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Rev Deps
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Last Version
Hish370.01 (bsd3, command-line, console, library, program, shell)2016-03-310.1.2.4jaiyalas
ReadArgs240.03Simple command line argument parsing (bsd3, command-line, library, program)2016-12-081.2.3NoahEasterly
cli-extras260.03Miscellaneous utilities for building and working with command line interfaces (bsd3, command-line, library)2022-07-, RyanTrinkle, abrar, madeline_os
dmc120.01cmd for common cases (command-line, library, public-domain, system)2020-02-101.2procione
gamgee170.00Tool for generating TOTP MFA tokens. (authentication, command-line, library, mpl, program)2021-04-141.2.2rkaippully
hnormalise420.00Log message normalisation tool producing structured JSON messages (bsd3, command-line, library, program)2017-12-
optima-for-hasql110.00Command-line arguments parsing for Hasql (command-line, hasql, library, mit, options)2022-09-010.2NikitaVolkov
oset140.00An insertion-order-preserving set (command-line, library, mit, program)2019-02-
readline-in-other-words80.00Readline effect for in-other-words. (bsd2, command-line, effect, haskeline, in-other-words, library, program, user-interfaces)2021-11-
req-oauth2100.01Provides OAuth2 authentication for use with Req (command-line, library, mit, program)2021-11-
sandwatch132.00record historical command runtimes for later prediction (bsd3, command-line, library, program)2024-04-
sexpr-parser190.00Simple s-expression parser (command-line, library, mit, program)2022-03-
shellmet340.04Out of the shell solution for scripting in Haskell (command-line, library, mpl, shell)2022-06-