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convexHullNd30.00Convex hull (geometry, gpl, library, math)2023-11-
cubicbezier880.07Efficient manipulating of 2D cubic bezier curves. (bsd3, geometry, graphics, library, typography)2023-07-, DavidHimmelstrup, KristofBastiaensen
delaunayNd90.01Delaunay tessellation (geometry, gpl, library, math)2023-11-
dimensions290.06Safe type-level dimensionality for multidimensional data. (bsd3, geometry, library, math)2021-04-
easytensor400.02Pure, type-indexed haskell vector, matrix, and tensor library. (bsd3, geometry, library, math)2021-04-
easytensor-vulkan170.01Use easytensor with vulkan-api. (bsd3, geometry, graphics, library, math, opengl, vulkan)2021-04-
geos260.01Bindings for GEOS. (geometry, library, mit)2021-09-050.5.0petefrance
handa-geodata90.01Geographic and Geometric Data (data, geography, geometry, library, mit, program)2014-04-
hcdt170.002d Delaunay triangulation (bsd3, geometry, library)2023-11-
hgeometry622.06Geometric Algorithms, Data structures, and Data types. (bsd3, geometry, library)2022-03-080.14FrankStaals
hgeometry-combinatorial340.05Data structures, and Data types. (bsd3, geometry, library)2022-03-080.14FrankStaals
hgeometry-ipe190.01Reading and Writing ipe7 files. (bsd3, geometry, library)2021-11-130.13FrankStaals
hgeometry-svg50.00Writing geometric primitives from HGeometry as SVG Files (bsd3, geometry, library)2019-10-
hgeos320.01Simple Haskell bindings to GEOS C API (data, geography, geometry, library, mit, text)2016-08-
hipe (deprecated in favor of hgeometry-ipe)80.01Support for reading and writing ipe7 files ( (bsd3, deprecated, geometry, library)2013-01-
nurbs100.01NURBS (bsd3, geometry, library, linear-algebra, math)2015-08-
readshp30.02Code for reading ESRI Shapefiles. (geometry, library, mit)2016-04-
tropical-geometry50.00A Tropical Geometry package for Haskell (algebra, geometry, gpl, library, program, tropical-geometry, tropical-geometry-)2020-01-
vertexenum80.01Vertex enumeration (geometry, gpl, library, math)2024-05-
visibility90.01Simple computation of visibility polygons. (geometry, library, mit)2016-01-
wkt-types170.00A library for working with .wkt files. (bsd3, geometry, gis, library, ogc, parser, well-known-text, wkt)2024-07-
yx240.00Row-major coordinates (bsd3, geometry, library)2019-12-