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3d-graphics-examples111.751Examples of 3D graphics programming with OpenGL (bsd3, fractals, graphics, program)2016-07-
3dmodels91.513D model parsers (graphics, lgpl, library)2014-11-080.3.0capsjac
AC-Colour190.01Efficient RGB colour types. (bsd3, data, graphics, library, math, numerical)2014-01-121.1.6AndrewCoppin
AC-EasyRaster-GTK90.01GTK+ pixel plotting. (bsd3, graphics, library)2010-10-281.1.3AndrewCoppin
AC-PPM110.01Trivial package for writing PPM images. (bsd3, codec, graphics, library)2010-01-181.1.1AndrewCoppin
AC-Vector382.08Efficient geometric vectors and transformations. (bsd3, data, graphics, library, math, numerical)2024-03-172.4.0AndrewCoppin, JanRochel
AC-Vector-Fancy160.01Fancy type-system stuff for AC-Vector (bsd3, data, graphics, library, math, numerical)2010-08-152.4.0AndrewCoppin
Attrac120.01Visualisation of Strange Attractors in 3-Dimensions (bsd3, graphics, program)2010-03-150.1.3RubenZilibowitz
Blobs100.01Diagram editor (graphics, library, program)2012-06-190.3AlanZimmerman
CV250.04OpenCV based machine vision library (ai, graphics, library, machine-vision)2013-01-170.3.7VilleTirronen
Chart2032.2535A library for generating 2D Charts and Plots (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-10-221.9.5TimDocker, bravit
Chart-cairo1360.019Cairo backend for Charts. (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-10-, bravit
Chart-diagrams2920.010Diagrams backend for Charts. (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-10-, bravit
Chart-fltkhs90.00A backend for the Chart library for FLTKHS (bsd3, graphics, library)2020-03-
Chart-gtk510.05Utility functions for using the chart library with GTK (bsd3, graphics, library)2020-01-191.9.3TimDocker, bravit
Chart-gtk3160.00Utility functions for using the chart library with GTK (bsd3, graphics, library)2020-01-191.9.3bravit
Chart-simple (deprecated)190.01A wrapper for the chart library to assist with basic plots (Deprecated - use the Easy module instead) (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2015-01-171.3.3TimDocker
Chart-tests180.00Tests of the Charts library. (bsd3, graphics, program)2023-10-221.9.4bravit
Chitra110.01A platform independent mechanism to render graphics using vnc. (bsd3, graphics, program)2011-05-010.2.2KashyapChatamballi
Color352.02Color spaces and conversions between them (bsd3, graphics, library)2021-10-110.3.3lehins
FTGL270.05Portable TrueType font rendering for OpenGL using the Freetype2 library (bsd3, graphics, library)2014-11-132.1JeffersonHeard, laquendi, hamzam3
FTGL-bytestring70.01Portable TrueType font rendering for OpenGL using the Freetype2 library (bsd3, graphics, library)2014-03-152.0seagull
FieldTrip160.02Functional 3D (bsd3, graphics, library)2009-06-050.2.7ConalElliott
FontyFruity652.510A true type file format loader (bsd3, font, graphics, library, text)2019-10-
FractalArt262.01Generates colorful wallpapers (graphics, mit, program)2016-05-
Fractaler50.01 (graphics, mit, program)2015-10-113serprex
FreeTypeGL (deprecated in favor of FTGL)100.01Loadable texture fonts for OpenGL. (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2013-01-280.0.4EyalLotem
GLFW300.06A Haskell binding for GLFW (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-04-
GLFW-OGL60.01A binding for GLFW (OGL) (bsd3, graphics, library)2008-11-170.0NealAlexander
GLFW-b1282.527Bindings to GLFW OpenGL library (bsd3, graphics, library)2024-01-, SchellScivally, Mokosha, javjarfer
GLFW-b-demo270.01GLFW-b demo (bsd3, graphics, program)2013-12-121.0.6BrianLewis, SchellScivally, javjarfer
GLFW-task110.01GLFW utility functions to use together with monad-task. (bsd3, graphics, library)2018-01-040.3.0PaulLiu
GLHUI130.01Open OpenGL context windows in X11 with libX11 (bsd3, graphics, library)2012-02-241.1.0HugoGomes
GLMatrix70.01Utilities for working with OpenGL matrices (gpl, graphics, library)2014-03-
GLURaw1400.04A raw binding for the OpenGL graphics system (bsd3, graphics, library)2021-11-, SvenPanne
GLUT2070.044A binding for the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (bsd3, graphics, library)2021-01-, IanLynagh, JasonDagit, SvenPanne
GLUtil870.08Miscellaneous OpenGL utilities. (bsd3, graphics, library)2020-06-170.10.4AnthonyCowley
GPipe1132.04Typesafe functional GPU graphics programming (graphics, library, mit)2020-04-102.2.5TobiasBexelius
GPipe-Collada120.01Load GPipe meshes from Collada files (bsd3, graphics, library)2012-08-060.1.4TobiasBexelius
GPipe-Core70.01Typesafe functional GPU graphics programming (graphics, library, mit)2021-04-, pippijn
GPipe-Examples40.01Examples for the GPipes package (graphics, program)2010-04-140.1KreeColeMcLaughlin
GPipe-GLFW240.01GLFW OpenGL context creation for GPipe (graphics, library, mit)2020-11-
GPipe-GLFW460.00GLFW OpenGL context creation for GPipe (graphics, library, mit, program)2021-04-112.0.0srk, pippijn
GPipe-TextureLoad130.01Load GPipe textures from filesystem (bsd3, graphics, library)2012-06-271.0.4TobiasBexelius
Gifcurry422.01GIF creation utility. (application, bsd3, graphics, library, program)2018-03-
Gleam90.00HTML Canvas graphics, animations and simulations. (bsd3, graphics, library)2020-05-
GlomeTrace120.02Ray Tracing Library (graphics, library)2014-04-070.3JimSnow
GlomeVec170.04Simple 3D vector library (graphics, library)2014-01-270.2JimSnow
GlomeView70.01SDL Frontend for Glome ray tracer (graphics, program)2014-04-070.3JimSnow
GoogleChart120.01Generate web-based charts using the Google Chart API (bsd3, graphics, library)2008-02-090.2EvanMartin
HDRUtils100.01Utilities for reading, manipulating, and writing HDR images (bsd3, graphics, library)2009-08-281.0.2JeffersonHeard
HGL320.02A simple graphics library based on X11 or Win32 (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-11-, ChristophLueth
HGamer3D-Ogre-Binding (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)280.05Ogre Binding for HGamer3D (deprecated, game-engine, graphics, library)2015-01-030.5.0PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-SFML-Binding (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)240.05SFML Binding for HGamer3D (audio, deprecated, game-engine, graphics, library)2015-01-030.5.0PeterAlthainz
HOpenCV210.02A binding for the OpenCV computer vision library (ai, gpl, graphics, library, program)2015-08-
HPDF1010.05Generation of PDF documents (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2024-02-221.7HenningThielemann, SylvainHenry
HPlot100.01A minimal monadic PLplot interface for Haskell (bsd3, foreign, graphics, library, program)2009-08-040.3YakovZaytsev
HROOT430.01Haskell binding to the ROOT data analysis framework (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)2023-07-
HROOT-core140.08Haskell binding to ROOT Core modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)2023-07-
HROOT-graf240.02Haskell binding to ROOT Graf modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)2023-07-
HROOT-hist250.03Haskell binding to ROOT Hist modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)2023-07-
HROOT-io160.03Haskell binding to ROOT IO modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)2023-07-
HROOT-math170.02Haskell binding to ROOT Math modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)2023-07-
HROOT-tree120.01Haskell binding to ROOT Tree modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)2023-07-
HRay180.01Haskell raytracer (bsd3, graphics, program)2010-11-071.2.3GwernBranwen, KennethHoste
HTicTacToe70.01An SDL tic-tac-toe game. (game, graphics, mit, program)2010-05-010.2KorcanHussein
HaGL60.00Haskell-embedded OpenGL (graphics, library, mit)2023-06-
Hate62.00A small 2D game framework. (graphics, library, mit, program)2015-12-
Hieroglyph340.01Purely functional 2D graphics for visualization. (bsd3, graphics, library)2009-08-253.89JeffersonHeard
HsHaruPDF50.01Haskell binding to libharu ( (bsd3, graphics, library)2007-11-130.0.0AudreyTang
IFS90.01Iterated Function System generation for Haskell (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2007-11-060.1.1alpheccar
IcoGrid90.01Library for generating grids of hexagons and pentagons mapped to a sphere. (graphics, library)2010-01-230.1.2JimSnow
Imlib190.05 (bsd3, graphics, library)2009-03-300.1.2AndreasRaster, CaleGibbard
IrrHaskell170.01Haskell FRP binding to the Irrlicht game engine. (ffi, game-engine, graphics, library)2011-04-030.2EwenCochran, MaciejBaranski
JuicyCairo130.00To use images of JuicyPixels from Cairo (bsd3, graphics, library)2024-02-
JuicyPixels4432.75113Picture loading/serialization (in png, jpeg, bitmap, gif, tga, tiff and radiance) (bsd3, codec, graphics, image, library)2024-06-063.3.9VincentBerthoux
JuicyPixels-blp220.00BLP format decoder/encoder over JuicyPixels library (bsd3, codec, graphics, image, library, program)2021-10-
JuicyPixels-blurhash172.00Blurhash is a very compact represenation of a placeholder for an image (bsd3, graphics, image, library, program)2020-05-
JuicyPixels-canvas70.01Functions for drawing lines, squares and so on pixel by pixel (bsd3, graphics, library)2014-05-
JuicyPixels-extra760.03Efficiently scale, crop, flip images with JuicyPixels (bsd3, graphics, image, library)2023-02-080.6.0mrkkrp
JuicyPixels-repa490.05Convenience functions to obtain array representations of images. (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-05-
JuicyPixels-scale-dct200.01Scale JuicyPixels images with DCT (bsd3, graphics, image, library)2018-05-190.1.2phadej
JuicyPixels-stbir110.01Scale JuicyPixels images with stb_image_resize (bsd3, graphics, image, library)2018-02-
KdTree220.01KdTree, for efficient search in K-dimensional point clouds. (bsd3, data-mining, data-structures, graphics, library, machine-learning)2017-09-, jessekempf
Michelangelo200.01OpenGL for dummies (graphics, library, mit)2016-01-
Mondrian60.00Renders backgrounds & borders (gpl, graphics, library, program)2023-07-
Noise220.01A Haskell coherent noise generator based on libnoise (bsd3, graphics, library, math, noise)2013-02-251.0.6HugoGomes
OGL140.02A context aware binding for the OpenGL graphics system (bsd3, graphics, library)2009-05-110.0.3NealAlexander
OpenCL250.02Haskell high-level wrapper for OpenCL (bsd3, ffi, gpu, graphics, library)2013-10-
OpenCLRaw100.01The OpenCL Standard for heterogenous data-parallel computing (bsd3, graphics, library)2009-08-181.0.1001JeffersonHeard
OpenGL2822.590A binding for the OpenGL graphics system (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-05-, SvenPanne
OpenGLCheck60.02Quickcheck instances for various data structures. (bsd3, graphics, library)2008-11-041.0ThomasDavie
OpenGLRaw1760.030A raw binding for the OpenGL graphics system (bsd3, graphics, library)2021-11-, SvenPanne, TrevorElliott
OpenGLRaw21 (deprecated)180.01The intersection of OpenGL 2.1 and OpenGL 3.1 Core (deprecated, graphics, library)2015-02-
OpenSCAD200.01ADT wrapper and renderer for OpenSCAD models. (bsd3, graphics, library)2015-07-
OpenVG170.01OpenVG (ShivaVG-0.2.1) binding (bsd3, graphics, library)2014-01-010.7.0StephenTetley
OpenVGRaw100.02Raw binding to OpenVG (ShivaVG-0.2.1 implementation). (bsd3, graphics, library)2014-01-010.4.0StephenTetley
PenroseKiteDart130.00Library to explore Penrose's Kite and Dart Tilings. (Diagrams, bsd3, graphics, library)2024-04-091.0.0chrisreade
Plot-ho-matic610.02Real-time line plotter for generic data (bsd3, graphics, library)2018-12-
QuickPlot120.01Quick and easy data visualization with Haskell (gpl, graphics, library)2016-02-
Rasterific812.255A pure haskell drawing engine. (bsd3, graphics, library)2021-05-
SFML-control110.01Higher level library on top of SFML (graphics, library, mit)2013-12-
SFont (deprecated)70.02SFont SDL Bitmap Fonts (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2010-01-110.1.1LiamOConnorDavis
SGdemo110.01An example of using the SG and OpenGL libraries (graphics, program)2009-12-181.1NeilBrown
STL230.02STL 3D geometry format parsing and pretty-printing (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-06-
SVGFonts1040.011Fonts from the SVG-Font format (bsd3, graphics, library)2021-11-, JanBracker, RyanYates, TillmannVogt, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey
SVGPath170.04Parsing the path command of SVG (bsd3, graphics, library)2014-06-161.1.2RohanDrape, TillmannVogt
SimpleGL (deprecated in favor of definitive-graphics)90.01A Simple Graphics Library from the SimpleH framework. (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2013-09-170.9.3MarcCoiffier
Slides240.01Generate slides from Haskell code (graphics, library, mit)2018-10-
SvgIcons60.00Svg Icons and more (bsd3, graphics, library, web)2023-05-131.1.1RamiroPastor
Thingie (deprecated in favor of Hieroglyph)110.01Purely functional 2D drawing (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2008-12-180.80JeffersonHeard
TrendGraph90.01A simple trend Graph script (graphics, library, public-domain)2014-07-
UTFTConverter70.00Processing popular picture formats into .c or .raw format in RGB565 (graphics, library, mit, program, text)2016-05-
VRML50.00VRML parser and generator for Haskell (graphics, library, mit, program)2020-02-
Vec-OpenGLRaw100.03Instances and functions to interoperate Vec and OpenGL. (bsd3, graphics, library, math)2010-06-
Vec-Transform160.03This package is obsolete (bsd3, graphics, library, math)2012-08-051.1TobiasBexelius
Vis270.02Painless 3D graphics, no affiliation with gloss (bsd3, graphics, library)2024-05-091.0.0ScottWalck
Vulkan90.01A binding for the Vulkan API (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-01-
VulkanMemoryAllocator912.03Bindings to the VulkanMemoryAllocator library (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-10-, expipiplus1
WEditorBrick90.00Text-editor widget with dynamic line-wrapping for use with Brick. (apache, graphics, library, program)2020-04-
WaveFront140.01Parsers and utilities for the OBJ WaveFront 3D model format (graphics, library, mit)2016-10-
Win322552.0145A binding to Windows Win32 API. (bsd3, graphics, system, windows)2024-01-, BryanOSullivan, IanLynagh, TamarChristina
Win32-extras130.01Provides missing Win32 API (bsd3, graphics, library, system)2013-11-
X111962.041A binding to the X11 graphics library (bsd3, graphics, library)2022-09-141.10.3DanielWagner, DonaldStewart, PeterJones, PeterSimons, SpencerJanssen, TomasJanousek, psibi, dminuoso, xmonad, TonyZorman
X11-extras180.01Missing bindings to the X11 graphics library (bsd3, graphics, library)2007-10-120.4DonaldStewart, SpencerJanssen
X11-rm82.02A binding to the resource management functions missing from X11. (bsd3, graphics, library)2011-09-060.2TroelsHenriksen
X11-xdamage100.01A binding to the Xdamage X11 extension library (bsd3, graphics, library)2011-05-260.1.2DonaldStewart, EwanHiggs
X11-xfixes60.01A binding to the Xfixes X11 extension library (graphics, library, mit)2011-05-260.1.1reacocard
X11-xft1050.06Bindings to the Xft and some Xrender parts (bsd3, graphics, library)2021-12-110.3.4BrentYorgey, ClemensFruhwirth, TomasJanousek, psibi, clefru, xmonad, TonyZorman
X11-xshape140.02A binding to the Xshape X11 extension library (bsd3, graphics, library)2010-04-270.1.1DonaldStewart, EwanHiggs
Xauth150.02A binding to the X11 authentication library (bsd3, graphics, library)2009-01-060.1SpencerJanssen
amby140.01Statistical data visualization (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-11-260.3.2jsermeno
ansigraph230.02Terminal-based graphing via ANSI and Unicode (graphics, library, mit)2017-12-
aosd240.01Bindings to libaosd, a library for Cairo-based on-screen displays (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-12-140.2.2DanielSchuessler
ascii-holidays162.50ASCII animations for the holidays! (gpl, graphics, program)2019-12-
assimp60.01The Assimp asset import library (bsd3, graphics, library)2011-05-240.1JoelBurget
atlas172.01Skyline rectangle packing (graphics, library)2021-03-240EdwardKmett
autom100.01Generates and displays patterns from next nearest neighbors cellular automata (gpl, graphics, library)2016-10-
avatar-generator70.01A simple random avatar icon generator (bsd3, graphics, program)2015-09-, keera_studios_ci
awesomium60.02High-level Awesomium bindings. (graphics, lgpl, library, web)2012-11-
awesomium-glut60.01Utilities for using Awesomium with GLUT. (graphics, lgpl, library, web)2012-11-
awesomium-raw50.03Low-level Awesomium bindings. (graphics, lgpl, library, web)2012-11-
babl180.02Haskell bindings to BABL library. (graphics, lgpl, library)2017-01-
bacteria140.01braindead utility to compose Xinerama backgrounds (graphics, program)2009-11-081.1DanielWagner
barchart120.01Creating Bar Charts in Haskell (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2011-05-
barcodes-code12870.01Generate Code 128 barcodes as PDFs (graphics, library, mit)2014-10-310.1.0dchristiansen style badge generator (graphics, library, mit)2016-12-120.1.1HirotomoMoriwaki
bidi-icu60.00The unicode bidirectional algorithm via ICU (graphics, library)2021-03-240EdwardKmett
billeksah-forms50.01Leksah library (graphics, library)2011-11-291.0.0JuergenNicklischFranken
billeksah-pane70.02Leksah library (graphics, library)2011-11-291.0.0JuergenNicklischFranken
bindings-GLFW712.54Low-level bindings to GLFW OpenGL library (bsd3, graphics, library)2024-01-, SchellScivally, Mokosha, javjarfer
bindings-linux-videodev270.02bindings to Video For Linux Two (v4l2) kernel interfaces (bsd3, graphics, library)2017-12-
bindings-potrace130.01Low-level bindings to the potrace bitmap tracing library (gpl, graphics, library)2015-06-100.1cchalmers
bitmap200.012A library for handling and manipulating bitmaps (rectangular pixel arrays). (bsd3, data, graphics, library)2012-02-130.0.2BalazsKomuves
bitmap-opengl190.06OpenGL support for Data.Bitmap. (bsd3, data, graphics, library)2014-03-
bitmaps100.01Bitmap library (bsd3, codec, data, graphics, library)2014-11-300.2.6.3ByronJohnson
blank-canvas532.05HTML5 Canvas Graphics Library (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-10-050.7.4AndrewFarmer, AndyGill, ryanglscott
blaze-svg902.016SVG combinator library (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-06-060.3.7BrentYorgey, DeepakJois
boring-window-switcher170.00A boring window switcher. (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2018-03-
brick6912.7532A declarative terminal user interface library (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-12-212.3.1JonathanDaugherty
brick-dropdownmenu80.01A drop-down menu widget for brick. (bsd3, graphics, library)2018-09-170.1.0mlang
brick-panes112.01Panes library for Brick providing composition and isolation for TUI apps. (graphics, library)2023-12-
brick-skylighting460.01Show syntax-highlighted text in your Brick UI (bsd3, graphics, library)2022-08-081.0JonathanDaugherty
butterflies80.00butterfly tilings (gpl, graphics, library, program)2018-11-
cairo2922.2582Binding to the Cairo library. (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-05-, AxelSimon, DanielWagner, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
cairo-canvas130.01Simpler drawing API for Cairo. (graphics, library, mit)2017-08-
cairo-core130.01Cairo Haskell binding (partial) (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-04-091.16.7magicloud
cairo-image210.01Image for Cairo (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-12-
cal3d60.02Haskell binding to the Cal3D animation library. (animation, graphics, library)2009-06-270.1GregoryWeber
cal3d-examples60.01Examples for the Cal3d animation library. (animation, graphics, program)2009-06-270.1GregoryWeber
cal3d-opengl60.01OpenGL rendering for the Cal3D animation library (animation, graphics, library)2009-06-270.1GregoryWeber
call-plantuml340.00A simple library to call PlantUML given a diagram specification (graphics, language, library, mit)2023-12-
camh160.01write image files onto 256(or 24bit) color terminals. (bsd3, graphics, program)2017-05-250.0.3HironaoKomatsu
caramia320.01High-level OpenGL bindings (graphics, library, mit)2015-05-
carettah262.01A presentation tool written with Haskell. (gpl, graphics, program)2016-09-300.5.1KiwamuOkabe
cattrap190.00Lays out boxes according to the CSS Box Model. (gpl, graphics, library, program)2024-03-
cellrenderer-cairo80.01Cairo-based CellRenderer (bsd3, graphics, library)2013-05-
chalkboard130.02Combinators for building and processing 2D images. (bsd3, graphics, library)2009-12-
chalkboard-viewer80.01OpenGL based viewer for chalkboard rendered images. (bsd3, graphics, library)2009-04-240.1AndyGill
chart-cli60.00Command-line utility to draw charts from input data easily (bsd3, graphics, program)2019-08-
chart-histogram (deprecated in favor of Chart)200.01Easily render histograms with Chart (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2016-04-131.1BenGamari
chart-svg792.05Charting library targetting SVGs. (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-12-
clay1632.2518CSS preprocessor as embedded Haskell. (bsd3, graphics, library, web)2024-01-130.15.0SebastiaanVisser, tomjaguarpaw, turion
clisparkline40.00Tiny library to pretty print sparklines onto the CLI (graphics, library, mit)2019-05-
collada-output130.02Generate animated 3d objects in COLLADA (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2011-07-250.6AndyGill, TillmannVogt
collada-types130.04Data exchange between graphics applications (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-10-110.4AndyGill, TillmannVogt
color-counter70.01Count colors in images (graphics, library, mit, program)2016-04-
colour2862.0126A model for human colour/color perception (data, graphics, library, mit)2021-06-242.3.6RussellOConnor
colour-accelerate160.01Working with colours in Accelerate (accelerate, bsd3, data, graphics, library)2020-08-
colour-space170.01Instances of the manifold-classes for colour types (data, gpl, graphics, library, maths)2023-07-
colour-text70.00Print and parse colors (apache, graphics, library, text)2023-05-
computational-geometry90.01Collection of algorithms in Computational Geometry. (bsd3, graphics, library, math)2017-10-
context-free-art210.00Generate art from context-free grammars (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2019-10-
craftwerk50.042D graphics library with integrated TikZ output. (graphics, library, mit)2011-03-140.1MalteHarder
craftwerk-cairo80.02Cairo backend for Craftwerk. (graphics, library, mit)2011-03-140.1MalteHarder
craftwerk-gtk70.02Gtk UI for Craftwerk. (graphics, library, mit)2011-03-140.1MalteHarder
crocodile80.01An offline renderer supporting ray tracing and photon mapping (gpl, graphics, program)2011-09-290.1.2TomHammersley
csg170.00Analytical CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry) library (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2019-01-
cubicbezier1010.07Efficient manipulating of 2D cubic bezier curves. (bsd3, geometry, graphics, library, typography)2023-07-, DavidHimmelstrup, KristofBastiaensen
curves90.01Library for drawing curve based images. (graphics, library, mit)2015-09-
cv-combinators190.01Functional Combinators for Computer Vision (ai, gpl, graphics, library, program)2015-08-
d3d11binding132.00A raw binding for the directX 11 (graphics, library, mit, program)2016-05-
d3js60.01Declarative visualization on a web browser with DSL approach. (bsd3, graphics, library)2013-09-
dear-imgui492.01Haskell bindings for Dear ImGui. (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-09-102.2.0AlexanderBondarenko, OliverCharles
deepzoom50.01A DeepZoom image slicer. Only known to work on 32bit Linux (bsd3, graphics, library)2012-01-160.1MatthewPanetta
definitive-graphics60.01A definitive package allowing you to open windows, read image files and render text to be displayed or saved (graphics, library)2014-07-131.2MarcCoiffier
delaunay100.01Build a Delaunay triangulation of a set of points (bsd3, graphics, library)2013-05-
derivation-trees80.01Typeset Derivation Trees via MetaPost (graphics, library, math)2010-11-180.7.3JeanPhilippeBernardy
dia-base190.02An EDSL for teaching Haskell with diagrams - data types (bsd3, education, graphics, library)2016-05-, lspitzner, GaborPali
dia-functions160.01An EDSL for teaching Haskell with diagrams - functions (bsd3, education, graphics, library)2016-05-, lspitzner, GaborPali
diagrams982.7513Embedded domain-specific language for declarative vector graphics (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-07-111.4.1AdamVogt, BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-boolean60.01deprecated, part of diagrams-contrib since 1.4 (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-07-240.1.0KristofBastiaensen
diagrams-braille140.00Braille diagrams with plain text (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2022-01-260.1.1BrentYorgey, mlang
diagrams-builder860.04hint-based build service for the diagrams graphics EDSL. (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-07-, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-cairo1250.025Cairo backend for diagrams drawing EDSL (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-07-, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-canvas540.02HTML5 canvas backend for diagrams drawing EDSL (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-06-, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-contrib2580.06Collection of user contributions to diagrams EDSL (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-07-, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-core1962.2539Core libraries for diagrams EDSL (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-11-, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-gi-cairo80.00Cairo backend for diagrams drawing EDSL (bsd3, graphics, library)2022-12-061.4.2BrentYorgey
diagrams-graphviz222.03Graph layout and drawing with GraphViz and diagrams (bsd3, graphics, library)2020-02-
diagrams-gtk250.06Backend for rendering diagrams directly to GTK windows (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-10-271.4BrentYorgey, JohnLato, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-haddock690.01Preprocessor for embedding diagrams in Haddock documentation (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2023-07-, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-hsqml120.01HsQML (Qt5) backend for Diagrams (bsd3, graphics, library)2015-08-
diagrams-html5230.01HTML5 canvas backend for diagrams drawing EDSL (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-04-181.4.2BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-input120.00Parse raster and SVG files for diagrams (bsd3, diagrams, graphics, library)2023-06-200.1.3BrentYorgey
diagrams-lib2822.576Embedded domain-specific language for declarative graphics (bsd3, graphics, library)2024-05-, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-pdf100.01PDF backend for diagrams drawing EDSL (bsd3, graphics, library)2013-08-310.3.1alpheccar
diagrams-pgf292.02PGF backend for diagrams drawing EDSL. (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-07-, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-postscript1170.04Postscript backend for diagrams drawing EDSL (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-03-, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-qrcode160.01Draw QR codes to SVG, PNG, PDF or PS files. (bsd3, graphics, library)2015-10-021.3FelipeLessa
diagrams-rasterific742.09Rasterific backend for diagrams. (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-05-301.4.2.3BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-reflex70.01reflex backend for diagrams drawing EDSL. (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-02-190.1bergey
diagrams-rubiks-cube160.01Library for drawing the Rubik's Cube. (graphics, library, mit)2017-12-
diagrams-svg2092.022SVG backend for diagrams drawing EDSL. (bsd3, graphics, library)2021-12-, DeepakJois, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-tikz80.01TikZ backend for diagrams drawing EDSL (bsd3, graphics, library)2012-12-140.6AriePeterson
diagrams-wx60.01Backend for rendering diagrams in wxWidgets (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-04-
dihaa110.01ASCII based Diagram drawing in Haskell (Idea based on ditaa) (gpl, graphics, program)2017-05-
dot230.02Datatypes and encoding for graphviz dot files (bsd3, data, graphics, graphs, library)2019-03-150.3andrewthad, chessai
dot2graphml180.01Converter from GraphViz .dot format to yEd GraphML (bsd3, graphics, program)2014-09-
dotparse140.00dot language parsing and printing. (bsd3, graphics, library, project)2023-12-300.1.0.0tonyday567
dvi-processing120.01Read/write DVI and TFM file (graphics, library, public-domain, typography)2014-02-200.3.1AaronBlack, JeanPhilippeBernardy
dx9base70.03Backend for a binding to the Microsoft DirectX 9 API. (bsd3, graphics, library)2011-09-030.1.1KidoTakahiro
dx9d3d120.02A binding to the Microsoft DirectX 9 API. (bsd3, graphics, library)2011-12-
dx9d3dx50.01A binding to the Microsoft DirectX 9 D3DX API. (bsd3, graphics, library)2011-09-030.1.1KidoTakahiro
dyna-gloss60.00FRP for gloss graphics and animation library (bsd3, frp, graphics, library)2022-04-
dyna-processing50.00FRP library for processing-for-haskell package (bsd3, frp, graphics, library)2022-04-
dynamic-graph440.02Draw and update graphs in real time with OpenGL (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-07-
dynamic-plot350.01Interactive diagram windows (gpl, graphics, library)2022-04-
earclipper52.01Ear Clipping Triangulation (graphics, library, mit, program)2017-02-
easyplot190.02A tiny plotting library, utilizes gnuplot for plotting. (graphics, library, math, mit, plotting)2013-03-261.0JulianFleischer
easyrender270.05User-friendly creation of EPS, PostScript, and PDF files (gpl, graphics, library)2018-11-
easytensor-vulkan250.01Use easytensor with vulkan-api. (bsd3, geometry, graphics, library, math, opengl, vulkan)2021-04-
explore140.01Experimental Plot data Reconstructor (bsd3, graphics, program)2010-03-
fig80.01Manipulation of FIG files (bsd3, graphics, library)2013-07-031.4.0AndersLauOlsen
fltkhs1202.03FLTK bindings (graphics, gui, library, mit, program, ui, user-interfaces)2020-02-
fltkhs-demos (deprecated)80.01FLTKHS demos. Please scroll to the bottom for more information. (deprecated, graphics, mit, program, ui)2016-02-
fltkhs-fluid-demos (deprecated)80.01Fltkhs Fluid Demos (deprecated, graphics, mit, program, ui)2016-02-
fltkhs-fluid-examples (deprecated in favor of fltkhs-fluid-demos)90.01Fltkhs Fluid Examples (deprecated, graphics, mit, program, ui)2016-01-
fltkhs-hello-world60.01Fltkhs template project (graphics, mit, program, ui)2016-01-
fltkhs-themes240.01A set of themed widgets that provides drop in replacements to the ones in FLTKHS. (bsd3, graphics, gui, library, ui, user-interfaces)2020-02-
font-opengl-basic4x6100.01Basic4x6 font for OpenGL (graphics, library, program, public-domain)2012-06-040.0.3BrianLewis
fractal140.01Draw Newton, Julia and Mandelbrot fractals (bsd3, graphics, program)2009-06-170.0.1MaxRabkin
free-game770.01Create games for free (bsd3, graphics, library, monads)2022-08-291.2FumiakiKinoshita
freenect210.01Interface to the Kinect device. (bsd3, graphics, library)2015-09-151.2.1ChrisDone
freetype-simple90.01Single line text rendering for OpenGL ES (graphics, library, public-domain)2014-11-
freetype2402.010Haskell bindings for FreeType 2 library (bsd3, graphics, library)2020-03-220.2.0JasonDagit, Mokosha, OleksiiDivak
friday292.06A functional image processing library for Haskell. (graphics, lgpl, library)2023-05-, ThomasDuBuisson
friday-devil90.03Uses the DevIL C library to read and write images from and to files and memory buffers. (graphics, lgpl, library)2015-03-
friday-scale-dct80.01Scale Friday images with DCT (bsd3, graphics, library)2015-11-301.0.0.1AlexMason
funcmp322.01Functional MetaPost is a Haskell frontend to the MetaPost language (gpl, graphics, library)2018-01-291.9PeterSimons
gd430.014A Haskell binding to a subset of the GD graphics library (bsd3, graphics, library)2012-03-173000.7.3BjornBringert, ChrisDone
gegl120.02Haskell bindings to GEGL library (graphics, lgpl, library)2017-03-
gelatin110.04A graphics description language. (graphics, library, mit, program)2017-11-
gelatin-fruity60.01Gelatin's support for rendering TTF outlines, using FontyFruity. (bsd3, graphics, library)2017-10-
gelatin-gl60.02OpenGL rendering routines for the gelatin-picture graphics EDSL. (graphics, library, mit, program)2017-10-
gelatin-sdl280.00An SDL2 backend for the gelatin renderer. (graphics, library, mit, program)2017-10-300.1.1.0SchellScivally
geomancy252.08Geometry and matrix manipulation (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-05-310.2.6.0AlexanderBondarenko
geomancy-layout70.03Geometry and matrix manipulation (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-09-100.1AlexanderBondarenko
ghci-diagrams (deprecated in favor of activehs)80.01Display simple diagrams from ghci (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2011-03-010.1.1PeterDivianszky
ghostscript-parallel120.00Let Ghostscript render pages in parallel (bsd3, graphics, program)2024-01-070.0.1HenningThielemann
gi-cairo-again50.00Bridge between packages gi-* and cairo-core. (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-02-021.16.0magicloud
gi-cairo-connector300.03GI friendly Binding to the Cairo library. (graphics, lgpl, library)2021-11-270.1.1inaki, eyevanmalicesun, cohomology
gi-cairo-render230.04GI friendly Binding to the Cairo library. (bsd3, graphics, library)2022-10-150.1.2inaki, eyevanmalicesun, cohomology
gi-gio-hs-list-model100.00Haskell implementation of GListModel interface from gi-gio (graphics, lgpl, library)2021-08-
gi-gtk-declarative362.01Declarative GTK+ programming in Haskell (graphics, library, mpl)2021-09-170.7.1tomjaguarpaw, owickstrom
gi-gtk-declarative-app-simple290.01Declarative GTK+ programming in Haskell in the style of Pux. (graphics, library, mpl)2021-09-170.7.1tomjaguarpaw, owickstrom
gi-gtk-hs710.05A wrapper for gi-gtk, adding a few more idiomatic API parts on top (graphics, lgpl, library)2023-06-170.3.16HamishMackenzie, inaki
gjk102.01Gilbert-Johnson-Keerthi (GJK) collision detection algorithm (graphics, library, mit)2020-03-
gjk2d190.01 (bsd3, graphics, library)2020-11-
gl662.013Complete OpenGL raw bindings (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-06-160.9EdwardKmett, Polarina, ryanglscott
gl-block70.04OpenGL standard memory layouts (graphics, library)2023-05-311.0AlexanderBondarenko
gl-capture130.02simple image capture from OpenGL (bsd3, graphics, library)2012-07-
gl3w110.00Haskell bindings for the gl3w library. (graphics, library, mit)2021-04-100.1.0sighingnow
glade120.09Binding to the glade library. (graphics, lgpl, library)2016-12-130.13.1AndyStewart, AxelSimon, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
glapp (deprecated)80.01An OpenGL micro framework. (deprecated, gpl, graphics, library, program)2014-01-
glintcollider110.01A simple ray tracer in an early stage of development. (bsd3, graphics, program)2011-05-030.0.2ColinHill
glome-hs100.01ray tracer (graphics, library, program)2010-06-190.61DonaldStewart, JimSnow
gloss1802.7536Painless 2D vector graphics, animations and simulations. (graphics, library, mit)2022-03-, ScottWalck, TrevorMcDonell, danielkroeni
gloss-accelerate180.02Extras to interface Gloss and Accelerate (accelerate, bsd3, graphics, library)2020-08-
gloss-algorithms350.01Data structures and algorithms for working with 2D graphics. (graphics, library, mit)2022-03-, ScottWalck, TrevorMcDonell, danielkroeni
gloss-banana100.01An Interface for gloss in terms of a reactive-banana Behavior. (gpl, graphics, library)2014-10-300.1.0.4Twey
gloss-devil80.01Display images in Gloss using libdevil for decoding (bsd3, graphics, library)2012-11-040.2ThomasDuBuisson
gloss-examples840.01Examples using the gloss library (graphics, mit, program)2022-03-, ScottWalck, TrevorMcDonell, danielkroeni
gloss-export170.00Export Gloss pictures to png, bmp, tga, tiff, gif and juicy-pixels-image (graphics, library, mit, program)2021-07-
gloss-game160.01Gloss wrapper that simplifies writing games (bsd3, game, graphics, library)2014-08-
gloss-juicy222.03Load any image supported by Juicy.Pixels in your gloss application (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2018-08-290.2.3AlpMestanogullari, HugoPacheco
gloss-raster810.01Parallel rendering of raster images. (graphics, library, mit)2020-07-, ScottWalck, TrevorMcDonell, danielkroeni
gloss-raster-accelerate160.01Parallel rendering of raster images using Accelerate (accelerate, bsd3, graphics, library)2020-08-
gloss-raster-massiv282.00Massiv-based alternative for gloss-raster (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-08-
gloss-rendering1262.07Gloss picture data types and rendering functions. (graphics, library, mit)2022-03-, ScottWalck, TrevorMcDonell, danielkroeni
gloss-sodium70.01A Sodium interface to the Gloss drawing package. (agpl, graphics, library)2014-10-300.1.0.0Twey
glsl102.00Parser and optimizer for a small subset of GLSL (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2021-04-
gltf-codec122.02glTF scene loader (bsd3, graphics, library)2022-03-
gltf-loader140.00High level GlTF loader (graphics, library, mit, program)2022-11-
gmndl100.01Mandelbrot Set explorer using GTK (gpl, graphics, program)2017-08-
gnuplot1561.5102D and 3D plots using gnuplot (bsd3, graphics, library, math)2022-02-130.5.7HenningThielemann
gpolyline170.02Pure module for encoding/decoding Google Polyline (bsd3, graphics, library)2014-07-300.1.0.1FinnEspenGundersen
grafana60.00API for creating grafana dashboards represented as json (bsd3, graphics, library, tooling)2019-09-120.2chessai
graph-rewriting-gl480.03OpenGL interface for interactive port graph rewriting (bsd3, graphics, graphs, library)2024-03-180.7.9JanRochel
graph-rewriting-layout260.04Force-directed node placement intended for incremental graph drawing (bsd3, graphics, graphs, library)2024-03-180.5.8JanRochel
graph-rewriting-strategies240.01Evaluation strategies for port-graph rewriting systems (bsd3, graphics, graphs, library)2024-03-180.2.9JanRochel
graphics-drawingcombinators450.01A functional interface to 2D drawing in OpenGL (bsd3, graphics, library)2015-07-241.5.1EyalLotem, LukePalmer
graphics-formats-collada100.01Load 3D geometry in the COLLADA format (bsd3, graphics, library)2010-06-110.3.1LukePalmer
graphicsFormats60.03Classes for renderable objects. (bsd3, graphics, library)2008-10-310.1ConalElliott
graphicstools100.01Tools for creating graphical UIs, based on wxHaskell. (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2012-03-130.2.2VilleTirronen
graphviz2162.2551Bindings to Graphviz for graph visualisation. (bsd3, graphics, graphs, library)2023-12-132999.20.2.0DanielDiaz, IvanMiljenovic, MatthewSackman
gridbounds62.01Collision detection for GridBox (graphics, library, mit)2017-02-
gridbox182.01A grid box model (graphics, library, mit)2017-02-
gross70.00A spoof on gloss for terminal animation (graphics, library, mit, program)2017-01-
gruff190.01fractal explorer GUI using the ruff library (gpl, graphics, library, program)2016-11-070.4ClaudeHeilandAllen
gruff-examples80.01Mandelbrot Set examples using ruff and gruff (gpl, graphics, program)2016-11-070.4ClaudeHeilandAllen
gtk2302.0125Binding to the Gtk+ graphical user interface library. (graphics, lgpl, library)2023-05-120.15.8AndyStewart, AxelSimon, DanielWagner, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
gtk-helpers110.02A collection of auxiliary operations and widgets related to Gtk+ (bsd3, graphics, library)2020-06-050.1.0IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
gtk-jsinput90.01A simple custom form widget for gtk which allows inputing of JSON values (gpl, graphics, library)2012-11-290.0.0TimothyHobbs
gtk-largeTreeStore110.02Large TreeStore support for gtk2hs (data-structures, graphics, lgpl, library)2014-10-
gtk-mac-integration170.02Bindings for the Gtk/OS X integration library. (graphics, lgpl, library)2017-07-
gtk-serialized-event80.014GTK+ Serialized event. (graphics, lgpl, library)2010-11-070.12.0AndyStewart
gtk-simple-list-view110.01A simple custom form widget for gtk which allows single LOC creation/updating of list views. (gpl, graphics, library)2012-11-290.0.0TimothyHobbs
gtk-toggle-button-list110.01A simple custom form widget for gtk which allows single LOC creation/updating of toggle button lists. (gpl, graphics, library)2012-11-290.0.0TimothyHobbs
gtk-toy90.01Convenient Gtk canvas with mouse and keyboard input. (bsd3, graphics, gui, library)2012-01-220.2.0MichaelSloan
gtk-traymanager240.02A wrapper around the eggtraymanager library for Linux system trays (graphics, lgpl, library)2018-04-091.0.1TristanRavitch
gtk2hs-hello90.01Gtk2Hs Hello World, an example package (graphics, mit, program)2014-09-
gtk31262.536Binding to the Gtk+ 3 graphical user interface library (graphics, lgpl, library)2023-05-120.15.8HamishMackenzie
gtk3-helpers100.00A collection of auxiliary operations and widgets related to Gtk (bsd3, graphics, library)2020-06-050.1.0keera_studios_ci
gtk3-mac-integration220.02Bindings for the Gtk/OS X integration library. (graphics, lgpl, library)2017-07-
gtkglext140.06Binding to the GTK+ OpenGL Extension (graphics, lgpl, library)2018-05-, AxelSimon, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
gtkimageview80.02Binding to the GtkImageView library. (graphics, lgpl, library)2010-11-070.12.0AndyStewart
gtksourceview2240.07Binding to the GtkSourceView library. (graphics, lgpl, library)2016-10-, AxelSimon, DanielWagner, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
gtksourceview3240.03Binding to the GtkSourceView library. (graphics, lgpl, library)2016-10-
gvti300.00GraphViz Tabular Interface (graphics, library, mit, program)2023-05-
h-raylib1122.51Raylib bindings for Haskell (apache, graphics, library)2024-04-
hOff-display60.00The tool to transform the OFF to other image format. (gpl, graphics, library, program)2017-12-
haha170.02A simple library for creating animated ascii art on ANSI terminals. (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2012-06-, SebastiaanVisser
handa-opengl190.01Utility functions for OpenGL and GLUT (graphics, library, mit)2016-04-
happindicator140.01Binding to the appindicator library. (graphics, lgpl, library)2012-01-250.0.4AndrewMiller
happy-hour90.00Generate simple okay-looking bar plots without much effort (graphics, library, mit)2022-12-, Monoid_Mary
haskell-pdf-presenter90.01Tool for presenting PDF-based presentations. (application, gpl, graphics, image-viewer, pdf, program)2014-01-200.2.5MichaelAdams
haskell-plot60.01A library for generating 2D plots painlessly. (graphics, library)2014-04-
haskgame (deprecated in favor of sdl2)200.02Haskell game library. (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2009-08-060.0.6EyalLotem
hayland (deprecated)100.01Haskell bindings for the C Wayland library. (deprecated, graphics, library, mit, program)2014-09-
hcad50.00Haskell CAD library (graphics, library)2020-01-300.1JeanPhilippeBernardy
hevolisa100.01Genetic Mona Lisa problem in Haskell (bsd3, graphics, program)2009-03-080.0.1DanielNeun
hevolisa-dph80.01Genetic Mona Lisa problem in Haskell - using Data Parallel Haskell (bsd3, graphics, program)2009-03-080.0.1DanielNeun
hexif (deprecated in favor of hsexif)60.01Reading Exif data form a JPEG file with Haskell (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2014-06-
hfractal190.01OpenGL fractal renderer (bsd3, graphics, program)2011-08-
hgl-example80.01Various animations generated using HGL (graphics, program)2014-07-090.0.2HenningThielemann
hierarchical-clustering-diagrams150.01Draw diagrams of dendrograms made by hierarchical-clustering. (bsd3, clustering, graphics, library)2019-10-070.4FelipeLessa
himg50.01Simple gtk2hs image viewer. Point it at an image and fire away. (gpl, graphics, library, program)2014-02-
hip762.54Haskell Image Processing (HIP) Library. (bsd3, graphics, image-processing, library)2020-05-
hls (deprecated)250.02Haskell Lindenmayer Systems (deprecated, graphics, library)2014-11-160.15RohanDrape
hogre140.03Haskell binding to a subset of OGRE (graphics, library, mit)2012-06-160.1.5AnttiSalonen
hogre-examples150.01Examples for using Hogre. (graphics, mit, program)2012-04-050.1.4AnttiSalonen
honi60.01OpenNI 2 binding (graphics, library, mit)2014-02-, PatrickChilton
hoodle-render270.03Hoodle file renderer (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-07-250.6IanWooKim
hps (deprecated)250.04Haskell Postscript (deprecated, graphics, library)2017-11-220.16RohanDrape
hps-cairo (deprecated)100.01Cairo rendering for the haskell postscript library (deprecated, graphics, library, program)2011-11-220.11RohanDrape
hs-captcha260.01Generate images suitable for use as CAPTCHAs in online web-form security. (bsd3, graphics, library)2009-10-301.0IreneKnapp
hs-gchart190.01Haskell wrapper for the Google Chart API (bsd3, graphics, library)2020-07-250.4.2DeepakJois, tomjaguarpaw
hsexif860.02EXIF handling library in pure Haskell (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-05-
hsmagick170.03FFI bindings for the GraphicsMagick library (bsd3, graphics, library)2011-03-130.5TimChevalier, VincentGerard
hsparklines150.01Sparklines for Haskell (bsd3, graphics, library)2008-02-270.1.0HiteshJasani
hsqml252.54Haskell binding for Qt Quick (bsd3, graphics, gui, library)2018-03-
hsqml-datamodel210.01HsQML (Qt5) data model. (bsd3, graphics, library)2015-08-
hsqml-datamodel-vinyl100.01HsQML DataModel instances for Vinyl Rec. (bsd3, graphics, library)2015-08-
hsqml-demo-morris90.01HsQML-based implementation of Nine Men's Morris (bsd3, game, graphics, program)2016-02-
hsqml-demo-notes80.01Sticky notes example program implemented in HsQML (bsd3, graphics, program)2015-06-
hsqml-demo-samples120.01HsQML sample programs (bsd3, graphics, gui, program)2016-02-
hsqml-morris (deprecated in favor of hsqml-demo-morris)60.01HsQML-based implementation of Nine Men's Morris (bsd3, deprecated, game, graphics, program)2013-10-
htdp-image70.00Beginner friendly graphics library. (bsd3, graphics, library)2021-08-
hubigraph90.02A haskell wrap for Ubigraph (bsd3, graphics, library)2011-01-180.3.2KoheiOzaki
hvega1360.06Create Vega-Lite visualizations (version 4) in Haskell. (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-09-
hvega-theme250.02Theme for hvega. (gpl, graphics, library)2021-08-
hylide140.00WebGL live-coding environment for writing shaders with Hylogen (graphics, library, mit, program)2016-10-
hylogen732.251GLSL embedded in Haskell (graphics, library, mit)2016-10-
hyper280.02Display class for the HyperHaskell graphical Haskell interpreter (bsd3, graphics, library, pretty-printer)2021-05-
hyper-extra220.01Display instances for the HyperHaskell graphical Haskell interpreter (bsd3, graphics, library, pretty-printer)2021-05-
icon-fonts140.01Package for handling icon fonts in Haskell (bsd3, graphics, library)2018-03-
identicon300.02Flexible generation of identicons (bsd3, graphics, image, library)2023-12-290.2.3mrkkrp
identicon-style-squares112.01Squares style for the identicon package (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-01-
ige-mac-integration (deprecated in favor of gtk3-mac-integration)110.02Bindings for the Gtk/OS X integration library. (deprecated, graphics, lgpl, library)2011-04-
image-type130.02Determine the type of an image by reading the first bytes. (bsd3, graphics, library)2014-08-
imagefilters100.01Image Filters (contrast, brightness, gaussian blur, etc) (bsd3, graphics, library)2012-01-150.1TimChannell
imagemagick342.01bindings to imagemagick library (graphics, library)2016-06-
imagesize-conduit300.03Determine the size of some common image formats. (bsd3, conduit, graphics, library)2015-03-311.1AdamBergmark, FelipeLessa, MichaelSnoyman, lostbean
imj-animation82.01Animation Framework (algorithms, animation, bsd3, game-engine, graphics, library)2018-01-
imj-base72.02Game engine with geometry, easing, animated text, delta rendering. (algorithms, animation, bsd3, game-engine, graphics, library, mathematics, optimisation, optimization, program, terminal, user-interface)2018-01-
imj-game-hamazed52.00A game with flying numbers and 8-bit color animations. (animation, application, bsd3, education, game, graphics, library, program)2018-01-
implicit452.01A math-inspired programmatic 2D & 3D CAD system. (agpl, graphics, library)2023-12-, Juri_
integration540.08Fast robust numeric integration via tanh-sinh quadrature (bsd3, graphics, library)2015-03-070.2.1EdwardKmett
internetmarke80.01Shell command for constructing custom stamps for German Post (console, graphics, program)2023-01-150.0.4HenningThielemann
isiz90.01A program to show the size of image and whether suitable for wallpaper. (bsd3, graphics, program)2014-04-150.0.1HironaoKomatsu
itemfield240.01A brick Widget for selectable summary of many elements on a terminal (bsd3, console, graphics, library)2017-02-
iterm-show-diagrams90.01Orphan Show instances for diagrams package that render inline in some terminals (bsd3, graphics, library)2018-10-
jort60.01JP's own ray tracer (graphics, program)2010-11-101.0.0JeanPhilippeBernardy
jpeg90.01A library for decoding JPEG files written in pure Haskell (bsd3, graphics, library)2014-08-
juicy-draw110.00Draw and fill lines, rectangles and polygons (graphics, library, mit, program)2018-12-
juicy-gcode450.01SVG to G-Code converter (bsd3, graphics, program)2023-05-
ktx70.01A binding for libktx from Khronos (graphics, library, mit)2015-05-310.2Corngood
ktx-codec152.01Khronos texture format (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-04-
lambda-canvas70.01Educational drawing canvas for FP explorers. (education, graphics, library, mit)2012-08-290.1DimitrySolovyov
lambdacube-bullet (deprecated)90.01Example for combining LambdaCube and Bullet (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library, physics)2011-06-230.2.1CsabaHruska
lambdacube-compiler140.01LambdaCube 3D is a DSL to program GPUs (bsd3, compiler, graphics, library)2016-11-
lambdacube-core (deprecated in favor of lambdacube-compiler, lambdacube-ir)70.03LambdaCube 3D IR (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2014-12-090.2.0CsabaHruska
lambdacube-edsl70.02LambdaCube 3D EDSL definition (bsd3, graphics, library)2014-12-090.2.0CsabaHruska
lambdacube-engine (deprecated in favor of lambdacube-core)150.023D rendering engine written entirely in Haskell (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2012-07-010.2.4CsabaHruska, GergelyPatai
lambdacube-examples (deprecated in favor of lambdacube-samples)160.01Examples for LambdaCube (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, program)2011-10-290.2.2CsabaHruska
lambdacube-gl450.02OpenGL 3.3 Core Profile backend for LambdaCube 3D (bsd3, graphics, library)2017-05-
lambdacube-ir90.02LambdaCube 3D intermediate representation of 3D graphics pipelines (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-11-
lambdacube-samples70.01Samples for LambdaCube 3D (bsd3, graphics, program)2014-12-090.2.0CsabaHruska
language-glsl480.06GLSL abstract syntax tree, parser, and pretty-printer (bsd3, graphics, language, library, program)2018-09-020.3.0VoMinhThu
layered-graph-drawing60.00Layered Graph Drawing after Sugiyama (bsd3, graph, graphics, library, program)2023-07-
line-drawing170.00raster line drawing (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-03-
linear-opengl300.01Isomorphisms between linear and OpenGL types (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-10-
linux-framebuffer60.00Linux fbdev (framebuffer device, /dev/fbX) utility functions (graphics, library)2020-06-030SergeyAlirzaev
liveplot70.00Liveplotting (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2018-07-
load-font100.01A cross platform library for loading bundled fonts into your application (bsd3, font, graphics, gui, library, ui, user-interfaces)2020-02-
louis160.00Turning images into text using Braille font (graphics, library, mit)2019-09-
lowgl260.01Basic gl wrapper and reference (bsd2, graphics, library)2016-11-
lp-diagrams180.02An EDSL for diagrams based based on linear constraints (agpl, graphics, library)2020-10-202.1.4JeanPhilippeBernardy
lp-diagrams-svg90.01SVG Backend for lp-diagrams (graphics, library)2016-03-121.1JeanPhilippeBernardy
lucid-extras182.01Generate more HTML with Lucid - Bootstrap, Rdash, Vega-Lite, Leaflet JS, Email. (graphics, library, mit, web)2019-02-190.2.2glutamate, ocramz
lucid-svg700.07DSL for SVG using lucid for HTML (bsd3, graphics, library)2024-06-, jeffreyrosenbluth
lui120.01Purely FunctionaL User Interface (bsd3, graphics, library)2009-08-310.0.6EyalLotem
luminance930.00Type-safe, type-level and stateless graphics framework (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-09-
luminance-samples330.01Luminance samples (bsd3, graphics, program)2016-02-270.11DimitriSabadie
mandulia110.01A zooming visualisation of the Mandelbrot Set as many Julia Sets. (gpl, graphics, program)2022-09-
mars130.01Generates mountainous terrain using a random walk algorithm. (gpl, graphics, library)2016-08-
matplotlib702.251Bindings to Matplotlib; a Python plotting library (bsd3, graphics, library)2021-11-080.7.7AndreiBarbu
mcmaster-gloss-examples50.01 (graphics, mit, program)2014-04-072013yuriyt
minilight250.01A SDL2-based graphics library, batteries-included. (graphics, library, mit, program)2020-05-050.5.0myuon
minilight-lua80.00A binding library of minilight for Lua langauge. (graphics, library, mit, program)2020-05-
minimung80.01Shows how to run grabber on Mac OS X (bsd3, foreign, graphics, program)2010-02-200.1YakovZaytsev
minitypeset-opengl180.00Layout and render text with TrueType fonts using OpenGL (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-05-
mmsyn4 (deprecated in favor of gvti)441.250The "glue" between electronic tables and GraphViz (GraphViz, deprecated, graphics, library, mit, program)2022-08-
mosaico-lib80.01Generación interactiva de mosaicos (bsd3, graphics, library)2015-05-
nanovg602.03Haskell bindings for nanovg (graphics, library)2022-08-, fjvallarino
nanovg-simple70.00Simple interface to rendering with NanoVG (bsd3, graphics, library)2020-12-
nehe-tuts180.01Port of the NeHe OpenGL tutorials to Haskell. (bsd3, graphics, program)2013-07-110.2.4JasonDagit
netpbm620.03Loading PBM, PGM, PPM image files (codec, graphics, library, mit)2021-02-281.0.4NiklasHambuechen, PatrickChilton
not-gloss650.04Painless 3D graphics, no affiliation with gloss (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-06-
not-gloss-examples150.01examples for not-gloss (bsd3, graphics, program)2016-01-
null-canvas110.01HTML5 Canvas Graphics Library - forked Blank Canvas (bsd3, graphics, library)2013-06-050.2.7KrzysztofSkrzetnicki
number-wall80.00Create number walls and save them as images (algorithms, graphics, image, library, math, mit)2022-09-
nymphaea90.01An interactive GUI for manipulating L-systems (bsd3, graphics, program)2009-06-060.3CaleGibbard, GwernBranwen
obj60.01Reads and writes obj models. (bsd3, graphics, library)2008-11-250.1.2ThomasDavie
oculus (deprecated)90.01Oculus Rift ffi providing head tracking data (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2014-01-
off-simple60.01A parser for simplified-syntax OFF files (bsd3, graphics, library)2011-11-200.1AdamFoltzer
ois-input-manager70.01wrapper for OIS input manager for use with hogre (bsd3, game, graphics, library)2013-04-
ombra222.01Render engine. (bsd3, graphics, library)2017-11-
opencascade-hs612.02Thin Wrapper for the OpenCASCADE CAD Kernel (ffi, graphics, lgpl, library)2024-05-
opencv292.01Haskell binding to OpenCV-3.x (ai, bsd3, graphics, library)2018-01-, OliverCharles, RoelVanDijk
opencv-extra302.01Haskell binding to OpenCV-3.x extra modules (ai, bsd3, graphics, library)2018-01-, OliverCharles, RoelVanDijk
openexr-write210.01Library for writing images in OpenEXR HDR file format. (graphics, library)2018-08-
opengl-dlp-stereo140.01Library and example for using DLP stereo in OpenGL (graphics, library, mit, program)2016-04-
opengl-spacenavigator160.01Library and example for using a SpaceNavigator-compatible 3-D mouse with OpenGL (graphics, library, mit, program)2016-04-
opengles132.01Functional interface for OpenGL 4.1+ and OpenGL ES 2.0+ (graphics, lgpl, library)2016-03-110.8.3capsjac
oscpacking140.01Implements an osculatory packing (kissing circles) algorithm and display. (gpl, graphics, library)2016-08-
pango2310.024Binding to the Pango text rendering engine. (graphics, lgpl, library)2023-05-, AxelSimon, DanielWagner, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
parsnip50.00A fast, minimal parser (graphics, library)2021-03-240EdwardKmett
patch-image280.01Compose a big image from overlapping parts (bsd3, graphics)2023-08-
pcd-loader180.01PCD file loader. (bsd3, graphics, library, program, robotics)2013-02-
pcf-font132.01PCF font parsing and rendering library. (bsd3, graphics, library)2022-04-
pcf-font-embed100.01Template Haskell for embedding text rendered using PCF fonts. (bsd3, graphics, library)2018-02-
pgm160.01Pure Haskell implementation of PGM image format (bsd3, graphics, library)2014-06-050.1.4FrederickRoss, SergeyAstanin
phraskell130.01A fractal viewer. (gpl, graphics, program)2013-02-230.1.4DimitriSabadie
pictikz200.01Converts a svg image to tikz code. (gpl, graphics, program)2017-04-
pixelated-avatar-generator130.00A library and application for generating pixelated avatars. (graphics, image, library, mit, program)2016-08-130.1.3ExcaliburZero
plot1040.05A plotting library, exportable as eps/pdf/svg/png or renderable with gtk (bsd3, graphics, library)2024-03-
plot-gtk400.01GTK plots and interaction with GHCi (bsd3, graphics, library)2015-12-
plot-gtk390.01GTK3 plots and interaction with GHCi (bsd3, graphics, library)2015-10-
plot-light720.00A lightweight plotting library, exporting to SVG (bsd3, graphics, library)2018-05-130.4.3ocramz
plot-light-examples130.00Example binaries for plot-light (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2018-05-
plotfont160.01Plotter-like fonts i.e. a series of straight lines which make letter shapes. (graphics, library)2015-09-
plotlyhs200.01Haskell bindings to Plotly.js (charts, graphics, library, mit)2022-11-230.2.3glutamate, JonathanReeve
plots370.03Diagrams based plotting library (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-11-
ply-loader310.01PLY file loader. (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2016-12-210.5.0AnthonyCowley
pnm100.01PNM image format header parsing and pretty printing (bsd3, graphics, library)2012-07-
poppler250.06Binding to the Poppler. (gpl, graphics, library)2018-04-080.14.2AndyStewart, IanWooKim
potrace110.01Trace bitmap images to paths using potrace (gpl, graphics, library)2015-06-
potrace-diagrams110.01Potrace bindings for the diagrams library (gpl, graphics, library)2015-06-
prettychart160.00Pretty print charts from ghci. (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-12-
prettyprinter-graphviz210.00A prettyprinter backend for graphviz (bsd3, graphics, library)2020-10-
prettyprinter-vty60.01prettyprinter backend for vty (graphics, library)2017-06-
printxosd120.01Simple tool to display some text on an on-screen display (bsd3, graphics, program)2008-11-220.1DonaldStewart
prizm380.01Convert colors to different color spaces, interpolate colors, and transform colors (bsd3, graphics, library)2017-04-293.0.0ParnellSpringmeyer
probability450.04Probabilistic Functional Programming (bsd3, graphics, library, math, monads)2023-02-150.2.8HenningThielemann
processing202.01Web graphic applications with processing.js. (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-06-
processing-for-haskell110.02Computer graphics for kids and artists with Processing implemented in Haskell. (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-07-
propane50.01Functional synthesis of images and animations (bsd3, graphics, library)2011-12-220.1KeeganMcAllister
puzzle-draw150.01Creating graphics for pencil puzzles. (graphics, library, mit, program)2018-07-
puzzle-draw-cmdline (deprecated in favor of puzzle-draw)120.01Creating graphics for pencil puzzles, command line tools. (deprecated, graphics, mit, program)2014-04-
qrcode-juicypixels420.02Converts a qrcode-core image to JuicyPixels (graphics, library, mit)2023-04-230.8.5alexkazik
qt70.01Qt bindings (graphics, library)2015-10-, keera_studios_ci
qtah-cpp-qt5280.01Qt bindings for Haskell - C++ library (graphics, lgpl, library)2021-02-070.8.0khumba
qtah-examples370.01Example programs for Qtah Qt bindings (graphics, lgpl, program)2021-02-070.8.0khumba
qtah-generator250.02Generator for Qtah Qt bindings (graphics, lgpl, library, program)2021-02-070.8.0khumba
qtah-qt5382.00Qt bindings for Haskell (graphics, lgpl, library)2021-02-070.8.0khumba
rasterific-svg482.02SVG renderer based on Rasterific. (bsd3, graphics, library, program, svg)2018-10-
raylib-imgui60.00Haskell bindings for rlImGui (apache, graphics, library)2022-12-
reactive-banana-sdl90.01Reactive Banana bindings for SDL (gpl, graphics, library)2014-01-310.2.0JeanPhilippeMoresmau
reactive-banana-sdl280.01Reactive Banana integration with SDL2 (bsd3, frp, graphics, library)2016-02-
reactive-fieldtrip200.01Connect Reactive and FieldTrip (bsd3, frp, graphics, library)2009-05-220.0.9ConalElliott
reactive-glut280.02Connects Reactive and GLUT (bsd3, frp, graphics, library)2011-01-090.1.10ConalElliott
reanimate922.51Animation library based on SVGs. (graphics, library)2022-06-, izuzu_izuzu
reanimate-svg790.03SVG file loader and serializer (bsd3, graphics, library, svg)2021-02-, izuzu_izuzu
record-gl70.01Utilities for working with OpenGL's GLSL shading language and Nikita Volkov's "Record"s. (bsd3, graphics, library)2015-03-
reflex-dom-svg50.00Reflex functions for SVG elements. (bsd3, frp, graphics, library, web)2019-05-
reflex-gloss110.01An reflex interface for gloss. (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-02-110.2jeffreyrosenbluth
renderable220.01An API for managing renderable resources. (graphics, library, mit)2016-07-
repa-v4l2100.01Provides high-level access to webcams. (graphics, library, program)2012-07-
retroclash-sim90.00High-level simulators from the book "Retrocomputing with Clash" (graphics, hardware, library, mit)2022-02-120.1.1GergoErdi
rhythm-game-tutorial110.01Haskell rhythm game tutorial (bsd3, graphics, monads, program)2015-02-230.1.1FumiakiKinoshita
rigel-viz100.00A mid-level wrapper for vega-lite (bsd3, data-science, graphics, library, visualization)2019-02-
robot160.01Simulate keyboard and mouse events (graphics, library)2015-02-161.4ChrisWong
rsagl230.02The RogueStar Animation and Graphics Library (bsd3, graphics, library)2011-04-, GwernBranwen
rsi-break70.00Let your mind know that your hands need a rest! (bsd2, graphics, library, program)2023-10-
scaleimage70.01Scale an image to a new geometry (bsd3, graphics, program)2008-06-190.1DonaldStewart
scenegraph140.01Scene Graph (bsd3, graphics, library)2022-06-, pippijn
sdl-try-drivers150.00small testing tool for sdl2 and accelerated drivers (graphics, mit, program)2019-12-
sdl21392.7537Both high- and low-level bindings to the SDL library (version 2.0.6+). (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-04-, OliverCharles, Polarina, tejon
sdl2-cairo210.01Render with Cairo on SDL textures. (graphics, library, mit)2017-08-130.2apirogov
sdl2-cairo-image120.01An image loading and rendering library for sdl2 / sdl2-cairo (graphics, library, mit)2015-11-
sdl2-compositor250.01image compositing with sdl2 - declarative style (gpl, graphics, library)2017-06-
sdl2-gfx230.06Haskell bindings to SDL2_gfx (foreign, graphics, library, mit, program)2021-09-, locallycompact
sdl2-image450.09Haskell bindings to SDL2_image (foreign, graphics, image, library, mit, program)2021-09-, cailei, ccll, locallycompact
sdl2-ttf622.012Bindings to SDL2_ttf. (bsd3, font, foreign-binding, graphics, library)2022-08-142.1.3MikolajKonarski, OliverCharles, SinisaBidin, carldong
servant-JuicyPixels330.01Servant support for JuicyPixels (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2023-10-
sfnt2woff72.00A command line tool to convert TrueType/OpenType fonts to WOFF format (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2016-07-
shady-graphics60.01Functional GPU programming - DSEL & compiler (graphics, library)2011-06-300.5.0ConalElliott
shine172.251Declarative graphics for the browser using GHCJS (graphics, javascript, library, mit, web)2020-01-
shine-examples50.00Examples for the shine package (game, graphics, javascript, mit, web)2020-01-040.1fgaz
shine-varying62.01FRP interface for shine using the varying package (frp, graphics, javascript, library, mit, web)2016-04-
simple-cairo170.02Binding to Cairo library (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-12-
simple-firewire180.01Simplified interface for firewire cameras (bsd3, graphics, library, machine-vision, system)2013-05-
simple-pango120.01Binding to Pango library (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-12-
simple-ui160.00UI library for terminal. (gpl, graphics, library)2021-06-110.3.0piotrborek
sixel260.00Sixel library to show images in a terminal emulator (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2020-05-
smallpt-hs60.01A Haskell port of the smallpt path tracer. (bsd3, graphics, program)2010-09-080.1VoMinhThu
soegtk110.01GUI functions as used in the book "The Haskell School of Expression". (graphics, lgpl, library)2011-09-120.12.1AndyStewart, AxelSimon, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
spirv-reflect-ffi70.01C-library loader for spirv-reflect tool. (bsd3, graphics, library)2022-09-040.2AlexanderBondarenko
spirv-reflect-types60.03Data types from spirv-reflect tool. (bsd3, graphics, library)2022-09-040.2AlexanderBondarenko
spirv-reflect-yaml50.01YAML loader for spirv-reflect tool. (bsd3, graphics, library)2022-09-040.2AlexanderBondarenko
splines110.01B-Splines, other splines, and NURBS. (graphics, library, math, numerical, public-domain)2013-05-
splot770.01A tool for visualizing the lifecycle of many concurrent multi-staged processes. (bsd3, graphics, program)2015-12-260.3.14EugeneKirpichov
sscan60.01text UI for scanning with SANE (gpl, graphics, program)2020-01-280.2spwhitton
stacked-dag190.00Ascii DAG(Directed acyclic graph) for visualization of dataflow (bsd3, graphics, graphs, library, program)2018-10-
static-canvas240.02DSL to generate HTML5 Canvas javascript. (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-06-
stb-image230.09A wrapper around Sean Barrett's JPEG/PNG decoder (codec, graphics, library, public-domain)2012-02-130.2.1BalazsKomuves
stb-image-redux322.251Image loading and writing microlibrary (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-12-20typedrat
stb-truetype190.04A wrapper around Sean Barrett's TrueType rasterizer library. (graphics, library, public-domain)2019-04-140.1.4BalazsKomuves
streaming-png60.01Perfectly streaming PNG image decoding (bsd3, codec, graphics, image, library, streaming)2016-02-
stunts100.01A revival of the classic game Stunts (LambdaCube tech demo) (bsd3, graphics, program)2011-07-020.1.2CsabaHruska
svg-builder830.010DSL for building SVG. (bsd3, graphics, library)2018-05-100.1.1BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
svg-builder-fork80.01DSL for building SVG. (bsd3, graphics, library)2017-08-
svg-icons1300.00Svg Icons and more (bsd3, graphics, library, program, web)2024-06-053.9RamiroPastor
svg-tree582.04SVG file loader and serializer (bsd3, graphics, library, svg)2019-06-
svgcairo420.06Binding to the libsvg-cairo library. (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-12-, AxelSimon, DanielWagner, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
svgone90.00Optimise SVGs (bsd3, graphics, library, program, svg)2023-11-
svgutils70.01Helper functions for dealing with SVG files (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2010-08-110.1NeilBrown
tart162.00Terminal Art (bsd3, graphics, library)2020-11-200.3JonathanDaugherty
tdigest-Chart60.01Chart generation from tdigest (bsd3, graphics, library, numeric)2018-04-130.2phadej
testpattern40.01Display a monitor test pattern (bsd3, graphics, program)2008-08-310.1DonaldStewart
tga50.02Reading and writing of tga image files (bsd3, graphics, library)2011-07-250.2FinnEspenGundersen, TillmannVogt
thumbnail170.01generate thumbnail image (bsd3, graphics, library)2014-09-090.8.0KatsutoshiItoh
thumbnail-plus70.01Generate thumbnails easily and safely. (graphics, library, mit)2015-06-141.0.5FelipeLessa
thumbnail-polish50.00Image thumbnail creation (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-12-, DanielCampoverde
timeplot530.01A tool for visualizing time series from log files. (bsd3, graphics, program)2020-05-171.0.33EugeneKirpichov
tinytools-vty120.00tinytools-vty is a terminal based monospace unicode diagram editing tool (bsd3, graphics, library, program, tinytools)2023-12-, minimaple
treemap-html (deprecated)60.02Generates HTML for Data.Tree as TreeMap (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2010-03-050.1RadoslavDorcik
treemap-html-tools (deprecated)60.01Treemap related commands for producing foldable TreeMap HTML. (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library, program)2010-03-060.2RadoslavDorcik
triangulation70.02triangulation of polygons (bsd3, graphics, library)2011-07-250.3TillmannVogt
tsp-viz50.01Real time TSP tour visualization. (bsd3, graphics, program)2012-12-
twentefp-eventloop-graphics (deprecated in favor of eventloop)80.04Used as Lab Assignments Environment at the University of Twente (bsd3, deprecated, education, graphics, library)2014-10-
typograffiti62.01Just let me draw nice text already (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2023-02-, alcinnz
ueberzug50.00Haskell bindings for ueberzug to display images in the terminal (graphics, library, mit)2022-03-
union-color120.04Unify verious color formats (bsd3, data, graphics, library)2023-11-
uuagc-diagrams120.01Utility for drawing attribute grammar pictures with the diagrams package (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-03-
v4l270.03interface to Video For Linux Two (V4L2) (bsd3, graphics, library)2013-02-
v4l2-examples80.01video for linux two examples (bsd3, graphics, program)2013-02-
vect142.016A low-dimensional linear algebra library, tailored to computer graphics. (bsd3, graphics, library, math)2011-06-110.4.7BalazsKomuves
vect-opengl40.02OpenGL support for the `vect' low-dimensional linear algebra library. (bsd3, graphics, library, math)2014-03-
vector-space-opengl50.01Instances of vector-space classes for OpenGL types (bsd3, graphics, library, math)2013-09-300.2AdamFoltzer
vinyl-gl200.02Utilities for working with OpenGL's GLSL shading language and vinyl records. (bsd3, graphics, library)2018-09-110.3.4AnthonyCowley
vte90.03Binding to the VTE library. (graphics, lgpl, library)2016-10-300.13.1.1AndyStewart, AxelSimon, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
vtegtk3120.01Binding to the VTE library. (graphics, lgpl, library)2016-10-300.13.1.1HamishMackenzie
vty-crossplatform1360.02Cross-platform support for Vty (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-11-
vty-menu60.01A lib for displaying a menu and getting a selection using VTY (gpl, graphics, library, program)2016-10-110.0.4TimothyHobbs
vty-windows800.02Windows backend for Vty (bsd3, graphics, library)2024-04-
vulkan1502.510Bindings to the Vulkan graphics API. (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-10-213.26.1AlexanderBondarenko, jophish, sheaf, romes, expipiplus1
vulkan-api232.01Low-level low-overhead vulkan api bindings (bsd3, graphics, library, opengl, vulkan)2021-04-
vulkan-utils260.03Utils for the vulkan package (bsd3, graphics, library)2023-10-, expipiplus1
wallpaper60.00A library and executable for creating wallpaper, frieze, and rosette patterns. (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2017-05-
waterfall-cad522.01Declarative CAD/Solid Modeling Library (graphics, lgpl, library)2024-05-
waterfall-cad-examples432.00Examples for Waterfall CAD, a Declarative CAD/Solid Modeling Library (graphics, lgpl, library, program)2024-05-
wavefront-obj (deprecated)50.01Wavefront .obj file loader (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2016-10-
weak60.00Weak pointer extas (graphics, library)2021-03-230EdwardKmett
webkit250.013Binding to the Webkit library. (graphics, lgpl, library)2016-10-300.14.2.1AndyStewart, AxelSimon, DanielWagner, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
webkitgtk3200.011Binding to the Webkit library. (graphics, lgpl, library)2016-10-300.14.2.1HamishMackenzie
wgpu-hs50.00WGPU (bsd3, graphics, library)2021-09-
wgpu-raw-hs140.01WGPU Raw (bsd3, graphics, library)2021-09-
wumpus-basic200.04Basic objects and system code built on Wumpus-Core. (bsd3, graphics, library)2012-05-010.24.0StephenTetley
wumpus-core80.05Pure Haskell PostScript and SVG generation. (bsd3, graphics, library)2012-05-010.52.1StephenTetley
wumpus-drawing110.03High-level drawing objects built on Wumpus-Basic. (bsd3, graphics, library)2012-05-010.9.0StephenTetley
wumpus-microprint70.01Microprints - "greek-text" pictures. (bsd3, graphics, library)2011-01-140.14.0StephenTetley
wumpus-tree280.01Drawing trees (bsd3, graphics, library)2012-05-010.20.0StephenTetley
wxSimpleCanvas60.01Simple zoomable canvas for wxHaskell (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-12-
x11-xim130.03A binding to the xim of X11 graphics library (bsd3, graphics, library)2014-09-
x11-xinput80.01Haskell FFI bindings for X11 XInput library (-lXi) (bsd3, graphics, library)2013-02-
xbattbar90.01Simple battery indicator (graphics, mit, program)2012-10-070.2AlexanderPolakov
xdot320.02Parse Graphviz xdot files and interactively view them using GTK and Cairo (bsd3, graphics, graphs, library, program)2024-01-
xhb120.04X Haskell Bindings (bsd3, graphics, library)2015-08-020.6.2015.8.1AntoineLatter
xhb-atom-cache70.02Atom cache for XHB (bsd2, graphics, library)2015-02-
xhb-ewmh70.01EWMH utilities for XHB (bsd2, graphics, library)2015-03-
xosd120.01A binding to the X on-screen display (bsd3, graphics, library)2012-12-270.2.1DonaldStewart
xournal-render170.03Xournal file renderer (bsd3, graphics, library)2012-03-210.6.0IanWooKim
xtest80.01Thin FFI bindings to X11 XTest library (bsd3, graphics, library)2011-12-210.2IlyaPortnov
yampa-canvas140.01blank-canvas frontend for Yampa (bsd3, graphics, library)2018-11-030.2.3AndyGill, ryanglscott
yampa-glfw60.01Connects GLFW-b (GLFW 3+) with the Yampa FRP library (gpl, graphics, library, program)2014-06-
yampa-gloss100.01A GLOSS backend for Yampa (graphics, library, mit)2023-04-080.2.1IvanPerez
yampa-glut40.01Connects Yampa and GLUT (frp, gpl, graphics, library)2015-06-
yarr160.02Yet another array library (data-flow, data-structures, graphics, library, mit)2016-06-, RomanLeventov
yarr-image-io70.01Image IO for Yarr library (graphics, library, mit)2015-01-, RomanLeventov
yeamer140.00Yesod-based server for interactive presentation slides (gpl, graphics, keynote, library, presentation, program)2023-04-
yesod-media-simple140.01Simple display of media types, served by yesod (graphics, library, mit)2018-04-
yjsvg210.04make SVG string from Haskell data (bsd3, graphics, library)2017-05-
yoga200.01Bindings to Facebook's Yoga layout library (bsd3, graphics, library)2024-01-
zsh-battery40.01Ascii bars representing battery status (bsd3, graphics, program)2011-04-040.2MatsRauhala