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HsYAML-aeson1122.257JSON to YAML Adapter (codec, gpl, json, library, text, web, yaml)2021-11-, HerbertValerioRiedel, sjakobi
JSON-Combinator (deprecated in favor of lens)170.02A combinator library on top of a generalised JSON type (bsd3, combinators, deprecated, json, library)2011-04-030.2.8TonyMorris
JsonGrammar210.01Combinators for bidirectional JSON parsing (bsd3, json, language, library)2016-10-071.0.5MartijnVanSteenbergen
Quickson (deprecated in favor of aeson-quick)40.01Quick JSON extractions with Aeson (bsd3, deprecated, json, library, text, web)2015-07-120.2ssadler
aeson12763.02283Fast JSON parsing and encoding (bsd3, json, library, text, web)2024-05-, BasVanDijk, BryanOSullivan, HerbertValerioRiedel, phadej, lyxia
aeson-better-errors620.012Better error messages when decoding JSON values. (json, library, mit, text, web)2022-03-
aeson-combinators380.00Aeson combinators for dead simple JSON decoding (bsd3, json, library, text, web)2023-12-
aeson-commit160.00Parse Aeson data with commitment (bsd3, json, library, text, web)2022-06-161.6.0jonascarpay
aeson-decode40.01Easy functions for converting from Aeson.Value (apache, json, library)2023-03-, Monoid_Mary
aeson-default100.01Apply default value to FromJSON instacnes' Maybe fields (bsd3, default, hkd, json, library)2020-02-
aeson-dependent-sum40.00JSON encoding/decoding for dependent-sum (data, dependent-types, gpl, json, library)2022-08-
aeson-diff782.05Extract and apply patches to JSON documents. (algorithms, bsd3, json, library, program, web)2022-05-, janus, velveteer
aeson-diff-generic60.01Apply a json-patch to any haskell datatype. (bsd3, json, library, web)2018-04-170.0.3KristofBastiaensen
aeson-filthy150.02Several newtypes and combinators for dealing with less-than-cleanly JSON input. (bsd3, json, library, text, web)2019-12-080.1.4AlecHeller
aeson-flatten130.01JSON flatten for Aeson (bsd3, json, library, text, web)2016-05-
aeson-gadt-th382.02Derivation of Aeson instances for GADTs (bsd3, json, library)2024-05-, JohnEricson, abrar
aeson-injector562.07Injecting fields into aeson values (data, json, library, mit, web)2023-11-
aeson-modern-tojson120.00Provide a handy way for derving ToJSON proprely. (json, library, text, web)2022-07-
aeson-native (deprecated in favor of aeson)40.010Fast JSON parsing and encoding (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, json, library, text, web)2012-01-
aeson-optics420.04Law-abiding optics for aeson (data, json, library, mit, optics)2023-06-271.2.1phadej
aeson-options (deprecated)30.03Options to derive FromJSON/ToJSON instances (data, deprecated, json, library, mit)2018-10-010.1.0serokell
aeson-parsec-picky100.01Alternative JSON parser based on Parsec and Aeson (bsd3, json, library, text)2015-12-
aeson-picker150.01Tiny library to get fields from JSON format (bsd3, json, library, text, web)2022-03-, maksbotan
aeson-prefix70.01Hiearchical prefixing for aeson (bsd3, json, library, text, web)2016-04-
aeson-pretty3162.25137JSON pretty-printing library and command-line tool. (bsd3, json, library, pretty-printer, text, web)2023-07-010.8.10FalkoPeters, martijnbastiaan
aeson-qq682.012JSON quasiquoter for Haskell (json, library, mit)2021-10-110.8.4OscarFinnsson, SimonHengel
aeson-quick130.01Quick JSON extractions with Aeson (bsd3, json, library)2022-05-020.2.0ssadler
aeson-schemas522.01Easily consume JSON data on-demand with type-safety (bsd3, json, library, quasiquoters)2024-01-
aeson-single-field42.00Conveniently wrap a single value in a record when encoding to and from JSON (json, library, mit, text, web)2022-06-
aeson-toolkit70.01A generalization of Aeson over Failure (json, library, mit, text, web)2013-12-070.0.1SimonHengel
aeson-typescript660.02Generate TypeScript definition files from your ADTs (bsd3, json, library, text, web)2024-01-
aeson-value-parser570.02API for parsing "aeson" JSON tree into Haskell types (data, json, library, mit, parsing)2023-12-
aeson-warning-parser450.02Library providing JSON parser that warns about unexpected fields in objects. (bsd3, json, library)2023-12-070.1.1MichaelSnoyman, fpcomplete, mpilgrem
aeson-yaml501.51Output any Aeson value as YAML (pure Haskell library) (bsd3, json, library, text, web, yaml)2021-11-, janey
argo120.00Parse and render JSON. (json, library, mit, program)2022-08-280.2022.8.28fozworth
blaze-json30.01tiny library for encoding json (json, library, mit, text)2015-04-030.2.1HirotomoMoriwaki
bunz70.00CLI tool to beautify JSON string. (cli, json, library, mit, program)2019-02-270.0.9sendyhalim
canonical-json1110.01Canonical JSON for signing and hashing JSON values (bsd3, json, library, text)2022-09-, EdskoDeVries, HerbertValerioRiedel
conf-json110.01read, parse json config (configuration, json, library, public-domain)2018-07-201.2procione
curl-aeson170.02Communicate with web services using JSON (bsd3, json, library, network, web)2022-03-310.1.0.1JoelLehtonen
data-json-token (deprecated)60.00Json Token datatype (bsd3, data, deprecated, json, library, program)2016-02-, haskellworks
dead-simple-json50.01Dead simple JSON parser, with some Template Haskell sugar. (json, library, mit)2013-03-260.1.2JulianFleischer
dependent-sum-aeson-orphans250.03JSON instances for DSum, DMap, and Some (bsd3, json, library)2022-12-, abrar
deriving-aeson2170.014Type driven generic aeson instance customisation (bsd3, generics, json, library)2023-01-080.2.9FumiakiKinoshita
deriving-openapi340.00DerivingVia for OpenAPI 3 (generics, json, library, mit, openapi)2022-12-
derulo240.00Parse and render JSON simply. (json, library, mit, program)2022-08-
detour-via-sci160.02JSON and CSV encoding for rationals as decimal point numbers. (csv, data, json, library, math, mpl, numeric)2018-06-221.0.0philderbeast
detour-via-uom40.01JSON and CSV encoding for quantities. (csv, data, json, library, math, mpl, numeric, physics)2018-06-221.0.0philderbeast
dhall-fly180.00Translate concourse config from Dhall to YAML (bsd3, concourse, dhall, json, library, program, yaml)2020-03-020.3.0axeman
digestive-functors-aeson370.01Run digestive-functors forms against JSON (gpl, json, library, web)2019-02-161.1.27OliverCharles, nieled
docrecords40.01Vinyl-based records with hierarchical field names, default values and documentation (cli, data, json, library, mit, options, parsing, records)2019-10-
fcm-client100.00Admin API for Firebase Cloud Messaging (bsd3, fcm, json, library, program)2019-09-, HolmuskTechTeam
gitson (deprecated)130.01A document store library for Git + JSON. (database, deprecated, git, json, library, public-domain)2016-07-210.5.2valpackett
hermes-json262.00Fast JSON decoding via simdjson C++ bindings (ffi, json, library, mit, text, web)2023-08-
highjson60.02Spec based JSON parsing/serialisation (json, library, mit, text, web)2021-05-
highjson-swagger100.01Derive swagger instances from highjson specs (json, library, mit, text, web)2021-05-
highjson-th60.01Template Haskell helpers for highjson specs (json, library, mit, text, web)2021-05-
hkd-default (deprecated in favor of aeson-default)110.00Apply default value for optional field of HKD (bsd3, default, deprecated, hkd, json, library)2020-01-28gqk007
hschema-aeson80.01Describe schemas for your Haskell data types. (data, json, lgpl, library, schema)2018-11-
htoml260.07Parser for TOML files (bsd3, configuration, data, json, language, library, parser, text)2016-11-
hw-aeson810.03Convenience functions for Aeson (bsd3, data, json, library)2023-12-, haskellworks
hw-json-lens70.02Lens for hw-json (bsd3, data, data-structures, json, library, succinct-data-structures)2020-04-, haskellworks
jose-jwt1462.011JSON Object Signing and Encryption Library (bsd3, cryptography, json)2024-03-020.10.0LukeTaylor
json-builder160.03Data structure agnostic JSON serialization (bsd3, json, library)2013-02-010.3LeonSmith
json-bytes-builder (deprecated in favor of jsonifier)250.02Direct-to-bytes JSON Builder (codecs, deprecated, json, library, mit)2020-09-
json-encoder (deprecated in favor of json-bytes-builder)130.02A direct-to-bytes single-pass JSON encoder with a declarative DSL (codec, deprecated, json, library, mit)2016-06-020.1.8NikitaVolkov
json-enumerator (deprecated in favor of aeson)110.03Pure-Haskell utilities for dealing with JSON with the enumerator package. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, enumerator, json, library)2012-01-
json-fu40.01Generic JSON serialization / deserialization (json, library, mit)2014-03-270.1.1SimonHengel
json-incremental-decoder50.01Incremental JSON parser with early termination and a declarative DSL (data, json, library, mit, parsing)2017-04-070.1.2NikitaVolkov
json-pointer120.03JSON Pointer parsing and interpretation utilities (data, json, library, mit, parsing)2019-01-
json-pointer-hasql50.01JSON Pointer extensions for Hasql (hasql, json, library, mit)2016-04-040.1.1NikitaVolkov
json-qq40.03Json Quasiquatation library for Haskell. (json, library)2011-11-240.4.1OscarFinnsson
json-rpc-client202.01JSON-RPC 2.0 on the client side. (json, library, mit, network)2017-01-
json-rpc-server362.02JSON-RPC 2.0 on the server side. (json, library, mit, network)2017-01-
json-spec660.03Type-level JSON specification (json, library, mit)2024-05-
json-spec-elm400.01Elm code generate for `json-spec`. (elm, json, library, mit)2024-05-
json-spec-elm-servant390.00Generated elm code for servant APIs. (elm, json, library, mit, servant, web)2024-05-
json-spec-openapi270.00json-spec-openapi (json, library, mit, openapi)2024-03-
json-stream802.03Incremental applicative JSON parser (bsd3, json, library, text)2023-06-300.4.5.3ondrap
json-tools90.01A collection of JSON tools (bsd3, json, program, text, tools, utils)2019-10-180.5.1NicolasPouillard
json-types40.06Basic types for representing JSON (json, library, mit, text)2010-12-230.1JohnMillikin
json270.03Library provides support for JSON. (bsd3, data, json, library, text)2011-05-290.8.3YuriyIskra
json2-hdbc90.01Support JSON for SQL Database. (bsd3, database, json, library)2011-04-060.5.1YuriyIskra
json2-types60.03Defined JSON data types and function for renders JSON to string. (bsd3, data, json, library, text)2011-04-060.1YuriyIskra
jsonifier370.01Fast and simple JSON encoding toolkit (json, library, mit)2023-12-
jsonl80.01JSON Lines (bsd3, json, library, text, web)2022-05-
jsonl-conduit92.00Conduit interface to JSONL-encoded data (bsd3, json, library, text, web)2023-05-010.1.4ocramz
jsonlogic40.01JsonLogic Evaluation (json, library, mit)2022-04-
jsonlogic-aeson30.00JsonLogic Aeson Support (json, library, mit)2022-04-
jsonpath350.01Library to parse and execute JSONPath (bsd3, json, library, text, web)2022-07-
jsons-to-schema60.00JSON to JSON Schema (data, json, library, mit, program, web)2017-07-300.1.0.0garetht
jsonschema-gen122.01JSON Schema generator from Algebraic data type (bsd3, data, json, library, text)2017-08-
lens-aeson2492.75117Law-abiding lenses for aeson (data, json, lenses, library, mit)2023-06-271.2.3EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
log2json30.01Turn log file records into JSON. (json, library, logging, program, text, tools, utils)2012-11-020.1HaroldLee
managed-functions-json40.01JSON Support for the Managed Functions Framework (json, library, mit, remote-management)2022-06-061.0.0martinbednar
mcaeson70.00An Aeson parsing toolkit (bsd3, json, library, program, web)2021-04-
microaeson820.01A tiny JSON library with light dependency footprint (gpl, json, library, text, web)2022-05-, HerbertValerioRiedel
one-line-aeson-text142.01Pretty-printing short Aeson values as text (apache, json, library, text)2023-01-
porcupine-core62.02Express portable, composable and reusable data tasks and pipelines (arrows, combinators, control, data, json, library, mit, numerical, pipes, program, streaming)2019-10-
quick-schema30.01Slimmed down json schema language and validator (data, json, library, mit)2015-11-
quickson (deprecated in favor of aeson-quick)90.01Quick JSON extractions with Aeson (bsd3, deprecated, json, library, text, web)2017-01-090.3ssadler
record-aeson50.01Instances of "aeson" classes for the "record" types (data, json, library, mit, records)2015-11-060.1.1NikitaVolkov
safe-json262.250Automatic JSON format versioning (json, library, mit)2023-12-
sajson70.00Fast JSON parsing powered by Chad Austin's sajson library (json, library, mit, program, text, web)2021-09-
servant-waargonaut70.00Servant Integration for Waargonaut JSON Package (bsd3, json, library, web)2019-09-, topos
stratux182.02A library for stratux (adsb, aviation, bsd3, json, library, stratux)2019-07-140.0.10TonyMorris
stratux-http180.01A library for using HTTP with stratux (adsb, aviation, bsd3, json, library, network, stratux)2019-07-140.0.11TonyMorris
stratux-types140.03A library for reading JSON output from stratux (adsb, aviation, bsd3, json, library, stratux)2019-07-140.0.11TonyMorris
stratux-websockets70.01A library for using websockets with stratux (adsb, aviation, bsd3, json, library, network, stratux)2019-07-140.0.11TonyMorris
text-json-qq120.01Json Quasiquatation for Haskell. (json, library)2011-11-240.4.1OscarFinnsson
tree-sitter-json240.00Tree-sitter grammar/parser for JSON (bsd3, json, library, tree-sitter)2022-04-, tclem, robrix, dcreager, aymannadeem, joshvera, maxbrunsfeld, rewinfrey, beka
tyro70.01Type derived JSON parsing using Aeson (bsd3, json, library, text, web)2017-07-
vformat-aeson50.01Extend vformat to Aeson datatypes (bsd3, format, json, library, text)2020-01-
waargonaut212.52JSON wrangling (bsd3, json, library, parser, web)2021-01-, qfpl, topos
xml-to-json-fast200.01Fast, light converter of xml to json capable of handling huge xml files (json, library, mit, program, web, xml)2015-03-302.0.0NoamLewis
yajl-enumerator (deprecated)130.01Enumerator-based interface to YAJL, an event-based JSON implementation (deprecated, enumerator, gpl, json, library, parsing, text)2012-10-280.4.1JohnMillikin