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Last U/L
commander-cli422.0A command line argument/option parser library (cli, library, mit, options, parsing, program, system)2021-08-07sgschlesinger
docrecords30.0Vinyl-based records with hierarchical field names, default values and documentation (cli, data, json, library, mit, options, parsing, records)2019-10-09YvesPares
harg342.0Haskell program configuration using higher kinded data (bsd3, cli, hkd, library, options, parsing, system)2021-03-04alexpeits
hasql-optparse-applicative120.0"optparse-applicative" parsers for "hasql" (database, hasql, library, mit, options, postgresql)2022-02-04NikitaVolkov
hasql-postgres-options (deprecated in favor of hasql-optparse-applicative)230.0An "optparse-applicative" parser for "hasql-postgres" (database, deprecated, library, mit, options)2016-10-19NikitaVolkov
optima130.0Simple command line interface arguments parser (cli, library, mit, options, parsing)2022-02-04NikitaVolkov
optima-for-hasql60.0Command-line arguments parsing for Hasql (command-line, hasql, library, mit, options)2019-10-31NikitaVolkov
optparse-applicative12293.0Utilities and combinators for parsing command line options (bsd3, cli, library, options, parsing, system)2022-02-01PaoloCapriotti, huw
optparse-applicative-simple60.0Simple command line interface arguments parser (cli, library, mit, options, parsing)2019-07-06NikitaVolkov
optparse-enum80.0An enum-text based toolkit for optparse-applicative (bsd3, cli, library, options, parsing, system)2019-07-21ChrisDornan
optparse-simple2920.0Simple interface to optparse-applicative (bsd3, library, options)2021-06-23ChrisDone, MichaelSnoyman
optstream70.0Command line option parsing library with a twice applicative interface (bsd3, cli, library, options, parsing)2022-04-14danshved
symantic-cli20.0Symantics for parsing and documenting a CLI (cli, gpl, library, options, parsing, system)2019-10-28julm
uu-options60.0Parse command line options using uu-interleave and uu-parsinglib (library, mit, options)2015-05-12DoaitseSwierstra, JeroenBransen