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LPPaver40.00An automated prover targeting problems that involve nonlinear real arithmetic (formal-methods, library, math, mathematics, maths, mpl, program, theorem-provers, verification)2023-03-
LargeCardinalHierarchy60.01A transfinite cardinal arithmetic library including all known large cardinals (library, math, mathematics, maths, set-theory)2014-09-070.0.1Stephen_E_A_Britton
PropaFP60.01Auto-active verification of floating-point programs (formal-methods, library, math, mathematics, maths, mpl, program, theorem-provers)2023-03-
chainweb-mining-client80.00Mining Client for Kadena Chainweb (bsd3, data, mathematics, program)2022-11-230.5larsk
digraph330.00Directed Graphs (bsd3, data, library, mathematics)2023-02-030.3.0larsk, fosskers
imj-base52.02Game engine with geometry, easing, animated text, delta rendering. (algorithms, animation, bsd3, game-engine, graphics, library, mathematics, optimisation, optimization, program, terminal, user-interface)2018-01-
inf-backprop382.00Automatic differentiation and backpropagation. (bsd3, library, mathematics)2023-05-
matroid82.00matroid (combinatorial pre-geometries) library (bsd3, combinatorics, library, mathematics, optimization)2021-02-
moving-averages40.01This is a library for calculating moving averages on lists of numbers. (library, mathematics, mit)2017-05-
numhask772.2524A numeric class hierarchy. (bsd3, library, mathematics)2023-03-
numhask-hedgehog (deprecated in favor of numhask)60.00Laws and tests for numhask (bsd3, deprecated, library, mathematics)2020-05-200.4.0tonyday567
numhask-prelude (deprecated in favor of numhask)180.08A numeric prelude (bsd3, deprecated, library, mathematics)2020-05-200.5.0tonyday567
numhask-space410.010Numerical spaces. (bsd3, library, mathematics)2023-03-
numhask-test (deprecated in favor of numhask-hedgehog)40.01Laws and tests for numhask (bsd3, deprecated, library, mathematics)2018-06-
ordered40.02A definition of Posets. (library, mathematics)2011-08-020.1MiguelPagano
plankton50.01The core of a numeric prelude, taken from numhask (bsd3, library, mathematics)2017-11-
semirings1822.018two monoids as one, in holy haskimony (algebra, bsd3, data, data-structures, library, math, mathematics, maths)2021-01-070.6chessai
simple-expr360.01Minimalistic toolkit for simple mathematical expression. (bsd3, library, mathematics)2023-05-
simplex-method60.01Implementation of the two-phase simplex method in exact rational arithmetic (bsd3, library, linear-programming, math, mathematics, maths, optimisation, optimization)2022-07-
tower (deprecated in favor of numhask)30.01A numeric tower (bsd3, deprecated, library, mathematics)2017-02-210.1.0tonyday567