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Cassava (deprecated in favor of cassava)41.751A CSV parsing and encoding library (bsd3, csv, deprecated, library, text, web)2017-09-300.5.1.0fozworth
cassava2602.590A CSV parsing and encoding library (bsd3, csv, library, text, web)2022-07-, HerbertValerioRiedel, JohanTibell, phadej
cassava-embed81.251CSV-file embedding library (bsd3, csv, library, text)2017-09-
cassava-megaparsec540.02Megaparsec parser of CSV files that plays nicely with Cassava (csv, library, mit, parsing, text, web)2021-10-212.0.4jsl, stackbuilders, sestrella, mrkkrp, wild_willy
cassava-records110.01Auto-generation of records data type. (bsd3, csv, library, text, web)2018-01-
cassava-streams220.01io-streams interface for the cassava CSV library. (bsd3, csv, data, io-streams, library, text)2020-10-
columnar70.00A CSV toolkit based on cassava and enum-text (bsd3, csv, library, text, web)2019-07-
composite-cassava120.01Csv parsing functionality for composite. (composite, csv, library, mit)2021-09-
csv-conduit680.05A flexible, fast, conduit-based CSV parser library for Haskell. (bsd3, conduit, csv, data, library, text)2021-07-, OzgunAtaman
detour-via-sci70.02JSON and CSV encoding for rationals as decimal point numbers. (csv, data, json, library, math, mpl, numeric)2018-06-221.0.0philderbeast
detour-via-uom40.01JSON and CSV encoding for quantities. (csv, data, json, library, math, mpl, numeric, physics)2018-06-221.0.0philderbeast
dsv110.00DSV (delimiter-separated values) (csv, library, mit, pipes, text)2022-03-, Monoid_Mary
hw-dsv370.03Unbelievably fast streaming DSV file parser (bsd3, csv, data-structures, library, program, simd, succinct-data-structures, text)2022-03-, haskellworks, GeorgeWilson
ixset-typed-cassava60.00cassava encoding and decoding via ixset-typed (csv, data, library, mit)2021-08-
pipes-csv360.02Fast, streaming csv parser (csv, library, mit, pipes)2015-11-261.4.3GabrielGonzalez, WilliamCasarin
pipes-key-value-csv220.01Streaming processing of CSV files preceded by key-value pairs. (bsd3, csv, library, pipes, text)2017-12-
servant-cassava580.01Servant CSV content-type for cassava (bsd3, csv, library, servant, web)2022-08-170.10.2AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, GaelDeest, SoenkeHahn, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, jkarni, maksbotan, arianvp
sv250.02Encode and decode separated values (CSV, PSV, ...) (bsd3, csv, library, text, web)2020-04-, GeorgeWilson
sv-cassava90.01Integration to use sv with cassava's parser (bsd3, csv, library, text, web)2018-09-260.3qfpl, GeorgeWilson
sv-core210.03Encode and decode separated values (CSV, PSV, ...) (bsd3, csv, library, text, web)2019-08-130.5qfpl, GeorgeWilson
sv-svfactor60.01sv-core + svfactor (bsd3, csv, library, text, web)2018-09-260.2qfpl, GeorgeWilson
svfactor60.01Syntax-preserving CSV manipulation (bsd3, csv, library, text, web)2018-07-190.1qfpl
tapioca40.00A tasty enhancement to cassava for easy csv exporting (bsd3, csv, library, text, web)2019-02-