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Blammo750.03Batteries-included Structured Logging library (library, mit, utils)2024-06-, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, chris_martin, FreckleEngineering
CabalSearch60.01Search cabal packages by name (bsd3, program, utils)2012-01-260.0.2JohanBrinch
EditTimeReport30.01Query language and report generator for edit logs. (program, utils)2010-01-151.0BartSpaans
GPX400.03Parse GPX files (bsd3, library, utils)2013-12-200.8.0ThomasDuBuisson, TonyMorris
Geodetic (deprecated in favor of geodetic)120.02Geodetic calculations (bsd3, deprecated, library, utils)2011-11-210.4TonyMorris
Nutri30.01A little library to calculate nutrition values of food items. (library, public-domain, utils)2013-11-270.1frosch03
OSM250.01Parse OpenStreetMap files (bsd3, library, utils)2012-01-280.6.4ThomasDuBuisson, TonyMorris
PastePipe230.01CLI for pasting to (gpl, library, program, utils)2015-04-251.8MateuszKowalczyk, RoganCreswick
Printf-TH30.01 (library, utils)2008-06-140.1.1MarcWeber
Referees30.01A utility for computing distributions of material to review among reviewers. (gpl, library, program, utils)2014-11-110.0.0PabloCouto
Xec40.01Gtk command launcher with identicon (bsd3, program, utils)2012-12-200.1.6DaikiHanda
alfred150.01utility library for Alfred version 2 (bsd3, library, utils)2015-05-170.5PatrickBahr
amazonka-mtl50.01MTL-style type-class and deriving-via newtypes for Amazonka (library, mit, utils)2023-09-
any-pat100.00Quasiquoters that act on a sequence of patterns and compiles these view into patterns and expressions. (bsd3, library, utils)2024-01-
api-field-json-th140.01option of aeson's deriveJSON (bsd3, library, utils)2017-05-
asana100.00Asana API Client (library, mit, utils)2024-01-
bitly-cli (deprecated)80.01A command line tool to access URL shortener. (bsd3, deprecated, program, utils, web)2011-12-080.1.2SergeyAstanin
bluetileutils (deprecated in favor of bluetile)50.01Utilities for Bluetile (bsd3, deprecated, program, utils)2009-09-030.2JanVornberger
bm110.00open bookmarks and queries from the command line (library, mit, program, utils)2023-05-
cabal-bounds1262.01A command line program for managing the dependency versions in a cabal file. (bsd3, development, library, program, utils)2024-06-022.5.0DanielTrstenjak
cabal-cargs720.01A command line program for extracting compiler arguments from a cabal file. (bsd3, development, library, program, utils)2024-06-021.5.0DanielTrstenjak
cabal-lenses650.03Lenses and traversals for the Cabal library. (bsd3, development, library, utils)2024-06-020.14.0DanielTrstenjak
calamity-commands190.02A library for declaring, parsing, and invoking text-input based commands (library, mit, utils)2024-03-
cblrepo950.01Tool to maintain a database of CABAL packages and their dependencies (distribution, program, utils)2016-12-310.24.0MagnusTherning
cgrep1430.01Command line tool (gpl, program, utils)2023-07-198.1.0awgn, NicolaBonelli
clean-home170.01Keep your home dir clean by finding old conf files (bsd3, program, utils)2017-03-190.0.5IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
cltw90.01Command line Twitter utility (bsd3, console, program, utils)2010-04-191.1.4DinoMorelli
confsolve360.01A command line tool for resolving conflicts of file synchronizers. (bsd3, program, utils)2017-07-310.5.6DanielTrstenjak
csv-nptools100.01A collection of CSV tools (development, program, text, utils)2013-10-290.4.1NicolasPouillard
data-util140.01utilities for handle data (bsd3, data, development, library, utils)2015-09-080.5KatsutoshiItoh
derivingvia-extras50.00DerivingVia extras - Miscellaneous /via/ types. (bsd3, deriving, library, utils)2022-04-
dropsolve (deprecated in favor of confsolve)90.01A command line tool for resolving dropbox conflicts. Deprecated! Please use confsolve. (bsd3, deprecated, program, utils)2011-12-
ecu200.01Tools for automotive ECU development. (bsd3, embedded, program, utils)2010-11-240.0.8TomHawkins
email-validator160.01Perform basic syntax and deliverability checks on email addresses. (agpl, program, utils)2024-05-151.8.7MichaelOrlitzky
error-loc30.01An error replacement with call-site metadata. (library, mit, utils)2013-10-
execs30.00Tool to run stack exec prj-exe more easy (library, mit, program, utils)2016-08-
fishfood290.01Calculates file-size frequency-distribution. (library, program, utils)2020-08-
fordo30.01Run a command on files with magic substituion support (sequencing and regexp) (program, utils)2010-11-220.1ChengqiSong
freckle-app1730.00Haskell application toolkit used at Freckle (library, mit, utils)2024-06-, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, chris_martin, FreckleEngineering
fuzzytime380.01A 'ten past six' style clock (library, program, utils)2016-12-060.7.8KamilStachowski
graphql-utils30.00GraphQL Utils (bsd3, data, graphql, library, utils)2020-09-
gscholar-rss300.00scrapes google scholar, provides RSS feed (gpl, program, utils, web)2023-11-
haeredes370.01Confirm delegation of NS and MX records (agpl, dns, program, utils)2024-05-151.8.7MichaelOrlitzky
hascal230.01tiny calculator library and command-line program (console, library, math, parsing, program, tools, utility, utils)2017-02-273.0.1DagOdenhall, MekeorMelire
haskell-say420.00Let the Haskell logo talk to your users! (bsd3, console, library, program, text, utils)2020-04-
hath452.01Manipulates network blocks in CIDR notation (agpl, program, utils)2024-05-151.8.7MichaelOrlitzky
headroom380.00License Header Manager (bsd3, library, program, utils)2022-01-
hextra141.50Generic and niche utility functions and more for Haskell. (library, mpl, utils)2020-08-
hinfo140.00Command Line App With Info on your Haskell App (bsd3, cli, library, program, utils)2018-08-
horizontal-rule80.00horizontal rule for the terminal (library, mit, program, utils)2023-05-
hp2any-core110.03Heap profiling helper library (bsd3, development, library, profiling, utils)2013-03-040.11.2GergelyPatai
hp2any-graph160.01Real-time heap graphing utility and profile stream server with a reusable graphing module. (bsd3, development, profiling, program, utils)2014-07-
hp2any-manager140.01A utility to visualise and compare heap profiles. (bsd3, development, profiling, program, utils)2013-03-040.4.6GergelyPatai
hs-opentelemetry-awsxray70.00[synopsis] (library, mit, utils)2023-03-
hsimport1580.01Extend the import list of a Haskell source file (bsd3, development, library, program, utils)2019-09-150.11.0fendor
htags110.01A Haskell98 parsing tags program similar to ctags. (bsd3, development, program, source-tools, utils)2008-11-031.0.1DavidSankel
htsn (deprecated)400.01Parse XML files from The Sports Network feed. (deprecated, gpl, program, utils)2014-09-230.1.1MichaelOrlitzky
htsn-common (deprecated)110.01Display/logging facilities used by both htsn and htsn-import. (deprecated, gpl, library, utils)2014-05-290.0.2MichaelOrlitzky
htsn-import (deprecated)540.01Import XML files from The Sports Network into an RDBMS. (deprecated, gpl, program, utils)2015-03-100.2.4MichaelOrlitzky
hunp70.01Unpacker tool with DWIM (console, program, utils)2009-06-200.1DenizDogan
jarfind140.01Tool for searching java classes, members and fields in classfiles and JAR archives (development, language, library, program, utils)2012-10-300.1.0.3EugeneKirpichov
json-tools350.01A collection of JSON tools (bsd3, json, program, text, tools, utils)2019-10-180.5.1NicolasPouillard
katt130.01Client for the Kattis judge system. (bsd3, library, program, utils)2014-06-
kevin760.01a dAmn ↔ IRC proxy (program, utils)2013-08-310.11.0JoelTaylor
lat70.01Tool to track security alerts on LWN (gpl, program, utils)2011-05-130.6MagnusTherning
list-remote-forwards160.01List all remote forwards for mail accounts stored in a SQL database. (agpl, mail, program, utils)2024-05-151.8.7MichaelOrlitzky
literatex330.00transform literate source code to Markdown (library, mit, program, utils)2023-05-
log2json50.01Turn log file records into JSON. (json, library, logging, program, text, tools, utils)2012-11-020.1HaroldLee
mailbox-count290.01Count mailboxes in a SQL database (agpl, mail, program, utils)2024-05-151.8.7MichaelOrlitzky
make-package140.01Make a cabalized package (bsd3, development, program, utils)2014-09-271.2.0PhilippBalzarek
minirotate260.01Minimalistic file rotation utility (bsd3, program, utils)2010-03-
modsplit130.01Haskell source splitter driven by special comments. (bsd3, library, program, utils)2009-09-050.2.1DmitryGolubovsky
nptools280.01A collection of random tools (bsd3, development, program, system, text, utils)2013-03-170.6.0NicolasPouillard
ordinal540.00Convert numbers to words in different languages. (bsd3, library, number, program, utils)2024-01-
pb50.01pastebin command line application (application, bsd3, console, network, program, utils)2010-08-150.1.0DominikPicheta
pdfsplit80.01split two-column PDFs, so there is one column per page (bsd3, pdf, program, utils)2011-04-010.0.1DanielWagner
phatsort100.00FAT filesystem sort utility (library, mit, program, utils)2023-05-
pointless-fun230.03Some common point-free combinators. (bsd3, combinators, composition, library, utils)2021-10-, WrenRomano
practice-room100.01Practice Room (bsd3, program, utils)2010-10-260.0.2JinjingWang
queue-sheet40.00queue sheet utility (library, mit, program, utils)2022-03-
radix40.01Command-line tool for emitting numbers in various bases. (bsd3, program, utils)2015-02-
readline-statevar40.01Readline with variables (setX/getY) wrapped in state vars (bsd3, library, utils)2009-12-
redact130.00hide secret text on the terminal (library, mit, program, utils)2023-05-
revdectime110.01A French revolutionary decimal time (metric) clock (program, utils)2011-06-070.1.1KamilStachowski
rezoom (deprecated)140.01Github resume generator (deprecated, program, utils)2012-02-130.0.4JoelTaylor
rhbzquery250.00Bugzilla query tool (gpl, program, utils)2021-09-060.4.4JensPetersen
scientist80.01A Haskell library for carefully refactoring critical paths. (library, mit, utils)2022-05-, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, chris_martin, FreckleEngineering
scotty-utils80.00Scotty utils library (bsd3, library, scotty, utils, web)2022-04-
screenshot-to-clipboard40.00Take screenshot and copy it to the system clipboard. (bsd3, library, program, utils)2022-06-
serokell-util (deprecated)982.51General-purpose functions by Serokell (deprecated, library, mit, utils)2018-08-080.10.0serokell
slugify250.00Convert text into slugs. (bsd3, library, utils)2024-06-
sorty70.01Sort lines per file size (bsd3, program, utils)2009-12-020.1.1KrzysztofSkrzetnicki
squeeze670.01A file-packing application. (application, library, program, utils)2020-08-
stratum-tool60.01Client for Stratum protocol (agpl, program, utils)2015-01-270.0.4JoelLehtonen
string-like100.00A package that aims to provide a uniform interface to string-like types. (bsd3, library, utils)2021-05-
subtitles80.01Modify SRT subtitle files. (bsd3, program, utils)2009-05-100.0.1SebastiaanVisser
temporary2380.0223Portable temporary file and directory support (bsd3, library, system, utils)2018-04-101.3MateuszKowalczyk, MaxBolingbroke, RomanCheplyaka
temporary-rc (deprecated in favor of temporary)180.05Portable temporary file and directory support for Windows and Unix, based on code from Cabal (bsd3, deprecated, library, system, utils)2014-05-, RomanCheplyaka
temporary-resourcet160.03Portable temporary files and directories with automatic deletion (bsd3, library, system, utils)2018-08-
tempus-fugit92.00Programmers' time tracker (agpl, library, program, utils)2015-08-
terminal-punch130.00Simple terminal-based time tracker (bsd3, program, utils)2019-11-110.1.3EmilAxelsson
thank-you-stars180.00Give your dependencies stars on GitHub! (bsd3, library, program, utils)2022-02-051.0.1y_taka_23
todos310.01Easy-to-use TODOs manager. (bsd3, desktop, library, program, utils)2013-01-310.5.3.2IlyaPortnov
toolshed380.08Ill-defined library. (library, utils)2020-06-300.18.0.2AlistairWard
tuple-append180.01A package to append, sequence and fold items and tuples into new tuples. (bsd3, library, utils)2023-05-
tuple-append-instances40.00Extra instances for the typeclasses in the tuple-append package (bsd3, library, utils)2022-07-
turtle-options170.00Collection of command line options and parsers for these options (bsd3, library, program, utils)2016-03-
unicode-tricks640.00Functions to work with unicode blocks more convenient. (bsd3, library, utils)2023-08-
up390.01Command-line tool to generate paths for moving upward in a file system (bsd3, program, utils)2020-09-
vigilance70.01An extensible dead-man's switch system (mit, utils)2013-09-
vt-utils220.00Vector and Text utilities (library, mit, utils)2019-05-
wtk100.03Wojcik Tool Kit (bsd3, library, utils)2012-09-140.2.1BartoszWojcik
wtk-gtk70.01GTK tools within Wojcik Tool Kit (bsd3, library, utils)2012-09-210.2BartoszWojcik