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FAI00.01Haskell Foreign Accelerate Interface (accelerate, lgpl, library)2018-07-300.1.0.20qinka
accelerate12.544An embedded language for accelerated array processing (accelerate, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, concurrency, data, library, parallelism)2020-08-, TrevorMcDonell
accelerate-bignum00.01Fixed-length large integer arithmetic for Accelerate (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-
accelerate-blas00.01Numeric Linear Algebra in Accelerate (accelerate, bsd3, library, math)2020-08-
accelerate-examples00.01Examples using the Accelerate library (accelerate, bsd3, library)2020-08-, TrevorMcDonell
accelerate-fft10.02FFT using the Accelerate library (accelerate, bsd3, library, math)2020-08-
accelerate-io10.05Convert between Accelerate arrays and raw pointers (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-, TrevorMcDonell
accelerate-io-JuicyPixels10.00Convert between Accelerate arrays and JuicyPixels images (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-
accelerate-io-array10.00Convert between Accelerate and array (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-
accelerate-io-bmp10.00Convert between Accelerate arrays and BMP images (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-
accelerate-io-bytestring10.03Convert between Accelerate and ByteString (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-
accelerate-io-cereal00.00Binary serialisation of Accelerate arrays using cereal (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-
accelerate-io-repa10.00Convert between Accelerate and Repa arrays (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-
accelerate-io-serialise00.00Binary serialisation of Accelerate arrays using serialise (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2021-01-
accelerate-io-vector10.01Convert between Accelerate and vector (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-
accelerate-kullback-liebler02.00Kullback-Liebler divergence (accelerate, array, bsd3, library)2020-09-
accelerate-llvm10.06Accelerate backend component generating LLVM IR (accelerate, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, concurrency, data, library, parallelism)2020-08-
accelerate-llvm-native10.05Accelerate backend for multicore CPUs (accelerate, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, concurrency, data, library, parallelism)2020-08-
accelerate-llvm-ptx12.05Accelerate backend for NVIDIA GPUs (accelerate, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, concurrency, data, library, parallelism)2020-08-
colour-accelerate10.01Working with colours in Accelerate (accelerate, bsd3, data, graphics, library)2020-08-
containers-accelerate00.00Hashing-based container types (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-
gloss-accelerate10.02Extras to interface Gloss and Accelerate (accelerate, bsd3, graphics, library)2020-08-
gloss-raster-accelerate10.01Parallel rendering of raster images using Accelerate (accelerate, bsd3, graphics, library)2020-08-
hashable-accelerate00.01A class for types which can be converted into a hash value (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-
lens-accelerate10.01Instances to mix lens with Accelerate (accelerate, bsd3, data, lenses, library)2020-08-
linear-accelerate10.02Lifting linear vector spaces into Accelerate (accelerate, algebra, bsd3, library, math)2020-08-, TrevorMcDonell, ryanglscott
mwc-random-accelerate10.01Generate Accelerate arrays filled with high quality pseudorandom numbers (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-