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Aoide110.00A simple music library with the capability of generating .ly and .mid files. (bsd3, composition, library, music)2020-07-
TypeCompose740.031Type composition classes & instances (bsd3, composition, control, library)2018-11-070.9.14ConalElliott
higherorder (deprecated)50.02Some higher order functions for Bool and [] (bsd3, composition, deprecated, library)2009-02-090.0
hofix-mtl40.01defining @mtl@-ready monads as * -> * fixed-points (composition, library, monads)2010-08-121.0NicolasFrisby
invertible361.255bidirectional arrows, bijective functions, and invariant functors (bsd3, composition, control, data, library)2023-07-
invertible-hlist30.01invertible functions and instances for HList (bsd3, composition, control, data, library)2017-03-
invertible-hxt200.02invertible transformer instances for HXT Picklers (bsd3, composition, library, xml)2017-03-070.1DylanSimon
pointless-fun200.03Some common point-free combinators. (bsd3, combinators, composition, library, utils)2021-10-, WrenRomano
reverse-apply130.03Standard version of the reverse apply operator. (bsd3, combinators, composition, library)2014-04-172.0.1HansHoglund
star-to-star120.03the * -> * types, operators, and covariant instances. (composition, library)2010-08-111.0NicolasFrisby
star-to-star-contra50.01contravariant instances for * -> * types and operators. (composition, library)2010-08-111.0NicolasFrisby