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H130.01The Haskell/R mixed programming environment. (bsd3, ffi, program)2022-11-111.0.0FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug
IrrHaskell160.01Haskell FRP binding to the Irrlicht game engine. (ffi, game-engine, graphics, library)2011-04-030.2EwenCochran, MaciejBaranski
MusicBrainz-libdiscid160.01Binding to libdiscid by MusicBrainz (audio, ffi, library, sound)2013-04-
OpenCL230.02Haskell high-level wrapper for OpenCL (bsd3, ffi, gpu, graphics, library)2013-10-
OpenCLWrappers170.01The OpenCL Standard for heterogenous data-parallel computing (bsd3, ffi, library)2014-08-
Pathfinder220.02Relational optimiser and code generator (bsd3, database, ffi, library)2011-12-010.5.10GeorgeGiorgidze, JeroenWeijers, AlexUlrich
ViennaRNA-bindings260.04ViennaRNA v2 bindings (bindings, bioinformatics, ffi, library)2017-11-
bindings (deprecated)200.01Deprecated package. (bsd3, deprecated, ffi, library)2009-09-250.1.2MauricioAntunes
bindings-DSL982.078FFI domain specific language, on top of hsc2hs. (bsd3, ffi, library)2018-05-191.0.25DmitryMalikov, JohnWiegley, MauricioAntunes, rethab
bindings-EsounD70.02Low level bindings to EsounD (ESD; Enlightened Sound Daemon) (ffi, library, public-domain)2010-12-300.1.0.1MasatakeDaimon
bindings-K8055110.01Bindings to Velleman K8055 dll (bsd3, ffi, library)2011-05-170.1.2JorisPutcuyps
bindings-apr60.02Low level bindings to Apache Portable Runtime (APR) (ffi, library, public-domain)2010-10-060.1MasatakeDaimon
bindings-apr-util60.01Low level bindings to Apache Portable Runtime Utility (APR Utility) (ffi, library, public-domain)2010-10-060.1MasatakeDaimon
bindings-audiofile140.02Low level bindings to audiofile (ffi, library, public-domain)2010-12-310.1.0.2MasatakeDaimon
bindings-bfd90.01Bindings for libbfd, a library of the GNU `binutils' (development, ffi, lgpl, library)2012-07-
bindings-cctools60.02Bindings to the CCTools WorkQueue C library (ffi, gpl, library)2013-01-
bindings-codec2130.01Very low-level FFI bindings for Codec2 (bindings, codec, ffi, gpl, library, program)2014-10-310.1.1.0RickyElrod
bindings-common (deprecated in favor of bindings-DSL)390.09This package is obsolete. Look for bindings-DSL instead. (bsd3, deprecated, ffi, library)2009-11-111.3.4BasVanDijk, MauricioAntunes
bindings-directfb170.01Low level bindings to DirectFB (bsd3, ffi, library)2010-08-150.1JohnWiegley, MauricioAntunes, rethab
bindings-eskit60.01Bindings to ESKit. (bsd3, ffi, library, numerical)2010-06-100.0.1AndrewMiller
bindings-fann80.01Low level bindings to FANN neural network library. (bsd3, ffi, library)2010-06-200.0.2JohnWiegley, MauricioAntunes, rethab
bindings-friso70.01Low level bindings for friso (apache, ffi, library)2014-07-310.1.0.0cosmo0920
bindings-glib160.03Low level bindings to GLib. (bsd3, ffi, library)2010-12-230.1.5JohnWiegley, MauricioAntunes, rethab
bindings-gobject190.02Low level bindings supporting GObject and derived libraries. (bsd3, ffi, library)2012-09-290.4MauricioAntunes, YurasShumovich
bindings-gpgme230.02Project bindings-* raw interface to gpgme (bsd3, ffi, library)2022-05-150.1.8DmitryMalikov, JohnWiegley, MauricioAntunes, rethab
bindings-gsl212.01Low level bindings to GNU GSL. (bsd3, ffi, library)2013-08-280.2.1JohnWiegley, MauricioAntunes, rethab
bindings-gts210.01Low level bindings supporting GTS, the GNU Triangulated Surface Library (ffi, lgpl, library)2011-03-150.1.1JoelCrisp
bindings-hamlib50.01Hamlib bindings for Haskell (ffi, lgpl, library, program)2014-08-
bindings-hdf570.01Project bindings-* raw interface to HDF5 library (bsd3, ffi, library)2019-05-010.1.2JohnWiegley, MauricioAntunes, rethab
bindings-levmar340.02Low level bindings to the C levmar (Levenberg-Marquardt) library (ffi, library, numerical)2018-05-, RoelVanDijk
bindings-libcddb140.01Low level binding to libcddb. (bsd3, ffi, library)2010-06-200.3JohnWiegley, MauricioAntunes, rethab
bindings-libffi160.01Low level bindings to libffi. (bsd3, ffi, library)2010-06-200.3JohnWiegley, MauricioAntunes, rethab
bindings-libftdi60.01Low level bindings to libftdi. (ffi, library)2009-12-250.1SivaramGowkanapalli
bindings-libpci210.00Low level bindings to libpci (bsd3, ffi, library)2021-12-300.4.0.2dopamane
bindings-librrd110.01Low level bindings to RRDtool (ffi, library, public-domain)2012-07-, zloyrusskiy
bindings-libstemmer50.01Binding for libstemmer with low level binding. (ffi, library, mit)2014-11-
bindings-libusb340.06Low level bindings to libusb. (bsd3, ffi, library)2014-10-, MauricioAntunes
bindings-libzip260.02Low level bindings to libzip. (bsd3, ffi, foreign, library)2016-08-291.0.1SergeyAstanin
bindings-lxc180.02Direct Haskell bindings to LXC (Linux containers) C API. (bsd3, ffi, library)2018-08-090.2.2NickolayKudasov
bindings-parport160.01parport bindings (bsd3, ffi, library)2011-08-110.0.4SivaramGowkanapalli
bindings-posix280.05Project bindings-* raw interface to Posix (bsd3, ffi, library)2018-05-191.2.7BasVanDijk, JohnWiegley, MauricioAntunes, rethab
bindings-ppdev70.01PPDev bindings (bsd3, ffi, library)2011-08-110.0.3SivaramGowkanapalli
bindings-sane120.01FFI bindings to libsane (ffi, lgpl, library)2012-10-210.0.1ClintAdams
bindings-sc3110.02Low-level bindings to the SuperCollider synthesis engine library. (ffi, library, sound)2012-11-060.4.1StefanKersten
bindings-sqlite3200.02Low level bindings to sqlite3. (bsd3, ffi, library)2013-07-241.0.3JohnWiegley, MauricioAntunes, rethab
bindings-svm160.02Low level bindings to libsvm. (bsd3, ffi, library)2011-07-180.2.1PauloTanimoto, VilleTirronen
bindings-uname110.02Low-level binding to POSIX uname(3) (ffi, library, public-domain, system)2009-06-050.1MasatakeDaimon
bindings-wlc150.01Bindings against the wlc library (bsd3, ffi, library)2016-04-
bindings-yices160.02Bindings to the Yices theorem prover (ffi, foreign, library, public-domain, theorem-provers)2015-08-
cef3-raw60.01Raw CEF3 bindings (bsd3, ffi, library)2017-04-150.1.0MaksymilianOwsianny
cef3-simple70.01Simple wrapper around cef3-raw (bsd3, ffi, library)2017-04-150.1.0MaksymilianOwsianny
clingo70.01Haskell bindings to the Clingo ASP solver (asp, ffi, library, logic-programming, mit, symbolic-computation)2017-08-
clr-bindings150.01Glue between clr-host and clr-typed (.net, bsd3, clr, ffi, language, library)2017-08-050.2.0PepeIborra, TimMatthews
clr-host150.03Hosting the Common Language Runtime (.net, bsd3, clr, ffi, language, library)2018-10-, TimMatthews, moodmosaic
clr-inline100.01Quasiquoters for inline C# and F# (.net, bsd3, clr, ffi, language, library)2017-10-, TimMatthews, moodmosaic
clr-marshal130.04Marshaling for the clr (.net, bsd3, clr, ffi, language, library)2017-08-, TimMatthews, moodmosaic
clr-typed100.01A strongly typed Haskell interface to the CLR type system (.net, bsd3, clr, ffi, language, library)2017-08-050.2.0PepeIborra, TimMatthews
clr-win-linker110.01A GHC linker wrapper tool to workaround a GHC >8.2 bug (.net, bsd3, clr, ffi, language, program)2017-04-, TimMatthews
com130.02Haskell COM support library (bsd3, ffi)2012-09-, SigbjornFinne
const90.00Read-only mutable primitives (ffi, library)2021-03-240EdwardKmett
crc32c470.01crc32c (bsd3, ffi, library, raw)2024-06-050.2.2leptonyu
curryrs110.01Easy to use FFI Bridge for using Rust in Haskell (ffi, library)2016-10-260.2.0mgattozzi
fast-arithmetic962.01Fast functions on integers. (algorithms, ats, bsd3, combinatorics, ffi, library, math, number-theory, numerics)2022-01-
fixed-storable-array130.01Fixed-size wrapper for StorableArray, providing a Storable instance. Deprecated - use storable-static-array instead. (bsd3, ffi, library)2013-08-
foreign-var (deprecated in favor of StateVar)90.03Encapsulating mutatable state in external libraries (bsd3, deprecated, ffi, library, mutable-state)2015-03-080.1EdwardKmett
fresco-binding120.01Fresco binding for Haskell (development, ffi, interfaces, library)2017-09-220.3.0PeterAlthainz
ghc-byteorder570.04"GHC.ByteOrder" API Compatibility Layer (bsd3, ffi, library)2020-05-
gitlib672.08API library for working with Git repositories (ffi, library, mit)2021-03-213.1.3JohnWiegley
gitlib-cross (deprecated)210.01Run tests between repositories (deprecated, ffi, library, mit)2014-06-193.1.0JohnWiegley
gitlib-libgit2460.03Libgit2 backend for gitlib (ffi, library, mit)2019-01-313.1.2.1JohnWiegley
gitlib-sample (deprecated)290.01Sample backend for gitlib showing the basic structure for any backend. (deprecated, ffi, library, mit)2014-06-193.1.0JohnWiegley
gitlib-test310.01Test library for confirming gitlib backend compliance (ffi, library, mit)2019-05-013.1.2JohnWiegley
gitlib-utils (deprecated in favor of gitlib)130.04Generic utility functions for working with Git repositories (deprecated, ffi, library, mit)2013-07-041.2.0JohnWiegley
gmpint (deprecated in favor of hgmp)380.02GMP integer conversions (bsd3, c, deprecated, ffi, foreign, library)2018-08-
haroonga220.01Low level bindings for Groonga. (ffi, lgpl, library)2015-04-
haskell-mpi182.02Distributed parallel programming in Haskell using MPI. (bsd3, distributed-computing, ffi, library)2015-02-081.4.0BerniePope, DmitryAstapov
hasktorch-ffi-tests130.01Testing library for Hasktorch's FFI bindings (ai, bsd3, ffi, library, machine-learning, tensors)2018-11-
hasktorch-ffi-th90.02Bindings to Torch (ai, bsd3, ffi, library, machine-learning, tensors)2018-11-
hasktorch-ffi-thc90.00Bindings to Cutorch (ai, bsd3, ffi, library, machine-learning, tensors)2018-11-
hasktorch-types-th160.09C-types for Torch (ai, bsd3, ffi, library, machine-learning, tensors)2018-11-
hasktorch-types-thc160.04C-types for Cutorch (ai, bsd3, ffi, library, machine-learning, tensors)2018-11-
hcom210.01Haskell COM support library (bsd3, ffi, windows)2022-09-
heatshrink130.01Compression and decompression using heatshrink (bsd3, ffi, library)2017-04-
henet160.01Bindings and high level interface for to ENet v1.3.9 (ffi, library, mit, network)2013-09-
hermes-json452.00Fast JSON decoding via simdjson C++ bindings (ffi, json, library, mit, text, web)2023-08-
hlibBladeRF140.01Haskell binding to libBladeRF SDR library (ffi, lgpl, library)2015-03-
hlibgit2680.04Low-level bindings to libgit2 (ffi, library, mit)2017-02-, SakariJokinen
hmatrix-gsl-stats870.07GSL Statistics interface (bsd3, ffi, library, math, statistics)2019-06-
hocilib110.01FFI binding to OCILIB (bsd3, database, ffi, library, ocilib, oracle)2016-10-010.2.0Thierry
inline-asm260.00Inline some Assembly in ur Haskell! (bsd3, ffi, library)2022-12-
inline-c1562.544Write Haskell source files including C code inline. No FFI required. (ffi, library, mit)2023-09-, RobertHensing, junjihashimoto
inline-c-cpp890.011Lets you embed C++ code into Haskell. (ffi, library, mit)2023-09-, RobertHensing, junjihashimoto
inline-c-cuda60.00Lets you embed CUDA code into Haskell. (ffi, library, mit)2023-09-
inline-c-objc120.00Lets you embed Objective-C code into Haskell. (ffi, library, mit)2023-05-, junjihashimoto
inline-c-win3260.01Win32 API Context for the inline-c library (ffi, library, mit)2015-06-100.1anton_dessiatov
inline-java (deprecated)530.03Java interop via inline Java code in Haskell modules. (bsd3, deprecated, ffi, java, jvm, library)2020-11-300.10.0AlpMestanogullari, FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug
inline-r602.254Seamlessly call R from Haskell and vice versa. No FFI required. (bsd3, ffi, library)2023-05-221.0.1FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug, RomanCheplyaka, connorbaker
j222.00J in Haskell (array, bsd3, ffi, interpreters, j, library)2021-12-
jarify60.00Jarification of Haskell sources (bsd3, ffi, java, jvm, library, program)2017-04-211.0MathieuBoespflug, FelixRaimundo
jni (deprecated)270.05Complete JNI raw bindings. (bsd3, deprecated, ffi, java, jvm, library)2020-11-300.8.0FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug
jvm (deprecated)400.04Call JVM methods from Haskell. (bsd3, deprecated, ffi, java, jvm, library)2020-11-300.6.0FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug
jvm-batching (deprecated)110.01Provides batched marshalling of values between Java and Haskell. (bsd3, deprecated, ffi, java, jvm, library)2020-11-300.2.0FacundoDominguez
jvm-streaming (deprecated)160.02Expose Java iterators as streams from the streaming package. (bsd3, deprecated, ffi, java, jvm, library)2020-11-300.4.0FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug
leveldb-haskell440.011Haskell bindings to LevelDB (bsd3, database, ffi, library)2017-05-080.6.5KimAltintop
leveldb-haskell-fork240.01Haskell bindings to LevelDB (bsd3, database, ffi, library)2014-12-
libpafe80.01Wrapper for libpafe (ffi, gpl, library)2015-07-
libversion120.00Haskell binding to libversion (bsd3, ffi, library)2021-02-160.1.1Poscat
libxls80.01Bindings to libxls (ffi, library, mit)2016-02-250.2uuhan
libxlsxwriter-hs60.00Bindings to libxlsxwriter (bsd3, ffi, library, xlsx)2021-12-220.1.0Jappie, jgt, tim_supercede
linux-file-extents170.01Retrieve file fragmentation information under Linux (bsd3, ffi, filesystem, library, system)2023-06-
lz4-hs282.00lz4 bindings for Haskell (bsd3, codec, compression, ffi, library)2023-11-
missing-foreign170.04Convenience functions for FFI work (bsd3, ffi, library)2011-04-030.1.1JasonDagit
modulo190.01Modular C code generator (ffi, gpl, language, library, program)2014-07-281.9.1HansHoglund
nitro190.02Haskell bindings for Nitro (bsd3, ffi, library, system)2013-07-
notmuch230.00Haskell binding to Notmuch, the mail indexer (ffi, gpl, library)2023-11-, romanofski
odpic-raw470.01Oracle Database Bindings (database, ffi, library, mit, odpi-c, oracle, raw)2019-04-240.5.0leptonyu
opencascade-hs612.02Thin Wrapper for the OpenCASCADE CAD Kernel (ffi, graphics, lgpl, library)2024-05-
pthread200.01Bindings for the pthread library. (bsd3, ffi, library, system)2019-06-170.2.1FacundoDominguez
ptrdiff90.03Type-checked pointer diffs (ffi, library)2021-03-240EdwardKmett
rocksdb-haskell190.06Haskell bindings to RocksDB (bsd3, database, ffi, library)2017-12-031.0.1AlexanderThiemann, gromak, serokell
rocksdb-haskell-jprupp290.03Haskell bindings for RocksDB (bsd3, database, ffi, library)2023-09-132.1.6jprupp
sc2-lowlevel50.01Low-level Starcraft II API (bsd3, ffi, game, library, network)2019-02-
sc2-support80.02Support and utility library for sc2hs. (bsd3, ffi, game, library, network)2019-02-
sc2hs50.00An interface to the Starcraft II bot API (ffi, game, library, network, program)2019-02-
sednaDBXML100.02Sedna C API XML Binding (database, ffi, gpl, library)2011-11-
smawk90.00Linear time row minima for totally monotone matrices (ffi, library)2021-03-240EdwardKmett
sparkle (deprecated)120.00Distributed Apache Spark applications in Haskell (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, ffi, java, jvm, library, program)2018-02-280.7.4AlpMestanogullari, FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug
statgrab130.01Collect system level metrics and statistics (ffi, library, monitoring, system)2014-11-040.1.3BrendanHay
stdcxx70.09Binding to Standard Template Library C++ (bsd2, ffi, library)2023-07-
storable-offset30.00Storable offsets for record fields (bsd3, ffi, library, utility)2022-05-
storable-static-array100.01Statically-sized array wrappers with Storable instances for FFI marshaling (bsd3, ffi, library)2013-08-
symengine110.01SymEngine symbolic mathematics engine for Haskell (ffi, library, math, mit, symbolic-computation)2016-06-
symengine-hs60.00SymEngine symbolic mathematics engine for Haskell (ffi, library, math, mit, program, symbolic-computation)2016-03-
sysinfo270.02Haskell Interface for getting overall system statistics (bsd3, ffi, library, linux, system)2017-05-030.1.1psibi
wilton-ffi130.01Haskell modules support for Wilton JavaScript runtime (ffi, library, mit)2018-09-
zbar110.00zbar bindings in Haskell (barcode, bsd3, c, ffi, foreign, image, library)2021-03-
zeromq-haskell210.010Bindings to ZeroMQ 2.1.x (ffi, library, mit, system)2012-03-080.8.4ToralfWittner
zeromq3-haskell90.05Bindings to ZeroMQ 3.x (ffi, library, mit, system)2014-02-120.5.2ToralfWittner
zeromq4-haskell422.021Bindings to ZeroMQ 4.x (ffi, library, mit, system)2019-03-030.8.0ToralfWittner
zeromq4-simple100.02More constrained extensions to zeromq4-haskell (bsd3, ffi, library, system)2019-10-