purefn
webdriver1932.0a Haskell client for the Selenium WebDriver protocol (browser, bsd3, library, selenium, testing, web, webdriver)2019-06-10AdamCurtis, MichaelSnoyman
webdriver-angular340.0Webdriver actions to assist with testing a webpage which uses Angular.Js (library, mit, web)2016-08-28JohnLenz
webdriver-snoy (deprecated in favor of webdriver)120.0a Haskell client for the Selenium WebDriver protocol (deprecated) (browser, bsd3, deprecated, library, testing, web)2014-10-03MichaelSnoyman
webdriver-w3c260.0Bindings to the WebDriver API (gpl, library, program, testing, web, webdriver)2019-01-01nbloomf
webex-teams-api110.0A Haskell bindings for Webex Teams API (library, mit, program, web)2020-07-29nshimaza
webex-teams-conduit90.0Conduit wrapper of Webex Teams List API (library, mit, program, web)2020-07-29nshimaza
webex-teams-pipes90.0Pipes wrapper of Webex Teams List API (library, mit, program, web)2020-07-29nshimaza
webfinger-client70.0WebFinger client library (library, network, public-domain, web)2016-01-28akrasner
webgear-server140.0Composable, type-safe library to build HTTP API servers (library, mpl, web)2021-01-12rkaippully
webify140.0webfont generator (mit, program, web)2021-08-01ananthakumaran, srhb
webmention60.0Types and functions for working with Webmentions. (bsd3, library, web)2021-03-11alexmingoia
webpage230.0Organized and simple web page scaffold for blaze and lucid (bsd3, library, web)2019-01-26athanclark
webshow60.0Show programming language printed values in a web UI (bsd3, program, web)2019-04-07ChrisDone
websnap80.0Transforms URLs to PNGs (bsd3, program, web)2015-03-02jrb
websockets-rpc430.0Simple streaming RPC mechanism using WebSockets (bsd3, library, web)2018-03-16athanclark
websockets-simple730.0Composable websockets clients (bsd3, library, web)2019-10-06athanclark
webwire (deprecated)70.0Functional reactive web framework (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2011-09-16ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
weigh1212.25Measure allocations of a Haskell functions/values (bsd3, library, web)2019-12-01ChrisDone
welshy40.0Haskell web framework (because Scotty had trouble yodeling) (library, mit, web)2013-09-30MichaelSchroeder
wheb-redis70.0Redis connection for Wheb (bsd3, library, web)2014-08-27hansonkd
wheb-strapped80.0Strapped templates for Wheb (bsd3, library, web)2014-09-14hansonkd
wikicfp-scraper500.0Scrape WikiCFP web site (bsd3, library, web)2021-03-23debugito
willow40.0An implementation of the web Document Object Model, and its rendering. (library, mpl, web)2021-04-16ageitilt
windowslive250.0Implements Windows Live Web Authentication and Delegated Authentication (bsd3, library, web)2009-06-26JoshHoyt
witty110.0A network server to show bottlenecks of GHC (bsd3, network, program, web)2015-01-23KazuYamamoto
word-vector60.0Initial project template from stack (bsd3, library, web)2016-05-23andrewthad
wordchoice650.0Get word counts and distributions (bsd3, library, program, web)2019-11-17vmchale
wordpress-auth142.0Validate Wordpress Cookies & Nonces; Build Wordpress Hashes & Salts (bsd3, library, web)2021-05-30lysergia
wrecker770.0An HTTP Performance Benchmarker (bsd3, library, program, web)2020-03-03JonathanFischoff, lorenzo
wrecker-ui190.0A web interface for Wrecker, the HTTP Performance Benchmarker (bsd3, program, web)2018-02-27lorenzo
wreq2172.5An easy-to-use HTTP client library. (bsd3, library, web)2021-02-08BryanOSullivan, ondrap
wreq-patchable100.0An easy-to-use HTTP client library. (bsd3, library, web)2020-04-22nitros12
wreq-sb (deprecated in favor of wreq)90.0An easy-to-use HTTP client library. (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2015-04-24sestrella
wreq-stringless220.0Simple wrapper to use wreq without Strings (library, mit, web)2018-01-16jkeck
write-buffer-core90.0Buffer your writes, transparently (bsd3, library, web)2017-05-27parsonsmatt
write-buffer-stm80.0A write buffer for STM channels and queues. (bsd3, library, web)2017-05-27parsonsmatt
wryte50.0Pretty output for source generators (bsd3, library, web)2017-05-27TobiasDammers
ws70.0A simple CLI utility for interacting with a websocket (bsd3, library, program, web)2018-11-03athanclark
wshterm80.0Terminal emulator over websockets. (bsd3, program, web)2019-03-11lukec
wstunnel90.0Tunneling program over websocket protocol (bsd3, library, program, web)2021-04-07erebe
xhtml730.0An XHTML combinator library (bsd3, library, pretty-printer, web, xml)2018-03-09BenGamari, BjornBringert, ChrisDornan, HerbertValerioRiedel, IanLynagh
xhtml-combinators140.0Fast and easy to use XHTML combinators. (bsd3, library, text, web)2011-06-07AlasdairArmstrong
xing-api90.0Wrapper for the XING API, v1. (bsd3, library, web)2013-06-13JanAhrens
xml-conduit-stylist160.0Bridge between xml-conduit/html-conduit and stylist (library, mit, web)2020-12-31alcinnz
xml-to-json320.0Library and command line tool for converting XML files to json (library, mit, program, web, xml)2015-03-30NoamLewis
xml-to-json-fast220.0Fast, light converter of xml to json capable of handling huge xml files (json, library, mit, program, web, xml)2015-03-30NoamLewis
xml-tydom-conduit60.0Typed XML encoding for an xml-conduit backend. (bsd3, library, text, web, xml)2017-02-05lancelet
xml-tydom-core60.0Typed XML encoding (core library). (bsd3, library, text, web, xml)2017-02-05lancelet
xmonad-vanessa760.0Custom xmonad, which builds with stack or cabal. (bsd3, library, program, web)2019-01-04vmchale
xss-sanitize3840.0sanitize untrusted HTML to prevent XSS attacks (bsd2, library, web)2021-09-18GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
yackage1040.0Personal Hackage replacement for testing new packages. (bsd3, distribution, program, web, yesod)2016-10-13MichaelSnoyman
yahoo-finance-api240.0Read quotes from Yahoo Finance API. (bsd3, library, web)2017-11-26cdepillabout
yahoo-prices90.0A wrapper around Yahoo API for downloading market data. (library, mit, web)2021-02-26alojzyleszcz
yahoo-web-search110.0Yahoo Web Search Services (bsd3, library, web)2008-09-02GordonStewart
yam (deprecated in favor of boots-app)300.0A wrapper of servant (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2019-07-24leptonyu
yam-datasource (deprecated in favor of boots-app)770.0Yam DataSource Middleware (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2019-07-24leptonyu
yam-redis (deprecated in favor of boots-app)120.0Yam Redis Middleware (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2019-07-24leptonyu
yam-servant (deprecated)430.0 (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-05-19leptonyu
yaml47122.0Support for parsing and rendering YAML documents. (bsd3, data, library, web)2021-10-11MichaelSnoyman
yesod6422.0Creation of type-safe, RESTful web applications. (library, mit, web, yesod)2021-06-30GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, psibi, MaxGabriel
yesod-alerts180.0Alert messages for the Yesod framework (bsd3, library, web)2019-06-28alx741, DanielCampoverde
yesod-angular40.0Angular JS integratoin (bsd3, library, web)2015-09-21creichert, ChristopherReichert
yesod-angular-ui90.0Angular Helpers (bsd3, library, web)2015-05-20tolysz
yesod-articles60.0Automatically generate article previews for a yesod site (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2017-04-16MattEads
yesod-auth5380.0Authentication for Yesod. (library, mit, web, yesod)2021-09-10FelipeLessa, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, psibi, MaxGabriel
yesod-auth-account290.0An account authentication plugin for Yesod (library, mit, web)2016-08-28JohnLenz
yesod-auth-account-fork100.0An account authentication plugin for Yesod (library, mit, web)2015-10-02FelipeLessa
yesod-auth-basic140.0Yesod Middleware for HTTP Basic Authentication (bsd3, library, web)2020-08-11ChristopherReichert
yesod-auth-bcrypt70.0BCrypt salted and hashed passwords in a database as auth for yesod (library, mit, web, yesod)2015-01-28olihunt, TobyGoodwin
yesod-auth-bcryptdb170.0Authentication plugin for Yesod. (library, mit, web, yesod)2017-11-27yusent remote authentication support for Yesod apps. (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2014-10-01FelipeLessa
yesod-auth-fb760.0Authentication backend for Yesod using Facebook. (bsd3, library, web)2020-03-14FelipeLessa, psibi
yesod-auth-hashdb951.5Authentication plugin for Yesod. (library, mit, web, yesod)2021-05-20paulrouse
yesod-auth-hmac-keccak130.0An account authentication plugin for yesod with encrypted token transfer. (library, mit, web)2018-03-19nek0
yesod-auth-kerberos270.0Kerberos Authentication for Yesod. (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2015-09-09ArashRouhani
yesod-auth-ldap100.0LDAP Authentication for Yesod. (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2012-03-29MichaelLitchard
yesod-auth-ldap-mediocre80.0Very simlple LDAP auth for yesod (library, mit, web)2015-08-19andrewthad
yesod-auth-ldap-native60.0Yesod LDAP authentication plugin (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2016-06-17mkazulak
yesod-auth-lti13210.0A yesod-auth plugin for LTI 1.3 (lgpl, library, web, yesod)2021-08-11jade
yesod-auth-nopassword102.0A plugin for Yesod to provide email-only authentication. (library, mit, web)2016-12-31danpalmer
yesod-auth-oauth800.0OAuth Authentication for Yesod. (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2021-04-15FelipeLessa, HiromiIshii, MichaelLitchard, MichaelSnoyman
yesod-auth-oauth22640.0OAuth 2.0 authentication plugins (library, mit, web)2021-05-13PatrickBrisbin, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, cdparks, cbeav, halogenandtoast, FreckleEngineering
yesod-auth-pam70.0Provides PAM authentication module (library, mit, web, yesod)2013-06-13KazuoKoga
yesod-auth-smbclient90.0Authentication plugin for Yesod using smbclient (library, mit, web, yesod)2013-06-16KazuoKoga
yesod-auth-zendesk190.0Zendesk remote authentication support for Yesod apps. (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2014-07-05FelipeLessa
yesod-bin3650.0The yesod helper executable. (mit, program, web, yesod)2021-02-10GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, psibi, MaxGabriel
yesod-bootstrap200.0Bootstrap widgets for yesod (library, mit, web)2017-01-31andrewthad
yesod-colonnade330.0Helper functions for using yesod with colonnade (bsd3, library, web)2018-07-03andrewthad
yesod-comments390.0A generic comments interface for a Yesod application (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2014-07-28PatrickBrisbin
yesod-content-pdf230.0PDF Content Type for Yesod (bsd3, library, web)2019-02-28alexkyllo
yesod-continuations60.0Continuations for Yesod (bsd3, library, program, web)2010-11-27MattBrown
yesod-core10650.0Creation of type-safe, RESTful web applications. (library, mit, web, yesod)2021-07-22FelipeLessa, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, psibi, andrewthad, MaxGabriel
yesod-crud110.0Generic administrative CRUD operations as a Yesod subsite (bsd3, library, web)2016-05-30league
yesod-crud-persist120.0Flexible CRUD subsite usable with Yesod and Persistent. (library, mit, web)2016-04-15andrewthad
yesod-csp430.0Add CSP headers to Yesod apps (library, mit, web)2019-03-31boblong
yesod-datatables80.0Yesod plugin for DataTables (jQuery grid plugin) (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2013-01-18TeroLaitinen
yesod-default800.0Default config and main functions for your yesod application (deprecated) (library, mit, web, yesod)2013-05-07MichaelSnoyman
yesod-dsl430.0DSL for generating Yesod subsite to manage an RDBMS; (bsd3, library, program, web, yesod)2016-01-03TeroLaitinen
yesod-elements150.0Non template haskell markup building function in the spirit of lucid (library, mit, web)2019-07-02andrewthad
yesod-eventsource480.0Server-sent events support for Yesod apps. (library, mit, web, yesod)2020-11-08FelipeLessa, MichaelSnoyman, psibi
yesod-examples (deprecated)590.0Example programs using the Yesod Web Framework. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, program, web, yesod)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
yesod-fay850.0Utilities for using the Fay Haskell-to-JS compiler with Yesod. (library, mit, web, yesod)2019-04-30ChrisDone, MichaelSnoyman, swamp_agr
yesod-fb740.0Useful glue functions between the fb library and Yesod. (bsd3, library, web)2020-03-14FelipeLessa, psibi
yesod-filter90.0Automatic filter generator for Yesod (bsd3, library, web)2020-10-08KenzoYotsuya
yesod-form5800.0Form handling support for Yesod Web Framework (library, mit, web, yesod)2021-04-15FelipeLessa, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, psibi, MaxGabriel
yesod-form-bootstrap4240.0renderBootstrap4 (library, mit, web)2021-07-05ncaq
yesod-form-bulma40.0support Bulma form for Yesod (bsd3, library, program, web, yesod)2018-06-06waddlaw
yesod-form-json80.0Extension for Yesod web framework to handle JSON requests as applicative forms (library, mit, web, yesod)2014-06-25acheshkov
yesod-form-multi150.0Multi-input form handling for Yesod Web Framework (library, mit, web, yesod)2021-04-15MichaelSnoyman, Burtannia
yesod-form-richtext170.0Various rich-text WYSIWYG editors for Yesod forms. (library, mit, web, yesod)2017-08-01geraldus
yesod-gitrepo180.0Host content provided by a Git repo (library, mit, web)2018-02-05MichaelSnoyman
yesod-gitrev170.0A subsite for displaying git information. (bsd3, library, web)2021-07-20DanBurton
yesod-goodies130.0A collection of various small helpers useful in any yesod application. (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2011-09-11PatrickBrisbin
yesod-ip230.0Code for using the ip package with yesod (bsd3, library, web)2019-03-06andrewthad
yesod-job-queue352.0Background jobs library for Yesod. (bsd3, library, web)2017-05-17nakaji_dayo
yesod-json830.0Generate content for Yesod using the aeson package. (deprecated) (library, mit, web, yesod)2013-05-07FelipeLessa, MichaelSnoyman
yesod-katip30.0Logging bridge between Yesod and Katip (bsd3, library, logging, web)2020-12-29ivanbakel
yesod-links100.0A typeclass which simplifies creating link widgets throughout your site (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2013-05-30PatrickBrisbin
yesod-lucid70.0Lucid support for Yesod (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2015-08-05JoeyHess
yesod-mangopay340.0Yesod library for MangoPay API access (bsd3, library, web)2015-12-31FelipeLessa, JeanPhilippeMoresmau
yesod-markdown7380.0Tools for using markdown in a yesod application (gpl, library, web, yesod)2021-09-28AlexanderDunlap, PatrickBrisbin
yesod-newsfeed800.0Helper functions and data types for producing News feeds. (library, mit, web, yesod)2019-10-02GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, PatrickBrisbin, psibi
yesod-paginate90.0Pagination for Yesod sites. (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2010-12-22AlexanderDunlap
yesod-pagination220.0Pagination in Yesod (library, mit, web)2014-09-17JoelTaylor
yesod-paginator860.0A pagination approach for yesod (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2020-05-20PatrickBrisbin
yesod-persistent4730.0Some helpers for using Persistent from Yesod. (database, library, mit, web, yesod)2021-05-07MichaelSnoyman, psibi, MaxGabriel
yesod-platform2650.0Meta package for Yesod (deprecated) (library, mit, web, yesod)2014-08-25MichaelSnoyman
yesod-pnotify750.0Yet another getMessage/setMessage using pnotify jquery plugins (bsd3, library, program, web, yesod)2016-03-09KatsutoshiItoh
yesod-pure70.0Yesod in pure Haskell: no Template Haskell or QuasiQuotes (deprecated) (library, mit, web, yesod)2013-12-10MichaelSnoyman
yesod-purescript150.0PureScript integration for Yesod (library, mit, web, yesod)2015-03-28mp
yesod-raml220.0RAML style route definitions for Yesod (library, mit, web, yesod)2015-11-06junjihashimoto
yesod-raml-bin160.0The raml helper executable. (mit, program, web, yesod)2015-11-10junjihashimoto
yesod-raml-docs80.0A html documentation generator library for RAML. (library, mit, web, yesod)2015-11-09junjihashimoto
yesod-raml-mock110.0A mock-handler generator library from RAML. (library, mit, web, yesod)2015-11-10junjihashimoto
yesod-recaptcha430.0Dead simple support for reCAPTCHA on Yesod applications. (bsd3, library, web)2014-11-24FelipeLessa
yesod-recaptcha2420.0yesod recaptcha2 (library, mit, web)2021-07-05ncaq
yesod-routes (deprecated in favor of yesod-core)520.0Efficient routing for Yesod. (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, web, yesod)2014-07-26MichaelSnoyman
yesod-routes-flow250.0Generate Flow routes for Yesod (library, mit, web)2015-09-10FelipeLessa, GregWeber
yesod-routes-typescript60.0generate TypeScript routes for Yesod (library, mit, web)2014-04-16GregWeber
yesod-rst180.0Tools for using reStructuredText (RST) in a yesod application (library, web, yesod)2013-01-23PascalWittmann
yesod-sass80.0A simple quasiquoter to include sass code in yesod (bsd3, library, web)2015-07-16fgaray
yesod-sitemap480.0Generate XML sitemaps. (library, mit, web, yesod)2018-02-02MichaelSnoyman, psibi
yesod-static3290.0Static file serving subsite for Yesod Web Framework. (library, mit, web, yesod)2020-07-06FelipeLessa, MichaelSnoyman, psibi
yesod-static-angular360.0Yesod generators for embedding AngularJs code into yesod-static at compile time (library, mit, web)2016-04-11JohnLenz
yesod-table (deprecated in favor of colonnade, yesod-colonnade)490.0HTML tables for Yesod (deprecated, library, mit, web)2016-03-28andrewthad
yesod-test3610.0integration testing for WAI/Yesod Applications (library, mit, testing, web, yesod)2020-12-16GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, psibi, MaxGabriel
yesod-test-json90.0Utility functions for testing JSON web services written in Yesod (bsd3, library, web)2012-08-17SamAnklesaria
yesod-tls110.0Provides main functions using warp-tls for yesod projects (library, mit, web, yesod)2014-10-05netom
yesod-transloadit452.0Transloadit support for Yesod (library, mit, web)2015-11-16boblong
yesod-vend80.0Simple CRUD classes for easy view creation for Yesod (bsd3, library, program, web, yesod)2013-07-16KrzysztofSkrzetnicki
yesod-websockets620.0WebSockets support for Yesod (library, mit, web)2021-04-03MichaelSnoyman, psibi
yesod-websockets-extra70.0Extension to yesod-websockets (bsd3, library, web)2015-04-10tolysz
yesod-worker80.0Initial project template from stack (bsd3, library, web)2016-07-07jdabbs
youtube (deprecated)190.0Upload video to YouTube via YouTube API (bsd3, deprecated, program, web)2017-07-28HenningThielemann
yql20.0A YQL engine to execute Open Data Tables (bsd2, library, program, web)2014-12-12FabianBergmark
ytl60.0mtl-style transformations for Yesod sites (bsd3, library, web)2020-12-29ivanbakel
yu-auth80.0Auth module for Yu. (gpl, library, web)2018-02-24qinka
yu-core80.0The core of Yu. (gpl, library, web)2018-02-24qinka
yu-launch102.0The launcher for Yu. (gpl, program, web)2018-02-24qinka
yu-tool100.0Tool for Yu (gpl, program, web)2018-02-24qinka
yu-utils130.0Utils for Yu (gpl, library, web)2018-02-24qinka
yuiGrid70.0Grids defined by layout hints and implemented on top of Yahoo grids. (library, web)2009-05-15SergioUrinovsky
zenacy-html870.0A standard compliant HTML parsing library (library, mit, program, web)2021-10-07mlcfp
zenacy-unicode100.0Unicode utilities for Haskell (library, mit, web)2021-03-27mlcfp
zerobin201.5Post to 0bin services (cryptography, library, mit, web)2017-06-08ip1981
zeromq4-conduit80.0Conduit wrapper around zeromq4-haskell (lgpl, library, web)2017-06-08AndyGeorges
ziptastic-client140.0A type-safe client for the Ziptastic API for doing forward and reverse geocoding. (bsd3, library, web)2017-06-053noch
ziptastic-core110.0Core Servant specification for the Ziptastic API for doing forward and reverse geocoding. (bsd3, library, web)2017-06-053noch