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ActionKid40.01An easy-to-use video game framework for Haskell. (bsd3, game-engine, library, program)2014-11-
FunGEn210.01A lightweight, cross-platform, OpenGL-based game engine. (bsd3, game, game-engine, library, program)2020-10-181.1.1MiloslavRaus, SimonMichael
HGamer3D230.02Toolset for the Haskell Game Programmer (game-engine, library)2018-02-130.9.5PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-Audio (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)70.03Toolset for the Haskell Game Programmer - Audio Functionality (deprecated, game-engine, library)2015-01-030.5.0PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-Bullet-Binding (deprecated)30.02Windows Game Engine for the Haskell Programmer - Bullet Bindings (deprecated, game-engine, library, physics)2013-03-180.2.1PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-CEGUI-Binding (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)150.04A Toolset for the Haskell Game Programmer - CEGUI Bindings (deprecated, game-engine, gui, library)2015-01-030.5.0PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-Common (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)20.06Toolset for the Haskell Game Programmer - Game Engine and Utilities (deprecated, game-engine, library)2015-01-030.5.0PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-Data (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)170.019Toolset for the Haskell Game Programmer - Data Definitions (deprecated, game-engine, library)2015-01-030.5.0PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-Enet-Binding (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)70.03Enet Binding for HGamer3D (deprecated, game-engine, library, network)2015-01-030.5.0PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-GUI (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D-Graphics3D)50.03GUI Functionality for HGamer3D (deprecated, game-engine, library)2014-08-110.4.0PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-Graphics3D (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)70.02Toolset for the Haskell Game Programmer - 3D Graphics Functionality (deprecated, game-engine, library)2015-01-030.5.0PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-InputSystem (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)70.03Joystick, Mouse and Keyboard Functionality for HGamer3D (deprecated, game-engine, library)2015-01-030.5.0PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-Network (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)80.02Networking Functionality for HGamer3D (deprecated, game-engine, library)2015-01-030.5.0PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-Ogre-Binding (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)250.05Ogre Binding for HGamer3D (deprecated, game-engine, graphics, library)2015-01-030.5.0PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-SDL2-Binding (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)140.04SDL2 Binding for HGamer3D (deprecated, game-engine, library)2015-01-030.5.0PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-SFML-Binding (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)130.05SFML Binding for HGamer3D (audio, deprecated, game-engine, graphics, library)2015-01-030.5.0PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-WinEvent (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D-Graphics3D)60.04Windowing and Event Functionality for HGamer3D (deprecated, game-engine, library)2014-08-110.4.0PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-Wire (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)60.01Wire Functionality for HGamer3D (deprecated, game-engine, library)2014-04-010.3.3PeterAlthainz
IrrHaskell80.01Haskell FRP binding to the Irrlicht game engine. (ffi, game-engine, graphics, library)2011-04-030.2EwenCochran, MaciejBaranski
LambdaHack802.252A game engine library for tactical squad ASCII roguelike dungeon crawlers (bsd3, game, game-engine, library, program, roguelike)2021-12-, MikolajKonarski
aeson-tiled120.00Aeson instances for the Tiled map editor. (bsd3, game-engine, library)2022-12-, SchellScivally
alpaca-netcode22.00Rollback/replay NetCode for realtime, deterministic, multiplayer games. (apache, game-engine, library, network)2021-04-
bogre-banana20.01 (bsd3, game-engine, library, program)2013-03-310.0.1DavidEichmann
deterministic-game-engine72.01Simple deterministic game engine (game-engine, library, mit)2015-08-020.4.0tgolson
fwgl (deprecated in favor of ombra)132.253Game engine (bsd3, deprecated, game, game-engine, javascript, library)2015-09-
fwgl-glfw (deprecated in favor of ombra)80.01FWGL GLFW backend (bsd3, deprecated, game, game-engine, library)2015-09-
fwgl-javascript (deprecated in favor of ombra)100.01FWGL GHCJS backend (bsd3, deprecated, game, game-engine, javascript, library)2015-09-
helm142.51A functionally reactive game engine. (frp, game-engine, library, mit, program)2016-10-031.0.0ZackCorr, kasbah
imj-animation42.01Animation Framework (algorithms, animation, bsd3, game-engine, graphics, library)2018-01-
imj-base12.02Game engine with geometry, easing, animated text, delta rendering. (algorithms, animation, bsd3, game-engine, graphics, library, mathematics, optimisation, optimization, program, terminal, user-interface)2018-01-
imj-prelude20.03Prelude library. (bsd3, game-engine, library)2018-01-
keid-core180.06Core parts of Keid engine. (bsd3, game-engine, library)2022-11-300.1.7.2AlexanderBondarenko
keid-frp-banana30.00Reactive Banana integration for Keid engine. (bsd3, game-engine, library)2022-09-
keid-geometry80.01Geometry primitives for Keid engine. (bsd3, game-engine, library)2022-05-
keid-render-basic180.00Basic rendering programs for Keid engine. (bsd3, game-engine, library)2022-08-
keid-resource-gltf50.00GLTF loader for Keid engine. (bsd3, game-engine, library)2021-07-
keid-sound-openal50.00OpenAL sound system for Keid engine. (bsd3, game-engine, library)2021-12-
keid-ui-dearimgui80.00DearImGui elements for Keid engine. (bsd3, game-engine, library)2022-08-
polar-configfile140.01Fork of ConfigFile for Polar Game Engine (bsd3, game-engine, library, parsing)2016-08-
polar-shader100.01High-level shader compiler framework (apache, game-engine, library)2016-11-