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NoSlow90.01Microbenchmarks for various array libraries (bsd3, development, profiling, program)2010-02-150.2RomanLeshchinskiy
dr-cabal80.00See README for more info (development, library, mpl, profiling, program)2022-11-
edentv150.01A Tool to Visualize Parallel Functional Program Executions (development, eden, gpl, profiling, program, trace)2015-01-224.10.0MischaDieterle, JostBerthold, horstmeyer
freer-simple-profiling40.01Automatic profling of freer-simple programs (benchmarking, control, library, mit, profiling)2018-11-
ghc-events2210.04Library and tool for parsing .eventlog files from GHC (bsd3, debug, development, ghc, library, profiling, program, trace)2023-04-, MikolajKonarski, MitsutoshiAoe, SimonMarlow
ghc-events-analyze262.01Analyze and visualize event logs (bsd3, development, profiling, program, trace)2020-10-190.2.8BenGamari, EdskoDeVries
ghc-events-parallel170.01Library and tool for parsing .eventlog files from parallel GHC (bsd3, debug, development, eden, ghc, library, profiling, program, trace)2014-07-, JostBerthold, horstmeyer
ghc-prof-aeson60.00Parser for GHC's JSON profiling output. (bsd3, library, profiling)2018-03-
ghc-prof-aeson-flamegraph60.01Turn GHC `-pj` profiling output into FlameGraph format. (bsd3, profiling, program)2018-03-
hp2any-core140.03Heap profiling helper library (bsd3, development, library, profiling, utils)2013-03-040.11.2GergelyPatai
hp2any-graph180.01Real-time heap graphing utility and profile stream server with a reusable graphing module. (bsd3, development, profiling, program, utils)2014-07-
hp2any-manager160.01A utility to visualise and compare heap profiles. (bsd3, development, profiling, program, utils)2013-03-040.4.6GergelyPatai
hp2html70.01A tool for converting GHC heap-profiles to HTML. (bsd3, profiling, program)2012-02-220.2IavorDiatchki
hw-diagnostics190.05Diagnostics library (bsd3, library, profiling)2020-04-
linux-perf60.01Read files generated by perf on Linux (bsd3, debug, development, ghc, library, profiling, program, trace)2012-11-030.3MikolajKonarski
prof2pretty60.01generate pretty source from time/allocation profiles (bsd3, development, profiling, program)2012-06-300.1.0.0ClaudeHeilandAllen
profiteur712.251Treemap visualiser for GHC prof files (bsd3, development, profiling, program)2022-06-
stackcollapse-ghc122.00Program to fold GHC prof files into flamegraph input (gpl, profiling, program)2021-05-
threadscope712.251A graphical tool for profiling parallel Haskell programs. (bsd3, development, profiling, program, trace)2022-05-, MikolajKonarski, MitsutoshiAoe, SatnamSingh, SimonMarlow
timestats40.00A library for profiling time in Haskell applications (bsd3, library, profiling)2022-07-130.1.0FacundoDominguez