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ConClusion172.00Cluster algorithms, PCA, and chemical conformere analysis (agpl, chemistry, library, program, statistics)2023-09-070.2.2phillipseeber
HLearn-distributions (deprecated)270.04Distributions for use with the HLearn library (bsd3, data-mining, deprecated, library, machine-learning, statistics)2014-03-
HNumeric322.01Haskell Numeric Library with pure functionality, R & MATLAB Syntax. (bsd3, hnum, library, linearalgebra, numeric, statistics)2018-06-
HROOT460.01Haskell binding to the ROOT data analysis framework (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)2023-07-
HROOT-core100.08Haskell binding to ROOT Core modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)2023-07-
HROOT-graf80.02Haskell binding to ROOT Graf modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)2023-07-
HROOT-hist110.03Haskell binding to ROOT Hist modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)2023-07-
HROOT-io120.03Haskell binding to ROOT IO modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)2023-07-
HROOT-math110.02Haskell binding to ROOT Math modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)2023-07-
HROOT-net60.01Haskell binding to ROOT Net modules (lgpl, library, math, numerical, raphics, statistics)2023-07-
HROOT-tree70.01Haskell binding to ROOT Tree modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)2023-07-
HasGP30.01A Haskell library for inference using Gaussian processes (ai, classification, datamining, gpl, library, statistics)2011-10-260.1SeanHolden
Metrics60.01Evaluation metrics commonly used in supervised machine learning (bsd3, library, statistics)2012-06-190.1.2BenHamner
NestedSampling90.01A port of John Skilling's nested sampling C code to Haskell. (gpl, library, statistics)2011-09-220.1.4IssacTrotts
StatisticalMethods80.02Collection of useful statistical methods. (gpl, library, statistics)2011-08-
TransformeR (deprecated)40.00eDSL in R for Safe Variable Transformarion (bsd3, deprecated, dsl, library, program, security, statistics)2016-08-
affine-invariant-ensemble-mcmc (deprecated in favor of flat-mcmc)60.01General-purpose sampling (bsd3, deprecated, library, machine-learning, numerical, statistics)2012-09-
approx-rand-test (deprecated)110.01Approximate randomization test (deprecated, library, program, statistics)2013-12-170.2.1DanielDeKok
combinatorial240.02Count, enumerate, rank and unrank combinatorial objects (bsd3, library, math, statistics)2023-02-150.1.1HenningThielemann
combinatorics (deprecated in favor of exact-combinatorics)60.01Efficient computation of common combinatoric functions. (bsd3, deprecated, library, math, statistics)2012-01-290.1.0WrenThornton
covariance350.01Well-conditioned estimation of large-dimensional covariance matrices (gpl, library, math, statistics)2022-07-
datasets302.01Classical data sets for statistics and machine learning (data, data-mining, library, machine-learning, mit, statistics)2019-02-120.4.0glutamate, ocramz, stites
deep-map60.00Deeply-nested, multiple key type maps. (bsd3, data, library, statistics)2024-02-
dense-linear-algebra1280.02Simple and incomplete pure haskell implementation of linear algebra (bsd2, library, math, numeric, statistics)2018-10-
eigen751.56Eigen C++ library (linear algebra: matrices, sparse matrices, vectors, numerical solvers). (algebra, algorithms, bsd3, data, library, math, numeric, statistics)2018-12-, chessai
estimator150.01State-space estimation algorithms such as Kalman Filters (bsd3, library, math, numerical, statistics)2016-07-, JameySharp
exact-combinatorics590.06Efficient exact computation of combinatoric functions. (bsd3, library, math, statistics)2021-11-, WrenRomano
fastbayes30.01Bayesian modeling algorithms accelerated for particular model structures (library, mit, statistics)2014-08-
foldl-incremental162.01incremental folds (control, library, mit, statistics)2015-02-
foldl-statistics372.01Statistical functions from the statistics package implemented as Folds. (bsd3, library, math, statistics)2018-09-
gev-lib100.00The family of Extreme Value Distributions. (evt, library, probability, statistics)2023-06-
hdr-histogram40.01Haskell implementation of High Dynamic Range (HDR) Histograms (gpl, library, math, statistics)2016-01-
hieraclus90.01Automated clustering of arbitrary elements in Haskell. (bsd3, clustering, library, math, statistics)2011-09-
hmatrix-gsl-stats790.07GSL Statistics interface (bsd3, ffi, library, math, statistics)2019-06-
hps-kmeans50.01A nice implementation of the k-Means algorithm. (algorithms, clustering, data-mining, gpl, library, math, pattern-recognition, statistics)2012-07-
hstatistics670.02Statistics (bsd3, library, math, statistics)2020-08-060.3.1VivianMcPhail
httpstan70.00Auto-generated API bindings for httpstan (bsd3, library, statistics)2023-06-
hypergeometric112.250Hypergeometric functions (agpl, library, math, statistics)2022-12-
inliterate92.02Interactive literate programming (library, mit, program, statistics)2017-06-060.1.0glutamate, ocramz
interval-patterns160.00Intervals, and monoids thereof (algebra, bsd3, charts, data-structures, library, math, statistics)2024-04-180.8.0melaniebrown
learn60.01Learning Algorithms (bsd3, library, statistics)2013-02-170.1.1AugustusOdena
learning-hmm150.01Yet another library for hidden Markov models (algorithms, library, machine-learning, mit, statistics)2015-04-
liblinear-enumerator30.01liblinear iteratee. (ai, bsd3, classification, library, statistics)2011-11-080.1.2NathanHowell
linda70.01LINear Discriminant Analysis (bsd3, library, math, statistics)2011-09-240.1.2LennartSchmitt
logfloat510.013Log-domain floating point numbers (bsd3, data, library, math, natural-language-processing, statistics)2023-03-190.14.0WrenThornton, WrenRomano
markov-realization90.00Realizations of Markov chains. (bsd3, library, statistics)2020-03-130.4alexloomis
mcmc340.00Sample from a posterior using Markov chain Monte Carlo (gpl, library, math, statistics)2023-05-
mcmc-samplers62.01Combinators for MCMC sampling (bsd3, library, machine-learning, math, numeric, statistics)2014-11-, z
monad-bayes560.01A library for probabilistic programming. (library, mit, program, statistics)2024-05-, turion
monoid-statistics160.02Monoids for calculation of statistics of sample (bsd3, library, statistics)2023-10-161.1.5AlexeyKhudyakov
mwc-probability-transition (deprecated)100.01A Markov stochastic transition operator with logging (bsd3, deprecated, library, numeric, random, science, scientific-simulation, statistical-modeling, statistics)2018-05-230.4ocramz
mwc-random3432.0123Fast, high quality pseudo random number generation (bsd3, library, math, statistics)2021-08-, BryanOSullivan
mwc-random-monad192.04Monadic interface for mwc-random (bsd3, library, math, statistics)2015-05-
normaldistribution350.09Minimum fuss normally distributed random values. (bsd3, library, math, statistics)2011-08-311.1.0.3BjornBuckwalter
order-statistics70.01L-Estimators for robust statistics (bsd3, library, statistics)2014-08-220.1.1EdwardKmett
pava180.00Greatest convex majorants and least concave minorants (gpl, library, math, statistics)2022-07-
prob-fx50.00A library for modular probabilistic modelling (bsd3, library, program, statistics)2022-07-
probable142.02Easy and reasonably efficient probabilistic programming and random generation (bsd3, library, math, statistics)2018-02-110.1.3AlpMestanogullari
random-variates102.00"Uniform RNG => Non-Uniform RNGs" (library, mit, program, statistics)2016-05-
rclient50.01Haskell client for Rserve (bsd3, library, math, network, statistics)2010-12-
statistics5182.2564A library of statistical types, data, and functions (bsd2, library, math, statistics)2023-09-, BryanOSullivan
statistics-hypergeometric-genvar50.01Random variate generation from hypergeometric distributions (library, math, mit, statistics)2015-03-
statistics-linreg1052.02Linear regression between two samples, based on the 'statistics' package. (library, math, mit, statistics)2014-08-220.3AlpMestanogullari
statistics-skinny60.00A library of statistical types, data, and functions (bsd2, library, math, statistics)2021-01-
streamly-statistics50.00Statistical measures for finite or infinite data streams. (apache, library, statistics, streamly)2023-04-180.1.0harendra
welford-online-mean-variance172.00Online computation of mean and variance using the Welford algorithm. (bsd3, library, statistics)2023-01-300.2.0.0schnecki