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DataTreeView50.01A GTK widget for displaying arbitrary Data.Data.Data instances (bsd3, debug, development, gui, library)2012-06-180.1.1DanielSchuessler
DebugTraceHelpers100.012Convenience functions and instances for Debug.Trace (debug, library)2008-11-110.12ThomasHartman
GHood250.02A graphical viewer for Hood (bsd3, debug, library)2018-05-140.0.7HugoPacheco, JanisVoigtlaender
Hoed360.04Lightweight algorithmic debugging. (bsd3, debug, library, trace)2018-03-170.5.1faddegon
KiCS-debugger50.01debug features for kics (debug, library, program)2009-10-230.1.1BerndBrassel
KiCS-prophecy50.01a transformation used by the kics debugger (debug, library, program)2009-10-230.1.1BerndBrassel
ap-reflect80.01Partial evaluation reflection a la simple-reflect. (bsd3, debug, library)2016-10-030.3NickolayKudasov
asn1dump40.01Dump ASN1 structure (bsd3, debug, program)2014-02-230.1.0VincentHanquez
box-tuples320.01A hack to use GHC.Prim primitives in GHCi (debug, ghc, library, mit)2021-02-
bytedump190.07Flexible byte dump helpers for human readers. (bsd3, debug, library)2012-09-061.0VincentHanquez
debug-diff30.01Display a colorized diff between two Haskell values (bsd3, debug, library)2011-09-140.1KeeganMcAllister
debug-dump100.00File-based debug output (bsd3, debug, library)2019-06-
debug-time50.01Debug.Trace equivalent for timing computations (debug, library, mit)2016-01-
debug-trace-var90.01You do not have to write variable names twice in Debug.Trace (debug, library, mit)2018-06-090.2.0ncaq
ghc-datasize220.02Determine the size of data structures in GHC's memory (bsd3, debug, development, ghc, library)2022-03-290.2.6DennisFelsing
ghc-dup30.01Explicitly prevent sharing (bsd3, debug, ghc, library)2012-09-280.1JoachimBreitner
ghc-events2180.04Library and tool for parsing .eventlog files from GHC (bsd3, debug, development, ghc, library, profiling, program, trace)2023-04-, MikolajKonarski, MitsutoshiAoe, SimonMarlow
ghc-events-parallel140.01Library and tool for parsing .eventlog files from parallel GHC (bsd3, debug, development, eden, ghc, library, profiling, program, trace)2014-07-, JostBerthold, horstmeyer
ghc-heap-view1020.04Extract the heap representation of Haskell values and thunks (bsd3, debug, ghc, library)2023-04-050.6.4DennisFelsing, JoachimBreitner
ghc-vis692.01Live visualization of data structures in GHCi (bsd3, debug, development, ghc, library)2021-09-240.9.3DennisFelsing
ghci-history-parser70.01parse output of ghci ":history" command (debug, development---, ghc, library, public-domain)2016-07-
graph-trace80.00Trace the call graph of a program (debug, development, graph, library, mit, plugin, tooling)2023-03-
graph-trace-dot120.00Converts a graph-trace log into a DOT file for use with Graphviz (debug, development, graph, library, mit, plugin, program, tooling)2023-03-
graph-trace-viz100.00Converts a graph-trace log into an HTML document (debug, development, graph, mit, plugin, program, tooling)2023-03-
guarded-allocation100.03Memory allocation with added stress tests and integrity checks (bsd3, debug, library)2019-01-220.0.1HenningThielemann
haskell-stack-trace-plugin150.00haskell-stack-trace-plugin (compiler-plugin, debug, development, library, mit, program)2021-05-
heapsize520.01Determine the size of runtime data structures (bsd3, debug, development, ghc, library)2020-12-
hood110.02Debugging by observing in place (bsd3, debug, library, trace)2018-01-190.3.1AndyGill, ryanglscott
hood-off40.01Dummy package to disable Hood without having to remove all the calls to observe (bsd3, debug, library, trace)2014-05-060.2PepeIborra
hood250.01Debugging by observing in place (bsd3, debug, library, trace)2015-05-070.2.1rayqiu
hpc-strobe40.01Hpc-generated strobes for a running Haskell program (bsd3, debug, library, trace)2009-05-080.1ThorkilNaur
htrace50.02Hierarchical tracing for debugging of lazy evaluation (bsd3, debug, library)2012-01-250.1EugeneKirpichov
jdi50.01Implementation of Java Debug Interface (debug, gpl, jvm, language, library, program)2012-10-280.0.3VictorDenisov
linux-perf30.01Read files generated by perf on Linux (bsd3, debug, development, ghc, library, profiling, program, trace)2012-11-030.3MikolajKonarski
nonfree110.01Free structures sans laws (debug, library, mit)2018-07-
print-debugger310.01Debug print formatting library. (debug, library, public-domain)2016-02-141.1.9johnreedlol
remote-debugger110.01Interface to ghci debugger (bsd3, debug, program)2015-08-060.2.2atsky
repr-tree-syb50.01Tree representation and pretty-printing of data structures based on SYB (debug, library, mit, pretty-printer, text, tree)2016-09-220.1.1NikitaVolkov
show-please200.02A wrapper type V with improved Show instances (bsd3, debug, library)2018-05-200.5.5DavidFox
simple-reflect452.04Simple reflection of expressions containing variables (bsd3, debug, library)2018-03-140.3.3TwanVanLaarhoven
todo120.01A replacement for undefined that gives warnings. (bsd3, debug, library)2022-12-
trace-call30.01functions for logging the arguments and results of function calls (bsd3, debug, library)2011-12-140.1BramSchuur
trace-function-call40.01Easy lightweight tracing of function arguments and results for ad hoc debugging (bsd3, debug, library)2011-12-200.1DaveHinton
traced130.01Simple evaluation trace (bsd3, debug, library)2015-03-083000EdwardKmett, LennartAugustsson, MaxBolingbroke
tracer30.01Tracing utilities for Functor/Applicative/Monad types (bsd3, debug, library)2014-03-220.1knz
vacuum520.06Graph representation of the GHC heap (debug, ghc, lgpl, library)2014-05-, ConradParker, DonaldStewart, JohnLato, MattMorrow
vacuum-graphviz70.01A library for transforming vacuum graphs into GraphViz output (debug, ghc, lgpl, library)2012-09-